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How To Ignore Her To Get Her Attention

You can ignore a hot girl to get her attention!  Here’s how-

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When approaching a group of women, men do the mirror-opposite of what actually works.

Here’s what most guys do: they see a hot girl in a group of women and approach her. They pay all of their attention to the hot girl and generally ignore all of her less attractive friends.  BAD strategy.

Instead of approaching the hot girl and ignoring her friends, you need to approach all of her friends and ignore the hot girl.

In other words, you open the entire group of friends and tell them a story or show them something (and no, not that something down there) that they’ll think is cool. You want all the girls of the group to like you while you ignore the hot girl. This makes you look like a confident, cocky guy with a lot of status while it simultaneously lowers the status of the hot girl. And your chances with her will be MUCH higher. In fact, if you do it well, it will make the hot girl of the group chase YOU.

After all, building social value for oneself is only half of the equation.  For while you want to BUILD your own social value, you can simultaneously work to LOWER hers.

While your social value moves up, her social value can also move down.

In mathematics, this is called an inverse relationship, in which when one variable increases, the other rises.

The easiest and simplest way to lower a woman’s value is to simply IGNORE her.  Ignoring a woman has a deep psychological impact on her.

It’s a universal human trait to hate being ignored – especially by others with perceived authority and social value.

Children who are routinely ignored by their parents often grow up to see the world as a cold place and desperately seek acceptance from others as adults.  As teenagers, being ignored by one’s peers is akin to a social death.  And even moving to a new city where everyone treats you and ignores you like a stranger, living single and with few friends, can quickly grow emotionally exhausting.

It’s a basic emotional need for people as human beings to be accepted and paid attention to by people they hold valuable.  Ever been in the opposite situation where everyone’s attention is on YOU and they’re intently listening to what YOU have to say?

Like perhaps you gave a speech to a crowd and got applause. Or perhaps you had a large role in a school play. Or perhaps you had a particularly good time with some girls where you were on a roll telling stories and they all laughed, rapt with attention. Or perhaps you found yourself in a leadership position and everyone did exactly whatever you said – not because they had to, but because you emerged as the natural leader of the group.

Any one of those scenarios feels pretty good. You probably even got quite an adrenalin rush and high from the experience.  If you’ve had an experience like that, you know how powerful that high is. Now imagine its exact opposite – being ignored.  Being ignored is equally as powerful, except that it makes you feel like crap, like a loser.

When you’re ignored by people you hold valuable, it’s as if your total sense of social value is sucked right out of your stomach. And without social value, you experience the feeling of “genetic death” – that without value, no woman will mate with you to pass on your genes.  That’s why we all like positive attention.

Beautiful women look for positive attention more than anyone else. Beautiful women are attention junkies. Why else would they spend hours every day fixing their hair and getting dressed in uncomfortable clothes, high-heels, and makeup if they weren’t looking for some positive attention?  Beautiful women go to clubs to pump attention from men directly into their veins – it’s like a drug fix that they can never satiate.

Imagine a beautiful woman who is NEVER ignored by men. She ALWAYS gets attention from them. She doesn’t even know what being ignored feels like. She has a lot of social value and on an unconscious level, she knows it.

Now imagine you open her group of friends and build social value for yourself by talking to all of them through stories, jokes, routines, and so on.

But you ignore HER.

You even talk to her friends with your back turned slightly AWAY from her.

This is something she’s never experienced before from a man. You are different from other men.  She’ll start to feel, “Why isn’t this guy paying attention to me?”

As she stands there, ignored by you and her friends, and no longer the center of attention, her social value deflates like a popped balloon.  Pretty soon, she’ll start to feel terribly uncomfortable that her social value has been body slammed to the floor through the simple phenomenon of – being ignored.

And she’ll get VERY antsy to win your attention VERY quickly.  Why?

Because, if she wins your attention, your social value will rub off back on her.

As you’ll see when you try this, within minutes most beautiful women will mentally “snap” from being ignored and try to win your attention back to them and away from their friends.  For example, if you’re reading her friend’s palms but ignoring her, she might say, “Hey what about me!” or “Do me next!” or “Let me try!”

Do not immediately give in to her request. If you immediately give in to her request, she’ll have gotten her attention fix from you. Her social value will be restored. She’s won you over – you’re just another guy who will jump at her every little request.  Instead, tell her teasingly, “Hey greedy fingers… you’ll have to wait…”

Then tell her friends, “Is she your friend? Boy does she have greedy fingers.”  Then continue to ignore her and continue to engage her friends.

Her social value will continue to deflate while yours will continue to rise – an inverse relationship of social value. Your original social values will reverse. If you came in as an 8, you’re now a 10. She falls from a 10 to an 8.

After ignoring her for several more minutes, she’ll be looking for any opening to receive your attention and acceptance of her – in just the same was as how most guys who approach her are looking to receive her attention and acceptance of them!

Obviously, you don’t always need to ignore the girl to get her attentione to get laid. For example, it may be completely unnecessary to ignore a girl who already has low social value – a girl that isn’t particularly attractive for instance.  Ignoring a girl to knock down her social value – when she already has low social value to begin with – could crush her ego.

But when dealing with attractive women, ignoring her followed by screening and acceptance will greatly increase your success rate. And the more attractive the woman, the better ignoring her works.

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  1. Anonymous

    if you fart, you’ll make her laugh

  2. seydou keita

    Great points, ideas, and concepts. All situations call for a distinct approach in this case trying to get the hot girl when she’s with a group of her friends. One can use these elements and adapt them to a particular setting. Yet why are stupid tramps on here commenting? There is no reason this post if for men! Not smelly fishy cunts, who think they have testosterone and high androgens running through there bodies. Great article fuck the hoes!

  3. The illuminator

    Funny how anonymous is a dumb tramp without an education or life. All the other sluts on here should go bleach there black assholes and lose the bread gut.

  4. Anonymous

    Ignoring the hot girl is not always ignoring the hot girl, sometimes the target is not the prettiest girl in the group. In my experience the hot girl is not the best in bed. The girl who does not know she is pretty will rock your world. The pretty girl best friend will do things to you that you will never forget. So to the girls who are looking for the guy who ignores them, it is not all about you. Sometime it is about your friend that does not think see is pretty but is gorgeous in the right place “my arms”.

  5. lavac

    This is so true I know I did that before n it actually work.

  6. Susan James

    Just because they want the attention from you does not mean they will sleep with you. Actually, it just makes them angry and much less likely.

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