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Get Girls To Chase YOU Right Now, In 6 Sneaky Ways!

It’s not enough to always be chasing girls. If you want to sleep with a girl, you’ve got to get her to chase YOU. And that’s particularly true with really hot girls.

Take night clubs for instance.

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It’s common when you approach the “super hot girl” in a club that her friends have decided that they are going to make your life a living hell, test you, bust your balls, try to fuck with your frame, be aloof, try to brush you off, or ignore you.

Well don’t worry, you are not alone, and it doesn’t have to be like that.

I have provided you with some field tested street tips I use myself in set to bring the girl and her friends back into the palm of my hands… even those that start off with a “no hope” label.

There is a systematic way to handle these types of situations. You can turn every set around by employing the following six methods:

Method #1. Bombard the set with Blitzkrieg Type Tonality and Super Fly Body language and a “I own this shit” mentality.

Method #2. Use negs to get them chasing you.

Method #3. Call women out on their second class behavior.

Method #4. Use curiosity loops and tension loops to create “intrigue and mystery” that act like chick crack and will make the women “hooked.” When you’re in attraction phase, your goal before going into Screen/Accept phase is to “Hook” the set.

Method #5. Use multiple threads. Just change the thread to another conversational thread that is totally unrelated.

Method #6. Selectively validate women

NOTE: DO NOT GIVE UP GUYS. I see too many guys stalling and losing sets. Do not give up. Basically talk until you make the “Ho say no”, or until the Ho say’s OHHH!!!

Let me outline each tip and give you an example of each rule employed in the field.

#1. Blitzkrieg style tonality

Use Blitzkrieg style tonality and body language with loud vocal projection to turn the set around and get the girl chasing you.

I opened a girl at a mall using an indirect opener. I got her to stop but her short, club-ho, attention span led her to wander off and walk away. As she was walking away, I just kept on shouting game to her, even from 20 feet away. I did not turn around to face her, didn’t move an inch closer to follow her. Just turned my head and acted totally unaffected, and pretended that she didn’t even walk away. My tonality finally got to her and she came back all the way to where I was and started to game me. She asked me, where you from, you are very interesting, and so on.

#2 & #3. Negs & Call Outs

Negs and calling women out can be mixed in together. You can use negs to get them chasing for your attention and also by calling them on their second class behavior.

If she is losing interest, say, “Talking to you is like pulling my teeth,” or “Hey honey do you do drugs? I don’t talk to chicks with drug problems or Attention Deficit Disorder… which one do you have?”

Or I will say, “Consider yourself lucky talking to me, as there are thousands of women I can be talking to right now, so please respect my time and energy and effort to talk to you the way I am reciprocating that basic courtesy and respect back to you. If you can’t act mature and grown up, then pleasure meeting you.” They always buckle after this.

I’ll say shit like “Okay… nah, I’m not feeling this… I’m going to go and ask someone else.” They come back.

As soon as a girl starts to get out of line, I say, “You’re acting really socially retarded… Didn’t your mother teach you that when you are presented with an opportunity for learning and growth to be attentive… You poor deprived child! Are you okay!?!”

For super hot bitchy girls who really act disrespectful and act like I want them and are trying to hit on them, I’ll then say as a comeback, “Honey get a life… too bad you’re not my type. I’m just asking you a simple question that I could have asked that cute eight year old girl and she would have been more attentive and interesting than you. So what’ll it be, are you going to pay attention to what I am saying, or am I going to have to dismiss you?” This gets them chasing you. I had this happen to me and my friend two weeks ago when a hot Portuguese hairdresser would not leave my sight.

I get only this harsh with super snotty, bitchy type girls who have a self perceived value through the roof!

#4. Use Curiosity Loops and Tension Loops

Curiosity loops always get the girl chasing after the guy.

For example, I’ll bait the woman I want by making cliffhanger/bait-hook comments or questions like, “What the fuck is up with your hand?” Then I segue into my palm analysis. It hooks 100% of the time.

Or I’ll say, “Do you know you have the most unusual hand structure, nah …fuck it. I don’t want to get you all excited….anyways!!!” She will then say, “What about my hands… what, what… tell me…tell me!!!”

Women love mystery and tension. You can create this elastic band effect to reel them in and get them hooked.

#5. Multiple Threads

Use multiple thread theory and introduce a new thread to make her chase you. Note the new conversational thread doesn’t have to have anything to do with your previous thread.

For example, during my bootcamp in Toronto my student opened a hot Asian model. He was doing great when the conversational thread he was on just died and he expectedly ended the chat with her on a high note, instead of over welcoming his stay. I then showed him that the show is not over, until she says, “NO go away” or “Yes and you go away with her.” So I introduced the topic of kissing, out of the blue.

Me: “Hey on a scale of 1-10 how good of a French kisser are you?”

HB: “What?”

Me: “Hey look Marlee Matlin, pretty but deaf…I said, ‘How good of a tongue-downer are you?’”

Notice that with this hard core party, model type I had to calibrate my game to be more sexual, up front, cocky, ballsy… It worked.

HB: “I don’t like kissing.”

Me: “Well how good of a ‘Biter’ are you?”

Her heart starts to pound with pleasure and her buying temperature has been kicked up.

HB: “I don’t like to bite, but I love being bitten.”

Me: “I know you do.”

HB: “How do you know?”

Me: “Don’t worry about it, can’t tell you!”

HB: “You’re funny…what’s your name!”

