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Seduction Science

Negging Women – 10 Awesome Negs That Work

You can also lower a girl’s social value in relation to yours with quick lines by negging women.

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Here are some examples of negging women:

For a girl with a belly shirt: “Did your shirt shrink in the laundry?”

“Your roots are showing.”

“Your nose is a little red. You’re like an Eskimo. Cool.”

“You know, you look just like my little sister. Weird.”

Double AA sexy commercial

Effect of a neg on a hot girl illustrated

“You know, I like that outfit you’ve got on… but I don’t know… your shoes don’t really match. You should have gone with tan boots…”

To her guy friends, “So what’s special about this one.”

If she’s talking tell her friends, “So do you guys ever get a word in edge wise?”

“Hey… you look like that cartoon character… yeah that’s right, Rainbow Brite remember her?”

“I like your eyes. Hey… are you wearing colored contacts??? (before she can answer) Oh my god, no way, you are…”

“You know, your body language is all closed off. It makes you look like one of those newborns I saw on the discovery channel when they came out of the womb – all curled up.”

“Hey, you’re a goof.”

By negging women, you’ve indicated to her that you’re not interested in her over anyone else in the group. This is a new thing for her. She’ll feel the bitter sting of being just like everyone else. Her looks no longer give her all the power – because you’re not responding to her looks.

Because you’re demonstrating social value to the group at the same time she’s wondering, “Why isn’t this guy attracted to me? Why isn’t this guy paying attention to me? Who is this guy? How am I going to win this guy’s attention?”

Everyone wants to be liked. Everyone wants approval. No one wants to be ignored. The same holds true for beautiful women – even more so. Their whole reality is based on having power and having acceptance and adoration through their good looks. Take that away and their whole reality crumbles and they’ll do anything to get it back.

Negging women is ideal for really hot girls – 8s, 9s, and 10s. For an average girl (6s, 7s), you don’t want to use value zingers. All you need to do is demonstrate social value – you don’t need to lower hers. Hers wasn’t that high to begin with.

Negging women is unnecessary and inappropriate to use on girls who are already being friendly or giving you green lights. Don’t throw one out of the blue for no reason at a girl who is already responding well.

But if she’s super hot and you’ve just met her, that’s a different story. Use a neg or two on her.

Now, it’s critical to use negs right. Remember, you’re not out to damage the girl’s self confidence or put her down. You’re not out to mess up her self-esteem. Some guys in particular cross the line and start throwing soft insults and treating women like second-class human beings when they don’t deserve it.

The point is to make yourself stand out as socially valuable male and a challenge, not to make her feel bad. But used correctly, negging women is a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Update From The Author

I noticed that my post on negging “Negging Women – 10 Awesome Negs That Work” has drawn a lot of negative comments from women.

I understand the blowback.  I understand where some of you girls are coming from.  You see negging as a form of bullying or insults.

And most women are pretty sensitive to the idea of it, based on being bullied in real life.

Most women, particularly in high school, were teased, gossiped about, or bullied in some fashion – and usually from other women.  Pretty girls especially face negativity from their female friends, as pretty girls tend to hang in “pretty social circles” where there’s a lot of superficial cattiness, backstabbing, and competition.

Or even if you’ve never been bullied or teased yourself, you’ve seen the devastating effect it had on your classmates.  So naturally, you feel sympathy.

But anger at ‘negging’ is misplaced.

First, we are talking about a night club environment.  There’s lots of REJECTION involved, inherent to the environment.

And most of the rejection is aimed at the GUYS.

Haven’t either you or one of your friends ever ignore a guy?  Like, not even acknowledge his presence when he tried to talk to you.

It’s often pretty CRUSHING to the guy’s self-esteem that he isn’t given 10 seconds to acknowledge he’s another human being to talk to and say “hello”.  Ignoring a guy completely is much crueler than any neg a guy would dish.  (Like, “Hey girl!  You have some lint in your hair… look at that.”)

Then again, it’s a night club.  If a guy’s ego is so fragile, he shouldn’t go.

So please girls, if a guy told you that you had lint in your hair and that would “cut you down” or would “crush you”, and your ego is THAT fragile, then don’t go to night clubs!!  After all, the guys have to deal with MUCH WORSE from you girls!

In addition, Negs are for those glamour girls that have been spoiled all their lives by Daddy and have little sense of reality (like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton for example).  These are the types of girls that enjoy shooting “nice guys” down.  It’s THAT kind of girl that negs are designed to attract.

So if you’re a normal-looking girl with a normal attitude, you probably will NEVER BE NEGGED in your life.  So for crying-out-loud, don’t worry about it.

Further consider that 99.9% of guys are SO damn nervous in clubs and bars that they can’t even approach a girl without wetting their briefs… let alone finding the balls to neg a pretty girl.

So don’t worry, it’s statistically unlikely to ever happen to you, even if you DO look like a runway model.  Most guys will never approach you, or they’ll just try to kiss your ass to get into your pants.  And that’s SO much better than those bad boys, right?

But since those guys are NOT a challenge in the slightest, they’re not attractive to you.  That’s why you blow them off.

That’s what a neg does – creates a challenge to the female.  That’s what attractive guys do.  And ANY guy you’ve ever fallen for, on some level, you had to chase HIM.  Every single guy you ever had a crush on made YOU chase HIM.

I know it’s simple to latch onto a cause, leave a comment, and feel like you’re serving justice in some small way by taking a stand against the 1 in 10,000 guys that have the balls to neg a girl like, “Hey girl!  It’s funny how your nose wiggles when you talk!”  But really, it’s an empty cause!

P.S. If you still disagree with this assessment, please leave a comment, I welcome all opinions!  :lol:

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  1. Anonymous

    I’ve had problems talking to women my entire life, before I discovered this technique by chance. I’m actually sad to say it, but it does work most of the time. It’s hard for me to feel sorry for using the technique since 9 out of 10 times in the past when I’ve approached women in a polite and friendly way to say hello and introduce myself, it’s seems there immediate response is to insult me. All this technique does is bring them down to your level before they stamp you into the ground. If your a woman and you’ve been seduced in this way by guys, been used and left to call a cab then maybe next time you should be nice to the nice guy.

    • Father

      So you like to talk to women who are jerks, and you have no trouble being a jerk yourself.  Whichever one came first, get out of that cycle.

      For pretty teenagers in particular, you should realize that their self-esteem is just as fragile as any other teenager and they get victimized by jerks regularly.  Some get to believe most men are jerks.  When you try to “bring them down to your level” you are simply projecting onto them the responsibility for the rejection you have felt before, and acting like a bully by trying to shame them in front of their friends.  They will stand up to you in person, but they will be crying at home and feeling worthless.  No one deserves that.

      Don’t be a jerk.   Do something positive instead.  Volunteer at an old age home or Habitat for Humanity or something and invite nice people to volunteer as well.  Invite them to come up to your level instead of trying to bring people down to yours by hurting them.

      • Random Guy

        I agree with you ‘Father’.

      • Anonymous

        Father is right. When you neg on a young woman, you are projecting responsibility for previous rejections onto her.

        Did you ever stop to think that if a beautiful woman doesn’t respond to you, she probably has a reason? For example, maybe she has hearing impairment from going to too many loud clubs and can’t hear you over the throbbing bass, or maybe her peripheral vision is shot from too many years of dancing in strobe lighting. Maybe she’s there with her girlfriends and not interested in finding a man at the moment. Or maybe– just maybe– she is able to surmise that you’re only interested in sex and doesn’t want to deal with being harassed. Women– especially beautiful women– are often treated as sexual objects, which, believe it or not, is offensive. If this is the case, you should blame our patriarchal, sexist culture at large when a beautiful woman rejects you.

        Of course it is possible that maybe the beautiful young woman you’ve approached is, as you suggest, stuck-up and thinks of herself as being “better” than other people. And if this is actually the case, why on Earth would you want to spend time with a person like that? You would be much better off seeking out a woman whose character is just as beautiful as her body.

      • Anonymous

        This is about picking up women and since you don’t like the technique you advise volunteering at an old folks home? Wtf!? Sorry ‘father’ but what web surfing wave did you ride in on?

      • Anon

        I love you.

      • Uncle Friendly

        Father these people here will not be doing no volunteering you need better ideas than that.

      • allie

        “Father” knows his shit^^^

      • Avanti Dutta

        I hardly ever get to say this but,

        Thank you Father :)

        To anonymous guy,

        I’m that girl who can reject a guy’s one-night-stand offer politely. And I am also that girl who can make jerks realize they’re being jerks.

        No matter how many times you hear this crap that women like to be treated badly, THEY DON’T. Some women may even get attracted to shit, but only to later realize she deserves better and they get laid or settled with a guy who helps her reach that conclusion instead of being the experiment that made her realize that she indeed deserves better. So you choose which guy you want to be.

        That typical nice guy gets friendzoned why? Because they’re either faking it, or women know they can have their unique choices that has nothing to do with the stereotyped ‘niceness’ of a guy. That’s just no reason for you to be a jerk unless you don’t mind getting laid with a teenager with self-esteem issues. In that case, no matter how many vaginae you get, you’re still a loser.

    • Jesse Charger

      Negs aren’t about “bringing girls down to your level”.

      It’s to show a girl that you’re attracted to her, but can also walk away from her. That you’re taking action to talk to her, but that she needs to do the chasing. For really hot girls that get lavished with attention by “nice guys” who do nothing but kiss their ass, getting a neg is very refreshing because she realizes that the guy won’t kiss her ass just to get into her pants.

      • Random Guy

        So if you want to prove you’re not just kissing her ass, you should be an ass. Yeah, that makes sense. BTW, I have an ocean resort in Idaho you might be interested in…

      • FatherTime

        I would like to get her out or her pants and THEN kiss her ass, and lick it too. yummmmy.
        lol hahahaha

      • Rae

        Don’t see why this is a problem. If guys want to chase after entitled bitches who can’t look at other human beings as FUCKING HUMAN BEINGS then I guess that means there are more guys with brains in their heads left for the rest of us. I read some of these comments and I’m getting neck cramps from all the head-shaking. Why on earth would you want to pursue a woman who won’t even look you in the eye when you give her a friendly hello? And for god’s sake stop thinking its your problem when someone does that. When you’re an entitled asshole that isn’t someone else’s problem, it’s YOUR problem. That goes for the bitches and the neggers.

    • Really?

      Did you ever occur to you that you started getting women not because you were negging them but because the thought of having some technique backing you up gave you more confidence? Negging is a placebo effect, end of story.

    • ...

      This whole article is ridiculous and a waste of time. This “technique” appeals to the insecure male because it is a way of reestablishing dominance, a trait that is so inherent to the social construct of masculinity. It’s truly pathetic that the males reading this article, who actually take it seriously, are so obviously incapable of separating their own identities from the socially prescribed gender roles in which they are so inadequate.
      I am not responding to this article because I am afraid I will be “negged” and I’m not responding to feel some weird gratification from “latching on to a cause”. I’m responding to this article because it is blatantly sexist and misogynistic and it is horrifying that the author and a large portion of the male readers are denying this.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve spent my whole life being kind and respectful to women with absolutely no romantic interest shown by any of them except for the most absurdly insecure girls I’ve interacted with.

        It’s as much a fact that women tend to be attracted to men who abuse them as it is that men tend to be attracted to women with hourglass figures. It’s exceptionally disheartening, but if admitting this is misogyny then call me a misogynist. I’m seriously contemplating trying this with the next girl I’m interested in because honesty and politeness do not and have never worked for me.

      • Random Guy

        “…” I agree with you completely; and for what it’s worth this is one man who is not buying this ‘negging’ tripe.

        Anonymous, you’re a misogynist.

        Being kind and respectful doesn’t obligate a woman to be interested in you; and if you think it does, then you’re NOT being kind and respectful, you are being an asshole.

      • Anonymous

        Sounds to me like you are one of the women described in the article. Did you look back at what you wrote? Using the term “Males” is another way taking away a small part of a man’s masculinity. Most “males” would by far prefer to be referred to as men, not males. I don’t really take to the neg thing myself. My wife and I met and fell in love because, among other things, we were ourselves. Neither of us “took charge” or dominated the other. I could be wrong,,but I suspect you should be begged a few times to take away the edge that’s so obvious.

      • Little-Sister

        “I’ve spent my whole life being kind and respectful to women with absolutely no romantic interest shown by any of them…”

        Why does your kindness obligate any woman to be romantically interested in you?

        Look, the fact of the matter is, some people don’t like other people. Some people are not attracted to other people. It just happens. I understand why some men find me very attractive, while some men are obviously turned off by me. I don’t resent the men who aren’t interested in me any more than I revere the men who are. I don’t feel the need to use some manipulative tactic to convince those turned-off men that they’re missing out. I think this weird, old-fashioned idea that you need to manipulate women is immature and a throw-back to some by-gone era. And honestly, the only men I’ve ever known who use this kind of thing or believe in it are the same men who make friends with a woman, hoping they’ll some day get to sleep with her — and later resent her for “using” them. You set yourself up for failure, and then you resent the person who took you at face-value. Dude, seriously, your best interest is not being met with this b.s. Find something else to believe in.

      • Bigdawg

        Hate the game , not the players. I ve used this technique , met a woman , married her. A lot of nice guys use this technique to build confidence, after being a gentleman and getting shut down. Men have feelings too. We have to take a different approach , I. e usings “negs”. Cause the nice guy routine doesn’t work in todays world. Nice guys are boring and will be discarded.

      • darpinion

        Almost everything you said in this is sexist, and you blatantly generalize large groups of people into a single category.

    • Anonymous

      Humans haven’t evolved much. When it comes to male/female relationships we’re still stone age animals. Women still want to be the consort of the alpha male/tribal chieftain. The alpha male dominates those around him through violence and intimidation. This is the trait women look for especially when they in their young, child-bearing years. The idea that women like assholes is not a belief. It’s an evolutionary fact. Women are driven to seek out the most intimidating man possible. men who treat them like respect are seen as weak and subservient. The problem is the alpha male is cruel and violent to everyone. just because you slept with him don’t expect him to treat you with respect. Sorry, ladies and gents. All this debate is a mute point. Nice guys finish last isn’t a saying, it’s an evolutionary fact.

      • jdbug

        My boyfriend is a nerd, to put it plainly. And I’m attracted to nerds. Huge muscles are a turn off to me. He does not have the highest confidence and that is absolutely fine with me. And also, I’m a teenage girl. you can’t stereotype anyone and expect it to be accurate

      • Anonymous

        We have evolved enough that we are more than just our base instincts. The last man I was seriously involved with loved art, dancing, and wasn’t interested in being an Alpha male. The man before him was sweet and honest while comfortable with himself. I think men who feel the need to intimidate others are insecure and, thus, unattractive. Whereas men who are comfortable with themselves are usually the truly kind ones and those are the men I seek.

      • Sara

        My best friend found her husband’s stutter and love of all that is nerdy so endearing when she’d first met him that she turned down all of his “alpha”/”dominant” friends (and quite a few were pursuing her) so that she could seek out his company. Now they are happily married. Another friend loved how respectful her now-husband was and that’s why she sought a deep relationship with him. The same goes with yet another close friend. And I have a wedding I’m attending soon of a friend who was drawn in by her soon-to-be-husband’s kind/almost-shy demeanor. They all probably got sick of “neggers” (<– those who use negging as a way to get with women) and wanted somebody who had potential to be a loving partner and not a misogynistic man who obviously has too man self-esteem issues to 1) project confidence (which many women like, and 2) to ever treat her better than his insecurities will allow.

      • locky

        I think what we’re all missing here is that this is for club situations, not finding true love. This is when you have maybe 5 minutes to impress or disgust a girl, and in turn make or break your night. People go to night clubs to dance and find hook ups. There’s no relationship-hunting on that scene.

        Anyway. The whole “nice guy” thing is blown way out of proportion. When you like someone, you’re nice to them, hoping that they’ll like you back. That goes for guys and girls. When you want to be an accessory to someone you don’t usually go in swinging; you try to cultivate a friendship, get to know each other beFORE the risky stuff happens. And that’s where a lot of the “nice guys” feel like they get stuck. A lot of times the feeling is “if I asserted myself the tiniest bit more she could probably be mine” but a lot of guys feel uncomfortable imposing themselves. And that’s not to say over the woman, it’s to say with the woman. They’re not depositing “sex tokens,” they’re trying to cozy up to a lady they like in order to be with them.

        And I’m sorry but tactics are a lot of what relationships are (that is, until you get to the really good ones). Mind-games are part of human intimacy. We want what we can’t have, we don’t want what we’re too comfortable with. It’s how it works. We might starve our partners of sex for a few weeks so they’ll want us more, we won’t text back purposefully to play coy. We want to make sure people stay interested in us, as we all know how flighty attraction is.

        I have TONS of lady friends who have systematic ways to get guys. And most of them are just rote. Mainly because a lot of the girls I know are at least decently attractive, and guys will wag their tails at anything with breasts and an attention span devoted to them. All they have to do is 1 2 3 and they’re bringing home a boy. Guys have it a bit harder since it’s more based on personality, speech, whatever. You have to show that you’re worth it verbally and through pheromones. Even if after you “neg” a girl you end up being a complete sweetie, you have to throw in the hook in order to reel in the fish.

        And seriously, we haven’t evolved all that much. We’ve just grown emotions that make our primal compass hazy. That’s it. It’s still very much there, just buried under a few layers of “self-consciousness”.

      • Mister Magic

        Want to hear a good joke?
        Why do nice guys finish last ?
        Because assholes suffer from premature ejaculation!!!

      • Anonymous

        You mean moot. Look it up. Regardless, you’re completely wrong. Nice guys get laid. I get laid. Assholes don’t want a woman. They just enjoy being assholes, and that’s cool if that’s your thing. Just don’t delude yourself into thinking you’re a better person than you are.

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like you’re a loser who has had one too many failed attempts so instead of trying to figure out what it is about YOU that sends them running you want to punish them.

      • Ronald Patrick Thompson

        Nice guys finish last is an evolutionary fact? I would have to disagree. I am a nice guy, I treat women with respect and I get laid lots. I also happen to be really ridiculously good looking, intelligent and funny. But none of those things have anything to do with why I get laid (okay maybe a little bit). The only thing that matters is are you being genuine? You see, I enjoy meeting people with no expectations. When I go out I talk to as many guys and ugly chicks as I do pretty women. So when I talk to pretty women my genuine nature of only wanting to talk to talk reads through. And wouldn’t you know it, a guy that doesn’t want something from a woman is refreshing to them. Also, so is being nice without an ulterior motive. Some girls I take home, some I dont. Just like some guys who neg take some girls home some they dont. Neither will “work” every time, but if you are successful in trying to let go of some kind of technique to get laid and just be genuine you will get laid a lot more often. But yes, some women do want the overly dominant alpha male that mistreats them so to those, neg away. But mostly, being an alpha male is about confidence, and having the confidence to not be an asshole, but rather charming, witty and respectful without being a kiss-ass is the most powerful approach of them all.

      • Anonymous

        You’re deluded. Only some women allow themselves to be treated this way, definitely not all. I chose my husband based off his intelligence, a distinct kinship, and ability to protect me. Yes, he’s bigger, stronger, and smarter than most other men I know, with a strong white knight streak that I found very attractive. However, when he started being tremendously disrespectful to me two years ago (cheating, wanting threesomes, generally thinking only with his dick), I left his ass and moved to a new state so he could think about his priorities. It was a struggle as I was totally financially dependent on him. It sucked for a long while. Yet, if another human being doesn’t treat me with the respect I DESERVE, being 1/2 of a partnership as legally and emotionally binding as a marriage? Fuck that, I can live my life just fine without being attached to jerks.

    • A girl

      Hi there,

      I don’t know why I know about all of this stuff, but I think it’s because I get approached a lot and it seemed to me a lot of guys were doing the same thing. So I just looked it up online.

      I’ll tell you that right now I’ll automatically discount any guy that uses a neg on me straight off the bat- and a lot of them do. You can recognize it right away and I think it shows insecurity (they have to bring me down to “their” level) and it smells of misogyny , although I don’t think every guy who uses negs are misogynists … some of them probably just really want girls to like them.

      Right now my heart is being won by a guy who tells me how beautiful and smart I am several times a day. It shows me he is confident enough that he doesn’t need to use these forums, and it shows me what a good heart he has. I want to be with someone who encourages me to be better and stronger, not someone who tears me down.

      I’m sure this works on “some” girls and that’s fine if you just want to get laid. But tearing a girl’s self esteem down just to get laid is kind of misogynistic.

      • Anonymous

        You’re clever but full of shit. Negged.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not just misogynistic. It’s hateful. And you’re 100% about it being transparent and pathetic. Be an interesting person and not a slob. It works better.

      • anon

        Oh first anon, please, you don’t need to neg, you’re already asshole enough.

      • Ronald Patrick Thompson

        Yes, it is great to hear how beautiful one is, But I would be careful of that too. Dont get me wrong, there is nothing with telling your companion they are beautiful, but if that is the way to your heart then it speaks to both of your insecurities. For him it’s something like “Gee, I hope she likes hearing how beautiful I think she is so I don’t lose her.” And for you it’s “I really like hearing how beautiful I am so I’ll keep him around.” Telling someone they are beautiful does not take any special effort. I would hope two people fall in love because of the actions they take in the world to show they are worthy of your love, not the easy words they speak to lull you into a false sense of it.

      • FatherTime

        You must really be insecure with your looks if you need to be being constantly told how beautiful you are (you probably aren’t). It is really sad if repeating the same lie draws you to this chump. that is your daddy’s job to tell you how beautiful, smart and gifted you are. (you probably aren’t those either) but daddy’s are supposed to do that to little girls to boost their already fragile ego.
        Get a grip on reality and realize you are not really smart enough to do anything in life you want to. It is extremely rare that a person can. You can not be our next President or an astronaut so deal with it and just learn to seductively say “would you like fries with that”. mmmmkay..

    • aiyana

      I’m sorry but what is all this bullshit about being nice to the nice guy I know lots of nice guys every woman is nice to them how about you bitchy bullying got issues talking to women bullshit!! guys be nice to the nice girl so far it sounds like you have to insult the women.
      Aren’t you just becoming the person who you once despised!!

    • Girl

      I’ve been “negged” many a time and I can tell you I have had no long term self esteem problems from it. I either tell the guy to go eff himself or it starts some playful banter; probably depending a lot on my level of intoxication. I didn’t realize that this was an actual technique – thank you internet.

      That being said, I am blatantly obnoxious and cocky at bars, if I am being honest, and I blame no guy for trying to take me down a notch.

      Still, it is a total asshole move. And chances are most girls are not going to feel ok about this. Chance are you just look like a dick bag. But hey, you’re at a bar give it a shot. If you feel guilty about being a jerk try to sleep easy knowing there is a chance she was too drunk to remember and hate herself for having a crooked lateral incisor (yes someones said this too me)

      Ps. No amount of type laughter can express how hard I’d laugh at a guy for telling me I should have worn tan boots.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry you have problems talking to women. Maybe pick up the nice girl who is in your league, and not someone out of your league, instead of being an ass who only talks to women just “to bring them down to his level”. Nice guy, my ass.

    • Mandy

      If they’re so stuck up, then why bother with them anyway?
      Here’s the problem with being too nice: the guy will keep on trying to pick you up. But you’re not interested, you were just being nice. If the woman tells you this, then she get labelled as having “led you on” or “flaked.”
      I usually smile and say hello, then continue talking to my friends. I try to make my wedding ring as prominent as possible, although most guys see that as a “challenge” rather than a deterrent.

    • Just Sayin'

      A nice guy doesn’t needs to insult a woman to get her attention.

  2. Karen

    Oh lord. So you try to find something about a woman that can be used to diminish her or in some way doubt her self-worth?

    You’re the type of guy who has chopped up bits of women stuffed in the truck of his car, aren’t you?

    Misogyny is FUCKING STUPID AND EVIL. It’s not “playful”. It’s not “clever”. And if you don’t think this shit is misogynistic, fer chrissakes, please take yourself out of the gene pool.

    Thank goodness my fiance builds me up instead of tearing me down…or I wouldn’t be marrying him.

    • Jesse Charger

      A neg is used once on a girl at the beginning on an interaction. That’s it. It’s not used in relationships.

      A guy would only “use negs” on *specific* girls (hot girls that are used to having their asses kissed) at a nightclub when they FIRST MEET and would NOT be negging YOU in a marriage relationship.

      • While I respect that you try to have limits...

        While I respect that you try to limit your comments that you use to tear a woman down in order to secure a more solid introduction to first meetings, any time a guy tries this on me, rejection is quick to follow. And for the guys who try less-subtle/more-asinine comments, a brutal rejection is the response. When a man is kind, I always try to be kind in return, even when I’m not in the mood for ANY male attention.

      • Anonymous

        however you start it is how i’ll end it, but i will not be tricked into anything with someone i don’t find appealing based on their own merits. if you’re disrespectful (any manipulation is disrespectful) then i will be too.

    • Anonymous

      And study after study shows you are going cheat on him. You are going end up being bored with him and want tension and drama. And that dominant alpha is going to be the one you do it with. What you say and what you do are too different things. You can throw the M bomb out all you want. But PUA did not grow from a couple of guys in a chat room to a billion dollar business because it doesn’t work. You have this part of your little hamster that is telling you one thing, but back in your hindbrain you want the Dark Triad personality that you know will protect you and find a way to support you. Negging appeals to hindbrain part. It shows the guy will not allow you to dominate him like you do your little beta chump boyfriend that you have right now. So if you’re gonna get all huffy and walk away, big deal. So what. Next. Negging works as part of total frame of the man. You believe yourself to be better than that woman; you are the prize; she is lucky to have you. And if you are strong enough and resolute enough in your frame that others will accept it. If you look like a little throwing sour grapes then that is what you are. But you are confident in yourself, believe in yourself, and show any woman that she will not dominate you, then you will get much further in the long run. Better that a woman walks away from you than it is that you grovel like a chump in front of her, placating her ego like every other schmuck.

      Neg her.

      • Getting real tired of this

        I think I just threw up a little in my mouth while reading that.

        So if she likes to be praised rather than mocked “Oh what a huge ego. She will cheat on him because he’s boring. She just wants to dominate.”

        But when the OH SO INCREDIBLE MAN is a dominating asshole it’s perfectly acceptable? How the hell is a guy who says this sort of bullshit going to protect her? Who would lower her standards so much that she wants to be protected by someone who BELITTLES HER AND WANTS TO DOMINATE HER? That’s not protection, genius.

      • Did you really say that??

        I had a guy “neg” me last time I went out with my girlies and honestly, I’d found the guy attractive until he’d tried that. I couldn’t imagine getting involved with that guy… or any guy who likes to put me down in order to give himself confidence (let alone ever get around to sleeping with him?! Eew!) So, for your information, if you try this on confident women, they’ll turn you down like the pathetic and insecure boy that you are.

      • SexyConfidentWoman

        Negging just doesn’t sound healthy at all because they are assuming that other guys are already stroking a girls ego.

        I’m not being funny but the modern age is bringing in new problems that weren’t here before and this negging technique completely ignores this aspect where he should be getting to know the woman in a healthy way instead the negger is already assuming that women will never show him any respect so is teaching her to respect him in a very hostile way and the fact of the matter is the woman in question might actually be someone good natured and its plain exploitive to that to women neggers are just trying to bed lots of women without thinking of the consequences on that woman’s life.

      • SexyConfidentWoman

        No real scientific proof whatsoever!!

      • Uh Guys?

        This is a troll. Clearly.
        There is literally no one stupid enough to believe this bullshit. Some of the other neggers might be a thing, but this guy is full shit, and looking for a response because mommy didn’t love him or her enough. Do not feed him.

      • S

        “her beta chump boyfriend”

        she already has a boyfriend – so you’ve already lost.

    • David

      And that lady’s and gentlemen is what I call sweet negging, brought to you by “anonymous” !! Really nice comment and sweet way to neg her!!

      • Anonymous

        negging and trolling are the same thing. lol that’s funny. that’s like people who think anger = attraction.

    • Anonymous

      Our society has been twisted around so much that attitudes like Karens have become very common. It’s no wonder some guys have to resort to negging a woman he desires. Sorry Karen, but you sound like a real bitch.

      • SexyConfidentWoman

        No anonymous you sound like a total bastard for using a false misconception that Karen’s attitude is common.

        First starters each of us have unique DNA and unique abilities so you are very wrong in your assumption that Karen has a common attitude.
        Also wrong in assuming guys are using negging for the woman he desires in fact guys use negging for all sorts of reasons the main common one is to sleep with as many women as possible also its scientifically proven that men who use these techniques resort to sex addiction and many other addictions like drug abuse.
        That being said a sex addict is not pursuing women that he desires just anyone to fuel his addiction.
        Also sex can make you or break you negging is like game theory these new modern men are like prostitutes and use negging and game everywhere and can pick up women in the streets. It is not a lifestyle for the better of society.

  3. lawl

    “Pretty girls don’t like assholes.”

    Laughed at that one. Women love assholes, the nice guys are for later, after they’ve slept with all the badboys, and need someone to take care of their mistakes.

    • Ahmed

      haha! excellent comment. i couldnt agree more. the old saying “nice guys finish last” comes to mind here. and it’s true. women can claim to like nice guys all they want but the truth, ladies, is that you’d rather hook up with the entire varsity football team than the quiet nerdy kid in the batman tshirt (i.e. yours truly back in high school). look, i dont condone putting women down or treating them like shit or anything like that, but at the same time you cant be TOO nice. some girls tend to mistake that kindness for weakness or vulnerability. be a gentleman. treat her with respect and adoration. but a little playful jab directed at her appearance or her clothes or anything superficial like that can go a long way. you dont want her to feel insulted or devalued. you want her to take it lightly and laugh at herself. if you can get a girl to laugh at herself with a silly one-liner like “your nose is red. you look like an eskimo.” then youre fuckin golden.

      • Anonymous

        you know why girls didn’t want to hook up with you? Because you’re not really a nice guy. What you are is one of those guys who pretends to be nice and then turn into an asshole when women are not all over you.
        Someday you’re going to “neg” a girl and she’s going to give you an answer that’s so good that will make you feel terrible about yourself. There’s no “maybe” here, it IS going to happen.

      • Getting real tired of this

        A) Using phrases like “Nice guys finish last” = real turn off. Also agreeing with the guy above doesn’t help your case. If those girls he’s after are “sleeping with every asshole”, I think they might have missed one.

        B) Yes teasing can bring out a giggle or two BETWEEN FRIENDS but you do realize most girls can get really self conscious about their looks and how people feel about what they wear?

        C) Expecting something from people from square one doesn’t make you all that nice.

      • Anon.

        “Nice” and nerdy are not synonymous. This seems to be a common mistake. Nerd vs. Jock has nothing to do with being nice! Don’t kid yourself. It’s about how a man carries himself.

        Women are attracted to confidence. Assholes exude (often false) confidence, which is where the whole ‘women like assholes’ belief comes from. But you can be genuine and caring and confident and that is the most effective. Why else would so many girls be head over heels for Ryan Gossling, the poster boy of “Hey girl” quips involving respect?

        It seems to me that the POINT of negging is to exude that confidence in a playful way that is not enough to actually hurt anyone’s self esteem. However, it also seems that this is taken too far by many who try the technique.

      • Anonymous

        Way to generalize and stereotype women. I, for one, have never wanted to “hook up with the entire varsity football team.” Hell, my boyfriend spends more time in front of MMOs than in a sports uniform. But if that’s the kind of girl you’re into, then hey…throw on a jersey and I’m sure she won’t be clever enough to know the difference.

        Also, since when do girls see kindness as a sign of weakness? If some guy were to approach me at a bar and strike up a conversation or compliment me, he’d be a lot better off than if he’d started by teasing me about my overlarge nose. Again, maybe the girls you’re going after are the kind of girls who are actually attracted to assholes, so I guess this technique wouldn’t work. I never understood why guys WANT girls like those, but hey. Whatever floats your boat.

