How To Dominate Your Wife Or Girlfriend For Freaky, Hot Sex – The Complete Guide!

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Women want a sexually dominant man; a woman is most excited and fulfilled when she can completely surrender herself to a sexually powerful man. The secret desire of every woman is that the man directs her in the bedroom, though generally she will do nothing to help you in that.

Do you fuck your girlfriend or wife like an animal on the bed, in the kitchen, on the table, in the shower, in parks, on the beach? Are you showing her your masculine aggression?

Women want their man insatiable for them. Women want sex where you can throw yourself into it with abandon, unfettered by fears or worries.

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A woman doesn’t fantasize about getting sweet talked to. Research shows that women’s fantasies are crude, course and rough. Women fantasize about getting fucked.

Here’s what women want you to be in the bedroom – to be an animal, a pure animal. To forget all humanity and let out the raw beast inside of you.

Sex with her Bedroom Bull has moaning, gasping breathing, laughing, sweat, words, taste, wet, and raw.

Sex with her Bedroom Bull is on the walls, tables, chairs, sofas, carpets, stairways, elevators.

The Bedroom Bull is a sexual savage, the ravisher who carries her to the bed, takes what he wants from her, and indulges in his every sexual need and dominates her.

The Bull lifts her off the ground, pulls her by the back of her hair, talks sexy to her, and tells her exactly what to do.

The Bull never questions, it’s only action.

We’re talking real caveman sex, “hit her over the head with your club” and take her back to your cave and ravish her sex.

One woman told me once,

“I like it really rough. I want a guy to throw me around, push me to the ground and slap me. But I don’t want to have to tell him to do it. And I don’t want him to ask me nicely. I just want him to DO it.”

A wife or girlfriend wants a sexually expressive and dominant man that she knows is stronger than she is, stronger emotionally and stronger physically than she is, and stands up for himself, and stands up to her. A woman is most excited and fulfilled when she can completely surrender herself to a sexually powerful man – and not have to ask him for it.

The key is to show no hesitation, to show no restraint, to let yourself go, to show that you cannot control yourself, to care nothing for what she might think or her reaction.

The Bull plays by his own rules, and doesn’t offer safe or mild pleasures approved by Oprah or Dr. Phil. He touches those repressed desires in a woman that cry out for liberation. He’s a breath of fresh air in a cautious world.

Consider yourself a reality engineer. You lead and create her sexual reality. And with the right man, a woman can allow herself to let go and surrender herself completely to his will.

And because a wife or girlfriend is led and “done to” by you, she doesn’t have to feel any shame about the pleasure she’s experiencing.

Being swept away by your desire sweeps away any need for her to be an initiator to let her passions out. She can become wantonly sexual and leave out any thoughts of negative consequences. With a Bedroom Bull, she can freely enjoy sexual pleasure without feeling guilty or inhibited.

You only need to leave the “boy” behind you and become a real sexually dominant man who doesn’t react or seek reactions.

The Bedroom Bull within is right there, just below the surface. Everything you need to be sexually dominant and a leader already lies within you. Deep down in your core, as a man, you know how to act, you know what to say, you know when to escalate.

Having sexual dominance is not so much learning something new, but unlearning limiting beliefs. You have to shrug off stifling social conditioning and realign with your true self, your natural self, not the false mask that society has told you to be.

The “Wall Thump!” Dominant Sex Move To ‘Rape’ and Ravish A Woman

Let’s flesh out one of these domination moves a little. Take for instance, the Wall Thump! Move.

Grab your wife or girlfriend by her butt, and lift her up so that her legs wrap around your waist, and you push her up against the wall to make a large THUD! BANG! Noise.

So you see her there, you look at her with raw sexual aggression, you picture yourself forcefully making love to her, you walk up to her, push her back toward the wall, pick her up by the butt and legs in a swooping motion and THUD! Hit her up against the wall and make out with her OR put your lips close to hers and hold it there before pulling away to tease her.

You are physically dominating over the woman, overpowering her with your masculine strength. She’s up in your arms, off her feet, she has to surrender to your physical dominance and trust you. The loud THUMP noise on the wall adds an edge of risk and danger and bad boy. It also conveys to a woman that you take what you want, that you go for what you want. You are leading the woman, you aren’t asking. Your masculine dominant Bull allows the woman to relax into her feminine role of surrender.

