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3 Killer Eye Contact Techniques to Melt Her Icy Heart

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Eye contact is one of the fastest ways to build explosive sexual tension.

But most guys do eye contact WRONG.


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Most guys look at the woman’s entire face as they talk with her, unfocused.

Pretend her face has been hidden, and it’s just her eyes.

This is the “safest” way to go, because looking at her face hides your sexual desire for the girl.

But she won’t feel any sexual tension from you either, and she’ll put you into the “friends zone” pretty quick.

Instead, when you approach a woman, give her a smile and look DIRECTLY into her eyes.

On the approach, you don’t even need to “say” anything.  Just look into her eyes and hold it.  Right into her EYES.

She’ll start giggling.  Then introduce yourself and take her hand.

You’ve already shown your awesome coolness and sexuality just from your “eyes approach”.

The Eyes to Lips Technique

Now here’s how to make the girl feel strangely horny.

As you talk to her, hardcore look the girl into her eyes.  Focus in on her eyes like a laser beam.

Then alternate your gaze between her eyes and her lips.

Look at her eyes, and then look at her lips, and move back and forth.  As you look at her lips, imagine those lips doing down on you and giving you a wet blow job.

When the girl feels your sexual intent coming through your eyes, and you don’t waver or react… but you just HOLD it… that is VERY intense for the girl.  She’s met a real man.

And women go NUTS for that “swept away feeling”.  They literally get wet on the spot.  IF you can hold it!

What Guys Are Doing Wrong…

Another mistake guys make is that they look to get eye contact from the girl FIRST.

But, as the man, it’s YOUR job to initiate eye contact with girls.

That means you approach girls to say hello whether they’ve given you eye contact already or NOT!

Women are like Chinese takeout.  You need to make the first move to take it home.

Because most girls will NOT give you eye contact.   YOU have to be the one to start it.

You spot the girl, you say hello, and you look into her eyes and to her lips, indifferent to how she reacts.

And THAT’S what makes you stand out as a sexy guy.

Now that’s not an easy thing to do.

If you don’t feel entitled to the girl, you’ll have trouble approaching her, let alone make strong eye contact.

And there’s no “magic bullet” or “routine” for making eye contact.  It comes down to an Inner Game issue.  Do you feel entitled or not?

That’s why I created the Deep Inner Game program.  It’s 11 CDs of trances to install the 11 Deep Inner Game traits, including confidence, the bad boy, and sexuality, so that you can initiate and hold attraction-grabbing eye contact with even the most hottie cuties.

Just click on THIS link here to download the program.

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  1. frank sackey

    i have a girlfriend and she says she loves me but she doesnt want to have sex and not even a kiss.. So how can i get her to have with her or what i do.?

    • Anonymous

      Loves you yet doesent want to even kiss you? There is something seriously wrong there. To me that doesent appear(at first glance) to be an emotionally healthy person. Did she experience some sort of trauma? Ill be honest, unless you are for some reason deeply committed to this person, and I mean DEEPLY, I would cut your losses and move along. It will be alot less painful by comparrison. Also that is not to gaurantee things will work if you stick around. Personally I say dont be a martyr

  2. david champine

    Does this one contact work best for older or younger woman?. My wife is. Going to be 30 and I’m going to be 22. So what do I need to know the most about older woman?

  3. david champine

    I love trying new things with my wife. From role playing to the dirtiest sex talk ever. But this eye contact will be even. Funnier to try when doing her from behind and the old missionary pasition. Never really thought to much about it. Until I read this. But whatever. It is you can find. anything on here. Good luck and all ways try new things with your sex life

  4. Freelovehighway

    Jesse you’re the man! But I have a question for you. How could I apply these tips if the girl has some sort of visual impairment? Im not the worlds best looking guy and I usually try and source my chicks from the local skills college for the blind. Will a blind woman respond in the same way to these techniques?

  5. chad allen

    my exgirlfirend fell on ice and I think she has a crush on me. What do I do? I do NOT have a girlfriend now.

  6. Redaroundtheneck

    Jesse, I found a girl that was more like a texas BBQ than a chinese takeout. She just kept me sizzling and cooking all day but always left before my juices ran dry. What can I do in order to get off of that hot grill and get left with a dirty, greasy box like a drunkenly purchased KFC dinner. Love your site Jesse. If you ever come to Arlington, TX I’ll be sure to let you drink some of my home brew.