I then use her interest signal to close the space and touch escalate.

So I am showing the bootcamp student all these cool massage things on her. She is loving it. Anyways the girl that we “supposedly lost” or the set that was supposed to have ended long time ago ended up making a 180 turn. She was a model and invited both me and my student to her VIP booth and offered to buy us drinks.

How is that for shaping a new reality for what is possible? Never let the set go, just because it isn’t panning out or working out for the first few minutes. Stay in it for the long haul, not for the two minute close. It will work. Persistence!!!

#6. Selectively Validate Them

Most women are validation junkies, especially the hot ones or the ones that have a lot of choice.

This means that they will accept anything and do anything as long as it validates her “Archetype” of herself. See, in her eyes or in her mind all high quality women think:

“I’m hot”
“I’m sexy”
“Men want me”
“I’m smart”
“I have choice when it comes to sex”
“I’m a great friend, loyal, ambitious”
“I’m a catch”
“I’m a prize”

So whenever you validate any of these claims you are GONE!

Instead, you should be validating her upon her proving or doing something that deserves validation, and not undeservingly as most men do.

I’ll give you an example.

Just because a girl gives you her number doesn’t mean shit. A lot of times a woman will give you her number seeking your validation (THE PHONE CALL). The minute you call her and she picks up, is all it takes for her to get that validation and then she will lose interest because by you calling her you are conveying interest. This is why before you validate her, play hard to get about calling her. Tell her maybe you’ll call, say if I have time… in a cocky and playful manner, and get her begging you to call her.

A woman is used to being chased and that will activate her anti-slut defenses that you are interested in her and want to sex her. Instead, when YOU play hard to get or pose a challenge, not only will it make her seek your validation more and more, it will get her chasing you for it.

And when she does get your validation, she will want to have sex with you because her screen/chase mechanism has been turned on to make her the pursuer and you the one who chooses who she will sleep with and the one who controls the sex.

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  1. Socialkenny PUA

    This is why McMaax is 1 of my favorite coaches over the past 3 years or so.Killer insights(although general pick-up knowledge).

    Curiosity/tension loops are my favorite part of this post.And the examples he gave were great lead ins to palm-reading routines.

    • Jesse Charger

      yeah, he’s got a lot of great stuff

    • dildo

      fuckoff you cunt wanker.

  2. Jesse Charger

    Leave your comments below…

  3. Socialkenny PUA

    @Jesse-Generally though,are tension loops and open-ended questions part of your arsenal?

    • Jesse Charger

      actually, not really… sometimes they end up in there by chance but I’m not consciously thinking about them,

  4. Socialkenny PUA

    The best thing is to have certain aspects of Game internalize where you don’t even have to consciously think of the next move.

    • Jesse Charger


  5. BiBi

    Dude seriously??? If a guy tries that shit with me I’ll turn around on the spot and leave him standing there looking like an idiot. And no, I won’t come back to hear the rest of his seemingly interesting story. I have done this with many assholes pulling that crap with me.

    • Anonymous

      Read the last sentence of what she said ! “I have done this with many assholes pulling that crap with me.”

      Get the message ?

  6. Miss D

    I am a female and reading this all sounds demonic you should try and be honest. Yes you can get any demonic female this way but she will always turn out like the devil. Because there is a God and He sees how men and women play these silly games He will allow you to get hurt in the end. When you wake up and try being honest then you will find a decent relationship. You get what you give if you give games you get it back it is the universes way. You end up alone and miserable playing these games and listening to bad advice like this. Yeah you can get “laid” but you are only sleeping with a demon. Your not players your all demons.

    • sig102chi

      I’m curious, why the fuck are you on this website to begin with?

    • Jesse Charger

      sounds like you’ve gotten burned before and projecting how you personally want the world to be, not how it really is

  7. rob

    Some women like to be chased, others get the thrill from chasing. You can’t deny that in the end YOU(female) makes the decision to sleep with whomever you like. For every women there is a different approach. You call us “demons” even though all we’re doing is finally starting to play the game the average female has been playing since the 1950′s. A female reading on these websites serves herself better from approaches of men who know what they’re doing. All you’re doing is biting the hand that feeds.

  8. 1.12.9


    • Anonymous

      Speak Correct English could help…

  9. Anonymous

    Hahaha!!! As if the world needs more douche bags…. Women with confidence and self esteem wouldn’t fall for this crap….. Keep at it…. Lol

    • Jesse Charger

      Just like successful, confident men are too smart to fall for makeup, high heels, and tight dresses, right?

      • Anonymous

        my nigga jesse, owning frames and shit…

  10. Carmela

    The only time successful, confident men who are also intelligent fall for makeup, high heels and tight dresses is when they are going through a vulnerable time in their lives (which we all go through) and so dishonest women take advantage of them. So that’s you!! Just the flip side.

  11. Lynn

    I find this fascinating! I am a woman and on reading this I can think back to men doing and saying the most bizarre things, and even though at the time I would think to myself has this guy left a few power tools lying around and out of the shed?! but ultimately they grabbed and held my attention. Getting me into bed however, I feel it will be more difficult for a man to get around my defences using these tactics, as I am built to be the way I am and its a natural thing, I am not meant to be easy… ;) xxx

  12. moises

    Knowing about women pcychology will help you a lot. There are a few sexual triggers avery guy should know about.

  13. moises

    Click on my name to find out more…

  14. dildo

    you are a complete fuckwit. your advice is absolutely retarded. fuckoff you cunt.

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