Eastern European Girls Vs. American Girls – 7 Differences

In my travels across Eastern Europe, I noticed at least 7 differences between American girls, and Eastern European girls. 

Specifically, I mean women from cities like Zagreb, Croatia and Belgrade, Serbia and Krakow, Poland and Kiev, Ukraine.  Here’s what I found.

The Lesser Attractive Bottom Half: Eastern Europe Wins

The lesser attractive 50% (bottom half) of Eastern European girls are hotter and more attractive than the lesser attractive 50% (bottom half) of American girls.

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The bottom half of American girls are generally fat and out of shape.  On top of that, they dress in non-sexual clothing that is not feminine at all.  Particularly when you go to smaller towns in the USA, the “hot girl” situation can look dismal.

But in Eastern Europe, pretty much ALL the women are at least somewhat bangable – even the bottom half 50% of the population.  None of the girls in the bottom half look like super models by any means – but they’re at least presentable looking.


Average looking Eastern European girls (lesser 50%)

The reason isn’t “feminism” – that’s a false bogeyman.

From my observations on the scene, it’s because the United States is a richer country, and there’s FAR more food temptation everywhere.

In Eastern Europe, most girls are broke.  Going to a place like McDonald’s may be a once a week treat for a girl.

Grocery stores are also very small there, and there isn’t much junk food selection whatsoever.  Candy bars and the like tend to be quite expensive.


Eastern European girls often eat local veggies- not out of choice, out of economic necessity.

Also, most girls can’t afford their own car, so they walk everywhere.  This also keeps their weight off to some degree.


Girls walk to school and work, and take public transit

In the United States, even a girl making minimum wage could still afford to pig out DAILY on crap food.  In fact, eating high-calorie junk is far CHEAPER in the U.S. than eating healthier food.


In the USA there’s cheap temptations on every street corner

In the U.S., grocery stores are huge, and have entire aisles dedicated to CHEAP potato chips and ice cream.


Mountains of crap in every aisle

And to get around most cities and towns, having a car is absolutely mandatory, which allows a person to live a 100% sedentary lifestyle.


As a result of America’s wealth and car infrastructure, far more women in the USA are fat.  This really puts at least half the U.S. girls at a big a disadvantage.

The Top 1% Hottest Girls: United States Wins

I was surprised to find this, but the top 1% of hot girls (the “stunners”) are a lot hotter in the U.S. than the top 1% of hot girls in Eastern Europe.

Meaning, the very best looking U.S. girls are hotter than the best looking Eastern European girls.

This comes down to at least 5 reasons.

The same wealth that makes so many American girls fat and heavy, ALSO allows a small niche of American girls to spend endless money on their looks and to eat healthy and exercise.


A niche of U.S. women can afford to spend time and money on fitness and dress.

In other words, America’s wealth allows a couple smart girls to use money in a *constructive* way to hit the gym, hire gym trainers, work on their tan, get braces, dress well, and get their hair and nails done.  This is simply NOT possible for the vast majority of Eastern European girls.

America’s wealth allows attracts the hottest girls from all over the world to move there.  In the same way the U.S. attracts top intellectual talent from other countries (brain drain), it also attracts top beauty talent.

The United States also has far more genetic mixing than Eastern Europe.


Hot girls flock to the U.S. from all over the world, and there is crazy genetic variety.

In an Eastern European city, all of the girls will look a bit similar – which can get boring pretty quickly.  For instance, in Kiev, 99% of the girls have tiny itty-bitty breasts.  If you want a chest heavy girl, you’re completely out of luck.

But in the U.S., you can find almost every sort of body type and every sort of ethnicity.  You’ll also find interesting ethnic mixes, like half Persian and half French, or half Japanese and half Brazilian.  This extensive genetic mixing naturally means that a small handful of the girls end up, by chance, looking exotic and like absolute stunners.


Freakish body proportions, like big breasts, is more common in the U.S.

So whereas in an Eastern European city, all the girls tend to look like sister clones, heavily weighted toward an average homogenous look, in the U.S. you’ll find a lot more freakish-hot genetic outliers.

So where are the hotter girls?  It depends…

It depends on what you’re going for.

If you’re talking about the average girl walking down the street, Eastern Europe has a definite edge in hotness.

You can easily find more “7’s and 8’s” in Eastern Europe.  (One caveat: that is, if the narrow ethnic look of that city suits you.  If you don’t like pale skinned, waif-like brunettes, you won’t like it no matter what).

