Negging Women – 10 Awesome Negs That Work

You can also lower a girl’s social value in relation to yours with quick lines by negging women.

Here are some examples of negging women:

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For a girl with a belly shirt: “Did your shirt shrink in the laundry?”

“Your roots are showing.”

“Your nose is a little red. You’re like an Eskimo. Cool.”

“You know, you look just like my little sister. Weird.”

Double AA sexy commercial

Effect of a neg on a hot girl illustrated

“You know, I like that outfit you’ve got on… but I don’t know… your shoes don’t really match. You should have gone with tan boots…”

To her guy friends, “So what’s special about this one.”

If she’s talking tell her friends, “So do you guys ever get a word in edge wise?”

“Hey… you look like that cartoon character… yeah that’s right, Rainbow Brite remember her?”

“I like your eyes. Hey… are you wearing colored contacts??? (before she can answer) Oh my god, no way, you are…”

“You know, your body language is all closed off. It makes you look like one of those newborns I saw on the discovery channel when they came out of the womb – all curled up.”

“Hey, you’re a goof.”

By negging women, you’ve indicated to her that you’re not interested in her over anyone else in the group. This is a new thing for her. She’ll feel the bitter sting of being just like everyone else. Her looks no longer give her all the power – because you’re not responding to her looks.

Because you’re demonstrating social value to the group at the same time she’s wondering, “Why isn’t this guy attracted to me? Why isn’t this guy paying attention to me? Who is this guy? How am I going to win this guy’s attention?”

Everyone wants to be liked. Everyone wants approval. No one wants to be ignored. The same holds true for beautiful women – even more so. Their whole reality is based on having power and having acceptance and adoration through their good looks. Take that away and their whole reality crumbles and they’ll do anything to get it back.

Negging women is ideal for really hot girls – 8s, 9s, and 10s. For an average girl (6s, 7s), you don’t want to use value zingers. All you need to do is demonstrate social value – you don’t need to lower hers. Hers wasn’t that high to begin with.

Negging women is unnecessary and inappropriate to use on girls who are already being friendly or giving you green lights. Don’t throw one out of the blue for no reason at a girl who is already responding well.

But if she’s super hot and you’ve just met her, that’s a different story. Use a neg or two on her.

Now, it’s critical to use negs right. Remember, you’re not out to damage the girl’s self confidence or put her down. You’re not out to mess up her self-esteem. Some guys in particular cross the line and start throwing soft insults and treating women like second-class human beings when they don’t deserve it.

The point is to make yourself stand out as socially valuable male and a challenge, not to make her feel bad. But used correctly, negging women is a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Update From The Author

I noticed that my post on negging “Negging Women – 10 Awesome Negs That Work” has drawn a lot of negative comments from women.

I understand the blowback.  I understand where some of you girls are coming from.  You see negging as a form of bullying or insults.

And most women are pretty sensitive to the idea of it, based on being bullied in real life.

Most women, particularly in high school, were teased, gossiped about, or bullied in some fashion – and usually from other women.  Pretty girls especially face negativity from their female friends, as pretty girls tend to hang in “pretty social circles” where there’s a lot of superficial cattiness, backstabbing, and competition.

Or even if you’ve never been bullied or teased yourself, you’ve seen the devastating effect it had on your classmates.  So naturally, you feel sympathy.

But anger at ‘negging’ is misplaced.

First, we are talking about a night club environment.  There’s lots of REJECTION involved, inherent to the environment.

And most of the rejection is aimed at the GUYS.

Haven’t either you or one of your friends ever ignore a guy?  Like, not even acknowledge his presence when he tried to talk to you.

It’s often pretty CRUSHING to the guy’s self-esteem that he isn’t given 10 seconds to acknowledge he’s another human being to talk to and say “hello”.  Ignoring a guy completely is much crueler than any neg a guy would dish.  (Like, “Hey girl!  You have some lint in your hair… look at that.”)

Then again, it’s a night club.  If a guy’s ego is so fragile, he shouldn’t go.

So please girls, if a guy told you that you had lint in your hair and that would “cut you down” or would “crush you”, and your ego is THAT fragile, then don’t go to night clubs!!  After all, the guys have to deal with MUCH WORSE from you girls!

In addition, Negs are for those glamour girls that have been spoiled all their lives by Daddy and have little sense of reality (like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton for example).  These are the types of girls that enjoy shooting “nice guys” down.  It’s THAT kind of girl that negs are designed to attract.

So if you’re a normal-looking girl with a normal attitude, you probably will NEVER BE NEGGED in your life.  So for crying-out-loud, don’t worry about it.

Further consider that 99.9% of guys are SO damn nervous in clubs and bars that they can’t even approach a girl without wetting their briefs… let alone finding the balls to neg a pretty girl.

So don’t worry, it’s statistically unlikely to ever happen to you, even if you DO look like a runway model.  Most guys will never approach you, or they’ll just try to kiss your ass to get into your pants.  And that’s SO much better than those bad boys, right?

But since those guys are NOT a challenge in the slightest, they’re not attractive to you.  That’s why you blow them off.

That’s what a neg does – creates a challenge to the female.  That’s what attractive guys do.  And ANY guy you’ve ever fallen for, on some level, you had to chase HIM.  Every single guy you ever had a crush on made YOU chase HIM.

I know it’s simple to latch onto a cause, leave a comment, and feel like you’re serving justice in some small way by taking a stand against the 1 in 10,000 guys that have the balls to neg a girl like, “Hey girl!  It’s funny how your nose wiggles when you talk!”  But really, it’s an empty cause!

P.S. If you still disagree with this assessment, please leave a comment, I welcome all opinions!  :lol:

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  1. David

    Negs can work there is a fine line to be walked with this technique and certainly a relationship can’t be built no this at all. But using one or two mild well placed negs in a conversation can work. Heck some women even admit that it works. And the reason many women say it doesn’t work is for the same reason women won’t tell their male friends that what women really want is intimate dirty sex. It’s taboo, that can’t admit it. Likewise women will rarely if ever admit that negs work.

    Here are my top negs. You tell me what is wrong with these?

    Awh I like the way you laugh your nose goes all crinkly like a little bunny rabbit.

    You know you blink alot.

    I just saw a girl outside wearing the exact same outfit.

    You neg haters can’t tell me that these comments are degrading women really. In fact they are likely to laugh.