      • Exp is Golden

        I see two issues in your logic here.
        First of all, you assume that all women like the same thing. Secondly, you categorize and objectify men, devaluing their individual worth.
        Now, I can tell you from personal experience that I hate nice guy, which, as someone has already pointed does NOT mean I hate nerdy guys.

        I play Pathfinders, and I’m genuinely interested in finding a sorcerer to my rogue. I appreciate someone who knows the terms “Left4Dead” and Might and Magic” and can usually guess whether a fairytale belongs to Hans Christen Anderson or the brothers Grimm. I like guys who knows that there are different types of dragons, and that elves are NOT (just) Santa’s helpers.
        So your opinions on what women want are, more or less, null and void.

        You have stated that you were “a quite nerdy kid in a batman shirt” tell me, did also play an instrument? Did you write poetry or stories? Did you paint? Were you quick with a joke? Did you read interesting things and talk about them later? Did you play games, Table-top or video? Did you dance or sing or play any sports at all (swimming, track, or cross country)?

        Or wait, I know.
        Did you focus on one or two girls, who did not share your interests? (Of which we know one, the Dark Knight of the DC Universe.) Did you do “nice” things for them out of “the kindness of you heart” and expected absolutely nothing for it? Did you get mad when they didn’t reciprocate?

        Oh, or better,
        Did you never actually approach said females, but expected them to somehow take time out of their lives, and whatever they were doing, to cater to your feelings, a boy whom they did not know? Did you ever consider that the hypothetical football team that she slept with probably spoke to her? Found things to talk about with her? Hell, they may have been assholes who lied to her, but on some level they reached out to her?

        My point being that “Nice” does not equal “quiet” or “nerdy”, just as “Asshole” does not equal “extrovert” or “jock”.

      • Anonymous

        what’s with everyone thinking nerdy = nice? just because you’re not the school bully doesn’t mean you’re not an asshole. you’re just the quiet asshole who doesn’t have the muscle mass to back up being vocal about it. and a lot of the alpha males aren’t assholes. i’ve met some really hot guys who had better morals and ethics than most of the nerds i’ve known. in fact, life as a nerd tends to make people a little bitter and maladjusted… just sayin’.

    • Just Me

      Ahmed, see all the stuff you just said? It makes you NOT a nice person, it makes you a bitter ‘Nice Guy’.

      Why you assume the football players are assholes and you’re nice? Maybe they are nice AND fit, and maybe you are quiet AND a douche.

      Or maybe you were just punching above your weight the whole times, and there was a little chubby girl in a batman teeshirt that would have gone to town on you, but you never noticed her cos you were too busy staring at the superhot popular footballer’s girlfriends.

      • Anonymous

        Lol most superficial statement made on this topic so far, you basically telling someone theyre not good looking enough to get the girl they really want, they should “lower their standards” don know if ur a guy or a girl but you are the reason this technique was made. To level the playing fields and make superficial girls realize there’s more to a man than just muscles and testosterone. Human beings always revert back to their primal instincts eg. Men look for “hot” women because they are fit and have baby making genes. Women look for healthy fit men who are big built because the can protect them and produce good genetics for future generations. This type of primal instinct has not been necessary since the times of cave men so why must guys now days “settle for second best”

      • anon5

        No, that made a lot of sense. Anon below, you are basically asking girls to lower their standards and the way you want them to view you is as a guy who says “Hey… you look like that cartoon character… yeah that’s right, Rainbow Brite remember her?” If some guy in a Batman T-shirt said that to me, I’d be gone so fast he wouldn’t have time to blink.
        Also, great stereotype that ‘hot girls’ ignore the ‘guy in the Batman shirt’. What time are you from?
        This is 2013.
        I would like to add that you are all talking about women as if each and every one of them have this need to be with assholes, but really it is guys like you that get cheated on.
        Not to mention just as many guys cheat on their girls, so I’m not sure why you bring up the fact that SOME women cheat on their husbands? Maybe they were being abused, maybe they were someone like you, maybe they were even more of an inconsiderate asshole.
        Another point:
        You said “To level the playing fields and make superficial girls realize there’s more to a man than just muscles and testosterone”

        But then you also said ‘you basically telling someone theyre not good looking enough to get the girl they really want, they should “lower their standards”’. Then followed with “there’s more to a man than just muscles and testosterone”
        Well, let me tell you. There is more to girls than just their looks, so just because the other user suggested you were too busy looking at hot girls and maybe you missed the chubby girl who had the same interests doesn’t mean that’s “lowering your standards”. There is more to girls than just their looks, just as there is more to guys than just their muscles.

        Get over yourself, you’re like a broken record on repeat.

      • Anonymous

        Couldn’t agree more. I’m tired of “nerdy” guys whining about how all the hot girls are bitches and won’t give them the time of day…and meanwhile, those guys are doing the EXACT same thing to average-looking, quiet nerd girls who aren’t as obnoxious and showy as the “hot” ones.

        I know there’s this running stereotype of athletes being pompous assholes and nerds being sweet, caring, vulnerable guys, but clearly it can go both ways.

      • fait accompli

        Anon5, win!
        Also, Its not lowering standards, its about staying in your league. Hot girls will be with hot guys, hot guys will be with hot girls.
        I do understand the point of negging, but I think it would make a guy sound insecure or socially awkward. The only way to date above your league is true confidence. You don’t have to insult a girl to act like your not interested. Believe it or not, but even the most beautiful women are insecure about their looks because it’s not easy getting so much attention. It gets old quick. If a girl wants you, you’ll know it. Women know if a guy has a chance before he even opens his mouth. That’s why real confidence matters.

    • jdbug

      *SOME* women like assholes. Me personally, I’ve never ever felt any attraction towards one in my life.

    • While I respect that you try to have limits...

      Boys who try to weasel their way into a woman’s life by acting like a passive doormat finish last. Nice guys who are open and honest don’t. Boys with self-esteem issues finish last. Confident men who don’t need to disrespect others are successful. Women may end up dating “assholes” but if they’re dating the man, it’s often because something (not just their innate asshole-ness) is attractive to the woman. Ie. He tells funny jokes, he has some similar interest (yoga, dance, rock-climbing), he seems interesting (aka. not boring/he actually has a life where he does things), he’s successful (some women are motivated and like like-minded individuals), or maybe he’s just really well-hung and/or is good in bed.

      • Anonymous

        So basically what you’re saying is that it’s okay to be an asshole if you’re successful, or you have a huge dick?

    • SexyConfidentWoman

      No, you are probably just using that as an excuse to be bad yourself or make excuses to be an asshole just because you think chicks like it.

      Why so biased?
      Why can’t you think for yourself?
      The idea of women being attracted to bad guys has been reinforced through Hollywood and media written by bad guys did you ever think of that one?

      Why do you believe this when there are 3.5billion women in the world who are all different?

      You need to think more from a woman’s perspective and stop assuming we are all sleeping with bad boys.

      You seem to think assholes never get rejected by women.

  4. sky

    This is a complex topic!! First of all, I noticed the people that said “pretty girls don’t like assholes” and “this is a good indication of low self esteem” and “this will never work” were from women. I would say that hot women don’t WANT to want assholes, but how many times does that end up being the case? The truth: if you go to a given club and be polite to girls, you will PROBABLY fail. For example, I went to a club last year and kept track of my success the whole night. My pickup line was “hey, how’s it going?” 6 out of 9 girls that night didn’t even make eye contact with me. Then again, there are other places in which very simple, nice guy lines will work. I don’t really want to have success with a club girl anyway because they are superficial, in most cases.

    With regard to negging, I would say that some lines shouldn’t be said, for example, the nose line. I use techniques like this, but I ALWAYS make sure I make fun of something she has control over, such as something funny she said. Ex: “Are you serious? I thought people stopped saying that in the 90’s!” I have found that it lightens the mood and it’s just a joke. The truth is, good looking women constantly have guys all over them, some of which are very creepy, and the worst thing you can do is sound like all of the other guys when you approach her. I’m not sure how many guys say this stuff, but when a hot girl can tell you’re not just idolizing her for her looks or etc, she is way more likely to respond. In this case, this is treating her like a human!!!!!!! When you do the opposite and treat her like she is worth more than you just because of her looks, you are doomed to fail. And ladies, I would be willing to bet that you don’t like it when a guy treats you like a goddess just because of your body or looks. People want to be liked for the things they have control over!!

    But above all else, be interesting, funny, genuine, and try to have an intelligent conversation with her.

    • Jesse Charger

      Thanks for the thoughtful comments sky

    • shan

      Nice comment!

      Clubs are the worst place to find girls. Seriously. Plus half the girls there are just after a good time with their friends, and don’t want to be picked up by strangers. So there’s that..

    • Anon

      Best comment.

    • Been Around The Block

      The “90s” comment is stellar. Seriously, ladies, is THAT so insulting that you couldn’t possibly see how a comment/tease like that could lighten the mood?

      Or something like “Oh man, you would’ve been the type of girl to like RightSedFred/Macarana back in the day, right?” Where’s the soul-crushing insult with something like that? THAT is a “neg.” It’s a great way to tease a girl. Most of you ladies have dealt with guys who didn’t take the time to understand WHY a “neg” could work. They just read “Oh, insult her? AWESOME” and went out and did it. I don’t blame you for being able to see through that and want nothing to do with it. Good for you. You have self esteem and that’s wonderful. A woman like you is one to be desired by suitable partner.

      But if a comment like the “90s” comment or my “RightSedFred” comment WILL INSTANTLY turn you off and make you walk away, then I have to question how many times ANYONE has ever criticized you about anything. Are you able to look at yourself and laugh? Are you able to acknowledge some of your own flaws? A well-rounded person can do that and that’s what should be the make-up of a good partner. Notice I said “partner,” not “piece of fuck meat” or something else.

      And little comments like that are why it’s good to know some “game” because not everyone understands this stuff on their own.

      • fait accompli

        You sir, have confidence.

    • Anon.

      See, this is fine–it’s light joking, it’s an attempt to be genuine. What you discuss is not what the article describes at all.

  5. Chris 2

    I find this very dishonest, and morally questionable.

    The bad part is, it works. I know female friends that have fell for it. I have tried it once (regrettably) on someone that is considered me just a friend until I did the back-handed compliments a few times. (A much longer story, but that is the basics.)

    The women here, ask yourselves, why does this make you so mad? A sliver of truth perhaps? If I said a great way to pick up women was to walk in on the while they are going to the bathroom and read them poetry, you would most likely blow it off as stupid, because it would never work. But here it seems to have struck a nerve.

    It does work, and it is wrong to do.

    • Eugene

      Dude, if you had said that to pick up women is to read them poetry, I don’t even think there would be a single women present on this page. I mean… Duh ? Isn’t it obvious why the girls are whining so hard down here ? Damn Right it works ? =.= They’re just mad that it works that is why they try to convince (not to mention they tried it so hard) everyone that it isn’t working, only to send the opposite signal because if really it isn’t working, why are they still complaining ? They wouldnt even need to make their presence felt if it really isnt working right ? Poor girls… pity them so badly…

    • Uh No

      Women are responding because it’s hurtful.

      If this page said to pick up girls by pinching them, women would respond.

      We all know pinching women won’t work, but we’d still be angry because it promotes hurting women!

      Maybe the article would mention to pinch very lightly so it doesn’t hurt very badly. That’s no excuse because for all the guys pinching “lightly” there would be guys who didn’t.

      Also, you don’t know how hard will hurt a girl. Maybe you think you pinch lightly, but she has a bruise there. That hurts. Maybe you think you pinch lightly but you misjudge your strength. That hurts too.

      It’s the same with negging. You think it’s funny or not hurtful, but you might strike a nerve or insult too hard.

      Also, next time you try to explain women’s motives, become one and experience the danger, hurt, and rejection that we go through everyday.

      • Anonymous

        Cry me a f*cking river you seriously think men don’t go through EXACTLY THE SAME SH*T? We are CONSTANTLY judged and rejected….just imagine if YOU had to get rejected 20 times before you got a smile….let’s switch places shall we? Our life and breath hang on how “confident” we can appear in spite of constant rejection so frankly I’ve no pity for you…at least you can get laid anytime you want….

      • That person

        You are a hypocritical, misogynistic, asshole Anon.

        First off, why don’t you try seeing it form a womans view. You’re an average looking woman, you’re sitting in a bar, and a bunch of hot dudes show up, and each time, a hot dude passes past you, to that other chick. Or he talks to you for a bit to get that other chick jealous so he can score with her instead. And eventually, you’re in the bar, alone, while all the other chicks are with those hot dudes who just passed right past you without a second thought.

        That is rejection, and its just as painful, if not more, than being told no. And you know what, there are woman who straight up go to guys they find attractive, and try to start a conversation, but it goes nowhere. Yeah, that hurts too. And you know, the entire time, all you can think is “Every single one of these dudes could go out and get any chick they want”, but none of them want you.

        So no, fuck you Anon. Fuck you for thinking woman never feel rejection. Fuck you for thinking that women don’t feel judged, and that they don’t have to feel confident. Fuck you for always going after the chicks who are always out of your league, and blaming them for not loving you. And fuck you for thinking that women can go out and get laid anytime they want.

    • Luci

      “why does this make you so mad?”

      For the same reason you specified; the inherent dishonesty (and manipulativeness) of it coupled with the enthusiasm both to espouse it as a technique and willingness to practice it (without thought).

      I get this is only meant for “hot” girls, an “8” or above (shallow, by the way) but I’d name a couple of problems with this and how it’s been presented here:

      a) subjectivity. you might think she’s hot, but that she’s lavished with attention and won’t give you the time of day otherwise is YOUR preconception and perception of her. it’s not necessarily related to reality..

      b) you don’t know her. even if you judge her by a panel of your peers to be a 10, and watch as people vie for her attention, you do not know that she’s not insecure inside, or to what extent. In fact, this whole thing is based around the assumption that you can manipulate her insecurities…doesn’t that seem a bit, well, nasty?

      c) that she “deserves” it because otherwise she wouldn’t look at you, or would laugh at you. Because that’s happened to you before. Well, your previous experiences shouldn’t be her fault or her problem. That said, she’s perfectly entitled NOT to be interested in you – wouldn’t it be better to find somebody who IS interested in you rather than trick her into it by lowering her self-worth?

      It’s happened to me before, and I was mostly just bewildered. I was eating out and having these small crumble-cake things. A guy sides over to me, sees what I’m putting on my plate, and comments I wouldn’t have too many of those, there’s probably lots of calories in them. I’m like, WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? And he’s like, oh, well not you, you look amazing right now, especially compared to most of the people in here.

      I got back to the table and shared with the group, and was told, he was negging you. He was trying to lower your self-esteem then give you a compliment to bolster it. I was like…oh. but my reaction was just, why is some strange man suddenly talking to me?

      It’s kind of interesting, after that I read ‘The Game’ and was initially annoyed at this kind of stuff. But by the end of the book, it was clear it wasn’t really about the ‘techniques’, just someone’s journey from being somewhat douchey to semi-decent.

      When you start seeing women as other “people” rather than objects to score and brag to your friends about, your journey will be complete.

      • anon5

        See, the OP won’t rate this as the best comment even though it is.

      • SexyConfidentWoman

        By the way what is negging anyway it sounds like its just giving a insult then saying a compliment how would this have any impact on a women’s self worth. Which is something that doesn’t come from compliments or insults.

        This negging sounds like old fashioned misogyny where a man is jealous of women’s inner strength and so tries to delude himself into thinking he has some control over another woman’s self esteem which he has none power to do so its plain satanic.

        Why can’t you men just be fucking supportive for once us women have been supporting you fuckers like we are your mothers for centuries but you simply cannot do it back for us.
        You selfish fuckers you have everything, you rule over everything yet you are never satisfied!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I noticed it too women seem to get really bent out of shape with a simple tease…funny they have no problem crucifying a man if he’s” not up to their standards”…..gotta love the one way street…

      • jdbug

        Aren’t we all sexist, men and women?

      • SexyConfidentWoman

        Liar men are more shallow then women always have been always will be deep down you know you men always need a woman to help you search deep within yourselves because you are plain ass too shallow to look within yourselves on your own.

      • Sanchez

        SexyConfidentWoman – All sexes are shallow. All of us. full stop. Even though Men and Women are more alike than everyone think.

        Everything is based on Survival of the fittest – The gene pool – and the greater good of humanity.

        Even this bickering on a simple exploit of our human nature is part of that process.

        I have quite a fair share to contribute on this topic, and I would love to hear everyone’s take on it in the near future.

    • Working to improve equal rights

      It offends me because I’m a male-feminist who doesn’t like to see the women I know put down by other men because those men have issues and need to resort to insults to compensate.

  6. Chris 2

    PS Do you want the ultimate “neg”? Like any other neg, it starts with a compliment and ends on an insult. It is much more effective on men than on woman.

    “I think you are a great/awesome person, but let’s just be friends.”

    The guy will be after you for at least six months.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I’ve also heard it as “You’re an amazing guy, You’ll make a girl really happy one day”
      I think this might be worse IMHO, if not because the tack on of “one day”
      I bow to the master though.

    • Jesse Charger

      good ones

    • Emma

      …Oh my god. xD That’s actually hilarious, kudos on a fantastic one-liner.

      I do want to point out that negging and friendzoning are kind of opposites — negging is a veiled jab meant to attract a girl, and friendzoning is meant to be an easy letdown to deter a guy.

    • I try to treat others as I would like to be treated

      I have never used that in an effort to keep a guy “after” me. I’ve only ever said that sincerely. And I usually say something like that because saying “I find you mentally appealing but physically unattractive” or “I like many things about you but your lifestyle habits have destroyed any attraction I may have once felt” seem cruel. Though if they ask why, I’ll find an honest way to state the reason behind my lack of interest, being gentle if at all possible.

    • SexyConfidentWoman

      Why is that an insult?
      Why are you taking things so fucking personally for?


      You have got to fucking grow up and get to grips with this fact and accept it as it is. You cannot force someone to love you and expect them to love you back just because you think you would make a great pair. Attraction doesn’t work the way you think it does everyone is different.

    • SexyConfidentWoman


      • SexyConfidentWoman

        Chris 2 thinks its insulting that a woman wants to be his friend!!!!!

        What is so fucking offensive about just being friends?

        No-one has to fuck you just because you are a awesome great person besides God thinks were all great and awesome and God is an astonishing friend. Don’t underestimate how precious friendship can be.

    • Oh, I'm sorry. Let me help you with that.

      “I think you’re a manipulative, albeit occasionally funny, asshole, and I can tell that you think I’m an idiot that you can control.
      “And no, before you ask again, I will not break up with my supportive boyfriend and date you just because you have ‘been nice’ with ‘no ulterior objectives’.
      “I wish you would find some else to be romantically interested in and not complicate a friendship that I value less and less with every dick thing you say.”


  7. Rob

    Jesse, sounds like you pissed off a bunch of chubby chicks that haven’t a clue about what it takes to attract men. LOL I guarantee that all of these girls have been teased, but NONE of them have been “negged” because the guy was attracted to them (two completely different things) and they’re completely confusing the too.

    Keep speaking the truth Jesse.

    • Jesse Charger

      Rob, you hit the nail on the head. :lol:

      • Anonymous

        Jesse, you are a fucking asshole.

    • Anonymous

      Are you calling me chubby?! Ohhh wait, I get it. You’re trying to lower my self-esteem, aren’t you? I’m supposed to go home with you and fuck you now, right? Pathetic beyond belief.

      Maybe if you started treating women like human beings and stopped posting demeaning comments about them, you’d actually find a real one to sleep with.

  8. Fnord

    Negging by Proxy, #27:

    “Can you break a twenty? I’d ask your friend, but she looks like she spent it all on accessories / botox / clothes / hair / jewelry / lipo / makeup / manicures / shoes / silicone / whatever.”


    • SLUTshamer1001&count'n

      To David and the rest of you idiot’s What are you talking about, you are acting like you just accomplished something? WARNING!!! MEN ARE DECEIVING WOMEN JUST FOR THE SAKE OF PUA

  9. Fnord

    Negging by Proxy, #17:

    “Sure, she’s cute … but you have a natural beauty that I like.”

    (Emphasize the word “natural” … she will want to know what you mean. Be prepared to explain that you think women who obviously put too much effort into their appearance may not put as much effort into their personalities … or their relationships …)

  10. Rebecca

    Rational responses to your “negs” and what she’s thinking….

    For a girl with a belly shirt: “Did your shirt shrink in the laundry?” – No. (Get away from this idiot)

    “Your roots are showing.” – Fuck off! (What an asshole)

    “Your nose is a little red. You’re like an Eskimo. Cool.” – Err thanks? (Wow racist much?? Also reapply make up and stay away from the racist)

    “You know, you look just like my little sister. Weird.” – Really, so you’re into incest then? As you seem to be checking me out. (Run the fuck away! Also maybe call the cops about possible incestuous relationship with his sister… Or just warn his sister he thinks she’s hot.) *Side note – if she responds to this comment with anything other than disgust, run away from her… Nobody should be okay with incest*

    “You know, I like that outfit you’ve got on… but I don’t know… your shoes don’t really match. You should have gone with tan boots…” – *Blank stare* (He’s gay)

    If she’s talking tell her friends, “So do you guys ever get a word in edge wise?” – No they usually wait until they can be a complete prick and try to make someone look insignificant, but then you chimed in with your comment and stole their thunder… (What an asshole)

    “Hey… you look like that cartoon character… yeah that’s right, Rainbow Brite remember her?” – No sorry, I’m too young. There are some people more your own age here though, why don’t you try talking to them. (Rainbow Bright was awesome!)

    “I like your eyes. Hey… are you wearing colored contacts??? (before she can answer) Oh my god, no way, you are…” – Nope, wanna see me touch my eyeball to prove it? (Why is this guy still talking to me)

    “You know, your body language is all closed off. It makes you look like one of those newborns I saw on the discovery channel when they came out of the womb – all curled up.” – Thanks for the tip Dr. (Douchebag)

    “Hey, you’re a goof.” – Right back at you. (Dick)

    I’m fairly certain these would never work.

    • Dan

      If you would really respond that way to a person asking you if you have colored contacts then you have some big issue’s and I would recommend anger management ASAP!!!!!!!!!

      If you had a sexy tummy(and I know you don’t),me asking you if your shirt shrunk in the laundry you would be able to lol and show some IoI but your tummy is nasty(might not be so bad if your personality was nice but fat girl’s with bad personalities,that suck’s).

      “Hey, you’re a goof.” – “right back at you. (Dick)” Hey,calm it down lady,I’m not your ex boyfriend that made you feel fat,I”m just a guy havin a good time here.

      “You know, your body language is all closed off. It makes you look like one of those newborns I saw on the discovery channel when they came out of the womb – all curled up.” – “Thanks for the tip Dr. (Douchebag)” Hey look at that,you got one right.This is not a neg but more of an insult so ya,Jesse Charger is a dick.Yaaaa(No but really,if you can neg a girl with this and still fuck her somehow your an animal).

      “Hey… you look like that cartoon character… yeah that’s right, Rainbow Brite remember her?” ” No sorry, I’m too young. There are some people more your own age here though, why don’t you try talking to them”. Trying to make a guy look like he likes to fuck kid’s because he hit’s on a women in a bar.good job!

      If she’s talking tell her friends, “So do you guys ever get a word in edge wise?” – “No they usually wait until they can be a complete prick and try to make someone look insignificant, but then you chimed in with your comment and stole their thunder… (What an asshole)” That shit is funny and if a girl almost as fat as you said that shit to me she would be getting the Dancock that night(maybe not,last time I had a big chick it freaked me out and I had to tell her some bullshit about respecting her to much).

      “Your nose is a little red. You’re like an Eskimo. Cool.” – “Err thanks? (Wow racist much?? Also reapply make up and stay away from the racist)” Really?Racist?Because of eskimo………..I have nothing to say to

      “You know, I like that outfit you’ve got on… but I don’t know… your shoes don’t really match. You should have gone with tan boots…” – “*Blank stare* (He’s gay)” Is it gay that I tan,pluck my eyebrow’s,do yoga and like to keep up on the latest fashion trend’s?No,it mean’s I’m not a caveman and I like to fuck hot women,so shut your mouth already cavewomen(that’s your new name)!

      “Your roots are showing.” – Fuck off! (What an asshole) I can’t defend this one.Sorry.

      • jdbug

        Don’t you love how the only “best comment” comments are all pro-negging even though there are some very thoughtful and well written anti-negging ones?

    • Jesse Charger

      Dan very good points, thanks for the write-up

      • King Tofu

        You’re not proving any points about how negging is a good thing though. You sort of just favor the the worst comments that anyone would tell you were sexist. You’re disproving your own point by agreeing with the dude who brings up a girl he doesn’t know being fat, when you’re trying to say you’re not putting the girl down, but all she did was explain her opinion.

    • I like nice guys...

      I think I would be weirded out if someone came up to me, asked a question and then interrupted me with “Oh my god, no way you are!” I totally agree with Rebecca. But hey, if you have nothing more to say than insults about someone’s physical appearance (that you have never seen) when they don’t agree with your shallow pick up techniques. I’m not ugly or overweight (but you can tell yourself I am if that makes you feel better), I’ve been negged… and frankly it’s a turn off.

    • Feminist

      :mrgreen: Love your comment, Rebecca! Kudos on the racist note, ignorant people still do not know that “Eskimo” is a derogatory term.

  11. Eugene

    Keep going Jesse. You da’ man. Love ya, buddy. ;)

    • Jesse Charger

      Thanks for the man love 8) :)

      • Anonymous

        Jesse, you will never be in a happy relationship.

  12. Dan

    Now,I will admit that these neg’s kinda suck but that’s not the issue here.The issue is negging in general.The confused fat girl’s and man hating lesbians will most likely not be able to get past they’re pride considering pride is the number one cause of stupidity but I’ll try anyways.

    If your not a total bitch and you actually have a personality and some sort of intelligence,a well timed neg will make you laugh your ass of just as it should and if your really intelligent you will come back with a neg of your own.So,just encase you missed it,neg’s work on attractive,intelligent,personable,LOVABLE women.

    One last note….A women of true value and stature will still except your neg and any other tactic’s you may use to get her even if she has read and studied every book on seduction.The reason for this being as she will also know this is a game and be delighted to play along and test your worth(and if she know’s that much,trust me,you will be toyed with).

    • Jesse Charger

      Great points Dan, thanks

      • King Tofu

        I thought this wad about hooking up in the club.

    • anon5

      An intelligent woman would not be drawn in by a neg.

      A mindless woman who only lives to impress men may be reeled in, but if you are looking for a woman who is smart then you are doing it wrong. It isn’t funny, it’s pretty weird and some of them are hurtful.

      Even if a woman has a high self esteem and is beautiful, a neg can still be irritating and usually drives them off. Everyone is different, so if this works for you on whatever crazy women you are hitting on then by all means continue- but whoever you catch with a “neg” won’t last long.

      I’d suggest actual jokes, rather than negs, like making fun of some other guy who was being too handsy with her or just be funny. Anyone who makes a woman laugh will be able to keep their attention, but making a woman feel uncomfortable with a “neg” will only drive them away.

    • Anonymous

      Does anyone remember simpler times when you could just go up to a pretty girl, smile and give her a genuine compliment and get a genuine smile in return? Those were the days….now they have so many walls and superiority complexes it’s just not worth it.

  13. Dan

    Jesse Charger ,very true.We should teach other guy’s neg’s so they can leave more for us.LMAO!Neg’s are the most over used and misunderstood form of pickup.I’m a choad(fucked up name for guy’s new to PUA) and fid myself taking neg’s to far even to my friend’s and require social calibration.The one thing I know and am pleased with is the fact that no one will understand a neg unless they try hard enough and that will result in more women for the men that took the time to understand it.A neg I actually have been using allot is calling girl’s dork and brat.It work’s well at first but I’m finding they get annoyed by it along with a few other light neg’s I’ve been using.I kind of have to chill a bit but that’s not the point.The point is,treat a girl like a good friend or annoying little sister in a way(newbee neg about little sister above),not someone who has what you want.Guy’s are so scared to make a simple joke around a girl because they are so scared that she won’t be impressed unless we kiss her ass that that’s what we do and they sense this.Don’t forget boy’s,this PUA shit is to find a real women and stop dating bitches that walk on you.That’s why bitches hate it.They know that the nice guy’s that want love and trust figured out how to get it and they are freaken the fuck out.KEEP FUCKING STUDYING,IT WORK’S.Even now,I’m caring less about the hater’s that don’t matter on this shit and directing this shit to those who matter compared to my last letter.These people that talk shit to us are irrelevant,I just want to address and help the good guy’s here dedicated to bettering themselves so they can be the men they’re perfect ,amazing ,sweet,loving perfect 10 future women deserves.The nice guy’s will finish first.Best thing is,on your way to being who you want ,you will have sex with lot’s of 8’s and 9’s.Enjoy,I know I will……..hear we go!

    • Jesse Charger

      great points about negs Dan, thanks

      • King Tofu

        I can understand how joking around with a girl can work, becau I do that, but you guys defend negging as if it’s infallible and you guys criticize the actual women who try to tell you otherwise and tgen you talk shut on them. You don’t defend your argument, you guys just pick specific words from the arguments of the people against it and ignore the main points of tge argument over minor, perceived errors. At the end of the day, negging is just a terrible thing. It’s main purpose is to talk away a girl’s confidence to make her stoop to your level and an argument otherwise is rarely consistent or valid. It’s blatantly misogynistic, and you ignore any suggestion of going for other girls. Moreover, any middle ground or third option is completely ignored, that is, simply using other “techniques” or attempting to gain legitimate confidence. Also, Charger should keep his argument straight stop talking shit (even though we all know he’s full of it) and I bring the party to the club.

    • Just picked up your girl with that negg game

      dan is the fucking man, and i would like to keep up with this guys insights.

  14. Kevin

    I don’t get the strong opposition. From what I understand about PUAs is that they simply use this part of the guide to get a girls attention. Then they move on to the next step. What’s not worth admitting? It’s undeniable.. this WILL get a hot girl to notice you.

    The only external aspect this article suggests is: because this girl is so often well-treated, she will take her time WITH YOU to convince you that she deserves that treatment to a universal degree.

    I back Charger on this one. Either way, he took his time to write this article and it is here for our benefit. If you disagree, then don’t use it, but don’t try to forcefully extend your way of thinking to his fans in ways that go beyond constructive criticism. You people are petty and unnecessarily spiteful.

  15. Nicko Gibson

    Hehe it’s kinda sad that this works, but it does.
    I always wondered how women feel about knowing that they can be manipulated fairly easily.

    • RandomFiller

      Hitler, Maslow, Pavlov they all proved it, EVERYONE is easy to manipulate.

    • Warier Than Ever Of Men

      Well, there are manipulations that tend to produce predictable (or at least frequent) results.

      For example, using reverse psychology on someone.

      Put-downs work on men, too, in terms of manipulation. It can make a person feel insecure and a bit needy and want to pursue you more, but it is not building good feelings in a relationship and in fact, is simultaneously undermining a person’s libido for you.

      I had a guy use negs on me, and it hurt me and I pursued him more for awhile, but it also kept draining our sexual chemistry: both mine and his. That’s not exactly success, and finally, it ruined everything.

      Now I distrust men even more. You PUAs have given me new reasons to. It definitely has gotten me to put more walls up.

      Congratulations, I guess.

  16. Maxwell Charles

    hahaha, love the MASSIVE debate, negging works as long as it is used in a calm and relaxed manner and not said malliciously, at the end of the day, its just fun!

    And as for the wrest of the argument, girls i can be the BEST boy friend you have EVER had, i will shower you with gifts everyday, cook you breakfast, lunch and take you to dinner, i can give you AMAZING sex, BUT first you have to prove to me, that you are worth my time, money and attention, too many men make the mistake of being the BEST boy friend and fail to ask for something first. Its all about taking and rewarding.

  17. Jess

    Came across this from a completely unrelated search on the origins of the word “neg”.

    I am a woman. I wouldn’t personally say that I am particularly “hot”, but I do have a well endowed bosom, which seems to be a sort of sandwich board that says “hit on me with badly thought up boob references, please”.

