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    Female Ejaculation Orgasms – A Complete Guide

    Can women really ejaculate like men do?

    Yes.  And the idea discovery isn’t new.  Even as far back as the 1700’s it was commonly thought that female ejaculation was required to conceive a baby.

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    Female ejaculate is produced and released from the body’s Skene glands, also called the paraurethral glands.  The quantity, size and placement of the Skene glands vary from woman to woman, but all women have them.

    The Skene Glands

    During sexual arousal the Skene glands fill up with the same ejaculate fluid as in men but without the sperm.  All women produce female ejaculate at least in small amounts varying from a few drops to a few teaspoons.  The ejaculate fluid is clear, milky, and odorless with a watery consistency.  Female ejaculate is not urine.

    When ejaculate fluid shoots from the Skene glands through the urethra when she cums, it causes a more powerful and intense orgasm, similar to the way a liquid rushing through the penis creates an intense climax in a man.  The “exploding” sensation of the rushing hot liquid adds to the intensity.  As long as she ejaculates, it feels extra terrific.

    Urine versus Ejaculate Fluid

    You may have watched porn or heard stories where the woman ejaculated quarts across the bed in streaming jets.  However, biologically the Skean glands can only produce a few teaspoons of ejaculate fluid at a time.  Any more than a few teaspoons and she is shooting a mixture of ejaculate fluid and diluted urine.  About half the women who learn to ejaculate expel a mixture.  The women in porn are intentionally squirting urine to put on a show, not ejaculating.  Nevertheless, it still feels great for her.

    Some women produce so little ejaculate that it’s not even noticeable.  At best, a little may drip out rather than squirt.  So don’t believe those that would claim that every woman can ejaculate and those who don’t are missing out.  This only pressures a woman to do something she may not be biologically equipped to do.

    How to trigger ejaculation

    Women who have their G-spot stimulated tend to report ejaculation more often then women who don’t.  Some women can orgasm and ejaculate when their G-spot alone is stimulated.  For some women the urge to ejaculate may never occur without G-spot stimulation.

    However, this doesn’t mean that all women need G-spot stimulation for ejaculation to occur.  Many women learn to ejaculate without and G-spot stimulation at all.  It just seems that stimulation of the G-spot makes fluid expulsion more likely to occur for most women, but not all.  A woman can learn to ejaculate under any kind of stimulation as long as when she orgasms, her pelvic muscles contract intensely enough to expel the ejaculate fluid.

    G-spot stimulation

    The Grafenberg spot (commonly referred to as the “G-spot”) is an area on the front wall of the vagina, about two inches in, which is often found to be extremely sensitive to stimulation.

    When you give a woman an orgasm through G-spot stimulation, she may ejaculate.  Female ejaculation for many women is most easily accomplished the first time with G-spot stimulation but this is far from a hard rule.

    Also, G-spot response varies from woman to woman.  Some will love it, others won’t.  Be flexible with how she responds to you.

    Explain the process to her

    Her first ejaculation through G-spot stimulation, if she’s even capable of it, may take from ten minutes to over an hour.  So you may be in for a workout!

    Before beginning the first time, tell her that you want to try giving her an ejaculation and that female ejaculation is perfectly normal and a wonderful experience.  Tell her that most women tend to most easily ejaculate with G-spot stimulation.  Don’t begin until she’s not embarrassed or ashamed about it.

    Also, explain that just prior to ejaculation, she may feel like she’s about to pee.  I first encountered this phenomenon years before I knew female ejaculation existed.  I was rubbing my girlfriend’s G-spot when she suddenly felt the urge to pee.  Tell her that if this happens, she should relax her bladder and allow the fluid to pass and press out as if peeing.  Otherwise, if she follows her initial instinct to stop peeing the ejaculation will stop!  Tell her that the feeling is simply a sign that she is about to ejaculate and if there is any urine at all it will be just a little and diluted.

    Warm her up first

    Now that she knows about your little experiment, don’t just dive in for her G-spot right away.  Unless she’s highly aroused, her G-spot won’t respond to your touch and her Skene glands won’t have had a chance to fill with ejaculate fluid.  So first stimulate her clitoris and vulva with your tongue or fingers until she’s hot and very wet.