  2. Anonymous

    you people really don’t get it, and i can only assume 1) you are either a white knight who will reside in the friend zone of every girl you meet until they hit their wall at 30, and start looking for someone malleable and with money to support their life styles. or 2) you are females. Negging is not blatantly being an asshole or putting a girl down to try to make her feel bad. It has to be done in a playful manner about things that are very superficial and not truly going to make them feel bad about themselves. it can also be called banter. yes some men are horrible at it and don’t understand how to use it correctly, so they just come off as over compensating dickheads. It is all part of the game, and you women take just as much part in it, if not more so, than males do. You want to bitch at us about “running game” or deceiving you, but at least you can see what you are going to get. On the other hand you ladies are so deceptive that i might fall asleep next to a 10, and wake up next to a 5. hundreds of example videos on youtube of makeup tutorials making a woman look absolutely nothing like what she really looks like. Pounds of make up, fake eye lashes, tans, pushup bras, fake hair extensions, high heels, you name it. i mean god you ladies are the epitome of deception when it comes to the sex game. to make matters worse, modern day feminism is shitting on the male population and making things even more difficult for men if they aren’t in the top 10-15 %. i have friends that have absolutely no chance to hook up with a girl when we go out because they will get ignored from the get-go, simply because they aren’t over six feet tall, have a six pack, and aren’t a ceo of a company, as just about every woman things she is entitled to now. you want to talk about shallow just look in the mirror, and the feminist dominated media is just diluting the minds of the younger generation more and more, so these trends are only going to get worse. Men need at least some tools of the trade since we can’t literally modify our entire appearance before we head out to a club.

  3. I Hate Numpties

    How sad you think this is a good way to attract a woman. What happened to good old fashioned proving yourself a decent enough person to want to be with? So what if high maintenance girls put you down in nightclubs — Don’t talk to them. If they are so awful they are obviously not worth it so why don’t you concentrate on finding nice girls who won’t, then concentrate on positive interaction instead of negative doesn’t-do-anyone-any-good snarks. The behaviour you promote in this article is exactly the sort of tactic abusers use to bully and control their abuse-es. Have some F-ing sense of responsibility you numpty.

  4. xtine000

    Oh I’ve had douches try to “neg” me my whole life, even though I grew up in an abusive household and have seen my share of the bad side of the USA. It IS ****EXTREMELY*** transparent and pathetic. How many times do they think we’ve heard this shit before??? It’s a way to say “Hi, beautiful woman. I’m an insecure Douchebag”. The ONLY way to win a woman is to sincerely deliver many, many compliments about her good qualities and beauty, be loyal and faithful, and get down on your knees and thank God that you ever had the chance to even be near her let alone sleep with her. Chances are, you’ll never, never have such an opportunity again so if you like it, put a ring on it LOL LOL Oh and women have a very sharp memory for who has ever tried this before. Should you try something like this and it fails, which it most certainly will, you will forever be a “marked man” and avoided like the plague -not only that, her circle of friends will be secretly informed and you will be laughed at and banned from the entire group. And trust me when I say, the word about this spreads like wildfire. You might as well get used to sleeping alone if you become known for this sort of thing in any way. So you’d be best off being sincere and very, very complimentary right from the start.

    • John the negger

      Hey girl……did you break out of a mental institution?

      • David

        That’s not a respectable neg man.

  5. Hester Jones

    You win sex, IF you don’t show indications of thinking of the woman as a soft, warm spot on legs. And, seriously, just because you are only doing it to a select group of women doesn’t mean it’s not bad.

  6. dan the man

    now that you explained negging to all the dam women on earthm it isnt going to work on them anymore, duh! do you guys want to know what will really work on women? BOYCOTTING THEM! thats right, keep it in your pants for a few months, ignore the women, ALL of you guys, and see if we dont then have a complete power shift. but you guys CANT keep it in your pants, cuz you are weak, arent you! thats why all of us males end up LOSING this battle of the sexes.

    • ktrantingredhead

      Lol…yeah, if you hate women, leave them alone….THAT’LL SHOW ‘EM! #derp

      • Anonymous

        yeah that’s clearly what he is saying, that he hates women. did you even read what the fuck he wrote? you women have no fucking idea what you want. you have no idea what it is like to approach a woman and have no idea how she is going to respond. you all get so pissed at men for “running game” and trying to figure out how to get you to respond, while you have a face full of make up, fake eye lashes, fake hair extensions, a pushup bra and god knows what else going on. get the fuck over it. the game is how the game is and men have it WAAAAYY more difficult. until women are the ones that have to approach men, buy them drinks, and do all the other shit just shut the fuck up and stop complaining about men giving you attention, and then complaining when they aren’t giving you attention as well. as i said in the beginning you really don’t know what you want, you contradict your selves more than you even know.

  7. with@llblessings

    Soooo…I’m guessing this is for ugly guys to hit on women who really are out their league in the hopes that they are stupid and will fall for this??? It’s cruel to pick on people who aren’t as smart as others, any way you slice it. No intelligent, confident woman would fall for this; so you are interacting with women who suffer from emotional issues and exploiting them to get sex. While it’s sad, I suppose it’s natural selection. Your offspring will be similar to you and your mate. So enjoy that grungy nursing home and fifteen baby daddies, etc. Why oh why do we make people take driving tests to drive but not to procreate? Well, this doesn’t matter that much. I’ll just sit back watch as you and your type are removed from the gene pool.

  8. drurer

    lol while reading this i seriously remembered all those times guys did this to me and every time it just made me cringe and feel ashamed for the guy.

  9. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t it be better not to manipulate or play games at all? Why not put your GENUINE, unique self out there? Sure, there will be rude, inconsiderate people who will treat you poorly. They are not worth your time! They are doing you a favor by making their narcissism obvious. You don’t want that in your life anyway. It may take a while, but you WILL meet a worthwhile woman, it may not be that particular night or in that particular bar.

    In addition, many of these rude women are very insecure themselves. Try, (and I know it isn’t easy) to keep that in mind and not take the rejection quite so personal.

