So Which Country Has The Hottest Women?

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Having traveled all over the world, I can shed some light on this question of which countries have the hottest babes.

I always wondered too, is there a country out there with genetically freakishly hot women??

That question was always in the back of my mind, so whenever I traveled I took notes!

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And some guys have such strong opinions about this…

Some guys swear the hottest women are to be found in Brazil, that it’s crawling with beach-body babes everywhere.

Some men claim the hottest babes are in Sweden.

Others talk fondly of Estonia or Latvia; Colombians and Venezuelans also have the reputation for being very hot.

Well, having travelled to all these countries and more, I can reveal to you the secret…

So where are the 8s, 9s, and Perfect 10s…

First, you have to realize that the majority of women in ANY country are mostly “7s”.

At least that’s what I’ve seen.  No matter how hyped up the country was for beautiful women (Brazil and Sweden come to mind), I found that the vast majority of girls actually looked very usual and average… average faces with average bodies and dressed quite average.

It doesn’t matter where you travel to. This, I’ve found from first-hand experience, is the case.

The Rose Colored Glasses Effect

When you first walk-off the airplane to a new country, you’re looking at the new city and new people through “rose-colored glasses”.

You’re excited, you’re pumped up, and you have raised expectations.  Every girl looks exotic and super hot.

Whenever I’ve first landed in a country, I’m going nuts, amazed at the beauty of the local women.

But also when I’ve hit a new country, I’ve stayed in a city there for at least two weeks; sometimes up to 3 months.

And what I’ve found is that the “newbie-rose-colored-glasses” effect wears off after a while.  The initial excitement came from ME, and not the girls per se.  And the beauty of the women is actually comparable to anywhere else you go in the world.

Most of the eligible women are “7s”, more or less.

And 1% of women comprise the “9s” and “10s”.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Stockholm, or Budapest, Sao Paulo, or Miami.  It’s pretty much all the same anywhere you go.

Sweden has a few super babes.  Brazil has a few super babes.  The U.S. has some super babes.  Colombia has a few super babes.  Germany has a few super babes.

It doesn’t matter WHAT country you’re in, it’s pretty much the same thing all around: really hot girls are a very *small percent*, regardless of the country’s “reputation” for having hot chicks.

The question is, How much time have you got?

If you want to meet a really hot 9 or 10 in a foreign country, it probably won’t happen if you’ve only got a week or two to visit.

Instead, it’s more effective to EMBED yourself in a particular city of your liking for 3 months or more, learn the language, and really work the scene.

In other words, it doesn’t matter WHERE you are if you’re after “9s and 10s”, so much as the time and focus you can put into working the one city.

Even if say, the women of Riga are empirically hotter than Parisian women on average, you’re still FAR better off in Paris if you can speak some French and you’ve got a few months to get to know the city.

But if you can speak some Latvian and you’re on a tight spending budget, you’re better off in Latvia for hooking up with a hot girl.

Because in either country, the vast majority of the women will be quite normal looking.  It’s up to your GAME to get the 9s and 10s.

Which is exactly why I created the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program, so that you can walk into any social party or social situation, regardless of what city or country you’re living in, and pull out the superstar glitter girls *without* having to rely on complicated routines or “verbal tricks”.  Just click on THIS link here to get instant access to the program.

As for which city is best for meeting women, you’re better off vacationing in or traveling to cities that you enjoy for the country’s culture, it’s affordability, logistical ease, and climate or outdoor opportunities.  Learn the language, and then stay for as long as you can and embed yourself deep.

Then it won’t matter which country you’re in… you’re going to meet and bed that super hottie!


  • Derek says:

    In my opinion Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany (Mostly the North) and Czech republic have the most beautiful women.. there are also many beautiful women in Finland, Iceland, Poland, Austria and The Baltic States but the % is not as high as in the other countries mentioned previously… I guess I just have a thing for blondes lol.

  • Covington says:

    Good post Jesse, I prefer Brazilian chic girls with big butt, russian babe and the Indian chic with looks of girls from the state of kerela I think. What i hate is girls using too many cosmetics to pull off a bigger 7-8 pointers. I give it that girls definitely need to get to know the cosmetics to apply and the proportions needed to use. But yeah with that knowledge a 5 pointer pretends to be a 8 pointer. Strip the tints off and you realize what you just landed up with. Being fashionable is ok but cosmetic make ups are just unacceptable! Structural appeal means a lot! I am not attracted to obese girls.

