My Guide To The Girls In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – How Hot Are They Really?

Are the Brazilian women in Rio de Janeiro really all that hot?  After all, there’s a lot of hype surrounding Rio that the most beautiful women in the world live there and it’s crawling with amazonian-bodied babes.

Well, I vacationed in Rio de Janeiro for three weeks, and here’s some tips on how to meet women there and what they’re REALLY like.

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First of all, Rio is somewhat overrated.  You’ll often find “Top 10 Cities” lists that include Rio has having the most beautiful women.  But it’s definitely NOT the case.

Having travelled through much of the U.S., Europe, and South and Central America, the women of Rio are not very attractive in comparison.  I wish I could say otherwise, but it’s true.

90% of the people in Rio live in relative poverty.  The women don’t have the money to hit the gym, eat right, or dress particularly well.  Your average woman has a bit of pot belly, bad posture, and is out of shape with rough hands and skin.

Pic: Some middle class girls from Rio above, generally hotter than girls from the poorer class, the poorer class making up some 90% or more of the population.

The most attractive women will be on the beach in the wealthier neighborhood of Leblon, or over the mountain pass in the wealthy “Barra de Tijuca” which looks a lot like a neighborhood in Miami Beach with wide roads.

Even considering those top two neighborhoods, I’ve seen more beautiful women in other countries, although it comes down to a matter of personal tastes, of course.

Meeting Girls in Rio

Now, if you want to meet girls on the beach, just being a Gringo will not get you laid.  It can actually hurt you.

If you don’t speak decent Portuguese, the girl on the beach (or night club) you approach will assume you’re there trolling for hookers and snub you.

So speaking decent Portuguese is essential!  Without it, you are SUNK and don’t even bother. (But if you have the discipline to do the 90 lessons of Brazilian Pimsleur and you’ll be okay)

It will also help if you’re physically fit on the beach.  The upper class Brazilian men take pride in looking lean and muscular, and if you’ve got a big hairy pot belly or a flabby white pasty dough-boy body, you’re not exactly going to impress anyone.

And yes, there are actually a fair amount of upper class guys who are built like this in the pic.  You’re competing with them, so you need both Portuguese, some balls, and game.

But you don’t need to be hard-bodied to get the hot-bodied girls. That’s why I created the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program at THIS link here, so that you can pickup ladies off the beach without needing to look like a fitness model.  NVSC  shows you exactly how to create hard attraction to get the girls chasing YOU down instead!

You can also meet women in night clubs.  The downside of the night clubs is that they’re expensive, typically with $40 cover charges but that’s where the more beautiful women can be found.  Even so, I’ve generally seen more beautiful women in the night clubs of other countries.  I’d rate most of the women at these upscale night clubs to be “7s” or so with a few “8s” here and there.

You can also go to the poorer neighborhoods where you may pay only a few dollars, but you run into some problems here.  First, the quality of the women drops off.  In additional, Rio is a somewhat petty crime-ridden city and safety is a factor.  I explored some of the clubs outside the upscale neighborhoods and determined it wasn’t worth the effort for meeting quality women.

Sexual Openness.. Myth or Fact?

And while women are certainly more sexually open and liberal than in say, Colombia or Peru, much of the reputation for debauchery actually comes from the prostitutes and brothels catering to wealthy Brazilian business men and Western tourists.

But the actual REAL girls are no more likely to jump into bed right away than your typical European girl.  And like I said before, you need balls to approach, some real game, and a good handle on Portuguese to make that  happen.

I’m sorry to burst the fantasy P.R. bubble of Rio, but it had to be done.  Now the Rio de Janeiro P.R. police are going to come after me… but that place is so hyped to drum up tourism it’s ridiculous.

Here’s my advice; there’s better, less well known places to meet exotic Latin women in a tropical setting.

Try Florianopolis in Brazil instead.  It’s much safer, with nicer towns and beaches, and more beautiful women.

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  1. Caio

    PERFECT rio oeverview. I’m 26 and lived in rio all my life. I live in Barra da Tijuca and I only go to night clubs on those upper class neighbourhood that you described, and YES, everything you wrote its absolutely TRUE.

    European girls are WAY more beutifull tahn brazillians (in average), but brazillian girls, specially girls from rio, usually have the hottest bodies in the world (again, in average), once the fitness culture is pretty deep strong in Rio de Janeiro.

  2. Jesse Dickhead

    Bullshit not true

  3. Rad

    I gotta say, your website is really cool, and I just wanna congratulate you for what you have said about f*** girls from rio de janeiro! I’m brazilian, from sao paulo, and I hate brazilian girls in general, even those from sao paulo, and I’ll tell you why, maybe you have noticed what I’m going to tell you when you have visited brazil.

