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Picture yourself making $10,000, $15,000, maybe $20,000 a month in passive income maybe from an online business or an old business that you sold off, and you just got the cheese coming in every single month, and you are set for life. You don’t have to worry about a thing with business. You quit your old job. You move off to a beautiful tropical island.

This island is gorgeous. It’s great weather year round. You’re just chilling out on a hammock next to your sweet little bungalow, and you’ve got a man serving – a butler. You feel thirsty, and you’re like, “Gaston! Bring me a beer,” and Gaston goes and brings you a beer.

You’re feeling hungry and you’re like, “Gaston! Bring me some steak and eggs,” and Gaston brings you some steak and eggs.

“Sure, boss!” He says.

You say, “Gaston, I’m feeling kind of bored. I wanna jump into that ocean, maybe get into a surfboard, maybe do some snorkeling.” Gaston brings over the equipment for you. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Now, this beautiful island also has beautiful, exotic little island girls, and they’re walking by every once in a while. You don’t have to do shit of course to meet these girls. You’re just like, “Gaston, please introduce me to those two beautiful gorgeous island girls walking by.”

Gaston runs over and says, “Hey, there’s this guy that wants to meet you, girls.”

They come on over, so you’re just flirting with the girls throughout the day. You’re just having fun. You’re just relaxed. You’re living life.

Maybe one of these girls eventually stands out to you. She is particularly beautiful. She is particularly friendly. She’s particularly into you. You guys are having crazy sex. You want to rip off the condom and just raw dog all day long, and she’s completely down with that. You feel like you want to spend more time with her than the other girls, and eventually this girl becomes your girlfriends maybe, and you’re loving life even more, let’s say.

My argument very obviously would be that your happiness level would increase from where it is now, living this kind of lifestyle because one it solves a lot of problems for you. Possibly, you’re going to have more free time. You’re going to do things you want to do, but here’s the thing. I would also argue that within a year, maybe two years, maybe three years, maybe four years, but eventually your happiness level would decrease, and actually this kind of lifestyle would completely fuck…up…your…life. It would send your life down into the toilet.

Here’s why. Well, with time eventually, you’re going to become naturally lazy. Human beings have the tendency to want to conserve time and energy to want to do as little as possible, and we’re designed to really only take action when environmental pressure is forcing us to take action. For example, you’re feeling hungry, and there is no food around. That’s when you’re going to get up off the couch and go do something. You don’t have girls in your life. You don’t have your shit handle, so you decide you’re going to the gym and lift weights.

But, if you’re sitting on an island, and you’re just having all the food brought to you, maybe even junk food and beer maybe, even drugs, you know you’re going to start to develop a beer belly. You’re going to get fat. You’re not going to have any incentive to go to the gym because the girls are being brought to you. You’re going to eventually lose your social skills. You’re going to lose your swagger. You’re going to lose your edge because the girls are being introduced to you. You don’t have to do any cold approach, and also maybe eventually, you get a girlfriend, so you really fall off the wagon there.

You know you don’t have to push yourself mentally because you don’t have to go in to work. You don’t have to do anything but to sit on a hammock and chill, and maybe you need to chill for a couple of weeks. Maybe you need to be on an island for a couple of weeks. Maybe you need to get laid, but the thing is if you spend years in that lifestyle, it would eventually devastate you five years in.

Take an analogy: astronauts up in space, in orbit, in zero gravity. Astronauts have to spend an hour or two hours every single day exercising because they turn into literally slugs up in space because there is no pressure being exerted on their muscles.

I don’t know if you’ve seen films where they’re pushing the astronaut out of the shuttle back on Earth, and the astronaut is actually in a wheelchair because even despite doing all that exercise, their muscles have atrophied and they can’t even walk properly. They have to be sitting down. If they don’t exercise, even a couple of months in space can be absolutely devastating on their body. They don’t have gravitational pressure exerting itself on their muscles. They have to force themselves to exert that pressure through exercise every single day.

The same happens with you. You become like an astronaut up in orbit with zero gravity when you are sitting on a hammock on a beach, with girls being brought to you, with food being brought to you, with booze being brought to you, with every leisure activity being brought to you.

