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The Rapid-Response Horniness Elixir For Getting ‘Good Girls’

You may never of heard of this magic female “horniness elixir”.

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This stuff makes girls, even sweet “good girls”, straight up get WET.

It’s called the “Oxytocin Response” and almost NO one in the pickup community knows about it.

You see, touching a woman causes her body to release a powerful sex hormone called Oxytocin.

Here’s what it does

Effect #1. Oxytocin instantly sends a wave of testosterone through the girls’s body, giving her a jolt of sex drive, the same high sex drive a MAN feels.

A similar testosterone rush as working out with heavy weights.

Effect #2. Oxytocin causes a woman to feel a powerful bonding feeling with whoever is touching her.

Effect #3. AND it creates a desire to be vaginally penetrated; a woman spiked with Oxytocin has a sudden desire for intercourse with you.

What guys DON’T realize is that it doesn’t take much; even a few SMALL touches on a woman’s arm is enough to release a FLOOD of Oxytocin hormones into the girl’s body!

What’s more, Oxytocin gives the girl a desire to be touched even more, producing yet even MORE Oxytocin, a reinforcing cycle of sex hormone escalation.

So if you KEEP touching a woman, Oxytocin hormones rush through her veins, followed by waves of testosterone, until she wants more and more touches and eventually vaginal penetration.

The Other Very Strange Effect

And here’s the strange but wonderful thing about the Oxytocin Response; it’s FAR more powerful in WOMEN than it is for men!

That’s because Oxytocin affects the brain ONLY when in combination with ESTROGEN.

Without estrogen, Oxytocin has little effect.  And women have FAR more estrogen in their bodies than men, particularly young women!

Have you ever noticed how a girl may have touched you before on the hand or shoulder, and suddenly you started to think about her in VERY sexual way?

Well, in women, that effect of a single touch is literally TEN times more powerful!

Casual touching turns you from the “nice guy” friend into potential lover, instantly.

You can’t underestimate how being touched gets women in the mood for sex very FAST.

Melting “Bitch Shields”

Oxytocin also directly blocks mental processes, and takes a woman outside of her head.

That’s why hugging a girl will instantly melt away her “bitch shield” and changes her state to friendly and flirty.

That’s why TOUCHING a girl right away is so effective, even if she’s trying to blow you off at first.

When you persist and you’re touching her, she’ll “turn around” and become massively hard attracted to you.

And that’s why when you DON’T touch a girl and it’s merely all “conversational game” you RARELY will get the girl into bed.  She may find you interesting, but without triggering the Oxytocin response, it’s not enough to make her physically CHASE you down.

A Four-Move Formula

That’s why I created a formula to trigger the Oxytocin response based on these 4 moves:

1. Talking, as an excuse to stand there

2. Touching the girl, shamelessly

3. Stay in set no matter what

4. Persist in the face of her congruence tests

I break down this formula and how to initiate touching in exact, step-by-step moves in the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program.

So you can initiate touching getting very little resistance and how to KEEP touching a girl with ZERO resistance, even if she’s a “Perfect 10”. It’s all in the art of exploiting this Oxytocin Response that all women have.

Just click THIS link to download the program.

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  1. Azza

    Hey Jess isn’t touching someone called “kin”?

    Anyway, yes, it works.

    A good trick(or w/e) for getting a woman to touch you is to say you can read palms.

    • Jesse Charger

      Yeah, kino

  2. Eric

    I love that the article’s main picture is from a Magic card.

  3. Lokey

    Dude stop letting the cats out of the bag! For years now i’ve been going into the clubs, touching all the hotties, and leaving with 11 girls in tow! Whenever they get hungry or want to leave my house i just touch them some more. When they get too skinny i just head to the club and touch some new girls.

  4. Ricardo

    Dicarlo Escalation Ladder is an old list of where to touch first, and then next. I’m sure that Jesse’s book covers that and much more. It works, guys!

  5. Shay

    Huh y’all so boring

  6. emily

    I felt so so so horny today it felt so good:-)

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