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Grocery Store Pickup Lines

Grocery store pickup line: In the aisle tell a fit looking woman, “I’m trying to get on a new low-carb diet. Do you have any recommendations which of these cereals are best?”

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In check-out tell the woman, “You know, you can often tell how heavy someone will be by the food in their cart. Have you ever noticed that?”


Pick up a sensation tabloid and playfully say “Oh my god- the END OF DAYS is upon us?! Did you hear about this” Smile and ask her what she’ll do with her last day on Earth


Standing in front of a particular food product, say with your side to her “If you were a cereal what cereal would you be?” She’ll laugh


Grocery store pickup line: Tell her, “Don’t eat that… my friend hated it… if you want one that’s really good, try this one. It’s totally delicious”


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  1. Kent

    I always like to use “do you know if they sell Organic Cap’n Crunch in this store” or “Organic oreos” or “Organic Doritos” and it usually gets a pretty good laugh…does not always work but gets a smile on a beautiful ladies face…

    • Jesse Charger

      Kent, that’s a funny one :mrgreen: I’ll try it myself for laughs

    • Anonymous

      Funny :)

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