Medellin, Colombia – How Hot Are The Women Really?

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I spent three months living in the city of Medellin in Colombia, South America, and here’s how the city stacks up for meeting girls and doing pickup.

What The Day Game In Medellin Is Like

Since most people don’t have cars, they walk or take the train or buses.  So there are TONS of people out on the streets making Medellin excellent for doing day game.  Even better, there’s a clean, fast, and efficient train that runs all the way through the city from one end to the other making it easy (and cheap) to get anywhere in the city.

The train itself has loads of attractive young ladies.

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The downtown of Medellin is a good place to meet women.  And the upscale neighborhoods like Pobablo have the more middle class women.  There’s plenty of “second tier” neighborhoods crawling with women too.

Medellin has four or five shopping Malls which are just like anything you’d find in the United States too, full of women.

As long as you stick with the 7 or 8 better neighborhoods, you’ll be perfectly safe.

And because Medellin has year round beautiful Spring-like weather, any day of the year is great for going out.

For weather, logistics, and sheer number of women out on the streets, Medellin gets an A for day game.


What The Nightlife Is Like

I wasn’t so impressed with the nightlife.  First of all, it costs money for taxis, alcohol, and cover which keeps many of the women away.  I actually found the hottest women out on the streets and not in the clubs.

Club Mango’s, in Medellin.

And upscale places like Mango’s can easily run you $100 USD for a table.  Ouch!

If you want nightlife in Colombia, the city of Cartagena is better than Medellin.


What The Medellin Women Are Like

Thin and facially attractive is the ideal.  You will see some real stunners.  Medellin women generally work hard to look attractive.


Middle class Medellin women at one of the upscale malls.

I saw a few 9s and 10s.  But most of the women I would rate 7 or 8.

You’ll find a few golden tanned blondes, but not many.  Most of the women are either cinnamon tan or white with dark hair.

As an American or European there, you’re a rarity.  And a hot commodity.  The women will take quick notice of you and it’s a big plus.  If you dye your hair blonde and put in blue colored contact you’ll be even more heavily noticed.

What I Liked About Medellin

Medellin is SAFE.

Even though you might think of Colombia as being dangerous, Medellin is very safe.  I never felt in danger, not even remotely.  Much of the city is very modern, clean, and green.  Since Pablo Escobar was killed 15 years ago, the drug trade has moved out of Medellin and into the jungle thousands of miles away.

Parque Lleras in Poblado, the upscale  neighborhood in Medellin.

You can get a furnished one bedroom apartment in the nicest neighborhood Poblado, with Internet and a month-to-month lease for about $900 USD monthly. Or you can stay at a dorm hostel in a nice area for $10 to $15 dollars a night.

Taxis are like $2 and plentiful, so no need to have your own car.  Food is cheap…. $5 for a good meal at a restaurant.  They have McDonald’s and Subway and all that too.

Beautiful, year round weather.  Medellin is called “The City of Eternal Spring”, because it has its own micro-climate being in the mountains.  Every day you have pretty nice weather, great for being outdoors.  No cold winters and no humid summers.

Nice mountains surrounding the city.  Really pretty.  Take a girl into a Finca (basically a big, romantic cabin) in the mountains and go crazy.

More Tips

Learn Spanish.  If you’re Spanish sucks, you’ll have trouble meeting women, even if the girls are attracted to you.  Take the 90 lesson Pimpsleur course before you go and you’ll be set.  Don’t slack off on this point – it will make all the difference.

Learn game here in the U.S. or Europe before you go.  It will be a big help over there, and with even 30% game, the balls to approach, and Spanish under your belt it will be a breeze.  If you can’t approach though, the girls will NOT approach you and you’ll be treading water nowhere.  So get the balls to approach!!

If you’re still not confident approaching women, I created the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program just for you. The program will install confidence directly into your sub-conscious belief system so that you can meet LOTS of girls.  And especially in Colombia, it’s like wielding a machine gun!

After all, having the confidence to approach is EVERYTHING when it comes to meeting tanned cinnamon Latin ladies, whether you’re in Miami or anywhere else, so click THIS link to download the program.

In conclusion,  do I recommend Medellin as a swank place for meeting cute girls?


