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How To Attract Younger Women If You’re A Much Older Guy – The #1 Thing You Must Do

So you’re an older guy – perhaps much older – and you want to meet far younger women. It IS possible, so here’s the problem and the solution…

Most older gentlemen simply look OLD and don’t feel entitled to chasing women. They don’t do cold approaches are they’re just super-duper nice and they hide their true intent.

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And if you’re over the age of 40, the number one thing you can do to not look like the creepy old guy is to get into great physical shape.

Because when you don’t work out, and you don’t eat right, it conveys to women that you don’t value yourself. Or that you don’t give a shit of what you put into your body.

(P.S. It’s perfectly NORMAL to desire younger women. Any guy who says, “Oh I’d never sleep with an 18 year old,” is either lying out of fear of being judged, or because societal reprogramming tells him to react that way. Because from a biological standpoint, men are driven to mate with the most sexually fertile women. In other words, younger women.)

What makes you look old, is not your actual age or the fine lines on your face, and gray hair can be easily colored back in, but actually how your body carries itself.

Because even having gray hairs and fine wrinkles on your face is sexy to young women. But it’s the lack of muscle, the lack of muscle keeping your posture straight, that’s what makes you look like “an old guy”.

And as you get older, and you’re someone who does not work out at the gym with heavy weights, what happens is you gradually lose muscle mass each year.

So in very subtle ways visually, your posture begins to show signs of age by bending inward, the skin around your shrinking body and muscles gets lax and loose, and your body begins to shrink.

So an older gentlemen over the age of 50 is really going to show his age, not because he’s 50, but because of the muscle shrinkage in his body. And instead of looking like a handsome 50 year old cutie, he’s going to look like a “old geezer”.

The other thing that happens as you get older and you don’t workout is you start putting on weight. You lose muscle gradually, your metabolism slows down as a result. And all those calories start going in as fat. Some guys put the weight on their bellies, most guys put the weight all over their body, but that weight gain is a glaring sign of old age to the girl, and a sign that you don’t care about yourself and you don’t care about dying from diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

And that’s where older guys go wrong, is that they just LOOK old in their profile, when they really shouldn’t if they were working out religiously. They’re really out of shape, and that’s a dead giveaway that you are low value, that you don’t respect your body, you don’t care enough to stay physically young looking and healthy.

So why would a young cutie girl have sex with you, and potentially have your children when you physically look like you could keel over any day.

Because older men can get diseases like diabetes and heart disease. So lack of muscle indicates to a woman on an older gentlemen proximity to death. And she doesn’t want to spend her best years being your nurse.

So it’s not a good genetic strategy for the young woman to have sex with you.

But, fortunately, you can rely defy this attraction decline, just by working out religiously. Because women will forgive just about everything else about your age as long as you’ve kept physically in really great shape and you’ve got the muscle of a younger man.

Because it’s that muscle that says you’re still healthy, that you take in your body and you’re proud of your body, that you have the physical ability to give her children, to protect the children, provide for the children, fend off rivals, and so on. A young woman wants to see that you are physically able, just like a guy who would be in his 20s.

And that physical fitness and retaining muscle and building new muscle is the key to staying attractive into your 40s, 50s and 60s. Period.

Because a young woman, ideally, wants to meet an older man with a younger man’s body.

A young woman wants to combine the maturity, status, and power of the older man, with the health and youth and vitality of the young man’s physical strength. That’s like the ultimate guy to most younger women.

So if you’re an older guy, and you want the “magic pill” to getting laid, the magic pill, if you want to call it that, is to have a good BODY.

A body that has good posture because muscle is key to posture, looks healthy, has a respectable amount of muscle definition, and is lean with minimal fat.

And for an older guy, a good body will get you far. A good body, with game, will bring you into Don Juan territory where you can literally blow away these younger guys because women want, ideally, to meet an older guy with a good body and game, not a younger guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

That means working out every day. It means lifting weights. It means eating very strictly nutritious and proper food.

Working out, eating right also gives you a sense of entitlement.

Because what’s holding back older gentlemen is that they know they physically look bad, they know that the girl physically looks good, and that there’s a fundamental mismatch there.

So n older guy sees a cute girl that is perhaps 10 or 20 years or even 30 years younger than himself… and what’s going to happen? He just freezes up. Or more likely, he won’t even allow the girl to catch him looking at her. Because he doesn’t feel entitled to even be talking to a younger woman.

Because he knows he looks old. He knows he eats badly. He knows he doesn’t work out or do anything to try to correct the situation. And he FEELS old. Fundamentally, he FEELS old.

So when you don’t feel entitled to have a younger woman, that holds you back. Not only do you not approach, but you avert your gaze.

Or, at best, you do a really timid Nice Guy, Fatherly sort of game on the girls. Where you’re always looking for IOIs to first make a move. You’re always really sweet, like a grandfatherly gentlemen to the girl. You’re always looking for permission to make a move. You’re really concerned about being liked and getting acceptance so you don’t do anything. You’ve got a big smile on your face, in a very supplicating, kiss-ass kind of smile that’s overly friendly.