    I couldn’t say for certain whether a neg would or would not work on me. Personally, I doubt it would *work* – in the sense that it would make me want to chase a guy for his approval, but it would definitely make me notice.

    We as people/a species (I’m not referring to gender here) are socially wired to not be unpleasant to each other, so when somebody throws a semi-insult at you, of course you notice. How you respond to it depends on you as a person.

    Jesse has repeatedly said that the neg is not to be used too freely or too heavily, which I appreciate. I still don’t particularly agree with the idea of having to put a wobble into somebody’s self confidence in order to get a foot in the door to a steamy night of passion.

    As most women who have posted here, I also find the notion quite misogynistic.


    There are women (not all women, just as not ALL men resort to negging and the like) who use their bodies and sexuality to make themselves feel empowered.

    In much the same way that a pick up artist (I’m sorry, but I really hate this term. Picking someone up should not be an “art”, or something that to me sounds like a hobby. I use it in reference to the article) plays on a woman’s weakness to feel empowered, there are women who will play on a man’s weakness to do the same.

    This is not an uneven playing field – the tactics are different that’s all.

    Men are physically wired, women are wired emotionally, so it stands to reason that women will tweak a men’s physical wires and a man will tweak a woman’s emotional wires.

    It just feels more wrong because for whatever reason, emotional manipulation is deemed much worse than physical manipulation. It feels more underhand.

    I don’t agree with negging, and I don’t think it should be resorted to, but I agree that it would work. In much the same way a woman “putting herself out there” would work on a man.

    Which, for the record, I also don’t agree with.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the balanced comment, and very fair points!

      I’d add to make it clear, that to my understanding, this negging is only to be used to GET HER ATTENTION, a foot on the door-step to say so.
      What comes after is a story of personality

    • Jesse Charger

      thanks anonymous. you’re one of the few people that get it, instead of reading into their own insecurities.

      • Ana

        That’s the thing. Negs work if the people in question are a well-balanced male and a well-balanced female, no one’s hurt and it’s all fun, all playing the game.
        But most people are insecure. So if you have an insecure male who uses a neg, that comes across as an insult because he does not project confidence otherwise/or just makes him sound like a douche – and and if there’s insecure girl at the receiving end, no matter how hot or not they are, they will respond harshly.

  18. Zeroflash

    I got a pretty good laugh at all the “woman” posting who so strongly assert they are attractive or hot as if that makes their opinion on the topic more valid. Let me let you in on a secret: NO HOT CHICKS ARE CRUISING A MESSAGE BOARD FOR A TWO BIT WEB SITE ABOUT PICKING UP GIRLS. You may THINK your hot, but you are just another slight to seriously overweight, average or worse looking girl who always makes a big deal out of your gender on chat boards because you know it will get you some attention from the even lamer male nerds. Because you are at your very heart, an attention whore.

    As for negging, I’m not a fan of the concept simply because I wouldn’t want to be around a woman to responds to such a technique, but objectively speaking it clearly has some merit and assholes or what ever you call guys that use them, use them because they work. That is simply fact, just go to a club and see for yourself. Frankly I couldn’t give a shit about the poor plight of the hot (actually hot) club girl/skank being manipulated by this very benign tactic. They say a fool and his money are soon parted, well you can also say that about idiot girls and their pants.

    Any normal, decent, intelligent girl is NEVER going to fall victim to this tactic. Anyone who does deserves what ever they get. Your best protection from negging is not to be a superficial, self-important, skankass cow.

    • Jessi

      Yeah, negging probably works on girls who are daft enough to feed into it without realizing that the guy is doing it on purpose.

      But girls with logic will take into account what is HAPPENING, not what is BEING SAID. What is happening: A: a guy has noticed me in a crowded room of other girls, B: said guy has gone as far as to approach me, C: guy is making an effort to hold my attention.
      See, with this logic, it simply does not matter what dribble the guy is spewing but what he is actually doing that speaks volumes.

      Negging is for guys who have too low of self esteem to actually put themselves out there and be honest with their intentions. If you are not man enough to take the possible rejection, then you are not ready to approach women at all. Negging is half-assed.

      But have fun with your sincerely dense girl who needs a stranger’s approval.

      • Anonymous

        You know what happens when we try to give a genuine compliment and “put ourselves out there”? Care to take a guess? Let’s just say negging returns the lesser of the two reactions.

    • Warier Than Ever Of Men

      It amazes me how many of you whining males on here write so hostily about stereotypically “hot” women who don’t give you the time of day.

      You assume they are just superficial and think they are better than you.

      To many of you, it never occurs that these women get hit on all the time, and resent it because they sense that it is because they are being treated like objects because of their appearances.

      Think about it, even though most men are sluts and will f*** anyone/anything, given the opportunity, if any of you were actually *hot* and were getting hit on, literally, 10 – 50 times a day, you’d start finding it to be pestering and demeaningly superficial, objectifying, and insulting (women just wanting to use you for a one night stand), rather than being flattering, and you’d probably ignore most of the women doing it.

      Would that make you shallow, or just human and not wanting to be harassed and used because of your looks?

      You guys have probably never thought about it from these “hot” women’s points of view, because 1) this is a patriarchy, in which men do not feel a need to consider much of anything from a woman’s point of view and therefore don’t even bother trying to imagine what it might be like to be in their shoes, and 2) women don’t hit on men as much, in general, because most men still can’t handle it/are uncomfortable with it, so even if you are “hot,” you’ve probably never experienced the volume of people approaching you for superficial sex that “hot” women do.

      Bottom line: before assuming that “hot” women are just cold, superficial, self-important “b******”, consider how your behaviors and motivations might feel to them.

  19. Confused & Wondering

    Okay, so I get from the back-pedaling and defense that you’re saying this is *only* meant for the stuck-up hottie chicks who normally wouldn’t give a guy the time of day. Great. As a woman, I totally acknowledge that there are some chicks out there who should be brought down a peg or two by being reminded that they are still human and subject to human stuff – lint in their hair or maybe their tag is sticking out the back of the neck of their dress.

    Just to clarify, though, I’d like to know why you’d be going for a chick like that in the first place. Unless you’re just looking to get laid – that’s different and if it’s all you’re after, hey, it’s your party. Seriously, though, if you want a relationship, why would you go for a chick for whom negging is designed? Why would you want a relationship with someone so shallow?

    • anon5

      This is a pretty good point.

  20. Anonymous

    when i’m out dancing…when there’s loud music..i simply don’t want to answer a mundane question such as “hey how’s it going” or “so do you live around here”. i can’t even HEAR! it’s just so much easier to simply ignore that ‘stage 5 clinger’ who’d actually make an attempt to converse that way. i see how the reverse psychology of said”negging” could yield results in said specific circumstances. negging is to neggable chicks as charismatic personability is to regular chicks.
    BUT! at the end of the day: if you’re a guy, on the high end of the looks spectrum, AND you have non-creepy charisma, you are going to get 97% of the pussy you pursue. (under normal circumstances)

    • BLM10

      Not entirely true. A lot of girls automatically place me in “player” category (underwear model) so I almost have to banter about myself first, saying things like “I know it’s kinda nerdy, but I like to study……(blah, blah)”. Then this sort of takes away attn from my good looks and they see someone educated, yet humble. I guess it doesn’t hurt to laugh at yourself sometimes either….but that’s mid-conversation.

    • Anonymous

      “High end of the looks spectrum.” That kinda says it all. Those who aren’t on the high end tend to resort to other means.

  21. Anonymous

    Did this yesterday, I told a girl her eyes were big (in a playful way) she laughed and said “NO THEYRE NNOOOTTT!”

    Did it to another girl, she was sitting there quietly with her friends, it was getting awkward, I told them that they all were weird as hell, got a positive response.

    You werent supposed to make the girl feel terrible about herself, its just playing around, like how you would tease your friends.

    • Jesse Charger

      yep, exactly 8)

  22. PK

    I just spent a long time reading through these articles in reverse. I’ve been intentionally seeking out PUA blogs because I live in a town where the men appear to rely on PUA advice. I need to know what I’m up against because I’ve only recently relocated here.

    I haven’t read all the articles and I don’t intend to because they don’t relate to me. But I will say that this blog is quite different from the other very popular PUA “Roosh V”, where he encourages hate of Western Females. It’s down right derogatory to all humans, not just females. You have a posting which intelligently addresses many of his rants about feminism and how it’s killed Western Females. For that post alone, your chosen occupation has redeemed itself.

    The reason why your blog really doesn’t relate to me is because I am a chubby 4 who dresses frumpy for my career and out of laziness.

    Where was I?

    Negs. Ah yes. I get negged consistently and I can’t deny that they make me laugh.

    They work.

    Not the roots showing or bear belly types. But the sister, Eskimo nose and other pokes work to get me to laugh and engage pretty quickly.

    If saying that someone has an Eskimo nose is “racist” as someone ahead of me claimed, then that person needs to get educated on what the definition of racism is. Then look up the definition of stereotype. Then realize that there is no such thing as an Eskimo nose. Which exactly why the neg would work on me.

    I have to be honest. Before reading this post, I had no idea what a neg was or that’s what I had experienced. I just thought the guy was using a “weird” opener. Which for me, makes it much more preferable than “Where do you work?”, “How did you get there?”, “How much do you make?”, “Are there any openings?”,

    These are the standard male openers where I’m at and they make me grind my teeth and cringe.

    So when a guy says “That sweater looks like the one my Grandmother wore last week when she packed my lunch!” I am going to laugh. I’ll wonder of course, if he lives with his Grandmother and why she’s packing his lunch. All which leads to a really good chat, which may lead to a connection.

    Which is what the whole point of the exercise is.

    I think.

    • Jesse Charger

      great points thanks for writing :P

    • Anonymous

      Chubby 4 and you still get negged? By who obese 2’s?

  23. A girl

    There seems to be a lot of angry, bitter women. I would hate to be a guy. This article isn’t telling men to be an insulting asshole, its saying to be playful. I love that my boyfriend & i can tease & pick on each other. Life is meant to be fun. Being able to laugh with someone or about yourself is amazing for your soul. & having an alpha male is extremely sexy.

    • Jesse Charger

      The voice of reason

    • Anonymous

      It’s not playful, it’s degrading. It’s one human being trying to knock another down a peg to try and sleep with them. It’s the modern version of hitting us on the head and dragging us back to your cave. Also, insulting someone isn’t how to get in their pants. It’s insulting and while I’m not butthurt or traumatized or anything it’s still annoying to have some stranger pester you and think it’s their birthright to be a dick after you tell them to go away.

  24. Aeva

    For the first minute or so of reading this, I was getting a little annoyed. But once I got a little further in, I began to understand. Maybe as a lesbian, whose group of friends is exclusively guys (and has been since childhood), I have a different perspective than most other women here, I don’t know.

    On one level, I think guys don’t get what it’s like for most women in bars or clubs. I’m generally a very social, friendly person. I’m nice to everybody, even people I don’t like or those that others may choose not to engage with. But that changes at bars. Because I’m very feminine looking, guys never guess that I’m gay…so I get hit on a fair bit. At the beginning of the night, if a genuinely nice guy were to come up to me, I’d gently inform him that I’m gay, but tell him that I’d love to hang out anyway. I’ve met some really good friends this way. But the nice guys are few and far between. Most are vaguely creepy, and definitely too eager. Even when I tell them I don’t really dig guys, that only seems to encourage them more, because they see it as a challenge. After the 10th sleazy, slurring, stumbling guy comes up to me insisting that I’m only gay because I haven’t slept with the right guy yet (ie. him, and yes, I’ve been told this more times than I can count), I’m just done. I want to go home, put on my pajamas and play video games…by myself. And even if a genuinely nice guy were to come up to me, at this point of the night I’m just so sick of any sort of male attention that I would be more dismissive than I would’ve if it had been earlier in the night. I definitely think that this is what most women encounter when they go out to a bar or a club.

    BUT…I also get that “most women” are not who you’re talking about with this post. You’re talking about the women that think they’re the shit, and that every guy must worship them unconditionally (I know a girl like this. We stopped being friends because I couldn’t take her vanity any more). They’re so used to that sort of attention that it makes somebody attractive when they separate themselves from the fawning masses. For girls that are REALLY like this, I think a neg definitely works. It disarms them, in a way, puts a chink in their armor.

    My only real issue is…if she’s not a nice enough person to value your time and effort, why do you want to be with her in the first place? I get that she’s incredibly hot, but if the guys using these tips are genuinely nice guys, why are they being so shallow?

    I would also warn that many girls put up a front. They seem to exude self-confidence, but it’s covering up for major insecurities. Even though the ‘neg’ isn’t intended to actually hurt, we all know women overreact, so it may not be taken exactly the way it was intended (especially if there are some underlying esteem issues). Not a criticism of the practice, just a word of advice.

    But overall, if the neg reaches it’s intended target in the proper way, then it can definitely be quite effective.

    • Jesse Charger

      Aeva… you’re a very smart cookie.

    • Anonymous

      No. NononoNONONONONO.
      That’s bullshit.
      It’s abusive and stupid and perpetuates a culture of oppression and sexual objectification that has gone on for FUCKING MILLENNIA and it is NOT. EVER. OKAY.
      And if she’s some bitch who thinks she’s hot shit, find a girl who’s worth your time instead of fucking around with these disgusting stereotypes…or wait! Maybe YOU’RE the shallow one!

  25. Anonymous

    When I meet a woman I relax and try to be normal but then I watch for the slightest sign of aloofness or ruddness from her, then and then I strike my arsenal of neg, E.g. Your shirt looks like my grandmother’s bedsheet (pointing at her shirt) and immediately I add to tell her to her face that ” I’ve weighed her and found she equals zero,” I’m leaving and that there are many women around. And I leave feelinh happy and mischevious and fulfilled. I’VE BEAT HER AT HER OWN GAME OF PUTTING HUMANS DOWN. BRAVOOOOO……. AND TO ALL CRITICS FUCK YOU, I GET LAID A LOT ALL THE TIME. INFACT I have about 4 diif chicks to fuck from today Monday till Saturday

    • Jace

      but are you happy?

    • Anonymous

      Maybe, but you still sound like an idiot, and no amount of pickup lines will ever fix that. ;)

    • Omgwtf

      On my kids?!

      Look, dude, it’s not that we * like* hurting your feelings.
      I mean, every damn time I have to brush a guy off I feel crappy about it.
      But I’m not going to have sex with everyone, ok?

  26. smart one

    woman have sex with men who are hot, nice, mean, smart, dumb doesn’t matter.if you have a nice body they will do you.women are even more shallow then men.

  27. Gabriel

    Hi Jesse, Negging works like a charm.

    I’d suggest writing about how women try to misguide men in how to seduce them using polular lies (ex: “we like nice guys”,”we don’t masturbate” or similar bullshit).

    And the comic posted above is so irreal, a girl NEVER will know if a guy is negging her or he is just acting natural.

    • Jesse Charger


    • Jace

      so tru
      women….liars…they hurt inncocnet man. how dare they not let men sleep wit them????

  28. BADGER

    Jesse, it’s not surprising you’ve had this negative reaction from women. When I first heard about this trick I was horrified too. It took me a while to realise that the female response to negging is a very real and more a reflection on us than on the men who use it. It’s just a shock to find you’re so easily manipulated, and the response to that shock is always going to be anger and defensiveness.

    Chill out ladies. Games beget games. It’s *your* games the neg is designed to break down. Develop a solid self-image and it’s all academic. You won’t need to play games, and negs won’t come your way. Comfort in your own skin is a great counter to a misdirected neg, as is an honest, friendly approach to other people. Laugh it off…and stop playing games.

    • Clever Hot Girl

      So basically if we’re negged we have it coming? Got news for ya, it isn’t just the bimbos that get negged, it’s us intelligent, comfortable-in-our-skin girls too because you twats can’t tell the difference. And we will eat you alive and humiliate you if you try that shit on us. You aren’t even defining what you mean by “games” in an effort to shift the blame onto us. I think your real problem is you know you’re out of your depth so you go after the easy, stupid girls who have something to prove, but when you run into someone who not only matches you but owns you, you cry like a little bitch and neg on us to try and make us feel bad.

  29. Tim

    Jesse you obviously got linked on some neurotic woman’s blog. They are so neurotic they don’t know how to PLAY!!!

    They also realize this has worked on them at the hands of an asshat and are ashamed. This whole concept is why it’s easy to get laid by women you don’t care about. You play with them and have FUN!

  30. Alyssa

    Okay, because I have experience in being an “attractive with a side of rude” girl and have since transformed into a overly compassionate and nice one, I’d just like to say this: As much as ‘negging’ may essentially work on few girls.. shallow, battered girls (I was one of them).. most of the time you aren’t getting much out of it but a bitch (again, was one of them). Comments like these may somewhat attract some, but it’s more than likely because of a strange ideal that “strong” men are often somewhat rude and “unattainable”. Girls with values like these don’t often have their shit together and aren’t happy enough with themselves to understand that comments like these are NOT necessary. Most of the time, it’s something that really shallow and desperate men do, and most women will feel offended. I’ve been “negged” at before, but not because I was initially rude to a “nice guy”, but because I had a boyfriend, or because I didn’t feel comfortable furthering a relationship with a male. I understand the idea completely because I’ve been there before and sure it worked, but you have to understand that often it does more harm than good. If you want a girlfriend, be yourself and hopefully whoever Yourself is, is a lot better than the guy who was considering changing himself completely to get a girlfriend (tldr; your life will not end if your dick doesn’t get wet at this second, relax and be yourself). Good luck.

  31. Emma

    I have no doubt that this does work sometimes, and that a portion of the severe negative reaction this article’s getting from girls is because they realize at some level that it works and they’re getting defensive. Never mind that, that’s not what I’m commenting about.

    I think what most rubs me the wrong way about the idea of negging is that it’s manipulative and degrading, because it’s essentially a man trying to get something from a woman as if it’s his to take, when women (and everyone, to be honest) would rather have someone engage them with mutual respect.

    I’m predicting I’d get comments saying something along the lines of “a girl blowing me off isn’t respectful either!” but the same problem’s at play: a guy hitting on a girl, whether he’s doing it nicely or not, is primarily trying to get something from her. Not always, of course, but that’s how any girl is going to see it, especially if it’s in the nightclub setting that the article’s author says the negging strategy is meant for. So if she feels like someone’s hounding her for a night in bed when she’s not interested, she’s of course going to feel annoyed and uncomfortable or even threatened and anxious. That’s when the dismissive reaction comes in — a clear (and often defensive) signal that she’s not interested, one she hopes will make the guy leave her alone.

    (and in case you haven’t figured it out, this is the same reason why “nice guys” are given the let’s just be friends line — being overly nice in an attempt to win a girl’s affections isn’t going to make a girl like a guy or respect him, it’s going to make her uneasy because she’ll recognize that he’s treating her like a vending machine, putting in kindness coins until sex (or a relationship, or whatever) falls out. And she gives the friends line not because she wants to hurt the guy, but for the exact opposite reason — she’s hoping a “you’re great, let’s be friends” is going to be less hard on him than a “i’m really not interested, you’re making me uncomfortable, please stop.”)

    tl;dr: no one likes feeling manipulated, and women are sick and tired of guys going after them acting like (and too often believing) they are deserving and entitled to what they’re asking for. No one owes you anything just because you want it.

    • Clever Hot Girl

      Too fucking right! You said what I said only nicer. I wish I had your patience.

      I’m one of those girls who get along better with men than other women and because of that I’ve had to deal with a lot of awkward nice guys trying to get in my pants. Lots of times they assumed that because I liked hanging out with them and we had similar interests that I wanted them in a bad way when in reality I just want to play Nazi Zombies and talk about Batman. The philosophies behind negging have cost me friendships by implanting in males the idea that any girl can be got with the right strategy.

  32. Dirk

    Who the FUCK do you think you are?
    “Negging women is ideal for really hot girls – 8s, 9s, and 10s. For an average girl (6s, 7s), you don’t want to use value zingers. All you need to do is demonstrate social value – you don’t need to lower hers. Hers wasn’t that high to begin with.”
    Excuse me but you, as a male have absolutely NO RIGHT to say what a female’s(or anyone elses for that matter) ‘social value’ is. This in itself is an incredibly sexist remark, and honestly you sound like an asshole. People are people regardless of gender, and have the right to be treated fairly despite what they look like.
    Assholes like you are what make society shitty.
    How would you feel if you were passive aggressively insulted by creeps who wanted to fuck you? Oh I’m sure you’d respond sayign youd be flattered but really, no. NO ONE wants to be belittled, insulted, or otherwise even if it is hidden with some ‘complement’

    • Michelle

      holy shit, chill out. breathe…. think about what he said and what you’re saying in response. He is admonishing his readers NOT to use this tactic on girls who might be ACTUALLY NEGATIVELY EFFECTED BY IT. To be honest, ANYONE who would be at all fazed by ANY of these “negs” has severe emotional issues, and should not be considered “a typical girl out at a nightclub”, unless you think the typical girl has the emotional constitution of an infant. Judging from your response, maybe you think all girls are as ABSURDLY SENSITIVE as you yourself are, but I can tell you their not. It’s interesting that you used that whole double standard argument– here’s a different one for you: How outraged would you be if you read this in cosmo written by a female about how to attract guys????? Or are guys just emotionally stronger than women, so it’d be okay? FUCKING THINK PLEASE.

    • Michelle

      *they’re ;)

  33. Michelle

    ….Did any of you gals & guys bother to read the full article? The author explicitly reminds the reader that “negs” should not be used to inflict any real emotional damage. Granted a lot of “negs” listed are really, really stupid and awkward things to say, but the “meanest” one imo is “what’s so special about this one?” Are girls really so fragile that the mere SUGGESTION that they’re not special, warrants this RIDICULOUSLY DISPROPORTIONATE negative backlash, that actually IS intended to inflict emotional harm on the author. Hypocrisy much? “Negging” is one of the oldest tactics in the book, and is used ALL THE TIME by both genders. It’s particularly useful to boys/men because women ARE MORE LIKELY TO WANT BOYFRIENDS/MATES/SPOUSES that are “higher status”. Makes sense when you think about how important a male mate’s protection, access to resources, and independence was (and still sometimes is, believe it or not) to the survival of women and their children (i.e. those who passed on their genetic material to US.) This article might be useful to boys having trouble with girls, because boys’ NATURAL INCLINATION is to FLATTER the shit out of them. I dare ONE GIRL on here to advocate CONSTANT FLATTERY (i.e. 0 negging) as a successful way for boys (especially ones that aren’t particularly physically attractive) to attract girls. It is merely a sign of status, independence, and confidence, i.e. what pretty much EVERY GIRL wants in a mate (among other things, of course). CHILL THE FUCK OUT

    • Jesse Charger

      Perfectly put Michelle. Sounds like you could make a killing $$ being the level-headed psychiatrist to all of the loca girls on here.

    • Goddamn Upset with Misogynistic Bullshit

      I am a woman.
      1) The user cannot possibly know which negs will be hurtful to the subject and which will be harmless. THE INTENT SHOULD ALWAYS BE: DO NO HARM. Why the fuck would you want to risk injuring someone over a lay, or just so they’ll notice you? Are you really that cruel and petty?
      2) Humans are social creatures. Seeking to reduce someone’s social standing (ie amongst their peer group) with questions like “what’s so special about this one?” and “do you guys ever get a word in?” IS AUTOMATICALLY DAMAGING. Mean, cruel, pointless. You are a bully.
      3) Wow let’s not only reduce women to a tingling bunch of Pavlovian responses to ~male dominance~, let’s also reduce men to nothing more than the sum of their assets. Have car? check. Have job? check. Hold brutal rule over everyone in grunting silverback style? check. Presto! Happily ever after.
      Can you hear how ridiculous that is?
      4) Oh wow, god forbid boys have a natural inclination to compliment and be kind to women because they like them. Got to train them outta that, lickety-split! You should probably teach them that women have a variety of ways of saying “Yes” to sex, while your at it. Otherwise the boys might never know that “not now,” and “I have a headache,” and “maybe,” and “haha” and “ew gross” and “no, thank you” and “NO” actually mean yes. While we’re teaching them such useful things, let’s also lobotomize the part of their brains that actually considers women to be people, because haha obviously we don’t need it.
      5) Yeah, I can speak from experience that a guy who never negged me (i.e. 0 negging), and actually treated me better than I thought I was worth, eventually became a romantic interest, because he won my trust and friendship and respect, to the point that I wanted to give him my body, too. It doesn’t work with everyone. I have guy friends who treat me like royalty, but I’m never going to sleep with them because I’m just straight up not attracted to them. But does that mean my male friends are free to treat me like assholes? Hell no, they wouldn’t be my friends! And, hello, being a friend is an honor. Be flattered, sparky.
      6) It isn’t what “every girl wants in a mate.” Bullshit. a) some women don’t want mates, haha gotcha b) way to consistently use the word “girl” to describe full grown, self-respecting women thanks c) great job advocating to your female peers that women should be seeking out self-serving, narcissistic assholes who insult them from the get-go and get pissed when there’s no sex for good behavior. That’s what I want my daughter (younger sister, little cousin, single aunt, lonely grandmother, widowed mother, best friend) to look for.
      7) You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Anon.

        Thank you. Everyone should read the above by “Upset with this Misogynistic Bullshit”

  34. Fuck you all.

    I would never date anyone who ever tried this and next person who tries this on me will get my hand so far up his ass I’ll wave at him.

    I don’t understand tbh. The phrase ‘works on hot girls’ is used again and again here, and it’s presumably because you assume all hot girls are used to being chased.etc.etc, but wait, what? What IS a hot girl, exactly? Does EVERYONE have the same type that they concider a hot girl? Speaking as a woman who is attracted to guys but who has also been attracted to girls (and have been in a serious relationship with a girl), that statement makes no sense to me. The guys (and the few girls) I’m attracted to are not (usually) viewed as attractive by most of my friends – because it’s a matter of taste.
    So just because a girl is hot (TO YOU) doesn’t mean she would react to ‘negging’ the way you presume.

    I’ve been ‘negged’ by some guys before and although I didn’t know it was an actual fucking flirting technique at the time, it sure as hell didn’t work. “Your roots are showing” made me respond with “I know that asshole, I do have mirror at home” – it didn’t make my heart go all fluttery.

    Also, you’re all assholes.
    If you want a serious, happy relationship, it’s fucking stupid to start it on false ground; ‘oh look at me i’m such a strong, bad boy, I am appealing to your underdeveloped brain’.
    If you just want to have sex; find someone who is interested enough without having to fucking try to manipulate her into it; I’m into casual sex, but if anyone I’ve ever slept with had tried to ‘neg’ me that night, it wouldn’t have happened.

  35. Anonymous

    “It’s often pretty CRUSHING to the guy’s self-esteem that he isn’t given 10 seconds to acknowledge he’s another human being to talk to and say “hello”. Ignoring a guy completely is much crueler than any neg a guy would dish. (Like, “Hey girl! You have some lint in your hair… look at that.”)
    Then again, it’s a night club. If a guy’s ego is so fragile, he shouldn’t go.
    So please girls, if a guy told you that you had lint in your hair and that would “cut you down” or would “crush you”, and your ego is THAT fragile, then don’t go to night clubs!! After all, the guys have to deal with MUCH WORSE from you girls!”

    Here’s the CliffNotes, for those who don’t understand how rude and misogynistic those three paragraphs are: Any guy who can’t take a blow to his ego shouldn’t go to a nightclub. But neither should hot girls, because they bruise the aforementioned egos by not wanting to be hit on every second of every night by someone who knows they’re going to fail without making her feel self-conscious. If you’re going to hurt us men by rejecting us (which is your natural right if you’re uninterested), we should be entitled to hurt you back by pointing out your flaws (which is bullying, and should be frowned upon by anyone who actually deserves to keep your company for the night).

    I hope you (and anyone else who tries a bullshit tactic like this) stay single for life. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be saddled with an asshole like you.

  36. lea

    This is ridiculous. Backhanded comments in a club or otherwise would have me staring at you blankly, as in “who the hell is this guy?” It’s knee-jerk offensive and pretty pretentious! What if I call out your bs? According to a whole bunch of desperate guys, apparently, it’s ‘nothing to be ashamed of.’

    Look, it’s like telling girls “Just tell em, “you look a little flabby around the middle, it’s adorable.” And these 9, 10 boys will weaken and seek your approval, PSYCHOLOGY. On 5,6,7 level guys be sure to insult only their personality, as their looks are already unconfident. Alternatively, you could say something if they’re with their friends, “Why do you even hang out with this guy, anyway? To help you win arcade prizes?” In a jokey tone! So you’re not being too much of a jerk!!! It’s a guaranteed, non-harmful process, so neg!”

    “Let’s go invade this dude’s privacy and try to make him dance and wreck his confidence (just a little so he stops snobbing for being hot) to bring him after us!”

    “Wow, you’re offended you (re: ugly fat loser) with inferior experience? I think you’re offended because it’s TRUE. In MY experience you never would have dated me in high school.”

    Just. Why. Firstly, appearance should have 0% to do with it, it’s morally idiotic and secondly, if I have been negged a time or two, it didn’t make my eyebrow curve up any less. I actually had to look it up if backhanded compliments were an actual pickup technique and look at what I’m reading.

    Lastly, this is very irritating to read, it gives the same ‘is this guy stupid’ feeling as hearing someone telling you how women are BIOLOGICALLY inferior to men. I’m not saying the two theories are the same thing, I’m explaining just how annoying it is to hear about it.

    • lea

      Let it be noted my boyfriend got me by complimenting (i.e no negging)

      Let it also be noted I will straight up rip into you if I ever get hit on in this way in a club. This is me being polite. Let me disproportionally negative feedback your ass, are we clear? God, this is like telling my little brother to stop calling girls ‘bitches.’

      • Anonymous

        To be fair, it sounds like he’s responding appropriately to the sort of people he grew up with. Yes, I’m looking at you.

  37. Kate

    I don’t think I completely agree with some of the comments on here (half of the guys responding can’t even form a full sentence, not mention the horrendous misspellings), but I will admit that Charger has some good points.

    I, like some of the other women who commented on here, understand that a neg is not meant to be offensive or break down a girl’s self-confidence. The examples given are kind of crappy, just in my opinion, but I have heard some really good ones that definitely captured my attention. I think it’s approached in the wrong way though. To capture those “I’m-hot-as-shit” girls’ attentions, I think it’s better to say treat them like one of your friends, not like a girl you want to get with (because essentially, that’s what negging is – an attempt to show those types of girls that their rejection doesn’t matter…unless I completely misunderstood the article).

    All the guys I’ve had a serious interest in, they treated me like I was one of them. They picked on me, teased me, etc. It’s different, and it’s entertaining. I personally don’t want someone who’s going to tell me I’m beautiful all the time – if you do want a guy like that, then you’ve got some deep-rooted self-esteem issues and you should probably go talk to someone about it instead of prowling bars/clubs.

    Women are getting so offended because it’s the truth. No one wants an ass-kisser for a boyfriend or a husband – that’s boring as hell, and that’s probably not why you started dating the guy in the first place. You want a challenge, and a chase. That’s why “hot” girls date assholes – because the assholes don’t give a shit about sucking up, but the girls don’t have the wits to realize that act doesn’t change once they start dating.

    Just my opinion. I thought it was an interesting article because I’ve never actually heard of negging before (but now that I’ve read the article, I know what method it is that guys in my part of town use a lot).

  38. Anonymous

    But wait…how are you sure that this bombshell has had her ass kissed all of her life when you, “FIRST MEET” her? Is it because shes pretty? I mean, Im a funny girl so “negging” just sounds like what I do to everybody I like, or want to like at some point. That part doesn’t bother me. I just wish it wasn’t so gender specific.

  39. lea

    Look lady, negging is definitely not ‘light teasing.’ It’s pretty much structured… assholery. Teasing is natural! It happens when guys are great. Just b/c my bf didn’t catch my attention by negging it does not mean he’s an ass kisser? It irritates me because it’s patently untrue, since I have to literally spell this out.

    • lea

      The difference is the motive, if this wasn’t clear.

