My 4 Fast Rules For Touching Girls

Talking a girl’s ear off may make her “like” you, but it does NOT make her HOT for you!

If you want a girl to get horny, you’ve got to touch her.  Here are my 4 rules to guarantee you can touch a girl without resistance!

Rule #1. Touch Her Recklessly

A Reckless Rake does what he wants without permission.

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He takes action “making his move”, damn the consequences.

When getting physical, don’t wait for the girl’s approval.  Don’t wait for her to “like you” first.

Don’t half-ass touching her, “hoping” it builds attraction.

Don’t be a “nice guy” who feels like he needs to wait for the girl’s permission to be the alpha guy.

Lead! Touch her right away, even if she isn’t 100% “ready”.

Because the bad boy who is physical without apology is the man that wins the game.

If you don’t care, SHE won’t care.

And when you touch her right away and touch her often, it will be natural for her too.

In fact, counter intuitively, touching a girl scrambles her brain and pulls DOWN her “bitch shield defenses”, NOT raise them.

Touch Rule #2: Be Unreactive!

When touching a girl, have a complete disregard for the girl’s reactions.

You’re not looking for her approval, nor are you looking for a “good response” from her.

How she responds, positive or negative, doesn’t make a lick of a difference to you.  Her state does not affect your state.

A reactive guy will touch the girl once, and then become so concerned about whether the girl “liked it” or not, that he doesn’t touch her again!

Instead, stand by your touching without apology, no matter how she reacts to you.  In your reality, touching is what you do with ALL girls, regardless of their reactions, regardless of the girl.

Remember, seduction isn’t about “making the girl like you”, or winning her approval.  Seduction is about creating TENSION, and ALSO getting her horny with your touch.   So be unreactive.

Touch Rule #3. Trust in Your Actions

Trust in your own actions.  Trust that every move you make is the right move for that moment, because everything YOU do is fucking cool!

You trust in taking bold actions and pushing the boundaries.

You trust that everything you do IS good game because it’s coming from such a cool guy – yourself!

Rule #4. Touch Her Right Away

Touch a woman right away with a hug or a handshake, and steadily escalate.

If you stay in conversation land and do nothing but talk, the weirder it’s going to feel as time passes, until the girl walks off.

After all, how long can you talk a girl’s ear off?  20 minutes??  40 minutes??

If you never touch her, you end up “entertaining” her to keep the conversation going…. until it dies.

Worse, if you wait to first touch her 20 minutes into the conversation, and THEN you suddenly “lay your hands on her of nowhere”, you’ll creep her out.

Because it’s like you were pretending to be the “nice guy” for the first 20 minutes to “make her like you”, and only THEN once you felt you had her permission to go further, only then did you start touching her.

And girls don’t like that because it’s like you suddenly “changed personalities” halfway through.

Instead, when you touch a girl from the very beginning, the more normal the touching AND the conversation is going to feel to her.

The alpha man’s handshake.

When you touch a girl right away, she feels in her gut that you’re a sexual man and a possible sexual partner, and not just a friend or “buddy”.

And once a woman feels physical contact is there from the beginning, she will accept whatever you do, because girls fundamentally like touch!

And once touched, girls want more touch.  That’s when roles can reverse and she tackles YOU!

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  1. My mom already convinced me that if I like a girl she will rather hate me.
    And she gave me examples of guys that got into a lot of trouble(even legal) for touching girls.
    This has risen a lot of insecurity that can’t I touch any girl?

  2. i’m so mch in luv wit knowin hw to satisfy a woman, knowin her erogenous parts, knowin hw to touch in d right places, and also d words to use while in mood……. And please i want you guys to help me wit solution to d above ….

  3. i’m so mch in luv wit knowin hw to satisfy a woman, knowin her erogenous parts, knowin hw to touch in d right places, and also d words to use while in mood

  4. Right on Jesse! I have wasted so much time trying to be nice, and it is exactly as you say, if you wait to long to touch, then when you do, it creeps her out more. I am really enjoying expanding my touching cause it feels good to act, whether she likes it or not. It is so much better than standing there thinking about touching her. What a relief to hear this from you!

  5. first you cant be awkward around girls to do any of these and the point is that most guys are awkward around girls because most girls don’t seem to care or simply make him feel like on job interview or something :/