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Build Epic Self-Confidence With Girls, The Ultimate Guide!
Guys lack self-confidence and get nervous around with girls because of ONE thing… They’re attached to the outcome! Guys have… more
Super Confidence With Women Is Like Swimming And Balls Beer
Having super confidence with women is much like swimming. Imagine you have never learned to swim and you jump into… more
Hot Girls That Ignore You- Turn Them Into Loyal, Loving Girlfriends

How to hand pick the girl you want and turn her into your loyal girlfriend, even if you're introverted or not the best-looking guy using a brand new, unique conversation technique. more

How To Hook Up With Young Cuties For Older Men: Confidence
In Junior High, I knocked over a metal bar that guided the cafeteria line. As the divider clanged and echoed… more
Confidence With Women – The 17 Epic Beliefs of Self Trust!
Guys “run out of things to say” or they “don’t make the moves” because they don’t trust in their own… more
Cars That Girls Like – How To Impress Girls With Your Car
I want to talk about your car. Your ride. Your automobile. Or lack of one. Now, a lot of guys… more
Can A Nice Car Help You Get Laid… Even a Little?
Guys think that having a hot, expensive car impresses girls. Or at least, all else being equal, it wouldn’t hurt… more
How To Increase Your Confidence Level In 2 Minutes To Approach ANY Girl
Today I want to talk about increasing your confidence levels with an Narcissistic Incantation Loop. When you feel entitled to… more
52 Confidence Boosting Beliefs For Dating And Laying Young Cuties
You are not your past. The past is over. Today you can be the new person you want to be,… more

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