But if you’re shooting for “9’s and 10’s” – you can actually find MORE of them in the USA, if you know where to go.

So with U.S. girls, and in most richer countries in general, there’s a larger gap between the ugly girls and the prettiest girls.

While in an Eastern European country, you’ll find a better overall average, but less “perfect stunners” because all the girls are more weighted toward the average middle in terms of attractiveness.

Where will an English speaking guy have more value?

In the USA, you generally won’t stand out.

But in Eastern Europe, speaking English with a flat American accent will definitely get you noticed and win you some brownie points with the girls.

However, in my experience the same is true for generally anywhere you travel.  I’ve found that girls in Sweden and Germany also love to hear a foreign American accent.  And I’ve heard the same about Australian girls- if you’re an American living on Australia, you’ve got a definite advantage.

So yes, Eastern European girls will respond well to an American accent, but that’s not necessarily a different reaction than anywhere else.

Is it easier to get laid in Eastern Europe… or the USA?

It all depends!

You would think Eastern Europe was easier to get laid in, but it’s actually much more complicated than that.

Sometimes in poorer countries, it can actually be HARDER to get laid.

There tends to be more religious shaming.  Also, you find a stronger Madonna-whore dichotomy where prostitution is out in the open, and most “good girls” don’t want to do anything that might make them be perceived as a hooker.  Thus, they’re far less likely to hook up fast.

Girls may also heavily question your reason for being in the country, trying to figure out if you’re a sex tourist, or what your motivations are.

In poorer countries, family plays a bigger role, so the girls are more concerned about parental approval, and most girls stick with their social circles.

In the USA, there’s more of a “mingling culture” where it’s perfectly acceptable to insert yourself into a group of strangers, and American girls tend to be more rebellious.  They’re less concerned about religious or family approval, and there’s less shaming around sex.

If you’re at an intermediate or advanced level in game, the USA can actually be EASIER to get one night stands or “same night lays”.  Particularly when you combine liberal American girls with a city like Las Vegas or Cancun, a guy with good game can slay many more girls more quickly than he might in Eastern Europe.

Also, if you have a fetish for “9s and 10s”, and you want to play in the “big leagues”, the USA is where it’s at.

But if you are looking to traditionally date and woo a girl over a couple of dates – or maybe your game is at a low or intermediate level – then you’ll likely find yourself more options in Eastern Europe.

Which country has smarter, more educated girls?

I found that the top 10% of pretty girls in Eastern Europe tend to be a lot more educated than the top 10% of pretty girls in the United States.

Pretty girls in Eastern Europe will often speak multiple languages and be deeply invested in their school studies. They’re also more curious about outside cultures and countries.


For a pretty girl in Eastern Europe, her education and curiosity about other places is her key to moving up in the world… and escape being broke like her parent’s generation.

In comparison, pretty girls in the USA tend to be airheads (not always, it’s just a tendency, there’s always exceptions!).  Most already grew up living in material ease and comfort, and their good looks brings offers of free dinners and gifts.  Pouring time into their studies doesn’t provide them with any immediate benefits, so they’re not as motivated to excel in that area.

As a result, pretty girls in the U.S. tend to live in a bubble of naivety, spoiled behavior, and just being stupid in general.


Let’s put it this way… finding a stunner 21 year old that speaks multiple languages and is super smart and educated is a rarity anywhere… but it’s particularly rare in the US.  Either girls have brains, or they have looks– but not both.  In Eastern Europe, it’s a bit more common to find both looks and brains in one woman.

Which country has better night life?

The United States.

The nightlife in Eastern Europe is simply not as well developed as in the US, and lacks a mingling culture.

From what I’ve seen, because the US is far wealthier, more girls have the financial means to drive to a nightlife location, pay parking, pay a cover and buy drinks.  Most girls in Eastern Europe simply can’t afford to do that.

In Eastern Europe, many nightlife spots are designed around groups sitting down at tables.  This makes it harder to mingle and meet new people.

Also, the music in Eastern European clubs is pretty shitty in general and hard to dance too.

The U.S. on almost all levels is superior if nightlife is your thing.

Which country has better day game?

Any country in Eastern European beats the shit out of the US on the day game front.

Girls are poorer and can’t afford their own cars- that means they’re all out and about walking to get to where they need to go.

Compare that to the USA, where in most towns and cities you’re largely limited to roaming them mall, or hitting on waitresses.

So if you like nightlife, the USA is your best bet.  But if you like day game, Eastern Europe is better.