    • sujal says:

      try Dhaka, Bangladesh in February. Specially the diplomatic area in Dhaka. I think jesse will have a good idea of the subcontinent. also try the longest beach in the world: coxbazar.

  • A pedo says:

    I think Australia has the very hot girls.

  • Bob says:

    Yes, they are. It greatly depends upon the part of country that you visit. As of me, I first visited Delhi (capital) stayed there, wentover to chandigarh and then went to Jaipur. This was one side of north India.
    On my second tour, I happened to visit south india and that was one horrible mistake. Its nice if you want to see temples and stuff like that but south india is totally different from north india. totally means so totally. While returning from my first tour, i felt like wanking off on the plane itself. Damn, if you want to get some really good looking chicks then go to north india, not SOUTH. Its like 8 out of 10 in south are black while 8 out of 10 in north are brown or somewhat fair.

    • Bob says:

      For India, it greatly depends upon the part of country that you visit. As of me, I first visited Delhi (capital) stayed there, wentover to chandigarh and then went to Jaipur. This was one side of north India.
      On my second tour, I happened to visit south india and that was one horrible mistake. Its nice if you want to see temples and stuff like that but south india is totally different from north india. totally means so totally. While returning from my first tour, i felt like wanking off on the plane itself.

      • Covington says:

        Firstly why discriminate by color. Its so racist! Secondly I found south Indians to be much more educated and rational than the north Indians with unpredictable mood swings as I saw from my educational tour. There are so many colleges in south! Almost all south indians were able to speak english even the people in small shops understood what I said in south but it was not so in the north – had very bad experience conveying what i wanted to say and the girls had too many mood swings and aren’t as ‘wanky looking’ as bob is describing =/.Northerners were kinda threatening too. I got too many uncomfortable glances in the north as there weren’t many places where white skinned people can make their stay. In south there were so many white people working with many institution some for spiritual reasons too so I wasn’t getting that kind of glares and my stay was enjoyable so much hospitality with assertive sense.

        As far as color goes I have seen a mix of fair and brown skinned women in both places. Whats the point of bragging about white skinned obsession bob has come to have when I have seen both women and find this information incoherent in content as well. I did meet some dark skinned women in mumbai, delhi and chennai. They look like a ginger colored Latina or Brazilian! And I find their features interesting too. I found women in India and brazil almost so similar. Visited 2 southern most states and I find what bob said to be so untrue even if he is taking a dig at the colors I would say he got it wrong! Comparing Delhi both the south states were great! And I saw so many white skinned Indian chics i really doubted if it was the same India I was touring! Girls in the western part of south were sooo damn hot and amazing!

  • Seth says:

    An interesting debate! I’ve been to a few places and the country I saw with the best variety of good looking girls was Canada. Everything was there for all preferences from tall blonde bombshells to cute Asian types.

  • Sophi says:

    I think hot women found every where in the world no any country fix for them. I’m also hot and beautiful

  • JOY says:


  • joel says:

    Hi all! THis is great topic. I’ve visited 37 countries so far and noticed that there are beauties everywhere but some countries the percentage of hotties is higher than in other. One interesting country to consider (won’t be number one but could be in the top-5) is Finland. Most agree that Sweden and Russia has super hot ladies. Well, Finland is actually a compination of those two countries as most Finns have roots from Sweden and from Russia. Finnish women are also known to be the most promiscuous in the world as here the girl’s who have one-night stands aren’t considered to be sluts/whores.

    Countries that are usually on the list are: USA, Brazil, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Lebanon, Israel, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Slovakia, India, Colombia, Venezuela, Canada and Germany. Of course depends what you like. I love big booty and tits but don’t like fat girls. Three countries that really stand out to me are (not in any order): India, Brazil and USA.

    The countries that should be higher on the list as there are a lot of beauties are Lebanon and Greece. France, England and Italy have a lot of true beauties too but also a lot of not-so-attractive women. The hottest girl I’ve met was a Mexican girl but in general Mexican women didn’t impress me.

  • Erica says:

    Venezuela and Mexico, oh and of course Brazil

  • Erica says:

    Venezuela and Mexico

  • tom says:

    One thing about rose colored glasses getting off the plane: airports have better looking girls than the local area as a whole.