  40. Anonymous

    This is just sick, you really think something like this works! Women aren’t another creature, just talk to them like any person would, with respect! I don’t say this a lot, but I gotta be honest, I hate you. I don’t care how you defend this, this isn’t right. Have some fucking respect!

  41. JC

    lol I love the thinly veiled neg in this article. The whole “Don’t worry–if you’re average looking you won’t get negged” is kind of hilarious. So, the expected effect is supposed to be: “Gee, I wish a guy would neg me so I’d be reassure that I was hot.” thusly rendering negging a compliment instead of a sit/heel/beg trick some men degrade themselves into doing.

    I mean, look: Sure, there are dumb girls out there that will fall for this nonsense, but, really? You’re gonna try that hard/are forced to resort to doing silly parlor tricks just so some girl will talk to you? It just seems kind of humiliating to the guy to have to trick women into interacting with him.

    I’ve personally been negged and my first thought was, “Awwww. That’s cute that he’s putting in so much effort to catch my attention. He’s not my type but I’ll chit chat for a few minutes then politely excuse myself.” However, I’m admittedly not ‘supermodel hot’ nor unfriendly, so I guess I wasn’t the ideal target? Mmmidunno.

    Here’s all you need to know, guys: Be nice, interesting, and good looking. If you only have 2/3, try asking out the so-called ‘average’ women instead. If you want a model type in bed, bite the bullet and hire a high end hooker. It’s no more embarassing than jumping through hoops/putting on airs trying to snag a girl at a bar, and is guaranteed.

    • Anonymous

      You classist arseholes are despicable.

  42. Ev

    wow yes i love to insult the bejeezus out of people to knock them down a few pegs – obviously cuz they look too hot for me like omg what would i do without a guy in my life like omg. haha NOPE.
    anybody who talks to me like that is getting their ballsack of dignity nailed to a tree.
    whoever thought of this needs to go **** a cactus. and then some.
    and learn the word Empathy.

  43. Will

    and i also think it says alot that these same asshole “nice guys” who use this technique will listen to this article but argue day and night with ACTUAL WOMEN about what they want.
    you’ll rather listen to some douchebag instead of the actual women you’re trying to get with

  44. Anonymous

    Hey, I know! Why don’t you just be yourself, dickbag? If you have to knock a “hot girl” down for her to pay attention to you, why do you want her in the first place? People are so fucking dumb. smh

  45. Anonymous

    I can only speak for myself, but the main reason I don’t respond to guys at nightclubs/bars is that I’m not looking for love in those places. I’m there to have a good time with my friends. I am flattered when a guy nicely asks if he can buy me a drink or if I want to dance, and when I say no, it’s honestly nothing personal.

    As for the joking around/teasing–in the right context, it’s great. I like people with a sense of humor and it’s nice to be able to laugh at yourself. Honestly, maybe that would work on some level (but I’m still not going home with you–if that’s what you were looking for, I am just a wasted conversation you could have had with someone who shared your end goal.) But that’s not really what comes to mind when I think of “negging”–probably because most guys who do it DO IT BADLY. A lot of people who “neg” seem to truly have some level of hate/contempt toward women, and it shows. I’m not down with that.

    • Jesse Charger

      It’s very true that it can be done badly; and some guys are just being mean or teasing a girl, they’re not even thinking of it as “negging” and girls sometimes mistake and confuse bullying with negging.

  46. Max - Get this loud and clear
    Here it says right at the begining: ” I’ll be blunt here; my purpose is to get you laid and to get you laid FAST… and *without* all the hassle of traditional dating (expensive dinners, spending money, showing off, the “goodnight kiss of death”, etc). ” (2nd sentance btw)
    So for all of you girls wondering why would someone want such a girl (that does responds to neggs), eg. these hot girls, here’s an answer for you. MEN would want these girls for a one night stand, that’s it. No hard feelings, get laid, get out. Know why you came here in the first place. (which is to get laid – it says so on the bio of jesse charger). I hope this clears it up a bit.

  47. Anonymous

    Negs are a great tool in your arsenal but you can’t rely on them as they disqualify you from your target always have a complement ready after your neg just in case it back fires or at least have three replies ready for an awkward come back . Begging is a great way to open a conversation but the real key to success with women is confidence , being yourself and not being needy .

    • Jesse Charger

      Yeah- in fact negs are completely unnecessary for the typical guy to bed typical girls. But it’s fun to use them to experiment, to filter for certain types of girls, to amp up the reactions you get from hot girls, and so on.

  48. Arielle

    No, you see, the issue we have isn’t about the whole ‘being insulting’ thing (though that is rude, you can choose to be a rude person if you want, I don’t care). The issue is that what you’ve done in thsi article is basically reduce a woman’s value to her attractiveness to a man.

    “You’ve indicated to her that you’re not interested in her over anyone else in the group. This is a new thing for her.”
    Yeah, because I’m sure that the most important thing for her is that you’re interested in her! Say nothing of the fact that she was just trying to talk to her friends when she was approached, clearly just by the fact that she’s a woman she’s trying to get your attention.

    “She’ll feel the bitter sting of being just like everyone else. Her looks no longer give her all the power – because you’re not responding to her looks.”
    A girl’s power, though you may not believe it, isn’t actually 100% related to her looks! Guess what: she can be a person who doesn’t care about looks! Just because you think she’s hot, doesn’t mean she tries to be or thinks about it all the time.

    “She’s wondering, ‘Why isn’t this guy attracted to me? Why isn’t this guy paying attention to me? Who is this guy? How am I going to win this guy’s attention?'”
    Yeah… I don’t think so. Most likely, you’ll get a weird look and be ignored. Once again, a woman’s thoughts aren’t always focused on being attractive to you!

    “The same holds true for beautiful women…Their whole reality is based on having power and having acceptance and adoration through their good looks. Take that away and their whole reality crumbles and they’ll do anything to get it back.”
    I don’t think I even have to say anything to get across how stupid and misogynistic this is.

    “For an average girl (6s, 7s), you don’t want to use value zingers. All you need to do is demonstrate social value – you don’t need to lower hers. Hers wasn’t that high to begin with.”
    Excuse me? A girl’s social value is entirely based on her looks? Fortunately, no, because girls happen to have these things called – wait for it – PERSONALITIES! Her value is about who she is, not what she looks like.

    So in closing, you’re a sexist idiot who sees girls as objects, not people, and even when you try to add an update that explains why you’re right, you do it wrong! Please, try to get a new perspective on females, or at least stop posting stuff like this on the internet to propogate the idea that it’s okay to think this way.

  49. Rose

    As a woman I know this works. But to be fair, it works on guys as well. I never had much self-esteem growing up and wondered why all of the guys I liked never reciprocated my feelings. Then I realized I was acting like a timid puppy that just followed gross beardos around because they paid attention to me.

    So what did I do? I lost 70 lbs and learned how to do my fucking makeup. I stopped giving a shit if people liked what I said or not. I start conversations towards guys with clever one liners and witty banter. They like that this girl 1. Approached them first 2. Is like the best-friend-with-tits they never had.

    I’ve had some of the most handsome men at the bar talking to me, something I never dreamed would happen. All it takes is a sense of humor, a good idea of boundaries, and some goddamn self-esteem.

    It’s not all stuck up spoiled bitches and overly sensitive cows out there. What women don’t know is that they can actually use these techniques themselves with a little tweaking. Everyone needs to calm down and realize that none of this really fucking matters in the end. Just have fun. If you don’t like what the dude is saying, move on.

    • Anonymous

      Amen Sista!

  50. Anonymous

    All negging does is make a girl think you’re an asshole

  51. Anonymous

    In attack and defense of negging:

    Take a moment and actually read it through. It makes great points about the different degrees of negging (flirtatious teasing versus malicious “you think you’re too good for me so I need to lower your social value” teasing), and about the internet seduction culture.

  52. Anonymous

    Another good one:

    When you think about it, who better to tell you what girls like than the sources that are telling girls what girls like, right?

  53. Chloe

    I’m sorry, but even in your extra note, you haven’t realised why this is all so offensive. Every piece of language you use to describe women is based around the idea that women are quite irrational and ‘emotional’. You place the blame on women for not being interested in every guy that comes over to talk them as way to completely excuse your own behaviour. Your saying that really men are the victims of fickle women and therefore all the blame for you being a dick can be put on the women that you are being a dick to. You basically dehumanise woman with the way you write about them.
    The gist of your extra note defending this article is: ‘its ok for me to subtly insult women if they are very attractive because they have a high sense of self worth and I am a ‘nice guy’ really.’ Do you honestly believe that a woman’s sense of self worth is based entirely around her looks? I’m sorry, but if you can’t see that every word of this is misogynist bullshit then you shouldn’t be allowed to spend any time with women.

    • Anonymous

      “Every piece of language you use to describe women is based around the idea that women are quite … ‘emotional’.”
      It’s hilarious that you think otherwise. Responding here only proves that you fell for it, too. Highly manipulable – you’re in the club.

  54. Anonymous

    How do you know if some girl you’ve never met before at a club or bar, that you think is a 8-10, (Which is sickening, by the way, women aren’t pumpkins being judged at the fucking county fair) has been treated like an 8-10, and “getting her ass kissed”? I was bullied for my looks in middle school and through most of highschool. I got called ugly and fat and a whole slew insults that still make me afraid to leave my apartment without makeup or a carefully selected ensemble. But when I went to college, suddenly boys were lining up.
    After my first relationship ended my sophomore year, I had six guys (and girl) within two weeks asking if I wanted to hook up or go out sometime. Whatever I had been before, I seemed to have finally made it to this mythical level of ‘hotness’ that girls aspire to achieve. I would go to parties and be the center of attention, walk to class and get cat called. I’d been an ‘ugly nerd’ my whole adolescence, and now I could talk to guys about Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and Dungeons and Dragons or whatever else, so suddenly all these things that had made me a reject before were now attributes that only made me more desirable. It was a very drastic change for me, one that I still haven’t quite adjusted to yet. I’m just now starting to get the confidence in myself that I should have always had, regardless of my looks.
    If I was out at a bar, and some guy tried to do this to me (which they have), I’d call him out for exactly what he was being. A fucking asshole (which I’ve done). Because if you do this, guess what, you are being a fucking asshole.
    Stop using your shallow scale to evaluate attractiveness and then using that as an okay to insult women. “She’s a 9, so she wouldn’t ever give me the time of day therefore she deserves this.”
    Just. No.
    Repeat after me.
    Just because you’ve had your feelings hurt by rejection doesn’t give you the right to be hurtful to a women.
    Just talk to them like a person, and if they’re a bitch about it, then THEY WEREN’T WORTH YOUR TIME ANYWAY.
    Why is this so hard for you people to get?

    P.S. If you get mad because women don’t want to get with you because you’re “such a nice guy”, then guess what? You’re not a nice guy. Women aren’t vending machines that put out sex when you put in enough kindness tokens. We’re allowed to have preferences. We’re allowed to not be attracted to someone. I find it hilarious that in these comments you smack talk the ‘chubby ugly girls’ while the article above is supposed to help you pick up ‘the hot ones’, and all the while you’re simultaneously whining about how girls never noticed your geeky-ass back in highschool even though you were “suck a nice guy”.

    Double standard, hypocritical, backwards-ass, motherfuckers.
    -drops mic and walks off stage-

  55. Anonymous

    So, let me get this straight. In your dream scenario right, when you’ve finally married this hot chick that you’re sure you deserve (cause media has told you all of your life that at the end of your long hard day of “being a man”, your REWARD is a beautiful woman), and you’re telling your son or daughter (heaven help all of your daughters) about how you met, you wanna be like, “I just pummeled her self esteem until she felt so bad about herself that she slept with me to validate herself.” THINK ABOUT THE EXAMPLE YOU ARE SETTING FOR YOUR SONS.

    You honestly think that slowly chipping away at the confidence of a woman is clever? You think it is some special little secret that you can use to finally get your cock sucked? Fuck you, man. All of you. You think it is something NEW to belittle a woman into submission of a man? Women every day are bullied by men, in the work place, in the government. It is undeniable and inexcusable. The power you think that hot women hold over men, how much do you think that power is worth?

    Men are afraid women will laugh them; women are afraid men will kill them.

    Please spend your time fighting a worthwhile battle, rather than waging war with the self esteem of women.

    • Anonymous

      Please stop being so misogynistic. Women are not delicate flowers that will welt the second someone (regardless of gender) looks at them badly. Perhaps you are, but please stop projecting your problems onto an entire gender.

      “The power you think that hot women hold over men, how much do you think that power is worth?”
      Enough to start wars.

      “women are afraid men will kill them.”
      You sound like you live a very sad life. I hope you find peace.

  56. Anonymous

    your counter argument of “It hurts more to be rejected than to be negged” doesn’t do the trick for me.

    Because, following your logic, in order to not hurt somebody’s feelings I have to pretty much have sex with every guy who approaches me. Which, for obvious reasons, is not going to happen.

    In order for you guys to stop hurting feelings you just have to stop negging people.

    See, on my side it’s a passive action, I have to wait to be hit on and then either be really nice to whoever does it or have sex with them in order to avoid crushing people’s feelings.

    All you have to do to avoid crushing people is, uh, stop actively insulting people with the intent of crushing them.

    See the difference? People like you are the reason women are jerks to dudes who hit on them in bars in the first place, because YOU ARE BEING JERKS TO US YOUR WHOLE SYSTEM REVOLVES AROUND THAT.

    ok thanks.

  57. J

    I think any woman would have fonder feelings towards her own shit than she would have towards you.

  58. Rachel

    “Trying too hard” is a turn-off. Walking up to me and telling me I’m so pretty is not a great way to start a conversation cause I’ve heard it 50,000 times before. Say something meaningful. Telling me I have lint in my hair is fine, I’ll laugh that off (and not at all feel ‘taken down’) – if you say something more blatantly insulting, I will probably insult you back and win.

    WRT “Rejection vs Negging” – Rejection is a part of life. People walking around hitting on random strangers are literally asking for rejection. A lot of us would rather not reject you, but you left us no choice, since we can’t practically sleep with every single “nice guy” who comes along! (Then get called a slut!) That’s the price you pay to play. Don’t like it? Cash out your chips. However, negging someone is something you choose to just walk up and do. Good for you, asshole.

    A certain amount of honest asshole dude “not trying to impress you” is attractive, if it is in a way that feels genuine/real – probably not, at least on me, as a “technique” to get my attention. Attractive women get ALL KINDS of attention, seems to be the forgotten thing here, and all attention IS attention. If you’re trying to get me to talk to you, you’re interested in SOMETHING, it doesn’t really matter what you’re saying – and I know that. If you’re making weird comments I probably think you’re socially inept – whether they are flattering or about the lint in my hair.

    I also think the absolute worst defense was “I understand the ladies are pissed off about this but don’t worry it probably won’t even happen to you, the dudes who read this article are too scared to do it!” …. No, this is advice you are giving, you either stand behind it or you don’t. Besides, if they’re doing it right, we won’t even be able to tell, right? Just a casual comment that we won’t even consciously register, but that’ll make us feel less like we’re calling the shots.

    At the end of the day, though, if it works for you, fine. Cool, great, like, you found one that wasn’t that bright, or didn’t care that you’re trying a new kind of elaborate ploy, maybe she liked the change of pace. It won’t ruin her life. You are, meanwhile, getting better at the game and less good at forming a genuine human being connection. You can be insanely lonely for all the naked people who pass through your bed, and the better you get at playing the more you’ll know that. Have fun with your ‘techniques’.

  59. lol

    Lol. This is so dumb. If a guy broke into a conversation between me and someone I knew with this shit, I’d laugh in his face. Or an acquaintance or friend. This is disgusting because it is used on young ladies with self esteem issues. No one with real self confidence reacts by becoming enamored with someone who talks to them like this.

  60. You get what you deserve.

    Hi Jesse, I’ve been reading the comments from all these females & their anger is fucking hilarious! I dont think they get it… when a woman has been a bitch to you why wouldnt you treat her like the p.o.s. she is?! lol JUST LIKE THEY WOULD DO TO A GUY WHO DID THE SAME THING! Whenever Ive been turned down by a “hot” chick it goes 1 of 2 ways… either A:She looks at me with disgust as if to say “Why are you speaking to me?” or B: She does it in a respectful, polite way ie:”Sorry I have a bf, Im not interested.” In the case of B Im not at all offended or upset & why?! because she still treated me like I was a human being & was nice about it. THAT woman does NOT deserve to be treated poorly as she was still treating me like I am a person, not like Im sub-human. But as far as “A” goes, fuck her! You treat me like Im “less than” & guess what bitch its gonna come right back! But instead of openly insulting you which is EASY AS FUCK TO DO! Especially to a female. ie: “ya know before you go around insulting me or others you might want to call the street dept. & have them come fill in the potholes on your ass & thighs!” <– My own insult that I came up with to destroy a bitch who has just tried to destroy me. So instead of that crap if youre a bitch to me & I think your shell is still worth fucking then Im gonna try to fuck & chuck you. If it works great! & another laugh for me! If not o-well at least I dont/wont have to put up with this bitchy person! In reality I WAS truely a nice guy but not the pussy whipped little bitch boy nice guy & still I got walked on by most females I wouldve been a great guy to but they chose to go after a douche who didnt give a shit about them & would use the crap described all over this site to manipulate them & trick them before shitting on them & none of these idiots could ever figure out why! Neither could I so I started looking into it & BEHOLD! lol after reading several articles on this site it all makes sense now (well truthfully I still, for the life of me, cant figure out why but it seems to work so…). So ladies… if your the type of female who treats guys like shit then fuck you bitch how do you expect to be treated any differently?! & if youre not this way then you shouldnt be treated like this. It all comes down to, You get what you deserve, In case B I said sorry I didnt mean any disrespect & walked away. In B many (not all but enough!) were then subjected to the fuck ya & chuck ya treatment which I never wouldve done had they at the very least treated me like I was a human being. If you arent interested in me thats fine! Just dont try to belittle me or try to make me feel inferior as thats when the asshole side of me will emerge to show you that you aint shit either! Heres an exercise for the ladies: The next time some guy that youre not interested in comes up to talk to you, treat him like hes a human being & say no thank you in a way that doesnt leave him feeling like hes not even worthy enough to step outside his house ie:dont give him a fucked up look just say you have a bf & your happy with him so youre not interested. Even if you dont it should make him go away & free you up for someone elses attention! Now if he still wont leave you alone then grow a pair of pussy lips & be a WOMAN! Tell him "Look I already told you Im not interested so please leave me alone." or just tell him to fuck off! If he didnt get it the 1st time then he gets what he deserves! & as far as 1 post asking how all of this is right, (this websites info etc…) TECHNICALLY its not BUT… If this is what you fucking fools are going to respond to & since the guy ALL OF YOU have ALWAYS SAID YOU WANTED, (ie: the nice guy.) isnt good enough for you then why wouldnt we use these types of tactics to hook up with you? Maybe… juuuust maybe if you hadnt been such a "Im too good for you" type of person then this type of shit wouldnt be happening to you. (should I say "DUH" now or is that common knowledge at this point?!) Also, Jesse I have a question for you but Ill put that on my next post. 1 last thing before I end this one though… I truly was a good, nice guy, not the bitch boy mind you, but I still treated my gfs with dignity, equality, & respect. I treated them like women rather than little girls, like an equal rather than my little sub-serviant slave bitch (ie: "Hey honey will you get me a drink/sandwich/pipe & slippers etc…) & still I was fucked over for complete douchebags who ended up destroying them emotionally/mentally & sometimes physically. WHY?! why the fuck would you choose that over being treated with respect? But since they did & thats ALL Im seeing today then fuck it… If its a douchebag asshole that treats them like theyre a subserviant piece of shit that they want then I guess its time to say goodbye to who I really am & become the uncaring dick they flock to. Thank you Jesse for helping me & other guys like me who, even if we really dont want to be this way, are now able to figure out how to get these dumbshit whores to stop treating us like crap. Now we'll see how they like it! & yes I know how much of an asshole I am per this post but if it wasnt for ALL of you lying/thieving/cheating slut whores who just lead guys along till you fuck them over I & many others wouldnt HAVE to be this way. You females dug your own grave with this shit & now you dont like it?! Well tough shit!

    • You get what you deserve.

      In my above statement I meant to say In the case of A* not B as B was not fucked & chucked I simply got the hint & walked away. My bad for putting the B in the place of A. The A types are the ones I either walk away from or try to fuck & chuck.

    • Cassy

      Some dumb-ass tried negging me the other night, but I saw right through him. I wasn’t ignoring him or being an arrogant bitch, just politely flirting with him. He must have mistaken my modesty for low self-esteem. Negging doesn’t work on a smart girl who knows she’s a 10 and too good for you. All you’ll ever get this way is a dumb girl who’s as cheap and easy and vulnerable as you pathetic losers. It’s not a compliment to be hit on by a tactless, desperate man-whore, it’s an insult. Only after I caught on to his game, that’s when I started ignoring him and he had the nerve to call me “shy.” Yeah right. It’s called having self-respect and standards. I’m so glad I’m me.

      If a woman treats you like shit and ignores you, you men are the ones getting what you deserve. Don’t blame us for learning that the only way to get you to leave us alone is to not acknowledge your presence. If a woman so much as discusses the weather with you, you think it’s a sexual invitation. If she rebuffs your advances after talking with you, you think she’s a tease who was leading you on and you hold it against her, instead of taking the conversation for what it was–a conversation. So why would a woman engage with you in the bare minimum of polite conversation when you think she’s a whore for being polite?

      If a woman tells you coyly she doesn’t dance, she’s trying to let you down easy and save you the embarrassment of a blunt rejection. So take the hint and back off and let her make the next move. Give her the credit of knowing what she does and doesn’t want. Don’t go on to attempt more explicit advances as if she was just too dense to recognize your earlier, more subtle ones. If a girl starts ignoring you, it’s not because she’s a bitch who hates nice guys, it’s because you refused to acknowledge her subtle refusals and kept on making advances. A woman who’s had to put up with men like you has learned that you’ll never accept anything less than an insult for “no.”

      Here’s a piece of advice for impressing high-class women. The first refusal is a test to see if you can respect her as a grown woman who knows what she does and doesn’t want. She’s testing if you have the self-confidence to accept refusal gracefully. She’s testing if you’re not some power-hungry control freak who can’t let a woman do the pursuing. When she refuses you the first time, no matter how subtly, respect that and give her space, but still be friendly with her and don’t act all butt-hurt, ignore her, neg her, or insult her intelligence by being more forward and making more advances. What she really wants is for you to let her make the next move. If you can do that, the first refusal need not be a rejection.

      Also, if you go around flirting with and sucking face with every other girl at a party in order to try to show how desirable you are before hitting on the 10, and brag to her about how experienced you are, it doesn’t impress her. It only cheapens you and makes her lose respect for you. Don’t you lose respect for a woman who does the same? The key to understanding women is to understand men. We’re the same species, after all.

      Except for one thing. There’s one real difference between men and women. I can’t understand the enjoyment you get out of “fucking and chucking.” What perverse pleasure do you get out of using someone you don’t appreciate? It must be because men see sex as a conquest. Men are so easy, there’s no victory in it for a female. I bet that makes you feel powerful as men, but here’s the truth behind it. Men need pussy in order to feel validated as men. Women don’t need cock for validation. That’s why you hate us so. And that’s why negging only works on vulnerable little girls. If you have to resort to negging, you’re a little boy who’s given up on yourself completely as a man worthy of a woman and are only looking out for revenge. I pity you.

      Nice guy. HA! That’s what men call themselves when they’re too socially inept to even realize how much of a jerk they really are. The only one you’re fooling is you.

      • Mason

        Cassy, first of all, if you’re a 10, pics or gtfo. Just kidding; you’re on to the negging game so I’ll try to spit a different game for you.

        I can, however, tell you right off the bat that your awful feminine-solipsistic worldview ensures that you could never be a 10. A 9.5, possibly, but I doubt you put in the time that is required to maintain that level. Oh, sorry. I said I wouldn’t neg you. Moving on.

        Let me take you at your word that when _you_ politely refuse an advance from a guy, that in your mind the correct answer to that shit test is accept the rejection, and then slink away, emasculated, with your dick between your legs. I don’t believe that a man who would do that is the kind of man that a high class woman *should* want to date (why would you want to date a wimp?) but let’s just say that, unlike ~95% of the women I’ve fucked, you actually do know what you want.

        Even so.

        You are not qualified to speak for all “high class” women. Not at all. Different women respond well to different things. Most hot women respond well to assertiveness and ostentatious display of ballsiness. For most hot women, the correct answer to the shit test of soft rejection is to try harder. And by “correct”, I don’t mean it is what women such as your self SAY THEY WANT. I mean it is what they ACTUALLY RESPOND TO.

        And that is the basis of game. We are empiricists. We do what WORKS. We give zero fucks about what your crazy, horomone addled, female sexual hypergamy mating circuit SAYS that it wants. We go with actually works. And yes, that’s a statistical thing. All players know that this is a numbers game. Nothing we do works on everyone. In fact, most game is basically about having the balls to endure rejection from women like you who incorrectly believe that you are better than us.

        Negging is amazingly effective. AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE. God, woman, if only you could see it in action. It is a sip from the golden chalice of wisdom. The purest distilled essence of truth. The pith instruction in the high art of seduction. Women are attracted to men that they perceive to be of high status. Subtly framing a conversation so that the woman is in a position of qualifying her value to the man is one of the best ways to position yourself as a higher status mate. It mentally short circuits her value estimation circuits: if she is trying to prove herself to the man, then he must be worth it after all. It may not be true, but that doesn’t matter to the lizard brain inside of your head which makes your hoohaa tingle and which ultimately decides which men you sleep with. It only matters to the moralizing cunt in your forebrain which rationalizes those choices ex-post-facto in terms of morally acceptable criterion in mate choice.

  61. Anon


    The idea that you need to “take women down a peg” because getting rejected just hurts so much is pathetic.

    The difference? You’re *walking up to a woman* to insult her in order to fuck her. When a guy is rejected – he’s initiating contact.

    When I walk away from a guy or don’t give him the time of day, it’s for two reasons:

    1. I just want to be left alone and I get called a “bitch” if I try to say this. So I just don’t say anything.
    2. The guy was creepy and I felt threatened. Shut up if you don’t take that seriously, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten bruises in clubs from people grabbing my ass. It’s not a joke.

    That being said – if someone was actively talking to me and said something about my roots showing, I’d honestly probably just laugh and insult them back. Because I’m a grown up and can handle playfulness.

    But that’s only if the intention is playful.

    If your intention is to knock women down a peg to fuck them – you’re pathetic. End of story.

  62. shotaiken

    This “negging” concept makes me thankful I’m an asexual lesbian.

    • Just saying...

      Being a lesbian implies that you have sexual urges (towards women in this case), therefore you cannot be asexual, in which case you wouldn’t have said urges.

  63. Kristina

    Ha – the last time I was negged, I kicked the guy in the knee. He didn’t do it again.

    • Anonymous

      Did he hurt you physically in return? Equal rights for women and all that.

  64. Anonymous

    You say that average-looking girls will never be neg’d outside of a nightclub? Then you’ve never been on the receiving end of a guy who learns how to neg a girl from a website called ‘Seduction’ and then goes out to try to pick up women in this way.

    Men who need to be told how to approach women who are ‘8s, 9s or 10s’ are going to use that approach everywhere on every woman, and they’re going to use it because it’s advertised as ‘a foolproof way to get a woman’s attention’.

  65. Anonymous

    Why do you need this method? Can you just not handle that some women genuinely do not want to be with you? Because I’m sorry boys, but I have some news for you– no woman has to be attracted to you. You aren’t ENTITLED to have a woman sleep or be with you, and those who otherwise would will more likely than not be absolutely turned off by you being a manipulative jerk just to get them in bed.

    So let me ask you all this– if a woman, beautiful or not (which is a stupid thing to say, because a woman’s value is not in her physical appearance, if that’s all you’re looking at, you don’t deserve to have a woman in the first place) approached you and began to passive-aggressively insult you, clearly in the name of damaging your self-esteem so you’d sleep with them, would you feel appreciated? Would you feel like you were being treated with respect? No. You wouldn’t.

    • Anonymous

      That argument doesn’t make sense, because it is the male that need to prove himself to the female.
      This is the way it works for every single animal on this planet; Humans are no exception, as much as people might want to believe we are “evolved” we are not any different in our form, only in our extent of said form.

  66. Reason

    Thank you for this comment. I wonder where all of these men that believe stuff like the above article come from? I live in NYC and sometimes the club scene and the way men act in there make me want to cry. I like to “go out” with my friends sometimes – not for sexual reasons (though that would be fine), but because I really like being with my friends and I want to live life to its fullest and enjoy people’s company, dancing, good food and drinks, art, and basically all that the city has to offer. I have a boyfriend who I’m deeply in love with and who I will probably marry one day. Yet, whenever I go out to clubs or bars with my girlfriends, it’s a bit absurd what certain (not all) men expect. The way they try to speak to you, the nausea-inducing “compliments” that are basically like saying “hi I’m slimy and am interested in emotionless bad sex for status purposes,” and the continuous objectification and coercion is ridiculous. And people are completely undeterred when you say that you have a boyfriend, or are in a serious relationship – quite the opposite! If anything, it makes this sort more “persistent.” Or they decide to start insulting my boyfriend who they have never met. Of course, not all men, nor all men at clubs, are like that. But those who are really make it a pain for those of us just trying to have a good time without having to be on the defense.

  67. Reason

    Also, men who are reading this and who actually think it’s a good idea, here’s a question I will pose to you: are you constantly rejected romantically by women? If so, like with other external “symptoms,” it’s probably a sign of an underlying “cause.” Instead of reading trash like this, you should probably wonder *why* you’ve been having difficulties.

    Do you have confidence and self-esteem? Do you care about various phenomenon in the world? Do you like connecting with others? Do you have a developed sense of empathy (If you believe any of this above article is a “good idea,” I’d assume “no”)? Do you think you’re interesting to talk to in the way you currently present yourself? Are you looking for a partner for the right reasons? Are you happy with yourself and with your current paths (career, academic, personal, etc)? How do you approach women – do you talk to them as people, or as *women?* Talking so someone as an “other” is a sure way to make them not want to speak to you. When you speak to them, what are you speaking about? Does it seem like you’re just trying to talk to someone because she’s female with nothing more behind it, or is it because of some type of common interest or something you’re genuinely curious about? (i.e.: politics, science, fitness, food, etc).

    In short, if you really are truly routinely “rejected,” try questioning what you even mean by “rejected.” Likewise, look at yourself and where you think you can improve yourself, honestly evaluating who you are and how you come off. Don’t act like a child who can’t take any responsibility or self-reflection.

  68. Ho-lee Shiiiiiiit.

    I clicked on this article out of curiosity…I find it hilarious that the list of comments is bigger than the article.

  69. Colette

    Here is an idea; why don’t you just consider treating us all like human beings and drop the games. If a woman is shitty to you, why is your answer to treat her poorly so she will react and magically become attracted to you? The logic is twisted and sad. Talk to people who like to talk to you. Stop choosing to see it as some game. And most of all, stop viewing women in the lens of that game. See other people are people. The end.

  70. Oh PLEASE

    Give me a break. Any woman with half a brain sees through this–I hear stories about it all the time, and I’ve had guys try it on me. It’s totally transparent, and a total dickhead move. You don’t want a loving relationship if you’re using negging; you want someone to worship you at your feet. Pig.

    No woman with any self respect would ever go for a guy who insulted her, even in the smallest of ways.

  71. Anonymous

    This is so embarrassing. A woman isn’t interested so you resort to playground games? I am cringing.

  72. Deacon Blues

    Neg theory is being grossly misrepresented here in the comments. Anyone who is being hurtful or insulting in their use of neg theory is improperly applying the approach and needs to re-evaluate. Part of the problem lies in the terminology, as neg theory (as it was originally intended) is not meant to be inherently “negative”.

    Neg theory, in lowest common terms, is expressing interest in an unconventional way; a way that’s distinguished from the typical approach of throwing around gratuitous compliments and hoping for the best. Remember that girl you had a crush on in 2nd grade? Neg theory is getting her attention by playfully tugging at her pig tails in the recess line up instead of telling her how cute she looks.