You can follow the move by pulling on the back of her hair, so that her heads goes back and exposes the neck to you, placing her into a submissive position of surrender. Pulling her hair releases sexual-enhancing hormones into her bloodstream. And then speak sexy into her ear, “You smell so nice…” and smell her neck, and then tell her, “I’m going to rip all the clothes right off your body, baby.”

Again, you are physically LEADING, showing masculine aggression, dominance, that you go for what you want, that you don’t take no for an answer. That even if she’s not in the mood for sex, you don’t care, you’ll MAKE her in the mood for sex.

You’re not even doing it for her pleasure or to please her – no, you’re an animal out for blood. That you smash her body with raw abandon is what gives a woman her pleasure, not your technical proficiency.

Expressing your sexual aggression without permission in this way is a GIFT you bring to the woman, because feeling that masculinity makes a woman feel feminine, desired, ecstatic and fulfilled. It will be her greatest joy getting fucked dirty by a Bull and she’ll remember it for always.

If you want a woman to respect you, if you want a woman to follow you as an authority, if you want a woman to look up to you with awe and pleasure, you need to give her not just good sex, but you have to give her fantastic sex – treat her like a wicked Mistress and be the Bedroom Bull.

How To Make A Woman Your ‘High End Escort’ Fantasy

Here’s another way to dominate your wife or girlfriend totally and completely.

Have your wife or girlfriend dress in sexy lingerie and heels and build her up to an excited state saying stuff like, “Yeah, you’re such a slut.  You’re such a whore.  You love sucking dick.  You love it rough don’t you,” and so on.  Stack multiple verbal bits upon one another.

Then have her physically stand up out of the bed.  Tell her, pointing to the bedroom door, “Now what I want you to do, is walk out that door and close it.  Then I want you to reenter, and when you reenter you will now be a prostitute, an escort who has sex with men for money.”

“However, you don’t just do it for the money, you’re really horny for sex because you’re a slut.  And when you reenter I’m going to take these napkins and pay you.  And then I’m going to fuck you like the slut you are and you’ll be extremely excited by me.”

Give her an alter-ego name.  Tell her, “And when you come through that door you will have a new escort name.  The name will be hot and sexy.  What’s your new escort name?”

She’ll give you a fantasy name like “Valentina”.

Allow her to choose her own alter-ego name.  As long as the woman feels she has choice in her alter-ego name, she won’t put up resistance.  She won’t resist because after all, it’s a name she gave to herself.

Tell her,

“When you close the door you will leave your identity behind and when you come back in you will be Valentina.”

By having a new name, she’s no longer Susan or Jennifer or Jessica… she’s now a Mindy, a Candy, or Cindy.

Names are not superficial phenomena.  Naming is the social birth of a human being.  In fact, our sense of identity changes with the names that we’re called.  When someone calls out “Hey you”, our reaction is different than when someone uses our first name.

Names inform our identity.  They carry anchors that deeply define who we are.  They are our imprint, our personal stamp.  So when a woman takes a new name for herself, that’s an extremely powerful environmental cue and identity change.

Next, have her leave the room and reenter.  By having her make an entrance, it’s like a rebirth.  By having her make an entrance, it allows her to leave her old self at the door.

Greet her like you would an escort.  Ask her what her alter-ego name is.

Tell her you’ll give her $20 and pay her with some napkins or whatever you have lying around.

Now proceed to fuck her like a paid escort.  Fondle her roughly.  Pull down her panties but keep the rest of her lingerie and high heels on.  Then bend her over and fuck her doggy-style standing up.

As you fuck her and dominate her, talk sexy to her.  Ask about her profession.  Talking to a woman in her role reinforces her new identity.

Tell her,

“Yeah, Valentina, you’re such a whore.  How many guys have you fucked today?  You like being fucked by a lots of guys don’t you… it’s exciting for you isn’t it.  You’re such a slut and you like having lots of guys dicks don’t you.  So what do you do it for, the money or just the sex?”

Be sure to refer to your wife or girlfriend by alter-ego new name.  Then kiss her like she’s a dirty whore, nasty style, and ravish her.  If you want her to get into the role, you too have to get into the role.

And next time, whenever you want her to become a prostitute or extreme slut again, simply call her be her alter-ego name and she’ll fall back into the new role even more easily and quickly than before!