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  • Angie says:

    WTF here we dont have a manual about how to get “gringos” its just disrespectful

  • Jeff Kuebler says:

    Very nicely written… Jeff Naples, Fl.

  • cashmoneyrecs says:

    I just got back from Medellin a lot of fun. Yes, day game very important to meet women, but night game is easy to meet hot young women. A lot of the hot young women like to dance to reggaetone and hip-hop and they dance well. Most gringos cannot dance to that style of music. The problem is they think they can but cannot and women there are attracted to coolness and style. You have to have swag in the nightclubs either you have it or you do not. I am black 38 in the music industry now and use to play football, but the last part does not matter. For you gringos that are really serious of meeting women at night at the clubs take some dance lessons ,but do not try to dance with a girl to hip hop if you cannot dance as again to pull women you have to be cool. The Colombian women dance a lot better than white girls in the states. So you better step up your game if you want to meet women at night at the hot reggaetone clubs. Women everywhere like a man who is cool not arrogant and has some style. Now some people will say you just need money not true. You meet a different type of women because you can only go to the club and flash and when you do dance people laugh at you because you cannot. Always pay attention to the night club game And you will meet a lot of women there. No racism for me there hot women want the cool guy with style you can have blue eys, but if you cannot dance you get exposed. Take dance lessons my friend.

  • Martin says:

    Hey guys or jess, I am thinking about going to columbia for a week (yes, I know its not long enough but I have to come back to work) and am attracted to naturally Tan to Brown skin women (Not African American skin tone). I am curious to know if Medellin has a good number of Tan skin women or should I go to a different part of the country or even world for that matter? I am not white but Tan skin myself and Not latin: please answer this:
    1) where in columbia or world should I go to have high concentration of Tan to brown skin women?
    2) should I go on one of those dating websites and set dates before I go to Medellin or anywhere else (since I’ll be there for only 7 days) or should I go just as ?
    P.S. I am not talking about Prostitutes
    Thanks in Advance

  • James says:

    For me, I have a 3 year visa because I have a girlfriend vouch for me and say we are domestic partners. But, I am 43. In my life, never found a better place to find women. I would say 80 percent just for money but you can find love. Much better odds then with the states. Medellin is no problem. I have been here since February and before here off and on for a year. I live in Laureles. It is so much better than Poblado. Reason is good apartments and cheaper. No hills to naviagate.

    • Thomas Peter says:

      Hi james I agree with you i came to live here in Medellin after living in brasil for 10 years I live in laureless as well . I came over 20 days ago and would love to make some friends to go out or have a drink togeather . Ma phone is 320 9818923 so please call me thomas

  • Phil says:

    I’m one of those old guys you sometimes write the insulting comments about. One of the things about old is experience but the very most important is money. I am rich so no matter where I go the problem is choosing! No matter which country you spend time in a $3000 suit, a limo and an armed bodyguard seem to impress all those women looking for money. A suite at a good hotel also helps a great deal and all the women I’ve met in Medellin, Cali, and Bogota are exactly the same but they generally have friends especially when they think they have a sucker by the balls. Actually, I give more money to the hotel concierge than I ever give to any woman and the bodyguard tosses them out on command. Unlike the American Secret Service morons none ever come back with the cops because those near the hotel are on the same list as the concierge. By and large Colombia is full to overflowing with the poor and most women not upper class are or have been whores at one time or another. The best party I ever threw in Medellin involved eight University students, none of whom spoke English but they had other significant talents and learned some new talents over 2 days. My Spanish is weak but it doesn’t matter because the money is strong. The third world is full of hoes and not the ones used for gardening.

  • Sam says:

    I have been living out of Medellin for 5 years and I miss it like crazy. Medellin is like the best place in the entire world. The food the WOMEN and the culture is just some of the amazing things you can find there. I cant wait to go back

  • SuperSolider says:

    im planing to go to medellin in dec and begging of jan, this year. 2014

    me and 3 other friends are just doing a trip together to go out and relax and party and meet some gorgeous girls and have some fun.

    we can all handle our selves physically and are capable of realizing most scams.

    i want to know is that , is medellin the place for us to go and party?

    i wanna meet georgous girls on my trip and have some fun.

  • Anonymous says:

    you clearly have no clue

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