15 Dominant Sex Moves For Hot Orgasmic Sex With Pretty ‘Good Girls’

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The truth is, “nice girls” and “good girls” are typically little heathens beneath the surface.  They want a “strong man” to take control and take all responsibility for rough and forceful sex.  Here’s 15 moves that I’ve found girls to love… especially beautiful girls that are typically more used to having their ass kissed.

#1- Slam her against a door

To do this, simply grab her and push her back against a door. Press yourself into her and start making out with her aggressively. This can also work on a wall, but you have to be extra careful about pushing her against a hard surface that doesn’t give (it can hurt and break her out of the moment) and a wall makes less of a “SLAM!” noise than a door does.

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#2- Pull her hair

For foreplay, stand behind her, kissing her neck, and pull her hair back- girls really go crazy for this. Or, when you’re doing her doggy style (a very dominant position), you can enhance your dominance by pulling her hair as you say dirty words to her.

#3- Push her face into the floor

Fucking her doggy is very dominant. You’re physically above her and she is on her hands and knees. As you’re fucking her doggy style, use your hand to force her head and shoulders into the bed sheets.

#4- Pin her hands down

Throw her onto the bed missionary position and with her hands above her head, forcefully pin them down as you fuck her.

#5- Fuck her hard, fast, and deep

Gils like it when you rail the shit out of them with everything you have. Fucking a girl hard, fast, and deep is both dominant and characteristic of a healthy alpha male.

#6- Kiss her forcefully

Grab her face and force your tongue in, like you are giving her a tongue raping. Make the kiss wet, forced, and nasty.


#7- Manhandle her into position

Okay, you want to switch position, but don’t tell her nicely. Roughly grab her by the legs, arms, waist, or whatever body part necessary and forcefully manhandle her into the next position you want her in.

#8- Slobber all over her tits

Slobber all over her tits like an uncontrolled beast so that they get really wet. Spit on them and make wide, wet strokes with your tongue like you’re giving all-out cunnilingus on her tits.

#9- Force on her the “Gag Job”

As she’s giving you’re a blow job, tell her to slobber all over your cock with a lot of saliva. Slap your dick on her face and with your one hand push her head onto your cock and down her throat. With your hand on the back of her head shove your cock in and out of her mouth (don’t force it in too far as to make her really gag however- you’re simply going after the psychological effect of the forced motion).

#10- Slobber wet cunnilingus

Grab her hips with your hands, pull her pussy to your face, and forcefully bury your tongue as deep into her cunt as it will go. Then start wetly French kissing her pussy as if it were her mouth. Make sure to get her juices all over her face

#11- Pussy juice kissing

After some down and dirty cunnilingus and with your face and lips dripping with her girl juices, pull your face out, and start fucking her hard in missionary while giving her wet, pussy juice kisses mouth-to-mouth. Have her lick her own pussy juices off her face.

#12- Tie her hands together

Grab a suit tie and tie her hands together (secure, but not too tightly as to make her physically strained). Tie her hands in front (more comfortable) or behind her back (less comfortable), throw her against the bed now that she’s physically at your mercy, hold her down, and rail the shit out of her.

#13- Fuck her standing up

Lift her up onto her feet and fuck her standing up. To the girl, this position makes them feel like they’re being violated and ravished by a strong man.

#14- Skip the foreplay

Foreplay is overrated. Sometimes women want to be taken, ravished by a sexual beast who only uses her as a sexual object and mindless sex toy for his own pleasure. Just take her, forcefully undress the necessary parts, bend her over so her ass is in the air and give her a good hard cock beating.

#15- Pick her up and throw her

Girls like the feeling of having no control, of being picked up off the ground and thrown against the bed like a rag doll. It shows that you’re physically dominant and have the physical strength to do the job.

Of course, you’re being sexy and dominant, not abusive. NEVER hurt the girl or make her feel genuine pain. Always use your common sense!

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  1. tammy

    What is a sexual act that I can give to my Master….something he will enjoy and not me

  2. Anonymous

    What happens if you can only use six of these moves on your girl

  3. Anonymous

    how can l”make my dick harder. its long & large bt not dat hard

  4. Anonymous

    #11 is okay, but I really love it when my husband fucks me for a bit and then makes me lick and suck my juices of his cock.

