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Seduction Science

In this daily tip, I want to share a quick, fast way that you can become instantly more attractive to girls very quickly.… more
The central tenet of success in getting laid with the hottest girls comes down to the word — dominance. After more than a decade approaching women and working my ass off, I’ve come to the conclusion that the single biggest determinant of a man’s success with women… is how dominant he is.… more
I’m going to show you how to step into and practice different niche identities, that will vastly help you to get that particular girl that you’re crushing on, whether she be from school or from work, or you’re crushing on her from afar… and talk to her and get her panties off, naked, and into your bed.… more
Picture yourself making $10,000, $15,000, maybe $20,000 a month in passive income maybe from an online business or an old business that you sold off, and you just got the cheese coming in every single month, and you are set for life.… more
I have a buddy of mine.  Great guy.  Great guy.  He’s responsible.  He’s hard working.  He’s morally ethical.  He has his head screwed on right.… more
Remember the golden rule of pickup: women just want to be bent over and have her hair pulled. When you’re at the nightclub and you see that stunning girl in the sparkling dress, remember… she just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled.… more
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