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How To Get ‘Good Girls’ To Agree To *Anything* In Bed!

Let’s say you want your girlfriend to do threesomes with other girls, or give you a deep throat blowjob. Here’s a quick tip to make her do such “naughty things”.

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If you simply ask her to do something “perverted” to you, you’re giving her the chance to say, “No”.

So instead, you want to use repeated RE-affirmations to make her agree with your suggestions.

A reaffirmation is when a woman says, “Yes” to your suggestion or command.

Next time your girl is highly aroused and you’re railing her hard in the bed, tell her,

“You’re a very horny little girl for your strong man aren’t you? Tell me how horny you are. Tell me you’re a horny little girl.”

She’ll say “…Yes…”

Next, escalate the suggestion. In breaking-rapport tonality tell her, “Baby, you’re attracted to pretty girls aren’t you?”

Allow her to reaffirm, “Yes daddy”.

If she doesn’t reaffirm, pull her hair roughly and repeat to her while you rail her hard,

“You didn’t say that with very much conviction. I want you to tell me that you’re attracted to pretty girls for your strong man like you mean it! I know the truth! Tell it to me.”

Allow her to reaffirm, “Yes”.

That is the first re-affirmation.

Then tell her as you drill her forcefully,

“You want to be a naughty girl, you want to put your lips to a pretty girl’s lips don’t you and kiss her! Tell it to me!”

Allow her to reaffirm, “Yes, daddy” a second time.

Then tell her,

“You want to lick out her cunt too with your tongue, you want to let go and eat out her pussy and make her orgasm, tell me…”

Allow her to reaffirm a third time, “Yes, yes!!!”

Finish off by telling her,

“Who is that pussy made for? Tell me!”

She’ll affirm, “You, its’ yours…”

“How hard do you want me to fuck it? How hard do you want me to fuck it!”

She’ll affirm, “Hard… fuck it hard!”

Whenever a girl reaffirms an idea herself, like she enjoys kissing girls or giving you deep throat blow jobs, it makes it more REAL and true for her, because now she has said “Yes” HERSELF to it.

Remember, sex is as much mental as it is physical. And if you’re interested in turning your “good girl girlfriend” into a kinky freak in bed, you’ve got to learn exactly how, step-by-step, to make her follow your lead.

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  1. chris

    i m a master in behavior analysis and i had to laugh about it, first thing you have to learn how to influence her to do anything you want ,send me an email i d be happy to assist you for free , thanks

  2. Stephen Colbert

    Ron Paul 2012

  3. Anonymous

    I will try that when I fucking her next

  4. God of Thunder

    Why do you think 50 Shades of Grey was such a runaway success? Women love to fantasize about being dominated in bed by a strong man. I learnt this many years ago when I found out my young wife had had an affair with her much older (married) boss before we were married. She was honest enough to explain the attraction and, now I’m approaching more “mature” years, I’m starting to experience young women being strongly attracted to me, as long as I talk to them in the right way.

  5. Master Marshall

    yo jesse thanks buddy , but , if u were to make this whole story as a video , it would be more fun to hear :) thumbs up

  6. Anonymous

    i want fuck a girl

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