  5. Anonymous


  6. sex master

    make your slut feel so needy of your cock before eating her out slobber on her panties then rub her pussy next shove 1,2,or 3 fingers in but if shes a naughty bitch put your whole hand in after fingering her good eat her out like its an all you can eat buffet

  7. Anonymous

    You nailed it hahaha all girls love this including me

    • sex master

      oh yes all girls love rough sex im bio so i do it both wys my man comin home in 5 mins TIME TO GET DIRTY!!

  8. Anonymous

    I don’t agree with the boob one.

  9. Markslittleslut

    My bf just told me he’d been reading your posts…reading all of this definitely explains a lot! THANK YOU!! I can’t tell you how much our sex life has gone from 0-100! I hadn’t really been too keen on trying anal with him (due to a bad first experience) but one day, he came home from work, opened the door to the bedroom where I was putting away laundry & grabbed me, pushed me up against the wall and pinned my arms above my head. He kissed me hard and used his other hand to aggressively feel me up. He started biting my neck and pushed a finger inside me.. In less than a minute he had me cumming on his fingers. He then pushed me to my knees and put his cock in my mouth. He fucked my face pushing my head up and down on his cock, telling me I was his little whore and to swallow his cock. Then he took me by the hair and pulled me up, kissing me again before throwing me over the dresser and yanking my shorts down, he knelt down and started licking my ass. By this time I was seeing stars and was absolutely beyond the point of any rational control. He was using his fingers on my clit while he licked my asshole and he knew he had me on the brink when he stood up yanked my hair & head back and whispered to me that I was going to be his good little fuck slut and take his cock all the way into my asshole. I couldn’t do anything but moan and nod while his cock nudged between my cheeks and started to push into my ass. He started rubbing my clit hard just how he knows I like it and made me cum just as he pushed himself balls deep into my ass. I’ve never cum so hard in my life. He fucked me so hard and deep. I never knew I could take a pounding like that let alone love it! He finished by telling me I was going to take every drop of his load in my little whore ass and made me beg him to give me his cum. He made me hold his cum in my ass afterwards while he cuddled me and kissed me and played with my sopping wet pussy. Telling me what a good girl I was and how my pussy & ass belong to him.
    Our sex life and relationship has never been better since he learned how to be a bedroom bull! Thanks again!!

  10. Anonymous

    I’m a woman and this totally turned me on just reading his tips. Maybe I don’t want to be thrown, but the rest of it was right on! Take charge men, but don’t be a pig. There is a difference. Here’s a tip that also works on me, force her legs apart once you have her on her back and naked.

  11. Anonymous

    Love your work good staff.

  12. heather morgan

    Just read your tips and yes right on the money or at least in my case.

  13. Anonymous

    Hie what we women wat do we do to make him go crazy ?

  14. ***

    yeppers, Thats what I want…….

  15. Lila

    I love all the staffs except skipping the foreplay. I mean foreplay in alpha male style is hot as hell

  16. marwa

    So sexy ha

  17. Anonymous

    ur just i male pig—-man

  18. Anonymous

    seem like good tips can’t waitto try them out on my girlfriend thanks jesse

  19. Anonymous

    right on the nose for these 15 tips. hot and bothered because this is what i want

  20. brnele

    I love roughsex

  21. Anonymous

    I would LOVE a guy to:
    pin my hands down & fuck me hard/deep while talking dirty, cum on my tits, fuck me from behind while holding me down & cum on my ass, suck on my tits, make me cum hard over & over while pulling my hair….

  22. David

    There’s one critical thing that I think this article forgets to point out. Do this stuff on the first intimate dates. Don’t be a nice boyfriend, then suddenly change up — it won’t work. The first time the girl sucks your cock, hold her head — maybe even with both hands — if that’s what you like to do. Push a little just so she gets the feeling Say that you’re going to cum on her face and then do it. That way you set up the right pattern and she will most likely be fine with it — if she’s not, you’ll know. I leave it to you to figure out how to do this early in a new relationship without being a creep — it’s very fine line but you have to toe it. And you have to take some risks.