    Let’s be realistic: guys who approach women in a social setting and use neg theory are still expressing interest and jockeying for attention. As men, we generally aren’t in the habit of striking up a conversation with a woman we’re not attracted to for the sole purpose of telling her that her tan leather shoes remind us of our grandmother.

    Common sense, guys: Any self respecting woman is not going to find herself strangely compelled because you told her that her skirt made her look fat. If you -do- meet a woman who finds that sort of thing attractive, then I suggest that you stay far, far away. If you’re the sort of guy who relies on insulting or degrading women to attract them, then you should reevaluate your goals and decide what you’re really looking for in courtship.

  73. David

    Wow, this article is fucking disgusting. What a disgraceful representation of the male population.

  74. Anonymous

    A guy tried this type of thing on me once as well as some other idiotic pickup techniques.
    I ended up just mirroring it back at him. And then I took him home and pegged him. Didn’t even take my clothes off.
    It was fucking hilarious.
    He called me and begged for more the next day, and I was going to give in, but then I got a call from someone purporting to be his girlfriend.

    Negging is for boys who see women as objects to be obtained instead of human beings and I feel no guilt for just firing the techniques back and using them for my own purposes, since they’ve already proven themselves to be douchey.
    If you can’t have self esteem without tearing other people down, then you should probably try therapy instead of pick up artist techniques, or you might get talked into being anally violated and then have trouble explaining to future partners that you love it.

  75. jdbug

    So, like you say in your extension, negging is a form of getting back at women? Every descent girl would politely decline a guy if she wasn’t interested; not totally ignore him. Everyone stop being so mean to each other, men and women.

  76. Beast McMan

    Womanses on here seem to be getting angry. Good work men, keep stirring those emotions. They can’t help but defend their egos.

    To all the “bitches” (not all women are) who respond with narcissistic hostility: “Your ego is showing…and it smells like desperation. You haven’t been laid in YEARS, have you?”

  77. wow. just wow.

    This site. Is just insane. Everyone is getting so worked up. Ok go to the basics. Guys, if treating a woman with kindness and respect doesn’t work then MOVE ON. She might not be interested, or is a jerk on the inside. Just think her loss, and move on to a REAL woman. Girls, if a guy negs you and you find it insulting then ignore him! Find somone who treats you with more respect. Love happens when a man and a woman love what’s on the inside. I would know, I love my husband and think he’s the best looking, sweetest man alive and he thinks I’m the most beautiful woman alive. I don’t think I am, I’ve had so many people say I’m ugly. But. Love is blind. So you’ll fall in love many times but there’s only one true person out there for you.

    Also for men AND women just looking for sex, seriously. Go find each other and do whatever. Theres a lot of assholes in the world that’s just how its going to be. For the respectful people out there, you can’t stop them no matter what you say. Just voicing my opinion.

  78. Anonymous

    When are you going to realize this does not work on intelligent women. Instead you make yourself look like an idiot. An image that is very hard to change since we walk away.

    • Anonymous

      Not intelligent enough to read and comprehend the article, though.

  79. Caroline


    I understand why you advocate this practice, but seriously don’t. I know you think it’s harmless, and I know you think all pretty glamour girls you’re aiming your insults at are super confident, but you’re wrong. The prettiest girls I know are a mess. They feel guilty for being beautiful, they can’t handle the jealousy, so they want to believe they are ugly. They want to prove they’re just like their jealous friends, but deep down they know they’re pretty. They feel so bad about having won the genetic lottery, they don’t want to admit to be pretty because they know they’ll get called arrogant and they’ll be ostracised and hated. So they probably end up confused, even doubting whether they are arrogant, or even delusional. Maybe they are ugly? At the sae tie they know a girl that isn’t outwardly confident is half as attractive. So they internalise the whole struggle and pretend nothing’s going on. Then some guy comes along, and he subtly tells them: you aren’t that special, you’re delusional, what are you even struggling with , you’re not worth it. It’s subtle so they can’t really talk about it, they don’t notice he’s doing it, but they do know they feel even worse about themselves.
    Who would do that to anyone? Who would do that to a girl they’re interested in dating? What kind of relationship would come out of it? A miserable, slightly unhinged girl and a controlling guy don’t make good partners or a good relationship. I know it seems like I’m blowing things out of proportion but please, at least think about it. Why make someone you like feel worse?

    • Anonymous

      “A miserable, slightly unhinged girl and a controlling guy don’t make good partners or a good relationship.”
      That’s actually roughly the foundation of our existence as we know it.

  80. Been Around The Block

    Negging has always been an interesting concept with me. I do absolutely believe it works but it has to be done correctly.

    There’s a lot of criticism going around on the concept about how it’s only used for guys who are insecure. And I ask…so? What’s wrong with being insecure? With the way some of the younger ladies of today have called the shots in the so-called dating world, I could see easily how guys feel insecure. I could easily see how THEY long for commitment. The roles have changed. So, you have to adapt and not everyone is born with the social skills to adapt, so they have to consult something or someone else.

    A “neg” is a borderline tease. It’s a way of showing the girl who’s always thought she was perfect and could do no wrong (because every man in her life told her so) does indeed have flaws. And yes, ladies, you have do have flaws – both physically and mentally – OH NO INSECURITY! Yep. Same exact thing. Except I’m not criticizing any of you for being insecure.

    A great neg is something like if a girl were to say to you “Ugh. You’re such a tease/ass/jerk (flirty context),” you could say “Eh. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been called that.” Every time I say it, they laugh because it’s humorous. Girls are looking for a reaction out of the men they interact and size up. A “neg” doesn’t give them what they want and, in essence, teases them. THAT’S the idea. To tease. Teasing has always worked with attracting women, even in the bedroom. When you have something and it’s taken away, even for a second, when you get it back it’s that much better – even if that itself is a placebo.

  81. Leila

    Yeah no dont do this its so fake. When guys try this shit on me I can tell immediately and it just makes me think they’re a douche

  82. Dana

    Please tell me this article is some kind of a joke because I don’t see how this tactic is going to work on women.

    Seriously, guys, don’t listen to this article because all negging will do is make you look like a douchebag.

  83. Anonymous

    hummmmmmmmm Nope ! those negs won’t work

  84. James

    i’ve read through all of the 189 comments so far on this page and my take on the topic is this.

    from a sensitive insecure mans point of view.

    you’ve all been there, you’ve been hurt and it has hurt for years on end, especially if it’s the girl next door, so to speak.

    That has left some scars, we all know about scars, some run deeper than others, mainly they leave bruises and holes in our confidence, in the end, we are shattered every time someone rejects us, it may seem to the rejector to be a “nice” letdown, but this is about communication, not rejection.

    In a 2 way communication, who determines the value of the message?
    i can give you a hint, it’s NOT the sender.

    So everytime you reject someone who is a nice guy, who is the sensitive type that a lot of women say they are looking for, for whatever reason you want to give, too short, too fat, too skinny, too-not-my-boyfriend.
    You take a sledgehammer to their confidence.

    Some might say ”GOOD, you got what you deserve you pitiful little shite” but where were your wish to find the guy?

    I’m not saying that everytime you go out, you’re looking to find the guy, i’m saying, if you’re looking for a guy, where do you set the standard? What values do you look for? and where do you leave an opening in your armor for the nice guy to approach you?

    I havent tried this negging technique and i eventhough i’m tempted to see if it’ll get me a conversation, it’s more the psycological aspect of it that interests me.

    For instance.
    You remember the movie ”10 things i hate about you?” did you notice it in the bar/club scene?
    how about the bar scene in ”hitch”

    Did you notice what happened there?
    It’s the same thing as what is described in the book called ”the game”.

    Someone who has their guards up, had to lower the bridge because, they were brought into a zone of not-being-chased-so-obviously and when you’re not being chased, you can relax for a moment.
    It’s basic fight or flight.

    The negging idea is a way of bringing a man into the attention zone of a woman with her guards up.
    The reason why the guard is up is simple and yet so complex that we wont go into that now.

    What this is, is a tool for those who have been shot down so many times, that they are on the verge of giving up, people who have been hurt so much, (please remember, they have, we all have) that their ”good guy nature” is being a hinderens for them.

    Now what i mainly hear women complain about in this thread and you’re going to hate me for it, is this:
    The motivation of the guy using the tecnique.
    Some go for the hoo-haa, others go for the girl, some go for the thrill.
    Whatever it is, you can’t show a girl how wonderful you really are, if she blows you out of the sea before you’ve even said a word.

    Every person on this planet wants to be loved in some sense or other, be it love-love, be it approval, be it being right(these people loves them selves more than anything and that’s their high).

    But there’s no chance in hell to show someone that you might be the best thing in their life, if you can’t even get a word in to start the conversation.

    So you might be upset on behalf of your gender, so are these guys who tries this tecnique, it’s their genepool not having a chance to get passed on due to rules set up by nature, society, women.

    This tool levels the chances a bit and depending on the motives of each person out there, it’ll leave you with a good or bad moral and ethical feeling.

    Women does this as well, the difference is, you do it clothing, makeup, hairstyles, small purses, accessories, high heels, you push your own image out there in order to attract someone who can afford to keep you with the way you’re dressed.
    You may think ”but asshole, i’m only wearing this dress because i like the way i look in it”
    I say, you’re wearing this dress because on the subconsius level, you want attention, your body is looking for action, but your mind has these criterias which blocks it, that’s more than fine. Why lower your standards?
    But why set the standards so high that you have to jump to be able to see your feet?

    Try this experiment:
    Next time you go out on a night, wear a burlap cloth bag insted of a nice dress, frizzle your hair and smear some dirt on your face.
    The purpose of the experiment is to strike up a conversation and keep it going for at least 5 minutes.

    Count the number of men who tries to pick you up over a period of 2 hours.
    If no one approaches you within the first 30 minutes, you start to approach some of them.
    Count the number again, where you get a positive feedback within the first 3 minutes of conversation.

    Then go change into your war-makeup and put on your nice dress, that you would have worn anyways and fix your hair.

    Then repeat the experiment, if no one approaches you, you approach them.

    Compare the 4 numbers and the successrate based on each outfit and approach style.
    Im not sure, but i think you’ll do best where you approach with full makeup and nice dress.

    Why this experiment?
    Because where you get blown off, you had no chance, they will never know what a wonderful person you are and if that holds true, that a great deal of beautiful people actually are beautiful wrecks on the inside, why do they treat people like that?

    I still say,if you’re smart enough to notice when a guy attempts this on you, why are you pissed of?
    It’s a clear indicator to you that he has an interest in you and that he’s trying to get your attention so you can notice him.
    You are aware of this tecnique and you can blow him out of the water any time you want, so why are you so angry? Are you affraid that you’re not going to be the unique snowflake of his true heart?
    Are you upset that he has the audacity to contact you?
    Or are you upset about a shift in power? That it does not lie with you the entire time?

    Women claim that men rule the world and to that i say: ”oh my god, you are kidding yourself and pulling the victim card”. Men are not ruling the world, unless the man is gay, you women do, because in the end this is about getting our genepool passed on.
    If you shut your snapper, then there’s no passing on his pool and he can be the riches man in the world, if he’s not passed on his genes, he has wasted his life.

    Like it or not, we are animals and how you decide to act, increases or decreases your chances on passing on your genes, it’s hardcoded into you, the same way that it’s hardcoded into you that breathing is not something you can stop doing by will alone, the second you pass out, your body takes over and it starts to breathe again.

    let them have their tool, it gives them a chance, if you’re upset about this and you can recognize the comeons and you don’t want to give him a chance, you are in no worse state then you were before he opened his mouth.
    Nothing has changed for you, but it has for him, so get over the idea that power lies with the hoohaa and have a good time.

    • Anonymous

      With a brain as switched on as yours, why are you still insecure?

  85. Anjel

    … this really what we have come to? The idea of courtship beginning with such things as misleading insults?

    I thought it impossible for me to have less faith in humanity. I see that I was wrong.

  86. SexyConfidentWoman

    See its bullshit like this that makes romance and true love so difficult to find………..Where art thou sugar plum?……

  87. Anonymous

    I find this pretty disgusting. I mean holy crap your attitude towards women is that their social value is entirely dependent on their physical appearance. A quote to illustrate my point:

    “Negging women is ideal for really hot girls – 8s, 9s, and 10s. For an average girl (6s, 7s), you don’t want to use value zingers. All you need to do is demonstrate social value – you don’t need to lower hers. Hers wasn’t that high to begin with.”

    I love that you have to bring women DOWN to your level. You’re a fucking slimeball.

    • Anonymous

      Are you offended that he won’t be wasting his time on a 4 such as yourself?

  88. Anonymous

    Wow so many comments, and ppl cant handle the concept of “negging” lol…relax ppl, have you ever teased someone in a playful way or made “fun” of your friends in a playful way that they know is not your attempt at being mean? This is sort of like that…remember you are delivering this at a club where everyone is socializing and having fun…don’t take it so serious (unless you’re insecure, you might)!!!! This article is spot on.

    • Johnny_B

      Agreed. I think that most people who come here to criticize negging and heap hate upon the author are socially awkward loners who have little experience with social situations.

      • Anonymous

        Well, the males, maybe. The women are just used to centuries of making others look bad in order to make themselves appear the better catch for the local nobleman.

  89. Vallin SFAS

    That John Houseman was a master neg (‘Paper Chase’). Bogart also great, especially in ‘Casablanca’. Win through intimidation.

    • Vallin SFAS

      And don’t forget James Mason in ‘Lolita’. Ends justify the means, eh?

  90. Anonymous

    My question is, just because a woman is “hot” or “pretty”, why would a guy assume that she thinks she is “all that” and deserves to get negged? Is it because they have in the past encountered hot, but bitchy girls, so in order to get revenge on those girls, it’s ok to insult other girls who had nothing to do with said bitchiness?

    Another thing I find perplexing is the idea that it’s better to “neg” a girl than to be rejected by them. So in order to avoid the rejection, you insult them right off the bat, not knowing whether or not they will reject you in the first place? And the phrase “take them down a peg” chills my spine. It’s sounds so full of hate, especially since you don’t know the woman.

    Finally, this talk about rejection puzzles me as well. So if a guy goes up to girl, and she declines any offers, does that make her a bad person? Is she supposed to have sex with every guy who goes up to her? I don’t understand this sense of entitlement where a guy thinks that a girl should accept his offer, and if she doesn’t, she’s a stuck-up bitch who thinks she’s too good for everyone.

    Let me ask guys this…would you like it if people implied that you had to say “yes” and sleep with every woman who approached you…even the ones you think are loud, unattractive, undesirable? No, you wouldn’t. So why should a woman hook up with every man who approached her, just to avoid being thought of as stuck up or bitchy?

    A woman can decide who she wants to be with, and so can a man. If one doesn’t like the other for whatever reason, then just move on.

    There is no need to insult a woman just because you “think” she might be stuck up and reject you.

  91. Female

    Personally, I would feel flattered by some of these neggs and I’d assume the guy was kidding with some others. Rainbow Brite was super hot! The one about the shoes not matching would make me think whoever is using that negg is a homosexual or takes fashion waaay too seriously. And by the way, negging is still giving a girl attention. Mildly insulting a hot chick would not work because she would be used to being insulted by folks who are jealous or annoyed that she wouldn’t sleep with them. You gotta realize that girls get hate all the time, hot or not.

  92. Anonymous

    negging is not bullying. It’s manipulation.. Trying to make some one feel something or purposely lowering her status to raise your own apparently low status is psychopathic narcissistic behavior. I am not “runway”pretty yet I have experienced this with many men. It’s fun to play with them as they are rarely able to deal with my subtle insults due to their low self esteem I have never fucked a guy who negged me. This is a way to bed stupid girls with low self-worth. Smart confident women are MUCH better in bed. But you need the self-confidence to match her. She won’t mess with a negger.

  93. Jani

    Wotta douche.

  94. Wow

    “The same holds true for beautiful women – even more so. Their whole reality is based on having power and having acceptance and adoration through their good looks. Take that away and their whole reality crumbles and they’ll do anything to get it back.”

    This isn’t true – believe it or not a woman can have more going for her than her looks and others’ reactions to them. And she can certainly care way more about those other things. No one would ever make a comment like that one about really good-looking men, because it’s assumed they have other things going for them and that they care more about those things. Also, you ARE reacting to her appearance by making some pathetic, pre-emptive attempt to prove you’re good enough.

    • Anonymous

      Ha! Bullshit.

  95. Anonymous

    just so you all know, this is actually really emotionally abusive, and if you have to stoop this fucking low to talk to a girl, it probably means that you’re uninteresting and not all that great looking either. so you know, congrats on being disgusting and pathetic!

    • Anonymous

      You sound like you could do with being pulled down a notch.

  96. Anonymous

    Why do you feel beautiful women are obligated to speak to you?

  97. Intense

    Wow, this is heated. Why can’t we just say if it works, it works. If the guy wants to be an asshole and the girl responds positively, hurray for them. If she thinks he’s a douche bag for it, the dudes not getting laid. Everyone uses tactics when going out, women typically use make-up and clothes to attract men. Men have to use conversation and classic good looks.

  98. anthony

    I get both sides. The facts as i’ve experienced it in my lifetime (49 years) is this…

    I’ve done it both ways… when i was between 10-16 I didn’t know sh*t… hence the little girls i “got” came on to me cause they were already damnnn aggressive, and, i was a guy whose looks, body held up its own. When i turned 16, i started looking around and that’s when girls were very often intimidated to approach me, and the ones that had the courage were the 5’s, 6’s, 7’s. Rarely higher than 7’s. I was about an 8.9 in some eyes, 9.9 in others, and a 6.9 in others. haha. Anyhow, i find it interesting that the average looking girls approached an attractive, popular guy quicker… there personalities where F*CKING AWESOME! And they were all friends with the 8’s, 9s, 10’s, and 11’s (Shout out to Spinal Tap). Okay, here’s the sad part… this really mind-f*cked me because between 16-20 i didn’t need to have my own personality to get laid or have girls.

    However, I caught on, when a below average looking friend of mine (GUY) would out scam me! He cocked-blocked me without any probs. Though, my looks would get the girls over. This guy went to work on the 9’s, 10’s and had them immediately.

    HOW?? I observed closely… he used one little “neg” that i think most women here would approve of.. cause it wasn’t so “NEG”…. He would target his girl, ask them to come over just for a second… (if they hadn’t already)… Actually going up to a girl ISN”T really that HOTTT of a move!…

    You can be ugly, but if you are at a good comfortable table, have other friends around and you make eye contact and shrug your shoulder and swing your arm, hand and finger pointed to something on the table and shrug her to come over, it insinuates that she’ll be able to remain standing (and can walk away anytime), her curiousity will bring her to wonder what you want her to see so bad, and, she’ll like that you took interest….

    Okay, so what’s the magic neg? Okay, girl comes over, her friends with her check her out leaving them, start wondering (social proof all of a sudden, she’s unique)….

    And, when she gets over to you, you ask her “I and NOW WE were Wondering WHY IS YOUR FACE STUCK ON SERIOUS?? Aren’t you FUN? OR is it this place that has you down?”

    SHE responds: uhhhh, serious? what? how? OR, even better….

    SHE responds: NO, what are you talking about, i’m in great spirits and have been laughing…..

    You say: “Hmm, well, was it real laughter, where you laughing to mix in, or what it really funny?”

    She says: “NO, i don’t fake laughter, it was really funny..’

    You say: COOL… i could use another good laugh tonight, what’s the story!? I’ll let you know if its funny with this (SMILE sort of)….

    Either, she goes for it, and sits down, now introductions are appropriate! However, get her name first…. HOW???

    Say to her… So, before you guess my name, were u given a name from a favorite soap opera character by your mom?

    She says, NO or YES: Have you always liked your name?

    She says: blah blah blah…. You say: I’m going to give you a great guess what it isn’t before you tell me!

    Your guess is: Paris Hilton??? ummm, Kim Kardashian

    Guys, girls, if she stays, you can do no wrong, unless, you are a real 1, 2, 2.9. If she doesn’t stay, you got an entire 50% chance, she or one of her friends will be back.

    You just stacked the odds of enriching this girls life by 75%. Everyone wins!

    That’s an example of a neg, that is a “nice” neg. If you’ve even wanted to attract a girl that you’ve known for a while or is with someone… you can use a nice neg like: Hmm, have you ever tried ‘peach’ colored liptick on those?

    She says: NO, don’t like that color, never have.

    You say: Oh, i guess an exotic color wouldn’t really work, yeah, do you think a girl needs fuller lips for peach?

    Repeat/Change: with Eyeshadow (u think a girl needs GREEN eyes to pull that off and you cant?) with nailpolish (u think a girl needs long slender fingers to pull that off?)
    Hairstyle: etc….. etc…. u get it.

    See girls, it isn’t all bad. Any guys that really want to go through all these lessons and tribulations to attract you aren’t that bad after all, they’ll probably be the best guys you ever know… also, you’re in the door, now get them hooked!

    thanks. my two cents.

    • anthony

      oh, just use ONE neg! No need for more in this case.

      • Anonymous

        regarding why not the best idea to approach… counterintuitive, right? just another addendum… due respect, many pua urge the male to be an “alpha male” and go get ‘em. Think for a second to the animal kingdom. The approach thing is taught to us as an alpha thing because of “Natural Selection” processes.

        The reality is right under our noses isn’t it?! You ever watch the animal shows on Discovery, or Disney, natgeo, etc…. It’s the “plumage”, “song”, “dominance” of the male. Birds, Lions, Gorillas… all the same…. the females approach them. The fems are equiped emotionally in our human world, physically too, instinctually… to see their best match for a mate within seconds even at a distance.

        They don’t go immediately to them, because their instincts say to them, they need to weed out those who don’t fit them, by seeing who approaches them first. Think, they can’t go to every guy in the room and reject them… they need every guy in the room to eliminate themselves by approaching them.

        There you go. Additionally, it’s logic, females must differentiate their mates from others less suited, because it’s a huge physical and life commitment for them, SO contrary to popular belief, they are programmed to be more promiscous (if you will), they are programmed to be more dynamic in hunting for mates and active. NOT PASSIVE.

        Men (and the more suited they are and alpha) will be MORE PASSIVE! Sit back and wait for them to come… Why? Because, it’s cheaper for us. Less energy, and we have unlimited “eggs” don’t we? SO, even if its a false security; we figure we have all day, all week, all month, all year, all our life to mate and score a child. And guess what…. isn’t that true? I see plenty, dumpy, fugly, short, fat, NOT RICH, balding guys and now older guys, with someone… they found someone to have a family with.

        She who is able to identify the best mate (which is you of course) will automatically qualify herself by approaching you instead.

        A womans window is somewhat shortlived, so they gotta speed up this thing before the window closes on beauty, health, fertility…. etc….

  99. lawbelle

    nope. never have i had a crush on a guy i had to chase. not once. in my younger years i found it quite fun to be chased, and (unfortunately) to screw with the heads of guys using exactly the techniques you’ve laid out. that is why you think it works. because it makes sense to YOU, a male- who completely operates off challenges. a paris hilton or kim kardashian type would NOT respond to negging unless they just ignored it. never ever would any female who had actual value (isn’t that how you refer to it) would. and let me explain why:
    EVOLUTION. survival of the species. females seek a male who will care for them and their offspring. they also (according to studies) unconsciously seek strong healthy and intelligent males for clearly genetic purposes. negging doesn’t fit into any of those categories, as it is a social technique that should signal any woman that she is dealing with a social idiot who cannot have a real conversation, who cannot handle his shit without using a stupid psychological technique. my friends and i always laughed at it, and depending on whether we wanted our drinks paid for, we might use him for that since he clearly wanted to get laid so badly that we could use him. this is sadly true.
    your technique does not anger me, and i DO agree that no woman should equate such behavior with bullying- its words, designed to cause a certain negative psychological reaction. in that way, it is ineffective. it could never be as effective as words designed to cause a positive reaction. nobody would attempt to sell a product using this technique, for example- and if so they’d be the worse salesman in the universe.
    guys enjoy debate- and i’ve had plenty of ‘arguments’ with them in clubs over issues (political or historical, usually)- THOSE lead to positive reactions, if he actually manages to hold his own or in some way win (show that he has a brain in his head).
    your ‘negging’ is brainless. good looking women generally are smart as well (even if they pretend otherwise because the combination terrifies men) because of that evolution thing again, good genes are good genes. the ‘technique’ is transparent and thus repels women.
    if you want to get laid, there are much more efficient ways to do it.
    thanks for listening-

  100. Emma

    Yeah…this article reminds me why I like to avoid most men. Gross.

  101. Clam Jam

    Wow. Praying on women’s low self esteem to get laid. Pathetic much? Insulting me in a bar is the best way to end up soaked in gin and tonic. Are all of you so lonely that you have to resort to putting someone down just to get any kind of human connection at all? Pathetic.

  102. Anonymous

    this is horrible

  103. Anonymous

    All negging is annoying. These listed negs are particularly painful.

    Negging isn’t posing “a challenge.” I’m not wasting my time on a guy who is commenting on my boots matching my outfit. I’ll probably figure you’re not even interested in women. Lint in my hair? Good. I meant it to be there. Don’t touch me.

  104. Anonymous

    If a women gets to give compliance and congruence tests to filter out losers then I see no reason that a man can’t use negging as a hook. Good luck trying to change that in a million years. All is fair in love and war. Enough said.

  105. Lee Lemon

    I found this site because someone suggested a “hater” might be negging me. I found the additional info you gave to be very important for girls to remember, because I don’t think this article deserves negative attention necessarily, especially if it is aimed at the night club crowd. I just wanted to give a tip to guys interested in negging: follow the advice here. It wouldn’t get my attention (I don’t go to clubs, I have been insulted/rejected all my life) but it might work for some.

  106. Gizzybiscuits

    I remember someone that tried backhanded compliments/constantly leaving negative little remarks on my appearance.

    He was an emotional abuser that drove me to trying to cut off a finger. But oh, as long as ‘negging’ makes someone fuck you/neurotically dependant on you for approval then its all good, right? As long as you get to fuck someone then that’s supposed to make slowly eroding their self-confidence to the point of neurotically seeking to your approval to ‘fix’ themselves okay? Its not because “girls find it hawt” its because you’re fucking abusing them and wearing them down into a response or they’ve been abused so much already that such a relationship feels like ‘the norm’ or what they deserve.

    Fuck’s sake, if you agree with the article you are _literally willing to hurt someone and lower their confidence so that they will fuck you_. You’re messed up.

    • Johnny_B

      You sound like you’ve got mental issues quite apart from being negged. I’d get some help if I were you.

  107. mookie

    Most of the women here seem to be missing the point.. This is just a technique to pick-up a girl at a bar/club/etc. Yes, it’s ALL about the sex, and it works. And guys aren’t the only ones who use teasing/mind-games to get into someone’s pants, girls do the same lol. You’re wasting your time and proving these guys right by PAYING SO MUCH ATTENTION, so…. Negging works?!?!?! The author clearly states that there’s line between negging and being a straight-up douche. Yes, there ARE guys who take it too far, but that doesn’t mean that EVERY guy who tries it is a… “misogynist”. And it’s conceited to think that if this doesn’t work on you it’s automatically obsolete.

  108. Lucinda

    If you’re uncomfortable with women rejecting you then you’re probably picking the wrong women…or you’re just a dick head

  109. Alex de Sade

    “Don’t ever make her pancakes. Get HER to make YOU pancakes. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.”

    This is you. Stop it.

    • Anonymous

      Actually that sounds fucking awesome to me.

  110. bluevw

    Yes guys have to deal with a lot of rejection and I sympathize with that. No, women should not be super sensitive when they are at a night club because these places have a tendency to attract assholes, evidenced by this very article. The problem with this “negging” bs is that you are using it as a tool to attract women. You’re teaching guys that in order to attract a pretty girl you must act like a douchbag. In reality, maybe you should just groom yourself well and be interesting. What happened to the art of conversation? I’ve had guys try this strategy on me before when I was out and guess what? They got shut down faster than any nerdy guy who offered to buy me a drink who at least treated me with respect.

  111. Grif

    This is the dumbest, most pathetic thing I’ve ever read in my life and, if it hadn’t already convinced me of how pathetic you are, your edit left no doubts.

  112. Anonymous

    Your response to your criticism is even more manipulative than the “negs” you suggest. In your article you suggest saying things like “your roots are showing”,saying that a girl should shut up and “what’s so special about this one?” to a girl’s friends, whereas in your reply its suddenly become an innocent little “Hey girl! You have some lint in your hair”.
    And don’t kid yourself that somehow the nightclub is a crueler place for men than it is for women because it clearly isn’t. Whilst I appreciate rejection is difficult to take, it happens to both sexes and almost all women will attempt to let a guy down gently. So here’s some free advice for guys who routinely gets completely ignored by women – they have a good reason for it; either they can’t hear you (cause, you know, it’s a club) or you are creeping them out. And you know what is 10 times worse than rejection – sexual harassment, which is what negging is.
    The only type of girls this approach works on are those with serious insecurity issues. For any guy considering using this technique you should know that you won’t get anywhere with a girl with healthy self esteem. Yes there is a certain amount of game-playing between males and females but woman are generally superior to men at reading body cues and will know exactly what you’re trying to do as soon as you attempt your little insult on them. And God help you if you try a neg on a confidant girl because they will have a field day knocking you back in the most humiliating way possible.
    And to the author of the article I’d like to say – if you want to prey on some poor girl with low self esteem then don’t act surprised when people, both guys and girls, get angry with you. Use negs on girls if you want, but don’t pretend its just harmless fun.
    But then again, I don’t know why I’m getting so annoyed about negging because, as you reassure your female readers; i’m probably too ugly to worry about it. And if I do get negged, then I clearly deserved it.

  113. Jim M

    This gross ‘tactic’ has crossed over the gay scene, regrettably.

    I’m a catch. I know I am. I’m good looking and rich, so I get hit on a lot at clubs. So when I get some sleazy twat saying “Maybe you should switch to Diet Coke in your drinks” after I’ve told him I’m in a long term relationship, he’s not someone I want to spend anymore time with.

    Anyone who uses ‘negging’ has just proved they are a prick. And not someone I would want to be around.

  114. Anonymous

    To Mason

    “Let me take you at your word that when _you_ politely refuse an advance from a guy, that in your mind the correct answer to that shit test is accept the rejection, and then slink away, emasculated, with your dick between your legs. I don’t believe that a man who would do that is the kind of man that a high class woman *should* want to date (why would you want to date a wimp?) but let’s just say that, unlike ~95% of the women I’ve fucked, you actually do know what you want.”

    Nah, when a woman refuses you she just wants you to fuck off, not to engage your oh so manly instincts and prompt you to battle to victory and claim the key to hoo-hah land. Dating is not a persistence game. If she was interested she wouldn’t be rejecting you in the first place now would she.

    Slink away with your dick between your legs if you’re that way inclined. So long as its going in the opposite direction from her I doubt she’ll mind.

    • Johnny_B

      That’s not quite true. A lot of women and men still believe that women are supposed to play hard to get, to test the guy’s interest and confidence. I’ve personally experienced girls who rejected guys at first, only to be disappointed when he didn’t try harder and conclude he was gay or not really interested. So much for your theory.

      • Anonymous

        For every one time this happens I can safely say there are twenty other occassions where girls are driven absolutely insane by men who refuse to go away. Men who don’t understand yhe word no are an absolute plague on a night out.

  115. Anonymous

    Riiiight. Women’s “social value” is entirely dependent on their looks! It’s not as though she can have a personality AND a vagina, amiright fellas?

