How To Mind Control Cute Girls Into Girl-on-Girl Sex In Your Bed

Having two or three pretty, happy girls in your bed taking their turns on you is what Circles are all about.

Yes, it’s subversive, yes it’s raw, but someone needs to come out and say it – “GO FOR IT!” Fuck what everyone else thinks. You’re a man, and having two hot girlfriends at once is a great thing if you’re the one leading the reality.

How To Make Her Horny For You In 60 Seconds

Another way of getting a woman sexually hot enough to want sex is to make her horny… VARY your foreplay until you hit upon what she likes most and what really turns her on.  Straight up tongue-to-tongue smooching and stroking a woman’s breasts might not get your particular woman turned on enough.  Different women like different strokes.

15 Dominant Sex Moves For Hot Orgasmic Sex With Pretty ‘Good Girls’

The truth is, “nice girls” and “good girls” are typically little heathens beneath the surface.  They want a “strong man” to take control and take all responsibility for rough and forceful sex.  Here’s 15 moves that I’ve found girls to love… especially beautiful girls that are typically more used to having their ass kissed.