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Hi, I’m Jesse Charger,  and Seduction Science is my website.  Let me tell you my story!

I’ve been running Seduction Science since 2001, over 12 years now(!), and in the process taught thousands of guys how to meet women- over 200,000 visitors reach Seduction Science each month.

My personal passion is the science of attraction, and to deliver you real results in your own life!

P.S. In this short presentation I'm going to show you how to hand pick the girl you want and turn her into your loyal girlfriend... even if you're introverted or not the best-looking guy by "speaking to her DNA", a unique conversation technique I decoded.

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How It All Began…

Now no matter how bad your own story is… I probably had it worse!


Goofing off…

I went through high school as a complete nerd, spending all my time programming video games on my computer. I was terrified of talking to girls.  Girls simply did not pay any attention to me, and I had no clue what to do.

I programmed 3D graphics in C++ and Assembly Language on a 33 MHz computer with 100 MB hard drive… which was pretty kick-ass at the time!   😎

I also enjoyed creative writing, and wrote hundreds of pages of fantasy novels.  Though I never tried to publish, it gave me a lot of valuable writing experience.

A secret beach on the border between Panama and Costa Rica.

Needless to say, I loved pretty girls, admiring them from afar.  But I was too nervous to ever talk to one.


And college wasn’t any better.  The one bright spot about college is that I started cold approaching some girls I thought were pretty.

I’d go up to the girl my heart racing like locomotive, shake their hand, and tell them how pretty they were.  And then I would just stand there waiting for them to react, and I wouldn’t know what to say next.  So I would just say goodbye.


That actually got a lot of good responses, but I didn’t know how to follow up.  So it always went nowhere.

Remember, there was no “online community” back then, and I had no idea how to convert my walk-ups into dates, so it never led to anything.  I had balls, but no direction.

My First Job

After college, I decided to get laid the traditional way.

With money bitches—make it rain!  😎

An apartment on the beach…

Big muscles…

So I moved into a swank apartment on the beach, started raking in cash with a nice programming job.  I hit the gym every day, and I got ripped.

A 5 minute walk to the beach led to crowds of young girls frolicking in bikinis in the sand, so there was lots of eye candy and potential.

Yet 12 months later I was STILL was empty handed with women!

My approach anxiety paralyzed me, and even when I was introduced to girls, I never could make them attracted to me, even though I looked perfect on paper with a great paying job, money, being youthful, fit, and well dressed.

So if you think I naturally have some kind of “super powers” with girls, that makes me better at getting girls than you… I absolutely don’t!  For the first half of my life, I straight up SUCKED!

I Understand Your Pain…

So I KNOW how frustrating it is to have a lovely woman walk by, and just stand there like a total schmuck, letting the moment pass and losing your chance with that girl forever.

I know what it feels like to be LONELY, to be deprived of real human touch, thinking about all the hot girls you saw that day that you CAN’T GET.

You get frustrated.  You’re pissed off.

And I spent years of my life like that!

Getting nowhere is even WORSE than “getting rejected”, because when you approach girls, you at least feel like you’re DOING something.

And if you don’t change things NOW, that lonely life path leads to a DARK PLACE.

Guys who lack sexual choice, they end up with a questionable woman out of convenience, they settle for mediocrity.  Or they don’t live out their life’s full potential.

They just give up on life, they get overweight, and most men, eventually, end up divorced or broke or both.  Most men get cheated on, or they end up masturbating to porn every day.

Most men end up alone.  Perhaps you know someone in YOUR family just like that.

Just check out any Walmart and watch the older, feeble men walk by who look like they JUST GAVE UP, to remind yourself where you DON’T want to end up yourself!

A Rebirth

So, I decided “enough is enough” and I was determined to seize my  destiny.  😛

I started approaching girls with weird openers, telling them how beautiful they were.

Eventually, after getting rejected about 200 times, I *finally* got laid, and that’s when I started the Seduction Science blog over 10 years ago now.

At first I published tips, just to help out my friends, but within months Seduction Science was getting thousands of visitors every day.  And I realized… hey, I’m not the only guy in this boat!

Since then, I’ve approached thousands of women, I’ve taught boot camps all over the world, I’ve travelled across the globe from South America to Europe to Asia, in over 30 countries now, teaching guys the psychology of women and attraction.

I’m Passionate

Now one thing you gotta understand about me.

You don’t approach thousands of women and develop mastery over a decade, unless you’re PASSIONATE about what you’re doing.

So you’re going to have to forgive if I come across as overly passionate, if I gush a little about my method… because I pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe it.  Either in going out, or shooting a new video for you guys, or refining my formula to get deeper to the underlying truth- I’m passionate about my system because frankly… it’s the best method for getting hot girls.

It’s just up to you to step up to the plate and tell me, “Yes Jesse, let’s DO this together!”