    The G-spot Technique

    Have her lay on her back with legs spread apart.  Lay down between her legs into a position where you can insert your fingers into her easily.  Make sure that your fingernails are cut short and trim, otherwise she’ll have G-sore where her G-spot use to be.  Wet your index finger (it’s the one closest to your thumb) with lubricant, even if her pussy is dripping wet.

    Turn your palm up and signal with your index finger to make a hook.  Imagine you want to signal to someone across the room to come toward you with a “come hither” motion.  In this finger position, feel your way along the upper front wall of the vagina with your finger.  Assuming she’s highly aroused you should encounter an area about two inches in which should feel somewhat enlarged or rough.  It is located almost directly behind the clitoris.  This is the G-spot.

    Initially, stroke her G-spot with your finger slowly, rubbing it with a very soft up and down motion, as if rubbing a soap bubble you don’t want to break.

    If she’s getting hot, start pushing harder.  Gradually increase pressure until as much pressure you’d use to write on a fogged window.  As you stroke her G-spot with your lubricated finger, you must also stimulate her clitoris at the same time with your other hand or mouth and tongue.

    Always maintaining a constant and steady rhythm.  Maintain some level of constant pressure on the spot until the very end.  Don’t pull out your finger and always return to the nook for the beginning and end of every movement.

    You can vary your stroke in a number of ways; listed below are some strokes you can test.  Watch her reaction to see what she likes the best.

    Single finger stroke

    This is the stroke you should start out with.  With her laying on her back, turn your palm up and signal with your index finger with a “come hither” motion.

    Double finger stroke

    Same as the single finger stroke, but use two fingers instead of one.

    Walking finger stroke

    Use two fingers as you would in the double finger stroke, but move them in opposite strides of each other as if your fingers were walking.

    Penetration finger stroke

    Slide two fingers out a fraction of an inch and push them back in, similar to the in-and-out motion of intercourse, but with smaller strokes.

    When you feel her vagina contracting and she nears orgasm, stroke more rapidly.  Apply a firmer touch if she enjoys it, otherwise stroke more rapidly but gently.  Encourage her by saying, “You’re getting it, go for it, don’t worry, relax and let it come.”  Tell her how erotic you find it for her to ejaculate.  Remind her at this point to relax her bladder and press out as if urinating.

    The Finale

    When she orgasms, her vagina may push your finger outward.  Don’t pull out!  Instead, press in gently.  A surprising amount of fluid might shoot out.  If it’s more than a few teaspoons, it’s a mixture of female ejaculate and diluted urine – so watch your eyes!

    On the other hand, she may orgasm and not ejaculate any fluid.  Ejaculation takes practice and might not happen for her the first time; for other women the amount is so small that even if you’re successful it may be too little to notice.

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    Unlike for a man, this is not the end.  Women’s capacity for pleasure is enormous.  If she’s capable of multiple or serial orgasms, she can also have multiple ejaculations with further stimulation.  Either way, the final result will most likely be the most intense and pleasurable sex she’s ever had.

    Don’t get too caught up in associating G-spot stimulation with female ejaculation.  For many women, stimulating her G-spot makes ejaculation easier the first few times.  But once she starts ejaculating easily and becomes comfortable and familiar with the process, she can learn to have powerful, liquid squirting orgasms with clitoral stimulation alone.

    The stomach and knees position

    If she has trouble reaching orgasm after a number of tries, having her lie on her back may not be the best position.  Instead, have her roll over on her stomach and get up on her knees so that her butt is in the air. You’ll find it easier to stimulate her G-spot in this position, and she might respond better.  Coming from behind her, slide your index finger back into her vagina, facing downward in a hook.  Find her G-spot and stroke it as discussed above.  Use your other hand, lubricated of course, to stimulate her clitoris at the same time.

    Another variation to try while she’s on her stomach and knees is to instead insert your thumb into her vagina and stroke the G-spot.  Take your other two fingers and lay them down on her clitoris.  Allow the entire curve of your hand between the thumb and forefinger to lie along her vagina and clit.  Stroke with your thumb and rub her clit with your other two fingers at the same time.

    G-spot Vibrators

    Sometimes the best way to have a woman learn how to ejaculate is to have her drive the car herself.  A woman can’t comfortably reach her G-spot with her own hands, so buy her a vibrator specially design for G-spot stimulation.  She’ll have better control of where to stroke and how fast, how much pressure to apply and learn what feels best to her.  G-spot vibrators are marked by a curved head and most cost $20 or less.

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