Giving Women Oral Sex – Taking Them Over the Edge

It must too be part of your bedroom repertoire to eat a woman’s pussy out good and proper.

Cunnilingus is called by a lot of names; oral sex, eating pussy, going down, tongue thrashing, giving head, and muff munching to name a few.  But whatever you call it, women love it.

For some women, oral sex is the only way she’s trained herself to have an orgasm.  For others, it’s the most intense.

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Women will adore you if you’re able to give them a good tongue lashing.  You can easily compensate for having a small penis if she knows she’s found a terrific tongue thrasher, and she won’t let go of that easily.


You can move your tongue in ways your penis never could.  And your tongue is naturally lubricated for her pleasure to boot.

However, cunnilingus is not a natural skill that you’re born with.  If you don’t take the time to learn the skill, women won’t get the thrill.  And fortunately for you, many guys are reluctant even to put their face in a vagina giving you a great advantage.

Love the Pussy

About 90% of men complain that cunnilingus takes too long, is uncomfortable to perform, or tastes funny.

Imagine this scenario.  A sexy, beautiful woman sits on your bed.  You ask her for oral sex.  She declines saying she doesn’t like the taste, but finally agrees to go ahead with it.  She pulls your cock out, takes a look at it and frowns.

“Ugh,” she grunts as she takes the tip of it into her mouth.  After a few minutes she asks, “Aren’t you going to cum yet?”

Not very hot and sexy was that?  Most of the fun of getting a blowjob is getting a good blowjob and knowing that the girl loves giving it.  It’s no different for a woman getting cunnilingus from a man.

Now imagine this scenario.  The same sexy, beautiful woman is sitting on your bed.

She unclasps your belt, wetting her lips with her tongue.  “I find you so sexy,” she says… and her eyes smile when your cock springs to attention for her.

Taking your cock in both hands she smiles from ear to ear with a devil’s grin.  “Hmmmm… I’m going to love sucking your cock,” she says.  She slowly licks the underside of your penis, sucks your balls, and takes you down her throat until wet saliva covers your shaft.  “Hmm… I love the way your cock tastes in my mouth,” she says. “Don’t cum yet…”

The difference between bad oral sex and good oral sex is attitude.  It’s the way the giver enjoys what they’re doing without inhibition.  Nothing is hotter to a woman than for her to think that you find her pussy the most delicious dessert on Earth.

Let her know, or at least fake it, that you love eating her pussy out.  Pretend her vagina is a cherry lollipop that you’re dying to lick.  You love the way her pussy tastes.  You love the way her pussy smells.  You’re NOT giving her oral sex for her pleasure… you’re giving her oral sex for your pleasure.

Give Her Eye Contact


Men make the mistake of not keeping eye contact when eating a woman out.

Although more easily said than done, keep eye contact with her as you move toward her pink treasure.  Glue your eyes to hers a little longer than you would normally, even during silences.  A gaze that stays overtime awakens primal feelings in her.

When you must look away, only do so reluctantly.  Drag your eyes away slowly, as though they had been stuck with warm taffy.

To spice things up more, throw her a devilish look that conveys lust.  Throw her one as you’re licking and sucking your way down her stomach.  Stop and look.  Install the feeling that you’re a “bad boy” in your head, make eye lingering contact, and slowly lick your lower lip.

Smell It and Taste It

Most women’s vaginas taste like hot, sweet, sticky, kind-of-salty candy.  However, her specific taste will vary depending on her period, hormones, contraceptive method, what she ate that day, and her age.

Whether she’s worried about vagina’s smell or taste or not, tell her how much you love it to relax her.  When you first put your face in her inner thighs, breathe in deeply and say to her, “Hmm… you smell really nice down here.”

This next trick gets a woman really turned on.  Once her pussy is soaking wet, stick your finger inside her vagina until its slick and shiny with her vaginal juices.  Pull your finger out and suck her vaginal juices completely off while making eye contact.  Tell her, “Hmm… your pussy juice tastes sooooo good.  I could just eat down here all day.”