    Her rejection is probably the result of being profoundly mistreated by someone in her childhood.-

  10. Jello Biafra

    as a dude I don’t know how i feel about the whole thing but girls seriously this thing you think happens where you actually like and fall for the nice guy routeen is bull. most women don’t want the nice guy who treats the girl well like a princess and puts up with her crap because we usually get friend zoned while the guy who comes in and doesn’t really care at first what you say and who is more edgey with you is the one you take home. that doesn’t mean those dudes aren’t good guys but the behaviour is different. most women have been socialised to believe the male approaches and you guys get to decide who’s in and out and you have fooled yourself into believing it’s because he was nice and seemed like he would treat you right, attraction isn’t rational for men or women, you go home with the cheeky guy who had the balls to make you stop and think and who gave you a bit of banter. you are delusional if you think you look at a timid guy with a good job who will treat you great and think oh i want him. most times that doesn’t happen at least not in the first contact otherwise flirting wouldn’t exist. men have to jump through crazy hoops to attract women assuming any of you give those of us who are good nice people the time of day so it’s not that different from men having a few hoops of our own for you to jump through. we are attracted to somebody not because they are a good choice. i know so many girls who get their motor running with the dickheads and are only friends with the guys who are nice and treat them awesome. the logic is flawed. then again these things can be done in a suttle way without upsetting somebodys self esteem this stuff works otherwise their wouldn’t be an industry

  11. kaytalbott

    I have been ‘negged’ and let me tell you, it is the stupidest thing a guy could possibly do. I don’t even remember what he said, something about my dress. I just looked at him and walked away. It did not pique my interest in him, did not make me think he was part of a ‘higher social class.’ It just made me think he was an asshole.

    I don’t deserve to be spoken to that way, and I don’t tolerate it. This entire concept of negging is just so asinine.

  12. Tori

    Speaking as a “pretty girl” who makes a living from being “pretty” I can tell you that these comments would either just piss me off or make me think you’re a weirdo. I fell in love with my husband because he was genuine, sweet, romantic and intelligent. If he had told me my roots are showing or that I look like sister (YUCK) when we first met, he would never get my number or go out with me. Maybe this crap works on some insecure little girls but not confident WOMEN.

  13. Amber Nealy

    Justice for Emma 2015

  14. Anonymous

    Holy fuck, don’t do the things posted here.

  15. Audra Tallis

    Enjoy dying alone, bitter betas!

  16. Anonymous

    utter bullshit

  17. Amanda_Z

    Wow, thanks for reminding me why I love my guy. In fact, I think I’m going to call him as soon as I finish here and let him know how much I appreciate the fact that he’s a gallant gentleman with decent manners (and hot as hell besides.)

    Let’s face is, if YOU have the ego problem, YOU shouldn’t be at the night club. Your saying this is a backward way of saying, ‘If I act like an ass and you have a problem with it, then YOU need to grow a thicker skin.” No, dear, if you’re acting like an ass, YOU need to purchase a sixpack of couth and grow up. It’s not the responsibility of those who are being victimized to try harder not to be victims. It’s the reponsibility of those attempting to bully and to harass to grow up and get some self-esteem that doesn’t depend upon tearing someone else down.

    No woman should go for a man who tries to verbally abuse her in that fashion. And, frankly, as someone who has been in an abusive relationship once upon a time, I would call that a classic hallmark of someone who will continue to try to abuse throughout the relationship.

    Seriously, you have problems. Go do whatever you need to in your life in order to make yourself feel better about yourself before you try to get into any relationships. Nobody deserves to be treated so poorly — not even you.

  18. Jay Rizzle

    I’m not even a feminist but this is terrible. Objectifying people and breaking them down. Making them feel worse about themselves so you can have sex with them is terrible in any situation. If you can take yourself seriously after using tactics and techniques to encourage a woman to have intercourse with you based on a number you’ve assigned them then you’re really low. I have a suggestion. Instead of this bull maybe try being interesting. Start a conversation. Get To Know Her. If she’s too stuck up to give you a chance then she’s not worth it. And if you feel you’re not attractive enough yourself, get some sharp clothes, learn some neat stuff and get a fly hair cut. If you have to resort to belittling girls that you think are prettier than you instead of manning up and bettering yourself. Your best bet is pornhub.

  19. Yes

    How does this ever work?

  20. Random Girl

    I am considered an attractive woman: here’s what’s attractive to me. Good looks + happy + kind to people + intelligent. Those are the kinds of guys I date. And there are pleny of them out there.

    You think attractive women are new to the idea of being bullied and abused? I was abused by my parents (hit with sticks, told I was a bad defective person, starved of food while I was a child.) I was abused by other relatives. My brother was also allowed and even encouraged to hit me. I was pushed, yelled at, and called names by members of my parent’s religious group. I was bullied by MOSTLY BOYS all throughout chlidhood because I was skinny and flat chested (from being starved by my parent) and forced to wear ugly religious clothing and I was socially awkward because I mostly wasn’t allowed to hang out with friends.

    I could barely talk in a social situation because of all of this until I was 15. I would turn red when people tried to have a conversation with me and desperately tried to think of words to say and none would come out of of my mouth. I hung out with nerds and all the nerdy guys were HORRIBLE to me because they wanted, as you said, the Paris Hilton type. See guys claim that they want a woman who’s a good person but they don’t. They all want the Paris Hilton type. So the nerdy guys I was friends with mocked me and talked about what a loser I was, excluded me from get togethers and wouldn’t be my date to anything.

    Guess what when I was 15 I made friends with a bunch of girls who were beautiful, smart, and KIND TO ME. They had patience with me and my social awkwardness. Eventually I got over my social awkardness by being friends with them.

    At the same time puberty caught up with me (it was delayed since I was starving) and I suddenly became ATTRACTIVE just about overnight. Wow all of the nerdy guys that treated me as less than a piece of shit on the bottom of their shoe, suddenly thought I was worth their time.

    I have good self esteem because no matter how anyone treated me through all these years, I ALWAYS acted like a good person. No matter what anyone ever did to me I was always kind to them in return. No matter how much other people made me suffer I never even thought about abusing them or bullying them back.

    I STILL get harrassed all the time walking through the city by men who shout disgusting, insulting, or threatening things to me on the street to get my attention.

    Some people are unsure about their self esteem because they don’t know how they would really act in a bad situation. Well I was in a bad situation for many years and I KNOW I dealt with it in a way I can be proud of.

    So when you guys go around insulting women on purpose and trying to “take them down a few pegs” because you think you will get something from them, that is bullying and that is abuse.

    Insulting someone and trying to lower their self esteem in order to get something from them is verbal abuse. Period.

    If you do that, no matter what your reasoning is, then you are an abuser. And I have zero respect for abusers or for bullies.

    If someone comes at me with a verbal insult thinking this is the first time anyone has ever tried to lower my self esteem with insults, all I can do is shake my head in amazement. I will INSTANTLY think of you as an abuser, bully, and person I won’t allow in my environment for a single second.

    The funny thing is most of the people who use “negs” don’t actually interact with any women in real life so they have no idea what goes on in our lives. Women especially attractive women, get all kinds of hate from all kinds of people all of the time.

    And I also think most of the people who use “negs” don’t actually know any attractive men.

