Butterfly Sex Position

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Spread her legs like the wings of a butterfly.  Visually this is an exciting position and gives you full control over the speed and intensity of your thrusts, like masturbating yourself inside the woman.  You can also reach down and stroke her clit with your hand, or tell her to masturbate herself in the Butterfly position.

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  • herald says:

    “The sex: a real, great, natural and holy work”

    Revolution again-renascence of ancient inheritance and light bearing

    I have studied from my childhood the history, philosophy, cultures, civilizations, religions etc. I liked them and I enjoyed them. But from my mature age, I was focused some times on some issues related to sex. I have read many mythological stories, philosophy, cultural aspects etc. related to sex and its importance. I can say, at first that was my personal satisfactory interest. But as time was gone and I became more mature and logical, my vision became clearer. I have got some great thoughts which covered my mind. And made me think in different way from common. But I was felt it as such my day dreaming. But it was not like that. Otherwise it would be easily gone from mind when I tried to remove it by different ways. But it hadn’t left me like a soul not wants to leave a body before the right time. After long time, I once decided to accept them as my own, and then a new life began. It has shown me great vision and importance of them in my life as a goal to make our world in new revolution. At first, all was in fog, but now all is clear in my mind. And I will tell you it as much clearly as I can.

    At beginning of human kind, there was such great race living in this world. As we gone through mythologies of different countries we can see there were some unique combinations and relations between all of them. That means different civilizations have such a centre where they became joined. And there I have found the great meaning. In ancient time that great raced men and women spread their races as fast as they could. We can see in ancient time, sex was seen as a great, holy, free and brave work. People even thoughts sex between men and divine people. They have made some picture or statues of sex in religious places and worshipped them. That divine may be some great race which wanted to spread their race in human blood. And they did. So we got the great male and female in history that somehow belongs to their blood. All was going towards great. That we can see in Greek, Indian etc.

    But world needs change. There was every revolution could be, because there came the Dark Age first. So Dark Age began. People were focused on other things and they lost the importance of nature and divine world. Day by day civilizations grown, people became more cultured and mannered and religious. But it has taken away their naturality. Sex, which was seen as such a great, powerful, holy, special work, is now seems as dirty, uncivil, devil etc. religions done most part for that. Or we can say they have used religions for do their ruling over society. They have bent sex which is the basic need, desire, work and goal for best world. But they had shown it opposite from divine. And common people hadn’t choice. Who had tried to make a voice to oppose them, the leaders of society cruelly destroyed them. So people frighten for that and day by day they started to accept their rules. So as per them “human’s own creation and thoughts were more great then nature”. And this common rule greatly affected sex with the other aspects of society. We can see it through study of European history in two parts. First of Greek age and second of middle age. And we can know all.

    But time changed again. And it must be. It was the destiny. Revolution came in world in different way. People made great sacrifices for that and brought the light in Dark Age. Many rules had changed and still changing. As we focused on sexual culture of Europe, we can see it in three parts. First Greek age with freedom, then second dark age with slavery and then third new age with freedom regain. The white people became the first bearer of the light and they have the quality for that. But it must be spread in whole world. There is still dark in world and the unfortunate thing is that people thinks that they are in real and the other one is fouls. But we must make them awake. But how we can?

    We must feel sex as basic need, holy, powerful, builder of best, gainer of real MOKSH and main goal work. We must start it with make a great group, a society who will work for that. This will again start to worship sex. And make it spread it in world. The sex workers have the great opportunity here. They can make their contribution in this magnum opus or great work which will be remember for ages. Maybe we have to fight for long but at last the nature will win. And every good have to do that so we will. So what we can do?

    First of all we should make a worldwide group for sacred society. People will join it. There are still some parts of ancient sex worshipers. We must rejoin them. Then we must choose best males and females from those members. Who are physically and mentally fit, young and powerful? They must have best quality of sperms and ovum. They will perform sex with each other and make their race spread more and more. So we can get the best race by them again. The group will secure that best race and make it more spread. For that, we must arrange for them social, cultural, legal, physical, mental etc special freedom. The environment must be like that so any male or female can easily reach to each other and can ask sexual intercourse for best child production.

    Society must arrange a different terminology of education, culture, religion, social etc to make further young generation total free and best sex oriented. They must feel sex as holy work and males must feel his moral duty to fulfill sexual desire of every woman who will come to him. And every mating relation must be with calculation of best race production. Generation by generation this tough work will be easier and one day will come again when people will again feel these entire sexual atmosphere easy and common.

    Our world should be at heaven’s stage where a billionaire businessman wishes to call a handsome and young male porn star to his home and satisfy his wife’s sexual lust and his wife must also feel free to get pregnant by the young man for getting best quality of child. This can be describing as the creative use of quality sperms and ovum. And this greatness must goes to that great man, his wife and that young sex worker. On the other side sex worker must feel honor to spread his race more.

    As the society and this concept will spread, the whole world will gain the benefits of that. May be after such time period, there will be only best and quality race of human kind on earth. Because people will stop spread of weak races. And they will arrange best couples for best children production even they are married or not. It seems us this time impossible but there is nothing impossible in this world. As per Charles Darwin, if an Ape man could be converted in this modern human after many centuries. So it’s easier than that. This concept is not new, some great people such like Charles Darwin, who had given the theory of revolution of human race, also made the hint of that. And we can see that in many ancient cultures that there sex was performed as such a religion work and they worshiped the human sexual organs. Nowadays a rigid society of India also had the TANTRIC and PUNCH-MAKAR etc performing for holy sex work, where they encouraged male and female to do public sex and they worshiped that couple in that position. And they had written a lot on how sex is a real method of worship of the nature.

    After all, we must decide the way. One side there is quite easy way. No revolution, no change, no struggle for best. Just we are 7 billion or more public in this world. Most of them unhealthy, from lower race, no powers, coward and may be after some time not productive. And the other side there will be our quantity so lower then this time in this world. But all male and female will be physically, mentally, sexually free. They will be powerful, greatly active, with best race, with great quantity of best active sperms and ovum. They will be again that brave hearted and physically brave as their ancestors in that historical time. And they will be aware to keep their sexual inheritance more strong.

  • nikki says:

    I want to get a chair like that…where can I get one?

  • Buster Hymen says:

    MASTURBATING YRSELF INSIDE THE WOMAN- Isnt that the reason for the mouth!

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