    • Tom

      i disagree. I think on a first encounter this could put some girls off, it night look like you don’t respect women. Could be a turn off. Test the water first. I think it should be something you do a little further down the line once you get to know what she likes and get a feel for her responses to your moves.

  23. John Robert

    Girls are unpredictable so aggressive sex is advisable only with the partner I believe , with others its always a risky thing to perform

  24. Anonymous

    I love this whole idea,i have a fantasy of bein raped by my bf but then I feel really bad cause thats bad

  25. Anonymous

    As a nice girl this is exactly what I want. Yes it’s very nice to make love and don’t neglect that. On the other hand yes please slam me against a door, throw me down on the bed and show me your a man. I’m a sweet girl, not a nun. All of these suggestions turn me on !

  26. Anonymous

    So most guys see me as a shy reserved person but honestly i want a guy to do those things to me but how do i go about telling them without looking like a complete freak.

  27. Simone

    All of the above is true- or else why would the crappy “50 shades” books all have been best sellers ? ( even when there’s better female orientated erotica free on-line) word of mouth-have – did you see Face Book just after Mr Grey went viral? Ridiculous!!
    But, it just goes to show- what 99% of women want in the bedroom!!
    Top web site Jesse!! Keep up the good work!!

  28. neglectedlezz

    It’s not just str8 folks who dig this Jesse. I’m a girly girl femme lesbian and the women I go for are very butch types who strap-on for sex. Believe me, this shit is HOT for me too. No offense to the guys out there, I’m just not on your team. Some Butch lesbians are too shy to fuck like this and then there are some that FUCK LIKE THEY OWN IT! For me, unless sex is exactly what you described, I’m not gonna cum. PERIOD. I love sucking that strap on cock like she was gonna blow a wad in my mouth. It’s such a turn on if a Butch is shoving it down my throat and growling at me to take it. My pussy is aching just typing the words.

    One sidenote tho’. Guys, you REALLY should emphasize talking more. Even though women love sex just as much as men, if you don’t get the brain involved, the pussy ain’t gonna get wet. Seriously. Sometimes no foreplay is ok but, as a rule, women want you IN their head BEFORE they want you “IN IT”. Straight, gay, bi or whatever….the “bottom” or “submissive” person wants to hear you SAY the words…..


    • Phil

      Amen sister. *Fistbump*

  29. Fay

    Being dominant in my role at work is hard work so in the bedroom a strong man is most definitely needed. Shame there is a lack of!

    • Phil

      Fay, baby. I was curious what others are saying online about this stuff (Having been a dominant man in the bedroom for a long while now) and I am seeing this comment from a lot of women who want a dominant man.

      Society (Especially with feminism being so prevalent; not to say it doesn’t belong, or shouldn’t be so prevalent) has forced men under their thumbs into such vanilla roles.

      It has made them timid and worried, because “No means no” and is a word that we hear 100 times for every time we hear the word “Yes” once.

      If you like someone, and want them to be dominant in the bedroom without having to dramatically spell it out for them in the form of a novel, tell them during foreplay “Dog(Or whatever you want) is my safe word” and it will send that message sound and clear. You’ll be happily surprised with the results when he suddenly becomes a dominant beast just because you let him off of societies leash.

  30. Anonymous

    What the hell!!??

  31. Ali

    :mrgreen: if only my bf would do this to me god it just seems so hot.

    • Phil

      Ali, you want him to be that way? Get hot in foreplay with him and then cunningly say to him “My safe word is —–” into his ear and tell him “I want you to fulfill every possible one of your fantasy’s with me.” it tells him exactly what you want, without requiring you to spell it out for him with some long conversation.

      Don’t be suprised when he turns out to have a far more dominant side than you initially expected.

  32. Anonymous

    Most of this stuff is so true. The majority of guys are total pussies, and that’s such a turn-off! They think if they are dominant that they are “abusive,” so us chicks end up having really bad sex most of the time. I’m glad you know what you are talking about and are putting it out here on the web; maybe some of these pussy guys will read it and start realizing they are doing things all wrong. I’m a very dominant woman in daily life, but in bed I want to be used and humiliated; it’s very liberating.