    Guys who grew up attractive, with good friends and doing well in school, are usually extremely happy and kind people. They are sweet, they are loving, and they are caring.

    When I was growing up and I was a social reject I thought the other social rejects and nerds would be kind to me. They WEREN’T in fact they were the worst of all. Because they were bitter angry and resentful people.

    Work on bettering your appearance and your social skills like I had to, and just be a happy and kind person. Instead of acting like an abusive, bullying, hateful and bitter person.

    Honestly, I think most guys who use “negs” know perfectly well that negs don’t work. They just like having an excuse to bully people because they are bitter and hateful.

  21. Julia

    See I wasn’t aware of these ‘techniques’ before and I think if anyone ever said things like this to me I’d probably just think WOW rude il put up with this guy till the conversation ends just to be polite, or he’s a bit odd bless him he has no idea what to say and just be patient with him till I can get away.. :S

  22. Jill

    You might consider that a beautiful woman who begins speaking with a pitiful nebbish out of charity, but then hears insults will think: “Wow, no wonder this guy is alone …no social skills. I can’t introduce THIS GUY to any friends. What a jerk.”


    Men, you are MUCH better off just being polite and putting your best foot forward when you meet someone. You wouldn’t rub dog-do on your hand before shaking hands with a new person, would you?

    Why make a jerk out of yourself when meeting a new person?

    This advice is equivalent to peeing yourself during an interview to “intrigue” a prospective employer.

  23. Pissed off

    wtf I can tell you know this would never work! Engaging is disgusting and so degrading, honestly if you want to pick up women talk to them like they’re a human being maybe? Ugh posts like this annoy me so much!

  24. Nickpick

    I’ve been reading some of the comments and just have to put in my two cents. I have been in the seduction community for a short time now and still learning some of the social dynamic tactics, which I believe can apply to a lot more than pickup. I have to say that a book written for business has put everything in a better perspective for me, Pitching Anything by Oren Klaff. You see in pickup it is important for the guy, not the girl to control the frame. Every girl will tell you that they want a “man”, who is confident, who she can look up to, who can take care of her, etc. etc. If the girl is very attractive, she has been approached a million times by guys that simply give her the attention they think she deserves because of her looks. All those guys are being fake, just fast forward to having her as a girlfriend for 3 years, the guy will no longer be so sycophantic, would he? Basically this is reacting to her good looks in the beginning of the interaction, which means she controls the frame. She is so used to this that she expects it from everyone and guys like that will get ignored. When a “neg” is introduced it acts as an interrupt and suddenly her brain has to start thinking on how to react. It starts sending signals to her higher brain functions to try and figure you out, which inadvertently causes you and her to be momentarily on equal terms and gives you the opportunity to gain frame control, to be the leader in the interaction. The guy will not always be successful; hence not everyone can attract the “top notch babes” out there. The level of “negging” will depend on the type of girl and her life experiences. This can be difficult to predict, hence the need for some calibration. Social experts will know when and how to tone it down or bring it up, depending on the reactions that they get. Delivery is also extremely important, some guys think that just because they have a “neg” in their stack they can just use it and suddenly she will fall in love. If that was true, there will be no good looking women single out there and I would be wasting my time with all this. No, you need to pickup how much of a neg she needs and be congruent with the delivery.

    To the girls out there that think these are insults:

    This is just flirting, the out of context negs can sound insulting, but aren’t. They are playful bits of conversation that can be inserted at the right time to grab your attention, simply because “God you gorgeous!” won’t . Just think of the last interaction you’ve had with a guy that you really wanted to talk to and made you laugh and enjoy yourself. If you recall the first few things he was saying, there most likely would’ve been a playful neg or two. Of course it would’ve been delivered congruently and well calibrated, so you wouldn’t even think of it twice, but that would have been the point when you started to give him a chance.

    To the guys that keep calling all the girls, fat, ugly, bitches, etc:

    I think this says more about you than the girl. There’s something that Mystery says: “She is not a bitch, she’s a bitch to you.”

    • Anonymous

      my man. holy shit. i was really losing hope in the intelligence of humanity based on all of these comments, but then again most of them are women or nice guys so i guess we can’t really blame them for not understanding.

  25. tedcab70

    As the author noted, it really only works best on women with the princess complex. The overdressed barbie dolls who left home thinking she had no equal. Most intelligent women with a good sense of confidence won’t fall for that crap anyway. You know who you are.

  26. tedcab70

    As much as women complain about these seedy little tricks, they always go home with the biggest asshole in the club. I watch these guys in action and I know what they’re up to, I’m sure most girls do as well. Yet still, they leave with the jerk while I leave with complete sympathy for them. Its like watching pedifiles picking up children from a playground.

  27. Ali

    I have been negged, no it didn’t work. It’s a huge turn off, It makes me think the guy is an ass that I want no association with.

  28. Aisha

    As a hot woman, if you try these on me, expect me to laugh at you and return with some “negs” so vicious you’re crying for weeks. And you probably will be, because only socially inept, insecure people have to resort to making sniveling insult to get attention. People who interrupt or talk over me are people who piss me off and I try to stay away from. I’ve dumped guys for comments like the contact lense one. Best way to get my affection, or the affection of another confident woman? Compliment me, especially on my brains or interets (“you’re cute” gets a bit old, but “you’re wicked good at chess”, “you’re badass at sparring”, or “you’re so clever” are charming). This is how my current bf won me over. This sort of monkey business is how the last one lost me.

    TL;DR, Ladies, don’t put up with this BS, the people who try it are worthless and not the people you want in your life, even as a fuck buddy. Gentlemen, you’re better than this. Prove you’re not that cringingly awkward and insecure.

    • Anonymous

      haha lost me at “as a hot woman”. conceded much. and if something that minuscule can damage your ego so badly that you want to have someone crying for weeks, you are the one with the problem. or you’re just a straight up bitch. either or.

  29. JC

    ” Most guys… just try to kiss your ass to get into your pants. And that’s SO much better than those bad boys, right?”

    The thing is, though, it’s easy to spot negging guys and I’ve never seen any result come of it other than girls chuckling at how pathetic the guy is to have such a lack of self-confidence that he feels the need to trick women into being attracted to him.

    Neggers aren’t “bad boys.” They’re men who are too pussy to just be themselves and hope for the best. Women aren’t stupid and can pretty easily see through the charade.

    Even the whole “Calm down–you’re likely not hot enough to be negged” disclaimer is embarrassingly transparent. Really: who’s fooling who? Are some guys really that devoid of self-respect and dignity that they’ll jump through such hoops just to win over a girl?