And that’s the problem with older guys, is that they’re too nice, they’re too permission seeking, they’re too approval seeking, they’re conversational asexually like the girl’s Dad, but not physical, and they’re looking too much for permission and IOIs to escalate or continue.

That all stems from a complete lack of entitlement. And lack of entitlement comes from feeling physically old, looking physically old. And feeling and looking physically old comes solely from lack of lean muscle tissue, which is what makes you look good, makes you look young, makes you feel good, gives you good posture. But you’re lacking all of that, and you know it, you won’t feel entitled and you won’t get girls, period.

So hitting the gym and eating properly to put on lean muscle tissue is absolutely fundamental. And if you’re not 50 yet, you should start now. So that by the time you reach 50, you look fucking fantastic and you’re still can pickup up the teenage girls and the college girls and feel good doing it, and look congruent. Where at least if you’ve got a strapping hot body at 50, the really young girls will WANT to hook up with you, will WANT to talk to you, and you’ll still feel like a cool guy that hooking up with young girls feels normal and natural.

And that’s why there’s really no special “trick” or line or routine for an older guy to pickup younger girls. Because this is a strictly inner game issue that stems largely from how well you’ve maintained and built your body, or how you’ve neglected it.

So again, this is why physical fitness, and becoming that hunky older gentlemen, and starting now is so important.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am 65 and fucking 34 yearr old , best sex i have ever had. She was not so good at first but now simply great. she is married and i have a girl friend , we meet i fuck her 2 hrs ata time and that it.

  2. John

    Thank you so much. I am 46 myself and am actually attending a state university at the time and although I don’t think I am after the very young girl students I wouldn’t mind dating some in their late twenties or thirties. My problem and behavior is just as you describe it; I am acting like an overly friendly and supportive father figure because I don’t want to act like a creepy perv. I still have my full set of hair and figure, I do yoga and martial arts, and always wear the best of clothes, but yet still don’t feel entitled. My feeling is that the yoga thing might make me look gay? Anyway, thanks again for the advice, I will start lifting weights again and work on my tone.

  3. Willem

    The movie is called “A Girl Cut In Two”.

  4. Ricky

    By the way, I have no money but I do love to look like I have a little which helps. I’m generous and I never mind paying on the first date.

  5. Ricky

    I’m 51 and I have dated a girl who is now 24 for 2.5 years. My previous girlfriend before that was 19 (6 months), the one before that 23 and the one before that 20.

    We had a break with my current girlfriend for 2 months and in that time I met about 20 girls that were all under 30. Most were between 19 and 23. I slept with 3/4 of them. When she seen how many girls were always texting me etc she wanted me back and we are now back together.

    Yes I work out but not at a gym, I work out at home just a little doing press ups and non weight exercises. I’m lucky that I have a good build and also eat healthy food most of the time. I work hard on my shoulders, abs and legs and they are in good shape. I wear young clothes but I never try to look like a young guy, I look like me, confident in tune and feeling good all the time. Also, having lots of sex with beautiful young women makes one more attractive to young women, it’s the way it works. I don’t intend to come across as bragging but I want to demonstrate that older guys don’t need to feel inferior to young women. They will love you as long as you love yourself and your life. Yes there are the brainwashed exceptions but the majority of young women want a confident and mature guy that is attractive to women. Having lots of women in your life will also be a magnet for attracting more women. ;)

  6. lucy

    I think sex is overrated calm down ladies and gentlemen ok

    • Pops

      If that were the case, the world wouldn’t be overpopulated.

  7. lucy

    I think men 60’s should stay with their own age group I dated a man 17 years older ot was terrible he treated me older like him I was abuse because I was younger he was very jealous of me so ladies stay away they mean you no good I lived it nightmare

    • Paul

      Is that the best you can do with respect to grammar? Who could take you seriously?

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks for the straight talk

  9. Anonymous

    SO I am 43, My last GF was 26. I am single now. Where do you guys usually meet these younger women? I met my last girl at work. I lift 3 days a week and cardio 5. Let me know how to get back in the game :)

  10. Anonymous

    Hi I’m 45 go to the gym I think I look good and am able to talk to all ages ,I’d love to have a 20 something girl but the ring says I can’t ,the question is ,is it wrong to want and take youth not for love but just for pleasure,girls do u dislike me for the way I think.

  11. Anonymous

    While there are younger women who like older men. The picture doesn’t represent what most younger women are looking for. This picture is not that of a silver fox who is aging gracefully at all. The picture selection doesn’t doesn’t do anything to make possible what younger women are looking for.

  12. Alex

    I’m a white man in my mid fifties. My looks are middle-of-the-road. I am very clean-cut and very well groomed. Men say I’m attractive as do foreign women, but almost never have I heard it from American women. I am very outgoing and I have the gift of gab along with that I have the confidence to approach any woman and strike-up a conversation. I am above average intelligence and very well read. I have an eternal sense of humor.

