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Seduction Science
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This is the politically explosive guide to, #1. Meet Girls #2. Sleep With Girls #3. Mind Control Girls Into Your Cult of Girlfriends Okay, you’re thinking, “Jesse, ‘mind control’ and ‘cults’ are fucking EVIL!” ..Well, I’m talking about a completely different kind of mind control, LOVE… making girls feel happy and loved and part of a bigger family of love.… more
What kind of dating life do YOU want? MOST of the men in the world choose one of two paths: straight-up monogamous relationships, or a series of meaningless physical conquests.… more
Having one primary woman who takes precedence over the others is the magical key that opens up the unlimited possibilities of the harem lifestyle. … more
If this were a marketing headline it would read something like this: *** STOP Trying to “Get Women” and Instead Have Women Approach YOU for Dates, No Matter What Your Age or Looks *** But seriously, this method does take a great deal of the approaching OUT of the equation.… more
This program is about finding a soul mate, getting two girls into your bed, and effecting complete mind control on them for threesomes.… more
Why do so many guys who finally land a beautiful woman only end up getting DUMPED by her a few months later?… more

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