At first, you might want to go snorkeling. At first, you might want to go surfing. At first, you might want to do physical activity, but eventually that will lose its appeal a little bit, and you don’t have to do any of those things, and you know you put on a little weight in that hammock, eating all these rich foods, all these delicious foods, so you’re a little bit fatter. You have less energy. You don’t go out as much into the water, and that causes you to get a little bit fatter.

It just becomes like kind of this negative cycle where you develop this big beer gut, and you just barely go out at all. You don’t exercise. It’s a lot easier just to have food brought to you, fuck your awesome girlfriend, and watch TV. Eventually, you fall back in happiness back to your baseline state or even get worse because five years in, you turn into this fat, fucking slug who is not making any progress. You are just falling backwards in life.

This isn’t just a theory. Actually, I know guys like this who started making money. They have a passive income being generated. They sold their company, and they got a lot of cash, and they’re just living it up on a beautiful tropical island somewhere, and they’re just having everything brought to them, and they’re having girls brought to them. They get lost in that comfort, lifestyle, and you see them fall off the wagon whereas before they were these cool guys with lots of swagger, lots of drive. They eventually just kind of degrade over the years into these fat fucking slugs.

It’s not like you’re just going to pull yourself out of it. Even if you say to one of these guys, “Hey, you know the lifestyle you’re living is not cool. You’re slowly degrading here.” They might intellectually realize that, but it’s so comfortable, it’s so nice, they get so stuck in their habits. They don’t want to get that pressure back on themselves. They’re kind of just lost in that environment because it’s so tempting.

It’s so easy to give into it whereas there’s a lot of successful people that actually do keep their vitality. They do keep their strong edge. They remain successful. They keep their swagger. They remain guys that you would want to look up to. For example, Donald Trump, he’s rich. He’s making real estate deals. He’s still hustling. Eminem ‑ the guy is rich, but he still keeps writing music because that’s his thing, that’s what he loves to do. He always wants to push himself. You got Anthony Robbins, of course, the king of motivation there, always pushing himself. Richard Branson – the guy is rich. He can retire any day, but he keeps thinking up new ideas. He just loves that creative juice of pushing his company. Steve Jobs, of course.

I mean there’s lots of examples out there of men who you know kept exerting that environmental pressure on themselves instead of just checking out of life and making that mistake of equating taking it easy with happiness, which is completely false.

Anthony Robbins says that, “If you are not growing, you are dying. If you are not pushing yourself to grow, you’re going to be going down on that downward spiral.”

A perfect analogy is going to the gym. Now, it will be so much simpler for me just to decide, “I don’t want to go to the gym.” And there’s lots of benefits to that. For example, I’d have more free time. I can get more sleep. I can relax more. I can watch more TV, or I can catch up with some friends. I could spend that time going out to meet girls. I could spend that time doing my business.

There’s a lot of legitimate excuses not to go the gym at least in the short term. But I know in the long term, even though short term will bring me some happiness, in the long term, it will completely fuck me up. I’d gained weight, and once I gained weight, I’d have lower energy levels. I’d be even less likely to go to the gym. That would cause me to gain even more weight, and it becomes a negative cycle.

I’d lose testosterone not going to the gym, so I’d lose stamina in bed. I’d lose motivation to go out and meet girls, particularly when you’re hitting 40 like I am. That’s really important to keep your testosterone levels up because they don’t naturally stay up like when you’re 19.

Three years out of not going to the gym, I wouldn’t be going out to meet girls. My body would look like crap. I wouldn’t be getting as many IOIs you know environmental cues from girls that I’m a cool guy, although you always think that you’re a cool guy, but it helps when girls naturally are attracted to you.

It would be a complete disaster, even though short-term, I could derive some happiness from that. You can see that like you go through a department store or you go to a Wal-Mart store, and you walk around. You look at the 40-year-old guys or the 50-year-old guys. It’s very, very, very rare that you see a 50-year-old guy and you’re like, “Now, that’s a cool-looking motherfucker. I want to be like that guy.”

That almost never happens. Why? Because these guys have gone with the short-term pleasure and happiness. They’ve mistakenly equated taking it easy with happiness. They’ve mistakenly equated comfort with happiness. They never went to the gym. They never exercised. As a result, as they’re older, their body naturally degrades.

If you’re not progressing, you’re dying, and their bodies have been out of shape with bad posture or they got a big beer belly gut. Because of that, because they never look good physically, they don’t spend time to dress properly, and they look like a sack of shit. That’s most 40- and 50-year-old guys. You’re not looking up to them. You’re thinking, “I don’t want to be like that guy!”