  7. Snowblaze

    I am accustomed to this technique and as a chick, I have even learned how to make men use this technique on me once they do Ive taught myself with lots of practice to blush and look down only to look back up with a wild, lost, caught red handed look it drives them absolutely crazy now i have played this on a guy which absolutely melted away, showered me with compliments ( youre gorgeous, your eyes are amazing, you are way too pretty, you shouldn’t have eyes this mesmerizing, you cant keep looking at me with these eyes etc)all night but never actually made a move except for a few fleeting arm rubs and semi trying to put his arm around my waist without never actually doing so what was that all about? He’s the kind of guy I always thought was way out of my league but the whole time we were talking or gazing at each other i thought he was gonna kiss me . Where did i go wrong?

    • Ice breaker

      You should have put your hand in his trousers and played with his man snake. That was your fatal error.

  8. Adam

    thanks jesse, but is there a technique to trigger a girls limbic system making her not really control the sexual feel and desire your sex

    • Whatever happened to romance?

      You need to fuck with her amyglada and orbitofrontal cortex. You can do this using your deep inner game if you can get it to a specialist level. Alternatively, you could study to be a brain surgeon and carry out mind altering surgical procedures in your garage that turn women into remote controlled sex machines. Toss a coin!

  9. Anonymous

    oh gosh, yeah. The guy making sexy hot eyes at me, and feeling like he’s the love of my life. It was almost surreal!

  10. Necropihliacs anonymous

    I thought that i’d mastered all of your techniques Jesse until I met this one girl. I tried everything to melt that beautiful icy heart of hers but however much I worked on my deep inner game I just couldn’t get below her surface. Then I realised that she had been cryogenically frozen in a romantic death pact with Walt Disney. Its her loss if she doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of some real strong man love, but jesse i was wondering if you had any tips for dealing with frozen women?

    • Anonymous

      Aww. I am total opposite. I’m syrup to the eye contact

  11. Manwhore

    Your tips work a little too well. I was on a visit to the local wildlife park and I found myself being rampantly followed by two goats, a zebra and a star nosed mole. How can I learn to control my wild and undefined sexuality?

    • Inner game player in the deep end

      Great story manwhore! I had a similar experience with a flock of wild geese. My deep inner game is so strong that I’m picking those fuckers off from over 500 metres away.Fox news have promised me my own weekly slot in which I use my deep inner game techniques to pick up inanimate objects in social situations. Remember guys every hole is a goal even if its in a modern kitchen utensil.

  12. Anonymous

    This article is from 2011, however I find it to still be accurate, the natural human interaction works this way and it’s probably a good ‘fake it till you make it’ approach even for shy guys. – I forget this technique some times, I forget to put it in use so my advice, constantly remind yourself of this article content (it’s short and sweet anyway so should be easy to anyone). Congrats on the great article!

  13. Nikhil

    Good tip

  14. ASHWIN

    Its interesting but horrer

  15. Mickey

    Haha good tips.
    Unfortunately for me, my girl didn’t quite giggle cutely. She instead scoffed and called me a weirdo and a loser. Think I’m doing it wrong…

    • Anonymous

      She knows you made her piss herself.

  16. Anonymous

    Hey bro..I read you stuff n I like its details about seduction…I am regularly practicing your tips of eye contact…and now a days I am trying a trick myself without knowing much about it affects my chance with women? What exactly woman feel when I do this trick on them? And that trick is when ever I just made eye contact with women I focus on her eyes and little raise my eyebrow tilt my head little back..and mostly women maybe little close to every women I tried this on react to me surprising . They forget to close their mouth and my this trick open their eyes wide and they just hold their gaze at me. The point to note is they didn’t give me smile but look like with lust or maybe with anger? I don’t know..if you ever encounter with this situation so plz let me know..coz I don’t know how to react on this situation..sometimes I fear like she is going to slap me for this bold step of eye contact flirting of me…waiting for a reply from you

  17. Lonny

    what ever happened to Jessie?

  18. amam

    Hellow,sir I like ur seduction science .
    I want ur help please help me I said a girl I like u and ask her do u like me she replied no. And she told me tommrow that are u serious .

  19. Jeremy

    How about strangers (women)? For example, when walking down the street or when your at the train station…
    btw, I am in college.

  20. Reader

    You may be on to this.

  21. Dr. Bapan Choudhury

    Hello, respected sir,
    I wanna know one thing that is it very important to think kissing her lips while making a eye contact ? If it yes, then how does it help or what is the secret behind it ?