If she smells or tastes downright foul, this is caused by out-of-control bacteria, not her natural vaginal moisture.  Don’t tell her that she smells.  Tactfully suggest that you take a shower together first so that you’ll both smell clean.


Above all else, make sure that YOU relax… or she won’t!  If you’re squeamish and tense, she’ll sense that immediately and follow you right into it.  Remember, you’re the leader and you’re setting the tone.

So relax.  Don’t worry.  There’s almost nothing you can do that won’t feel terrific.  Even if at times you may feel confused and uncertain, she’ll be in heaven.  Any licking and sucking of her vagina or clitoris is going to feel great to her.

Tease Her


Most men enjoy having their genitals touched at any time, whether they’re aroused or not.  This is not the case with women however.

Most women need a good bit of stimulation before having their clitoris tongue lashed.  Unless her clitoris is engorged with blood, it will be too sensitive to touch directly. So don’t dive right in without a little prep work.  First you need to get her dripping-wet hot down there.

Approach her pussy slowly.  Women, even more than men, love to be teased.  Make her anticipate the sensations.

Kiss and lick her inner thighs first.  Then lick the groove where her inner thigh meets the outer vaginal lips.  Go up to the very edge of her pussy licking long strokes.

Before you touch her pussy with your tongue, gently use your softest, warmest breath on the whole area.  Come dangerously close to her pussy and then float away.

Licking the Pussy

Once she’s hot and wet, move onto the main feast.  Give her pussy a tongue-lashing, but don’t touch her clitoris yet– you’re still warming her up and her clitoris might be too sensitive still.

Move in and out of her pussy lips and around and around with your tongue.  Keep your tongue wet and moist.

Now almost all men get this part wrong.  Don’t extend, tense or point your tongue like you see in porno flicks.  These are actors putting on a show for the camera.  It’s better to use the whole surface or the flat of the tongue rather than just the tip.  Just try licking your own hand with the point of your tongue and then again with the flat.  Which one feels better?

Again, tell her how much you like eating her.  Sigh as if you’re in heaven.  Tell her, “I love eating you out… I could be down here all day… mmmmmm.”

After you’ve pleasured her pussy to the point she’s really wet and juicy, move on to her clitoris.

A woman’s clitoris is the most pleasure-sensitive part of her vagina and that’s where you’ll want to devote your attention.  In fact, the tiny little clitoris has more sensory nerve endings than the entire penis!

Imagine the sensation of your entire dick being stroked all at once in the space of green pea.  In other words, be gentle!  Most men make the mistake of licking the clitoris too hard.  Keep the pressure light, especially at first.

Every woman is different however.  Some women will love it if you suck hard and directly on their clit.  A few may shriek in pain at direct contact, even if they’re excited.  For most women, what would have felt rough at first will feel fine once she’s very excited.

Taking Her over the Edge


She’s getting close to orgasm now.  Yes, varying your stimulation is good for getting her there, but once she’s close to orgasm you want to keep a steady rhythm and intensity.  When it comes to clitoral orgasms, wandering off or changing technique when she’s on the verge of cumming will only sabotage it.

Once you’ve got her hips bucking up and down, pressing against your face and she starts to have an orgasm– don’t let go of that clit!  Most men make the BIG MISTAKE of stopping too soon.

Stay in there no matter what. If she’s bucking up and down, try to move with her as best you can.  Unlike men, women enjoy strong stimulation while having an orgasm.

So how long should you keep going?  Until she makes you stop.  Usually you’ll know when she suddenly pushes your head away or says, “Stop!” because her clitoris will be very sensitive after she’s through having her orgasm.  Otherwise, she’s one of those women who can have more stimulation after orgasm and can have multiples, in which case just keep going.

If you’ve tried every technique you know of and she still hasn’t had orgasm, don’t worry about it.  Unlike for a guy, oral sex for a woman doesn’t need to include orgasm for it to be very pleasurable and satisfying.

