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How Ugly Guys Get Pretty Girls – The 4 Trust Principles

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Most guys get nervous around pretty girls because they don’t trust in themselves to say or do “the right thing”.

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They don’t trust their own words, so they memorize routines.

They don’t trust their own actions, so they freeze up, immobilized.

They second guess and calculate their every move.

And the result is they come across as unnatural, stiff, and supplicating.

Good Game Comes Down To ONE Thing…

Good game comes down to ONE thing – having SELF TRUST.

Pretty girls DO like ugly animals, including men!

Think of the difference between a swimmer and a non-swimmer.

When the non-swimmer falls into the river, doubt arises. He starts feeling afraid that the river is going to drown him.

And of course then, the river DOES drown him.

But the non-swimmer is drowning himself in his own doubt. The river itself really isn’t doing anything.

The swimmer, on the other hand, swims because he trusts that he won’t drown. He’s not afraid, so he simply floats.

The difference between the swimmer and non-swimmer isn’t much.

The swimmer has learned how to trust, while the non-swimmer has not yet learned how to trust.

Likewise, speaking with certainty and conviction requires trust in your words. And taking action without hesitation requires trust in your own actions.

And when you’ve got that self-trust, you become naturally attractive as a confident “man of action”.

Here are my 4 principles for getting it,

Principle #1. Trust That Whatever You Say Has Value

Whatever you say has value because it’s coming from YOU.

If you’re talking about your pet dog, women will listen and be attracted because it’s coming from YOU.

If you like talking about computer programming, women will listen and be attracted because it’s coming from YOU.

Whatever you say has value, and whatever you say is always the most important and cool thing that can be said!

Principle #2. Trust That You Can’t Make Mistakes

You cannot make a mistake because everything you do is just fucking cool because it’s coming from YOU.

You’re just showing the girl who you are, and whatever you say will be fascinating because it’s coming from such an attractive guy.

And you trust it’s those little imperfections that makes what you say REAL. So no matter what you say, it’s the correct thing to say, always.

Delusional?  Yes.  Confident and attractive?  YES!

Principle #3. Trust That You’re Glorious

Indulging oneself in delusional glory

All you need is to remain positive, smile, and stand like a champ. All you need is to speak with certainty and trust in your actions.

That’s all you need to be attractive. You don’t need to add anything new to yourself or build yourself into some glorious guy. You don’t need money, a great body, or be a great conversationalist.

Trust that you don’t need any “game”, because everything you do, no matter how “lame”, IS good game. Complete self-acceptance of all your “flaws” and the belief that women will think all your “flaws” are sexy.

Principle #4. Trust To Let Go Of All Game

Trust to let go of goals and outcomes.

Trust to let go of all thoughts and thinking.

Trust to let go of controlling her reactions.

Trust to lower your standards of “what to say”.

Trust to let your mind go blank before taking action.

Trust to let go of all game.

After all, self-trust is another way of saying self CONFIDENCE.

A confident man is a man who trusts in his own actions, trusts that whatever he says is “the right thing to say” and whatever he does “is awesome”.

Combine that delusional James Bond confidence and self-trust with positivity, a smile, and champ posture, and right there you have ALL you need to be massively attractive to beautiful women.

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    The beauty and the beast, especially when they have a lot of money.

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    hii my name is abhi and i m 17 year old. I like a pretty girl who lives next to my house and i want to make relationship with her. But i never talk to her because i am average looking boy . So please tell me how to impress that girl and start convertation with her. But the major problem is that i m a shy guy and my self confidence is very low.

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