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Want Girls? You Need To Have GRIT
How To Open A Woman With A Man
In today’s tip, I want to share you a socially awkward story. It’s happened to me numerous times where I’m… more
Sexual Escalation- My 10 Best Tips
Some guys delude themselves with the idea that a slow seduction dragged out over several dates is the “proper” society… more
Should You Pay On A First Date? It Depends, Here’s Why…
I want to touch on the subject of whether you should pay on dates. Now the normal society cultural conditioning… more
Fitter, Sexier Women- A Solution For America
Imagine an America where all the women are physically fit with hot bodies… instead of flabby and overweight. Imagine an… more
Julien Blanc on CNN- Here’s What Really Happened
Julien Blanc recently appeared on CNN apologizing for the content appearing in some of his undercover in-field videos, one where… more
Unlimited Morning Energy- Jesse’s Quick Hack To Never Feel Tired Again!
In today’s daily tip, I want to give you a great way to feel more motivated and feel more energetic… more
Breakthrough Tool For A Sexier Shave – And Look More Handsome!
In this daily tip, I want to share a quick, fast way that you can become instantly more attractive to… more
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