The Verdict: So which is better overall, the USA or Eastern Europe?

If you’re at an advanced skillset level, and you can attract the 8’s, 9’s, and 10s in the USA consistently (particularly if you’re doing night life in upscale venues in a big city), then Eastern Europe offers you NO advantages.  You’re better off staying in the U.S.

You’ll only find yourself disappointed by the lack of “10s” and you’ll think that the nightlife scene is lame.

Beginner Newbies- Who Can’t Even Approach A Girl Yet

Now if you’re too scared to even approach a girl, you will do equally poorly in either place.

Eastern European girls will NOT throw themselves at you. YOU will have to approach THEM.  And even after the approach, the girls want to see that you’re a man of action.

So if you can’t approach a girl in your home country, don’t think that going to Eastern Europe will somehow magically make it easier for you.  It won’t.

Beginners That CAN Approach Girls

However, if you CAN approach girls, but your game generally sucks (your approach is very weak and you can’t hold a set), you’ll do better in Eastern Europe.  Your exotic and foreign status means that you’ll hook a girl more easily, even if you’re a bumbling, nervous wreck.

It doesn’t mean you’ll start getting laid with quality girls, but at least you’ll be more likely to catch the odd 7 here and there.

Intermediate Guys

For guys at an intermediate skill level – Eastern Europe holds the most promise for you.

Let’s say you can approach girls, and that you’re generally a “cool guy” who gets a lot right (good voice tonality, etc), and you’re mostly doing day game on 7’s and 8’s, which you then take out on day 2’s and day 3 dates – and your results are very hit or miss for you in the U.S.  In that specific case, you may like Eastern Europe a lot.

You’ll simply find more targets and you’ll generally get better responses.  You’ll find yourself pulling more 8’s than the 6’s and 7’s you’re getting back home.

No matter where you’re living though, check out my program Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control.  You’ll immediately see a boost in your game- it’s like the equivalent of moving to Eastern Europe, but you can stay right where you’re at.

And leave me a comment below.  Have you traveled to Eastern Europe and what was your experience like?

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  1. you are truly an idiot
    what do you know about the life in eastern europe
    there may be economical issues within that area but we CHOOSE to eat healthier and walk more, life over in EE is more simple but you are far to rude

  2. Girls are better looking in eastern Europe because of genes, plain and simple. Eastern european girls ugly themselves up (they look a lot better without makeup) with makeup and are still prettier than 95% of American girls.
    Americans on vacation will go home and masturbate because they are not going to get laid unless they pay for hookers. Girls here do not want 1 night of sex and won’t give it up to some guy getting on a plane in a few days. If you come here and are disrespectful to our women you will be beaten so bad by random locals who just happened to be there that you will never think of coming back.
    A warning for guys of other races- You have about the same chance of hooking up with a girl here as being struck by lightning unless you are rich and famous. Other races (aside from gypsies) do not exist here and people will not be able to stop looking at you because it will be the first time they saw someone of your race in person (as in not on TV). You will get lot’s of attention, especially questions about your homeland bla, bla because of this but it won’t be sexual attention.
    Westerners who live here, especially Americans, everyone will think you are CIA or some kind of spy for the simple question of “Why are you here?”
    People are very friendly to foreigners but not in a sexual way. As far as the girls running away to the west, they aren’t going to believe you will marry them and take them away after 1 night, they’re just not that stupid. You will have to have known them a long time.
    There are definitely more 9’s and 10’s in EE than the US but it will be very hard for any foreigner (and our own for that matter) to get them. I’m saying this from personal experience as an Eastern european born in LA who has been living in EE a long time.
    EE is more family orientated regardless of religion and the US is more sexually orientated.
    Westerners have better luck with EE immigrant girls living in the west than the EE girls here in EE.The west is seen as both fascinating and strange here, but that fascination will decline quickly as they get to know you and the differences in mentality which cause problems won’t go away. You have a better chance with the ones already in the west who have already somewhat adjusted to the western mentality.