So now you know a little about my story.  What’s your story going to be?  And how can I help you.

Your friend,

Jesse Charger

P.S. And please tell your friends about Seduction Science!

Much thanks and peace,  :mrgreen:

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  1. Is there a site like this for women? I want so desperately to get a great guy, a guy that I choose, instead of the mediocre guys that approach me.
    Don’t get me wrong! I’m so not a snob, and I don’t care about loads of money or hot looks… I just seem to attract the idiots that lie and cheat. WTF?!
    So how do I entice and seduce a great, loyal, faithful man?

  2. Jessi, hi this is Jason. I emailed you awhile back some comments and you sent me an email back about a soul mates coarse for the most advanced you have. Can you hit me up with that email again? I’m not sure how it disappeared? haha

  3. Jesse…

    moving to Floriapa next week..How long did you live there in Florianopolis?

    Would you live there permanently if you had the opportunity? If so why/why not?

    My only concern is that the culture of Floripa has changed to one that is more materialistic/artificial given the island’s rise in popularity.

    I’ve lived in the NE part of Brazil, but found the people to be not as open minded as those from the South…

    Any other suggestions/ideas would be great.

  4. i have an extra marital relationship with the women working in office and feel oral pleasure only with her many times but she is not ready to come on bed,how to seduce and get her ready ?How to create sexual desire in her?

  5. Hey Jessy, what happened to your other programs, like Circle Magic Bliss? Also, what version of Blissnosis is the current one cause you mentioned somewhere, Circle Magic Bliss is more current and covers everything whereles Blissnosis more aims at dealing with girls from/bliss parties. Thanks for elaborating!

      1. Hi, I am a male of 31 years of age from one of the North Eastern States of India where hiv prevalent rate is high. I had an unprotected  sex with a prostitute on 28/12/2014 at around 9:30 p.m.and I had cleaned my penis with a spirit at around 10:30 p.m. The next day i.e. on29/12/2014 at 10:30 a.m. I had one tablet of Zidovudin 300 and Lamivudine 150 and since 30/12/2014 till date I am having  tentenofovir 300+ Lamivudin 300+ Efavarenz 600 at 10:00 a.m. and I intend to continue the later till its 28th day as PEP. My rapid hiv test is negative. What are my chances of getting infection even after strict adherence to the later tablet till its completion?Please let me know if the chances of infection are there or not if my penis was not fully erect as I was drunk and the lady in question was in doggy position and i did it from behind and did it for 3 minutes maximum and I am still on PEP and intent to continue till its complete course. Please reply asap.

  6. heh thats funny, seems like im in a very similar situation you were in…
    im 23, just got a computer engineering degree, salaried position, got some decent money in my wallet, decent looking, workout every night and play sports, but just couldn’t go after the girls myself because i had no balls.

    The one difference is that i’ve been addicted to masturbation and porn since i was like 13-14, which has severely affected my sex drive to have the real thing. I’ve had multiple opportunities to get laid in high school and beyond and i’ve passed them all up because i was like “ehhhh whatever im gonna go relax at home play some games or something”…

    Finally about 2 years ago i finally decided to seriously curb my addiction because i wanted to have sex for gods sake, not watching other people having it and longing for it so i made a notepad in which i kept a daily record of how long i could not masturbate and im still keeping it for the 3rd year now. The addiction was so bad that it took over 2 years of ACTIVE effort to quit in order to finally do it.

    Basically i tried doing something ive never done, marking the notepad a month ahead as if i didnt masturbate and BAM it actually worked!!! whenever i had the urge i just said to myself “naa the notepad says i cant” and now its been over 2 months and im still going strong. Im gradually waking up from my 10 year stupor. My sex drive still needs to get back up there but im getting more and more comfortable talking and being with girls and getting more physical with them.

    Ive hanged out with some friends in front of local 7-11 on weekends and just hitting on random girls walking around, not expecting anything, just for practice. Reading these articles really help me get myself into the mindset that yea i am a fucking boss because im young, athletic, smart, and naughty and that any girl would be lucky to have me. So in the end, i can’t know how much bs is in your articles or not, but they help me feel better about myself and that’s all that matters.

  7. Nice site, hopefully it will give the unfortunate guys who are afraid of females some confidence to finally break free.

    One piece of advice to people who might be reading; in general women certainly do like confidence and cockiness, but there is a special type of elite girl I have encountered for which a new approach might be necessary. The intelligent, intellectual girls from very distinguished families who also happen to be be drop dead gorgeous…basically the total package. Many of them don’t fall for these cheap tricks because they have seen it too many times and they see those type of men as very common and boring.