    I’m sure guys who neg aren’t as unattractive and lacking in social value as they think they are. I bet if they scrounged up some courage and approached women honestly, they’d have better luck and, perhaps thusly, wouldn’t feel so down on themselves.

  30. Guy Le Douche

    This can’t be serious. Good luck getting the girl by telling her shitty things about herself.

  31. Anonymous

    This is absolutely deplorable. What terrible advice to be giving men. You say “be mean to her” but “don’t damage her self esteem”. How on earth do those instructions not conflict with one another? You should be ashamed.

  32. Anonymous

    Do not watch the 50 minute vid it’s absolute bullshit

  33. Made me think

    Wow this makes me really happy that my guy was just an awesome all round person, and choose to support me as a friend and equal before approaching the possibility of a relationship. What a lot of people will call the ‘friendzone’, was really just us getting to know each other, and connecting on a deeper level, rather than a superficial level. I credit this as one of the reasons our relationship has lasted for so long, and is rewarding for both of us. I always recommend being friends for a short period before anything serious because of this – it just worked out wonderfully for us.

    Anyway, maybe the success(?) of ‘negging’ is different in nightclubs or whatever (I don’t really have time for stuff like that being in nursing school), but in real life, being insulted by a guy tells me that I don’t want him in my life, because he’s telling me I’m not good enough for him as a person, sexual/romantic interest, or friend. I’m happy enough with everyone in my life, that I don’t need to ‘chase’ people. In fact, feeling like someone is wasting my time is one of my greatest pet peeves, because I rarely have free time, so it’s actually going to just make me hate you…

    This makes me wonder: perhaps with negging, your target is ideally a girl that’s a little insecure. Which makes me think that this is essentially ‘preying’ on girls that have self esteem issues, that of course also look great. A lot of great looking girls do unfortunately think they look like shit… knowing this helps to make sense of why so many models, for example, suffer from poor self image and related disorders. Consider that, this is really a terrible thing to do, and if you aren’t careful, I imagine you can land yourself in a relationship with a girl struggling with self esteem issues, which the whole ‘negging’ will make worse. I think at the end of the day, that’s hopefully something no one wants!

    Again: Articles like this remind me of how incredibly fortunate I am to have found the person I’m with now.

  34. Anonymous

    fuck you

  35. Anonymous

    Wow reading the comments its clear that women have a lot of reading comprehension problems. its not talking about insulting women, its talking about being playful with them.

  36. Cherry

    You poor little boys. Chasing girls. You would never get a woman to fall for that shit. I have had this bullshit tried on me a few times and I just turn it around on any little boys who try it.

    You want to talk about fragile ego. Little boys who try this shit have very… small…. egos. It’s a two way street, so be careful fellas. Make sure you can take what you give or your going to try this on a woman and walk away with your head low and your fragile ego shrunk between your legs.

    PS Men and Women don’t chase each other. They flirt with innuendo, winks and consent. Adult relationship that grow love are built on mutual respect and trust. No relationship ever finishes well if the context of the relationship starts with games, lies and insults.

    • Anonymous

      ps: “winks”??
      thanks crazy cat lady.

  37. Anonymous

    If anybody tried this shit on me I’d probably just assume he’s a fucking dickhead and look for someone who doesn’t feel the childish need to try and ‘dominate’ me in order to have a relationship. Grow the fuck up.

  38. ihatepeople

    Oh god, this is so sad and pathetic. The only way you losers can bag an actual hot girl is by lowering her value with insults. Lololol omfg so pathetic. None of you will ever get laid with this technique. Kisses! Xoxo

  39. Myou

    Honestly, why would you WANT a Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton type? For looks? Well, congrats on your arm candy, but a pretty usually isn’t going to pay the bills and put food on the table, and they’ll probably be either an embarrassment or a nightmare at social events once they open their mouths. If I’m looking for a relationship, yeah, it helps if they look nice, but I want to know something’s going on inside their skull besides when their next lay is.

    I actually have been negged a few times before (some before even knowing negging was a thing) in places like college and work, and every time, it just left me feeling uncomfortable and looking for an excuse to leave while trying to be polite. It was a total turn-off having someone make back-handed comments towards me when they barely knew a thing about me. After figuring out what negging was, it just gave me the impression that they really had nothing to offer in a relationship, so they were trying to play hard to get while taking me down a peg instead. I don’t get the appeal of putting someone else down to make yourself more desirable. If you’re a person worth going out with, you should be able to show that person why.

  40. Johnny

    Do you betas actually do this shit? If the girls not responding to you, Don’t be such a fucking loser. Stop fucking whining. If she’s not into you, there is something wrong with you, either physical or mentally. So shave that neckbeard and don’t bring up your love of pink ponies. The only girls I’ve seen respond to this ‘negging’ shit are literally the stupidest fucks in the club, and if you have to do dumb things like ‘negging’ to get girls, you didn’t have enough money for them in the first place.

  41. Heather Swift

    So last night, I went to the Standard in Downtown LA; I purchased my own drinks and enjoyed the rooftop view. An older Indian man (likely 40’s) approached me (I am 31 but I am 5’7 110 lbs, blonde, 32 DD breasts; I do realize that I am older than many of the girls in LA, but 31 is NOT old, or so at least I thought). The Indian comes up and says “My friend told me not to talk to you because you’re waaaay too old.” Nice. Immediately, I burst into tears (as I am a bit sensitive about my age). He then proceeded to tell me that “you look so good for your age.” I left the bar, he likely left with someone MUCH uglier, if anyone at all. WHY? Because most attractive girls are nice and rarely receive compliments and are not out to hurt others. Hell, at this point we don’t even expect anyone to buy us a drink. After this experience, I will NO LONGER go to a bar, go on a date; I’m done with asshole men who believe that they deserve unwarranted respect. I do not think that I am the queen of the world, but just as there exists a community of PUAs, I will gather all the hot girls of the world and just say “Fuck men,” men in return will wonder why they can never find a hot girl; perhaps it’s because the PUA business (and it is that) hurts women, makes men LESS likely to get women but does not except to line the PUA guru’s wallets with money from teaching how to treat women like shit.

