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Seduce Young Women Uncensored: Your Step-By-Step Guide

The fact is, any red-blooded 85 year old man would make love to a teenage, 18 year-old girl if given half the chance and given her blessing.

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And yes, it’s perfectly NORMAL to desire far younger women.

Any guy who says, “Oh I wouldn’t ever sleep with an 18 year old,” is either lying out of fear of being judged, or because societal reprogramming tells him to react that way.

Because from a biological standpoint, men are driven to mate with the most sexually fertile women.

And women are most sexually fertile when they hit puberty at around age 14, and continuing into their early 20s.

As a man, you’re programmed over millions of years to be attracted to young women coming right into puberty, with their budding breasts and widening hips.

And most men, regardless of their age, are exclusively attracted to younger women.

You’re not going to see Hugh Hefner cavorting with 40 year olds, even though he’s over 80.

So it doesn’t make you “bad” or “creepy” to desire far younger women. Men have always secretly desired very young women and they always will, regardless of what others think of it.

Yet many will label an older man “a pervert” for even admitting he’s attracted to younger girls.

That’s ridiculous.

Advertisers rub hyper-sexualized, young women into our faces non-stop to sell products, and then society tells us it’s wrong and shameful to admit our desire for them.

If 18 year-old girls were attractive back when you were 18, why wouldn’t you still be attracted to them because you’re 40? Or 60? …or 80!

So ignore those who think there’s something wrong with being sexually attracted to younger women, even ‘barely legal’ women. It’s both natural and normal to sexually desire them, and you shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed by your natural desires as a man.

Instead, EMBRACE your God-given sexual desires and embrace your male sexuality. Make no apologies to anyone for it!

What Younger Girls Really Think About Older Men

And here’s why, as an older man, you can actually pick up younger women, far younger women like 15 or even 25 years younger than yourself, and why women actually like, and in many cases are looking for, older men.

Or when if you’re a younger guy, say 25 and you are attracted to that 18 year old hottie, you shouldn’t be self-conscious about going for her, or even if you’re 35 or 45 you can make it work.

In fact, it’s very normal for hot young girls to date older guys. And most women are dating or are married to older guys, and sometimes much older guys. This is fact. This is reality.

Because the attraction switches are different for women than it is for men. We’re looking for youth, appearance, looks in women. But women are attracted to a myriad of factors. They’re looking for a guy you leads, who can get physical with them which means your confident, and they’re looking for indications of status and power.

And looking older, particularly if you are still eating healthy and you workout and look halfway decent, is an indication to women of status and power. Age indicates maturity and decision making ability. And women are attracted to an older man’s accomplishments, economic stability, and emotional maturity.

And every woman’s secret wish is to be taken care of. I don’t mean just economically, but to find a guy that unconditionally loves her, is faithful to her, gives her attention, and is dedicated to her and making the relationship playful, fun, and make it work.

And that’s not something most younger guys are really in a position to do. Younger guys are still sleeping around, aren’t faithful, aren’t into self-development or figuring out how to make relationships work. So most young girls are very disappointed in their relationships with young men. It’s full of drama and disappointment.

And these young girls feel an older man won’t break their hearts the way younger men have done; they believe that an older man will have the commitment and the willingness required for a long term relationship.

Why Young Girls Are Easier

And most older guys who are say 25 to 50 years old think of younger women as being age 25 to 30 or so. But actually, the very, very younger girls like ages 18 to 22 are sometimes the MOST attractive to older men.

In fact, a girl in her early 20’s is often easier to game than a girl in her late 20’s or early 30’s.

Because a 21 year old girl is just out to have fun, she’s looking to have new experience, and dating a much older man is just another one of those experiences she’s looking to have. She’s in that experimental age and she wants to explore.

But by the time a woman hits 30 and she’s still single, she’s feeling that biological clock ticking. They feel the pressure that they’re not so young anymore and that their beauty is fading. A woman is 29 or 30 or 31 is looking more for a man who’s closer to her own age because she’s more desperate now to settle down and get married and have kids.

