How to Build a Happy Cult Circle of 2 to 7 Girlfriends in 3 Months

This is the politically explosive guide to,

#1. Meet Girls

#2. Sleep With Girls

#3. Mind Control Girls Into Your Cult of Girlfriends

Okay, you’re thinking, “Jesse, ‘mind control’ and ‘cults’ are fucking EVIL!” ..Well, I’m talking about a completely different kind of mind control, LOVE… making girls feel happy and loved and part of a bigger family of love.

Harems, Threesomes, And Girlfriends – How To Decide Which Is Right For You

What kind of dating life do YOU want?

MOST of the men in the world choose one of two paths: straight-up monogamous relationships, or a series of meaningless physical conquests.

But is that what you REALLY want?  Or do you place yourself in one of these categories because that’s the way our social world is currently organized?

Multiple Girlfriends In Your Harem Requires a Lead Woman

Having one primary woman who takes precedence over the others is the magical key that opens up the unlimited possibilities of the harem lifestyle.  Having one primary woman, the lead woman, is like a springboard… or a base for having multiple women around… with none of the headaches that usually occur when more than one woman has access to a man they want.