    • Nickpick

      What this guy did was not a “neg”, it was an outright insult. If he is taking any training on social dynamics, then I can tell you he is not learning much, or is somewhat confused about what to do. I don’t think any real PUA will say this to you. In all honesty though, “fuck men” after one bad experience? Do you know how often we get rejected? Especially if we have no game. That guy is probably a rejection expert and he definitely has no social skills. If you met a real PUA, you will most likely have a great conversation and want more. He will make you enjoy yourself whether anything happens between you or not. It’s not only about sleeping with the girl. I actually end up with a lot of great friends too. :) So, go give men another chance, OK? Some of us are worth it…

  42. teutelquessir

    No wonder most men are still single. If they follow this advice, they’ll be living with their parents for life.

  43. jarathdrum

    This pick up method is so over done that it is instantly obvious, resulting in the opposite effect of what the PUA was going for. When a man negs, he has just outted himself as a PL and places himself in a lower social cred strata. Hahahaha! Once you know what it is, it’s hard not to see it when it happens.

  44. Beatrice

    “So don’t worry, it’s statistically unlikely to ever happen to you, even if you DO look like a runway model.” Look up what statistics means before you try to use it in a sentence. Every single female person I have talked to about this has been “negged.” I get negged all the time. And no I’m not one of those “glamour girls” who you think deserve to get negged because they dare to be attractive to you in public.

    “But since those guys are NOT a challenge in the slightest, they’re not attractive to you. That’s why you blow them off.” I ignore men when they treat me like a prize to be won, approach me with cheap tactics they picked up from trash websites, touch me without asking, interrupt my conversation with friends, or they steamroll over my more obvious cues that I am not interested in meeting/seeing/hanging with new people. These are my real reasons for “blowing them off.” You would know these reasons if you communicated with young women in more than a superficial capacity.

    Dear men,
    Tricks and techniques like this might work on some, but for the vast majority of people you are gaining a reputation as a total ass.
    The 21st Century

  45. Anonymous

    Listen, I’m a man and fragile minors are off “the list.” Women on the other hand hold the success factors of a mans dreams (sex). Women already have a huge advantage over men exp in a group setting. On top of that their beautiful and every guy in the bar would hit on her, buy her a drink, ask for her number, or bluntly ask for sex. Men must even the playing field and use our whits.. And most these “negs” are things I would say to my own buddies.. Women are confident, beautiful, intelligent…and if your fathers never put the “moves” on our mothers where would we be???

  46. Josh

    Or, just saying… Don’t be a terrible person.

  47. Anonymous

    Do you really not know how the number “10” works?

  48. Anonymous

    To all the ladies that are saying MEN ARE NOT ENTITLED TO SEX AND ATTENTION…just because you happen to be interested in a woman…the same should be said for fat frumpy women, or the women that are boring or unattractive.

    IT WORKS BOTH WAYS…i.e. they cannot complain when they get ignored by men they find attractive. THEY ARE NOT ENTITLED TO SEX AND ATTENTION JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE A VAGINA!

    Men want to have sex. Men want to have sex with as many attractive women as possible. Deal with it. Women would do well to accept this as a given, as male human nature, as the normal way of things. It is not bad, it is not evil. It is just the way it is.