  22. Anonymous

    Hello, respected sir,
    I wanna know one thing that is it very important to think kissing her lips while making a eye contact ? If it yes, then how does it help or what is the secret behind it ?

  23. Leo

    Jesse I thought I was the only man who worked that Mojo-juju. I call your eye-lip technique. I do add a few more tricks. what I THINK, when gaze into her eyes and at her lips. I tilt my head to the right, as to get a better look at her. Not to brag confidence is a big help and the more I practice, the better I get. There have been many times I get a kiss and a number. I have a particular Bar I frequent, ladies approach me.

  24. JustAnotherGirl

    Wow. This guy I think’s really good looking gave me this gaze ever since I first layed eyes on him. How am I supposed to know if he’s doing it on purpose or just subconsciously?xD

  25. Anonymous


  26. Anonymous

    f o

  27. dipal


  28. waseem

    i like this….

  29. hairythumbooty

    Booboo peepee

  30. hairythumbooty

    I like the smell of dirty pussy in the morning

  31. Sir Likesdickalot

    I like dick.

  32. Mitch

    Great post! I had forgotten about this. My senior year in high school, I was in an empty classroom with 2 guy friends, and 2 girls from our class. We were listening to music, joking around and what have you. At one point, I sat back leaning against the wall in a very relaxed manner, and just stared in the eyes of one of the girls. She stared back smiling. I just held my stare. After a short while, she didn’t know what to do, so she giggled a little and decided to keep staring back. I just held my relaxed pose and kept staring comfortably. Finally, everyone in the room picked up on what was going on and started joking about it. The girl and I just kept staring almost like in our own bubble. Then, after a while, she got up, came up to me and kissed me. My boys couldn’t believe what was happening; they thought I had used some kind of magic on her or something. That stare was all I ever did to score this chick.

    • Jesse Charger

      Nice move man!

  33. Anonymous

    What does the girl interpret it as when you look at her eyes and then her lips? how does it make her feel?

  34. zaheer

    i did eyes contact but her eyes go down when look at me!

  35. Sean

    Hi Jesse, what happens when a girl glances at your lips after you glance at hers? Does that mean you’ve turned her on?

    • Jesse Charger


  36. Zelda

    One thing about eye contact that I’m wondering about. Someone has to break first, either the male or the female otherwise you’d be frozen forever. I have it in my mind that if the male should not look away first because you want to show the female you’re strong and not weak.

    What happens if you have conctact for over 5 seconds,10 seconds or 30 seconds which happened to me once? Should the male always break contact last?
    And if you do happen to go by this rule of not breaking eye contact first, how would looking at the lips than going back to the eyes factor into this? Just thinking back to a week ago, I know I did this to a woman I am attracted to. It was eye contact and than I remember my eyes going down to her lips automatically. I can’t remember where they went after that. They were happy. I know that.

    • Jesse Charger

      Have her break first. But the important thing is to open her. Getting eye contact might make your ego feel good, but alone it means ZERO results!

  37. Anonymous

    great tips man! i got a question though. Once you have started a relationship with the girl, would you need to keep paying attention for eye contacts moment with her? Or once you establish your feelings it wouldn’t matter anymore.

  38. Silkie Sound

    Thanks! :oops:

  39. Silkie Sound

    Here’s a practical question: When looking into eyes should I zoom in on ONE eye? The reason I ask is, as an actor, you are taught to only look ONE eye of the actor you are talking to. If you don’t, it will appear that your eyes are ever so slightly darting back and forth and this projects weakness. You think you are looking at both eyes (which is of course impossible) but in actuality your eyes are darting back and forth.

    What says you?

  40. sam

    could you tell me what to say to her before i stare at her eyes and lips, also can i speak to her while staring at her. ??


  41. Whitguy

    This trick works for me 90 percent of the time! Simple, yet effective way to get into a girl’s panties.

    • Jesse Charger


  42. Jef-friq

    Gr8 and on addition Body language must sing as well. and licking your lips.

  43. Sir Chival Regal

    I can only look at one eye at a time . Is that a problem. ????

  44. Ana

    ” Look at her eyes, and then look at her lips, and move back and forth. As you look at her lips, imagine those lips doing down on you and giving you a wet blow job. ”

    Dude, do you even know how creepy that sounds? So guys are supposed to think of girls as potential sluts? I wouldn’t want a guy to think of me in such a disrespectful manner!