    I have been natural body building for over 30 years. I’m 5’10” and weigh 240 pounds. I train harder than any man I’ve ever seen in any gym I’ve ever belonged to. I am an animal in the gym. I dress skimpily in the summer. My body turns heads. I don’t want to sound egotistical; I only want to sound truthful and accurate. I am a very physical and sexual man.

    I have been intimate with a woman ONCE since 1994. That’s once in about the last twenty years.

    So much for your theory of women being attracted to physically fit men.

    You are giving women FAR TOO MUCH CREDIT!
    America is now an abject piss hole, in more ways than one.

    • Anonymous

      Only 5’10”, but 240? And train harder than any man in the gym and wear skimpy clothes in the summer? Dude….you are scary!! You scare me and I haven’t even seen you! No wonder… women are afraid of you…you are too hulky and built…not normal….i.e. freaky!! There’s physically fit…and then there’s you….Mr. Beastmaster!! Probably too late for you to change…don’t die young of a heart attack!

  13. Anonymous

    or you can get a young wife in a foreign country

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely! Mine is 25 years younger than me..and we couldn’t be happier!

  14. Colin O'Riley

    Awesome advice! Honest and inspirational, especially the part about how any middle-aged dude who says he’s not turned-on by an eighteen year old chick is lying. That, combined with the fact that young chicks dig fit older dudes is great news for any determinedly single man. Thanks.

  15. Robert Shaw

    a man in his 50’s dating a woman in her mid 30’s 40’s isn’t unusual in the least..who’mever the hell says It is must not know very many people those ages.It’s never been unusual in fact.women in their 30’s and 40’s have been dating men 10 and 15 years their senior for years.i’m 59 and most people immediately judge me as being in my 40’s..i date women in their 30’s and 40’s routinely.Many men and women as well look younger than they really are,which has accounted many times in the past for vast age gaps between partners.nothing wrong with it.20 somethings are more concerned with numbers(age) than any other age group.Even though I’m 59, i don’t immediately admit my age to girls that show interest..i mean what man actually says to a 35 girl that’s just hit on him”and btw,i’m 50 years old”..usually they inquire of my age long after we begin talking..she asks and I reply”how old do I look”? whatever her reply is (usually between 40 and 43)I just say “that sounds good”..we then go out,have fun,if it turns into something it does,(so far it’s just been dating however) having a great time dating needless to say.And btw,America is the only country wherein young people are so ageist..for example the one female poster claims that her conscious thoughts about 50 year old men is that heir ugly.that bitch is an ageist and obviously hates older people in general..this is somewhat typical of 20 somethings today. this is why they will never ‘fix’ the world they’ll fail moreso than the current bunch of liars

    • Alex

      Is there a good reason you can’t space properly between words and punctuation?

      I gave-up reading you post due to the difficulty.

  16. Anonymous


  17. Anton

    Why would you upload such a badly written column?
    You need an editor to start proofing your posts. This good advice is overshadowed by bad writing.

  18. Vince

    I am going on 52, been divorced for about the laslt 4 yrs…i’ve had three girlfriends all up 15 years younger…they all chased me. I work very ha es d all the time outdoors, that is what keeps me in shape. I eat whatever i want and dont buy into any social programming bullshit.

  19. anonymousH

    The article is correct, if a man, any age hits the gym and has muscular physique, he Wii stand out from the crowd and women will be attracted to him. However, the vast majority of middle aged men and women let themselves

    By the way, I am a 50 year old woman and I work out consists my with weights, my body is firm, toned and looks like the body of a fit woman in her 20s. Recently I had face surgery so that my face would match my body.

    I am in s similar situation with some of the men here, that is, I am not at all attracted to men my own age or older, I have tried to force attraction but it did not work. I only like dating younger guys, 20s and 30s and it works fine for me, I have been in a bad marriage for a long time and have no I tension of remarrying.

  20. popone pardue

    I am a 52 year old black man and i love all women young old as long as they look good and nice and physiclly look good that is why i work out 4 time a week so i can attract white women black women all the women that like me and one thing dance daceing is a good way to get awork out for men in his 50s

  21. David Jewels

    WOW!!!!! So true!

  22. Joe

    Never enjoyed sex this way waw, young girls rocks. I am 54 and madly in love with a 23 year old. I love this girl to bits.