    I had the good fortune of inexplicably landing one, and have heard from her and a few friends of hers on a similar level that they hate those type of men, which is funny because I am normally that cocky and arrogant guy. I had to adjust my approach quickly or risk losing her. They still like confidence, but it has to be more subtle and respectful, and be accompanied with sensitivity and intellectuality. Also expect a longer courting time, most aren’t the one night stand type. Furthermore, you almost always have to get approval from their parents which can be a fucking nightmare lol

    After you have broken them, things get easier but be prepared to put in work up front, the cheap tricks that normally get you laid won’t work here.

    I hope this helps. BTW all girls are different, so no single approach will work, you have to read them and adjust accordingly

  8. Hey JC.
    Came program across some of your material a few years ago, but Ive been out of the loop for a good while. I need an update. Whatever happend to your programs that included concepts like “reckless disaster”,” Bedroom Beasting”, “strarlight girls”, love circle/space,etc.? Im still very much game to master theese concepts.

  9. hi jesse i wondering can i order you programs if i stay in south america??
    much thanks to the other information u giving me on the homepage!!

  10. hi, i came by ur website by chance actually, but once i checked it out, i got caught up in reading ur articles n’ ur advice 2 guys….i must say that one fault i’ve found with ur tips is that u tend 2 over generalize matters. u assume that all women (or 90% at least) would love 2 b dominated by a strong alpha male who doesn’t give a shit abt them! maybe 4 some women that may be the case, but haven’t u considered that a guy could meet a girl who was actually raped, or abused by an ex or molested as a child or been tortured in prison (if she comes from a country that’s at war for instance), and that this kind of behaviuor actually represents everything that this girl is running away from?! i mean haven’t u stopped 2 consider that these are actually real humans with real feelings and emotions, and that they can be complex and have psychological issues that would make ur advice would actually be a big turn-off for the girl? i mean haven’t u considered the fact that some girls could have actually been traumatized by a past experiences in their life, and are actually looking for the kind of nice guy- u actually think of as a loser and encourage ur followers to never become- to make it all better for them, and restore their faith in the fact that good men do exist?! i think that u should take into consideration that people are complex and u can deal with them based on instruction manuals…..

    1. Pretty sure your girlfriend/wife is bored with you. in and out of the bed.
      I am a woman and I am satisfied with what Jesse shares in his page.
      Maybe you are in the wrong place e…..

      1. Excuse me, but the obvious fact that you don’t seem to understand the point she’s making does not mean she’s boring, it rather shows a lack of empathy on your side. The point she’s making is a valid one, because more than you know, people of both genders are sexually inhibited because of traumatized experiences during their childhood. Get familiar with those facts first before commenting on things you don’t understand, is my advice.

    2. Your point is very valid and based on my experience, I try to answer this for Jesse.

      People with sexual inhibitions and a traumatized past of how you describe it will not naturally be attracted by strong alpha males, and vice-versa. They will be more attracted by male with a lower sex drive and show interest in a platonic connection, because the idea of sex with the other gender or sex basically, threatens them, based by the imprinted past experiences they had. Without therapy, this condition will not change. The same goes for other women who are just not as feminine, balanced, or are more male than femine. Those women will not naturally be attracted by a man showing strong alpha male traits, and vice-versa, those men will not feel attraction towards this kind of women.

      Having said that, I don’t think Jesse suggests to overpower or even rape female subjects, just because the fact of being an alpha male would entitle them to do that. His school of thought though emphasizes the idea of the primal forces of polarity between men and women. That means, that a female woman wants to be emotionally led and sexually dominated by a male man. This is by no means Jesse’s concept, it is millenial wisdom that can be reread in the taoist and trantric writings. The western world came up with the term ‘alpha male’ which, unfortunately, is often mistaken as machoism because of its rather egotistic focus and the lack of spiritual orientation and practice.

      Hope that helps!

  11. Talk about hitting the nail on the head! Have been trying to find ways to get my bf to be more dominant in bed. Love your site – will definitely be referring it to him. Can’t wait to experience the results!

  12. Hey Jesse,
    Love, love this site. Stumbled across it when I was checking out sex toy sites.. Lol.
    My question is, do only men sign up for your page? Cause I have sent this site to many male friends an linked it too my iphone. Most men dont have a clue, the intentions are there but they dont follow thru. Please let me know if us wom(en) can join? Thank you n keep up the great work.

  13. Howdy Jesse!

    I’m recommending your Seduction Science course to all my buddies (who are all divorced/divorcing) so they can also improve themselves and get “back in the game”!

    I was very impressed with your course; when I listened to each lesson I thought “Geez, this guy has really nailed it – how the heck did he learn all this great shit so quick when it’s taken me 30 years of hard women studies to pick up what I know!”

    Keep up the great work bro!

  14. I’ve been happily married for 28 years but seldom experienced freaky great sex (which I view as the icing and not the cake). Anyway, this last weekend was.amazing as my wife demonstrated a new powerful inclination to sex and initiated several kinky episodes herself. Thanks again, I think this is a direct result of your blissnosis program. Looking forward to future episodes!