  3. I dunno what u refer to as ‘Eastern Europe’.. but you don’t know what THE FUCK you’re talking about :)) 10’s are WAY hotter in Eastern Europe than in the US (at least in Romania)…and money-wise, we’re in fucking 2015 not the 90’s..people aren’t as poor nowadays, in fact, the only places in wich you’ll se more luxurious cars than in Bucharest is probably Dubai, London and Moscow, so chill..hot women tend to have rich boyfriends here, ergo they have shitloads of money -> they dress real well and expensive, and they probably drive fast cars and don’t eat at McDonald’s, so i can ASSURE you..perfect 10’s are WAY H O T T E R here then in the U.S. 😉

  4. hi im from eastern europe and here all the hot girls are also smart,we can be poor part of europe but our girls unlike american are harder to get even for us europien man,and we are not as religious as americans here in euro even believers doesnt go every sunday to church

  5. We aren’t poor our health system is better. If i would eat from McDonald at least 2 times in a weak i would fell weak and sick. I would wish for some home cooked potatoes and not those deep fried lab made ones. A good glass of freshly milked milk since milk in the store has that taste of non-nature, lab. And the veggies i Personally like to eat only tomatoes and onions.Plus America is really polluted I dislike the smell of Ljubljana and that is just a small capital city. The part of getting laid I was actually really surprised that you thought poorer people are an easier catch for the bed. Poor people are more religious and usually wait to have sex after the marriage (plus they still have self respect ). I never want to go to America cities are way to big(which means that it is way louder and polluted) , if anywhere I would visit the country side, bu what do I know i’m just a 15 year old guy that must learn 3 languages (slovenian, english, german) in school and doesn’t really care about this as long as I still have my beautiful nature (i don’t live in a city) and culture

  6. LOL the guy mustove just been a tourist for like a day here. God I love these oblivious-ass articles that describe absolutely nothing of the actual Eastern European reality. For starters our meals are 70% meat, the rest are veggies – especially potatoes, pasta, pies. Second – everyone hates foreigners, especially the girls. You get beaten on the street just for looking at someone, having a different skin colour, walking differently and so on. You tell a girl that she looks nice you’re gonna get a fucking face fisting for sexual harrasment and any guys around her are gonna jump in to help her, especially if you’re a foreigner – they look down on you. Dont even think about coming near here. They may look good, but they’re not interested in dirty fucking foreigners with their inpure blood.

    1. ^ in certain EEU countries there seems to be a problem with neo-fascism/nationalism. Lithuania, for example. Avoid those countries if you can figure out which ones they are because apparently this commenter is right, at least pertaining to those particular places.

  7. I’ve developed a kind of antipathy toward the seduction community over the years… but I really enjoyed reading this article. I’ve been meeting with some European girls online lately (Poland, Warsaw, Czech), and I totally agree with the fact it’s a lot more common for a European girl to be very attractive and very, very smart at the same time.

  8. I honestly believe that European girls have larger breasts than American girls. In America, most girls think that having a butt, or having big breasts makes you fat, but in Europe, it is embraced.

  9. American women(the decent ones who are not a hot mess) feel a sense of eentitlement that they deserve some prince charming. A superiority complex/feeling. This is far worse than any other country’s women. Very socially awkward culture these days anyway(fb, twitter, s.phones) makes ittough to meet decent women anywhere

  10. You make it seem as if every country in Europe is third-world lol I vacationed in Italy, Romania and Greece and the people there can afford fast-food as easily as anyone else, they just tend to prefer more gourmet stuff with less calories.

  11. This is so dumb lol. As an American whose lived in Europe and the Middle East I tell you there is good and bad women everywhere. The things men in the west complain about women, going after money, being bossy etc., I knew just as many men in those countries saying the same damn thing. Americans always seem to think the rest of the world is some other planet lol. Anyway, case in point, my neighbor is an American guy married to a 300 lbs. Serbian woman, who, through the walls, I hear him constantly screaming at for cheating on him and spending the rent money on herself. He also told me last week he doesn’t want to buy Halloween candy for the kids because she eats it all before they can hand it out. So there you go. Happens everywhere. Americans need to get a life and get out in the world and realize people basically have the same issues everywhere. If women don’t have those issues, it’s probably because they don’t have the option to, in other words, they kiss your butt because there’s no other alternative, once she has a choice, she’s basically gonna be the same way. So here’s a clue for all you men out there, pick a woman with good character, no matter where she’s from and treat her right. If she’s not good to you, it probably has nothing to do with where she’s from, you just have shitty taste. Sorry. No woman wants to be your slave, so get over yourselves.

    1. P.S. I modeled from the age of 19-25, I’m now 31 and have 4 degrees and I am a therapist. I’m married to a European man (from France) and we’ve both been around the world a time or two. So yeah, I’m American, attractive and educated…Sorry…

  12. I lived in North America for over 5 years including Toronto, New York, Washington, Miami, Montreal, but I have never felt like I can fall in love with any women = not attractive. Eastern Europe = I fall in love once I am at a terminal with girls from there.
    N/A = garbage, even the n/a models are less attractive than my eastern Europe girls.

