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Are you crazy for women with long, leggy legs?  This post is for you! Sure, there are plenty of tall women that are not particularly attractive. … more

One of my favorite “hot looks” for a woman is the pin-up girl look. And there’s nothing hotter then romping a girl with those pinup legs and fashion style.… more

So which cities are the best for meeting, picking up, and bedding beautiful girls? Sometimes your sleepy home town won’t cut it; you’ve got to move to where the girls are.… more

You got to check out these girls… Last year in my article “Dating Hot Fitness Models Like Amanda Carrier” I wrote that working out with heavy weighs in the gym was the #1 best way for a woman to continue looking smoking HOT through her 30s, 40s, and even 50s.… more

I’ve got a buddy who is obsessed with facially “cute” girls.  He doesn’t even care what the rest of the girl’s body looks like, as long as she’s “super cute” in the face.… more

What’s better than one woman, but TWO women?  And twin SISTERS??  That’s right – nothing!  Here’s a list of 8 you should be aware of… 1.… more
Page 1 of 3123

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