    • Jesse Charger

      It might sound creepy to you, but it works. In the moment when it’s happening, you won’t know what he’s thinking, you’ll just respond to his sexy eye contact. Did you know that every guy that ever chased you down, also “creepily” probably jerked off to you in his imagination? And yet you’ve still had sex with them. Every guy is “creepy” at heart, sex drives guys to take action, and that’s what allows the human race to keep reproducing and going.

      • AnonymousDallas

        @Ana, why is a blow job slutty? Why is that disrespectful? (I find fellatio extremely arousing, myself.) I, myself, may look into a man’s eyes and think of them smiling at me from above my “mound”! What’s the difference?!

        The directness is what is so attractive. And compelling. Some women PREFER to be with a man with whom they don’t even have to THINK about getting naked . . . they just know they want to, and can’t take their clothes off fast enough. It’s that “chemistry” that we women are looking for . . . that thing that you can’t put your finger on (well, in a manner of speaking!). :-)

  45. Terry

    I think GUYS only do ONE thing wrong .. And that IS to think that girls / Women do not know whats on your mind AND what your thinking the the second you look at them // No matter if you have a paper bag over your head lol .. terry

  46. mm

    it works for me all the time its a combination of three things i use ,my friends are so amazed but i wont share my secret never i would sell it though study more things about telepathy its not in the chat u dont have to say a word and you can undress her by her own will without sayin a word,let mi gi un hhu a clue zeen ,a woman can open her legs and show you something ,and from here on she dont hah fi seh nuttin u zee me jamaican patois ..

  47. Anonymous

    Hi Jessie. I have large super-green eyes and all of my life people (men, women, gay, straight, old, and young) have stared at my eyes. They even seem to get hypnotized and go completely blank, sometimes mid-sentence. I’ve learned to avert my eyes in order to try to have a natural conversation. Is there any way that I can tell the difference between simple fascination and genuine interest/attraction from a straight man? It would be nice to feel the eye connection experience… Thanks!

  48. Anon

    I did this to a guy the other day, :mrgreen: he is normally really bad with eye contact, but for some reason he was reprocating, :D . While he was talking i just tried to stare deeply into his eyes, i looked away abit, and switched between his eyes. He kept looking away and then back into my eyes. And then the magical thing happened where we both looked into eachothers eyes for 10 seconds, we both blushed, and he started stuttering. :P But i don’t know if he liked it, or if he was practicing making eye contact. If he read this article before making eye contact with me, then i guess my chances with him are doomed. :oops:

  49. Ryan

    Pimpin Ain’t Easy!

  50. Erick

    How do you use eye contact technique to get out of the friend-zone? :lol:

  51. Anonymous

    Is it okay to use this technique with a girl who you are trying to get out of the friend zone with? And great article by the way :D

    • Jesse Charger

      yes, it’s good for the friends zone problem too

  52. Anonymous

    what does it mean if a guy looks from one eye to the other? so from left to right and then back again? and he does this several times?

    • Jesse Charger

      it means he wants to do things to you :P

  53. Michael addo

    Need a post cus it a very true and practical information

  54. Ricardo

    Eye contact and good posture go a very very long way.

    Once you get her in the sack, give deep eye contact as she’s cumming. She will be yours forever. If, that’s what you want.

  55. AnonymousDallas

    This happened to me by someone who had previously snubbed me, but the smiling eyes across the bar put me in a gamma-wave state very quickly (my range-of-vision reduced to seeing only his face; I couldn’t hear the music, either); when I felt him penetrate me, my heart and respiration rates increased (return to beta-wave state), and I became aware of where I was. The shocked look on my face was off-putting for the gentleman, and the chances for what might have been an exciting night were over.

    This is a Kama Sutra method for inducing/increasing sexual arousal, and has to be used carefully. I would suggest that if any woman has the reaction that I had, the fellow should go to her and ask her if she’s OK…in that way, you show concern and might be able to resume where you “left off.”

