My Amazing Trip to Budapest Hungary and The Girls There!

I traveled to Budapest, Hungary this summer because I heard a lot of great things about the women.  But I wanted to see the goods for myself!

Budapest (I stayed on the Pest side) in summer is a pretty cool city.  It’s relatively inexpensive, and there’s a lot of women you can meet walking on the streets.  The nightlife is pretty hopping too, with a lot of open-air clubs.

All the hostel travelers from Australia, England, and Germany even keep the nightlife alive on Monday and Tuesday nights!

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The Women of Budapest

So the question is, exactly HOW hot are the women of Budapest, Hungary?

Well, most of the women are generally average looking.

But the really hot Budapest women, the top 1%, are really, really, *REALLY* hot.

The hottest girls in Budapest are super leggy.. this is an actual chick.

For the very hottest girls, their best trait are their legs.  So if you love long leggy girls, you’ll find a few knock-out stunners in Budapest.  Like this women above.

These Hungarian women on stage above at a nightclub show what they very hottest long-legged beauties look like.

Higher-class, young women in Budapest

Most of the women aren’t super leggy like that, but they’re generally cute.  The above photo shows what younger, but more normal looking Hungarian girls look like.

Hungarian women come in many different flavors and styles

There’s a wide variety of colors and styles, so you’ve got quite a selection in women.  But most Hungarian women share that Eastern European facial look.

If you like tanned Latina-looking girls, big butt curvy girls, or black girls, you’re largely out of luck.

Swedish-looking blondes are more of a minority in Budapest, but they’re around too.

Black Guys and Latino Guys in Budapest

Black and Latin guys with the right look and with game have it good in Hungary.

Buff black guys and tanned Hispanics can really clean up in Budapest.

I hardly saw any blacks dudes while there, so you’re a curiosity and a rarity!  Especially if you’re muscularly well-built, well-dressed, you learn game, and can speak a little Hungarian, you’re walking into an interracial pussy paradise.

The women are pretty friendly to foreigners too, and some of the younger women speak some English.  But speaking a little Hungarian yourself is a big help and blows wide open your opportunities!

Hungarian hotties in a beauty contest at one of the night clubs.

Let’s mention the legs again!  Unlike in Western Europe, I noticed a propensity for the most beautiful women to have *crazy* long legs.

Four leggy girls from the white party at Dokk

Another cool place to check out is the White Party at the Dokk Club (photo above).

At the White Party, all the women dress in white clothes and it’s full of smashing hot chicks.  Best of all, it’s only about $5 USD to get inside!  And I’ve never seen so many 9s and 10s in one place in my life!  Unfortunately, the white party is only held once a month in summertime.

Snagging a Hugarian Hottie

Overall, I’d say that the women in Budapest are about the same in beauty as you’d find in most of Western Europe.

The difference comes in the very hottest women, that top 1%, that look truly *amazing*.

Upper class Hungarian beauties

BUT you won’t be able to score with the model types unless you have *solid* game.

A perfect 10 isn’t going to hook up with you just because you’re a foreigner passing through for a weekend.  These women already have plenty of rich, good looking Hungarian men after them.

BUT if you’ve got solid game, you CAN snag one of these chicks.

That’s why I created the 15 hour Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program, which I created partly while living in Budapest and hitting up the super model chicks.

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That’s because “normal game” just doesn’t work on these top girls.  You’ve got to tap into their core limbic brain and trigger deeper attraction responses that dig deeper than mere language.

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  1. Im portuguese guy and i just have 22 years old now. i meet hungary with my 18 years old. i start to have relationship with magyar girls. what i can say about hungary its amazing country to enjoy partys and meet girls its so easy to have sex or meet girls… of course not all girls they are easy… but much of countrys hungary omg its a paradise girls and partys!! i was 4 times there i never stayed in hotel just in house girl with parents and its ok. really hungary its a paradise to enjoy the life with girls its perfect 😀 and another thing mature milf love young boys 😀 ahaha they are crazy

    1. I have been studying 1 year in Hungary, and i didn’t get any girls, but As I a handsome guy I can see the Hungarian girls interested at me,BUT I WANT to ask you or anyone here like HOW the girl invite you to her house!!!, like what did you say to her?? to make her invite you, and another question,, How was the First date, Did you ask her to go out ?? or that she who asked you?!

