Butterfly Sex Position



Spread her legs like the wings of a butterfly.  Visually this is an exciting position and gives you full control over the speed and intensity of your thrusts, like masturbating yourself inside the woman.  You can also reach down and stroke her clit with your hand, or tell her to masturbate herself in the Butterfly position.

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headshotYour pal, Jesse

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4 years 7 days ago

“The sex: a real, great, natural and holy work” Revolution again-renascence of ancient inheritance and light bearing I have studied from my childhood the history, philosophy, cultures, civilizations, religions etc. I liked them and I enjoyed them. But from my mature age, I was focused some times on some issues related to sex. I have read many mythological stories, philosophy, cultural aspects etc. related to sex and its importance. I can say, at first that was my personal satisfactory interest. But as time was gone and I became more mature and logical, my vision became clearer. I have got some great thoughts which covered my mind. And made me think in different way from common. But I was felt it as such my day dreaming. But it was not like that. Otherwise it would be easily gone from mind when I tried to remove it by different ways. But it hadn’t left me like a soul not wants to leave a body before the right time. After long time, I once decided to accept them as my own, and then a new life began. It has shown me great vision and importance of them in my life as a goal… Read more »

5 years 10 months ago

I want to get a chair like that…where can I get one?

Buster Hymen
6 years 2 months ago

MASTURBATING YRSELF INSIDE THE WOMAN- Isnt that the reason for the mouth!