Can A Nice Car Help You Get Laid… Even a Little?


Guys think that having a hot, expensive car impresses girls.

Or at least, all else being equal, it wouldn’t hurt to have one… right?

But actually, owning a nice car only TORPEDOES your chances with women.  Here’s why.

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Core Confidence Vs. External Validation

Having Core Confidence is where you believe you’re the coolest guy on the planet, despite your wealth, despite your flaws, and despite your car.

“You’re not the car you drive.  You’re not the contents of your wallet.  You’re not your fucking khakis.”

And if you’re driving a shitty old car, you make that car cool because YOU are cool.

Then there’s relying on external validation to feel confident.

Relying on external validation, you feel at heart naked and unworthy of a quality girl, and you compensate by referencing your confidence from external objects, like owning an expensive car.

“NOW the girls will LIKE me!”  In your own mind, you’re wrapping a nickel coin in a gold wrapper.

But a guy with Core Confidence and NO car is FAR more attractive to a woman than a guy using his car for external validation.

How The Car Secretly Sabotages You

Relying on your car to impress girls is a subtle form of ass kissing.

It’s supplicative and approval seeking.

“Spit out that Asskisser gum boy!”

He’s looking to fill a void inside himself, to be liked by the girl, because he doesn’t trust that he, alone, is fully worthy of her just for himself.

In other words, a lack of Core Confidence.

And guys who purchase an expensive car are generally too scared to approach the “9s and 10s”.  They’re too timid to physically escalate and too apologetic to lead the girl on a date.

So the pretty girl never sees his “hot car” in the first place… let alone find herself in his bedroom!

But with Core Confidence, you can approach the hottest girl in the room, grab her by the shoulder, make piercing eye contact, pull her into you… and make funny faces at her.  Then push her away.

She’ll be MASSIVELY intrigued as NO guy would pull that kind of move on her… and she won’t give a FUCK about what kind of car you drive as you’re touching that far deeper, primal side of her cavewoman brain!

The Provider Dilemma

The other problem is that an expensive car screams “PROVIDER!” to the girl.

It does NOT indicate to her “the sexual bad boy I must have crazy sex with”.

So even if you manage to show the pretty girl your hot car, she’ll only see you as “possible husband material” or even the “sugar daddy to manipulate”.

Because she thinks you’ve got money, she’ll want to date you for MONTHS to see if you’re “serious first” before she has sex with you.

Months of courting can lead to blue balls.  Actual medical photo.

Why?  Because the expensive car puts you into the “provider” frame.

Material wealth makes a woman “LIKE you” as a potential long-term investment.

But they do NOT make her WET or HORNY.

A guy with Core Confidence however, will get girls wet and horny right in the club, in the back of the alley, or in the back of their little Ford Escort.

The sex happens fast and urgently, because he’s playing the “the bad boy” and NOT giving off ANY “provider vibes”.

How A Hot Car *Decreases* Your Core Confidence

When you own a hot car and get validation from it, you’ll feel GREAT when you’re driving in it!

…And you’ll feel NAKED when you’re NOT!

So anytime you’re not physically in your car, like in a bar, a bookstore, club, or mall (anyplace you’d actually MEET real women), you’re going to feel half EMPTY because your “confidence crutch” – your hot car – isn’t with you.

And your state drops.  You feel unworthy.  You feel naked.

Approach anxiety hits.

Aaaahhhh!  Approach anxiety head-ache!!

And you chump around… doing NOTHING!

Then, once you get back into your expensive car, you feel good again!  Your state spikes back UP!

But your car isn’t where the hot chicks are.  And you drive home alone… again!

The Gold Digger Paradox

The other problem is that your hot car will, naturally, tend to attract girls that value expensive cars.

In other words, Gold Diggers!

Wannabe Gold Diggers will tend to gravitate to you, because you’re relying on MONEY to attract women.

But using Core Confidence to pickup, the girl doesn’t care about your money.  She’s attracted to YOU, and to YOU alone.  For JUST you.

An Unorthodox, Yet Highly Effective Solution

Here’s my advice.

If you’ve got an expensive car, SELL IT OFF.

You’re going to save yourself a LOT of money on payments that you can spend instead on going out, traveling, or cutting back your hours at work.

