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This is a guest post by the No-Nonsenser. Now that I start to look back at my life, I wonder who has influenced me the most in my dating life, who were these friends / acquaintances / family members that have made me the person I am today.… more

Nervous around hot women? That didn’t happen just by accident. Big businesses depends on you being fearful and insecure to keep buying material status symbols stuff to fix yourself, to make yourself worthy of women and society.… more

So does money really buy happiness and get you girls? Society DOES tell you that you need money to get girls.… more

For meeting more ladies, don’t fall into this trap of collecting as much information or routines or tactics or lists of opening lines that you possibly can.… more

Every man who enjoys going out and meeting women should be grateful to modern Feminism. It’s why we men have so many attractive, available women to meet, attract, and jump into bed with.… more

I’m going to reveal a sinister truth to you… that there is a carefully planned, highly organized, million man army working around the clock to keep you hooked, addicted, socially isolated, and alone at home – without any girls in your life.… more
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