    • Phil

      Having been a guy that is dominant in the bedroom for the past 5 years (Before I was one of those “Pussies”) I have found that in my own experience, all men have the capability of being dominant. When it comes to men who are nervous, you as a woman (if you want to be dominated) should simply say “Dog (Or whatever) is my safeword, do with me as you please.” and you will find yourself being choked, tied up, spanked, and slapped by even the most terrified of men.

      We have been raised in a culture where “No means no, but does it really mean no?” that leaves most guys confused and terrified. They all have fantasy’s of this sort of thing, but unless they are like me (Who tells any new partner their safe word during foreplay and that the word “No” doesn’t apply unless the word is “Dog”) you will never find yourself being properly dominated.

      Even if you want to be submissive in bed you should still state your intention of wanting it that way to break the ice with any new lover. Trust me when I say, you will not be displeased with the results.

  33. Trish

    There is a small loop-hole to this. My ex was like this [after some coaxing from me] but over time he showed NO affection inbetween these moves or after sex, eventually the sex would still be amazing but i would feel disgusting and used afterwards. So tip to the guys: mix this in wth your normal “style”, don’t let it become the only side of things.

  34. Ashleigh

    Hey guys

    I am a girl and stuff is all true , most girls I know like this stuff there just scared to say ! Thanks for telling the guys how to make the sex more pleasurable for girls jesse

    • Jesse Charger

      Smart girl… :!:

  35. Anonymous

    As soon as I started reading this, my pussy started throbbing.

  36. Juliette

    yes really sexy when a guy slams me into a door, pulls my hair, ties my hands, throws me…. but i also love spankings! always gives me the best orgasms!

    • Jesse Charger

      Yep, it’s VERY common for girls to enjoy it

    • Karrenza

      Mmmmmmm spanking. Nothing like a good ass smacking!

  37. Gonstable

    These tips work wonders. My gf is a demure Catholic woman.

    But in bed she loves to be dominated. I was shocked and delighted when early on in our relationship she asked me to hold her head, pull her hair, and fuck her throat deep and hard like its her pussy. We do this all the time now, and it makes her super wet for some hard fucking.

    She told me recently that she loves to be commanded in how to suck my cock, and how i want to fuck her. She even sometimes begs me to come on her face!

    This week we are going to play with tying her up.

    Im the luckiest man alive, thanks to these tips.

  38. Dr Seuss

    I am about to have my first dominant encounter. She is going to dress up like a maid and we are going to the hotel. I have NEVER done any of this before. And I am looking forward to it. However I have suffered from PE all of my life and I dont want the encounter to end quickly. I can get it back up fairly quickly 5-10 minutes but I dont want her to get out of the mood if you get my drift.

  39. knowntobitchslapahoeor2

    women need to re think what they teach a guy in the first place if ya like it ruff well tell him ya do dont beat around the bush like most women do or it will never happen men are taught to be gentle caring and spend time with forplay !! kind of hard to go from passionate for play to ruff sex its one or the other b1tches

    • knowntobitchslapahoeor2

      hows a guy ever going to know what you like if you dont tell him the truth

    • Anonymous

      Sex is about diversity. It’s not one or the other, it’s anything that you two are comfortable with. If you’re both not communicating what you like then that’s something you have to work on.

  40. Sweet 'n' Devilish

    Wow!! I for one, love being dominated in the bedroom. I get pretty bored by guys being “nice and polite” between the sheets. Who doesn’t like a bit of adventure?

    I can’t speak for ALL women, But I reckon MOST women would love this. I’ve got to say, I got pretty turned on just by reading it!!!! ;)

    • Jesse Charger

      :P looks like more women are reading this than the men it was intended for 8O

      • Anonymous


  41. Rydhma

    I’d love this stuff to be done to me…infact a little more….lke bieng slapped and scolded during sex. but my husband is gentle and romantic. how can i give him hints about this. telling him directly will ruin the fun for me.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah somebody answer this for us girls who like it rough but don’t know how to let our man know in a way that isn’t awkward as fuck.