  49. Italian Ice

    A good PUA “pick up artist” is slick, he flirts with a women with out her realizing, the key is to come in under the radar. I always wait at least 8-10mins before complimenting my target to show value, learn about her first, make her earn the right to be complimented. A PUA must be a alpha: confident, well groomed, smell good, have a sense of humor, connect with ppl, be the social center of the group. And most importantly “smile” act like your some body your much more approachable when you smile and you look like your having a good time. Also pea cock: pea cocks fan there feathers to look flashy and attract females, wear something that makes you stand out, a conversational starting piece of clothing don’t blend in with The AFC “average frustrated chump” stand out! The AFC always makes the mistake of approaching from behind, waiting longer then 3 seconds to approach there target, an usually ends up blowing it by ignoring the group, over complimenting there target, & unessary negging. A neg is just 1 tool, it’s meant to push compliments are meant to pull, this will confuse a women emotionally if done properly this almost puts a women in a hypnotic state it awakens something in side there cerebral cortex with out them realizing. “Men when your trying to infiltrate a group you need to learn to ignore your emotions. emotions are like a rock in your shoe, they are there to fuck up your game, don’t trust them! Openers will make or break you, example: see your target approach from an angle were they see you coming. Position your body with your back to your target, stand in a manor as if you could walk away at any moment open up by saying something to the weak link: “intoxicated or friendly faced member of the group” drop an opener on her, do you have a BMW? Weak link: maybe why? Your response: uh cause the lights were on, hey you look kinda familure what’s your name? She’s mostly thinking: uh no this guys trying to creep on me, maybe if I give him a fake name he’ll go away. Whether that chick realized it or not she let a stranger infiltrate the group, now you have purpose to be there. Become the social center, Shift your attention to the rest of the group to make her feel less awkward. Identify And put your attention on the alpha of the group. The alpha isn’t always a man some times it’s a protective girl friend. Say hey I was just talking to your friend I was trying to figure out who’s BMW was out side the lights are on but looks like someone was trying to break in! Now everyone’s attention is on you, get a good conversation going make a few jokes, introduce yourself Learn everyone’s name “your target last” and “remember there names. try to ignore, an politely brush off your target like her charm has no effect on you. You might notice she’s starting to clamor for your attention, ignore your emotions, and brush her off. Figure out the relationship or how they know each other. be mysterious tell them very little about yourself. By this time they either have a false sense of security about this out sider or there waiting for you to leave. If you look over your shoulder an notice your target has shifted her body facing you, that’s a 101. Her body language is saying you ignored me this enter time an I can’t figure out why, I’m always getting hit on but you ignored me I’m quorius about this mysterious man. The key is to keep the tables turned in your favor, 1 to many compliments then the tables will turn an seem like your chasing her. Never chase, that’s not a challenge for a good looking female. So you notice your target is facing you turn around and focus all you attention on her. whether she realizes it or not putting your back to the group isolates her and kinda gives you privacy with an a sense of security for her because her friends are right there.That’s when I go keno: “keno is when you reach out and touch I ask her if I can read her palms, almost 10 out of 10 times she will be intrigued specially after being brushed off an will enjoy the attention. Look at her in her eyes with your eyes blazing ignoring her sexy body while accurately giving her a cold reading. Tell her about her astrology sign ask her about her life get her talking, weather she realizes this or not her walls are cautiously coming down for a stranger she had just met. Just when things are starting to get interesting, you pull the “eject card” say, I’ve been over here awhile my friends are prolly looking for me. If she seems like she doesn’t want you to go that’s a 101: “101’s are indicators that she’s into you” sometimes they will willing give you some form of contact. Never ask a women for her # asking might make her feel obligated or put on the spot, sometimes she might just give it to you out of pitty & never respond. you want her to think it was her idea to give it to you in the first place. Say something like: I enjoyed speaking with you and your friends, it would be really cool if we could do this again sometime? I’ve had a few girls grab my phone put her # in and call herself. If she gives you her # send her a text to validate its real. If it is, take off a cheap piece of Jewelry and put it on her, and say, next time I see you, I want this back. this is called the “anchoring method” she will associate that memory with that piece of jewelry. You might be the most interesting guy she meets all night specially if she’s getting hit on by AFC all night and if you made a physical and or emotional connection, there’s a good chance she’s gunna call you the second the club closes to hangout go for breakfast sometimes even sex. Now if she’s responding to well, and your getting 101 left in right, she came out looking to pick up a guy, flirting and her constantly touching you is her way of telling you she wants you. If this occurs I step the conversation over to kissing, I’ll ask her how good of a kisser are you from 1-10? She might reply some # or say something dumb to continue the flirtation. I then would challenger her, I bet I kiss better then you do… with a smug confident glare on my face. I’ve gotten many girls to kiss me with that line. If you get a kiss and if it was really good and not just a cheap peck more then likely she’s mildly turned on, even more so if she has drinks in her. I then would say ok not bad not bad, then you come in with the closer. “this is something that has to be timed right to soon a nice girl will be offended, to late and a women who set out to pick up a man will be easily pursued by another man.” I would say, what’s your favorite sex position… Most women are shock by this type of boldness, if you discover she’s an aggressive freaky type girl, which most intelligent women are, I would paint a vivid illustration of how I would grab her by the throat an slam her against the wall pin her arm above her head with one hand pull her hair and lick her neck then bang the brakes off that ass in her favorite position. women are fantasizers she will respond with a 101 letting you know she’s turned on. Aggressive girls sometimes are dominate, or like to be dominated these type of girls usually fall off, if not after the first time you have sex, soon there after, these are usually the 8,9,10 looking girls, so don’t get attached. Its only safe to get attached to a women who’s already attached to you. These girls 8,9,10’s have many options and as good as the sex may be it’s not enough to keep a HB: “hot babe” around. If your a PUA, you know your not the only one out there with the game an confidence that wants to sleep with that girl. Now every girl is different, the soft sweet girls desire a much softer passionate touch, when I want to sleep with a timid girl: timid girls have been sheltered there whole life, have little experience, low self esteem, don’t know how beautiful they are, or been with the wrong dude for to long. “Not to be confused with women who had a rough life, that’s a whole nother thing” I met a timid girl last night at a bar, i got in with her group, got to know her, I sneakily convinced her to come out on the deck at the bar I told her the moon had effects on ppls minds depending how full it was, I really didn’t go out side for the moon, it was to get her alone. there was a couple ppl smoking cigarettes but for the most part we were alone I got her to kiss me, we were both pretty comfortable with each other, I already know she likes slow love making type sex, I demonstrate soft touching I drew on the back of her hand and ran my hand softly down her arm, it gave her goose bumps. during the conversation i open my body language to say come closer and she did I Put my a arms around her and give her the look that you want to kiss, she responded well she was a very pretty 28 year old libra with blue eyes she had blond high lights in her hair, she was about 5’2 small breast, would say her best asset was her face her smile had dimples that’s were so adorable, and that perfectly shaped ass looked so good in those tight ripped jeans. she smelled clean like shampoo or soap. She had been married before and had a kid, she was out with her co workers which were all girls and 1 gay guy. We made out for about a good minute, it was a little cold and late I was ready to end my night, I wanted her in the worst way, but I ignored my emotions, and came off suddle with my closer I asked her, if you were to rate your self 1-10 how good in bed you are what’s your #? I could tell she was shy and mumbled 11 joking about it and smiled I said uh really! She said hbu?!? I grab her hand, looked away for a moment and eyes blazing I gazing into hers I could almost see her heart sink when I said: I would tell you but I rather show you. excreting confidence. This Timid girls respond what looked to be panic. The expression on her face gave me the indication that she has so many emotions rushing her body As well as a racing heart, trying to rationalize the situation, omg I just met this guy, what if he doesn’t call, what if he doesn’t like my body and runs away OMG! What do I do! When I seen her go into panic mode I got her out of her head, before She Sike her self out and I was going home empty handed, I grabbed her buy her waist Looked into her eyes told her she was beautiful, give her a kiss on the cheek, an slickly kissed her neck, and at the same time press you body up against hers this blew up into steamy hot kissing, I breathed into her ear “I want you” it’s hard for a timid girl to climb in her head an rationalize the situation when your passion is like throwing gas on a fire to her. out the door in the car and end up pulling over an parked in a corner of a dark parking lot. We were just feeling each other up. And making out, then I couldn’t take it anymore, I hopped in my back seat, she goes what are you doing??? I grabbed her by the front of her sweater kissed her and said come back here. She’s like right here? What if we get caught? I said its late this place is closed no one knows were back here…she mumble I can’t believe I’m doing this could get in so much trouble. So she kicked her shoes off, and sweater in the front seat, climbs to the back and gets on top of me, we’re making out and grinding on each other, the windows at this point are completely fogged up. So I lay’ed her on the seat, kissed her neck and was up her shirt, I continued to kiss my way down her body I unbottoned her pants but they were so tight and there wasn’t much room in the car it was a challenge to get off. She had a pink laced thong on with little bearly noticeable stretch marks on her inner thighs and lower stomach over all I was very satisfied at what I had scored. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled it out over the top of the waist band of my boxers shorts. Before I could even reach in my pocket to pull out a condom she stopped me, you have a condom right? I tour open the package with my teeth rolled it on and leaned over her, she said I can’t believe we’re doing this, i went to slide over her panties, they were straight up soaked, uha, I wanted to be in side her so bad, but I decided to tease her so I was rubbing the shaft on the out side of her pussy, one hand held me up and the other had a fist full of her hair every time I thrust forward I would pull her hair gently and press my lips hard against her neck, I felt her body tense up for about 20 seconds then just go limp, I smiled round one, I win. She started laughing and squeezed me in her arms. I took her panties off then placed my head at the opening and attempted to push my thick meat in side her, to spite how wet she was Her pussy was so small that even with a condom on I could feel ever inch of her, I was shocked at how tight it was even after having a kid, this was some bom pussy I was thinking to my self as my mouth dropped the more I slide in side her. I was all the way in she had one hand on my Lower stomach and the other was over her mouth. After awhile in this position I felt her body starting to tense again but I was about to cum first and I pulled out she syed no don’t sta… Then she came she squirmed an said omg you wasn’t even in side me. I didn’t cum I got out right in time. I flipped her over and slid in side her from behind, her ass was nice but looked way better in her jeans she had a tramp stamp of butterflies and some trible looking thing my head was crammed this was not the position to be had with the doors shut but it was feeling amazing I was chasing my orgasm at this point I didn’t care if I got a stiff neck finally I came and pulled out of her I felt like I lost 10lbs we were so sweaty, and drained. in a way felt drunk off each other. I lay’ed on top of her she held me in her arms we lethargically talked and randomly kissed each others body. After awhile I noticed it was getting lighter out, we reluctantly got dressed, We hopped in the front seat and started back to the bar so she could get her car. She put her sweater and shoes back on then reached out an put her hand in mine then rested her head on my arm. It was less then 2 miles from where we were. We arrived i pulled up next to her car, I got out walked around and hugged her good bye. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. She threatened me being semi serious with you better call me…! Smiling with her adorable dimples. I took off my chain and put it around her neck, I said this is my favorite necklace I want it back next time I see you… Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. The feelings between us were intense I thought to myself this timid women prolly never been so seduced in her life, girls are great to keep as friends. Not every girl has to be a 1 night stand. For Some girls I seduced It’s almost like they turned into drug addicts and I’m the drug. I’m a PUA I enjoy the thrill of seducing women, I’m good at what I do and there’s a good chance I’m going to sleep with other women. As much as it hurts them to know who I am an what I’m up to, there so addicted they accept less then what they deserve. I have a couple friends that will drop who ever there with, and rush over just to have sex and spend time with me. Coming off arrogant might fly with young impressionable teenage girls or hb’s but when you come across intelligent, classy, or women mid twenty’s an up, they grown wary of the immaturity. Negging alone is cheap, as you can see there’s various barriers, an obstacle to over come before a women is willing to sleep with you. the formula is simple once you understand it. Women go from being intimidating to approach to being a pleasure. Women are so use to guys being pigs, being disrespectful, or straight up boring. They want to be dared, challenged, seduced, intimidated but show that there respected. Be a gentlemen, have some class an mystery about yourself…