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  1. Lovely article, and as a woman I would like to add that the most seductive prelude to taking many women over the edge is to begin first by cuddling, looking into her eyes, caressing her hips, kissing and talking to her in a loving, intimate way. My man tells me I am beautiful, that he loves my smooth skin, my scent, my nipples, the softness of my hair. He tells me how much he loves tasting me, being inside me and bringing me pleasure. He tells me the things he wants to do with me and for me, and I will tell you guys, I am SO turned on by him, before he even gets near my pussy that I am practically ready to beg him to do the things this article talks about.

  2. I am looking for a woman to practice eating out which she can enjoy. i am married and we enjoy girls together but we are meeting an old friend over christmas and i want to put her in heaven. we can also hang with husband but dont need to

  3. As a woman, I guarantee you this is the best article ever written on this topic, at least that I have seen. Especially the section “Taking Her Over the Edge.” I have bookmarked this as a must-read for the next man I date. I’ve only been with 2 men who ever seemed to understand that most important thing, the reason why women start screaming “Don’t Stop!” is b/c so many bozos stop doing the exact thing that has gotten us into that frenzy. Why would a guy stop doing what is working?!

  4. Well I gave her one last friday and it was awesome. I went down on her and sucked her clit and licked it upwards gently, her body movement indicated she was getting the thrill then i went further down her pussy and licked it upwards she began making noises, I continued that for some time, I go ther to shif position lie on two pillows and go further up the bed, lie down diagonally so I have more roon, I went down on her azgain liking, using my tongue cupping it with my mouth and then began concentrating on the clitoris while i moved my finger into her pussy and began and in up and out motion, she began crying saying yes darling more, more I like it. and her body squirmed over and over again she anted more and more and more, she held my head and she moved her bottoms she was in ecstasy then she came as she usually does, she screams, then bursts into laughter and does not allow me to continue she says its ticklish.

  5. OK, I have to say something here. “Unlike for a guy, oral sex for a woman doesn’t need to include orgasm for it to be very pleasurable and satisfying”
    Good grief!!! Where to you do your research? Clearly by not asking women for the truth. That comment is so false. Women definitely need orgasm for it to be very pleasurable and satisfying.

    Now what can be confusing you, is that the most important thing to women is connection. AND, you’re not going to like this but the majority of women do not speak up and ask for what they really want, or they will pretend it’s ok if orgasm doesn’t happen because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Women agree to a lot or stay silent a lot, not wanting to hurt feelings.

    Trust me, we want the orgasm as much as you do.
    Have you ever thought of just talking to her. Gently asking her if you’re doing it soft enough, if the speed of movement is ok, if the pressure is ok, if you’re hitting the right spot on her clitoris, and if not to please guide you.
    Communication will get you everywhere. Just be prepared for some gentle nudging in that department. Most women are uncomfortable asking for what they want or giving instruction, because again… she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. You see, there is this myth that men just instinctively know what to do, so many women stay silent when they discover you don’t know because they’ve never been taught how to communicate around this issue.
    It’s not your fault every woman’s body is different, and it’s a good thing for you to know that every woman’s body is different. We all like different speeds and pressure. Communicate guys, and be gentle with her as you get the guidance out of her. For many women, helping you out with this is a new experience and uncomfortable the 1st time.

    Communication and connection are extremely sexy qualities for women

    1. Does anyone have experience with eating a woman’s ass out?.

      Last week my girlfriend told me that she really got turned on by the idea she on her hands and knees, and got her ass eaten out by me

  6. According to a recently published study, one of the reasons men perform oral sex on female partners may be to minimize the risk of infidelity as well as others… view relating post by following this link then “skip ad” to view research article……..