    Women here don’t look at you, but at what you have, your car, assets, banking account, clothes you wear, in other words, they don’t give a damn about you, only if you can afford their needs. I have already had the opportunity to travel to other countries, USA and Western Europe, and even staying for a short time I could see that women from these places are sincere and honest and they look at you because they found you physically interesting and good looking, they don’t care if you have a brand new imported car, if you wear the most expensive clothes, or what you do for a living, how much is your salary, no, they feel attracted for you! Period.

    I loved european and american girls because of that. There was this situation in Miami international airport, I was boarding back to sao paulo, when a pretty lady, typical american beauty, blonde, blue eyes, perfect breasts and butt, one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, was looking at me, and I thought to myself, “is it really with me?” Because she was married, and her husband was aside her, so from that moment on I started to realize the difference between american or european women from 3° world’s. They are sincere, they look at you because they liked you, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you have, what you do.. That’s great!

    And, to complete, the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in all my life until now, I can say 100% for sure that none of them were brazilian. The top 10 are american, portuguese, spanish, french, italian, english, etc.. So, here’s my thought, I don’t know why the f*** brazilian women are so snob, so full ot themselves, arrogant, if they don’t even got what it takes! North american and western european women are wonderful, the closest to perfection I could tell, and they don’t have that kind of behaviour! Don’t you agree with me Jesse? Of all your experience travelling around the world, what can you tell about what I said?

    One thing is for sure, I’m 34 and don’t think about getting married, but I never say never, though I DO say never for marrying a brazilian woman! I really hate how brazilian women act. They’re just not worthy.

    Again, congratulations for your site! It’s really cool!

    Catch ya on the flip side!

  4. Jeffrey


  5. Chris

    Hi Jesse,
    I am from Germany and I completely agree with you in everything you wrote… I am searching now for 3 days to find a good party spot, but without any success… Thanks for sharing your knowlege…
    Best Regards

  6. imhotep

    I disagree with the writer. I spent a month in Rio and it was the best 30 days of my life. Not in perfect shape but spent six month preparing my body to look decent for a, well dressed (wore plenty of linen) 45 year old man. Key to my experience is that I am African American so I look like a Brazillian if I kept my mouth closed: Studied Rosetta Stone Brazilian Portuguese during my 6 month prep. Forgot everything when those beautiful women smiled at me. Didn’t matter, at all. But then again coming from a big US city, my game was better than most. The women are stunning, especially if you are not totally sold out on european looking women. Mulatto and black, indian mix are the MOST spectacular. I fell in love almost every night. Did my homework so I rented an apartment. Went to some high end niteclubs in Leblon and Ipanema not impressed. Did meet a absolutely gorgeous Eva Mendes type that was a film director. Didn’t go home with me, but she turned me down so nice and sexily that it actually gave me MORE confidence than I came in with. Some spanish will help, you kind of meet the ladies half way linguistically. White people just stand out so much in Rio, white women cannot hang AT ALL. Whereas for an African American male its heaven every 6 seconds. Ass everywhere! Went to a strip club first night, big mistake, waay too costly, especially since you can bump into them later after work and get much further. While sitting on a bench late night met a 30-35 year old nice fellow, we shared a J he provided, then we smoked one of mine. Learned more about Brasil in that time than anything I ever read. He basically said he was considered a “nigger’ too in his country. Then he made the most profound statement “aren’t we all considered “niggers’ if you aren’t european?’ Yes we are my brazilian brother!’ Scared white people might of seen a potential criminal. He was cool as hell, and we were both buzzin at the end of that conversation. I felt no threat or fear the whole time I was down there, as a matter of fact, I felt like the people loved me. Old ladies kissing my cheek on the street, babies smiling at me, and the women just stared at me with sly smirks, like I was quality meat. Did I mention the supermarkets were as sexy as stripclubs, little narrow isles and women with large asses are a good mix.

    I met several stunners, not alot of 10’s so too speak but a bounty of 8’s and 9’s. One captured my heart so strong she took me home with her (probably not a smart move, but if she lived in a favela I wasn’t getting out the cab.) It turns out she lived in your standard middle class apt. building right across from the Cristo Redeemer. Spent the last week with her at her place, she cooked for me, everyday, rubbed my feet every night and was the best sex I ever had. Beyonce type with a little belly, but her ass was spectacular. She was 28, and was plenty beautiful for me, and I lived in Vegas! White guys may be able to pull the Adriana Lima type, BUT you look like easy targets the rest of the day.
    For the Black man, the hype is justified.

    • ed strathers

      You sound racist and delusional. Interesting the most intimate connection you made was with a dude.


