13 Real Stories of Sheet-Ripping Dominant Sex… From My Readers!

Real Reader’s Story #1: Katie

Katie: Jesse, I have been this guy’s girl for 5 years. I would get so irritated if he would try to have sex with me, I started being mean to him even.  He started getting to the point where he was just being overly nice and would do anything for me. I liked that part, but was overall annoyed by him.

10 Taboo Dirty Talk Tips For Sexually Possessing Submissive Girls

Tip #1. Tell Her How Excited You Are

Tell her how she’s making you feel.  Women get sexually excited when you’re sexually excited for them.

Basically, you’re describing to her the sexual feelings you’re experiencing behind the physical actions.  And to a woman, the sexual feelings are just as sexy as the physical actions themselves.  Tell her,

15 Dominant Sex Moves For Hot Orgasmic Sex With Pretty ‘Good Girls’

The truth is, “nice girls” and “good girls” are typically little heathens beneath the surface.  They want a “strong man” to take control and take all responsibility for rough and forceful sex.  Here’s 15 moves that I’ve found girls to love… especially beautiful girls that are typically more used to having their ass kissed.