  7. This is to all the guys that don’t eat pussy THANK YOU SO MUCH if you can please your girl n make her cum before yo actually go in it makes the sex so much better and a little hint I’ve found helpfull. In the middle of you fucking (not when she’s about to cumulative) kiss her all the way down eat it again then go back to sex

  8. i love eating pussy i eat pussy 2 to 3 hurs i love the juice. Evan i cam to the pussy love to suck that cum with woman cum. the woman i am with she love that. she sit my face with my cum. she says that when i suck that she get 56 orgasm. i love to do that to

  9. during your foreplay , especially at the beginning use your hands —run them along her hips…on and around her belly button massaging in a way upward as to have a slight effect on her clit…move your hands up to her breasts and massage while also gently squeezing her nipples…..afterwards when the time has come just keep your hands down below to open her pussy lips to only concentrate on inner lips and clitoral hood and clit…I have found then when things are getting so intense for her she will more often using her hands to massage and squeeze her nipples….my g/f seemed to do that always as she was about to cum….then she’s buck and moan and it seemed her hands could never stay on those tits ..instead just flaying all over…..and yes would never stop until she told me to which usually consisted of a somewhat crying breathing laugh and trying to say STOP

  10. Without knowing i get pressed up against on my ass by my mans rising penis from behind is a thrill for me ,the to get whisked away while being caressed and kissed……then my panties ripped off to get my clit sucked ….LOVE IT….it makes me wetter to know that i told him i wasnt in the mood and he still continues to pleasure me ……it drives me wild 😳 anonymous lover

  11. everything you have described is good until the last phrase… the woman doesn’t need to have an orgasm from oral sex UNLIKE a man??? what a piece of bullshit!! :) an orgasm from clitoral stimulation/cunnilingus is EXTREMELY sensational for a woman and a man who can give it to her will open a lot of doors for him for a better sex and relationship… so YES guys SHOULD worry and MUST keep working on their techniques to make a woman come this way… unless you wanna leave her unsatisfied and grumpy and end your sexual chemistry right there…

    1. damn right natlie = after spending the night with a young co/worker //hopeing i had pleased her =when leaving in the morning = she pulled me toward her /and said thank you when you went down on me =YOU MADE ME FEEL LIKE A WOMEN = every time i see her now she,ll point at her self then me and say =WOMEN = it never fails to get a rize out of me =wake up guy,s

    2. As a woman, I don’t think the woman HAS to have an orgasm from oral (neither does the man), but that should be something the woman or man can tell you at the time. You should assume that they intend to go for an orgasm, and not stop unless they tell you otherwise (or, you know, you’re in pain or discomfort and need to change things up). I have had times where I didn’t cum, but I did have an amazing time. I’ve also had fines with guys where they didn’t cum, but they had an amazing time and we later had other encounters with different results. :)

    1. Sachin can u do oral with my pussy in my standing or bent forward position ??? I am married girl of 24 yrs living alone in Breilly.

  12. Great article!!! (im a woman by the way)
    Im almost 30 and for the first time in my life the guy i’m dating won’t go down that area!!!!!! I’ve never asked a guy to practice oral sex!
    Could you give me some tips on how to do it in a sexy way?????
    i know its a stupid question but, even though i am very open minded in bed and tried a few things…. I DONT COME UP WITH A FRASE THAT SUITS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!
    PS Great article blw job!!! I’ve taken a few notes 😉

  13. I am a girl, and it makes me feel so horny when someone gives me oral, that I start masturbating. Eventually, the sex stops and he just starts licking my ass and breast. I’d like him to keep on going but he refuses. Help?

  14. I love to eat my wife’s pussy but I salivate too much when I have my tongue in her. When she starts bucking, she begs me to penetrate with my penis. But then she is too dang wet to where I dont feel any tightness around my penis.

    So how do I avoid too much saliva in this process?

    1. Suck it up & swallow the saliva & her cum, then put it in…you will know when you if you burp a little. Tell her, you don’t normally swallow, but she tastes too good so you had too. This way also keeps the sheets drier…just keep your mouth open when she is really bucking her hips

  15. Master! I humblily bow in ur presence! Thanks, Thanks, specially in the learned part in porno movie about use the tip of the tongue. Amazing.