      Wsup guys,, i come to brazil normaly once a month or so. I am a man of color also, and meu portugues nao e bom em tudo. Y’all at least should know what that means That means, i can’t speak much Portuguese . I NEVER have a problem meeting starting rotation type women in here. They laugh at my accent and always want to teach me. I use it to my advantage. Rio has all flavors of women !! And beaches where they congregate. They are in markets or on the onibus stops. Ive met a few on there also I go all over the globe ,I dont mess with the hookers, but I go online before I go to a destination send a lil message about coming to there city and nice places to go and stay. Thats a jump start. Oh its a close call who has the best women here, but if you build a beach they will come. Always women near a beach lol

  7. tery

    nice girls in Rio

  8. tery

    how hot girls in Rio

  9. Caliente

    Been there for Carnevale years ago. Mostly what he says is true. Rio itself is just another big sprawling City. Easy to get lost in dumb tourist traps (who else rushes to Copacobana beach?). Best plays are meet on beach and ask for places to go at night (assuming they are middle class). Best class give away – straight white teeth and spoken English. Otherwise, you are talking favelas, which is a whole new ball parks. Avoid the dumb lost white guy tourists – they all end up in the same dumb trashy tourist brothels, which are basically dressed up as nightclubs. No fun here, why bother going there just for that. The writer is right – go see Rio, go to the nice place, but then get the hell out. Go anywhere in Bahia, hard to go wrong there. Much more relaxed, better party atmosphere, music, beaches, food, whatever you want. Rio is just another big fat sprawling City with its own problems. If you are there at the wrong time, it wont be more fun than arriving in any other southern European beach.

  10. Ed

    Where do you suggest I vacation to meet hot girls?

  11. Anonymous

    absolutely agree… thanks for revealing the true picture, and busting the bubble..

  12. Frank

    Quite an honest article about Rio de Janerio. Rio has been on the sex tourism radar for a long time and the locals know this full well and many don’t like it. Where you have really hit the nail on the head is the hyping of Rio in to the stratosphere as a sexual paradise for Western men. There are two drivers behind this; firstly those looking to make money out of gringos looking for sex (paid or unpaid). The second more recent one are the manosphere type websites where the faithful probably talk on the forums about Rio more than any other destination. Some of these guys haven’t been and want to believe the hype but those who have been tend to make impressive sounding claims about how many local women they have had sex with – it is up to the individual to decide what to believe.

    With the latter group of guys, it is more like a cult; anyone who suggests that Rio may be played out or over sold will not make themsleves popular on the sex tourist (sorry “traveller”) websites and forums. It is a thankless task for anyone to go down that road.

    Despite what the forum jockeys want to believe, I imagine that in time, those coming looking to have sex with the local women will increasingly find more of a cold shoulder experience in the years ahead. Probably like the Fortaleza of today in the North East where being a non flunet Portugese speaker, solo, foreign guy has you consigned in to the sex tourist category immediatley on arrival and your experience there will reflect this.

  13. Roger Stephen Roth

    Well me being from Brazil and being a super pimp i will tell you fellows that you are looking in the wrong place. Trust me there are smoking hot bombshells in Brazil with nice delicious asses and amazing curves. You just have to get away from the crappy areas in Rio. When the big parties come around like Carnaval you get laid like crazy and the girls will ride on you all night long. Most of the girls love to bang so you would have a blast with these Brazilian hotties.

  14. Hike KARA

    I have been to Sao Paulo and there was a place called as Cafe Photo.
    Can you please recommend any place as quality as Cafe Photo in Rio – Ipanema region ?
    Thanks and Regards,

  15. Wayne

    I guess this is a good take on Rio/Brasileiras if you are a player and want to bang the first hot girl who will not see you for what you are.

    However i am a 53 year old man in decent shape, not like the pics by far, and have had no problem meeting amazing Brazilian women from 21 years old and up.

    First beauty is in the eye of the beholder… if you limit yourself to only the hard bodies (when you yourself are a pasty doughboy who’s only time of physical activity is when you dream about it and only Portuguese word is gatinha) then you are setting yourself up for failure. I get together with a beautiful 33 year old who does not have the “perfect” body but oozes sensuality and is strong and assertive and knows what she wants. She could have guys younger and richer than I… Amazing…
    Now I do get along in Portuguese well enough to hold a conversation but it is not how much you say but what you ask… how you listen…..
    I will be spending one month in Rio, joining a Samba club and going in the carnival parade….. I am certain I will have no problem meeting amazing women of all ages and types…
    I will report back and let you know how the pretty boy playas did in comparison.

  16. Anonymous

    If you like Rio girls, go to Belo Horizonte. Same ethnic mixes/breeding but the women there take much much better care of themselves. IMO, there’s no such thing as ugly women if you’re completely healthy…just lazy..and Cariocas are a lazy version of Mineiras, which is a shame. Need Portuguese to get access to the best in Brazil, which I’m lucky to have 3 years of training under my belt :)

  17. Anonymous

    What a load of bollocks

  18. Jim Reese

    This is probably the most complete crap site, (content) I ever saw!
    Don´t ever take this content seriously………
    I`ve been here for almost 13 years, and nothing of what this guy claims, is true.

