Hot Girlfriends, Sexual Polarity and ‘The High Heels Secret’

Hey guys, today I want to talk about a key, foundation concept in regards to Blossoming a woman into a Starlight Girl, and becoming the kind of man that can train a woman so that when you get to a social event or a party, you have runaway Blissplosion so that the other women just want to be around you and get to know you.

That foundation concept is this- masculine and feminine polarity.  Or put in another way, the man, you, having masculine fitness, and the woman having feminine fitness.

Think of a really hot, attractive, sexy woman in your mind.  Now you probably don’t fantasize about the masculine butch biker woman who weighs 300 pounds and wears a black leather jacket while speaking in a tough, masculine and hoarse voice from smoking cigarettes all day typically.

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You probably don’t think of a woman covering up her body with baggy clothes and never smiling or expressing her femininity as being particularly attractive either.

No, most guys fantasize about meeting a woman wearing a colorful or sparkling and revealing dress.  Most guys fantasize about a woman with feminine curves like larger breasts or a perky butt.  Most guys fantasize about a woman who speaks in a soft feminine voice with a nice smile.

Feminine Sexual Polarity

We want a woman who expresses her feminine side freely and openly, a woman who has feminine fitness.

Likewise, women fantasize about masculine men, men who express their masculinity and have masculine fitness.  They want to meet a guy who is a leader, who is sexually dominant, who goes for what he wants, who carries through with his actions despite what others might think, and who walks with his head held high.

In fact, our very happiness and inner fulfillment is directly link to the level of masculine or feminine fitness that we’re expressing.  A woman who expresses her femininity open and freely and feels it will feel happy and fulfilled.  And a man who expresses his masculinity through leading, sexually dominating, and so on will feel fulfilled and happy.

That’s why for instance when you’re at a club and you’re just leading girls by the hand, plowing through resistance, speaking loudly over everyone else, touching the woman, all expressions of masculinity, you feel a real rush inside, you feel super good about yourself.

So by teaching a woman to express her femininity, to have feminine fitness by means of how she dresses, how she walks, how much she smiles, her overall style, her sexual proficiency, and how she thinks on the inside, you bring a real, beautiful gift to her that she can’t get from anyone else.  You bring to her real happiness and inner fulfillment, and she’ll love you for that.  That’s what will make her go to ends of the Earth for you and from the respect and awe and gratitude that she has for you, will help to bring other women into your Circle.

Now in most relationships, that doesn’t happen.  In most relationships, the masculine-feminine polarity starts off strong while the couple is dating.  The man acts more masculine to impress the woman and the woman dresses and acts more feminine to impress the man.

Sexual Polarity Decay

But over time, say a year into the relationship, the masculine-polarity declines.  The woman starts to put on extra weight, she stops dressing up, she starts to nag in a harsh voice, and overall she becomes more asexual or more masculine.  She loses her femininity.

Meanwhile the man loses his masculinity.  He stops taking charge, he defers more to the woman’s demands, he puts on a few pounds himself and loses that masculine figure.

Or maybe the couple just becomes more like asexual buddies.  And the magic and spark in the relationship is lost because of the lack of masculine-feminine polarity.

But if you want a woman to actively and enthusiastically attract other women to bring into your Circle, you can’t let that happen.  As her Guide, your specialty, your forte is nurturing and bringing out a woman’s feminine fitness, giving her permission to express her feminine side, and teaching her to become a fully realized sexual woman.

And at the same time, you work on your own Masculine fitness, to express leadership and dominance and the other qualities of masculine expression.  All of which makes a woman follow your lead, follow what you have to show them, and allows you to bring a girl to a party and have her meet other girls with you, and allows you to hold a Circle of women.

So when you combine the energies of a masculinity fit man, yourself, coupled with a femininely fit woman, when you have that sexual polarity and expression, and you enter a party, that’s when Blissplosion hits the party like a stick of dynamite.

Your Firecracker Girl is turning heads, generating nuclear social proof for you, and you start attracting beautiful women into your sphere left and right.

So here is a practical tip that you can apply right away to improve a woman’s feminine fitness and to practice your own masculine fitness in one shot.

The High Heels Secret To Feminine Sexual Polarity

The number one beauty accessory for making a woman look and feel hot, hot, hot and glamorous and taking on the identity of being a desired and sexy woman are high heel shoes.