  50. Anonymous

    I disagree. You say, well if telling a girl she has lint in her hair insults her ego, that’s her issue, but the examples of negging had nothing to do with minor insults like lint in her hair until the update trying to defend negging. Also, your point about it being a night club justifying it doesn’t go over too well with me. It’s either right or wrong behavior. There is no justifying it based on environment. Like, well it’s okay to punch someone in the face, it’s a nightclub. The argument is irrational. Also, saying guys get insulted all the time is another irrational justification. You are insulting someone and harming their self-esteem. If their self-esteem was high and they were not interested in you, then they probably don’t find you attractive! Move on. Insulting someone’s self-esteem has ramifications. Negging is just wrong! I’ll give an example of a neg I received recently which was that my nose is so cute I could dress up as an Easter bunny for Easter. I didn’t know whether that was a compliment or insult. I asked the guy, and he said, it was a neg! I just assumed it was a negative comment. I thought he was abbreviating and didn’t know this was a thing! He actually smiled in my face and was close with me while he said it. I didn’t get mad or offended because I actually thought it was a compliment at first. Then, I was like, hmm. So, this guy wants me to feel bad about myself, but if he cares so much about making me feel bad, then he must like me… because otherwise, if he didn’t care or even like me or want me… then, he wouldn’t insult me. He would have just left me alone. It wasn’t resentment, retaliation, or revenge, because I had done nothing to him. But he was trying to affect my self-esteem and did. I didn’t really think much about it then. But after he left, I got to thinking about it, and wondering if I should have a nose job. So, tell me… Is negging wrong, considering I wasn’t thinking about a nose job BEFORE? I think so… My point is made!!!

  51. Skegeeace


    High school politics. I love backpedal into,”Well, now us guys are just so sensitive and insecure at being told to piss off, that we have to resort to five year old poking fun in order to “bring a girl down to our level”.” First off, you don’t know that just because we’re attractive that we’re “spoiled or mean”. What makes you pre-judge us that way? I personally am not rude to a guy who tries to talk to me unless he’s being rude or harrassing me. I tell guys all the time, “I appreciate it, but I’m not interested.” Sometimes they’re cool and move on like adults, but sometimes they get all butt hurt and pissy and start trying to insult me.

    That’s really what this seems like it’s all about- guys who couldn’t take a gentle rejection let alone a hard one because they’re too easily crushed. How about, you stop judging how women will react based on their looks, you grow some BALLS, not take rejection so personally, and then you don’t need to bring anyone down- just build yourself up! We like guys who exude confidence that MATCHES ours, not someone who has to try and break someone down because they don’t have any.

  52. Anonymous

    This “article” is everything that is wrong with society. Fuck this shit. You are just an asshole.

  53. Anonymous

    He doesn’t create a challenge, he creates a complex. You are so disillusioned, you really wanna believe your crap.

  54. Yoyo

    This is for the sad male who knows that he can’t get a hot woman. Shame, let them try.

    A question – you say this is designed to land the ‘stuck up spoiled bitchy Paris Hilton type’ – why on earth do you want to spend time with a female like that? If it’s just for a quick lay, then the hot woman will hook up with you if she likes what she sees, it’s not about your putdowns. She knows if it’s on within the first 5 minutes.

    I have a friend who does this to his friends, so I understand the logic. Does it help me want to gain his approval or change his mind? Perhaps. Would I ever be interested in him? No he behaves like a douche.

  55. Brina

    Wow. The advice in this article is utterly deplorable. Take it from a woman who is a 9/10 by society’s standards (going off what has been repeated to me many times, not just what I think of myself): DONT DO THIS. I have never, ever met a woman who does. If you have to break a female down like this in order to get your dick wet, then I hate to say it but no matter how many hookups you take home from the bar, you are fucking failing at life..

    • Brina

      Typo: I’ve never ever met a woman who doesn’t**(as in, doesn’t find this method of interaction and flirting completely disgusting).

  56. Anonymous

    What an idiot this trolling author is. Thanks for showing how much you hate women! Pretty women are human beings too and deserve the same dignity and respect you think men are entitled to. Oh and news flash–men are ignored because so many of you cannot take NO for an answer. You are not entitled to a woman’s attention just because you’re a man who’s interested in her. YOU. ARE. NOT. ENTITLED. TO. HER. ATTENTION. Get over yourself. Guys who neg are just making it harder for actual nice guys to be given a chance.

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