  19. henry young

    one thing is these girls squirt and they have elongated labias i have never seen.

  20. henry young

    i have read all your comments but let me tell you i have traveled this world especially Europe,far east,Africa and south America but dam mm Ugandan girls a dam hot they a naturally beautiful no make up & they don’t go to the gym

  21. World Traveler

    I went to rio for Carneval in 2003 and there were tons and tons of hotties. I mean TONS!! yes some plain darkskin but they had some mysterious aura to them. I didnt pay for the girls (no hooks) but i also didnt hook up with absolute amazing hotties. Those seemed to be only for $$$, you would see old american business men that definitely had a wife and kids at home holding hands with a girl his daughter’s age that had no idea how to speak english. Total mismatches that screamed hooker.
    With that in mind, i loved RIO and had the best vacation of my life there. Met some girls, my friend being aggressive met a girl that looked like Halley Berry. GReat food, Great drinks, Great looking girls everywhere! Loved it loved it. The girls we met that we were complimenting were telling us in the little spanish they talked (as we didnt speak portugues) that RIO has ugly girls and much more beautiful girls in Baella (wherever that is) and Mineiro. So next time its what ill be aiming to go to.

    Overall very very happy with RIO

  22. Anonymous

    LOL! I’ve lived here now for almost a year, and I find most of this string as non-sense. First, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As someone who frequents Colombia and Venezuela regularly, I think Brazilians compare relatively well.

    As far as knowing Portuguese, it is true. This would be very helpful as due to the lack of English speakers. However, money compensates for everything (language and hard body). This not to insinuate that all women here are pros, this is just an irrefutable fact ANYWHERE!

  23. Ali

    so as a naturally white-blonde haired, blue eyed girl I’ll have a lot of fun in Rio? :)

    • Caio

      For sure. And also, dont forget to contac me. ;)

  24. Anonymous

    I had no problems in Rio its the same as everywhere else. If you pay for drinks, smile enough and have fun girls flock to you. Eye contact and smile in brazil is basically an invitation, I used my android tablet with google translate open to take a girl to a beach bar because i dont speak portugese. The entire time I was there I screwed this girl everyday, went to parties with her and around the city. She was a 10 in my country easily. I eventually picked up enough portugese to do basic communication but sex, dancing and laughing is universal communication.

    Lots of brazil esl students come to my country and now that i have some basic portugese i pick them up no probs too

  25. Anonymous

    very funny kind of. the guy who started this must have a serious BO problem or something? as we know it doesn’t matter who what or where (less kids of course). if it happens. so be it. e so chegar perto e sentir tesao!

  26. Harold

    I´m from Rio, and i live in Barra da Tijuca. I have to agree with you Jesse, Rio de Janeiro doesnt have to most hot women, they only have muscular bodies ( extreme popular here ) and no brain in general. Another problem is that almost 80% of the city is poor ( they make about 500 dollars or 1000 reais per month). But if you go to Niteroi (next to rio) you wont be disappointed, really hot girls, the city is clean, have great beaches and less favelas. By the way, sorry about my english, i dont use it really often Lol..

    • Jesse Charger

      Yep, +1

  27. In Rio Now

    I’m here now and have been active in the day, spent a lot of time on the beaches and have been out and about in the bars/restaurants across the city at night for 10 days.

    My opinion (shared by a very well travelled italian buddy of mine) is that Rio unfortunately doesnt live up to the hype. The “Rio most beautiful women” I think has become part of the marketing hype to attract tourists. Dont get me wrong, there are some unbelievably stunning women here, but in an entire day you might see 3 or 4 and they will be world beaters.

    But, these kind of numbers can be found in any city around the world. I see more fit women in UK cities if Im honest and during smaller windows of time. And there are thousands of people in many places you are visiting such as Leblon, Lapa, Ipanema and you still don’t see the quality. Me and my mate went to very well renowned 4 tier club in Lapa last night and honestly didn’t see anything above a ‘6’ in almost 90 minutes. Plus that was after beers, wine and a couple of caipirinhas!

    Saying that, we went to ‘up lounge’ in Ipanema after where I saw two of the fittest girls I have ever seen in my life. An unfortunately rarity.

    A very high percentage of the women do have incredible booty’s though. That is a truism.

    Finally, as a dude, you’re dead here with a body fat percentage anything above 15%. Get ripped but get functionally lean is my advice – all the huge robotic bodybuilder types are left footers.