  • Anonymous says:

    First of all, most of the articles on here are fantastic and have revealed many facets of my sexual mind that I never knew were there. The dominant role has never come into play until recently when I started seeing a new partner. She was actually the one that piqued my interest after telling me that she is a bit of a submissive and masochist. So, long story short, I started watching videos, reading stories, and researching what it is to be a dom. After a few days i thought I had a pretty good understanding, a strong comfort for just about anything and felt I could really satisfy her. Then I talked some more with her, my starting ideas turned out to be childs play for her. I want to dominate her but if she is bored with it, I dont see it working so well. My question to the community is, how can a new guy like me keep pace with an experienced sub so she may enjoy it and want more?

  • Anonymous says:

    Amazingly perfect! What a life it would be to have this!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow !

  • sex addict says:

    I love a coach like u and those women who comments abt rough sex bcoz i really loves to be with them whole night to pleasure them and see women satisfide in this rough level of sexual desire needs bt it seems incomplete with deepthrout to those women in comments..complete it with deepthrout or facefuck bcoz as for me it is a complete movie of beauty and the beast with that sexy deepthrout bcoz im training my life partner now to feel free just as a porno actress..

  • J.D. says:

    I finally grew tired of the slow romantic “love making” with my wife. We would occasionally get kinky but resort back to typical married with a small child sex. Enough was enough, I grabbed her gently, kissed her firmly and squeezed her ass hard. She bit my lip playfully, then harder. That is when I forced her up against the wall, she moaned and bit my lip again, this time I gently, yet firmly slapped her cheek. I took over in the bedroom right then and there.
    She is always ready for rough sex now. She gets her ass and tits slapped, her arms forced behind her and her hair is my leash. Her ass is in the air and ready, I use my body to open hers. She cums harder and more times in the shorter sessions than she ever did during long loving nights of the past. When we are done I hold her and caress her and she talks and giggles and kisses me for a good hour. On a side note, our time not in the bedroom is better as well. She is more relaxed and much more fun to be with, almost more willing to do anything I want, ie: go places, eat out, etc. almost as if the bedroom has set a new willing tone.

    Gentlemen, be considerate, but be a “man” and you may be surprised. Women, you want it? Make him know it. Sometimes, society has just made us men soo sensitive and feminized that we need to be reminded of what we are.

  • ramez says:

    cgfghvghgju hjgjhuyiu jyuy jyhiuyi

  • ramez says:

    its good for happy life to make as dog for my wife

  • ron reardon says:

    My wife is more like a nun. I don’t know if any of these good ideas would work on her!! She never refuses, but it’s more like a duty?? i’ve asked for different positions, but she only wants the missionary position, doesn’t want to change..

  • Galactus101 says:

    ‘Borderline rape’.
    As good an article this is. guys better be VERY careful following this advice…!

  • Anonymous says:

    Good stuff, thanks.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think your advice could really upset some sexually submissive women. Slamming a woman against a wall (spinal damage) fucking like bull. I laughed so hard i near choked on my own tongue. Don’t get me wrong some women love it, but i would think you were a real dick, a total amateur. My advice to any man is ask and make suggestions if she is shy. If she’s not into BDSM and you are, leave the girl alone.

  • Anonymous says:

    I choke my girlfriend a lot. I do most of all of this already. I love grabbing her by her neck and throwing her down on the bed or floor and having my way with her

  • Butterfly says:

    This is my husband to a ‘t’, he gets that this is what we live for, he calls anything but this ‘vanilla’, plain and predictable. I want to know he can take me whenever, whenever. Great article!

  • S says:

    Who wrote this article? Was it a man? If it was, can we meet up? I am dying for exactly that kind of natural sex! mmm mm m! 😛

  • Fred says:

    Great article Jesse and completely agree 100%. It’s funny cause I do this with my girlfriend. She’ll go on and on about how hot the times where I manhandle her and treat her like a little slut, instead of the times where I take my time, give her great oral, give her other orgasms, etc. No…it’s the time where I bend her over, pull her hair, fuck her for 5 minutes, force her on her knees and make her drink my cum…that drives her sexually crazy afterwards.