  56. Rip Van Winkle

    I get serious eyefucking mostly when a girl is with her boyfriend . These same chicks would almost never engage in it if they were alone at the time . Why do you think that is? BTW usually the bf is not at all aware of what’s happening. :?:

  57. Lfrd

    Ey man,

    First of all i have to say this is a great article,

    Just wanted to say i have been practicing direct eye contact for about a year, and i gotta say it is one powerful tool.
    I got laid instantly, and without saying a word, just listeningost of the time. Many girls i have dated say i have a very powerful gaze, and they love it. It definitly brings a different reaction from them towards you.
    My challenge is when i am with other people Like family, authority figures(to say the least) or my guy friends. Since i have the habbit now of looking at everyone in the eyes, many get intimidated, others Gressive, and some dudes think i want to fuk them( in my opinion)

    This in turn makes me unsure about how to use eye contact when i am around my ladies. Since i definitly do not want to come across “differently” with the rest of the people

    Just wnted to know whT you guys thought

    ThNk you


    It’s very nice Eye contact technique So I’m Going to do this technique without any shyness….!

  59. Vinni

    She usually looks somewhere else when i am in front of her but giggles to her friends so its very difficult to read her mind and get her eyecontact what should i do ? :cry:

  60. Sam

    guys,my eyes are mostly partailly closed (say 40%),but i have a habit of making eye contacts with everyone,right into the eyes,but as i said my eyes are mostly partailly closed,my friends say that my eyes seems alcoholic,now i m wondering it is a good thing or bad,as i never drink,never smoke,and far away from all these mess,but still i wonder if it is a good thing or not (alcoholic eyes),and what could be the advantage\disadvantages of it,by the way i m just 15 :P

  61. Tellbelo

    Hi,it just magic. I read the post 4 day ago, I used this method 2 day ago, last night, I slept with a model who is 5 inches taller than me, magic!!!!

    • Jesse Charger

      that’s quite a testimonial 8O

  62. girlshateitwhenguystayrehermouth

    I get called hot” by coworkers friends and family, but I only get the afraid guys ( no experience at all ) they just stayere my mouth as I’m talking / not talking, that’s why no girls wants those guys, those guys stayring mouth, they watch porn and they want slutty chicks to suck his junk.
    Guys are such pussies nowadays, they always with their group of little guy friends, they so afraid to look at the girls eyes, guys are you afraid that bullets are going to shoot you right out of her eyes?

    • Jesse Charger

      yes most guys are pretty afraid nowadays :|

      • Silkie Sound

        Thank you, feminism.

    • Cruz

      yo babe whatev yer name is .. the puss neva looks into my cute brown lush eyes i aint being a bitch but im confidant . i would have you beggin for on your knees like a puppy in no time im no slut how i know how to get the job done and yeah baby i agree lookin at lips is creepy the first time you meet but thats another story so what brought u on this page ?? hope to hear from you Cruz .

      • Anonymous

        Uhh what happened to speaking English?

  63. Donna

    I do now believe that people only do this for attention and to play mind games.

  64. Donna

    I met a guy over a year ago and every time we saw eachother he would gaze into my eyes and not break the contact it was so intense it was scarey. He used to do this every time I saw him. I eventually found out he was not interested and had a girlfriend so I doubt I would fall for the intense eye contact ever again to be honest. I would just prefer a guy to come out and tell me what he wants. I was certain he had fell in love with me or something the way he used to look at me anyone would have thought so, other people even did think so. But there you go. Not always true.

  65. Carrie

    I love eyephucking but it’s so rare for a man to do it to me but if he manages to capture my interest with using just his eyes I literally become like butter and melt and crave more and more – the copulatory gaze.
    So riddle me this please. A guy I work nearby constantly gazes into my eyes and I will maintain the gaze. We have held this mutual eye gaze for the length of a hallway. Its been going on for a few years and turned into hellos, how are you, coy smiles and light teasing (not sexual). Does he realize what he is doing? I mean this has been going on for three years and I get really aroused. Sometimes I catch him looking and he quickly turns his head but he mostly finds my eyes and then fixes them to mine until I look away. When we talk he looks directly into my eyes. Does he want to take this further and what can I do to show him it’s ok to go further?

    • Jesse Charger

      He’s too scared to make a move on his own. But yes, he wants you to do something. You could try talking to him. But the fact is, he probably won’t know what to say to you to move things forward, and it will be all in your hands to do the leading. Leading should be the man’s job, not yours, so it’s an unfortunate situation :?

  66. Anonymous

    Hi Jesse,

    There’s this guy I know and every time I talk to him, he looks at my eyes and then my lips, even when I’m not talking. He also constantly makes sexual jokes and references around me when we just met. It really turns me on, but I’m not sure if he’s doing it intentionally or subconsciously. Why does he act this way when we just met?