    • Von

      A friend of mine and I plan to visit Rio Jan 25-Feb2. Knowing what you know now, would you have visited a different city/country? After reading these comments, I’m starting to think about changing our trip.

    • Jesse Charger

      Thanks for sharing your trip report

  28. Dan

    Mate girls in Rio are soworth the hype! I also stayed there for three weeks and I’ll be going again in January. Average girl here is hotter than anywhere I’ve been..I take looks can be subjective but they have an exotic beauty few guys could ignore.
    Your statement about 90% being poor is also way off, the poor of Rio, from favelas, typically number about 20% of total population. There is a large middle class, which has grown, who have pretty standard jobs, and these are the girls you typically see on the beaches, in nightclubs etc. The demographics are varied, with many Latina looks, European and a lot of girls of mixed race with strong black genes. This variety is what makes the girls beautiful and interesting with different skin colours and features…though a lot like to keep in shape and generally look good, more than I can say about a lot of other countries!
    What can be average or the norm here you would easily class as 8 or 9 in Europe or US, so a much higher % of hot girls. The “poor” girls from favelas are typically not the ones socializing, unless you go to a favela to party. Ipanema, Copacabana, leblon, botafogo, lagoa are wealthier areas of Rio…go there and find out !

    • Jesse Charger

      thanks for the alternate perspective

  29. Will

    Let me give you the scoop on Brazilian women. I can’t say for Rio, because I’ve spent the last 9 months in Sao Paulo, but I can vouch for a few other cities in the Southeast.

    Picking up girls on the beach, in the mall, etc. is somewhat difficult here. Crime is high, so people are naturally suspicious of strangers talking to them. Your best bet is to approach a group of girls under some pretense (offer to share a beer, or something). You need to speak Portuguese if you’re going to meet girls in these situations. I wouldn’t bring up the fact that you’re foreign. Act like it’s not something you want to advertise, but tell them if they ask.

    Picking up girls in the club is easy. People seem to go to clubs here purely to make out with strangers. Frequently I’ll be walking to the bar to grab a drink, see a girl looking at me, and I’ll just grab her by the hand and make out with her on the spot. No words are needed. Sometimes you have to dance for a couple of minutes first (but not usually). Still, no speaking needed.

    Getting the girls to go home with you is a bit more difficult. I’ve had a couple simply ask me if I wanted to have a few more drinks at their place. If you’re in a hotel, you may have difficulties as it makes them feel like prostitutes. Rent an apartment if you’re main goal is to get laid. Having a car helps tremendously as well, but at least be willing to pay for a cab (you really shouldn’t expect them to walk or take the bus with you). Be careful though, most states in Brazil have a zero tolerance policy, so you blow a .01 and you’re spending the night in a Brazilian jail cell.

    As far as physical appearance goes. You don’t need to be Mr. Olympia. Lift weights and eat well six months before you go and you’ll be fine. If you looked at me, you’d probably think I lift weights, but I can’t claim to be anything close to the guys in the photo. Dress well (Brazilian guys are much more “metro” than American guys).

    Another tip for the club, persistence is key. Many girls will turn their back to you and ignore you when you first walk up to them. I took this as rejection when I first got here, but generally they’re just playing hard to get. It’s not hard to tell the difference. If a girl has been looking at you the whole night, and suddenly she seems disinterested, stick with it, she’ll give in shortly.

    A last minute warning. Guys in Brazil are extremely protective, not just of their girlfriends/wives but of their sisters, cousins, daughters, sisters in law, and generally every other woman they know. I have been jumped on one occasion leaving a party because I made out with the guy’s brother’s ex-wife. A lesbian also got very angry because I spent some time with her girlfriend in one of the “dark rooms” located in various clubs. Both girls were beyond worth it, just know what you’re getting into.

    Lastly, how attractive are the women? It’s hard to say. I would say they average a 6 (worse than most places) however I occasionally see women here that are simply the most beautiful women on the planet. It’s like 100 of the 4-6s for every 10, but here is one of the places you will find 10s. If you can play the romantic foreigner well enough, you may just be able to make your visit to Brazil very memorable.

    • Jesse Charger

      Will, those are some great tips for Sao Paulo, thanks for sharing 8)

  30. ritter

    The men in Rio are much better looking than the women. The women are good but the men have to be among the most handsome in the world. Rio has turned me gay :P

  31. mike

    Fuck !! I’m just going to Rio for one month vacation, I will be there alone and Im a shy polish boy, dont know portugese at all ! Have some muscle but being fucking shy I have no chance for exotic beauty :( What to do got damn it !?! :((

    • ritter

      Don’t be too shy :P
      The girls there are friendly and like to talk with you, do you have blond hair? They like that.
      Remember, you kiss as soon as you can in Rio. Don’t talk too long before you try to kiss.

