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9 Reasons Why Dating Younger Girls Is Better!

So you’re attracted to younger women… even far younger women? Here’s 9 valid reasons why dating far younger women is GREAT for the older gentlemen like yourself…

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#1. Younger Girls Are More Sexually Experimental!

Younger women are at that life’s stage where they want to try new things and experience new adventures. And having experimental kinky sex, like having a threesome or trying to deep throat, is just another one of those experiences she’s looking to have.

Model Kari Sweets

She’s in that experimental age and she wants to explore.

But by the time a woman hits her late 20s and early 30s, she feels her biological clock ticking. She may be interested in fun sex to win you over in “the dating phase”, but she’s really more interested in having babies and making money to support those babies – and less about being kinky.

#2. Younger Girls Have Tighter Bodies!

Unless a woman lifts heavy weights and hits the gym daily to build lean muscle mass, her body begins losing it’s sexy shape by her mid-20s.

In contrast, younger women can eat poorly and still keep their lean muscle tone.

Thus younger women’s bodies are tighter. Even the chubby ones have tightness and elasticity in their skin and bodies that feels simply… great!

#3. Their Pussy Looks Great In Relation To Their Butts!

Okay, this may sound funny, but I’ve noticed that younger women have great looking butts and pussies, even the fatter ones.

It all has to do with their lean and elastic tissue. Nevertheless, it looks fantastic! And something most older women lose.

#4. Young Women Are A Sexually Blank Slate!

True, young women are typically inexperienced in the bedroom.

But I actually PREFER it that way, because they’re ALSO a blank slate and haven’t developed any bad habits either!

Younger girls are usually VERY eager to please

Young women are eager to learn all kinds of kinky sex like giving deep throat, trying threesomes with other girls, or being sexually dominated! In short, they’re closeted sexual deviants.

And because they’re inexperienced, they’re also eager to sexually do what you say to win your approval, as they see you as the older authority figure.

#5. Young Women Are At Peak Sexuality

General wisdom is that women reach their “sexual peak” in their mid-40s.

But my theory is that older women get hornier as a way to compensate for their flagging looks that no longer attract men like they used to. So older women flaunt their sex drive, instead of their looks, to win men over.

So the truth is, women reach their sexual peak in their late teens. That’s when their sexual ripeness hits its peak, from fullness of their lips, to best hip-to-waist ratio, to optimum hormone levels. And young women typically look great without makeup.

Most young girls FEEL very sexual too. They’re just too scared and inexperienced to openly express it. Draw it out of them though, and your young girlfriend become a crazy sex-cat in bed!

#6. It Just Looks… Wrong?!

Let’s face it, the taboo excites us men. Like a hot blonde making out with a black guy. Or a MILF seducing her buff, younger boy toy.

And there’s just something exciting about a fresh-faced 21 year old girl with her pink cupid lips around your balls as she attempts to swallow your shaft down her throat.

Imagine that :)

#7. Younger Girls Have A Refreshing, Unspoiled Energy!

Younger women have a youthful, carefree, unspoiled energy that’s devoid of the bitterness and negativity that often comes to women of older age.

Model Kari Sweets

Each woman develops differently, but younger girls tend to be more positive, optimistic, and lively than their older counterparts.

#8. Yes, You Live… Longer!

Not only are young women at the prime of their lives, virtually free from disease or illness, but studies show that men with younger playmates live longer too!

I guess there’s just something about having a much younger girl that keeps your heart beating with less stress and more strength. After all, when you’re having tight sex with a younger woman, it’s got to keep you want to keep on living!

Hugh Hefner, at age 85, credits his longevity to having beautiful, young women around.

#9. Young Women Mean LESS Drama!

Yes you heard me, I said LESS drama!

It’s true that younger women tend to be less emotionally mature due to their lack of life experiences.

On the other hand, young women respond well to authority figures and strong leadership from their lovers. A young girl will typically jump back into shape more quickly than an older woman, who consider themselves fully independent.

So with younger women, they have more “improving” to do in relationships.  But on the other hand, they’re often more eager to improve to please you! As a result, you get more frequent drama, but with some discipline younger girls more easily quiet down and become sweeter and more attentive to your needs.

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  1. joel

    Right on point!–Reason #10: YOUNGER women has LESS emotional PAST BAGGAGE, to deal with.

  2. Lydia


  3. Peter

    Yes,i agree,cos i’m68y.o.,and still having very errection a few times daily and feel very young so inside and outside of my body, and i love a younger women,cos i’m a tipical capricorn,and capricorn love to search younger women20 y. younger or even more.

  4. NotAmerican

    ^^W** Peter you don’t sound like an old man, if so then you’re probably a dumb old man, who believes in astrology nowadays? also 60 looking for 20something is disgusting no matter what, what does a 20something have in common with you? nothing, you lust over her but keep it in your pants please no one wants to know about your “Ability”, also this whole article is so messed up just like your American society. American men are so into justifying their stupidity with evolutionary physiology every now and then i read about how “men can’t help it they have to cheat” or “men can’t help it they have to lust over every teenage girls out there” it’s all excuses said by American men even women feel the same they know younger guys are hotter than older one they know that no matter what a six pack of 20something guy is better than 30s 40s but they don’t complain why? because your women aren’t bold enough.

  5. NotAmerican

    p.s Just wanted to say not all of us look “older” I’m 24 but in compare to white teenage women (16-18) i look younger. different races mature differently. at the end of the day this article is very American. cheap made and trying too hard” you guys are so low.

  6. Anonymous

    I agree totally..I am 47 and having regular sex with a 21 year old sex of my life.I have never felt so alive in my life!!!

  7. Anonymous


  8. seban

    this was new to my knowledge thanks

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