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Women Really Want “Sweet” Painful Sex

Let me introduce you to a critical principle of the Bedroom Bull – the Sweet Pain principle.

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First you have to understand the driving force behind female psychology, the sexual motivation universal to all women.

A woman’s evolutionary purpose is to have babies with a strong man that can protect her and her children from danger, allowing the woman to successfully propagate her genes into future generations.

Thus a woman’s world revolves around her strong man and the future children she may have with him.  She will do whatever it takes to be sexually desirable for him and to keep his cock returning to her vagina, and not straying to another woman’s.

What this means for you, the man, is this: a woman is there to be your pleasure palace.  Her sole purpose is to have your babies and do whatever it takes to sexually get you off.

In return, she gets the safety and warm arms of a Bedroom Bull.

And it’s that sexual polarity that makes both yourself and the woman most happy and fulfilled.  Remember, sexual polarity = happiness.

So by guiding a woman to express her femininity in how she dresses, in how she walks, you bring to her real happiness and inner fulfillment.  And she’ll LOVE you for that.  It’s a GIFT you bring to the woman.  Your guidance and leadership is what will make her go to ends of the Earth for you with respect and gratitude.

Remember, as a man, it’s your JOB to bring out the sexual polarity in the relationship – and that includes things like giving her permission and having her wear high heel shoes and sexual clothes as a matter of regular habit.

And it’s not always comfortable.  In fact, many times it’s uncomfortable.  Many times it can be downright PAINFUL. Like high heel shoes – I’m not making any claim that they’re comfortable at all.

But with all beauty comes a little bit of PAIN.

Taking her free hour to get her hair and nails done to turn you on?  That’s PAIN.

Wearing high heels for an hour as a sexy slave while she cooks you dinner to turn you on?  That’s PAIN.

Putting all her weight on her knees as she takes your cock gagging down her throat, defiled and used for sex while you call her an oral slut?  That’s PAIN.

Holding her tongue and instead speaking in a sweet, soft voice to follow her strong man’s lead?  That’s PAIN.

Hitting the gym or getting big, fake tits so that her body turns you on?  That’s PAIN.

The life of a feminine woman, a wicked Mistress, who’s sole purpose is to be her strong man’s pleasure slave, is one of PAIN.

But it’s a SWEET pain. A woman derives deep, deep pleasure for making a man sexually happy with her and keeping his cock coming back to her vagina.  It’s in her core evolutionary programming to do so.

She may feel physical pain while on her knees, but the excitement of being sexually used for sex by her strong Bedroom Bull far outweighs the discomfort.

She may feel uncomfortable wearing heels, but knowing she’s turning her strong man on and will be ravished for doing so far outweighs the slight burn.

In the short term, getting breast enhancements is certainly painful, but the thousands of ogling eyes from men that reinforce her identity as a sexually feminine, wicked Mistress will far outweigh the temporary hurt, particularly if her new breasts please her strong man.

They’re soft and sweet on the outside.  But they’re willing to be sinful, wicked creatures for the long term gain of their man, even if it causes them short term pain.  It’s painful yes, but yet it feels so GOOD to be bad… that’s the lesson of Sweet Pain.

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So yes, it may be uncomfortable for a woman to wear high heels or dress sexy for you.  It takes up her time and it’s not always physically comfortable.  But if you’re playing this game right, it will be her greatest sweet PLEASURE to acquiesce to your wishes.

“The Boss” and “The Slave Girl”

Having feminine polarity is resource intensive and can be painful.  It can mean wearing high heels, wearing lingerie, talking dirty in bed… it may mean working out at the gym to get in shape or doing her makeup.

But a woman, left to her own devices, without leadership and direction, will tend to be lazy.  She’ll want to keep you attracted, but with minimal effort on her part.

That’s why you want to have a mentality of being “The Boss” and treating your Mistress like “The Slave Girl.”  Meaning you lay down the rules, she follows your lead, and you play boss to make sure actions are followed through.

If you’re not giving her tough leadership, a woman will often not follow through.  At work, the boss sometimes has to play dictator to make employees follow through; likewise, at home sometimes you have to play boss dictator to make your woman follow through.  Don’t be afraid to enforce discipline.

That’s what she wants you to be, deep down, to be the enforcer and disciplinarian over her bad habits.  It’s that very quality that makes you the masculine, leading, Bedroom Bull.  You don’t take her excuses.

That’s what makes Sweet Pain both Sweet and Painful.  Painful because you’re forcing her to do it – and Sweet for the very same reason – because you’re forcing her to do it.

Don’t let her eat a box of Oreos while watching television on the couch.  Don’t accept her whining or bad attitude.  Don’t accept that she won’t dress up for you and suck you off on demand.  She’s your wicked Mistress – she has to act like one.  Your enforcement of the rules is what makes the pain so sweet.  Your enforcement of the rules is the very quality that makes you a sexy Bedroom Bull.

Being the boss has nothing to do with being a jerk.  You don’t give her ultimatums to get your way.  You don’t yell and scream to make her act.  You don’t sleep with her friend to get revenge.  You don’t walk away and act grumpy.  That’s all child pettiness, the very opposite of being a Bull.

