50 Tips To Turn Her On, Undress Her, And Get A Woman’s Clothes Off Once She’s Back At Your Place!

When you stimulate a woman’s key erogenous zones you tell her subconsciously that you’re an incredible, experienced lover

When removing her clothes, alternate the touch sensations from lighter to harder touches and back again, building the sexual charge

Notice skin areas that feel cool. Stroke her cold spots until they warm and blood flows through them, making her aroused and willing to undress

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Imagine that your hands are hot with white light and energy. Your hands will actually become warmer to the touch and she’ll want to undress

When undressing her, keep one hand on her at all times as you transition from erogenous zone to erogenous zone. Always maintain physical contact

While undressing her, bite and suck the back of her neck. Slowly move up the neck to the base of the skull, alternating between biting and sucking

You’ll want to isolate a girl in your room. After all, most girls won’t have sex in front of other people– it’s critical to get her ALONE with you!

At your place, sit her down on your bed and watch a movie. Place the television in front of your bed so that you have an excuse to be there together

To get her naked on the bed, smell her, touch her face, and kiss her. Touching her legs, arms, neck, and face as you do so

Pass your hands over her breasts to see how she’ll respond. Don’t grab her breasts, just pass your hands over them and keep going

Get color rich, satin sheets for your bed with big fluffy pillows. If your bed is inviting enough she’ll jump right on in to feel it

Women get turned on in the presence of flickering firelight. Bodies look sexy and heroic in the glow of firelight- so have some candles ready to be lit

Keep a box of chocolates on a table in a strategic place. Most women can’t resist an open treat that covertly “drugs” her into the right mindset

Keep your bedroom for sex and sex only. Replace the television with candles, the dirty laundry with a rich oriental carpet, the computer with incense

Don’t stop moving forward hoping you’ll win her approval- she will think you’re another “nice guy” who folds at the very first sign of resistance

If you start begging, “Please… girl… just let me take this bra off… come on baby… please baby…” you come across as needy and desperate. Don’t beg

Arguing with a woman to take off her clothes is begging. You might convince her, but it’s more likely she’ll simply counter reasons to your reasons

If you have a girl isolated, sitting on your bed, and kissing you – there’s a 99% chance she *IS* willing to sleep with you. Go for it

To undress her, ignore her words and move forward if she verbally says one thing, but says “yes” with her body

If she says, “We shouldn’t really be doing this” simply start talking SEXY to her “you’re right- we shouldn’t- it’s sooo BAD”

In undressing her, agree with her objections to disengage her resistance, rational mind- and then continue. She can’t disagree when you agree

To get her clothes off use SEXY talk to get her WET and speak it like that – with a husky, sexy voice

Some girls only need ten minutes of tongue before they feel comfortable for sex- while others need to have their bodies touched all over for an hour

When she says, “This is moving so fast…” her resistance is not a plea for you to stop entirely, but really a message for you to SLOW DOWN

In getting her clothes off, take two steps forward, one step back. Move forward when she resists, pull back- then move forward again

If she resists, give her more foreplay (step back). Then, once she’s even hornier and more comfortable than before, step forward again

VARY your foreplay to get a woman horny enough to want sex until you hit upon what she likes most and what really turns her on

Some women love dry humping. Others soft bites. Other women by dirty talk. Others have fantasies of being taken and sexually ravished- experiment

Explode into a sexual passion, push her up against the wall, tear off her clothes, and ravish her. It may be too overwhelming for her to want to stop

Hold her in your arms and tell her that you always wear a condom when making love so that she trusts she won’t catch an STD or get pregnant

Tell her you look forward to waking up with her tomorrow- you want her to look back on this without any regrets- and she’ll feel better about sex

Freeze her out- stop talking and stare at the ceiling. Let your playfulness and sexual energy wash out and she’ll want sex for your approval

Contrast suddenly sexual, playfulness with boredom- so she feels the difference in mood from day to night like a cold bucket of water in her face

The last thing a woman ever wants to feel is emotionally shut out or that she’s let down a man sexually- freeze her out if she’s not being sexual

When she responds to your freeze out, flip fast from cold to HOT- don’t bother bringing her to the bedroom, just ravish her right there

Many women like to look at themselves in the mirror while making love. Women are visual creatures and the more they see, the more they want it

Good music can put a woman in the mood for sex. Slow, “heartbeat” music makes her heart slow, muscles relax, posture looser, and skin conduct more heat

The combination of flickering candlelight with rippling water can create a uniquely spiritual, relaxing mood for lovemaking

Women love hot tubs and hot water- in the water her blood races faster all along her skin, including through her pelvic area

When you’re on the bed, tell her “So aren’t you going to kiss me yet.” Then smile, wait, and make out

Lift her hair up and nibble on her neck gently, pulling on her hair slightly so as to give her that “I want you so bad” impression

Just breathing on the front of her neck will give the woman goose bumps all over. Using your tongue and vampire bites feels even better

When you’re taking off the girl’s pants say “I want to lick it.” If she doesn’t say no, go for it

The inside of the thighs are highly sensitive to touching, stroking and licking and just about any kind of touch there will turn her on like crazy

To get at her breasts, brush your hand over them. If she doesn’t resist, squeeze them. If she doesn’t resist, put your hand up her shirt

Before taking off her pants, put your hand down them and cup her. This will “prime her” for the big event

Never ask or beg a woman to undress- she will resist your wussy pleading. Instead, sexually excite her so that SHE is undressing YOU

A woman resists having sex because it’s a big investment for her- the possibility of having your baby. So don’t get frustrated- always stay cool

Don’t get frustrated or angry if a woman resists undressing- that will only turn her off more. Be like the Fonz and always play it smooth and cool

A woman won’t feel sexual unless you feel sexual. Once you have her alone in your bedroom, you have to lead the state and she’ll follow

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  1. I was so happy cos we had a shower together. I washed her, she washed me. After that she put her bra back on while I put my boxers back on. She needed help hooking it back up so I said to her why don’t we just carry on like this. So we got back nipple to nipple just SNOGGING LIKE MAD. she really wanted to lick me. while I licked her boobs. She even let me try on her bras, which were a beautiful size. After that we went shopping where I bought her sum bras to wear. I even got to go with her while she tried them on. We had sex again. Eventually, someone had to tell us to hurry up! we wernt back to the room to have MORE sex with each other. Dunno how long it was till we stopped snogging, I think it was after 3 hours!