  • Koel says:

    My fantasy is really dirty. Initially I thought I shouldn’t be posting it here but after reading people’s comment I decided to share it with you guys.
    Here is it.
    I am in a party with 12 other girls. They are all hot and sexy, wearing revealing cloths and showing as much skin as possible. I am awkward and I wearing jeans and a plain shirt. My man walks in and he is the only man in the party. All other girls are trying to seduce him by sexy provocative gesture. But he comes to me and orderes me to change my cloth and wear a sexy lacy lingerie. I obey him. Then he pull me in him arm and command me undress him. Then he orderes me to bend over. I obey his order. Then he comes to me and ask ‘ you are a real slut. Why didn’t you wearing this slutty lingerie before my arrival? Now you need to be spanked for that.’ Then he pushes the lower part of my lingerie, expose my ass and spank me several times. All other girls in the room get so aroused by this that they start masturbating and using their dildos and vibrators. Then he rips off that tiny lingerie and expose me completely and commands me to masturbate in front of him. I do so.When I am super wet by masturbating he asks me bend over and go all doggy and fucks me real hard. I am a hardcore fan of bareback so I picture that he comes all over vagina when I stand it spills down my thighs.

  • sj says:

    I have to say thank you for this! I have finally met a man that is this way with me. All my life I have men that were lazy lovers. I gave so much. I don’t think everyone will agree because of emotional issues in their lives. That’s fine what matters is this post you wrote is helping many. I don’t want to be without passion any longer. I was raised Catholic and sex was supposed to be for procreation. I love, love love feeling the passion and control in the bedroom and being my mans whore in the bedroom and a lady in public makes us feel like we have an incredible secret and turns us on throughout the day. Sexy as hell!!

  • LG says:

    I think most women, myself included, will say that a man’s man is what’s sexy. A guy that knows what he wants and knows how to take over in the bedroom. However — it works best when the relationship is solid and fun outside of the bedroom. The woman can’t feel worthless (like the one poster on this page) outside the bedroom because then, this kind of sex, is very demeaning. For me, I’m a very dominant person in our household. I’m home with the kids all day, I homeschool them. I do the bills, I clean, I cook, I plan our outings, etc. I’m in charge of our household and I want my husband to be more in charge in our bedroom because quite simply, I need that balance. I don’t get off on the idea of being the whore, though. I had an ex-boyfriend that used to try that and that I just didn’t like much, so every woman is different and as long as you know your wife/gf and treat her well outside the room, she will definitely want an aggressive man in the bed and you’ll know what she’s getting off on by simply reading her body.

  • D. says:

    This is just way too generalizing… I mean, I am into the whole BDSM thing, but doing this without talking properly together sounds like rape to me. But as long as the girl says its fine, then it is. I am a sub, but call me a whore and I will seriously make you eat your teeth.

  • Anonymous says:

    This has nothing to do with rape. He means don’t hesitate because you’re afraid of her rejecting you. If you take her in your arms, slam her against a wall, kiss her with passion, pull her hair and run your tongue along her jugular, and she still says no? Stop. You can tell when a woman says no and means yes, and when a woman says no and means no.

  • Anonymous says:

    The key to success.
    Treat a Queen like a Whore, and a Whore like a Queen.

  • Steve says:

    Hi Jesse and readers.

    It is 3:06 am and I can’t sleep as my wife of 10 years and friend of 20 years just informed me she has always wanted me to be dominant to her, but was always too shy to ask. For the first time ever she whispered in my ear at the dinner table that she wana me to fuck her tonight and I become incredibly flustered. I learned tonight agree our impulsive night of sex that This has been idling up in her forever and, now in her mid-30s, she is ready to be dominated by me. Needless to say, I was taken back a bit, a little confused, somewhat scared, and very misguided on what I thought she liked. I knew she always enjoyed things a little rough now and then during sex, based on her body language and heightened sexual ‘tone’, but now I am wonding if I have been simply to passive in the bedroom. Which is why I am up writing right now at 3:06 am….I can’t sleep and frankly I feel a little lost into what to do next. Since she wants me to be dominating, I know I can’t simply come out and ask her ‘is this ok’ or ‘do you like this’. I need to take charge.

    I think the safe word is important and we discussed this briefly before going to bed, but never decided on a word. I think I will establish this before I dominate her. I like the idea of her and I creating a new identity for dominating, but not so sure how she will respond. Overall, I must admit the idea of equating these Nonconsenual actions to rape when being dominating never passed through my mind, especially when she has asked me to dominate her. I know that she firmly believes that ‘no means no’, but I will need to follow her cues and tones when I dominate her moving forward.