  32. mccormick

    white in the usa is defined by the us census bureau as people of middle eastern/northafrican​/european blood! many countries in europe originated in the middle east,,,dumb folks dont know that
    !!Even racist sites like sormfront know that whites come in MANY shades!!! the majoirty of whites have brunette hair! whites have pink/olive/yellow/go​lden/red undertones and be darker or lighter!! fair skinned can be pink and olive! olive is very pale!
    latinos look like better versions of white with curvy bodies! this article is dumb
    Mulher melancia,mlher melao,adriana lima..GORGEOUS

  33. Big H

    I agree with you. Rio is somewhat over rated but there are beautiful ladies there. Some do have a pot belly. I still have lots of fun there. You can have fune without knowing Portuguese but you have to be in the right circles. I went to night clubs but many of the girls are Prostitutes. You have to be humble and know some Portuguese. It is a must. I met a girl from Niteroi but I did not speak a lot of Portuguese. I took a translator with me. Who wants to keep doing that though. I also went aroung with a girl who was from there and she took we to a Favela and to some cool parties, along with a nice Samba School. I couldn’t talk to anyone there because no one spoke any English. I also went to a Balle Funk party in a Favela and I did not speak to anyone. I would of really gave myself away as a Gringo. The culture there is amazing and I will learn Portuguese.

  34. Mana

    I don’t agree sex has anything to do with language. In entire world there is no any language for sex. To ask for something like asking for a glass of water u hv to know that particular language whom you are going approach, but even a deaf n dumb can approach for sex without a work. Only sex is the only natural thing exist in this artificial world. From the first day of human existence it’s the same way we do till now. See from our childhood anything to know in this world some body has to teach you. Like how to talk, how to eat what to eat, how to drive anything u know till today. But did ever anyone tech anybody about sex. How people know everything about sex naturally. How u came to know where to smooch where to bite where to lick. In which hole to insert, did anyone teach you. So sex not like any ordinary thing, it’s true n pure gifted by god. So no one can predict when, who and with whom u r going to have it. So thanks to god. I am below average looking guy. But never a single women refused me in my entire life since I was 14. Now I m 35. Hv donated sperm to more than 1000 thousand women in 43 countries so far. M going to rio de jenerio on 18 th for a week. Let’s see what god has kept there for me.

  35. Mana

    I don’t agree looks is d only USP to attract women. It’s all about art. Don’t let women feel dat you are going to have sex let them feel that u r going to make love. Both are same act but the way of approach matters.

  36. Curt

    If I can’t speak Portuguese will there be English speaking brasilians or English speaking tourists at copacabana?

    • Jesse Charger

      Yes, there will. But you will be severely handicapped if your intention is to meet girls. Do yourself a big favor and do the Portuguese Pimsleur course.

  37. George ikr

    I have an uncle who lives in rio and I visited him on several occasions and had great time with him on dating and screwing girls in the copacabana if you speak Portuguese or have a friend who speaks it you will screw as much as you can and you will meet all kinds of girls however if you have an inferiority complex and you only want to screw porn star looking models which you definitely are not better visitation shrink :grin:

  38. Flashy


    I agree with you. I was in Rio last November and observed the following:
    1. You need to speak Portugese. Girls do want to talk to you but lose interest if you cannot communicate.
    2. Men from US are not really admired because of sex tourism and the US arrogance in foreign policy.
    3. I visited the brothels, just to observe. Most of the women were porn star quality. But don’t expect the average Brazilian babe to be as beautiful.

    Qs for Jesse: which countries do you think have the most beautiful women. Your top 5 list?


  39. ter99

    Unfortunately Rio did not treat me so well as I went down there with my gf and she hooked up with a Brazilian beach guy with a muscular body and tattoos and the most I got was to be in a “threesome” with them once.

    • Jesse Charger

      Don’t bring your blonde european girlfriend there unless you want to watch her in a gang bang and be the clean up

  40. jacob

    my opinion on getting beautifull women is this if you are a tall,strong ,powerfull,goodlooking guy with a great personality you can get any woman you want in any race white,spanish,african,oriental,east indian.Women are shallow and superficial and they all want the same thing and they are all the same no matter what race.

    • Jesse Charger

      What about leadership of other women? Leading her? A strong voice? Physical contact and touch and not afraid to do it? Of standing out with your actions? Strong, unbreaking eye contact? Yes, you’re describing a few of the factors that women respond to on the surface, but there are many, many more – you’re missing all the primal animalistic factors that make women wet between the legs.

  41. tino

    so you have to compete with flammery dudes with tattoos? ow hard is that?

  42. Mackie

    I’m a African-American male I find the dark skinned females the most attractive than their white counterparts. As far as I’m concern the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice.

