Advanced Kissing Tips To Make Girls Feel Those Butterflies!

First, use the smell to sex accelerator. How’s this one work? Simple. Smell her shoulders.

The lady needs to be comfortable. You need to be close to the kiss, but just looking for that extra nudge to get things rolling. Rare is the lady who’ll take charge, and lots of guys freeze up here, fearing an attempted kiss too early will kill their chances (not that that’s necessarily true, but it’s certainly the prevailing belief).

How To Mind Control Cute Girls Into Girl-on-Girl Sex In Your Bed

Having two or three pretty, happy girls in your bed taking their turns on you is what Circles are all about.

Yes, it’s subversive, yes it’s raw, but someone needs to come out and say it – “GO FOR IT!” Fuck what everyone else thinks. You’re a man, and having two hot girlfriends at once is a great thing if you’re the one leading the reality.