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10 Taboo Dirty Talk Tips For Sexually Possessing Submissive Girls

Tip #1. Tell Her How Excited You Are

Tell her how she’s making you feel.  Women get sexually excited when you’re sexually excited for them.

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Basically, you’re describing to her the sexual feelings you’re experiencing behind the physical actions.  And to a woman, the sexual feelings are just as sexy as the physical actions themselves.  Tell her,

“Having you bent over with my dick inside you, you make me feel so good baby.”

“You make me so hot for you… I want to fuck you deep and hard.”

“It feels so good sliding my penis inside your pussy.”

Tip #2. Tell Her How “Bad” She Is

Girls love to be told what a bad, naughty, slut they are on the inside deep down underneath the “good girl” everyone normally sees in real life.  Tell her,

“You’re a bad, bad girl, aren’t you?”

“Deep down you want to be naughty, deep down you want to be bad.”

“I know what you’re really thinking.  Inside you have a dirty mind.  You’re always thinking dirty thoughts.”

“You wear those hot clothes, do your hair, do your nails to attract the men and make all the girls jealous of you… you’re so bad…”

“Everyone thinks you’re this sweet, innocent girl.  But I know the truth.  I know what you’re really like, that you have all of these dirty, naughty thoughts.”

Tip #3. Highlight Taboo Contrasts

Highlight contrasts that might normally be considered taboo in “proper society”.

If you’re an older man with a younger woman tell her, “I love that young pussy… it’s so wrong an old guy like me is fucking that young pussy… that makes you so hot.”

If you’re a black guy with a blonde tell her, “You just loving wrapping your mouth around my black dick don’t you.”

If you’re a young guy with an older woman tell her, “You love younger guys don’t you… having a young stallion fuck you long and hard.”

If you’re a bad boy with a religious woman tell her, “You’re such a little devil, a bad girl for having such naughty sex… you dirty girl.”

Tip #4. Tell Her “This is bad…”

The theme here is to tell her how “bad” it is what you’re doing as you proceed with the act anyway.  This is a big turn on for submissive women.  Tell her,

“We shouldn’t be doing this… this is so bad.”

“I want to pull your panties off and eat you out right here… no I shouldn’t do that, that would be so wrong.”

“Hmmm… your hair smells so nice… no stop that, I have work to do… don’t turn me on right now… then again, your skin feels so soft and sexy…”

Tip #5. Cold Read Her Inner Desires

With a cold read, you state how the woman is feeling on the inside.

For example, cold reading her inner desires might mean telling her how much she really wants sex and how much she really wants to be dirty.  Tell her,

“You know you want to suck your strong man’s cock.”

“It feels good, doesn’t it, you like that don’t you.”

“The more you feel, the better it is and the more you want it.”

“You enjoy to be told what to do by a man.”

“You love watching your dirty ass ride up and down on my hard dick.  That makes you so fucking hot.”

Of course, you can’t know exactly how a woman is feeling inside, unless you’re a mind reader.  Rather, you’re planting thoughts inside of her mind and passing them off as her own.

In effect, you can lead a woman into a thought or feeling just by telling her that’s the thought or feeling that she’s having.

Tip #6. Tell Her to Surrender Herself

Command her to surrender herself to you.

“Surrender yourself to me… surrender your mind, your body.  Your body is mine.”

“Your pussy is all mine.”

“Surrender yourself to your strong man, baby.  Just let go.”

Tip #7. Tell Her That She’s Yours

Deep down, a submissive girl who is emotionally attached to you wants to be “yours” and belong only to you.

Call her “your” naughty girl or “your” sex doll, rather than just calling her a naughty girl or a sex doll.  She’ll feel more dominated if you imply that you possess her.

Tell her as you rail her hard, “That pussy is mine, I own that pussy.”

“You belong to me.”

“Your pussy is only mine and I’m the only one who can fuck it.”

“The only reason you exist is to take MY dick deep inside of your pussy.”

Tip #8. She Has No Control

Most women love that they hey cannot control what’s happening to them.  Tell her,

“I’m fucking you now, and you cannot control what’s happening… you’re at my mercy… you’re just being fucked hard…”

“You like being fucked hard by a strong man?  What are you going to do about it?  You’re getting fucked right now by a strong man.”

Tip #9. Request Obedience

Women want to be led in the bedroom and you can explicitly request obedience from her.

Tell her, “You’ll do as I say.  I have the master cock, you’ll do what I tell you naughty girl.  You like that don’t you.”

“You just love doing everything I say, don’t you… that makes you so hot being obedient to my strong will.”

Tip #10. Who Is Your Master?

Have her call you “Daddy”, “Master”, or “King”.

Women love being under your control in the bedroom.  Tell her, “Who’s your master, your strong man, your daddy.”

Have her say, “Yes Master,” when you tell her to do things or move into new positions.