      I’m really dying here, just saw the girls passing through looking at me, And I can’t do anything, I mean I can go ask her for her number ..and the problem after i got her number WHAT I SHOULD DO???….please help me

      Thanks , I hope anyone has experience send me some tips, here’s my e-mail :

  2. Great article and comments. As a black man in his late thirties, I have realised that the Hungarian girls are not easily open to dark colours. I have had the privilege of visiting a Club around me. All efforts to mingle is easily rebuffed as they prefer to associate with the light colours who may have little or nothing to offer

  3. Love to try some east euro pussy. Better than aussie pussy i bet would love to get their one day instead of going to asia. Tall blond blue eyes and blonde pussy i will pay anything

  4. If you can’t get girls wherever you’re from, you won’t get them anywhere else. However, if you do get them wherever you’re from, you’ll likely get them wherever you go. Unless of course you are fishing in the Middle East. In such a case, you’re likely better off not having anything to do with them 😉

  5. I’m a dark skinned brother from Florida….I live in Izmir Turkey….traveling to Hungry soon. Can you recommend some places where all the girls will be?

  6. Jesse, Budapest girls are beautiful, dress well. Above pictures have only high profile movers and shakers. I am going alone for a month in May ’15 to (attempt) to photograph the “on the street” regular teens and 20+ girls, cute and sexy for glamour photography. Is this a practical plan or practically stupid? Recommendations, opinion, would be greatly appreciated! Best wishes,

  7. those girls are leggy???? jesus you have never seen really long legs, + they have ugly faces after plastic surgeries

  8. I am a Hungarian American woman, hahaha, my best traits are my long hair, long proportionate legs and big boobs. Seems Hun genetics tend to offer these things. This post is for the short guy, I am 5 ‘7″, and I like stocky build on a man, do not like alot of height, ive had 2 boyfriends that wre each about an inch shorter than me, my fiancee is the same height as me. So a guy can pretty much get what he wants with confidence and attitude, if he is around the same height, but 5’4″ is probably a little too short for most women….best bet is to find a cute little asian girl.

    1. what do u think on a tall not so dark indian guy well built 6ft 4 inches tall. do u think he has any chance in budapest

  9. Well, let me say it in just a few words: every man with a lot of money ( I mean a really lot of money) and driving Porsche 911 or a Ferrari perhaps a Lamborghini Galardo, living in the Hiltons or better, can have the most hottest girls in town. Never mind it is in Duesseldorf, Praag, Rio de Janeiro or Kiev. Money opens doors and pussy lips too.

  10. I have had enough of Australian bitches and am planning to live in Budapest for summer 2014. I was there in August and September and was blown away by the beauty and kindness of the women. Got a massage off an absolute hottie and have been seduced by them.

  11. Hi
    am an egyption oh yea little pharo i like to catch very much but am a bit confused about this country some says it all about prodtitution which i hate , but other says its all about hunting there also what about the language dos they speak english or what

  12. I moved to Hungary as a Hungarian American and lived there for more than a decade. This article is completely accurate and a great description. I also agree with the poster who wrote that most of them have “permanent head damage”. The ones that are still normal are really average looking. If you go visit as a tourist you can have a great time, but living there and trying to find a normal good looking woman for a wife… good luck! Being a great guy just isn’t enough nowadays.

    1. You don’t know “Jack” Shit. People from wherever just say anything. Hungarians are not like that. They pay a great deal of attention to the stars, but don’t get delusions of grandeur Jack. You are no Star Hun>Jack!