  23. clark

    I enjoyed reading the comments and can recall a time in my mid-40s when it was easy to hook up with women ages 19-29. Now in my mid-fifties I’m struggling with weight (50 lbs more than a decade ago) and being obviously older (grey hair, a few wrinkles.) I do go to the gym and lift weights and can lift more than a lot of the younger guys with their pretty-but-weak muscles. I realize I need to dump the extra weight, but I’ve also been mulling over the “fun” aspect of seducing a young woman. I’m a grandpa and not interested in starting another family per se. I’m definitely interested in having sex with women in their 20s and figure that it won’t be a steamy 6 month relationship like before, but more of a fun encounter. (Hopefully not charity sex…but hey!) I believe it is possible to catch a sexually active 20 year old in the right mood and partake of that fountain of youth, if but for a night. I refuse to pay for it directly because the thrill of the chase and subsequent sense of victory surpasses just getting my rocks off with a young woman for $$$. Oh, and I will agree that the pic isn’t the best one, partly because the actor–François Berléand–isn’t very fit and goes against one of your basic suggestions. Although, he is in a relationship with a women 19 years his junior. :smile:

  24. Anonymous

    I am 57 & work out daily. No gray hair & my face is as smooth as someone 35. I get judged at 38-42, max is 45. So I feel great about my body, my face & my hair color. I also have an attractive goatee that young girls play with. My body is actually in better shape than when I was married in my early 30s. Younger women that are slender & innocent are the main attraction to me. I like women my own age, but could never satisfy them sexually or myself & have tried. I am not going to throw in the towel because one out of 2 of my kids think I am a pervert. I hope that older women have someone, I truly do, but its not going to be me. I do not wish to hurt someone so I won’t try it again. The odds are very difficult to find someone for me in their 30s, but I have gotten a few that I was attracted to. 40s is easy for me, but even they have little appeal for the most part. I do think more & more 20-40 year olds are dying for affection that thanks to porn & the media have destroyed many younger mens abilities to satisfy in the romance department. For that I am truly grateful!

  25. Carew

    The #1 you can do to attract a younger woman is to have $$$ money. Lots of it. Not upper middle class engineer money (unless you’re looking for a mail order Filipino bride), that will not be enough to overcome the peculiarity a younger girl feels at the thought of kissing a guy her father’s age.
    An older man should be a famous actor, rock star, and/multimillionaire to successfully land younger women. Preferably good looking and fit, but is he is rich, it will override the necessity of looking good, to a point (unless he is mega-rich like the sultan of Brunei)
    The truth is that women are even pickier about looks than men. It is a myth that men are more superficial. If a woman is looking for a fling or a one night stand, she will always go for the studly, good looking guy (especially if she is out with her friends, their opinion is important to her).
    If she is looking for a relationship, she will forgo looks somewhat in favor of a man who is financially secure and stable. But she will not (unless he’s filthy rich) completely ignore his looks and fitness, she will keep this in mind because of the children she will one day have with him, if she chooses him.
    She feels this way even if she is not overtly aware of it, even if she has no immediate plans for children. She is wired to find financial security and good looks attractive, because for most of human history, this would ensure reproductive success.
    This is why, IRL, you rarely see couples with significant age differences together, UNLESS the man is wealthy. Wealth is the factor that will smooth over the embarrassment a woman feels when she is with an older guy. The social stigma still exists (not to mention she will have to give up the sexual stamina that younger men posess). She is naturally attracted to, and has more in common with a man her age, but if a man has the money, she will push that aside.
    IRL the only men I know who successfully date younger women are men of means. Confidence and a fit body will not quite get you there.
    But they will grease the wheels, so to speak, IF you have money and happen to be an older gentleman.
    Thus, if younger women is what you desire, start building your empire sooner than later, and hit the gym ;-)

    • Matthew

      Right on the mark, Carew! Glad to see someone out there is perceptive and paying attention!

      I say it’s 1/ a pretty face 2/game playing (which I despise) 3/ a fat bank account.

      A nice body doesn’t even consider in the top three.

  26. Noodles123

    Article is a combination of truths mixed with some creepy overtones…The Good: OUR society is look driven, confidence will get you attention and don’t fall into the “Sweet Guy Category.”

    The Bad: Many guys here seem to want to brag but I have a feeling they maybe the old guy at the bar who doesn’t realize how pathetic they look trying to “Look Young.” No one wants to see an old dude in an skin tight Affliction t-shirt with his cap backwards calling me “Bro.”

    Story time!…At 36 I divorced after 11 years, I looked swollen, dumpy and sad…Yes that’s what some marriages do to you…I slapped myself got fit, dressed up, moved up with in 2 years I had my body AND MIND back to where I wanted.

    I took a different approach…I had grown poor and always secretly liked the preppie look: suits, dress shoes, ties, blazers…I actually like my gray and aren’t bald at all…Kind of the Mad Men look…Most young women don’t like that yet the ones that do are usually AMAZING and so smart!

    Anyone can hit a gym and wear Tap Out t-shirts and drive a fast car in the quest to look young…Why not accept age gracefully and look good at it?

    No more dive bars, no dumpy restraunts…Be more than the total sum of yourself…Be different…Don’t look hungry and desperate…Don’t pretend you like new music…Don’t wear ridiculous clothes…Be a man…Accept your age but do it with a dash of style.