  116. Anonymous

    For all those using the “girls don’t like me because i’m nice ” excuse you need to get a reality check. A pretty girl will get a lot of attention from men and every single one of them will be nice to her. So she’ll choose a man who appeals to her the most, be it looks, intelligence or talent. If all you have to offer her is “but i’m a nice guy” then theres no way you can compete.
    And speaking from personal experience, the guys who class themselves as “nice guys” were often the biggest assholes out, who believed that every nice act they did should act as a down payment for sex . Nice isn’t the holy grail of personality traits, it should be the starting point. If you are a man who falls into this group then maybe you are a great guy who is misunderstood, but I would go to your most brutally honest friend and see how they would describe you.
    As for negging, I’ve had it happen to me on several occassions and by and large its just irritating or confusing, another annoyance you have to put up with.
    Try see it from the girls perspective, she’s out in a bar/club trying to have a good night, she’s probably already been groped, leered at or just hassled in general and now there’s random guys coming up and insulting her out the blue. A little bit of teasing is fine but negging is different. Teasing is sharing a joke, maybe taking the piss but negging is deliberately trying to make woman feel self concious. Women arn’t sex objects and have absolutely no obligation to stand and listen to every man who demands her attention. Its much more effective to look for women who are receptive to you, rather than annoy random woman.

    • Johnny_B

      You know how I got girls interested in me? By being cocky, bordering on arrogant and not giving a crap what they thought of me. You know what happened when I became kind, caring and sensitive? They decided they’d rather be friends. You can’t deny that this stuff works.

      • Mandy

        How old are you? How old are the girls that you are trying to pick up? Where are you trying to pick them up at?
        The guy I am with now is the guy who asked me in a soft voice if he can touch me, the guy I dumped is a guy that fits your description.

  117. random girl

    I’m not sure whether I’m to be classified as ‘pretty’, ‘average’, or ‘ugly’ one. But regardless, if I get any hint of a ‘neg’, I’ll crush his balls. On principle. Zero chance. ANYTHING BUT THE NEG. Anything. I wish that people didn’t feel the need to interact that way. I also wish men (who make a nice effort) weren’t scoffed at, and that women weren’t treated as shiny objects to be tricked or fooled.

  118. Jon Quimbly

    Awesome negs, dude! Like, “You know, you look just like my little sister. Weird.”

    Yeah! The incest track really turns women on!! Right on!!

    • Johnny_B

      You’re a moron.

    • Proper Advice

      Haha, you should probably leave this forum, this tactic is way above you’re intelligence level, let me give you a lesson. When you go up to a girl and say something like “you kinda look like my sister” or “you remind me of my little niece”, it’s actually a strategic play. A comment like this takes the sexual tenseness out of meeting eachother, I know to some it seems weird but it’s all psychological. It provokes a sense of wonder instead of a shield against a sexual predator, and that conversation can easily lead into something when they ask you why, like “you’re eyes, my sister has big blue eyes just like yours”. Just an idea on how it’s done.

      • Anonymous

        Ewww, sleezy! Does your sister know you use her in a line to pick up women to womanize?

  119. Anonymous

    You know what works better? Telling a woman she is beautiful, then walking away.

  120. Johnny_B

    I think a lot of people misunderstand what negging is. It’s not an insult or a put-down. It’s just a playful tease meant to increase your own value. There’s a reason everyone recommends it be used on hot women who are used to having a gaggle of guys fawning over them and complimenting them non-stop – it sets you apart from the crowd, it shows that you’re confident and not desperate, and it shows you have high value. Women will go for a guy whose social value is equal or higher than theirs. They will seldom be interested in someone whose perceived value is lower.

    If it felt like an insult, then those guys were doing it wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Women go for what they find attractive. Only insecure women go for those who make them feel small. Put it this way – would you find yourself attracted to a women who approached you at the bar and said “Aww how cute, your boobs are almost as big as mine”.
      Increasing your power or “social value” by hammering down someone else’s is the exact same technique bullies use in a playground.

      • Anonymous

        Except it’s not playground ‘bullying’ and it worked back then, too.

  121. Johnny_B

    “Women go for what they find attractive.” – You are right so far, but what do they find attractive? Looks are important, sure, but there’s something more to it. That something is perceived social value. It may sound clinical, but we all do it. It’s the difference between being seen as a “cool guy” or a “dweeb”.

    Once again, a neg is not an insult. Your example is more of an insult than a neg, because it implies the guy is fat. It would be like telling a girl she’s got a fat ass. A neg is just a playful tease, something you’d say to your friend or your little sister. When done right, it’s not about tearing down her self-esteem. It’s about knocking down her perceived value when that value is “I’m the queen of this place and all you idiots are beneath me” while raising yours at the same time (by showing you’re not just another desperate loser who’ll hang around her like a puppy dog, buying her drinks, giving her compliments and agreeing with everything she says). This is why it’s recommended to do this with the hot, popular girls, and not others.

    Look at all the popular heroes in stories, movies, even cartoons – are they painfully shy and “nice”, or are they confident, maybe even a little cocky, with a roguish side to them? You gotta risk a little to get results, or you’ll always be the guy who’s sitting alone.

  122. Monarchix

    “You know, I like that outfit you’ve got on… but I don’t know… your shoes don’t really match. You should have gone with tan boots…”


  123. Laura

    Good article! This thing works and as a woman I actually like being negged. It shows, that the guy is not “afraid” of me, which is frequently the case and that doesn’t work. (For 2 years I dated a man who was a kind of “afraid” of me. Never again. I wasn’t able to relax and be myself, as I always needed to take care that I accidentally don’t hurt his fragile feelings.)
    In much subtler form it actually works very well outside clubs, in normal everyday situation. Again, this is a good article!

  124. Sally

    You sound like a psychopath who demeans women alot. So all this time a guy I once liked was just negging me because he thought I was hot. Wow, I wouldn’t have known that and because he came across as an asshole, I stopped liking him. I hope he wasn’t following this lame advice. He could have done without it.

    If all you want is sex from some random woman, no wonder you’ll stoop that low. You also assume these super hot women have had spoiled lives, every single one of them so being mean to them is validated yet you don’t really know that.

    Has it occurred to you that just because you think someone is hot doesn’t mean they’ve been spoiled and deserve to be treated like shit? Sounds like the author is the one who is spoiled and is taking it out on women.

    • Anonymous

      Why would a spoilt person need to take anything out on anyone? Use your brain.

  125. Bert

    Well, what an interesting forum, I am a thirty something man and I honestly believe that negging is simply a veiled insult. Even though the insult may seem humerous or light hearted , if there is anything I have learned about women , that ultimately they prefer sincerity. Why ?

    Some women may disagree , but the majority of women if they are honest with themselves actually crave security.

    I believe this more than anything else is a womens primal and evolutionary goal and endpoint.

    Why, because biologically and subconsciously she is questioning and assessing your suitability as a mate.

    I don’t mean “mate” in a derogatory way. I mean in the true sense, a life partner, a friend, someone to raise kids with , someone to grow old together.

    Security comes in many form but being financially successful and being reasonably sane in today’s world seems to more important than being an “alpha male” with washboard abs.

    I am now happily married but in my younger days before “negging” or the internet , all my friends could not understand why a lot girls paid me more attention than them.

    I do not class myself as very good looking at all, but reading this article I can totally get why girls would hate it.

    My honest advice to young guys out there wanting to find a loyal, frinedly , decent and loving women, It’s probably not at a nightclub.

    And finally when I started dating as a younger man, the absolute best way to get interest from a girl you are interested in them, is to be sincere without being a doormat.

    In fact, if you want absolute and immediate attention ask a girl how she “feels” about a particular someone or thing.

    This instantly show the girl she is more than just your overnight conquest but more so it shows that you are more than just a dick on legs, you actually have genuine interest long term interest in her (see above ).


    • Mandy

      Thank you thank you thank you. This is so true. As a 30 year old woman I am dating a guy who’s exactly as you have described, he’s honest, sincere, funny, and a doormat.

      This article is something I can’t relate to, as I have always liked nice and gentle guy.
      Maybe it can work on younger girls? Shrug.

    • Proper Advice

      There is 2 pieces that make this comment wrong for this setting…

      #1 – granted this is something that can work on all ages, as women approach their 30’s they are looking more to settling down, getting a serious relationship which completely changes their thought process. Also the girls sincerely looking for a good guy, probably do not frequent the clubs neat as much anymore.

      #2 – I agree with girls looking for sincere and honest guys, and a lot of them will same the same on this forum. In fact you have just become the hero to some girls who are saying how disgusting negging is, in a way you have worked seduction perfectly in this setting :) Bravo! But the main thing nobody here seems to be realizing is that a woman who is in a club and a woman who is in front of her computer have 2 completely different mindsets. A lot of the women commenting here are disgusted because they are actually using their brains and self defense to argue against negging. Now a girl in a loud club, bass booming, she’s feeling tipsy, scanning the crowd for hot guys, wearing a sexy outfit etc… She is looking for different things (this is where negging happens).

      I don’t need to use negs, I can get by with my looks, smile, and being funny, after we start talking I show her my sincere, honest side that melts her heart. I have however in the past used neggs. I’m not a fan of using them, but they do work. My negs are never the insulting ones you see here, mine will be more of a comment then an insult which when I’m done turns into a compliment. Ex: you remind me of my little niece…(when she’s asks why don’t respond with an answer right away, then finally) she has the biggest and most beautiful eyes just like you!
      The first part is just the attention getter, she’ll be wondering why I’m comparing her to my baby niece, and not answering right away keeps her interested in the final answer which in the meantime means I can keep the conversation flowing, and when I feel comfortable that we have enough rapport that she won’t just leave without a second thought, then I say the compliment part.

      But like I said, I don’t usually go that way…my favourite move is just flashing a smile ;)

    • Anna

      Thank you Bert. After reading the original article, you have give me renewed hope that there are men out there that “get it”. I hope I meet a man with the qualities you described. Sincerity is so underrated. I can’t understand why these guys think games like negging will make a woman swoon. It’s like the opposite of what would win me over. It’s an attempt at manipulation, and an instant turn off if I twig onto it.

  126. Melissa C

    I’ve been “negged” before, and I’m not shallow like Paris Hilton and all of the women like them. It’s a pathetic move. No man with any self respect would treat a woman that way. Whenever guys try to “neg” me, I blow them off completely because they’re nothing but assholes.

  127. Mandy

    I am not someone who’s easily offended or insulted, are those examples really what it’s called “negging”? I usually take things as they are said and all those examples won’t bother me at all. If they are what’s it’s called “negging”, then I think they are really bad examples. Anyone have better ones?

    For a girl with a belly shirt: “Did your shirt shrink in the laundry?” Isn’t this actually implies that my boobs are big? Why is this a neg? Anyway, I would just answer the question and not really pay attention to it.

    “Your roots are showing.” Oh really? Thanks for letting me know. I would feel he’s just trying to let me know.

    “Your nose is a little red. You’re like an Eskimo. Cool.” Oh ok. Not a reindeer? (why is this a neg?)

    “You know, you look just like my little sister. Weird.” Oh really? Interesting, do you have a photo of your little sister? (I would be curious and would not think it’s a neg at all. At worse, I would think the guy is weird, thinking that there are 2 people looking like each other is actually a weird thing. Again, why is this a neg?)

    “You know, I like that outfit you’ve got on… but I don’t know… your shoes don’t really match. You should have gone with tan boots…” Again, I would thank his opinion and ask him more on it. Maybe I am naive, I try to think people aren’t doing it to bring you down or be a jerk, so I think take it as “he’s trying to offer his opinion.”

    To her guy friends, “So what’s special about this one.”
    (Ignore, I don’t even know him. No point in paying attention. I would find this just so weird more than a neg.)

    If she’s talking tell her friends, “So do you guys ever get a word in edge wise?” I bet if the guy does this, all of my friends would think that the guy’s weird, because he’s not saying anything relevant to the discussion, not only that, I talk, but not a whole lot, the guy will just get weird looks from my friends.

    “Hey… you look like that cartoon character… yeah that’s right, Rainbow Brite remember her?” Why is this a neg? Rainbow Brite is cute.

    “I like your eyes. Hey… are you wearing colored contacts??? (before she can answer) Oh my god, no way, you are…” No I am not, even if I am, why is it such a big deal? I see people wearing them all the time. Again, why is this a neg? I just feel that guy is being weird.

    “You know, your body language is all closed off. It makes you look like one of those newborns I saw on the discovery channel when they came out of the womb – all curled up.” If I am really giving that vibe, I am doing it for a reason, if I am not, I would feel weird that you are saying that, and won’t feel negged.

    “Hey, you’re a goof.” I like goofy guys, telling me that I am a goof is a compliment.

    If ever, a guy actually said something to me, and I felt that IT IS meant to bring down my confidence? I am out of there.

    Playful teasing is one thing, trying to purposing say something to bring a person down is another. I think it might work on an insecure, inexperienced girl who likes drama, but a drama free girl that doesn’t easier get offended? I don’t see how purposely bringing her down would work.

  128. Proper Advice

    I think a lot of people male and female alike are misconstruing the meaning of negging. A neg a supposed to be placed in the proper place with ease and grace but also with a SMILE! The proper neg users will stay on the respectful side of it (I know the line is thin, but it’s there). It’s not meant to demean, just give a small shot to her ego that you can more than make up for when you finally have her attention. I’ve never used a neg and not had the girl feeling like the most incredible girl in the world by the end of the night. It’s just a way to stand out from the hoardes of guys who just walk up and tell her how gorgeous she is. Negs used properly should not be frowned upon, negs used improperly just make you an asshole ;)

  129. Knave Murdok

    I guess a lot of sad nerds on the internet really think this kind of thing works?

    • Proper Advice

      These “sad nerds” have a name for themselves…the good ones anyways. They are called “seduction artists”, and no it’s not for everyone, some people are too ugly or too shy to get a girl and need tactics like these. In the end remember, this is nothing more than a tactic, there is many ways to accomplish any individual goal, this is one of the ways for seduction. If you have any doubts check out Neil Strauss or his book called “The Game”. People that see a small part of a picture but don’t bother researching and looking at the rest of it, they are the sad nerds just browsing the internet commenting on things they don’t understand.

      • Anonymous

        Really?? Seduction artists? That’s the same as Subway sandwich makers are called “Sandwich artists”… throwing the word “artists” in there doesn’t fool anyone… they’re still just making sandwiches. Giving yourselves a fancy name doesn’t change what you are, either… we can still see that you are just desperate losers who have to form a club to make themselves feel better about being 40 year old virgins, who still live with mum, and to form an alliance against those mean, smelly girls! I’m being blunt and name calling, but, you are asking for it!!

        Seduction artists! Hahahahaha! That’s so funny! Awww bless your little cotton willie-warmers! I bet you all think you’re a right bunch of Casanovas, don’t you? Aw, I’m sorry, I know life is hard. The bleak, unrelenting mundane days, with the promise of unending nothingness to follow. But try and do something productive with your days, rather than being a sex pest and calling girls names, please. Does your mother know you behave like this? I’m going to tell her!

    • Anonymous

      What’s sad (well, amusing, really) is that you’re implying it doesn’t.

  130. TiredOfPua

    Geez, when will pua guys just go away ? Sorry to burst your bubble, but no, not all of us want a guy who is a disrespectful douche. I’m a live & let live kind of woman, but I can’t go out these days without being hit on by one of these ignorant fools. Here’s the deal…approach me with kindness, act like you have some common sense, & honestly, even if I’m not attracted to you, I will at least be kind in return & make an effort to get to know you, I’ve actually made good friends that way, & you can never have too many of those, am I right ? But if you come up to me acting like douche of the year ? Make no mistake about it, I * will * tell you to get lost & no, it isn’t some hard to get tactic, I have no interest in you with that attitude. Want to call me a bitch over that ? That is fine, if it makes you feel better, have at it, stomp all over the room telling everyone how mean I am with your big feathered hat or whatever ‘ peacocking ‘ shit you’re rocking that night. Your opinion mean LESS than zero to me. You fools need to learn that not ALL women are insecure or need everyone’s approval. Some of us much prefer men over boys.

  131. Neil

    Excellent post!!

  132. Helen

    Blah, blah, excuse for being a total prick, blah, blah…utter crap, you moron. Try that shit on my beautiful daughters and they will kick your ass. Try that shit on my intelligent, beautiful friends and they’ll kick your ass. Try this on a damaged, low esteemed girl and you are an asshole. Your mother will be very proud. My son has been brought up to respect women, thank gawd there are plenty of decent men who realise this techniques is fucking diabolical.

  133. Anonymous

    If a guy said any of these things to me, i would be turned off not turned on… none of these are challenging…. they’re just comments that are dumb that i don’t mind writing off. they’re not even insulting enough for me to care… they just make the guy seem like a weirdo…

  134. Cyrah

    I’ve read the author’s response, and I’m still annoyed.

    Rejection sucks. I know. As a female of below-average looks, I understand the desire to take club-going “princesses” down a peg, and/or use whatever strategy you can to get their attention. You feel like you’re just doing what’s necessary to level the playing field. You don’t seem to realize that all you’re doing is contributing to the cultural ugliness that makes all this game-playing seem necessary.

    The real trouble, though, is that a *lot* of guys take this out of context and use it on ordinary women in just about any situation you can imagine. Even if they don’t intend to, this whole world view tends to seep into all areas of their lives and affect their social relations with women generally. All it does is prolong and intensify the culturally entrenched misogyny. It’s a power play and just generally a piss-poor way of relating to other people. And yes, women are people. Even the pretty ones.

    Also, I second …’s and Little-Sister’s comments.

  135. Jessica Ruthless Fatale

    I have read the article on how to get women with negging, although i’m not one for a guy pulling this on me, and i think it has been. I think making a girl just feel like you aren’t coming onto her, and actually treating her like a human being, while being confident will work. And no I am not saying I’m drop dead gorgeous, I am average in my belief versus what everyone else i know says about me.

    And I have read one comment in particular, that just really disturbed me.

    As a woman, NO woman at all likes abusive men.
    I was in an abusive relationship. Emotionally, Mentally, Verbally, and I left my ex four years ago when it started to get physical.
    The emotional, mental, and verbal abuse has scarred me. I am better, but to think that women like abusive men?! Is ridiculous! If you honestly think that, you’re a moron.
    I didn’t like being treated the way i was treated, called worthless every single day of my life, constantly walking on eggshells wondering what was going to set him off. But to say women like abusive men? Really? Women don’t stay with abusive men because they like it, they stay with them because they’re afraid to leave. Those abusive men tear the woman’s self-esteem down to nothing and take their power away.

    To neg a woman, and only do it because you think women like assholes who abuse us? SO you decided to do the same. Stop being a fucking ignoramus, because that just shows how much of a dick you are if that is the only reason you are even trying to get a woman interested in you enough to sleep with you. You aren’t treating us any better than the boys who try to get down our pants now. (when will women stop being treated like objects?)

    Think again, and use your noggin! I would never wish what i experience on my own worst enemy, than what i did with my ex. Never. No one deserves to be treated that way, Woman or a Man. (Except the people who do the abusing.)

    Women like confidence in a man, just the same as men like beauty in a woman. It goes hand in hand.

    And maybe that’s what you need to be confident and treat her like a normal human being with feelings.

    I’m all for making someone feel like a regular everyday person with no sexual attachments. But to make a woman feel less about herself or lower herself esteem, you’re no different than an abusive man. And honestly, women don’t need more men like that. Be a decent individual. And be respectful.

    OH and one more thing. Maybe that hot woman, is having a bad day and just got her heart broken and is trying to mend her wounds by going out with girlfriends and dancing the night away or drinking til she can’t see straight. Don’t hold it against her, and don’t make her feel even worst. Be empathetic. We all have bad days.

  136. Anonymous

    This is the worst advice in the world. I’m a female, and when men do this to me (barf), my first thought is “what an asshole” and my second is, “I don’t want this jerk anywhere near me”. You don’t talk to anyone like this because it’s rude and degrading. This whole alpha male, egotistical bullshit is not attractive at all and no matter how good looking the man thinks he is, this horrible attitude and approach makes him look hideous. It’s disgusting. Nitpicking at someone’s looks, clothes, etc is not the right way to make a good first impression. It makes you look like a douchebag. To all the men who do this. Fuck off.

  137. Anonymous

    I love it!

    First thing is…what people say and what they do are two completely different things! I would say that I stick up for myself, I would take on a rival in a fight…drop me in that situation now…and things would probably be a lot different. As for women…saying that negs don’t work on you, seduction techniques don’t work on you and then being in that situation yourself…are two completely different things.

    Sadly, seduction techniques do work. They are designed to target your evolutionary drive to seek alpha males. You may logically deny you have this…and I may logically deny that I want to have as much sex with women as possible. But we are kind of designed to react in certain ways to things. Why? Because, like it or not, we are animals.

    Take a look at some of the reactions on this page, and reactions of men and women generally.

    Why do men dislike sluts?…because there is a subconscious desire to pass on THEIR genetic material (no one else’s)

    Why do women dislike players and people who lie and manipulate you into thinking they are alphas?…because there is subconscious desire to find true alpha males

    Why do women try and encourage guys not to fake being alphas?…because they would rather have the security of being able to honestly tell if a guy is an alpha male or not


    Sadly very few men are alpha males. Despite that, most men would like to have sex.

    What is wrong with recognizing what women are attracted to and projecting those traits? Sure…in a way it is cheating. But I do not care. Will my ancestors care if I used underhanded tactics to get a partner, relationship and children? NO!

    Women are just annoyed…because some guys are very good at pretending to be alpha males and biologically and subconsciously, they need to know the real from the fake.

    Well I am sorry! But I am not going to put my sex life and my chances of reproduction on hold so that you can replicate yourselves without me!

    Bring on the games!!!!

    • Anonymous

      It’s survival of the fittest, at the end of the day. If a guy can’t survive on stunning good looks alone (remember surveys have proven women to consider 80% of men ‘below average’ – go figure) he will evolve to lure smarter and more covertly, lest his genes not survive.

  138. Violet

    I think a lot of guys don’t quite understand the difference between a playful neg and a blatant insult. I also think it’s important to point out that there are a few “hot girls” out there who haven’t *always* been hot, and negs may not work as well on them. It’s also important to remember that sometimes girls are not receptive to the advances of a stranger for reasons other than being a stuck up bitch. It’s important to know when to back off. Having said that, there is no excuse for being rude when the person has done nothing to deserve it. This goes for guys AND girls. It makes me sad to know that bitchy girls, at least in part, have inspired this approach tactic.
    As a girl, I have to admit that negs always, always, always just end up hurting my feelings. I’d like to say that I’m strong enough to let the roll off and that I’m able to take it as a backhanded compliment that men find me desirable enough to neg, but honestly, it just makes me socially skittish (and I wasn’t that way until I’d been negged too many times). Negging seems to have become more prevalent in recent years, and (like I said) there are a lot of guys out there who simply sling insults.
    I’m really sorry that the stuck up bitches have made so many men feel the need to neg, but I swear to you that we are not *all* bitches (even if you happen to think we’re pretty), and we have feelings just like men do.

  139. jackpot

    Lol I actually work with woman who neg me ( Youre a goof , and the classic youre a brat.)
    The only way to beat a neg is dish it write back and be unaffected by it.

  140. Anonymous

    Grow up

  141. Bruno

    I completely agree with you Jesse. Negs are used on really hot girls by nice guys who which to BE NICE to them, but if he started being nice that really hot girl would be a bitch to him right away.

    ALL those women complaining here shouldn’t be commenting this in the first place ad I’ll say why: Because girls think that they are fragile but they’re NOT. Specially hot girls! They will never know what a guy need to go through when he approaches a girl by simply being nice.

    I think I’m speaking for all the guys, because most of us (if not EVERY SINGLE ONE of us) have one day tried to say “Hi” to a pretty girl in a nightclub and she said “GET OUT!!”

    If you stop a pretty girl just to ask what time is it she probably will turn his back to you.

    That’s what negs are for, for girls like this..and it’s not that big of a deal.

    If all the girls could be nice to nice guys, that won’t be needed, but that is TOO MUCH TO ASK huh?

    • Anonymous

      ” girls think that they are fragile but they’re NOT”
      But if they admit it, then how else are they to propagate the misogyny of feminism?

  142. Bruno

    I completely agree with you Jesse. Negs are used on really hot girls by nice guys who which to BE NICE to them, but if he started being nice that really hot girl would be a bitch to him right away.

    ALL those women complaining here shouldn’t be commenting this in the first place ad I’ll say why: Because girls think that they are fragile but they’re NOT. Specially hot girls! They will never know what a guy need to go through when he approaches a girl by simply being nice.

    I think I’m speaking for all the guys, because most of us (if not EVERY SINGLE ONE of us) have one day tried to say “Hi” to a pretty girl in a nightclub and she said “GET OUT!!”

    If you stop a pretty girl just to ask what time is it she probably will turn his back to you.

    That’s what negs are for, for girls like this..and it’s not that big of a deal.

    If all the girls could be nice to nice guys, that won’t be needed, but that is TOO MUCH TO ASK huh?

  143. Anonymous

    So whats the best way to neg a girl about her weight? I like this one girl whose pretty cute but kind of fat not that that bothers me I just want to see if I can get her attention by using these negging techniques.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t do what you are about to do.

    • Anonymous

      Just mention it during casual conversation. You don’t need to be harsh or rude or even bring the subject up yourself… she’ll either acknowledge it casually in return (because she’s well adjusted and can handle reality) or she will deny it (for a variety of reasons, none of which are good).

      You can use her response to help gauge whether you want to actually pursue anything with her or not.

  144. Suzan

    Lmfao. This only works on hot girls that are stupid. I would probably laugh in your face if you said half of these things to me because you’d sound like such an idiot.

    • Anonymous

      HaHa! That is only because you have read this post which states that it is about “Negging”!

      The whole point of a “neg” is that is woven into a whole approach and facade. When pulled off properly, it correlates to the whole make up of the person you are seeing.

      You have met this guy for the first time…you do not know any different. How do you know this guy is “negging” you? In future go ahead and assume that he is. He will move…because you have just passed over a truly self confident alpha male.

      Or have you!!!!

      HaHa…that is the risk you take.

      • Anonymous

        In all seriousness, I think the whole point of this kind of stuff is that it is used as part of a well rehearsed well practiced routine. One that is adapted and adjusted to the girl in question…with the proviso that it if all goes south…you can just politley say “bye, bye” (i.e. there will be other prettier women).

        When a pretty girl is negged…the idea is that it subconsciously tells her that she is talking to someone who is not seeking her approval. He thinks she is attractive, but he is alpha and has many women chasing him.

        Logically this makes NO SENSE. I know this, the person doing it knows this…even you probably know this if you sit and think about it. Indeed, if you were given a chance to consider it…you would probably bounce the guy in question. But seduction is about rapid fire techniques where the girl in question is not given a chance to think about it. It is about playing on immediate emotional reactions…over and over again…without a break…unless the guy says there will be a break! Then he will leave you to think about him for a while!

        In this in this sense…it is manipulation. All I can advise is that you get good at spotting when you are being negged and seduced. Or reexamine, who, what and how you are attracted to guys.

      • Anonymous

        You really think that a guy will make it obvious when he negs you! You really think that he will announce that he is playing you and trying to get in your knickers…that he will make it that easy for you?!!!!

        Surely you cannot be that foolish.

        If it didn’t work, people wouldn’t use it and I would have thought that the number one rule for someone who neg’s is…never admit that you are negging.

        After all…surely a guy that is trim, confident, outgoing, laid back and happy…would never try and seek your approval anyway. He is an alpha…he has all the girls chasing him.

        So how do you tell the difference between and awesome heartthrob and someone who is negging!?

        That is what the method relies on.

  145. Anonymous

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. People who do this are literal scumbags.

    • Anonymous

      Only saying that because you want a TRUE alpha male and not a faker.

      Well some guys are not alpha males…FACT. Does that mean that they should miss out? What is wrong with playing the system.

      If you do not like it, give the nice guys a chance. The ones that do not stand up to you. The ones that kiss your bum.

  146. Anonymous

    Writer = pig

    • Anonymous

      Women = trough

  147. Anonymous

    Girls deal with an equal amount of rejection. The guy who approaches and talks to the prettiest girl in the group (happens every time) IS rejecting the other girls in the group.

    Use your brain instead of your asshole card. Try it sometime.

    • Anonymous

      There are plenty of guys that just stand around not approaching women at all. The quiet, unsociable, shy ones that do not work out.

      If the girls in the group feel that rejected. They could approach these guys and put out a bit more. I am sure they would become very approachable!

      Guys are designed to seek pretty girls.
      Girls are designed to seek alpha males.

      What is wrong with learning the rules and playing along?!

      Remember that this article is about getting relationships and sex with women that you are attracted to. Nothing else.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe the less pretty girls in the group should take the chance to be the SUBJECT rather than placing themselves into the self-hating misogynist OBJECT category and approach some men for a change, hmm?

  148. Anonymous

    If you have to trick people to get laid you might want to consider working on yourself a little. Pathetic!

    • Anonymous

      If you are easily attracted to guys that neg you and are alpha male, you might want to consider working on yourself a little. Pathetic!

  149. Jeff

    What a psychopath.

    • Anonymous

      A sexy psychopath

  150. santiago

    Negging works just look at the comments from the females on here why are they so annoyed? Because they feel duped in case they fall pregnant to a fake alpha,thanks to the internet men are waking up to a women’s real nature not the crap they tell you they want eg nice honest loyal its the greatest hypocrisy going, no wonder a lot of men are turning MGTOW,the gig is up ladies some interesting times ahead between the genders

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. It is just a bit of fun and it should be.

      If I were to ask most women “do you look the same when you wake in the morning…as you do when you go out hoping to be hit on?”

      The answer is no. Women make themselves look beautiful. The do their hair, they work out and keep themselves in good shape. They do this to attract male attention. Some will say they do it to feel good. To me…they mean feel sexy and attractive…and nine times out of ten, they judge this on male attention and male admirers.

      Is this not faking? Is this not creating an illusion of beauty and appeal where one might not normally exist?

      To me, women are just as guilty of creating creating illusions, lying and misleading to get what they want. The word hypocrite springs to mind.

      All is fair in LOVE and war.
      As you have rightly pointed out. Women here are just annoyed that none-alphas are behaving like alphas, making it more difficult for them to spot the real from the fake.

      …they would prefer if the losers and nice guys just acted like losers and nice guys…they would prefer if it was made obvious and easy for them.

      Well tuff. As I have said, it is your job to be on point. Men are not going to just put aside their desires for you.

      Do you hear me asking unattractive women to make themselves more unattractive…NO…so shut up.

      • santiago

        Exactly everything about a woman is nearly a lie fake nail hair tan etc its all about power to them and the thing with negging is it takes that power away from them the comments here from females are amazing it shows the effect negging has, and please stop saying your looking for a nice guy you only want them as orbiters to feed your ego when the bad boy dumps you I see it again and again it gets tiring And almost funny except when you see a nice guy being used by an emotional parasite.time for the ladies to start being a bit more honest about their nature me thinks!

      • exasperated

        Wow, you guys have a really sad perspective of relationships between men and women. I really hope there are men who share my vision of a great relationship, and I really, really hope I will meet one who wants to be with me, for who I am, with or without makeup.
        I’m not concerned with finding an Alpha male, I am not a gorilla. I am looking for a man, with whom there is a mutual attraction, who I have a great, exciting, strong, lasting connection with, with whom to share this amazing experience we call life.
        A few of you guys mention that women are deceitful about our “true nature” and that we lie about what we really want. Surely if so many women say the same thing, you are being foolish to ignore what they are saying.
        Oh well, enjoy your anxious, needlessly competitive, hollow lives. Us women are just saying that there is a much better, more enjoyable way to relate. We want this kind of realtionship, not the abusive, emotionally damaging relationship you guys are peddling in this blog. THAT is why we are angry, and why we are arguing. I never want an emotionally abusive relationship, ever again. Luckily I made it out of one in my youth so I have a second chance to really be my true self and find happiness, hopefully, with a man who is as amazing and wonderful as I am, and who will treat me that way :)
        I hope you all can find the same love with someone. Good luck xx

    • Anonymous

      I hate ‘the game’. I hate game playing.

      But at the end of the day, game playing brings social interaction. Not playing the game when everyone else is just brings isolation. I wish I worked that out 10 years sooner.