So actually, if you’re an in-shape 45 year old, you can actually get more interest in many case from a woman who is 21, as opposed to a woman who is 31 who feels her youth slipping away and is more resistant to older men.

And as far as the younger girls, you know some of these girls ONLY want a guy their own age.

BUT these girls tend to not be as feminine and have lower sex drives. The more sexually open, sexually driven, crazy-for-experimentation driven, and hyper feminine and sexual girls tend to go for older men and bad boys. They tend to like older guys, and that type of young girls also is much better in bed.

So usually you have better luck with the more feminine, hyper sexual girls than the young girl who is more frumpy and unfeminine.

Older Men Are Better For Younger Women

And really, objectively, younger women are generally better off with older men.

You’ve got more to offer her. Maybe you can’t have sex 3 times a day like you did when you were 21, but you offer stability, wisdom, comfort, meaningful companionship, more varied sex… far more so than a young guy who isn’t developed.

In fact, studies show that the relationships that last, and marriages that are least likely to end in divorce, is when the woman is 10 to 15 years younger than the man. When the woman is 10 to 15 years younger than the man, relationships tend to be more stable.

So if you’re an older guy, and you take care of yourself physically, you’ve actually got some big advantages when it comes to getting far younger girls and you’re most likely a better fit for a younger girl than a boy her own age.

So don’t feel shy or shameful about desiring or seeking out younger women, it’s perfectly natural, good for you, and good for the girls too.

Older Guys – Avoid Being The “Nice Guy”!

Older guys especially get wrapped up in doing “Nice guy game” with younger women.

Nice guy game is looking for indicators of interest from the girl before you’ll talk to her or move forward.

Nice guy game is looking for permission to do anything with the girl.

Nice guy game is being too much of a sweet, sweet grandfatherly gentlemen to the girl.

Nice guy game is all light conversation, asking her questions, but there’s very little conversational leading or getting physical or touching the girl.

Nice guy game is all about reacting to the girl instead of physically leading the girl, or leading the conversation.

Nice guy game is all about trying to impress the girl by not doing anything wrong, instead of not giving a fuck what the girl thinks.

Nice guy game is all about being super friendly with a big smile on your face… but in a supplicating, kiss-her-ass kind of way.

And that’s the problem with older guys in particular, is that they’re too nice, they’re too permission seeking, they’re too approval seeking, they’re conversational but not physical, they’re looking too much for permission and IOIs to escalate or continue.

And they’re just that nice older man to talk to, but ultimately kind of boring to a younger girl because it’s too much like their Dad and not enough like a bad boy.

Basically, you have to run the same game at 35, at age 45, at age 55, at age 65, as if you were the bad boy kid at age 25. The game doesn’t change based on your age when you’re hitting younger girls.

And that’s why there’s really no special “trick” or line or routine for an older guy to pickup younger girls. Because this is a strictly inner game issue.

You’re not going to find any lines or outer game routines that makes it okay for you to approach younger girls. It’s all core attitude, beliefs, entitlement, vibe, and manhood that attracts both younger women and older women to you.

Don’t look for IOIs either

Particularly this waiting for permission or waiting for IOIs from the younger girl will just sink you completely.

And that’s because, although younger women are attracted to older guys for what they can provide, like more maturity and experience and status and power, younger girls will generally NOT approach you or give you indicators of interest of permission. They make you do ALL the work.

And that’s because what holds a younger woman back, is not what she thinks of you being an older man, but fear of judgment from her friends and peers.

In the same way women fear being labeled sluts if they like to have sex, so they don’t act overtly sexual, they don’t want to be labeled negatively by their friends if they blatantly go after an older man by giving him all sorts of IOI signals to come on over.

So younger girls will generally HIDE their interest from older men for fear of being judged, even though it’s something they’d secretly like to try.

That’s why, as an older man, the ball is completely in YOUR court to go up and talk to the girl, to lead the conversation, and to lead her physically because the much younger girl will in general do nothing to help you. It’s all on you, and being the super nice guy, waiting for permission, light conversation man will generally get you nowhere with younger women.

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