    So if you’re ever in Carmel or Monterey and you see a well groomed 42 year old who laughs softly, smiles often and seems kind of witty hit him up because it might be me.

    • Anonymous

      Reality doesn’t bite if what you are is “true”. Good statement.

    • Skimmy

      If your ever in Sydney lets meet (this is like a dating site lol) so many of u in one place woo hoo

  27. Geoff Morris

    Dont knock it until youv’e tried it!!

  28. Middle aged Valentino

    Anonymous girl very obviously must have been pumped n’ dumped by an older guy who couldn’t get away fast enough once her deep insecurity and borderline psychosis rose to the surface.

    I’m 44 and date girls 15+ years younger all the time. They chase ME down. I barely have to even try. I am successful, intelligent, and have body fat in the single digits. People usually think I am around 35 years old. Right now I am dating both a young 30’s yoga instructor and a 26 yr old grad student. Both of them worked VERY hard to get my attention and both of them made the first move. I just sat around being handsome and intelligent, and they couldn’t resist.

    Plenty of girls don’t like me for various reasons, but plenty sure do!

    • Skimmy

      Dating two chicks at once….I can c why plenty of girls don’t like u plus if your body fat is in the single digits, go get yourself 200 grams of chicken or fish because u would be way too shredded you would look like your from a third world country…someone feed the cheat

  29. Javier

    I think the highest level of sexual chemistry if often between older men younger women. Let’s face it, men like to tech and protect, women like to learn and be protected.

    A guy who takes care of himself can date any young lady with no trouble.

    And the sex is much better.

    • Skimmy

      Agree, that’s exactly what I’m after

  30. Paul

    PS – what’s an IOI?

    • Jesse Charger

      IOI = Indicator of Interest

  31. Paul

    This article makes perfect sense. It’s obvious really! The one thing I’d add though is this – it’s not just getting muscles, it’s using them to hold yourself properly. What’s so important if you’re older is your gait. Pulling your shoulders back may feel strange, but look in the mirror and you’re actually only standing up straight!

    • Jesse Charger

      Yep !!

    • Skimmy

      So so true, the hunchback look works against u

  32. YoungMama

    I don’t know who you are, Steph but you sound like a cool man. hi definitely agree, that a strong physical physique may attract younger women to older men, but even more important than that, is the financial securitie an older man can provide, advice, with them and life lessons, apparent confidence, and commitment, which a lot of younger men find hard to do.

    • Skimmy

      Disagree, it’s none of that I want. I have my own money

  33. Steph

    Hey. I dig the visual aspect of the smooth skin, tight body
    woman. At 62, I am a ‘ been there, done that (got the t-shirt)’ dude.
    Married (divorced) a Latina 16 years younger. Fiancé ( finance) visa.
    That was 20 years ago. Since, match dot. Even women 20 years younger
    do not look so great. One profile I read said ‘ no luggage or
    baggage’. I had to write and ask is there really a difference? She was
    indignant as I made the mistake of mentioning I read hundreds of
    profiles.. ‘ If you have read so many profiles, you should know
    luggage is rugrats! brats! kids.Baggage’ yadda yadda… I am sure the
    more income/education attracts the lookers but then comes the issue of
    children! I am leading up to the elusive temperament of a younger(?)
    Asian/Chinese woman. Who can afford to ‘ climb’ the Great Wall? Travel
    back and forth, learn another culture while she forgets any marital
    priorities. Some rich fat bastard can buy his dream wife unspoiled in
    Western ways. He could buy love. I understand the concept of security
    and stability concerning a younger woman’s attraction to a 20+ older
    man, but the temperament of the young lady includes immature behavior
    such as common sense. If it is 20 degrees out, wind chill 15, cover
    your head, warm the car, eat hot chicken soup, do not slurp ( except
    my meat).
    Summary: Tight butts come in a wide age range, intelligence is a
    commodity, temperament is personal. Myself, I like a soft-spoken woman
    who can sustain interest with intelligence, seduce me with her thighs
    as much as her ideas. Did you ever see the scam at asianbeauties?
    There is NO possible way online for a man my age and means to meet a
    young, attractive woman for LTR. I do not ski, motorcycle or sky dive.
    That is not to say the right woman cannot motivate the kid still
    inside to move his butt instead spending time at computer, living
    alone in a new home.

    • Skimmy

      If u can afford it go overseas and bring/ save a young girl from a harsh life, look after her gently and well.

      I love them older but I’m far from submissive

    • Anonymous

      You’re just wrong. Plus you are too judgemental about other cultures. “Slurping” your soup is a sign of liking the meal in Asian cultures. But if you are trying to meet a woman to be your wife…I would steer clear of Chinese. They are a WHOLE other mindset and culture. Seriously wacko in my opinion!. Try a Filipina or Thai, or even Vietnamese. They are MORE than willing to find a husband your age and stick for life. (!) Pleanty of online sites that specialize in those countries. But yes…you have to go there and meet them.