  151. areyoukiddingme

    Hey I think you spelled woman wrong, it’s not g-i-r-l-s. If you get ignored it’s because surprisingly no one regardless of gender owes you their time. Only an insane person would think their opinion or need to be acknowledged is so important that if someone doesn’t give it to them, THAT person is the asshole. For fucks sakes just go out and meet someone in your league thats normal and nice, it’s not that hard.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think I said girls. I know its women and I know its not that hard. It is a little sad that you think there are leagues to be honest.

      I am saying the opposite. I do not need any woman’s acknowledgement. I am just saying that its up to the woman in question to demonstrate that shes worth it. There are plenty of em out there and I am not short of them.

      Its for the women to raise their game, if they can’t, NEXT!

      • Anonymous

        Men should start to let women qualify themselves to them,like what does she bring to the table in a relationship apart from sitting there and looking pretty.I can guaranteed you one thing if a man finds a “nice” woman tm you can sure as hell guarantee he’s going to hang onto here not treat her with disdain or call her a manipulator for being “nice”

    • Anonymous

      “meet someone in your league”
      And this elitism, ladies and gentlemen, is why the PUA scene exists. Bless ‘em and best wishes.

  152. nick

    I have a tip for you guys.

    When you are in a conversation with a HB, make little pauses between some words youre saying. This will animate the girl to imagine for just a splitsecond, what you will say. If thinks about the same thing, she will feel confirmation and be interested in you. Sorry for the bad English, I’m native german speaking… But I had real fun, watching that bitchfight in the comment section :)

  153. Anonymous

    why on earth use a “program” to attract women who “would *otherwise* respond with an insult”? What you will end up with is a future where even “ugly” women will insult your sons despite the “programming”
    Have you noticed a common thread here, that “insecure women” are responsive? Maybe they’re not insecure so much as understanding YOUR insecurity and lack of confidence. You know, friendly and polite. How about valuing women who happen to be friendly and well mannered, hot or not… and while you’re at it, why not try valuing yourself enough to NOT pursue arrogant women who think their looks equate to the power to behave inconsiderately(again, hot or not)? Once they brush you off, that should be warning enough to simply WALK AWAY, not negotiate nor negatively engage her…. try confidence, not assholism… it will probably save you some STD’s if it doesn’t save any heartache.. the girl who feels a need to impress a programmed jerk is going to be the same girl who has been an endless well of need and disease for those bad boys she overlooked you for before you got some minor league NLP training.. why create more of that? I guess it’s just fun to spread disease if you’re a guy..
    Here’s the ONLY guaranteed technique to keep in mind. If you are being kind and considerate to a girl only because you’d like to fuck her, if she has half a brain and/or has been burnt even once, she can practically smell it a mile away, and she will shut you down because she knows you’re not really being kind and considerate. You’re being disingenuous. Game OVER. For everyone. No one wins.
    (I’ve been on both sides of this, as an ugly teenager who grew into an “attractive blonde”. It lowers society, attractive women who are rude should be IGNORED, not “negged” in order to get screwed. It’s taking advantage of the stupid. That makes you a low level predator with a vengeful inferiority complex. Get a “hottie” who is *always* well mannered not just to potential conquests, that will elevate you from a programmed predator trying to drag girls down to your “level” to a bonafide GentleMan. And make the world a better place for Men and Women.)

    • Anonymous

      Without going into to much detail and giving away the tricks of the trade…negging is generally used alongside subtly alluding towards a long history of dating attractive women and enjoying sex. This isn’t always done in an ego boasting, bragging kind of way. At the least this isn’t the purpose. The idea is give the impression to the woman in question that “yhhhh, I enjoy sex, I have it a lot, I have loads of beautiful women chasing, if you don’t like it, go fuck yourself, I will move on” whilst also saying I am desirable and an alpha male, what have you got to offer me that other women haven’t? The is the whole point of the neg…it puts the onus back on the woman to chase the guy…seek his validation and approval. She needs to qualify herself, something very few guys so, but an alpha male would naturally do.

      It is a magic thing when you pull it off. It implies that you are socially proven, sexually experienced and desirable to the opposite sex. It can all be complete horse shit…the important thing is that the girl in question believes it.

      The other thing…is by declaring that you are interesting in sex…you have basically stated your interest from the start. The woman has no excuses!

  154. Anonymous

    I should also say that this article is not about the moral rights and wrongs of negging. Its implications.

    It is purely IF IT WORKS.

    Works being defined at increasing you chances seducing or attracting the woman in question.

    Note this is seduction science…not dating ethics!

    It comes from the point of view that we are animals, turned on by certain stimuli and cues. We have evolved to at a subconscious level. Why not learn them and use them to you advantage.

    Just as a women might do when she wears a revealing outfit or a dress that shows off her curves (men have evolved to be attracted to fit women).

    • Anon.

      Just stop.

      Just fucking stop.

      Take your fingers off the keyboard before you reveal more of your despicable character.

      • Anonymous

        Lol @ denial. You’re an embarrassment to your own evolution.

  155. Anonymous

    it is seduction “science”, granted. But as I stated, having some vengeful desire to fuck arrogant but attractive women and placing enough value upon that to spend your time programming yourself to appeal to them(rather then, say, getting an education, demonstrating value as someone who contributes to society by volunteer work, getting a licence… you know, more than pussy hunting “skills”)… well, I guess there’s someone for everyone! Like I said, if you don’t mind dipping your dicks in endless wells of need and disease, go for it. If I were a guy, I’d probably be the same I guess… No wonder humanity is breeding more and more assholes. Dumb women getting fucked by base level men, schooling themselves for it. No thanks. I’m glad I don’t have a daughter to warn, nor a son to try to teach about the implications of this kind of *ahem* “power”… try to treat nice women respectfully, it will go a looooooong way. And outright ignore women who would “otherwise insult you” (hot, or not)… you’re still giving them their cheap “beauty power” with this kind of nonsense if they’re “otherwise arrogant”… The only real answer that has a positive outcome for both genders is valuing already Well Mannered Intelligent Girls. There are a lot of them out there. And yes, they too like sex. It’s called being Human. You probably don’t notice them cos they never hurt your feelings while you’re too busy trying “techniques” to get in the pants of what you thought was “unattainable”, only to find out it’s easy when you bullshit. And easy bullshit tends to be just that. Stinky and disease ridden…
    (BTW every time a guy tells me about his ex’s, I feel more concerned about diseases and think he hasn’t moved on rather than any idea of him as some kind of “prize”.)
    Anyway, interesting page. I sincerely hope I, nor any other nice intelligent girls, don’t ever meet any of you and thanks for reinforcing my decision to not breed! Good luck with it all!

    • Anonymous

      Haha calm yourself. I sense a bit of anger.

      I have no vengeful desire to “fuck” arrogant women. I have a desire to have sex and plenty of, I have a desire to have sex with interesting and beautiful women…however, I think you would be hard pressed to find a guy that didn’t. You make it sound as if the choice is mutually exclusive…you can either want casual sex…OR you can want a stable relationship. I think I and most men want both and will assess any situation as it arises.

      There is nothing wrong with knowing and using these techniques as and when you want to. It just means you are competent…it doesn’t mean you are any less real.

      For what it is worth, I do not mind if I am rejected by a woman. However, I do mind the way in which I am rejected. If I am rejected…I do everything I can to ensure that the woman in question believes that she passing up an opportunity, that she is making a stupid mistake. They need to be left with a particular frame…that they could caught an alpha male, however for some reason, the wasted their chance to be chosen. In a sense…I always leave the seeds of doubt…leave them questioning whether they in fact did the rejecting.

      As I have said…the truth of this frame is irrelevant. It is what the woman believes.

      It the woman’s job to seek MY approval. It is ME that does the choosing not her. SHE needs to show ME that she is worth it.

      It she cannot do that…she is rejected. If she rejects me…I walk away…but I leave her wondering if she did reject me, or if I rejected her!

      Also, I should note that I have a post graduate and undergraduate degree, I have volunteered and worked in care.

    • Anonymous

      Diseases? Have you ever heard of this thing called a condom? Tends to prevent them.

      I am not denying that there are many interesting and attractive intelligent women. I am saying that seduction science techniques are fairly universal. They tend to work (with a bit of adaptation) universally.

      It is like top trumps…some women have the intelligence but I like the ones with the beauty as well. If anything, it makes things easier when they are intelligent, you can open negging their looks and claim that you are seeking someone really special with something more.

  156. Anonymous

    I think a lot of the negative responses here completely miss the point. As if it is at all about being mean to a girl. It’s not at all the case if you do it in a humorous way and I have found that (confident!) women like it a lot. It’s just a beautiful way to pass by this awkward “oh she is so beautiful and I am only average” -situation, which, in fact, is pretty hilarious. If you can make a woman feel that, really, it IS hilarious, it relaxes the situation immensely… Very nice for me AND the girl. However frustrating it is to be rejected over and over again, it must be just as frustrating for beautiful women to be stared at and drooled on all day everyday, so I guess every break from that routine is welcome.

  157. Anon.

    What. the. actual. fuck.

  158. Ethos

    This isn’t “harmless teasing” or “flirting” among friends. I come from a family where affection is equated with teasing and ‘playful insults.’ THIS IS NOT WHAT THE ARTICLE DESCRIBES. What the article describes is manipulation.

    Sure, you don’t want an “ass-kisser” as a mate–it doesn’t make sense. In a true mate it is necessary to seek someone out who is unafraid of your flaws, who balances you out, who is a person in equal standing with you. What the article describes is NOT playful and it certainly does not promote accepting or complimenting (as in, “acting in accordance or in-tandem with”) a person on any level.

    Manipulation is unacceptable, particularly if the person using it is searching for a “stable relationship” as is mentioned in several of the comments. This ‘negging’ lowers the other person’s status below yours. It gives you a sense of power: that’s the true appeal for using it. It’s not about an easy or more successful way to get a date; it’s about the power trip. (I know. I’ve manipulated partners before–though not in this manner–and it’s a thrill, a real rush knowing you succeeded. But THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE and it is completely unfair.) Instead of baring yourself, making yourself vulnerable to rejection (as, perhaps, you have tried and are sick of doing), you decide to turn the tables and put someone below you, so you can exercise the power for a change. It’s all about YOU making yourself feel better, and there is no honesty, no affection in that.

    Why don’t you legitimately try gaining someone’s trust first, without the manipulation, and without exaggerated “ass-kissing” compliments. It’ll go much better for both of you, no emotional turmoil, deception, or manipulation necessary.

    • Anonymous


      I am sorry Mr. I have manipulated partners before.

      I applaud you for being so selfless now. What an amazing turnaround!

      Maybe one day I will do the same. For now I will enjoy using these skills and experimenting a little.

      Hypocrite much?

      • Ethos

        Not a hypocrite, and not a man. Someone who has a mind to understand that what they’ve done is unfair and seeks to change it.

        Experiment all you like–it does not change that you will doubtless harm another person and undermine any actual relationship you could have had.

    • Anonymous

      Ha! Gaining trust. There is actually a trick for that too.

      You ask the woman in question to look after something for you while you go for the toilet. You tell her that it is very precious to you.

      It leaves a trust like frame, you have trusted her. It inevitably leaves a feeling of trust from her for you.

      • Ethos

        Of course there are tricks–there are tricks for everything. Why not just use honest interaction?

  159. Katrina

    Thank you for posting this. As a woman, I find it helpful to know these tricks that you try to play on us. What’s funny is that most of the guys who have negged me were guys I initially liked. As soon as the negging started, stopped liking them and I walked away. They screwed up big time. So you can neg someone if you like, that’s your choice, but you might push away a really nice girl who likes you . . .

    • Anonymous

      Haha. What about the guys that did get in your pants.

      They were not negging you?

      Perhaps they were so good at negging that you did not even realize?

      Let me guess…”but they can’t have been negging me!”
      Why? Because you slept with them? Because you cannot bring yourself to accept that with a few tricks, you can be seduced?

      No, no…you are right. You have never fallen for a neg. You keep telling yourself that.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think you fully understand. It is guys who do the choosing. Women…including nice girls, need to work to win the guy over. Alpha males don’t just settle for any woman.

      Once chance.

    • santiago

      You just made that up…didn’t you?

  160. Anonymous


  161. Noddy

    The thing about being approached by a guy is usually I can tell when it is something that is intended for just getting laid, and face it, that’s about 99.9% of the reason a guy will approach you in a bar or club and even on the street, inviting you out to a bar.

    A lot of girls, myself included, are on one hand social creatures and friendly but also very shy about that sort of thing so for me, my awkwardness when it comes to wanting to be left alone can come off as being stuck up, when really, I am in my own world having a meal and a drink on my way home from somewhere and the last thing I want is to chat, or even entertain the idea of someone wanting to get laid, and my anxiety is now being triggered and omg let this moment pass quickly and cleanly. I’d like to be able to go out and enjoy a night on the town without being propositioned for something so personal as though it’s nothing.

    Then to use such a passive aggressive technique such as negging… well if I am having a confident moment I will ask them if they’ve been to the doctors to get that Passive Aggressive Disorder checked out. I absolutely despise passive aggressiveness as I lived with someone for too long who I bet my life on, had passive aggressive disorder because it is just crazy making and that is all they do is talk like that… so if some chum decides to do that around me, he’ll be told what’s what real quick.

    Again, though, this is about getting laid. It’s not difficult to figure out if that’s what the guy is going for, and it seems to me most women aren’t dying to get in bed with a stranger, no matter how charming he might actually be. In fact the idea is really upsetting, at lease for me it is. I’m certainly not the only woman who feels this way so it is likely you are running into a lot of us and interpreting our discomfort as rude.

    That’s where your problem lies, really. A wolf is a wolf. If you’re out looking for pussy, you’re a wolf, and those of us who don’t ignore our instincts will smell that from across the street.

    It’s not welcome.

    • Anonymous

      First up, all men are looking for pussy. ACCEPT THIS. There seems to be so many women that are still deluded in thinking that men do not want to have sex most of the time. That is what men and women do. Even the nice guys that are not forward in their intentions…and sitting there hoping that if they are nice and friendly enough with you, you will sleep with them. Sorry but this is the truth.

      Second, so what if you don’t meet my standards. It seems like you are not sexual enough anyway. I don’t think you would be able to keep up with me. But its okay, I am sure there is a nice, beta guy for you to have somewhere.

      You forget that there are many beautiful women out there. Alpha guys like me have the pick of the bunch. So really, you are no big loss.

      As I keep saying, you seem to forget. With guys like me, we do the choosing. From everything you have just typed, it seems as if you are not good enough anyway.

      • Anonymous

        Pffft please! Every man I have been with has not been able to keep up with ME, not the other way around. I’ve left relationships because I didn’t get laid enough, and it was usually the guys who think themselves “alpha male” king of the jungle types. Also, they all had small dicks… overcompensating much?
        Guys who are gifted in the trouser department and good between the sheets are usually quietly confident and don’t need to use tactics and mind games to get into bed with a woman. And guys who sleep with lots of women as one night stands, it most likely because they are terrible lovers and couldn’t please a woman to keep her for longer anyway.
        So keep convincing yourself you’re a big man for sleeping with lots of women. Why don’t you buy yourself a nice sports car too. Might make you feel better about your lack of size.

      • Anonymous

        And there is a difference between having a strong sex drive, and thinking you are entitled to harass women in public places, simply because they are beautiful. Get over yourself and learn some manners. Most women want and deserve to be treated with respect, and want to get to know a guy before letting him into their personal space.

        Most self respecting women want to know about their sexual partners and where a man has been, and don’t want to sleep with dirty mongrel dogs who probably have diseases. The women you get into bed on a one night stand are either too drunk, careless or in a bad place in their life, or don’t give a crap. So way to go for taking advantage of vulnerable people! Go you!

        Just as you say men are “looking for pussy” (such a classy use of language…) you should accept that for women, sex is not something they are happy to give away to anyone. That does not mean that they don’t like sex, they just don’t want it with you! In a bar, they don’t know you from Adam, why the hell would they consider a sexual relationship with a complete stranger, just because he thinks he’s something special??? Mate you need to burst your bubble and wake up! You’re just an unsophisticated adolescent whose hormones overrule his grey matter.

  162. Katzenstein

    Oh wow!
    None of the above would get you in my pants. I would be nice to you until you dropped a comment like that on me, after that you would be totally ignored. Perhaps it would work to get attention from very insecure women, but then again I find it lame to use such a negative technique which would probably make the girl feel even more insecure. Apparently it’s not important to you that the woman is genuinely attracted to you, you just want to get laid and have her regret it in the morning. I really, really feel sorry for you and the girls you use this on ^^

    • Anonymous

      So you have never had sex? Let me guess, the guys that did bed you “certainly didn’t use negging/techniques on me!”

      Haha! Of course not.

      Perhaps you do not like sex at all. Maybe you should become a nun and let all the other normal women have their shot.

  163. Guy

    This…cold as it may supposedly be…works

    • Anonymous

      Too right it works.

      The number of women opposing to it is testament to this.

      I would be interested to here from the women that posted and said “I always spot this”, “I am never tricked”. I bet these same ladies have slept with guys after not knowing them for very long. They have chased guys before, they have desired a sought after guy and eventually got the chance to sleep with him.

      This is what some and failing to understand. It is not as if you just go up to a woman and be rude to her. Negging is woven in with other techniques to leave and impression that you are sought after, socially proven and desirable. That the woman will have to work to get your attention.

      Once again, the actual truth of this is irrelevant. The important thing is that it is believed. Remember, guys do the choosing.

      • santiago

        This does work look at the reactions here,I’d urge men to look up the phrase “rationalisation hamster” that part of a woman’s brain that excuses here from poor decisions and piss poor behaviour.we’ve all seen it at some point.

  164. Boner

    Whatever works

  165. Thinks your an IDIOT

    This is bullshit!! If you have to “lower a womans self esteem levels
    ” or whatever she is probably a bitch to begin with and if you feel the need to do that then you have problems talking to noraml people. Obviously those who knock you back without the negging can see you for who you are.

    • Anonymous

      Its depends how you look at it. It isn’t really lowering a girls self esteem…it is saying “and what?! you think just because you stand there I want you, I should chase after you…I am a guy with plenty of female attention, I am socially proven and desirable…you are going to have to prove yourself to me”.

      Unless you are saying that men should automatically have to pander to a woman and seek her attention and approval? As if this is natural and normal way of things?

      A neg is far from an attack. It is not like you are cussing the woman…or dissing her. I am saying something playful and ambiguous.

      I do not need a woman to validate my self esteem. I know I am plenty of women to choose from that I am social proven. What is wrong with letting them know that? If they cant play ball…next!

  166. L

    The frequency of negs is correlated with her level of attractiveness. While cute girls respond better to artful flattery, beautiful women are used to pussy-orbiters; men who’ll kiss the bitch’s asshole with each new rotation. That’s why negging is so great: You distinguish yourself from her cunt supplicants — whom she never fucks — and demonstrate that you’re not intimated by her sex appeal. Sorry, but you’re not special or praiseworthy because you have big tits.

    Beautiful girls have it easy. They hate men who perpetuate the cycle by running that nice-guy bullshit. Plus, men throw banter back-and-forth amongst themselves and don’t hesitate to call each other out on their bullshit. And she can always respond by insulting me back — that shit is hot.

  167. a real live girl

    This is ridiculous…I believe it works but only on women who are insecure enough to give a hoot about what losers who try to pick them up at clubs and bars have to say. Getting to know a woman isn’t a game and guys shouldn’t try to trap us into sleeping with them. Grow up people

    • Anonymous

      It may come as a shock, but I only really want to be emotionally involved with women that I am sleeping with.

      I don’t mind having female friends…providing that I am not attracted to them…and I have friend zoned them.

      Men sleeping with women is a normal and natural state of affairs. It is amusing that there are so many women that think its natural and normal to have male “friends” that find them attractive.
      …but that men should not seek to sex with women.


      • Anonymous

        If men are not owed sex, then women are most certainly NOT owed friendship.

        If you refuse to put out…don’t be upset and angry when a guy withdraws his friendship and doesn’t want to know you.

        Sex is a normal activity for men and women.

      • Anonymous

        Emotional availability and attention from men does not come for free.

        So stop deluding yourself into thinking that men just want to be your “friends”

      • Anonymous

        So you only want to know women who are unattractive to you or that will have sex with you? That’s pretty sad that you don’t care to be friends with a woman unless you can handle the fact that she isn’t interested in having sex with you. That suggests a very fragile ego, that you would be so put out by her lack of desire for you, that you simply can’t continue talking to her.

        But, so what, you’re doing her a favor. Why would she want to be friends with you if that is how you feel? You sound like a pretty lousy friend anyway!

        Yes, men and women having sex is normal, but it has to be consentual, and most women want a long term relationship with someone before they will “put out”, because then they will have been able to work out if the guy just wants to get in her knickers, like you, or if he actually wants the same things as her: love, respect, possibly marriage and children.

    • Anonymous

      Also…how do you tell the difference between a “loser” and a genuinely great guy?

      Confident guys tend to neg naturally and act all cocky. That’t the beauty of some of these techniques…the confuse at a subconscious level if used rapidly and as part of a routine.

  168. Ronald Patrick Thompson

    I am a nice guy, I treat women with respect and I get laid lots. I also happen to be really ridiculously good looking, intelligent and funny. But none of those things have anything to do with why I get laid (okay maybe a little bit). The only thing that matters is are you being genuine? You see, I enjoy meeting people with no expectations. When I go out I talk to as many guys and ugly chicks as I do pretty women. So when I talk to pretty women my genuine nature of only wanting to talk to talk reads through. And wouldn’t you know it, a guy that doesn’t want something from a woman is refreshing to them. Also, so is being nice without an ulterior motive. Some girls I take home, some I dont. Just like some guys who neg take some girls home some they dont. Neither will “work” every time, but if you are successful in trying to let go of some kind of technique to get laid and just be genuine you will get laid a lot more often. But yes, some women do want the overly dominant alpha male that mistreats them so to those, neg away. But mostly, being an alpha male is about confidence, and having the confidence to not be an asshole, but rather charming, witty (and no, negging isn’t witty) and respectful without being a kiss-ass is the most powerful approach of them all.

    • Ayanami

      SO MUCH YES!!!!!!!

  169. Ayanami

    Negging. The cheap way to supplement having real confidence and sense of humor. Girls love alpha males cause confident men make them feel confident in themselves-most girls pretty or not are not confident. Less experienced girls go for bad boys cause they mistake their oversized egos for confidence; the smart ones learn their lesson, not all girls are smart. Alpha males are not bad boys, but not all people (gushing girls and jealous boys) realize this. They are assertive, but most idiots think that assertive is aggressive. The most successful alphas I know are not good looking or well hung and are often quiet spoken and kind, but won’t take crap from anyone (even a hot chick if she’s being unreasonable). They have self belief; they look at the yes’s they have received and you obsess on all the rejections. They concentrate on life which makes them attractive, you concentrate on what you do not have therefore clinging to anyone who shows interest. A clingy wet blanket is unattractive (male or female). Negging is like the short term band aid/supplement to self realization/growth. If she is so stuck up why are you acting superficial like her and pursuing her anyway. I have been with nice guys who were alpha males. A confident person wants an equal, not a sycophant or a dominator. Just relax and have a sense of humor; if you have to take people down a peg than you are admitting you have low worth. See yourself as their equal.

  170. allie

    Fuck you asshole. Maybe you have to neg girls bc you have the brain of a primitive caveman and no one likes ur ugly personality,

    • Anonymous

      Funny thing is if you had any less of a primitive brain you’d be able to spot it coming and shrug it off. But instead your only defence is to get all shitty about it.

  171. Claire LW

    Here’s a thought….
    How about leave negging out of it completely? Regardless of if you’re a guy or a girl, try being a decent human being, instead of some twisted game-player, and a lot more people might like you to begin with.
    And if they don’t like you, or are unpleasant towards you, then they aren’t worth knowing period.

    What’s so hard to understand?

    And why would you even *want* to start a conversation with someone who is totally up their own butt? To be more like them?

  172. You make me want to be a lesbo

    I’ve been ‘negged’ a million times, and every time it happens I think, “god I’m so bored with this. When will a guy just BE HIMSELF.” You see, I’ve dated some assholes before, mostly I dated great guys who I’m still friends with, but some assholes did get through and as soon as I knew they were dumb jerks, I broke it off. Why would I put myself in the way of one on purpose??? That ‘gentile teasing’ is a symptom of a much larger self confidence issue that will never end (without professional therapy, that is). It starts with ‘teasing’, which is really devaluing another person (the op said this), and becomes a much bigger dominance and jealousy issue. You call it a ‘technique’, but this is a way of life for a lot of idiots, so much so, that I can no longer tell the difference, and so I lump all PUA behaviors (which I’ve since educated myself about) in the Super Dumb Frustrated Little Boy category. Now, no one is perfect, least of all, me! But any man who thinks that being irritating and acting kind of like an idiot is going to charm me, he’s clearly misguided. I want a man who values himself as much as I value myself, someone who wouldn’t dare try to manipulate me or dominate me with ‘teasing’. That’s bullshit. You want a woman who is hot AND fun AND interesting, or just “hot and dumb and right now because I want it”? Well, that’s all you’re going to get if that’s how you are tailoring your social responses to women. As far as I’m concerned, you should keep up the obvious PUA behaviors, so that I can tell who is worthy of my vagina and who isn’t, you’re doing me a favor, really. I want no part of any man who is so stupid he can’t figure it out on his own and needs another big group of clueless desperate men to show him even more how to not get in my pants. Because that’s what PUA is, a club for losers who just want sex, but are too cheap to pay for it. I’m hot, you would call me a 10, and my lady friends are smokin’ too, we’re highly self confident and many of us hang out together and talk about this stuff. What’s wrong with the men? We’re all wondering why it is that you don’t see that we have full and complete lives without you, and that if you want to be in our lives and pants, why you wouldn’t want to be the best person you can be? Why train yourself to be a total douchey turn off? Just for a one night stand? You would change yourself in the most negative ways just to pick up hot women for just one night? Sigh….
    Let me finish by saying, night clubs are the WORST places to pick up on anyone. It’s the worst possible way I can think of to meet someone new. THAT’S why women aren’t talking to you, they think only really desperate men resort to picking up chicks in clubs and they’re correct. So, keep up the good work, you are spreading the disease of dysfunctional relationships and bad ideas, making sure more women everywhere mistrust all men and want to never go out anymore. I”m joking when I say this, but maybe someday there will only be internet dating, where we can not talk to you safely from the comfort of our own homes and don’t have to worry about your overly aggressive dominance games potentially becoming violent rage and then assault (I’ve experienced this first hand, because some PUA type didn’t want me to say no. In fact, he thought it would be cool to keep on going. Yup. He got stabbed in the neck with a pen for being such a nice guy. Yes, yes he did.) Despite all the lameness this subject elicits, I still love men. I love cuddly, wonderful, thoughtful, intelligent, interesting, fun men and the world has shown me that for every PUA dumbass trainer and his flock of beta boy sheep, there are many many balanced, wholesome, incredible guys who are really trying to make their lives into something wonderful to find out there. They’re going to make great fathers and husbands, they will make mistakes but will keep learning as we all do in this life. They will value their prospective partners beyond having to resort to manipulation and deceit. In fact, the plans of a PUA would never occur to this guy because he’s too busy being awesome to remain butt hurt over common rejections, and he doesn’t need a sausage party to give him advice on women. I’ve dated a lot of guys like that, I’ve been lucky to love a few of them, and I have faith in the man half of our gender regardless of all the hard work blogs like this are doing to destroy those men, that they will find mates and have decent and happy lives. And I applaud them!!

    • TiffanyMyers

      I applaud decent men as well. So hard to come buy genuine guys actually putting their real selfs on the line for actual love. When I meet a decent guy I’m like he deserves something . Even if I’m not interested. He deserves to get laid lol

    • exasperated

      Well said!

    • James

      First and foremost, well said. Secondly, do you not see this as an excellent avenue of routing out the self loathing assholes who secretly hate women due to constant denial? I mean the way I see it, a guy (or girl by the way, I’m sure some have tried a neg or two :P ) who isn’t so socially awkward that he has to resort to subtle bullying should be able to know what he want’s, know when to take it but also know when to walk away (most importantly, creepyness and awkward silences make me cringe SOOO bad.)

      I mean I’m gonna be so bold as to say I’m somewhere around an 8 or 9. Wouldn’t go as far as a 10 like some :P and have watched this shit happen in front of my very eyes. Even to girls in my group and it is laughable. I honestly do not see whats wrong with just going up and talking to a girl, being a genuine gentleman, making her laugh and proving to the world that chivalry ISN’T dead. If you make a girlfriend out of it, amazing! If you make a friend, just as sweet!

      Be safe in the knowledge that we REAL MEN are still most definitely out there, although unfortunately you may well have to come to Scotland to find us ;)

  173. Anonymous

    You want to get a woman to like you? Make her laugh. Do something special for her, not EVERYTHING special as no one of either gender likes that but everyone likes to laugh and be treated just a little special. If all you got going for you is condescension… expect to be replaced very easily the moment she realizes you’re impossible to please.

  174. blue

    I’m sorry but Negging is awful, I recently dated a guy and at the start of a relationship he was really sweet and would compliment me all the time and didn’t neg but after a while he started doing it and I was so blinded by the fact that I loved him that I refused to believe that he was doing it and now that we’ve broken up and I’ve been away from him, I can see he was awful but my self esteem is so damaged. never neg, you don’t know how much damage it will do until its too late.

    • Anonymous

      You sound like you were probably really nice to him at first but then after the honeymoon period wore off turned into a bitch.

  175. Yvette

    WTH?! Is this actually for real??? Cos passive aggression is SO sexy in a man. You know, like a pedophilia habit.


    This is the adult version of encouraging bullying in schoolkids to makes themselves feel better about themselves, by crapping on someone else. Just what the world needs more of.

  176. Alexis

    Everyone wants what they can’t have. Maybe not consciously, but we do. There’s something in your brain saying “What do you mean I can’t have that? Just watch me, asshole” and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Not being qualified to get something we want gives us reason to become qualified. Watching someone else achieve what we want to achieve makes us go “Damn, I want to be like that person” which is where we run into a problem.

    Man wants to get laid. Not looking for a relationship. Sex. Nothing else. He’s pulling up to the drive thru and ordering one dick wetting. Which makes him inherently evil, misogynistic, sexist etc etc. God forbid people have casual sex. Man naturally wants the best he can get. He’s wired to find certain things attractive, something he can’t be blamed for. His standards probably aren’t that high but he shoots for the stars, because his loins tell him to.

    Then we have the women. It’s an entirely different game for women. There is an expectation for men to make the first move. As has been shown in the comments, the men are to blame when they didn’t make a move. They are also to blame when a woman passes over them in favor of someone more appealing. Beside the point. A woman feels spurned when a man walks by her in favor of someone more attractive. The woman who is approached feels…something I suppose, because of all the men approaching her who are a variety of colorful adjectives. Most, if not all, are turned away. Some may be ignored completely. Depending on the location this number can be quite high, a large contributing factor as to why women travel in groups, for safety. Should a sufficient specimen approach, as dictated by the same wiring that makes the man do what he does, casual sex between two people may occur that night, thus achieving the desired goal of both parties.

    It seems that regardless of what happens though, we all blame each other for not finding people attractive.
    “I’m mad at you for not finding me the most attractive person here upon first glance!”
    “I’m mad at you for knowing who I am inside and not finding me attractive outside!”
    “I’m mad at you for finding me attractive on the outside but not the inside!”

    We’re all being assholes in our own way. Whether it’s because we’re emulating successful assholes or just naturally assholes, we all are, in some minor or major way, assholes. And it’s probably because you’ve been mad at someone for not being wired to find you attractive.

    • Scottish James

      Haha, wow! Alexis you have managed to articulate my thought’s exactly! get out of my mind :p

      Were all just looking for that uniquely acute asshole in the hope that the feeling is mutual!