Another example is paying for prostitutes. You might be like, “Jesse, what do paying for prostitutes have anything to do with this?”

Well, look. If you take the natural, logical end conclusion of equating happiness with taking it easy, happiness with comfort, and you’re just becoming this fat, fucking slug on the couch, well prostitutes are the end conclusion because what better way to reward yourself for doing absolutely nothing.

When you are on a couch and just girls show up to your door and fuck you and you bust right into them and they leave, you’re basically rewarding your brain for doing absolutely nothing.

Your brain is saying, “Look. You didn’t approach any girls. You’re losing your social skills. You’re losing your swagger. You know, you’re not putting yourself into uncomfortable situations, you’re not putting environmental pressure on yourself to grow and progress, but you’re still banging hot chicks, so you must be doing something right.”

Your brain is rewarding you or you’re rewarding yourself now for just being this sad sack of shit lying on the couch and putting in as least effort as possible, but still getting laid, and you are training your brain wrong.

It’s kind of like you treat yourself with candy and McDonald’s and pizza every time you do something right, then you know you’re equating these unhealthy foods with doing things proper in your life and you become addicted to those foods and the guys become addicted to having sex with prostitutes.

Now, compare that to actually putting yourself in uncomfortable social situations or putting environmental pressure on yourself to step up, to man up, to get your swagger on to go up and talk to that beautiful girl, hold that conversation, lead her, direct her, man up to her, make proper eye contact, work on your social skills to the max, and step into the best man that you can be to fulfill your true top potential as a man until legitimately win that girl. Have that beautiful girl legitimately in love with you, have that beautiful girl legitimately admiring you and finding happiness through progress, not through trying to do as little as possible and take it easy with comfort.

It’s the same way to pick up and getting girls. Most guys effectively kind of want to be the guy who’s paying for prostitutes. They just want the fast 5-minute easy solution where they learn a magic phrase or a magic move, and they get that one girl that they’re crushing on down on her knees and sucking his dick.

Basically, he doesn’t want to put in the effort or the time it takes to grow himself as a man, to be that man who’s really actually deserving of that girl. He just wants to remain that maybe negative guy or maybe that guy that’s living in his mom’s basement or that guy who doesn’t want to socialize with anybody. He just wants that magic little trick. He wants to remain that little slug, and once he gets the girl, he wants to go back to playing World of Warcraft on his computer all day.

That’s essentially the same mentality as fucking hookers because you’re equating trying to take it easy and comfort with happiness instead of trying to push yourself at all times to become a little bit better every single day.

That’s wouldn’t really make you happy any more than paying for prostitutes would even if you magically got that girl. First of all, the girl would quickly realize that you don’t feel deserving of her, that you don’t really feel entitled to her, that you’d cheated your way into getting her, and she would eventually dump you.

First way that this would happen is if you go out to the mall, walking for example, and you got this super hot, darn piece cute girl in your arm, and other guys start flirting with her in front of you, and you then fucking freak out because you’re not used to having a hot girl like that. You haven’t developed your confidence or entitlement to feel like you really deserve that girl and you try to pull Suzie away from the guys hitting on her, and she senses that neediness coming off of you, that not being cool.

Maybe you tell her you don’t want her to dress up hot because you’re super jealous, and you feel like you have a girl that you don’t really deserve, and she slowly loses attraction for you and eventually she fucking dumps her ass.

Even if we could magically put a potion on this girl so that she’ll always love you no matter what, well, if you have these habits of wanting comfort and taking it easy associated with happiness, you’re just going to spend all day indoors with your girl, doing as little as possible. You’re not going to push yourself to be the best man you can be.

Your girlfriend eventually who was once hot will take on your associated habits, not push herself. She’s not going to the gym if you’re not going to be. She’s going to be eating bad foods, the same bad foods you’re probably going to be eating. She’s going to have the same bad habits. She’s going to be watching passive entertainments, and eventually, she puts on a lot of weight.

Maybe you are jealous of her, other guys hitting on her, so you encourage her to look worse and worse and worse and worse so she’s not hit on by guys anymore. Eventually you’ll just have this girlfriend that has lost her swagger and lost her looks because you never had the swagger. You never really deserved to have her in the first place. Then, your happiness level will decline because eventually she won’t be the sweet, nice, petite, thin little girlfriend you have in the first place at the beginning.