    • Jesse Charger

      Right on :razz:

  43. pureboy122

    I really like this forum, you guys have made some great comments here but I just wanna put in my 2 cents. Some of the comments are boderline racist because some of you guys have mentioned “dark skin girls” as if that’s a negative trait but anyways racism doesn’t bother me because it will always exist as long as we continue to be a diverse world. I have slept with black, white, hispanic, and asian girls; they all feel the same to me except for personalities and sometimes tightness of their pussy. I can appreciate the female beauty of any race at anytime but “YES” Brazilian women are overated, and that has a lot to do with the media and the porn industry. Me personally, I still visualize the kind of chics they be showing in the pornos everytime some one mention “Brazilian Women”. Also on the “Game” comments, hot looking guys do get the girls quicker but a decent looking guy can still get laid if he plays he’s cards right and also carry himself right. “Swagger goes a long way”.

    • Jesse Charger

      I agree. The black girls are some of the hottest with the best booty ;-)

  44. The Tuboholic

    I happen to agree to most of your statements.

    However you exaggerate about 90% living in poverty. I would say about 60%. It used to be much less than 50%. My subject view is that there is a really dark energy running around there over the past 15 years. And for the past 40 years the city grew from 2 million to about 8 million inhabitants. NO URBAN PLANNING, EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE NOR JOBS. It means 6 million empoverished brazilians made a chaos out of it.

    Also the pic you posted are favela girls, not middle class. It just happens that the favela girls give-get most of the gringos attention.

    Let me add a couple thoughts:

    1- Wide prostitution has became a major contribution to turn the image of a tourist upside down. But thats it RIO ONLY. Try other places: Jericoacoara, Arraial D’ajuda, Countryside Rio Grande do Sul and Curitiba, to name a few.

    2- You should only go for girls there if you like dark skin. Rio and Salvador and the “blackest” cities in Brazil. It is also damn expensive and very dangerous and chaotic. The only really spectacular thing about Rio is the Landscape.

    • Jesse Charger

      Great tips, thanks

  45. Bill

    I was in Rio, spoke no portuguese, and the women I met didn’t mind at all. In fact they didn’t really want to talk much if you know what I mean. I’m tall with an average/decent body, by no means like the guys in that photo. This is one of the easiest places to find a woman who just wants to have fun. But yeah, regarding beauty, they’re not in the top 10. Not even close.

    • Jesse Charger

      I agree with your assessment

  46. Mitch

    What you’re asking about has really been explained ad nauseam. Hot women connect with men without good looks or money more often than you think! Examples of the short, bald, broke, older guy can be exceptions but are to make a point that not only is it possible, it happens! This hottie I used to date told me about an army vet 20 years older than her she used to be in love with. He didn’t have a dime to his name and was no Brat Pitt, but the attraction was triggered regardless.

    I’m sure you’ve read that attraction does not originate from the logic part of the brain but from the limbic, etc., etc… Money and good looks are not the be-all end-all. Girls fall for other things too – examples of starving artists with a drug problem come to mind! lol… go figure!

    Anyways, my vacation is over. I rarely spend time on forums like this.. it’s been fun! Follow the advice of Jesse. He’s the best out there.
    Good luck Buddy

  47. Kent


    You mention in this article “You’re competing with them, so you need both Portuguese, some balls, and game” – which is totally true….

    Well I do know some Portuguese, I do have balls but what kind of game works against guys like this? I am serious here. I hear every guru out there say, “oh just have confidence and game” well if you mean game like cold reads, palm reading and so called knowing female psychology I really question that. I have tried to pick up hotties on the beach and in situations where I am in competition with guys like in the photo and I just never win no matter what “game” I use.

    I think it comes down this, yeah you might know “game” but hot women want hot guys right? Why would they not. So we know the landscape. How do we flip it with stuff that actually works?

    I am all ears please advise.

    • Jesse Charger

      Kent, here’s the deal.

      For daytime and nightclub game, you do NOT need to be buff. Actually, blonde hair and blue eyes will take you farther (read: hair coloring and contacts). Everyone is wearing a shirt, and it hides the body anyway. What’s far more important is your Portuguese, and stepping up.

      For meeting girls at the BEACH however, girls will notice your body. All you need though is to look like you BELONG at the beach. If you’re skinny as a stick and white like Casper the Ghost, the girls may snub you. Or if you’re fat and hairy for example. But as long as you look body “decent”, as long as you speak Portuguese and STEP UP then you’ll do alright at beach game.

      The super buff guys are still just a minority of the guys or so. So don’t get caught up in comparing yourself to them.

  48. Kent

    So Jesse how do you game against hardbodied guys like this? I have tried before in several places such as Miami, LA, Cancun, Europe and I have found it almost impossible. They might smile back but they do not give one the time of day unless you are “hot” in their eyes. I am shorter than average and while I am in good athletic trim shape, not near like those guys in that picture. It seems to be all about look on the beach and I just cannot seem to compete.