  177. Shocked and Appalled

    Okay, I literally have so many comments to make about this, that I am having trouble forming a single sentence. So after a few deep, deep breathes, here is my response to this utter crap:
    Dear Sir, Dear Misogynist, HEY JERK!
    I don’t know what woman, or I’m guessing women, have hurt you in the past. But the fact that you have to advise guys to tear a woman down, in order for them to like you is ridiculous. Do you know what that leads to? Relationships filled with self-doubt, causing one member to constantly reassure their partner. Is that what you want? The fact that you are encouraging guys to rate women on a Likert scale means you clearly don’t respect them, because that is the definition of objectification. If a guy has the right to choose who he wants to ask out, then a girl has the right to accept and reject anyone they want. It doesn’t matter if she is a 1 or a 10, paying someone a negative comment is wrong. There’s a word for it… Wait a second… It is on the tip of my fingers… Oh, yeah! Bullying. If you have to verbally harass a woman into accepting your offer for a cup of coffee or a date, then you are bullying her. I apologize for whatever women of your past have done to you, to make you this way, but your reaction to their snubs are unacceptable. Women don’t owe you anything. We aren’t like a sub shop card, you don’t just get a yes because you struck out with 9 other girls. You probably got a lot of back lash for your internet post. But it was justifiable. You must on some level realize how wrong negging is, right?

    • ysil

      hey nobody did him anything, no need to apologize, his father probably bullied his mother, thats all, be aware and not let ur husband bully you, thats actually the worst thing you can do to your son, to let ur husband bully or yell at you

  178. ysil

    no wonder so many dude bros alone, which so much shitty advices, no wonder so many lesbians, omg men are garbage, I wouldnt waste 1 minute of my time with negging men, my mom would and she married an abuser, so thats all u need to know

  179. Anonymous

    I could write a super long response ripping you apart but assholes like you don’t even deserve that kind of time and effort from real human beings. Grow up and treat everyone with respect smh

  180. Anonymous

    The sense of entitlement here is wild.

  181. Anonymous

    Let’s just call this like it is.
    Guys who neg just want a piece of ass and they’re too cheap to cough up the money for a hooker to get it.

    • Anonymous

      Um, I’m super obese, and the guy who negged me was a very buff body builder, with huge chest and arm muscles, 17 years younger than me, with a great sense of humor most of the time, who repeatedly told me, and otherwise made it very clear (saying he couldn’t keep his hands off me, which was true, and fun) that he was really turned on by my body, eyes, breasts, legs, clothes, humor, voice, touch, accomplishments, and driving him to one great place after another for dates.

      I’ve since found that a fair number of men of all sizes, appearances, and accomplishments are either turned on by big women, or by women in a spectrum of sizes. He was attracted to women of all sizes.

      I, on the other hand, am not attracted to body-builder physiques, and usually prefer (clean-shaven) skin-and-bones guys. Though I did come to appreciate the feel of his broad chest and muscles under my hands.

      Not everyone is interested in the PUA stereotypes of women and men. Just another example of how the PUA world is based on narrow, oppressive, patriarchal values.

  182. Anonymous

    I never had a hot guy try to “neg” me once, only unattractive guys. That says it all.

  183. Marisa Mockery

    Wow. If some ass started saying things like this, all they’d do is lose a friend, not gain a girlfriend. Do you know how my friends have become boyfriends? BY ASKING POLITELY. That’s it. “Hey, do you want to go on a date?” “Sure, let’s go see a movie.” IT’S MAGIC

  184. TiffanyMyers

    Currently being negged now by a guy that is a F*ckin idiot. He had no idea I was interested in him but naturally take things slow. Started negging me when he thought I wasn’t interested and I caught on right away because I genuinely liked this guy and now found out he plays games and is a douche. Such high hopes for this guy * At least I dodged a bullet. WHEN NEGGING BACKFIRES. KINO has also backfired on his friend. Any genuine normal guys without tricks up their sleeves? Some hot girls are actually looking for genuine guys.

  185. Anonymous

    I think you’re all just mad cause this works and you can’t grasp how stupid women are to fall for it. Women have always had more power, it doesn’t hurt to bring them down to a males level. Most women are cruel to men. So nothing wrong with a little neg here and there.

  186. Ammy

    I have no problem with your logic for negging. In fact a lot of your examples (like lint in the hair) are not really negative at all, but:
    “Negs are for those glamour girls that have been spoiled all their lives by Daddy and have little sense of reality (like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton for example). These are the types of girls that enjoy shooting “nice guys” down. It’s THAT kind of girl that negs are designed to attract.”
    Why the heck would you want to attract THAT kind of girl? I know there are exceptions to the rule, but I’ve never personally met THAT kind of girl who wasn’ mean, rude, bitchy, and overall high maintenance. They tend to make crappy girlfriends.

  187. Anonymous

    This is painfully sexist

  188. Anonymous

    So, I am a woman 58 and in my early years this was referred to as “teasing” and we all knew a boy teased us because he liked us. Not because he was a misogynist, but because he liked the girl and invited the play of conversation that would follow. It was simply patter – not intended to put the woman down, but to play. This article presents it in a different light – more manipulative but it is still the same. Saying I had lint in my hair did not damage my self esteem. The whole tone of this “negging” as I see it is much more comfortable and playful than a simple introduction, especially if it is delivered playfully and respectfully. And I was an 8.5 in my day. Got plenty of it. Responded well to some, and not so much for others.

    • Anonymous

      Younger generations seems to be in a such a rush to seem superior to everyone else all the time – political correctness, over moralising and witch hunts are the order of the day – and this even comes out in the article somewhat; giving a laymans explanation of basic male/female initial contact and some minor psychology behind it in order to ‘justify’ teasing someone in order to grab attention.

      And, of course, the so called ‘backlash’ against it is equally inevitable. Everybody is so much better than everybody else.

  189. Anonymous

    Making women feel so bad about themselves that their self- esteem stoops low enough to sleep with you? Great tactic, honeybun :*

  190. somerandomchick

    Telling guys how to fail and disguising it as seduction. Nice way to guarantee the profits keep rolling in from ignorant & desperate beta losers. The American way!

  191. exasperated

    No, as a woman, I am NOT worrying about being “negged”, don’t worry yourself about that. I am however greatly concerned about the betterment of the human race, and thus think you need to know what a dick you sound like, for want of a better word! You need to realise, and stop spreading pathetic “advice” that continues to treat women like an object, or quest item in a computer game.
    Ok, so guys get rejected in bars BECAUSE they are talking to women with the sole purpose of trying to have sex with them! Women can sense this, and therefore, ignore the man. If they ignore you, it’s because you are being creepy, leave her alone! NOT every woman is open to being chatted up by men in a bar, just because you are a nice guy, or bad boy, or whatever. You could be Brad Pitt, but SOMETIMES, heaven forbid, we might ACTUALLY want to just hang out with our friends in a nice bar or club! We don’t want to be interrupted by some guy to tell us we have lint in our hair! Jesus, grow up! No wonder you all don’t have any luck with women, if you have this attitude!

  192. Anonymous

    So, let’s get another woman’s perspective on here. A while ago I was at an event, and a guy approached me with, “i really like your outfit but your watch doesn’t work with it”. Now, my first thought was, “who the hell is this asshole?”, but I’m a nice girl. I talk to people who approach me. so instead of telling him to fuck off, I told him I like my watch, and I wear it because I like it. but him coming up to me like that was an immediate turnoff. i DID NOT give him my number, or make out with him (which i do with some guys just to be polite). i thought he was an asshole. just because there’s a hot girl at the club who seems confident doesn’t mean she’s a bitch who needs this “technique” used on her.

  193. Scottish James

    I’m not entirely sure that everyone getting angry at the author has envisaged the social situaton that this would be used. I’ll set the scene… Guy walks over to a girl in a dark, busy environment where both parties are drunk and having a good time with friends. The girl is very prety, dressed like a princess and is waiting for a buff, handsome, teeth whitened, rich dude with probably not much between the ears. The guy about to neg is shitting himself because he KNOWS hes a nice guy with lots to give but has been turned down in the past for not looking like the afore mentioned so goes with a playful neg to gain confidence if it works for future endeavours. I don’t think its neccesarily a “pump em, dump em” technique but more of a confidence builder.

    I mean it’s not like hes saying “I really like your shoes but your face wouldn’t temp me out a burning attic” It’s much more playful than that like “I really like your shoes but i think red would have matched your dress better *smile*”

    I personally think the gentlemanly standing at a bar and even though your blatantly first you say “You can go next”
    “awww, thank you”
    “Don’t mention it, I’m James by the way.”
    “Hi I’m *name*”
    “Nice to meet you, are you here with your boyfriend or……?”
    Green light or red light responce follows!
    In my opinion confidence, talking to a girl like an equal and then walking away early, waiting a bit for her to think about you then deliberately meeting at the bar again works every time.

    And fellas, the REALLY pretty girls are usually too aware of their beauty and totally not worth it, been there, done that, got bored as sh*t!
    Stick with the girls with some grey matter between their ears, they make for MUCH better girlfriends!

  194. Anonymous

    You and everybody who values, uses, or defends this technique are actual, honest to goodness sociopaths who should not be allowed to talk to any other human being.

    This whole “social value” thing is disgusting. The whole rating girls on an objective point scale.

    It is no wonder you guys are so insecure and yet so hung up on getting laid that you have to pull elaborate theories out of your assholes as to why “nice guys” like you are rejected and how you can game the system.

    Guess what? There’s no science here. It’s all a numbers game. You plug away and eventually you’ll find someone who’ll give in. Those girls who passed you over? You weren’t their type. Or they weren’t there to pick up a guy in the first place.

    The whole idea that everybody in a night club is looking for the same thing is just another example of the narcissistic solipsism that infects every pick up artist.

    Of course, if you could realize that, you’d have enough empathy to connect with other human beings using your PERSONALITY, wouldn’t you?

    • Anonymous

      Going by the tone of your reply and your inability to comprehend simply-written passages, I’ll wager you’re about a 3.

    • Anonymous

      This is the best comment so far.

      These ARE the methods of sociopaths, and rating people is narrow, childish, hate-filled, disgusting, and ignorance of fulfillment.

  195. Anonymous

    Also, why would you want to fuck a girl who thinks being compared to Rainbow Brite is an insult?

  196. Just an Observation

    Outside of my feelings surrounding the technique, I’d have to say the broader issue of “nice guys” vs. “assholes” is one not well mediated.

    The short-sighted conclusion is that being rude is more attractive than being nice. That’s not at all true. Men and women of all sexualities, orientation, gender identification, and backgrounds appreciate a kind and loving person. We all also generally appreciate dimensionality.

    The association given with a “nice guy/girl” is one who doles out an uneding stream of niceities. Allowing themsleves to be run over by their signifcant other in hopes that their affection coupled with putting the other person before themselves time and again is enough to keep them. This seems to be what a person playing the nice role aims for. buidling another person up using bricks of their own self confidence. That’s both dull and disheartening.

    It’s nice to get your way, but it’s also nice to have resistance, to be with someone who has their own mind and opinions that may differ from yours, to not always be able to predict a person. So that when you bring something up, ask a question, or present to them a situation, occasion or potential conflict, you don’t know how they’ll respond. There is an inherent interest in that person, simply because you don’t know. It’s a realm of uncertainty juxtaposing its very existence with it’s consistency.

    A “bad guy/girl” satiates this need for uncertainty, but takes it to the extreme. When you approach them with hopes of affection, you’re never entirely sure what you’ll get. It can be excting not knowing and fun trying to “win” them over. But that’s rather juvenile and gets old rather quickly, just like someone who’s entirely too predictable. It’s emotionally draining and much too stressful to be that entirely unsure about the one person you selected to be able to depend on. The only thing you learn to rely on is the uncertainty.

    This seems to boil down to the value you place on yourself. Low self value can lead to both scenarios. One in attempts to keep the other around by feeding their ego, making them most important, and constantly non-verbally admitting your being lesser. The other in an attempt to raise yourself into the position of importance, forcing your exaggerated arbitrary self value onto another person so that they endure the negativity to stick around for such a worthwhile person.

    I sincerely hope some of these posts I’m reading are trolls or bitter souls leaking some anonymous internet-therapy. It’s scary to think there are so many selfish people(men and women) plotting to create and maintain relationships for the sake of simply having them.

  197. Anonymous

    Only people with no willpower or sense object to an easily overcomable technique. It really is as simple as that.

  198. WarierThanEverOfMen

    This practice is sick. It’s playing a psychological game on someone. I don’t care how “limited” its use you recommend: that’s just a slippery slope. Any degree is unethical and intentionally hurtful and manipulative.

    You think men will only use your advice in limited ways?

    Guess again.

    I intentionally didn’t date men for years. Have never gone to bars. Don’t know the latest games men use on women. Then met a guy who told me I was attractive. I am very plus size, and except for use of color, I’m mostly plain/unfashionable in dress.

    We went on a date (hiking), were having fun, and after showing my clear interest, and having great flirtation, laughs, and sexual interest on both our parts, he pulled what I now know is “negging,” to an extreme degree, again and again.

    This guy, having gotten me interested, was hell bent on crushing me to bring me under his control. Mid-way through the first date. Which was totally unnecessary. I felt crushed and totally psychologically and emotionally abused, and didn’t know what had happened, but I could tell he was trying to manipulate me.

    Over the next few weeks, I kept trying to bring him back to the nice part of what I’d first met in him, but he continued to play games, just to hurt, punish, and try to manipulate me into doing his bidding, which he totally failed at.

    He blew it. We could have had something nice, but he was too into abusing his way into getting what he wanted, and I wasn’t that stupid. He killed the insane chemistry we initially had on our first date.

    I was sincerely interested in this guy, expressed it, and don’t play games. He ruined it.

    As for decent men who don’t like women who trash them when they approach nicely, maybe they’re approaching the wrong kinds of women.

    Did that ever occur to any of you guys?

    Or are you so gullible as to let these PUA con men fool YOU into thinking that if you aren’t a hottie socially or physically, you’re entitled to date women who could be models?

    And are charging you/conning you out of dozens or hundreds of dollars for their books and seminars to sell you this delusion?

    Are you passing up women who are intelligent, nice and have great character, but who are not “7-10’s” in the brain-dead PUA handbook, or have flaws, just as you do?

    If you’re a loser or just inept, and she’s got it together, what do you expect?

    Focus on developing yourSELF: your character, genuine social skills, building your friendship circle, education, career, whatever needs strengthening, then pursue someone at a similar level in these.

    As for the author:

    Negging?? What a great idea you have here: NOT.

    Total fail. Thanks for recommending it to men everywhere. What a loser.

    • Anonymous

      Well said.

  199. Eli

    So it’s putting someone else down so you can feel better about yourself. I thought that sort of thing ended in the third grade.

  200. Anonymous

    Oh Wow! Dose this work on guys too?! See if I can think of one…. Oh I got it…

    “Hey, You look like the kind of guy who cries when he @#@!#$… I must admit, I am sort of into that.”

  201. Anonymous

    What an idiot this trolling author is. Thanks for showing how much you hate women! Pretty women are human beings too and deserve the same dignity and respect you think men are entitled to. Oh and news flash–men are ignored because so many of you cannot take NO for an answer. You are not entitled to a woman’s attention just because you’re a man who’s interested in her. YOU. ARE. NOT. ENTITLED. TO. HER. ATTENTION. Get over yourself. Guys who neg are just making it harder for actual nice guys to be given a chance.

  202. Brina

    Wow. The advice in this article is utterly deplorable. Take it from a woman who is a 9/10 by society’s standards (going off what has been repeated to me many times, not just what I think of myself): DONT DO THIS. I have never, ever met a woman who does. If you have to break a female down like this in order to get your dick wet, then I hate to say it but no matter how many hookups you take home from the bar, you are fucking failing at life..

    • Brina

      Typo: I’ve never ever met a woman who doesn’t**(as in, doesn’t find this method of interaction and flirting completely disgusting).

  203. Yoyo

    This is for the sad male who knows that he can’t get a hot woman. Shame, let them try.

    A question – you say this is designed to land the ‘stuck up spoiled bitchy Paris Hilton type’ – why on earth do you want to spend time with a female like that? If it’s just for a quick lay, then the hot woman will hook up with you if she likes what she sees, it’s not about your putdowns. She knows if it’s on within the first 5 minutes.

    I have a friend who does this to his friends, so I understand the logic. Does it help me want to gain his approval or change his mind? Perhaps. Would I ever be interested in him? No he behaves like a douche.

  204. Anonymous

    He doesn’t create a challenge, he creates a complex. You are so disillusioned, you really wanna believe your crap.

  205. Anonymous

    This “article” is everything that is wrong with society. Fuck this shit. You are just an asshole.

  206. Skegeeace


    High school politics. I love backpedal into,”Well, now us guys are just so sensitive and insecure at being told to piss off, that we have to resort to five year old poking fun in order to “bring a girl down to our level”.” First off, you don’t know that just because we’re attractive that we’re “spoiled or mean”. What makes you pre-judge us that way? I personally am not rude to a guy who tries to talk to me unless he’s being rude or harrassing me. I tell guys all the time, “I appreciate it, but I’m not interested.” Sometimes they’re cool and move on like adults, but sometimes they get all butt hurt and pissy and start trying to insult me.

    That’s really what this seems like it’s all about- guys who couldn’t take a gentle rejection let alone a hard one because they’re too easily crushed. How about, you stop judging how women will react based on their looks, you grow some BALLS, not take rejection so personally, and then you don’t need to bring anyone down- just build yourself up! We like guys who exude confidence that MATCHES ours, not someone who has to try and break someone down because they don’t have any.

  207. Anonymous

    I disagree. You say, well if telling a girl she has lint in her hair insults her ego, that’s her issue, but the examples of negging had nothing to do with minor insults like lint in her hair until the update trying to defend negging. Also, your point about it being a night club justifying it doesn’t go over too well with me. It’s either right or wrong behavior. There is no justifying it based on environment. Like, well it’s okay to punch someone in the face, it’s a nightclub. The argument is irrational. Also, saying guys get insulted all the time is another irrational justification. You are insulting someone and harming their self-esteem. If their self-esteem was high and they were not interested in you, then they probably don’t find you attractive! Move on. Insulting someone’s self-esteem has ramifications. Negging is just wrong! I’ll give an example of a neg I received recently which was that my nose is so cute I could dress up as an Easter bunny for Easter. I didn’t know whether that was a compliment or insult. I asked the guy, and he said, it was a neg! I just assumed it was a negative comment. I thought he was abbreviating and didn’t know this was a thing! He actually smiled in my face and was close with me while he said it. I didn’t get mad or offended because I actually thought it was a compliment at first. Then, I was like, hmm. So, this guy wants me to feel bad about myself, but if he cares so much about making me feel bad, then he must like me… because otherwise, if he didn’t care or even like me or want me… then, he wouldn’t insult me. He would have just left me alone. It wasn’t resentment, retaliation, or revenge, because I had done nothing to him. But he was trying to affect my self-esteem and did. I didn’t really think much about it then. But after he left, I got to thinking about it, and wondering if I should have a nose job. So, tell me… Is negging wrong, considering I wasn’t thinking about a nose job BEFORE? I think so… My point is made!!!

  208. Italian Ice

    A good PUA “pick up artist” is slick, he flirts with a women with out her realizing, the key is to come in under the radar. I always wait at least 8-10mins before complimenting my target to show value, learn about her first, make her earn the right to be complimented. A PUA must be a alpha: confident, well groomed, smell good, have a sense of humor, connect with ppl, be the social center of the group. And most importantly “smile” act like your some body your much more approachable when you smile and you look like your having a good time. Also pea cock: pea cocks fan there feathers to look flashy and attract females, wear something that makes you stand out, a conversational starting piece of clothing don’t blend in with The AFC “average frustrated chump” stand out! The AFC always makes the mistake of approaching from behind, waiting longer then 3 seconds to approach there target, an usually ends up blowing it by ignoring the group, over complimenting there target, & unessary negging. A neg is just 1 tool, it’s meant to push compliments are meant to pull, this will confuse a women emotionally if done properly this almost puts a women in a hypnotic state it awakens something in side there cerebral cortex with out them realizing. “Men when your trying to infiltrate a group you need to learn to ignore your emotions. emotions are like a rock in your shoe, they are there to fuck up your game, don’t trust them! Openers will make or break you, example: see your target approach from an angle were they see you coming. Position your body with your back to your target, stand in a manor as if you could walk away at any moment open up by saying something to the weak link: “intoxicated or friendly faced member of the group” drop an opener on her, do you have a BMW? Weak link: maybe why? Your response: uh cause the lights were on, hey you look kinda familure what’s your name? She’s mostly thinking: uh no this guys trying to creep on me, maybe if I give him a fake name he’ll go away. Whether that chick realized it or not she let a stranger infiltrate the group, now you have purpose to be there. Become the social center, Shift your attention to the rest of the group to make her feel less awkward. Identify And put your attention on the alpha of the group. The alpha isn’t always a man some times it’s a protective girl friend. Say hey I was just talking to your friend I was trying to figure out who’s BMW was out side the lights are on but looks like someone was trying to break in! Now everyone’s attention is on you, get a good conversation going make a few jokes, introduce yourself Learn everyone’s name “your target last” and “remember there names. try to ignore, an politely brush off your target like her charm has no effect on you. You might notice she’s starting to clamor for your attention, ignore your emotions, and brush her off. Figure out the relationship or how they know each other. be mysterious tell them very little about yourself. By this time they either have a false sense of security about this out sider or there waiting for you to leave. If you look over your shoulder an notice your target has shifted her body facing you, that’s a 101. Her body language is saying you ignored me this enter time an I can’t figure out why, I’m always getting hit on but you ignored me I’m quorius about this mysterious man. The key is to keep the tables turned in your favor, 1 to many compliments then the tables will turn an seem like your chasing her. Never chase, that’s not a challenge for a good looking female. So you notice your target is facing you turn around and focus all you attention on her. whether she realizes it or not putting your back to the group isolates her and kinda gives you privacy with an a sense of security for her because her friends are right there.That’s when I go keno: “keno is when you reach out and touch I ask her if I can read her palms, almost 10 out of 10 times she will be intrigued specially after being brushed off an will enjoy the attention. Look at her in her eyes with your eyes blazing ignoring her sexy body while accurately giving her a cold reading. Tell her about her astrology sign ask her about her life get her talking, weather she realizes this or not her walls are cautiously coming down for a stranger she had just met. Just when things are starting to get interesting, you pull the “eject card” say, I’ve been over here awhile my friends are prolly looking for me. If she seems like she doesn’t want you to go that’s a 101: “101’s are indicators that she’s into you” sometimes they will willing give you some form of contact. Never ask a women for her # asking might make her feel obligated or put on the spot, sometimes she might just give it to you out of pitty & never respond. you want her to think it was her idea to give it to you in the first place. Say something like: I enjoyed speaking with you and your friends, it would be really cool if we could do this again sometime? I’ve had a few girls grab my phone put her # in and call herself. If she gives you her # send her a text to validate its real. If it is, take off a cheap piece of Jewelry and put it on her, and say, next time I see you, I want this back. this is called the “anchoring method” she will associate that memory with that piece of jewelry. You might be the most interesting guy she meets all night specially if she’s getting hit on by AFC all night and if you made a physical and or emotional connection, there’s a good chance she’s gunna call you the second the club closes to hangout go for breakfast sometimes even sex. Now if she’s responding to well, and your getting 101 left in right, she came out looking to pick up a guy, flirting and her constantly touching you is her way of telling you she wants you. If this occurs I step the conversation over to kissing, I’ll ask her how good of a kisser are you from 1-10? She might reply some # or say something dumb to continue the flirtation. I then would challenger her, I bet I kiss better then you do… with a smug confident glare on my face. I’ve gotten many girls to kiss me with that line. If you get a kiss and if it was really good and not just a cheap peck more then likely she’s mildly turned on, even more so if she has drinks in her. I then would say ok not bad not bad, then you come in with the closer. “this is something that has to be timed right to soon a nice girl will be offended, to late and a women who set out to pick up a man will be easily pursued by another man.” I would say, what’s your favorite sex position… Most women are shock by this type of boldness, if you discover she’s an aggressive freaky type girl, which most intelligent women are, I would paint a vivid illustration of how I would grab her by the throat an slam her against the wall pin her arm above her head with one hand pull her hair and lick her neck then bang the brakes off that ass in her favorite position. women are fantasizers she will respond with a 101 letting you know she’s turned on. Aggressive girls sometimes are dominate, or like to be dominated these type of girls usually fall off, if not after the first time you have sex, soon there after, these are usually the 8,9,10 looking girls, so don’t get attached. Its only safe to get attached to a women who’s already attached to you. These girls 8,9,10’s have many options and as good as the sex may be it’s not enough to keep a HB: “hot babe” around. If your a PUA, you know your not the only one out there with the game an confidence that wants to sleep with that girl. Now every girl is different, the soft sweet girls desire a much softer passionate touch, when I want to sleep with a timid girl: timid girls have been sheltered there whole life, have little experience, low self esteem, don’t know how beautiful they are, or been with the wrong dude for to long. “Not to be confused with women who had a rough life, that’s a whole nother thing” I met a timid girl last night at a bar, i got in with her group, got to know her, I sneakily convinced her to come out on the deck at the bar I told her the moon had effects on ppls minds depending how full it was, I really didn’t go out side for the moon, it was to get her alone. there was a couple ppl smoking cigarettes but for the most part we were alone I got her to kiss me, we were both pretty comfortable with each other, I already know she likes slow love making type sex, I demonstrate soft touching I drew on the back of her hand and ran my hand softly down her arm, it gave her goose bumps. during the conversation i open my body language to say come closer and she did I Put my a arms around her and give her the look that you want to kiss, she responded well she was a very pretty 28 year old libra with blue eyes she had blond high lights in her hair, she was about 5’2 small breast, would say her best asset was her face her smile had dimples that’s were so adorable, and that perfectly shaped ass looked so good in those tight ripped jeans. she smelled clean like shampoo or soap. She had been married before and had a kid, she was out with her co workers which were all girls and 1 gay guy. We made out for about a good minute, it was a little cold and late I was ready to end my night, I wanted her in the worst way, but I ignored my emotions, and came off suddle with my closer I asked her, if you were to rate your self 1-10 how good in bed you are what’s your #? I could tell she was shy and mumbled 11 joking about it and smiled I said uh really! She said hbu?!? I grab her hand, looked away for a moment and eyes blazing I gazing into hers I could almost see her heart sink when I said: I would tell you but I rather show you. excreting confidence. This Timid girls respond what looked to be panic. The expression on her face gave me the indication that she has so many emotions rushing her body As well as a racing heart, trying to rationalize the situation, omg I just met this guy, what if he doesn’t call, what if he doesn’t like my body and runs away OMG! What do I do! When I seen her go into panic mode I got her out of her head, before She Sike her self out and I was going home empty handed, I grabbed her buy her waist Looked into her eyes told her she was beautiful, give her a kiss on the cheek, an slickly kissed her neck, and at the same time press you body up against hers this blew up into steamy hot kissing, I breathed into her ear “I want you” it’s hard for a timid girl to climb in her head an rationalize the situation when your passion is like throwing gas on a fire to her. out the door in the car and end up pulling over an parked in a corner of a dark parking lot. We were just feeling each other up. And making out, then I couldn’t take it anymore, I hopped in my back seat, she goes what are you doing??? I grabbed her by the front of her sweater kissed her and said come back here. She’s like right here? What if we get caught? I said its late this place is closed no one knows were back here…she mumble I can’t believe I’m doing this could get in so much trouble. So she kicked her shoes off, and sweater in the front seat, climbs to the back and gets on top of me, we’re making out and grinding on each other, the windows at this point are completely fogged up. So I lay’ed her on the seat, kissed her neck and was up her shirt, I continued to kiss my way down her body I unbottoned her pants but they were so tight and there wasn’t much room in the car it was a challenge to get off. She had a pink laced thong on with little bearly noticeable stretch marks on her inner thighs and lower stomach over all I was very satisfied at what I had scored. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled it out over the top of the waist band of my boxers shorts. Before I could even reach in my pocket to pull out a condom she stopped me, you have a condom right? I tour open the package with my teeth rolled it on and leaned over her, she said I can’t believe we’re doing this, i went to slide over her panties, they were straight up soaked, uha, I wanted to be in side her so bad, but I decided to tease her so I was rubbing the shaft on the out side of her pussy, one hand held me up and the other had a fist full of her hair every time I thrust forward I would pull her hair gently and press my lips hard against her neck, I felt her body tense up for about 20 seconds then just go limp, I smiled round one, I win. She started laughing and squeezed me in her arms. I took her panties off then placed my head at the opening and attempted to push my thick meat in side her, to spite how wet she was Her pussy was so small that even with a condom on I could feel ever inch of her, I was shocked at how tight it was even after having a kid, this was some bom pussy I was thinking to my self as my mouth dropped the more I slide in side her. I was all the way in she had one hand on my Lower stomach and the other was over her mouth. After awhile in this position I felt her body starting to tense again but I was about to cum first and I pulled out she syed no don’t sta… Then she came she squirmed an said omg you wasn’t even in side me. I didn’t cum I got out right in time. I flipped her over and slid in side her from behind, her ass was nice but looked way better in her jeans she had a tramp stamp of butterflies and some trible looking thing my head was crammed this was not the position to be had with the doors shut but it was feeling amazing I was chasing my orgasm at this point I didn’t care if I got a stiff neck finally I came and pulled out of her I felt like I lost 10lbs we were so sweaty, and drained. in a way felt drunk off each other. I lay’ed on top of her she held me in her arms we lethargically talked and randomly kissed each others body. After awhile I noticed it was getting lighter out, we reluctantly got dressed, We hopped in the front seat and started back to the bar so she could get her car. She put her sweater and shoes back on then reached out an put her hand in mine then rested her head on my arm. It was less then 2 miles from where we were. We arrived i pulled up next to her car, I got out walked around and hugged her good bye. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. She threatened me being semi serious with you better call me…! Smiling with her adorable dimples. I took off my chain and put it around her neck, I said this is my favorite necklace I want it back next time I see you… Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. The feelings between us were intense I thought to myself this timid women prolly never been so seduced in her life, girls are great to keep as friends. Not every girl has to be a 1 night stand. For Some girls I seduced It’s almost like they turned into drug addicts and I’m the drug. I’m a PUA I enjoy the thrill of seducing women, I’m good at what I do and there’s a good chance I’m going to sleep with other women. As much as it hurts them to know who I am an what I’m up to, there so addicted they accept less then what they deserve. I have a couple friends that will drop who ever there with, and rush over just to have sex and spend time with me. Coming off arrogant might fly with young impressionable teenage girls or hb’s but when you come across intelligent, classy, or women mid twenty’s an up, they grown wary of the immaturity. Negging alone is cheap, as you can see there’s various barriers, an obstacle to over come before a women is willing to sleep with you. the formula is simple once you understand it. Women go from being intimidating to approach to being a pleasure. Women are so use to guys being pigs, being disrespectful, or straight up boring. They want to be dared, challenged, seduced, intimidated but show that there respected. Be a gentlemen, have some class an mystery about yourself…

  209. Anonymous

    To all the ladies that are saying MEN ARE NOT ENTITLED TO SEX AND ATTENTION…just because you happen to be interested in a woman…the same should be said for fat frumpy women, or the women that are boring or unattractive.

    IT WORKS BOTH WAYS…i.e. they cannot complain when they get ignored by men they find attractive. THEY ARE NOT ENTITLED TO SEX AND ATTENTION JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE A VAGINA!

    Men want to have sex. Men want to have sex with as many attractive women as possible. Deal with it. Women would do well to accept this as a given, as male human nature, as the normal way of things. It is not bad, it is not evil. It is just the way it is.


  210. Anonymous

    Do you really not know how the number “10” works?

  211. Josh

    Or, just saying… Don’t be a terrible person.

  212. Anonymous

    Listen, I’m a man and fragile minors are off “the list.” Women on the other hand hold the success factors of a mans dreams (sex). Women already have a huge advantage over men exp in a group setting. On top of that their beautiful and every guy in the bar would hit on her, buy her a drink, ask for her number, or bluntly ask for sex. Men must even the playing field and use our whits.. And most these “negs” are things I would say to my own buddies.. Women are confident, beautiful, intelligent…and if your fathers never put the “moves” on our mothers where would we be???

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