And that will give you FAR more “bang-for-your-lay-buck” with girls than a sky-high car payment will.

And it will free up your mind to focus on developing Core Confidence.

The first step is to check out my 15 hour program, Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control.

The program gives you my specific methods to reach Core Confidence so that you can approach the “9s and 10s” and have the girls react immediately in the “I’m wet for you right NOW!” manner.

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And how to make the girl like you just for YOU, despite your foibles and despite your circumstances.

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headshotYour pal, Jesse

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2 years 23 hours ago

I think there is some truth to this, however, there is something to be said for social status. Women are attracted to social status and a nice car is a status symbol if ever there was one. People get too hung up on the “provider” aspect of money while failing to consider social status. To a certain extent, women like rich men for the same reason they like popular men, strong men, good looking men, etc…because just like popular men, strong men, and good looking men, rich men have a high status in the tribe. Sometimes success itself is an aphrodisiac, even if a girl knows a successful guy won’t be buying her things or feeding her children. Also, some women really like fast cars with powerful engines and I’ve heard of guys getting attention from women they weren’t getting before after buying new Mustangs and Camarros.

2 years 1 day ago

this is total bullshit. car = pussy don’t listen to this crap. its clearly written from a riceburning perspective

2 years 2 months ago

Ofcourse a nice car can help you get laid. I’ve been in all sorts of cars and have experienced it first hand. A friend of mine had a ferrari 360 and when his daughter drove it with me beside her people assumed it was mine. Some girls went nuts when they saw it and would often introduce themselves and give me their numbers. If you have girls chasing you it makes things alot easier. Also, if you are a car enthusiast you’ll enjoy the car and it makes you feel like a boss when you drive it. Even when it is just sitting in your garage you feel like a boss and that everyone around you is a loser in comparison. If you haven’t owned, driven or been in a nice car, experience it for yourself, definately will help you get laid

2 years 4 months ago

So if they dont want you for your car, which could mean your a winner, why would they want you for anything. Why workout, if they dont like muscles, thats external, why dress nice, why smell good? Why have goals?

3 years 6 months ago

I experienced this firsthand with my two roommates. One has game and the other did not but both went and I bought an expensive. The Roommate with good pickup game bought the expensive bcus he liked it, and that positively influenced his game–he came home with many more girls than ever. Once he immediately closes his
bedroom door all I here is explosive moaning from different girls…you know! That’s simply bcus he has the inner confidence and so knows how to capitalize on the attention he’s getting from girls when he drives his expensive car. However, my other roommate did not come home with any chick–not even an ugly one, despite his brand new expensive car! That’s bcus he
got no game and so lack the confidence and ability to own the attention from girls that his car brought him. Evidently, the guy with game can benefit from a fancy car, whereas the guy without game needs to work on his inner self FIRST rather than spending arm and leg to impress girls! So, that expensive car shit doesn’t work, unless you already have GAME!

3 years 11 months ago

So what if you are confident AND have a nice car ? To be honest, I am confident about myself and when people look at me they think I am very confident but in reality I am totally not confident to approach women and make first moves. But I remember one time a cool friend of mine came to my house to make a ride in hiw new convertible BMW. When we arrived in the centre of the city he put his music really loud and drove very slowly throught the city centre. I can tell you that 50 % of women totally ignored us, but the other 50 % were really staring at us, some with their mouth wide open. And some really hot women kept staring with a lot of interest. Also, I think you have a point when you say that you shouldn’t buy a big car to get women. But you advise the exact opposite … you advise to buy a shitty car to get women. So from the inner game point of view this mindset has the same flaw as buying an expensive car to get a woman. I would just say … buy a… Read more »

4 years 2 months ago

You have a valid point. You must work on yourself before expecting the ladies to line up for you. And for the most part, it doesn’t matter what kind of car you drive, what you look like, or the watch on your wrist. But, having a nice car does help a lot. Having owned several cars from each class and remaining mostly the same person throughout, I can tell you that having a sweet ride helps more than one would think. I thought a lot about it and I think its because it projects the image that your single, looking, possibly have money and taste, and still a bad boy that she can try to tame.

I have even had girls come back to me after the relationship was over and tell me that my car really turned them on and was initially one of the main reasons why they came to talk to me.