    She has asked me to tie her up in the future and that she does not want to dominate me in any way. So I am going to have to take charge. This is a little unnerving given we have had sex pretty much the same way for 10 years. I certainly have no fears and I am up for anything, but I can tell this will be a lot of trial and error. She stated to me she remains shy around me sexually and that this is something she needs to work on, so I know this will be a new frontier for both of us. I want to keep everything about our marriage intact and I am 100 percent on board with doing this as long as it doesn’t derail what we have built over these last 10 years. There is a bit of concern I have that changing our attitudes and tones in the bedroom could open other doors of sexual promiscuity. Is it normal to have this fear and should I be concerns about this? Could being dominated by me result in her seeking our greater satisfaction and dominating by more men? The role playing scene you outlined made me think of this…..maybe I am not thinking clearly at 3 in the morning.

    Overall, I am looking forward to it and I would welcome any additional suggestions for a first time dominator. Wish me luck! A hoping this will elevate our marriage to the next level in our 30s and beyond….,

    Please recommend any more sites that I can visit and read up on this more. I want to be everything my wife wants in the bedroom (and now kitchen, elevator, bathroom, etc) so you feedback is essential for me to take this journey.

    Good night


    • Missy says:


      My husband and I are in a parallel situation to yours. For me, wanting him to be more dominant is about a higher level of trust, pleasure, and abandon. After 10 years of marriage, I can say that I have been pleased sexually, yet am craving more. What works for us right now, is me clearly communicating what makes me hot, showing him how it pleases me, and then positively reinforcing it later (e.g., I really loved when you… or a text during work the next day telling him so). Very quickly, he has woven these dominant actions into his mannerisms in the bedroom, and I notice that his confidence has risen and he is exploring more on his own. For him, I seem his ascertaining his needs more, which brings me great pleasure as well. You’ll be very surprised how responsive your wife will become once you introduce a few dominant behaviors. In the beginning, taking the time to communicate and assimilate into new roles is essential. Don’t second guess why she wants this, or what it will lead to. Live. Go with your instincts, as it’s really just getting back to basics:)

  • Paul says:

    Hi all, I’ve been a dominant man for a long time and I’ve turned every “normal” girl/woman I’ve been seeing into a submissive and I’m not kidding every one of them says I’ve changed their lives! Don’t get the wrong idea I love and respect women and treat them with the respect they deserve and show them love affection etc. but then my darker side comes out and I’ll tie them up spank whipp cane gag them talk dirty spit in their face ( def ask about the spitting before hand!) not for everyone but a big humiliation turn on for others. I advertise myself as a master looking for submissive women to train and I’ve not been short of takers and they love it time and time again coming back for more. These are women who are intelligent good jobs even dominant in their work place but love a man to take charge and punish them. Password for safety is a must and makes them feel safe and like another said you must stop at that point. I don’t get any pleasure in hurting women if they don’t enjoy it I don’t either. Role playing games help both of you discover your limits and such great fun. Sit down and talk about what you both like if your a couple and go for it. If your a man not sure if this will work trust me it does and if your in love with the woman who wants you to treat her rough get on with it it’s what she wants lol! Buy those handcuffs and the bondage kit it’s soooo worth it. I could never go back to a boring normal sex life nor could my slaves lol. Good luck all and play safe!

  • Anonymous says:

    So I’m curious to those women who don’t like to be dominated. Is it a feminism or age thing? I’m a strong, fit,43 yr old woman who plays these sex games with her husband several times a week. I can’t get enough. It’s the only time i can forget everything and let go. My husband is great at this, he doesn’t need to read this article. I just looked up this stuff so i could see if we were normal lol. Are women too much control freaks to enjoy this? Too young? Have men been too emasculated by our society to feel this type of sex is acceptable or are they just too much of a pussy? I was married for 16 yrs before and dated a lot after my divorce and only FINALLY found my husband who could fulfill my fantasies 5 yrs ago, and it just keeps on getting better

    • Anonymous says:

      Oddly enough, there are people who just aren’t into being dominated. Are you interested in dominating your husband? Is he interested in submitting to you? It doesn’t have to do with age or feminism, it’s a preference in the same way some people dislike certain foods. Neither one is right or wrong, it’s just how they are. Lots of hardcore kinksters consider kink a sexuality, and consider it to be something they don’t have any say in – they were born that way. I myself had submissive fantasies from a young age, and I know people (women as well as men) who had dominant or sadistic fantasies from a very young age as well.

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