  34. Jesse Charger

    Anonymous Girl, thank you for sharing your point of view. However, please refrain from peppering tons of comments, it is coming across like spam at this point. Thanks for your contribution, but for now it’s up to others to pipe in their opinions.

  35. Jesse Charger

    Anonymous Girl, I deleted your profanity-filled rants against older men dating a younger woman for the strong language you employ. Please stick with logical reasons, rather than the unreasonable emotional hatred and cursing. Or better yet, please go somewhere else.

    • ANONMous GIRL

      Ok let me put it this way Anna since the author says I am using to much profanity, even though most of his articles are explicit. It’s great that you want to date someone who is as old as your dad. Although I would never do it and I think it is gross you can. I can’t jump through the screen and force you to stop. But you should also know that their are young men who are “mature” and can hold a conversation with you other than someone who is as old as your father. Also even though I may have some mistakes in my hand writing I just want to get my point across. I also understand the definition of pedophilia. I think it is pedophilic that someone who could have been your parent is going out with you. So in conclusion have a nice life with your old boyfriend who could be as old as your dad. I am sure you will have some great chats over prune juice.

  36. Anna

    Anonymous Girl, While I appreciate your right to your own opinion, and understand why you might feel that way, I must respectfully disagree. I am quite young, and find myself always attracted to older men, whom of which are usually old enough to be my father. It’s not because I’m a gold digger; it is simply because I find it easier to connect with them on an intellectual level. I don’t have to explain my jokes or references, and it’s much easier to talk to them than it is to talk to someone my own age. I just get along better with older people, and they seem to like me.
    For the men I talk to, it might be about the physical aspects of a relationship, but it can’t be solely about physical attraction when we spend hours talking to each other.
    By the way, pedophelia is the act or fantasy on the part of an adult of engaging in sexual activity with a child or children. In short, it’s an adult being sexually attracted to children. Someone being attracted to a person in his/her twenties is far different from a fully grown and matured adult having sexual fantasies that involve a person who is both physically and mentally immature, and not even at the legal age of consent. That is truly creepy.
    It is people like you who encourage the societal viewpoint that people should only socialize with others their own age, and give these nice older gentlemen such grief. Please, just try to be more respectful to the opinions of others.

  37. creativity

    ANONMous GIRL,

    you say that: “But i am just saying that I would never ever go out with a fifty year old. I would rather slit my on throat because I do not “appreciate” your age as you say. Your oldness does not make you sexy to me in fact it makes you ugly as it should”

    From this comment, I think you make a very clear point that you would not want a fifty-year-old as a boyfriend, given that you do not feel attracted to people that age. Therefore, given a (hypothetical) situation where you couldn’t go out with men younger than 50, I guess you would prefer being alone rather than having a boyfriend that you do not feel attracted to. If this is the case, why do you expect older men to settle for a woman their own age? Quoting your own words:

    “In conclusion it is pathetic guys why don’t you be real men and go for a girl that is your own age for once in your life.”

    Why would they do such a thing and who are you to tell them what to do? I mean, let’s say their dislike towards women “their own age” is similar to the dislike you feel towards 50-year-old men, why would they go out with someone they don’t find attractive? Even if they (hypothetically) could not gain access to younger women, why would they go for women “their own age” whom they don’t feel attracted to? If, suddenly, you lost your consciousness and went into a coma for 30 years and woke up with the body of a 50-year-old woman (but with the same thoughts, tastes, likes, dislikes and feelings you have at this moment) and found out that you (hipothetically) could no longer go out with the boys you like nowadays, would you settle for a 50-year-old man “your own age” (whom you would dislike with the same degree of intensity you dislike today) or would you probably prefer being alone rather than with someone who you do not like? How would you feel if someone told you to be with someone “your own age”? Wouldn’t you tell them to mind their own business and see no reason to do what they tell you to do? Would you give a damn about what society tells you to do with your personal life if you feel it makes you deeply unhappy inside?

    That’s the situation many older men are in when told to be with someone “their own age”: there is no point in doing that which makes you unhappy and leads you towards a dying-in-life feeling rather than towards a living-with-joy feeling. So, if we take at face value your words (i.e. that most far younger girls would not be interested in going out with 50+ year old men), these men’s choices would be the following:

    1) Going out with someone “their own age”, who they don’t feel attracted to.
    2) Staying alone for the rest of their lives.
    3) Using positive thinking in order to try to go out with a far younger girl (i.e. the only type of girl that they could feel true in love with, the only type of girl that could provide them the living-with-joy feeling all of us have the right to seek).

    Are you telling me that you find those that choose number 3) to be disgusting and that they deserve all those pejorative adjectives you have thrown? What would they do, from your perspective, in order to not be disgusting? Choosing number 1) and living the dying-in-life feeling? Or giving up and accepting number 2) wasting the rest of their lives living in loneliness? To expect people to choose 1) or 2) just because you (and I don’t care how many others) feel uncomfortable if we choose 3) can only have a name: fascism. Now, that is truly disgusting: telling others to live their lives in the way that makes them most unhappy and expecting them to give up their free will and comply to your orders.

