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Seduction Science
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Guys lack self-confidence and get nervous around with girls because of ONE thing… They’re attached to the outcome! Guys have outcomes in mind when they go out to meet girls.… more
Having super confidence with women is much like swimming. Imagine you have never learned to swim and you jump into a deep swimming pool.… more
In Junior High, I knocked over a metal bar that guided the cafeteria line. As the divider clanged and echoed throughout the large room, a silence descended, waiting to see whether fight or flight was in order with such a large noise.… more
Guys “run out of things to say” or they “don’t make the moves” because they don’t trust in their own actions.… more
I want to talk about your car. Your ride. Your automobile. Or lack of one. Now, a lot of guys think that they need a hot car to impress a girl.… more
Guys think that having a hot, expensive car impresses girls. Or at least, all else being equal, it wouldn’t hurt to have one… right?… more

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