4 years 2 months ago

What about guys who wear earings. Does that make him more attractive to woman. I really don’t care about a womans earings and doesn’t get me turn on.

cheeky mary
3 years 3 months ago

It’s all about the attitude. If he is wearing it and sitting leaning back and not giving a fuck, he is the bad boy I want to fuck.

If has piercings and his eyes are darting around and his body language speaks of inferiority, I cast him aside no matter how hot he is.

4 years 9 months ago

Hi Jesse, I had a first hand experience of reduction of social value by trying to impress a girl with a car. Thanks for the post man, I have studied your material since 2002. Its very solid

Julius Assavante
4 years 9 months ago

It’s balance my friend. If you really like the car, motorcycle, or whatever go for it, but only if you can afford it and for the right reasons because you enjoy it and feel comfortable in it. It’s true I’ve seen hot girls being driven in real delepated shit boxes because they like guy for himself. I’ve even seen hot chicks in their new Mercedez and BMW’s driving their total loser ass boyfriends who dont work or do shit around just because they are hot for them not because of what they have or dont have. So, go buy a nicer vehicle if you can comfortably afford it within your budget, but like Jesse said dont get it thinking it will help you be more noticed and get the girl. Women walking up to you at a traffic light and asking for a ride doe’snt happen unless she’s a prostitue. That shit only happens in the movies.

4 years 10 months ago

I want sex toys.

Alex Quintana
4 years 10 months ago

This is so true. It’s just another example of society and the media filling our heads with nonsense.

I drove a 2008 BMW Z4 in 2008 for 2 years. Did it get chicks wanting to fuck me? nope. I changed nothing about my behavior. Only had the car. (this was before I found the community).

Really what happens if one day you have to sell your hot car guys? It’s no different than Brad Pitt being wanted only because he’s a movie star. The second his 15 minutes are up, BOOM! Girls will cease to want to sleep with him and he’ll become a has-been. UNLESS he has core confidence and core attractiveness.

Plus, it’s so much cheaper, better for the environment and the Earth to drive a more economical, practical car.

4 years 10 months ago

wow, this is absolutely right on cue. i was thinking about this shit A LOT.
I think having expensive clothes and shit like that have the exact same effect, where you can’t find core confidence in yourself and you try to fill it in with fake confidence.


4 years 10 months ago

If you will agree with me Jesse,this is actually using double standard to woo the ladies.It makes you more inferior within.

everton ja
4 years 10 months ago

The insight is good. However I’ve lived that experience a few times where gold diggers are what u attract with a hot ride. I was forced to take the bus and its way more fun and you meet women that are hot who are more reasonable and go first for who you are. Less pressure more fun!

4 years 10 months ago
cheeky mary
3 years 3 months ago

My goodness if she is hot, I must be stunning

4 years 10 months ago

Speaking of bikes, women like them more than the owners- still yet to understand that- so shirt out and putting the ‘ladies’ hand underneath (your shirt) can then progress to a nice ‘ride’ … The car principle is valid and the mind-set is the main concept ie props are NOT what you use to attract … and don’t we all hate ‘gold diggers’ if you have tried to ‘buy’ attraction?!?!?!
Hotties do not care about your car, but do care if it is dirty and needs a vacuum lol … later they will try to get you to upgrade if you pursue them due to their talents 😉 ….

4 years 10 months ago

Really Bro.. get a new script, Though you do have a point
if someone is relying on externals to make him/herself feel
more attractive then they may want to consider working on their inner game yeah OK

I am not sold… hey I ride a bike !!! haha
tell me what kind of girls go for guys on bikes ?

All the best

cheeky mary
3 years 3 months ago

Well if you are talking about motorbikes, then I’ll suggest a Harley – the louder the better.

I would fuck a bad boy on a Harley over a sports car. It tells me he doesn’t give a shit about his well being (there is a risk in riding a bike), he moves pretty fast with wind blowing through your clothing, his shoulders are stretched out as he holds those handles.

If you are talking about a unmotorised bike, well that’s just practical and smart. I would view you as fit and awesome in bed. Fit is hot.

I like luxury cars and I’m not a cold digger but somewhere it spells out in a flashing light external validation required…thus where the saying “penis extension” came from when describing a man in a luxury car.

I’m afraid you are wrong and Jesse is right AGAIN.