    • Jesse Charger

      because he wants to bone you I imagine 8)

      • Silkie Sound


  67. Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but these techniques would only work on a hussy. When certain men have done this to me, I automatically put them under the Disrespectful, Horny Perv category.

    • Jesse Charger

      so when a guy gives you compelling eye contact on a date, he’s a “horny perv”? You must be SO much fun. :roll:

    • Girl

      I resent been called a hussy. I’ve only been kissed by one man so I think I can speak for Saint Theresa here.

      I have recently had a man give me this intense eye contact and oh my Goodness, I have become incredibly aroused. Infact while reading this, I imagined it all again and can’t wait to see him again. He is 10 years my junior and normally I wouldn’t look his way but far out the sex appeal of a man who has the confidence to pull this off speaks so many words about what else i can expect from him.

      I have men chasing me all the time…even during the day but nobody has gotten me…this young guy….f@ck!

      • wendi

        Ditto….what ever came of this? Did he approach you?

  68. Anonymous

    ;) Oh, and watch out Trisha … you might lose him to me…permanently!

    Remember…he wanted me first!!!

  69. Anonymous

    :twisted: :evil: that being said…a psychic told me he would return into my life at a “work event”…so if eye contact comes into play again…well, my hubbie just better be “doing his job” or … I become a candidate for Hell-Fire!

  70. Anonymous

    The last place I worked had a resident “player” (a supervisor who thought he was the “boss”). He flirted with me a lot … and I recall him leaning over me at the reception desk and using direct and sexy eye contact. He was/and still is, I am sure, a very sexually magnetic male…so it was unnerving for me. And I found out I was older than him by three years! He called me a ‘cougar’. Anyway…I would have succumbed to his charms but 1). it was the workplace and I was paranoid about gossip and bitchy/catty women…and 2). I was/am married.

  71. Mila

    Am trying it ASAP. .bt aint gona be easy. .am a shy guy kinda

  72. glassy_eyed

    I have glasses (near-sighted). Do you recommend me to remove them while gazing? :-)

    • Jesse Charger

      No! keep em on

  73. ALEX


    • Jesse Charger

      depends on the context… remember, eye contact is only eye contact when BOTH people engage. If you just stare down a girl with no response, that can be considered creepy

    • Girl

      it’s creepy. Almost all 20 year olds dont want 50 year old men. Aim for mid 30’s at best.

    • Jesse Charger

      don’t listen to this chick, girls like older guys. just workout, take care of yourself, girls love that because you’re combining the best of both worlds – maturity with a nice body.

  74. HD

    jesse bro, while holding eye contact with the girl would making faces or winking at her help in a way?

    • Jesse Charger

      um, if you’re being playful it could make her laugh :lol:

  75. T

    Thanks. As a female, I love your articles and tips. I use them myself when approaching or inviting an approach from men. Eye contact should never be underestimated :-)

    • Jesse Charger

      sweet, female readership

  76. Socialkenny

    Great tips.Despite being an up and coming coach ,I’ve always struggled with good EC to this day.This post should help me on this sticking point.I can teach proper EC,but to do it myself is a task.

  77. Eddie

    Do you typically look directly into one of her eyes, or at the bridge on her nose between the eyes?

    • Jesse Charger

      Into her eyes

  78. jacob

    Seducing beautifull women with your eyes awesome and definitely fun and cool.If you look into a girls eyes you can tell if she likes you or not by seeing the love in her eyes.The eyes are definitely the windows to her soul and her heart.

  79. johnny c

    I do this with a girl at work because I adore her, and she get’s really nervous around me, when I go and talk to her she has to play with something in her hands without fail. One time her leg was literally jiggling up and down repeatedly. A couple of times when she’s got close to me and we’ve shared a silent eye contact stare it’s made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I honestly believe eye contact flirting is so much more effective than touching/teasing, it can be so intense, then when it’s followed by casual touching it’s almost unbearable.

    • Jesse Charger

      sweet man :lol:

  80. Dave H

    As a 55 year old, you have reminded me of something that happened when I was in my early twenties.
    2 stunning looking girls came into the bar I was in with 2 other male friends, I thought I had no chance, but one was so beautiful I could help but stare at here, I held here gaze the next thing I know she came over to me. My 2 friends were amazed. ;-)
    So you right it is an effective tool.
    Keep up the great tips.

    • Jesse Charger

      Thanks Dave, great story

  81. Aditya Mehta

    “Women are like Chinese takeout. You need to make the first move to take it home.”