High heels can instantly transform a woman from a 7 to an 8 or an 8 to a 9.  They add curvature and musculature to her legs, make her taller, and give her butt perk.  They also just make a woman FEEL sexy on the inside.

I guarantee that you walk into any club or party and the sexiest girls are wearing heels.  There’s nothing else one can so easily to do add so much sexual value and attractiveness to a woman than to simply slip on a pair of high heels.

That’s why in gentlemen club’s, the one accessory that exotic dancers are required to wear universally, are stiletto shoes, because it’s the ultimate, universal sexual attractor.

So whenever you’re going to go over to a woman’s house tell her over the phone, “Hey Jen, I’m coming over.  And when I get there, I want you to be wearing a pair of your high heels.  A pair of tall heels.  I want you to look sexy for me when you open the door.”

Or even when scheduling your first date with a woman can you tell her, “Hey we’ll meet at Starbucks… and wear something sexy with high heels.”

What you’re doing here is you’re leading the woman, you’re expressing your masculine dominance and leadership, and that you go for what you want, whatever her reaction might be.

So she wears the high heels for you at the door, she looks super sexy, and you’re already leading the interaction.  She’s more feminine, you’re more masculine, you have feminine-masculine polarity.  The attraction is amped up, you both feel sexier, you both feel happier and more fulfilled.  And she’s super happy because she has a dominant and leading man and she’s been given permission to be feminine.

And then, when you have sex with her, all of her clothes can come off, but tell her to keep her shoes on while you break her into the bed!

And just, as a ritual, have her wear her high heels every time you meet up together.  So whenever she greets you at the door, she’s a sexy little hottie.  It’s a good habit for her to learn to be your Firecracker Girl.  It doesn’t mean she has to wear heels at every moment, like when you’re watching a movie together on the bed, but just when she greets you at the door she should look her sexiest best for you.

Blossoming a woman in that way, giving her permission, teaching her something new, inspiring beautiful transformations in her, is the first step to her becoming a Firecracker and then a Starlight Girl and then blazing through the social events and parties in blazing inferno of Blissplosion.

That’s it for this week!  If you want to share perhaps a way you’ve stumbled across for Blossoming a woman, just write me or leave a comment below!

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  1. Very true about the high heels.
    Women feel especially sexy in heels
    They love to flaunt their pretty feet with peep-toe heels

    Gives men something to compliment about all the time with
    first line openers! I’ve picked up a few women by complimenting
    their pedicure and how their heels with them real well.

    Remember, women pay attention to the smallest things and details
    when it comes to dressing up, earings, heels and accessories are a real big part of there outfits!

    Goodluck guys and happy fishing =D

  2. I know this is for “club dating” (of that I feel certain) but how is a woman being asexual a loss in her femininity? If the loss of having sex every night/every few days really that big of a deal? I feel that a relationship built entirely on sex alone is doomed to begin with, but being able to talk and have real communication between two people can build something far stronger.

  3. In this first life both men and owmen are engage with different type of work so sexual life is going to less importent matter. In this situation Jesse Charge’s opinion is more effectfull to our life. Thanks.

  4. This is a good concept to have. You are leading her into being sexy for you and she will then be sexy and she will like it. 😉

    1. Well if you think about girls will do anything to make them selfs feel sext or beautiful around you to gain attention .. !(: its just what there good at .. !

  5. Awesome! You are at the top of your game!

    The difference between you and all the other “Pick Guru’s” out there is that, with your content, the world would be a much better and happier place if everyone learned this and it spread like wildfire across every continent.

    Whereas in general, most pickup seems to hinge on secrecy, if they find out it won’t work… etc.

    Keep it up I hope you are making a fortune!

  6. This was a nice article…………….
    I’m having a problem with this girl who is try to be tough headed about being my girlfriend. although she was crazy about me at first but I did the approaching stuff……This would be my third time asking her out and she would be replying with let’s just be friends but men. I dead trippin for this one…
    I really need your help!!!

  7. This was a nice article…………….
    I’m having a problem with this girl who is try to be tough headed about being my girlfriend. although she was crazy about me at first but I did the approaching stuff……This would be my third time asking her out and she would be replying with let’s just be friends but men. I dead trippin for this one…