    So if game really is everything you say it is, then how do you overcome this? How can an average guy like me date a hottie on the beach on in a place that has tons of hotties running around?

  49. Mitch

    Jesse Jesse, you got it wrong my friend! The girls from Rio are considered to be some of the best looking in the world because of their unusually high genetic mix. You can go to any favella and see many naturally attractive girls. I have! I also went to big parties in Baja de Tijuca and could not believe the sheer number of cuties everywhere! I wished my Portuguese was better.

    It is very true that Rio girls can have rough edges because of poverty, but judging by your own teachings, imagine what you can turn them into with a little investment!

    You are comparing them to girls who have money, expensive clothes, gym membership, etc. etc. Hordes of Rio girls would look like a million bucks if they had all those advantages… and that’s why they have a reputation for natural beauty, whereas girls in the rest of the world don’t come off as generically beautiful; They have to work at it.

    BTW, a lot of German tourists and others don’t just go there for the brothels. Many marry these girls with exotically intoxicating looks and take them back with them!

    As far as that guy who ONLY likes blue-eyed Scandinavian Blondes, that’s a shame because beautiful women come in every color (if you free your mind).

    • Jesse Charger

      :) I like your style Mitch

    • Ricardo

      True about the last part, some of the Southern European girls look absolutely stunning. Olive skin with big bright eyes. What I mean is that since we lack naturally blondes in Brazil (except in the south) we here tend to like them more than average. The grass is always greener on the other side.

      And I know for a fact that white European guys think the same way about our olive/dark-skinned Brazilian girls.

      Of course, there are some absolutely stunning Brazilian girls, but any girl with a Scandinavian-like genetic will make a much bigger impact here than a hot Brazilian girl would to guys. Same way that I make a much bigger impact in Scandinavia than a good-looking scandinavian guy would to the local girls. I’ve been there and done that.

      I think it all boils down to where we’re from (what the local female population looks like) that influences us on our tastes of women.

  50. Sniper

    Thanks Jesse,

    I thought about going there but had no idea it was like this…..

  51. Anonymous

    Yeah did’nt know much about Brazilian women but this gives me insight on it.

  52. Pablo Antonio

    That’s fantastic advice, thanks Jesse.

    I can’t say I’ve been to South America, but I’ve been to Central America.

    Pretty much the same thing, I found the most attractive women In parts were tourism is the local economies main money maker.

    My favorite part had to be Atlitlan in Guatemala… The women their are amazing.

    • Jesse Charger

      Atlitlan in Guatemala… never heard of it. Thanks for the tip! :lol:

  53. Ricardo

    LOL Being from Sao Paulo I agree with you on most of it. Rio girls are pretty ugly and dark skinned. But that’s me who only likes blue-eyed Scandinavians. However most gringos who come to Rio come after these dark chicks with big asses who can ride like horses. I personally think they’re disgusting. Also I’d say that it’s about 75% of them living in poverty, the rest are middle to upper class.

    • Anonymous

      wow… racist much?

      • Anonymous

        Are you serious? Where in any of Ricardo’s comment was there any hint of racism? Did you say that purely because he said the girls are dark skinned and he personally thought they were not too attractive? Or because he said Scandinavians have blue eyes?

        People like you need to grow up and realize that humans are very dynamic and have such drastically different personal opinions that not everyone will understand. Just because one person’s opinion and taste differs from your own, you think you can justify calling that person racist? Sounds to me like you are the one who does not understand diversity, instead of Ricardo!

      • Anonymous

        Lol get off of Ricardo’s dick

    • An.

      Vai pra Escandinávia então, seu otário. Vcs “arianos” do Brazil querem nos detonar de qualquer jeito. Garanto que lá vc será tratado do mesmo jeito que nos trata aqui.

      • Anonymous

        De acordo… Esse deve ser puro ariano…. Por dentro só fezes…

  54. Kent

    Good article and very true about the population down there…except I have rarely found game to overcome guys (such in the picture) in a nightclub or bar or on the beach. Cant happen. Its impossible. All these guys have to do is show up, look good, dress well and just basically tell a joke and say hi and they are in like flint…an average cannot compete – I know I have been there…

    The only way I have found (and its a slim chance at best) to have a chance with some of the hotties down there are if you are in the right social circles and thats a long shot at best….

    I wish I could believe game worked against competition like that but it just does not work from my experiences…

    • Jesse Charger

      Hmm, you really don’t have to be that good looking whatsoever to get these girls… have you ever been there? Nope… go and see for yourself and have some fun

  55. mirza

    is it true

  56. Jesse Charger

    Have your own experience in Rio or South America? Leave a comment and share your experience

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