      • Anonymous

        As a man I would say tell him. You have to tell men what you want. Its crazy that women expect men to know. Guys want to do the same things trust me on this, but most will wait for their wife or girlfriend to say something because our society has made things bad for men. Tell him…

    • Anonymous

      Saying things like “harder”, “faster”, “deeper”, “pull my hair” or “slap my ass” will do.

    • KDR

      Actually, just be honest and tell him. Explore together. I used to be the “good guy” until my partner told me what she wanted. We discussed it and I actually got really good and it. I used to put all my focus on pleasing her by being gentle and romantic and what she really wanted was to be dominated by me. So it really works out best because I feel like I get to be selfish but it is really still me giver her what she wants. I would also add reward/punishment play. If she “resists” you punish, if she “obeys” reward her. That could be anything like a spank to tighter restraints or clamps. The reward could be anything talked about before hand. Communication is key and if you can’t talk to your partner about your desires there are possible issues of trust in your relationship.

  42. tristar

    I’m in a new relationship nd I want to make it work!my guy wants to be dominated by me! Intensely! Now this is usually done to me instead cos 4 me that’s the norm but this time he wants to play tHe submissive one! I have no idea what to do!he’s on a business trip when he gets back we will hve to do it!lool nd I dnt know what to do..

    • Jesse Charger

      Read up on being a dominatrix 8O

  43. Goddess

    Lol.. I don’t know, it’s funny to me. This really isn’t any new information. How old are you people. Get your sex game up.

  44. KARA


  45. Anonymous

    Haha I’m a girl and luckily my boyfriend already does all this ^_^ its so sexy when he’s rough with me ;) He’s such a gentleman during the day but such an animal in the bed room, I cant tell him no :) I want it too much

  46. Jonathan

    This is the real deal!!! Fucking them like they need my cock. Being the naughty girl they luv to be while you forcefully pin her arms down and with a hand on her throat,(choke her) call her you’re dirty little whore, ” You’re going to take my cum inside you everyday, whether you like it or not… my little cum slut.”

    The only things is when I go deep hard and fast I can get carried away and find myself almost going over the edge sometimes.

    • Anonymous

      You have got the idea.. I love being pinned down by my boyfriend as he fucks my pussy. He chokes me a little and calls me a whore and asks if I
      Going to take his load.. I also love it when he demands that I cum. So when he fucks me and calls me names he says cum whore and I can’t help it and I cum.

    • Jesse Charger

      Anonymous, you just put some naughty images in my head

  47. Wayne

    Fantastic advice Jesse :-)

    Think all of them are spot on except 14, not because it doesn’t work but just cause its easier to bring her to orgasm with foreplay.

    Thanks again Jesse :-)

    • Jesse Charger

      Thank Wayne

  48. Anonymous

    Bull Fucking SHITTTT!!!!

  49. asil


  50. Joe

    Great info. I would incorporate it in to my style.

    • Jesse Charger

      Cool man :cool:

  51. Free Speech

    I use beatings, boxing and slapping on these girls too….and it works wonders ! They surrender to me sexually and physically even in cases where they weren’t interested or resistant to having sex with me :-)

    • Jesse Charger

      Damn :!:

  52. Harmony

    jesse, you are the bomb. you are one hell of a guy. you have just explained in English what i do in bed with women unconsciously. you know sometimes we do something we just can’t explain why, but now that i know they like it that way, i’ll have to keep up with it. after all i have never believed in that nice guy stuff. i now understand why those girls i fucked with my heart keep coming back for more, even though they earn good pay, are more reputable in the society, just in places i can hardly measure up with. But one thing i know, a woman is never and will never be greater than man. i like that term “Alpha man”.

    thanks man.

    • Jesse Charger

      Thanks for the feedback man

  53. escalate

    hmmm good advice after i did it with my gf she invited me to the hotel for net tip lol so give me some logic

  54. Julius

    Thanks… these are good stuff… I tried rough and Naughty moves to my ever religious GF.., and she likes it too much… that we end up in bed… and heard her saying “goodboy”… to me…

    • Jesse Charger

      Religious girls just need an extra push to come out, they’re usually pretty freaky down underneath

      • Anonymous

        sigh…..no not really. I was brought up in a religion which calls women”tilth ” and ” toy ” for men , without any intrinsic value to their existence
        So for a person like me being abused and used like this would bring back the painful reading of scriptures when i used to despise myself and my creater alike for making me a girl.