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  1. asher

    say whatever u want knowing that shes submissive. submissive means she wants to be used and abused to sexual desires of men, aka a pure slut.
    Tell her shes a slut but she has to be better. tell her that she is to be used and abused to you sexual liking as thats al shes good for. keep telling her shes a slut and then ask her what r u? (slut) what do u want (cock, cocks…but difference). ask her again and again and again until shes screaming cocks cocks cocks

    only if she says cocks proceed with the following
    if she says cocks you tell her thats what ur good for to pleasure cocks i know thats what you want u whore. ask her again what she is (slut). what does my filthy dirty slut want? (cocks) shes wants it everywhere doesnt she? (she will say yes 100% if she said cocks). She wants it in every possible place doesnt she? (yes) shes a big slut she wants to satisfy all the cocks she sees? she wants big cocks doesnt she? how many cocks do you want (they usually say a lot)

    keep fucking her as you do this. position her on her stomach lied down completely (same as doggystyle just lying down. tell her to stick that whore ass out and she will to the maximum of her ability and this also gives you space from under to play with her clit. fuck her (i usually do this by putting my right hand down under to her pussy playing with her clit and the left one either strangling her, grabbing her tits and nipples or putting my fingers in her mouth and telling her to suck it like a good slut)

    the point is that she likes not having control, being abused, submissive girls fantasize about being raped by a man or many men at once. they like being used, humiliated, cummed on spat on called names and most of all they love cock they just want men to satisfy themselves with them

    one thing i learned with subs over the years is that they might be huge whores but the difference about them and the rest is that they are loyal honest whores

    also dont try this randomly just like that. u need to work her up and dont talk dirty until u feel her pussy wet and u start playing with it. the hard part (for beginners) is starting the fire but once the fire is on u can just feed it and it will stay on. once you get the hang of it you can turn her on like crazy just by fucking with her head. for example today i txted her saying that i want her to get three huge cucumbers on the way home and she replied how horny she was and how she cant wait to have her special meal and how we she was. its just planting the idea in her head and she just fills in the blanks according to her fantasies

    i give my whores a slut schedule that looks something like this
    Todays slut work
    1) swallow two loads of cum
    2) play with ur ass and pussy for 10 min in front of me without ever cutting my view
    3) bring home a toy of your choice
    4)clean the kitchen naked with nothing but an apron on

    usually i keep it at 2-3 things sometimes more ;)

    and you make punishment cards put them in a box and if she didnt do her slut chores u make her pull a punishment card out. The things about the punishment cards is that girls often are shy and dont wanna tell u their secret of wanting to be gangbanged or anything. so u fuck with her mind, tell her to write things that would hurt her and she wouldnt want and if she didnt tell u already she might write something like putting a dildo in my ass and pussy. 100% of the time they put things on the punishment cards that they want but they cant say and now that its in the punishment cards they can skip on a chore and end up having to pick a random punishment card.

    good luck guys

  2. Job

    How do I make my wife dominating me by fucking other (black) men, me in the role of cuckold?

  3. grant

    that is some descent advise iam gona combine ur advise w my own should be awsome my wife loves it all im a lucky

  4. His Submissive

    I’ve always been a submissive, but none of my previous lovers knew how to dominate me. However the man I’m with now really knows how to dominate. He ties me to his bed and makes me call him daddy. This man drives me crazy with lust. I was just going to say to all the men with submissive partners that if you tie them up one your bed and blindfold them every sensation is intensified and it drives most subs crazy and gives the doms full control, but make sure you have a safe word and thay your partner is ok with it,

  5. ALEX

    I’m so completely addicted and learning more and more EACH day reading your articles on sexual attraction and BEING a Dominant man. Thank you Jesse for putting this DIRECT NO BULLSH#T information out for men to read and learn from. Many of us did not have fathers to teach us THESE valuable traits of being a Dominant man with women. Your articles alone have so much info that buying your programs is more an optional thing, especially because there’s so much value pumped into your articles alone. Each article I read is getting me more excited because I have seen guys who naturally attract many girls DO THE STUFF THAT YOU TEACH!!!! You put what THEY do into simple direct words to understand. So ANY man willing to learn CAN AND WILL LEARN AND MASTER it all.

  6. daddy

    Your dam right I’m daddy and daddy want his balls licked bye the slut of the house!!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    I’m a submissive girl & I agree with all of the advice in the article above. I really love the possessive thing, when a man tells me that I’m his and I belong only to him. I once had a boyfriend who kept saying “Take it, take it, take it” while he was fucking me and I loved that. Sometimes he would say, “You love to fuck.” That was really hot, too.
    A rough/gentle technique works too. I had a boyfriend who was a professional animal trainer, and he would demand obedience and speak in a very firm tone, but when I complied with his wishes, his voice got more gentle and he would say, “Good Girl” or “That’s my beautiful girl.” I was aware that he said things exact words to animals at work all day, and even though I knew I was supposed to be offended, I wasn’t. Being “trained” bonded me closer to him. I’ll love him forever. He would alternate between rough stuff like spanking and calling me his whore and gentle stuff like brushing my hair and feeding me berries & chocolates out of his hand and saying, “I’ll always take care of you.” The hard\soft approach had me…well…eating out of his hand. :)

  8. Anonymous

    Typo – Aware that he said *these* exact words.

  9. alliebaby

    Tried for 17 years to get my husband to find his dominant side. It was a bottom top arrangement. Which is not what I wanted. You can’t make a man dominant if he isn’t already. So sad.
    Anyway, I am a strong woman and find it hard to attract a dominant man. What do I look for? I want more than anything to be submissive to a strong, loving Daddy. Advise is much appreciated.

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