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South Beach, Miami Florida – How Hot REALLY Are The Girls?

So you want to pick up girls in South Beach, Florida?

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We’ll start with the good things about South Beach, and then the bad as it’s quite a mixed bag.

Model party in South Beach

South Beach is actually a man-made barrier island between the city of Miami and the Atlantic Ocean. You can go back and forth between South Beach and Miami by driving over a very long bridge. So South Beach has its own culture that is distinct from the rest of Miami.

For one, you can get around South Beach walking, whereas in Miami you need a car. Which is pretty cool because you can walk between the beach, clubs, bars, and restaurants, and back to your hotel.


During March, the beach swells with girls on Spring Break – it’s literally wall to wall college girls in bikinis covering the beach – and it’s a BIG beach. There’s a strip of clubs and bars too.

Now the downsides…

It’s a pretty expensive place. Hotels run at minimum about $150 per night, and it’s far more expensive during events like Spring Break. There are two or three hostels, but they’re not that great, lack privacy, and can be overcrowded.

In summer it’s HOT and HUMID. Like disgustingly “I don’t want to go outside” humid.

It’s not exactly a tropical paradise. The beaches are white and set back from the road, but the place is highly developed for tourists. There’s not much natural beauty there.

The club entrances can be extensive ($20 to $40) and there’s often long lines to get inside (like 1 to 2 hours of waiting outside). You can avoid the lines if you have a bunch of girls with you, and even then it’s not always guaranteed.


Sometimes the clubs can be packed with guys too – like 3 guys to every girl.

Drug use is big and some of the girls will be high as kites.

So How Are The Women?

The women are not particularly friendly.  Not mean.  But not really friendly either.

Picking up by being a laid back, “nice guy” won’t cut it.  Expect blow out after blow out and stay in the set no matter what until you turn them around.  It’s intense and a rush, but don’t expect to just breeze on in and pull girls with little effort.

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If you can get into an exclusive party or a roped off VIP area, there can be a lot of beautiful women. But if you’re in the normal area of a club or in a general nightclub, I found that the women aren’t that attractive. Unless you’re a VIP, the 9’s and 10’s, and often even the 8’s, will be roped off from you.

Note that the pictures I’m providing here represent the hottest of the women – the top 1% of them.

Most of the women however are just average-looking tourist chicks from around the U.S., so you should have realistic expectations that the vast majority of women look nowhere like super models.

Gaming South Beach How-To

You’ll find a lot of guys who save up there year’s savings so that one weekend they can splurge and burn all their money renting a Ferrari and trying to pickup girls, but end up buying prostitutes out of frustration and horniness.  You’ll meet a lot of strange characters.

Generally I would call South Beach the most overrated club scene in the world I’ve been to – meaning that the hype the marketers generate for it as being a great place to meet hot women far exceeds the actually reality. The whole club scene more resembles a way to fleece horny young tourist guys of their money.

As for day game, most of the girls walking the streets aren’t particularly beautiful. There’s a lot of homeless people and drug junkies. It depends on what time of the year it is, and if it’s a busy tourist weekend, in which case you’ll find a lot more girls who flew in for the weekend.


Really, the best place to pickup women is on the beach itself. If you wake up early as the sun is rising, or later in the evening when the sun is not so intense, and you have SOLID beach game, you can meet more attractive women that way.

If you decide to move to South Beach to LIVE year round, that can solve some of the problems. If you’re game is good, you can meet the right people and get the connections into the VIP areas and so on. Still, summers are brutal hot, and many winter days are too cold for the beach. And even when you meet a girl, most of them leave a few days later since they’re all on vacation. The people I know who moved there all moved away after a year for one reason or another.

If you want to get laid on Spring Break, I would recommend going to Cancun instead. If you want relaxing beaches and nature, go to Costa Rica. If you want a Latin nightlife experience, go to the city of Miami or Costa Rica. South Beach, while it has positives for it, generally isn’t worth it when you’ve got so many other options.

Then again, you might love it there… some people do.  Everyone is different.  That’s just my take.

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  1. Anonymous

    Miami is a great place. There are flaws but I mean which city in america doesn’t have flaws?….

  2. Ray

    Jesse, you are so right. I’ve approached and talked to a lot of girls on my 5 of 6 day vacation. I’ve had 2 flakes and the rest of the women have overrated attitudes of themselves. Next time, Costa Rica or somewhere else.

  3. Enrique

    This is the thing. You Can be a homeless guy and get into VIP in any club as long as you have CHARISMA. Charm, style (even homeless style, as long as you back it up). I’ve had door men pull me off while I was walking down the street in shorts and say “hey you, come in”. I was like WTF. It’s how you carry yourself. Like the other man said..CONFIDENCE.

    Story: I was at Level (before it became Mansion) and I was at real entrance a few doors down..I asked the door guy..”Get me away from the crowds in VIP”..HE GOES..go around back. I went in the alley (which I didn’t know was an entrance and what they called LEVEL 6) I walked up a LONG flight of stairs and was in the utmost exclusive place in the club without spending a dime. I hobnobbed with celebrity, owners, politicos, (pitched a few ideas, got a few contacts, networked..etc). THIS IS SOUTH BEACH..the place I love. :)

    • Jesse Charger

      I remember Level too. Those were the good old days of SoBe.

  4. Roger Stephen Roth

    Personally speaking as a swinger myself, i would say from a lot of experience with 100’s of women i would say that every woman is different. I am overall convinced that even using one method to attract women will result in different results every time. But overall personally i think it is a lot better if us guys date a lot of women before we choose the one we want. This way if you are in a crappy relationship you won’t have to make excuses for cheating.

  5. Anonymous

    Can’t confirm this report. I was there in a language school for 3 months and lived in South Beach and it was an amazing time! The most important thing is to know some girls. If you have girls with you (more girls than guys – important), you will get approached at the beach from some club promoters. They will bring you in the clubs – without waiting outside and for 40-50$ you will get a lounge with free drinks allnight (normally champagne and some vodka). I can’t confirm that there are more guys in the clubs than girls. Normally its like 3 girls to every guy. And a lot of girls were tourists or language students like me – so they just wanted to have fun. If you have connections in South Beach or you are with some girls, it’s paradise in Miami Beach :)

  6. Mike

    Every state is gonna have a big city that is going to have good/bad things about it. Miami is no exception. If guys go to Miami amd Miami/South Beach solely looking for women will miss out. I never been to Miami, but will visit next year. You have to understand that Miami is more a flash over substance kind of city. Yes, you will see some pretty girls but you will see some non-attractive women too. It is like that in every big city. Miami is no pick up paradise city like a Colombia, Costa Rica, Rio. I would say just go there with a open mind and also visit other things besides the beach. There is a casino 30 minutes north of Miami. I agree with Dennis reply by how Miami is about money,money,money. “Flash over substance”

  7. Anonymous

    yes south beach is a piece of garbage, just go to Medellin or

  8. fantom

    کیر تو کس همه تون

  9. SIMON

    No question there are great looking ladies there. BUT, I gotta say at least 85% are fat ass dogs! Way to much PLASTIC, GRAVITY and RICE AND BEANS!

    • VITO


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