        But as your advice is proving useful for many people so it must be good….Believe me, my intention was not to criticise but just to share a

  55. S.Paul

    This method of fucking I like very much.

  56. Sandy

    I see it as an alternating thing, go rough at first and then lighten up sometimes too. Mix it up with some romantic sex. but any girl who doesn’t like it aggressive sometimes is LYING! lol

  57. Jon

    Hi this is really owesome, i tried it and it worked perfectly with my regular partner. She thinks i learnt from a hooker & didnt mind as long as i use protection.

  58. RICHMO


  59. david mia

    keep up the good work

  60. david mia

    few idea known, even though it is great to read. pls. keep up the good work and update me accordingly.

  61. Sachin

    It’s really nice to know. But is it not abusive to girls? I don’t know. If a girl is really interested, then only there can be positive response. I had different experience. I had attempted these already, but the response was really bad. May be I was too harsh! Frankly, why sex needs to be thursted upon?

  62. Felix

    Derek, you didn’t even touch the eventuality of the fact that after I break the “nice guy” barrier and become “the dominant beast”, I will put women at a, at least slightly lower level than I am.
    To my Taijitu mind, that just kills the entire fun of being with a woman.
    I’m a waltz lover, not a salsa/merengue/samba/rumba one.
    Equality is as important as feeling.
    How do I reconcile this with your well documented advice ???

    • Jesse Charger

      If equality is your highest value, it’s not necessary to do any of these moves. If a woman has never experienced them, she won’t know what she’s missing anyway. You can do them for HER pleasure however.

      • sonny

        ok – again – I’m a nice girl. There is a difference between being dominated by a man that “loves” woman and a man that “despises” women. – He’s not talking about disrespect. All woman are different and some may be offended – but generally women want to feel like they are being handled by a man …not the ob/gyn

    • Felix

      Ok, understood, thanks !
      Hey, who knows, maybe later on I’ll learn new mindtricks and obtain “offset equality”. I kind of do that kind of weird.
      Thanks again, Jesse !

  63. Param

    All these really make the girl wild and crave for more, they never ever tire. I have had the pleassure
    of giving pleassure to many Broads this. Provide some more new and innovative moves or ways.

  64. Billy

    Hi Jesse? Man all those tips are funkie specially fucking her her when standing. The babe can really feel that she has left earth and is in heaven. keep me posted man.

  65. Sanjay Sethi

    pls tell somthing women ejaculating system

  66. berndave

    its nice and i will use one that i have never used

  67. Ricardo

    good stuff, girls really dig that sort of domination, there’s nothing sexier for them than a confident man like who takes control when fucking them. Plus the fact that I’m pretty god-looking myself also helps :)

    • Jesse Charger

      yes as long as you’re not too obese you can pull most of these off. otherwise if you weight 500+ pounds/kilos you can teach her to do the moves on you lol. If you’re good looking all the better

  68. Kevin

    I don’t think she wanted you to rape her… However you have done something during the process that have made her resist. Possibly you went to far to quick. I would say if you still have her number, meet her but don’t rush to much.
    I think the idea with Jesse’s 15 dominant sex moves are to try them with your girlfriend, or in a situation with a girl where you both now for sure that you are going to have sex in a moment.

  69. Bill

    What if u try to make out with her and she starts to resist? ..

    One time, some university chick and I were alone in here room off-campus, we just me randomly while i was walking and i decided to accompany her while she walked back to her place.. We talked alot along the way, she was actually a foreign exchange student from Europe. I told her I thought she was cute and i’d like to hang out with her, she then said: “it’s up to you, your place of mine?” So I said her place. We went inside, I did touch her a lot, stroked her hair a lot while we walked and then in the room, she turned off the lights and lit candles. I though this was very suggestive. So I closed in on her, held her, and tried making out with her… she then said “stop” but i didn’t give up, she kept resisting, and i even said, “okay fine, i’ll just give u a massage while u lie down in bed” .. so she laid on her stomach and i sat on her so her behind was in between my legs. I massaged her, under her top, her bare back and even kissed her lower back while gently massaging her thighs and ass.. she resisted me again, saying “i have a boyfriend” i kept trying, eventually i gave up. She says she wants to be friends and didn’t want me to leave. But I left telling her I have an essay to write.