    On the other hand, you cannot say that “it is the fact that they STILL like the same girls they liked 30 years ago which is the problem” or anything like that. The normal thing is that, if they liked it back then, they still like them today… if girls that age were beautiful back then, why wouldn’t they still be today? If older women were not attractive back then, why would they suddenly become attractive today? Why does a man’s mind have to change throughout the years in such a way that what he considers beautiful changes as he grows old? Why would that change have to imply that he starts seeing beauty in mature women if he could not see it before? Can’t you see that that is ridiculous? Can’t you see that it is a form of social control where men’s tastes are trying to be controlled towards a politically correct cliche where “everybody has to be with someone their own (or close to) age”?

    At last, you also have to take into account that there are gender related differences coded into our DNA and that those features that usually make a woman less attractive (beard, very short hair, androgenic facial features, etc.) won’t make a man less attractive and vice-versa. Conversely, the fact that age makes women less attractive does not necessarily imply that the same rule will hold for men (or that it will hold for men to the same degree). Moreover, do not forget that many women seem more inclined than men to prioritize other features, such as intelligence, career, etc. over physical beauty.

    • Anna

      Just for your proper use of the word “pejorative” in a sentence, I award you 100 internet points. Also, you get a virtual high-five! :D

    • Skimmy

      Come here so I can cuddle u. I luv em older ….if he looks after himself, anyone care to lift with me xoxo

  38. farkel

    ANONMous girl can’t even spell how can anyone expect her to think in a mature and rational fashion? Just look at Brigitte Bardot she was one of the sexiest screen stars when she was in her 20’s now look at her! Or even someone in your same generation like Britney Spears. One day you will lose those good looks ANONM I just hope either you change your attitude before that happens so you can get a guy with a good career and lots of money or learn to spell so you can get a good job!

  39. OnceUponaTim

    After reading these women’s posts, I say “femenazi” these women are under the influence of the man hating faction of women. I am 50+ and dated women that were in their early 20s. What these women are pissed about is that their “assets” are depreciating and men only get better as they mature (appreciate). Women are genetically programed to be attracted to older men as their genes are “proven” but are sociatally reprogramed to be prejudice against a mans birthdate. Only a women’s group could get away with this and only against men…

    • Skimmy

      You sound as deluded as the princess.

      Older men drive me wild. I love them anywhere between 35-55 years of age and i dont have daddy issues, am successful in my career and have a killer body and an attractive face but if any spoke like u , it wouldn’t be the age that turned me off, it would be the attitude, more reading for u.

    • Anonymous

      Completely agree, and it’s very shallow to say words such as pathetic and disgusting. An older, refined man knows much better how to take care of a younger woman. To state disgusting sounds like she doesn’t even have the simple understanding that two people of different ages can have great chemistry and pure intentions toward each other.

  40. ANONMous GIRL

    Ew this website disgusts me and so does the author. Even if an old guy was muscular I still wouldn’t fucking date him. It is like saying that a young man will date a 50 year old women as long as her body is good never mind if her 50 year old face sags to the floor. Ew I feel sorry for the girls that actually go for 50 year olds it doesnt matter how much muscle you have YOU ARE STILL ALWAYS GOING TO BE 50, and you will never look as good as a 20 year old.

    • Jesse Charger

      Your loss

    • ANONMous GIRL

      Really I don’t think it is my loss dude. I just want to say that what you write is pathetic and disgusting and this is why men stare at pretty women that are way way out of their league and think hmm maybe I have a chance. When mostly these young girls are looking at you and thinking ohhh I feel sorry for that old guy. So no I actually don’t think it is my loss. I think that it is a loss that old ass men think that they can get with pretty young women, I think that is a loss.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, anonymous , historically , women have married, dated, mated, older men. My older friend is 15 years older than me, he is 40.
        He works out at the gym w,me and benches 350, while i can only bench press 250.He has six pack abs, and muscles ripped, i have big arms and and pecs but no six pack. When we go out for drinks , women are more attracted to him than me and i have been told i am cute. He gets laid or has sex with younger women like,my age 25 and even 21 yr old hot chicks have sex w him. I have not had sex for six months . He has sex w attractive younger girls 4 times a week. Our society is shallow , looks matter, and i agree w the author, if an older man has muscle tone , he looks better and younger to attract younger women. Even older women who work out and take care of themselves are called cougars and young guys like me have been attracted to them, and had sex w them. So stop hating on the author , or i will need to have my older ripped muscle eye candy six pack abs give you a booty call and set you straight , so you can have a smile on your mean ass , get a clue.

    • Anonymous

      Uh, you really don’t know men well. Most men will get with a hot woman regardless of her age. Actually, many young men are attracted to an older womans confidence and maturity…just like young women are to older men.

