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Hi, I’m Jesse Charger,  and Seduction Science is my website.  Let me tell you my story!

I’ve been running Seduction Science since 2001, over 12 years now(!), and in the process taught thousands of guys how to meet women- over 200,000 visitors reach Seduction Science each month.

My personal passion is the science of attraction, and to deliver you real results in your own life!

P.S. In this short presentation I'm going to show you how to hand pick the girl you want and turn her into your loyal girlfriend... even if you're introverted or not the best-looking guy by "speaking to her DNA", a unique conversation technique I decoded.

Click here to watch a quick presentation on why this unique method works so fast at removing girls' panties. :)

How It All Began…

Now no matter how bad your own story is… I probably had it worse!


Goofing off…

I went through high school as a complete nerd, spending all my time programming video games on my computer. I was terrified of talking to girls.  Girls simply did not pay any attention to me, and I had no clue what to do.

I programmed 3D graphics in C++ and Assembly Language on a 33 MHz computer with 100 MB hard drive… which was pretty kick-ass at the time!   😎

I also enjoyed creative writing, and wrote hundreds of pages of fantasy novels.  Though I never tried to publish, it gave me a lot of valuable writing experience.

A secret beach on the border between Panama and Costa Rica.

Needless to say, I loved pretty girls, admiring them from afar.  But I was too nervous to ever talk to one.


And college wasn’t any better.  The one bright spot about college is that I started cold approaching some girls I thought were pretty.

I’d go up to the girl my heart racing like locomotive, shake their hand, and tell them how pretty they were.  And then I would just stand there waiting for them to react, and I wouldn’t know what to say next.  So I would just say goodbye.


That actually got a lot of good responses, but I didn’t know how to follow up.  So it always went nowhere.

Remember, there was no “online community” back then, and I had no idea how to convert my walk-ups into dates, so it never led to anything.  I had balls, but no direction.

My First Job

After college, I decided to get laid the traditional way.

With money bitches—make it rain!  😎

An apartment on the beach…

Big muscles…

So I moved into a swank apartment on the beach, started raking in cash with a nice programming job.  I hit the gym every day, and I got ripped.

A 5 minute walk to the beach led to crowds of young girls frolicking in bikinis in the sand, so there was lots of eye candy and potential.

Yet 12 months later I was STILL was empty handed with women!

My approach anxiety paralyzed me, and even when I was introduced to girls, I never could make them attracted to me, even though I looked perfect on paper with a great paying job, money, being youthful, fit, and well dressed.

So if you think I naturally have some kind of “super powers” with girls, that makes me better at getting girls than you… I absolutely don’t!  For the first half of my life, I straight up SUCKED!

I Understand Your Pain…

So I KNOW how frustrating it is to have a lovely woman walk by, and just stand there like a total schmuck, letting the moment pass and losing your chance with that girl forever.

I know what it feels like to be LONELY, to be deprived of real human touch, thinking about all the hot girls you saw that day that you CAN’T GET.

You get frustrated.  You’re pissed off.

And I spent years of my life like that!

Getting nowhere is even WORSE than “getting rejected”, because when you approach girls, you at least feel like you’re DOING something.

And if you don’t change things NOW, that lonely life path leads to a DARK PLACE.

Guys who lack sexual choice, they end up with a questionable woman out of convenience, they settle for mediocrity.  Or they don’t live out their life’s full potential.

They just give up on life, they get overweight, and most men, eventually, end up divorced or broke or both.  Most men get cheated on, or they end up masturbating to porn every day.

Most men end up alone.  Perhaps you know someone in YOUR family just like that.

Just check out any Walmart and watch the older, feeble men walk by who look like they JUST GAVE UP, to remind yourself where you DON’T want to end up yourself!

A Rebirth

So, I decided “enough is enough” and I was determined to seize my  destiny.  😛

I started approaching girls with weird openers, telling them how beautiful they were.

Eventually, after getting rejected about 200 times, I *finally* got laid, and that’s when I started the Seduction Science blog over 10 years ago now.

At first I published tips, just to help out my friends, but within months Seduction Science was getting thousands of visitors every day.  And I realized… hey, I’m not the only guy in this boat!

Since then, I’ve approached thousands of women, I’ve taught boot camps all over the world, I’ve travelled across the globe from South America to Europe to Asia, in over 30 countries now, teaching guys the psychology of women and attraction.

I’m Passionate

Now one thing you gotta understand about me.

You don’t approach thousands of women and develop mastery over a decade, unless you’re PASSIONATE about what you’re doing.

So you’re going to have to forgive if I come across as overly passionate, if I gush a little about my method… because I pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe it.  Either in going out, or shooting a new video for you guys, or refining my formula to get deeper to the underlying truth- I’m passionate about my system because frankly… it’s the best method for getting hot girls.

It’s just up to you to step up to the plate and tell me, “Yes Jesse, let’s DO this together!”

So now you know a little about my story.  What’s your story going to be?  And how can I help you.

Your friend,

Jesse Charger

P.S. And please tell your friends about Seduction Science!

Much thanks and peace,  :mrgreen:


  • Martha Faskerdanke (@Faskerdankey) says:

    I hope to get Darque Wing started soon. Too much failure to arise is really a turn off.

  • Anonymous says:

    Is there a site like this for women? I want so desperately to get a great guy, a guy that I choose, instead of the mediocre guys that approach me.
    Don’t get me wrong! I’m so not a snob, and I don’t care about loads of money or hot looks… I just seem to attract the idiots that lie and cheat. WTF?!
    So how do I entice and seduce a great, loyal, faithful man?

  • Jason says:

    Jessi, hi this is Jason. I emailed you awhile back some comments and you sent me an email back about a soul mates coarse for the most advanced you have. Can you hit me up with that email again? I’m not sure how it disappeared? haha

  • wesam says:

    how are you

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