    We were all alone, do u think she wanted me to force myself on her? Was it a fantasy that she wanted me to “rape” her? Even though she seemed to be resisting?
    I didn’t bother risking it……

    • fahri

      the girl who make you stock and make you touch you every where and let you kiss her lower back also and you did massaged under her top, her bare back and even kissed her lower back while gently massaging her thighs and ass.that mean she feel good when you did..just doing that ask her how she feel, if she say, she feel good, ask her if she don’t mind, he can give you better massage then this also..saying her that, he will do as a friend only and let her lay on her back and slowly kiss her stomach..and slowly massage her hand and going to neck .and slowly make makeing to lower neck and slowly making ur hand one finger going down to her breast ..if she don’t say any thing..that mean you getting green signal for what you was needed..remember don;t make forse her sloly say that it good if you get massage for ur breast and keep ur breast healthy..and you can move forward and and she will sure like it if you say her that he doing it as ur friend ..and making the massage to her bare breast you can move to her lover stomach.and is she like what you doing you can slowly move to her panty ..while massage touch her panty and some time make move little in her panty ..saying sorry by mistake ..is she don’t mind that mean you getting green signal for that BIG -O…

    • female

      if a girl says no, be it a flat out no or even a suggestive no you should respect her and if you do not then you ARE GUILTY OF RAPE. even if she ‘enjoys’ it, you do not know what is in her head and most of the time if a girl wants the ‘rape play’ she will do it with someone who she can trust, will have code words so that they know when to stop and will probably have known them for more than one evening. We do not all want to be fucked to oblivion, foreplay is not overrated and is very necessary, if a pussy is not wet enough it HURTS. (although I am not saying that these techniques are wrong, i would with my long term partner, but not some bloke I have just met – not saying that all women feel this way)
      Europeans are far more easy with their bodies than strung up brits and americans, so you have to take that into account with the massage.

      • sonny

        That girl was a little messed up. If she had wanted to be “taken” you would have felt those signals. You did the right thing. These are the girls that get accuses of “asking for it” doesn’t matter if she asked for it or not – you’re still of the hook for rape. I’m a nice girl – and i’m with Jesse : ) – well, in spirit

    • Jesse Charger

      These moves are more for establish girlfriends and fuck buddies

      • Anonymous

        I hope people only do this with partners they know and trust, and have full consent. Talk about anything that feels like they were too much. This sort of sex is fantastic and I love it when my boyfriend engages like this. However, it would be nice if he’d make out with me like we were in highschool again too.

  70. Jacky

    Yo jesse,a long time subscriber,from seduction science,keep the good stuff comin man,sum o these stuffz ive tried and they really work if u can pull them off without being a real A.Hole, so like yeah,much appreciated.Keep up the good job. Might dare to ask hows ur sex life going during the holidays Jesse? =P just curiosity lol

    • Jesse Charger

      I’m waiting to try these on Ms. Clause

  71. farraj farraj

    Greaaaaaaaaaaat that’s what women need . I’m glad u agree w/ me . Keep the good work & keep me posted.

  72. The Rogue

    I was actually surprised to learn over time just how much women DO enjoy this sort of sex!! I know it can be hard for some guys (especially NICE GUYS) to try these things because they might feel “abusive.” But Jessse isn’t talking cruel or abusive here at all. Great stuff Jesse, can’t wait to try some of these with my gf!!

    (PS–If I might add anything to this it would be some erotic spanking….but go light at first guys to make sure she likes it….but you’ll be surprtised how many women DO!)

    You’re the best Jesse! Thanks for all the great stuff!
    .-= The Rogue´s last blog ..The After Hours, and How to Swing Them =-.

    • Jesse Charger

      Thanks Rogue



    • Jesse Charger

      maybe it’s not just coincidence :)

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