    That’s priceless. And I’m gonna try this eye-lip watching thing ASAP.

    • Jesse Charger

      Cool ;)

      • Anonymous

        what if she said why you keep looking at me for.

  82. Soukai

    …and don’t forget to add the naughty twinkle now n again.
    Sometimes, I can’t help licking/biting my lips when using this technique; especially if she has the Scarlet Johansen type mouth.
    Slow down you move too fast….

  83. The Rogue

    Eye contact can be very powerful because of the effect it has on the central nervous system—which is also why many men have a hard time with it, because it can feel “uncomfortable” until you get accustomed to it. I just play that Bob Seeger song in my head, where he sings “Ain’t good-lookin,’ but ya know I ain’t shy, ain’t afraid to look a girl right in the eye.” And mutual eye-contact can be so intense that anthropologist Helen Fischer calls it the “copulatory gaze.”

    My own technique is to be bold about the eye contact but not TOO bold, lest I seem too “stare-y eyed” which can look creepy and crazy. A nice soft gaze can convey the so-called “bedroom eyes” look. Notice the color of her eyes….and smile while you do…in my opinion, the look needn’t be any more intense than that.

    If you are unaccustomed to making eye-contact it can feel very uncomfortable at first. Just keep practicing. Especially in situations where it’s “acceptable’ such as with store clerks or waitresses. You’ll find the more you do it the easier it becomes. And just understand that there will always be some women who will scowl and look away when you make eye-contact and smile….its not you, don’t take it personally.

  84. Anonymous

    dats right

    • Shellreef

      I agree that this works only when done carefully.

  85. Mappy

    Jesse, sometimes it works but it takes some courage especialy to shy guys.

    • Deepika

      Yes, It can work.
      I’m a girl and I know, go to watch bollywood film

      • Neel

        which movie?

      • Anonymous

        Look at my eyes now

  86. Phevo

    I did this to an air hostess during her safety routine … got an invite for a free trip to where we would spend the night!! … I do believe that this is something we forget is so powerful.

    Thanks for the reminder … and alas could not take up her offer … bugga!

  87. Nuvaiz

    it really works, I have piced many girls after the eye contact only, once it is done, then I do my next move. eye contact is the first step to know the girl is intrested on us and that makes easy to remove her buttons.

    I agree with the jess.

  88. Joe

    It’s actually difficult and could be creepy to look at both eyes. So I just look at the left eye. And don’t change looking at the lips and the eye every second. Take your time and alternate at a slow pace, spending more time at the eye than the lips.

    • Jesse Charger

      Yeah, one needs to alternate with the speed of gooey molasses. Like your gaze is stuck lingering on her lips, and then shifts to the eyes. If one flutters back and forth every second, it would be funky!

  89. patrick gould

    i have a better eye contact technique thats more powerful than all of them lol
    i look into a girls eyes and dont let go when she looks away and looks back i lock on her eyes again whne she puts her head down i know i got her i became famouse in the ulster county area for this i make girls hot when i talk to them and thats it i just talk it rocks and it packs a real punch

    • Jesse Charger

      Sweet one :smile:

  90. jj

    sometime it works but other times I find myself staring instead of relaxed , sexual eye contact practicing.. and this can get them away. You have any tips when doing this so that I don’t creep them out thanks.

    • Jesse Charger

      Yes, alternate between her lips and her eyes. Look at her lips and imagine kissing them. Then back to her eyes. That way it won’t come across as staring and it’s more of a turn-on for the girl that way

  91. jack

    I did this once a few years ago, when I first heard about it, then forgot it. I was in a training class with a hot teacher. I was sitting in the middle of 25 guys in a classroom. I DEFINITELY picked up on her reaction. I need to get to doing this!

    • Jesse Charger

      Yep… :idea:

  92. Tim

    You have simply made me a hopeless fuc*er. I just employ very little effort and zip the pants go down. I only have a major problem…Getting out. I get in, easy thanks to you and then the chicks start to put terms like “Forever”; “Promise” into their talk and when they realise i am not for keeps…they mess up stuff pretty bad. I am now paying for a car that was smashed by a chick pretty ugly. I dont know what to do …kindly help!

  93. Jesse Charger

    How has eye contact affected you? Feel free to leave your thoughts

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I’m a lesbian and I gotta say the my ex girlfriend maintained prolonged eye contact it made me attracted to her whilst she was doing it

    • Anonymous

      What about eye contact between women? Can this also work?

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