You’re a gentlemen… yet an enforcer.  Always playful, always fun, always smiling, always cool… but you don’t take bad behavior either.  That’s what makes her pain feel so, so sweet.

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  1. I am 18 years i need a girl 2 fuck.

    Women really love hard and sweet sex

  2. Capo G

    I particularly have learnt a lot of lessons from this piece of writing with regards to my experiences with women so far. You just hit the nail right on the head: the women complaining are simply being sentimental looking at where they belong to – Gender.

  3. Anonymous

    I have to admit when I first read this article a long time ago I thought it was bullshit. But I kept thinking about it, and all the things I wanted to change about my relationship. My girlfriend had recently moved in and she had all kinds of habits I didn’t like and it caused a lot of arguments. So I decided to give it a try. I started telling her rules and correcting her when she didn’t follow them and reminding her of the rules. When she did something I liked, like working out or cleaning/cooking, I praised her and told her what a good job she did following the rules and how I was proud of her.

    Initially I didn’t think it was going to work. She’d just get mad and tell me not to tell her what do to. But I just kept at it. I also made sure a few of the rules were things she loved doing, that way she’d follow some rules anyway. Then when she did them I didn’t just thank her but told her how proud I was of her for following the rules…making the praise about her obedience and not what she did. At first she laughed it off but after a couple of weeks I stopped…and noticed she seemed upset I didn’t tell her she’d done a good job. That’s when I knew it was working and all your tips were right on.

    I told her I was glad she followed some rules but I would only be proud of her if she followed them all. It was slow going but soon I noticed she was starting to follow more of my rules, even the ones she didn’t like, like super high heels and slutty clothes at home. Once I felt she was trained to be fairly obedient I started introducing other things like deep throating and anal…things she’d previously insisted were degrading and she’d never do. I was sure to tell her they were new rules and how proud I’d be of her. Before long she was kneeling at my feet taking my dick down her throat like a champ and letting me fuck her up the ass. Then I worked her up to expecting it more often and getting rougher with her until I was finally able to be a bull and just fuck her however I wanted.

    It’s been a difficult thing, training her, but once she responded positively it was pretty smooth sailing from there. Now my girlfriend is a real mistress…sucking my dick on demand, taking rough anal and dressing sexy to serve me dinner. Now I’m the boss and she follows my lead. I’m sure some people will bitch and say it’s not in a woman’s best interest to be trained like this…well that’s not what guys care about…it’s in OUR best interest.

    • Jesse Charger

      great story, great advice :o

  4. Anonymous

    What your talking about here is BDSM. And in the BDSM life style, dominants and the submissives go into the relationship knowing and embracing their preferred roles. It’s consensual from the get go. And those roles are personality, not gender based. For every woman thats a born submissive, there is also one that is a born dominant or neutral. (hence Lia’s reaction to this article) What your suggesting here is an amateur/ wanna be, power based, mind fuck, and it’s a dangerous game to play if you value the woman your with.
    No woman wants a wimp (Unless your girl is a born dominant maybe) so by all means be strong, confidant, self assured and direct, but save the master/slave thing for role playing. In the real world, for about two thirds of the female population, that will get really old, really fast.
    But if you want the truth, every piece of advise you’re ever going to get is basically going to be a cheap attempt to compensate for the one thing woman really want but never get. They want to be safe in the arms of their man. NOT PHYSICALLY, with the training available today, a lot of women out there could kick your butt. What they want is a place were it’s SAFE to be vulnerable; to say, and be, and do what they really want/need to say, be or do. To confide their hopes and dreams and fears and yes, their kinkiest desires. (And if they are naturally submissive, they want to feel safe enough to confide that to you too.) But that takes a combination of strong and soft most men in this society just can’t deliver. (Or maybe can’t be bothered to deliver, its so much easier to phone it in or go for the cheap tricks, after all.)
    If you really want the ultimate relationship at every level
    Be strong, confidant, self assured and direct,( a woman can’t be vulnerable with a weakling, someones got to be the “man”.) be a care taker and protector, earn her trust.
    Watch, pay attention; note her facial expressions, her tone, her body language. Really listen! communicate! (women are verbal creatures, they love words. )
    (And give her time to get used to it, because if you can deliver it, it will probably be the first time she’s ever encountered it. It will take her a while to trust it.) Oh, and mind blowingly good sex helps of course.

    As to your comment ” Her sole purpose is to have your babies and do whatever it takes to sexually get you off.”
    Hah, It’s her sole purpose to survive, and for thousands of years “having your babies and doing whatever it takes to sexually get you off.” where her only means of ensuring that. Welcome to the 21st century boys.

  5. Playboy

    Would like to share that, my office secretary does whatever I want from her, whenever…actually, my intuitions are so accurate that we have never got caught by any of our other office colleagues..and she trusts my instincts..

  6. Jomo

    Am Jomo,I have not had sex before though planing to have one.How do i make my woman get that qualitative sweet sex?
    Do women get happy only by sweet painful sex and how will i know she is okay with my sex?

  7. Anonymous

    no longer i am feeling that sweet pain during sex with my hubby. it happens if i try it by my own. rubbing finger on my vagina. but is it safe or not i don’t know.

  8. milon

    it is sooo good for a men life to make his patner happy……..thank u for this helpfull job.

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