  • JP says:

    Obviously there is a large element of personal taste in this issue. If you like dark skin girls, with curly hair and curvaceous figures you are going to prefer the Latin hotties to Northern Europeans. If you like blonde girls with a lot of make-up and a plastic/porno kind of look your going to prefer Anglo-American girls.
    Question? What group of girls have long, well muscled and toned legs, a slim waste, and plenty of tits and ass……
    Answer….Black girls…..mixed race girls…..They have the hottest bodies however you look at it…..An average black girl will have a body of a ‘hot’……and the hottest black and mixed race girls have bodies that are simply in a league of their own……

  • Ken says:

    In my view this is pretty much a useless endeavour. Why? Because the Gaussian bell curve rules everywhere in the world. The rest is in the eye of the beholder.

  • henry young says:

    i have read all your comments but let me tell you i have traveled this world especially Europe,far east,Africa and south America but dam mm Ugandan girls a dam hot they a naturally beautiful no make up

  • mia says:

    Sweden. Of course :)

  • Clarence says:

    Pluss ,,tight pussy they have good in bed they will grinding you like a cow girl,,,,so cool

  • Clarence says:

    Chicks in Philippines is the most sexiest all over the world,,the hight is in the middle not too high and not too small,,,color is perfect not white and not black,,,balance morena tanned. they are smart,,,,lovable sweet,,,and best good in sex,,,,,,,..

  • sourav says:

    my whatsapp id for beautifull girls is +918288821210 .
    i thought every girl , women is beautifull 😉 😉 😉

  • Sephigi says:

    I prefer women with nice features like DDs, hourglass figure or close to that and a big butt rather than skin color. It’d be cool to know where to find these features which my country lacks. I also don’t think Mexico is the right place to find hot girls with awesome physique.

  • SHAMED says:

    All women are hot and beautiful but the most important point of all is how one looks after herself in behaviour, moral, character, cleanliness, and presentation. Women are all human beings but any woman from any country whether beautiful, or hot to a degree of 100% or even to 1000% but lack all that I pointed out above believe me you will be wasting all your time and money plus other inputs looking for that hotness.

    • Through millions of years of evolutionary selection, men are programmed to find certain traits attractive. You might not like that fact, but that’s the way it is. How you wish things were doesn’t change reality.

  • randy james says:


  • Neo says:

    To me it’s India, Iran and also there are some very beautiful black girls in African countries too. If a girl has nice features and very dark skin it’s really beautiful and exotic 😉

  • Randy says:

    O.K I been reading most of these opinion while i have an opinion of my own..I saw Brazil Sweden and India as the top contender.
    Am I suprised hell no but I would placed Russia and Iran amongst the Top 5 of the world most attractive women.. to add another 5 would be Argentina Lebanon Columbia Ukaranian Venezuelian

    • Anonymous says:


      I am agree with you, Indian girls are having nice features, Beautiful face, pretty and cute with lot of covers and very hot in bed. You can got to any of the big cities in India you will find beautiful women every where. I stayed in New Delhi during spring and I seen beautiful girls every where, In Metro / Subway, Malls even all the women staff of my Hotel (Park Plaza on Parliament street) even middle Aged woman are looks beautiful and sexy and well mannered.

      Indian Men are Lucky They got the faithful women Too. In my opinion Indian woman are the most faithful and family oriented. Men are their Faithful and family orientation. They value to Families and relations

  • aloneingoa says:

    Nice post Jesse..I personally think brazilians are the hottest though have never been there. To me, being hot is 30% bodily features, 30% looks and rest 40% goes to attitude! What say? 😆

  • Chad Marcou says:

    I personally like dudes… bangladesh dudes are the best

    • Jesse Long says:

      Then you are on the wrong website if you plan on getting a guy if you are a guy, Chad Marcou. The intent of this website is for MEN to get WOMEN and not for MEN to get MEN, so unless the other Jesse says otherwise, perhaps it would be best if you sought out a website that had catered more to your needs?

  • Abd says:

    How can I smell that perfume?

  • Gerad says:

    Italian and mexican girls are the best in my opinion

  • That Guy says:

    Of course were probably gonna say a country that were not natives of because we absolutely love exotic. You just get tired of the same so you wanna try something new. I might have to say its either Brazil or Costa Rica. Costa Rican women are the nicest in the world and also the happiest so its pretty easy to get on their good side, also very good looking since its in a warm area. Brazilians obviously because of the mixed ethnicities and bangin bodies

  • Widler Jean says:

    wassup jesse i’ve been reading all your articles they really helpful u should write a book bruh nd if ya looking for some good ass girl take a trip to haiti that’s where im from homie or Jamaica

  • arhgentumm says:

    In my Experience the best looking women in average will be found in Bulgaria, Argentina, Ukraine and Israel.

