Doing Backdoor Anal Domination On The “Good” Wife


Being able to take it up the ass is an important skill for any Mistress as well.

Driving your cock up a woman’s ass is extremely sexually dominating, and once a woman learns how to relax her anus to take your cock, she’ll enjoy it tremendously for the psychological thrill of being so completely dominated.

“My favorite sexual act is where I’m used like a dirty slut for someone else’s pleasure. If I had to choose, I’d probably say having my ass fucking mercilessly. I love it! I feel so nasty and so used… my pussy drips when I push my ass back against the cock pounding me with every painful thrust.”  – Anally Dominated Housewife

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Anal sex however is not without its risks.  Having unprotected anal sex is risky for passing sexually transmitted diseases and cleanliness and urinary track infections might also be an issue.  Condoms, designed for vaginal penetration, can sometimes tear during anal sex.

Anal domination isn’t something a woman can learn overnight.  Do NOT try to force your cock up her ass suddenly.  It will be extremely painful until she learns to relax her anus.  Plenty of lubrication and practice is needed.

With so much information needed, mastering anal sex is outside the scope of this program.  Besides, there are many other excellent books that deal exclusively with the topic.

Here are two books that I recommend; you can buy them from

“Anal Pleasure and Health” by Jack Morin, PH.D.

“The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, 2nd Edition” by Tristan Taormino

And while it can be uncomfortable at first, remember your job as a Bedroom Bull is that of the boss and the enforcer, and to make your woman feel discomfort and pain in the process – but to enjoy it overall – Sweet Pain.

headshotYour pal, Jesse

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1 year 6 months ago

Anal isn’t for everyone. I can’t tolerate a cock because of my medical issues (IBS, meaning constant imflammation and pain). I like a little pain (slapping, biting), but anal is a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale for me. Believe me, I’ve tried all the advice I’ve read about it, and it still doesn’t work for me. I don’t recommend trying it if it’s painful because anal tears can take months to heal and cause bleeding, even incontinence in severe cases.

For people who can’t tolerate full anal intercourse, fingers and small toys are still an option. A rectal syringe with water (nothing else) will clear out the rectum (without causing irritation like laxatives can) and a shower will take care of the outside. Doing it in the shower is great because the hot water relaxes the muscles.

1 year 9 months ago


1 year 9 months ago

My own dislike

2 years 4 months ago

nice information . thanks

2 years 5 months ago

I’m a 27 year old woman who has been sexually submissive since 18 but never enjoyed anal. Now I am in a relationship where I am not allowed vaginal sex. It is very tough and sometimes frustrating. But I’ve never felt more like a good sub than now.

sex addict
1 year 7 months ago

Hi faye..if u don’t mind sharing about why u are not allowed getting the pleasure of your pussy?im just under curiousity..but if u won’t share then im sharing with u that truth requires change..

2 years 6 months ago

A good vibrator on the clit will help a lot. My ex would make me use mine for a good while but forbade me from cumming until I was ready to take it every which way. With the vibrator even the pain was intensely pleasurable.

2 years 6 months ago

Here are some tips you can give your woman that helped me-

As jesse (or somene) said, don’t ever thrust. Taking it up the ass requires patience by you guys and the women to understand that it can be GREAT but requires some work. You don’t just need lubrication, you need to keep your asshole moisturized. Carson E suppositories (available on Amazon) is great. I used one every other day. And then don’t expect that any woman is going to totally trust you. Suggest they try it on themselves using butt plugs of varying size. Then they can control it and also stretch it. When I was ready, I told him (I wanted to please him since I’m his slut) and he took it very slowly at first and it didn’t hurt! The moisturizing helped (and we used lug). And now I’m so into anal, he needs to have a couple of extra guys over because I want so much of it! And then DP comes next…

2 years 11 months ago

For some women it’s very sweet and like it.
Others doesn’t like maybe after doing once and feel bad or doesn’t like it even before tasting for me leave a choice to a woman is an important thing in relationship especially in sex

2 years 11 months ago

“your job as a Bedroom Bull is that of the boss and the enforcer, and to make your woman feel discomfort and pain in the process – but to enjoy it overall” —Damn straight.

My girlfriend was against anal so I started with your afirm training tips, getting her to agree and beg me while fucking her. I moved her up to rough sex, again training her to beg for it. That’s when I started talking to her about anal, while I was fucking her and teaching her to beg for it. Once I felt she was ready I moved on to anal sex, reminding her how she’d begged for it .

Let me tell you, women really do crave it. It was fucking amazing for me, the best feeling of dominance ever. And being fucked up the ass made her totally submissive. I make sure to do it often so the lesson of submission stays strong.

3 years 1 month ago

I have to admit that this is totally true. Women don’t admit it but we do crave a dominant, controlling lover who demands to be in charge. My boyfriend is like this and I love it. I was resistant to anal sex but he insisted on giving it a try. He was slow and gentle until I was relaxed and ready and then turned into a bull!

It was amazing and it does make a woman feel so submissive.

3 years 8 months ago

Great article and great advice!!!

3 years 10 months ago

my only edit to this is that there are ways of getting a woman to relax enough to try it, but to get the guys dick all the way in the first try. my boyfriend is not exactly small, he is actually very well endowed, but i was able to take him up my ass the first time i tried, without him stretching me with fingers or anything before hand. i know on this site you talk about rougher sex, but in cases like this, this is where the gentler, i love you and i want you to relax sex comes in handy (YES women really like both and sometimes it just depends on their mood as to which they like more) he got me super relaxed and turned on, and it went in pretty easy. after i took it all in my ass it got rougher (i tend to like rougher anal sex) but gentler before hand really paid off. just a side note for those guys who want to try it on your girlfriend

4 years 4 months ago

Some women hesitate to take it up the butt because they think the guy might think it’s dirty/unhygienic, and some suggest the use of a condom.

But hey, if the girl’s a virgin, a guy wouldn’t feel like wearing a condom, because there wouldn’t be a fear of contracting HIV or other sexual diseases, and a condom would only take away from the raw sensation.

I think a perfect day would be being relaxing on a holiday, getting charged up while listening to metal, fucking a woman in the ass and then drinking a whole lot of beer!