  13. My experience was strictly with Romania, but this is what I found out. In such a poor country, any woman who was smarter (meaning educated) and knew multiple languages left the country to find better opportunities elsewhere. This left the less intelligent and uneducated behind. On top of that, the uneducated didn’t know English (though many knew or understood Italian, which you’ll find out why soon) so communication was naught. However, Italian business men were a common sight. They had money and any hot lady who was uneducated flocked to them at their table in clubs. That was their ticket out and they tried to take it. Plus the Latin based background of the 2 languages (Romanian and Italian) allowed for an easier transition of communication between the two cultures. As an English speaker, the one person I met was an educated Romanian woman who was home from her studies in London, and she gave me the low down on everything I’m telling you here.

  14. Sorry dude, but you are wrong a lot. You’ve never been to bucharest for ex. There the nightlife beats the shit out of any us city. And that is a promise of a person that’s seen vegas and bucharest.

  15. Could really go for a novel here, but let me just try to stick to a few points I think are important. Being from EEU myself and having spent half my adult life in the US I think I definitely see some differences. Talking mostly urban folks, EEU women are far better looking and far more accessible than Americans. They are not nearly as prententious and hypocritical as Americans. Apart from familial and religious pressures they are sick of it and want to live and be free at once, as opposed to Americans who seem to have too much freedom and it sorta got to their head so they lost their identity as “women” thus get less and less attractive by the decade. Looks is one aspect where they keep losing, but the more important is the lack of tenderness and feminineness most guys are after. Of course there are exceptions, too, but few and far between. As for some of the positives for Americans I experienced they take care of their men better when it comes to intimacy and tend to look at them more as equals, whereas EEU women always have a certain inhibition then can’t seem to shed and keep despising their men secretly even though they are in a most intimate relationship with them. These are some nice little paradoxes to unfold another time…

    1. Hmmm…so “prententious and hypocritical’ on the one hand (agreed!) or tender and feminine, but secretly despised on the other…which to choose????

    2. Interesting comments. I agree with most of it. The feminist movement has ruined most relationships since there are really no roles anymore. I hear women all the time complaining about where can you find real men but they don’t seem to understand the real men have been basically neutered into lap dogs. can’t have it both ways but the american women certainly try to.

  16. Great article!

    My Wife’s family immigrated from Sweden to the U.S, and since she has family in Sweden we visit there once a year. Since I also have family in Italy so I try to visit them when I can.

    Honestly there are major differences between American, Italian, and Swedish Women.

    Swedish Women:

    Swedish Women tend to be alot more mature than U.S Women. All the Swedish Women that I have met seem to know what they want out of life, there is no BS them. I have found it very common for Swedish Women to be very carrier and family orientated, so a Swedish Woman that is married with Children, having a career, or both in their mid 20’s is very common. My hypothesis as to why this is may be due to the fact that Swedish Women seek approval of their Family more so than U.S Women.

    Swedish Women are on in the most part more easy to approach. You can walk up to a Swedish Women and strike up a conversation. You can even flirt with a Woman from Sweden and she will be flattered and not take offense to it even if she is not interested. If a Swedish Women is interested in you or not, she will be straight forward without playing the mind games that American often play.

    Swedish Women are more committed when they decide to date.

    The average looking Women in Sweden is equivalent to a well above average looking Women in the U.S, and the it seems to be alot more 10’s in Sweden walking around than the U.S. Also, Swedish Women tend to take better care of their appearances.

    Italian Women:

    Italian Women are the same as Swedish Women in the sense that they are more easily approachable and are flattered by compliments. Women from Italy are very, very family orientated and seek approval not only from their Family, but also from their communities. My theory as to why this is due to the their very traditional and often have religious backgrounds.

    Italian Women are also very committed when they are in a relationship.

    Italian Women also take better care of themselves when it comes to appearances. I have found that Italian Women in appearance have a much broader spectrum than Swedish Women depending on where you go. Even so the average Italian Woman is equivalent to an above average American Women with Less 10’s walking around.

    Both Italian and Swedish Women seem to have found the perfect balance in dressing classy and still being sexy.

    Women in the U.S:

    In the U.S I have often found that American Woman don’t really know what they want. It seems to be a new trend that American Women don’t marry and have children until they are in their early 30’s. In some cases have Children but are not in a committed relationship. Yes there are some career driven Women, but they often sacrifice a Family life for their successes. Most American Women are very rebellious.