    • Skimmy

      Don’t worry sweetie, those men will likely see your entitled princess personality and you will be dis guarded back to the guy who will just use u for sex….less competition for me and my girls….I’ve got some roid heads for u.

    • Bingo

      You and me ,everyone will get old one day, I guess you still young, you probably have a different attitude and mind set in 20 years time so you probably would agree when your time comes, mind you I was like you went back 20 years ago!

  41. Anonymous

    not the least physique. His manly body always tells me that he is protecting me. Everything that’s been said is correct. I so agree!!!!

  42. Anonymous

    I’m 37 now my husband of 14 years is now 64. I was just 22 when i met him. We got married when I was 23 and he was 48. I’m still attracted to him up to now because of his gentle touch, kindness, love and last but n

    • Jesse Charger

      Great story, thanks for sharing :lol:

  43. Rebeca Kasak

    In addition to the above tips, I believe that the best thing a man can do to attract a younger woman is to maintain his physique and appearance.

    • Jesse Charger

      yep. it becomes more important as you get older. You’ll also stand out more, as so FEW older men take care of their looks, you’re like a unicorn when you do

  44. superdave

    What movie is the picture from?

  45. Im your daddy

    Im a adult man thats very good looking and I will do anything to meet a young teen girl that wants a friend to be the one that no one will know about. If age is to young then we can still talk ok? 702 502 4462 let me take you on a date and do anything we want

    • Skimmy

      Pedophile alert….if u r too young we can still talk WTF. we r discussing sexy relations here not perversion ewww

  46. Brandon Green


    I have attracted young women in their late 30’s(but not 20’s) and i am 52.
    agree that how you look is “OH SO IMPORTANT” . I am muscular and it makes quite a difference. Another big one is an air of confidence. Let your experience work for you!

    • Jesse Charger

      thanks Brandon. Yep, women want to see muscles to visually cue them that you’re still PHYSICALLY HEALTHY and they won’t be pushing you around in a wheel chair anytime soon.

      • Skimmy

        Spot on, let me feel biceps and triceps and I’m putty to the fifty something guy than the guys in their twenty and thirtys who can’t hold a conversation…..

  47. Anonymous

    ;) :| :| : :roll: x

  48. McGorgeous

    Hey Jessie,

    GREAT POST Master Seducer Guru!!! :)

    I am a 60 y/o man that has good results getting attraction from girls in the mid-20’s to mid ’30’s. I am talking 8, 9’s, and 10’s in venues along W. Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, CA. I have been actively perusing Pick Up for over a year.

    I just want to say that I have been working out for over 40 years.
    What you say about posture, carrying one’s self, so true for me.
    It is one of things that DRASTICALLY IMPROVED MY results with getting interest and attraction.

    Some how, I never used my intellect to attain the belief that working out makes me entitled to have sex with much younger girls. Childhood beliefs, passive, socialized behaviors, practiced for so long,cock-blocking my intrinsic male desires and dominant male way of being.

    As you say,
    ***** looking for IOIs to first make a move.
    ***** looking for permission to make a move.
    ***** looking to be liked and getting acceptance
    along with LOW VALUE BEHAVIORS OF:
    ***** very supplicating,
    ***** kiss-ass,
    ***** OVERLY friendly,
    ***** OVER Interest,
    fearing rapport breaks, disinterest, get her to qualify to me.
    ***** NEED for too much permission AND
    ***** IOIs
    to KINO escalate and continue
    KILLS ANY attraction or interest I get. Makes phone numbers WORTHLESS.

    I know the bigger issue preventing further progression, stops my momentum is Passive Entertainment.

    AND using my intellect to define and feel REAL FUN and EXCITEMENT as you have defined it as an experience in this other great post.

    Continued Divine Blessings to you Jesse!


    • Jesse Charger

      Wow, AWESOME comment man. Thanks for the re-summary.

  49. Cee

    I agree. The picture is creepy. Look at the body language, he doesn’t look like a hot confident older man, he looks like a molesting grandad. She looks scared.

    • Jesse Charger

      The image is from a film where a younger woman falls for an older man. Anxiousness and strong attraction usually go hand in hand.

      • Anonymous

        What`s the name of the film?

    • Pops

      I’m a guy, and I thought the same thing. Great article though!

  50. annie

    the picture is yucky

    • Jesse Charger

      It’s that negative social pressure you’ve just demonstrated which scares to death most older men from approaching younger women.

      • Skim my

        I love older men, I think it’s the social status and wisdom ….some guy named Simon s….. Is all over Facebook today and he represents masculine man and soft natured at the same time which all sane women absolutely love

        This photo shows a guy who can’t be bothered shaving the greys away and it’s obvious he has no defined deltoid…hit the gym bro (I get hit on by the you gens but there’s this fifty year old who lifts more than them and he just does it for me)

  51. Jesse Charger

    Leave a comment below..

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