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Think variety when it comes to giving women oral sex. Don’t change tongue strokes every ten seconds, but if you… more
Ever wonder why, after you get laid with a girl, why sex can feel so empty and unfulfilling? And why… more
Here’s 7 tools I like to use to make women have hard, wet, bed-breaking orgasm. Grab a couple of these… more
Can women really ejaculate like men do? Yes.  And the idea discovery isn’t new.  Even as far back as the… more
Cunnlingus Tips Even if you’re the biggest loser on Earth, women will go crazy if you’re able to give them… more
According to Taoism, sexual energy originates in the kidneys, bone marrow, the penis, prostate, and bladder.  Sexual energy bonds together… more
It is important to understand that the capacity for sexual arousal and orgasm is biologically programmed into the body for… more
It must too be part of your bedroom repertoire to eat a woman’s pussy out good and proper. Cunnilingus is… more

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