  • Fitzroy says:

    Beaitiful women for everyone is what they are attracted towards..for example what i find extremely attractive might not bear truth to so many others..However for me a woman that is tanned is my kind she gotta have the golden tan preferbly a natural ones not the ones that fade away in the winter ha ha…so for the win ill settle for Hispanic and Indian..these chicks got it all man not all of them but the majority of them can be overwhelmed..

  • Ken says:

    Ok if you like hot tall naturally blond amazing beautiful women, you have to visit the Netherlands city Amsterdam! OMG they are gorgeous and friendly and easy to talk. They like biking and stay fit. Is true, attractive girls are everwhere.But thise women are warm and nice.Netherland is also land of immigrants. they have also a lots of amazing beautiful mix women.Netherland is in the top 10 of beautiful women. Visit Amsterdam, and you want to stay forever!

  • metroman says:

    This is kind of an interesting question and something to ponder. In my view Australia once had the hottest women on the planet and it used to be mentioned a lot by visiting celebrities. I would even speculate that the Gold Coast was once not unlike Eastern Europe for quality. Like most Western countries you really have to look to see a stunner. While the number of hbs is probably smaller in recent years, a new type of stunner is emerging, sporty women who are bigger and shapely. The gym or sporty look is becoming more common as more women are into fitness. Countries with the most gyms are likely to have this type of women.

  • chris says:

    how can you say that most women are 7’s? that makes no sense and a lot of people seem to think this way. the best way to measure womens hotness is via standard distribution. this way the ‘average’ woman is between 4 and 6. the vast majority of girls are in this category and the further you get away from the middle the less and less instances of it there are. theres no such thing as a 10, because no woman can be totally perfect without having some miniature flaw somewhere. at the same time there no such thing as a 0, because no woman can be 100% undesirable in every aspect of her physicality. to say that most women are 7’s is stupid because its not the average, so you cant say its an average woman if they’re above average hotness. otherwise the scale would have to be changed

  • reddbehrens says:

    I disagree with the guys who say Colombian women are ugly. I’m a member of several Latin-American dating websites that have Colombian women as member. None of them are obese, most are in good shape, and the older ones are more attractive than older American women. I have corresponded with over 100 women and they have a sweetness and pleasantness that is sorely lacking from American women I meet. They mostly don’t have the arrogance and conceit that many Western women have.

  • Joe says:

    I would totally disagree that most of the available women in the US are 7s. I think most in the category of available would be around a 5 or MAYBE a 6. I think the simple facts about people in the USA are very clear. Something like 24% are now considered to be obese. I do not see how any obese person could be considered to be of above average looks (and yes, 7 is above average).

    Having also traveled the world quite extensively, I would agree that you can find really incredible looking women almost everywhere (with the possible exception of Mexico). And I get the fact that each guy will have there own personal favorites. As for me, I was absolutely amazed at many of the women in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and even Poland. There are also some really hot looking German ladies as well, although there is also a high proportion of overweight women here (I think that this is pretty much true throughout the Western world). There are also pockets throughout South America. For example, I would suggest that anyone interested try Colombia. Each city seems to have their own characteristic look: those on the coast have more darker skinned and even black women, inland in places like Medellin and Bogota you will see more fair skinned women.

    I guess the bottom line is to each his own. Just stay away from the overweight American women!

  • Oliver says:

    Colombian girls are ugly as f#ck. I’m not counting supermodels or rare exceptions. Look at sites with pics of them- 98% amazing butts, then you see the face and they are DOG UGLY. It’s like they’re were selected evolutionarily for butts and no one cared about the face. WOOF!

  • riktheruler says:

    Hey Jesse. What a great debate this is. I’m a well travelled guy and for my money the country with the highest percentage of pretty chicks is the DR. Columbia is nice but as a brother I prefer tan skin and serious curves. I often refer to the Dominican Republic as “the poor man’s brazil.” A friend of mine also recommends Armenia and all those former Russian countries. Kim K. look alikes I guess. Thanks

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