    American Women are not as approachable than their Swedish or Italian counterparts if you are not in their ” inner circle”. If you tried to strike up a conversation with an American Woman they will take it as you are trying to get into their pants, and in some cases snub you. Women in the U.S also like to play mind games, if they are not interested in you, they will not say so, and they will still flirt with you to get you to buy them another drink.

    Dating an American Women is a constant uphill battle. they say what they don’t mean, and mean what they didn’t say. They will date you as long as your convenient for them.

    As for looks, we have a much broader spectrum of looks in the U.S. We have the bleh, ok, average, rare above average , and 10’s being extremely rare. Most Women in the U.S pay less attention to their appearance. Hate to be blunt, but most American Women don’t dress classy, and go as far as leaving little to the imagination.

    Yes there are exceptions to what I have stated above, I am only speaking of averages, and what is common in each Country.

    1. I do agree a lot with what you said about American women. You described their pretentiousness aptly. They don’t seem to have any pressure to act and look acceptably, lack some very basic manners and eventually probably will be unhappy themselves after making so many men unhappy – without any apparently good reason.

  17. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,
    welcome lovely Eastern European girls,
    You are bery beautiful
    I invite you visit Our New Egypt and You will enjoy here in Egypt.
    Rgb from egypt

  18. OMG! This is so full of crap its just amazing! LMAO!
    You seriously have a lack of information, you are very subjective and this is just so funny! And besides I really doubt you have been to all the Eastern countries here. What you are talking about here is a general stereotype!

  19. Are you kidding me? We do not eat healthier because we are poorer! And we definitely do not eat only vegetables! For god’s sake, most of our meals are based on meat.

  20. Hi there,

    Im a 14 year old girl and i live in Europe. I personally think that this is just not true. For example:
    I live in Holland myself, known for the big amount of bikes. And its not that we ride bikes or walk to our destination because we don’t have enough money to buy a car, we ride bikes and walk because we don’t have such big distances. And i don’t know exactly what types of girl you are looking at, but it looks like you only look at the “good” neighborhoods in the US. Because, just like in America, we have the “good” neighborhood/country’s and the “bad” neighborhoods/country ‘s. So its not totally fair how you look at the situation. And about the body types
    and ethnicity’s you are even more wrong. We have all kind of ethnicity and body types here. In my school for example, we have all different people. A lot of them are mixed (including myself) and its not like we are all pale with straight thin hair and micro breast. We have girls who are Indonesian + African, Brazilian + Dutch, Japanese + African, etc. And no body type is the same here.
    I apology for my maybe harsh talking, but i just get really mad at people like this. Always go out from stereo types and all that stuff.

    Greets to all y’all people ;p


    1. just remember that the article is about “Eastern European” girls vs American girls. Netherlands shouldn’t be considered apart of this debate; like the UK, France, Germany, Norway, and the USA, Netherlands and these countries have dramatic diversity compared to Eastern Europe.

  21. Good article! I agree with much of it except the hotness and the breast size factor. I lived in Dnepropetrovsk for two months in 2011 and spent a week in Kiev; Ukranian girls definitely have large boobs, not enormous ones like fat girls do, but C cups are prevalent.

    The ladies in Dnepropetrovsk were a hundred times hotter than any U.S. city I have been to. I’ve been to 25 states in the U.S. and nothing compares. Not even close.

    In Dnepropetrovsk there were “10’s” all over the place. I went for a walk during rush hour in downtown Dnepr one night and counted 45 super models in 15 minutes. It was absurd.

    Interestingly, I wasn’t that impressed with Kiev. I rode the subway and was in the center of the city and it was just an average city. Dnepropetrovsk was off the charts though, as far as the attractiveness of the women.

    I’d say half of the ladies under 30 years old were attractive to super model. Heidi Klum types were everywhere.

    Vogue magazine could easily recruit cover girls there, all the time.

  22. This article is totally biased but, of course, so are many other articles. In my opinion, these are not facts but strong opinions from your perspective. Yet, I find your opinions very interesting.

  23. really? you think they walk because they can’t afford a car? and eat local veggies because of economic reasons?

    That’s really stupid.

    The “europeans” earn their money by working hard.
    ah, crap…i don;t eveb wanna lkhcw;odhcbdjhNCxkaS

    1. Good response. More effort should be made to determine the reasons why a group of people do certain things… and to determine what it is they do in the first place.