Guys also do this in terms of being the provider, so they try to cheat their way by throwing money at girls like, “Hey, girl! Look at my nice job. Look at my nice clothes. Look at my nice car. Look at my nice apartment.” Instead of trying to push themselves to be the best man they can be, they’re trying to cheat their way through the system.

Well, that’s not going to bring happiness anymore than paying prostitutes would because what happens to these guys is that if they get a girl that they don’t really deserve by paying money through it, eventually the girl will lose attraction for him because the guy doesn’t have swagger. He hasn’t pushed himself socially. He doesn’t feel entitled to have her, so as the years go by, they lose attraction for each other, and the girl eventually dumps him and takes half his money.

The same thing: you’re trying to equate comfort and taking it easy with happiness. In the short term, that can work but it’s not a long-term solution. It’s not sustainable as a lifestyle.

Okay, guys, what does all this mean? It just means that real happiness comes from a dynamism, from a flow, from putting environmental pressure on yourself, exerting that environmental pressure on yourself so that every day, you become a little bit better.

Every day, you can last a little bit longer. Every day, your business will become a little bit more fine-tuned. Every day, in terms of your pickup skills, you know you become a little bit more experienced, more knowledgeable, more centered in yourself, more calm, more relaxed in terms of your state. Every day, you’re becoming a little bit more positive, and you can sustain that a little bit longer.

It’s not about how comfortable you can be. It’s not about how easy you can be because even in the short-term, that will bring a little bit of immediate pleasure and easy stimulation, easy happiness, but it’s a long-term game plan.

If you’re not progressing, you’re going to be dying slowly…slowly…slowly. You’re going to be falling down that hill.

That basically means you have to make a mindset shift that you don’t necessarily want the magic bullet in pickup where you’re going to get the girl you’re crushing on to get down on her knees and suck your dick in 5 minutes from a magic phrase or magic little trick where you trick this girl you don’t feel entitled to having sex with you.

Instead, you learn how to approach girls. You learn how to go maybe difficult social environments where you have to put social pressure on yourself and feel a little bit uncomfortable. But that’s okay because you’re learning how to do it the proper way, so that when you go into these environments, you can naturally attract girls the proper way where she genuinely feels attraction for you.

When you win that girl over, she genuinely wants to be your girlfriend. She genuinely admires you. She is genuinely in awe of you and in love with you, and she genuinely wants to be with you. You develop those long-term habits of going to the gym, eating proper, developing your relationships, developing your swagger, developing your social skills, so that 5 years out from now, you are actually a guy that is to be admired by other men.

By the time you hit 40 or 50, and you’re walking through a Wal-Mart or the mall, other guys look at that older guy and say, “Hey, that’s a cool motherfucker that has swagger, and I want to be that guy.” Instead of one of these guys who took the easy route of short-term pleasure, of equating happiness with comfort, and eventually fucking ruin their lives.

By the time they hit 40 or 50, they’re having their midlife crisis. They’re out of shape. They’ve got a beer gut. They’re not dressing well. They got bad posture. They can’t approach a girl. They’re super nervous. They don’t feel entitled. They’re kind of lost. They don’t know what they’re doing with themselves.

You don’t want that to be you.

Happiness comes from progress, making pressure, putting yourself in tough situations where you can make a little bit of progress every day just like being that astronaut up in space where you’re forcing yourself to do the exercise so that you can improve every single day.

Okay, guys! Hope you enjoyed this video, and I will talk to you later.

Jesse out!

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Crush Your Approach Anxiety Forever And Master Your Feelings! Tue, 20 May 2014 11:44:24 +0000 I have a buddy of mine.  Great guy.  Great guy.  He’s responsible.  He’s hard working.  He’s morally ethical.  He has his head screwed on right.

But he doesn’t get laid, he repulses women, and this is why.…

I have a buddy of mine.  Great guy.  Great guy.  He’s responsible.  He’s hard working.  He’s morally ethical.  He has his head screwed on right.

But he doesn’t get laid, he repulses women, and this is why.

Like all human beings, naturally, he seeks good emotions.  He moves toward pleasure, toward good feelings, and away from pain.

And the way he goes about this is, pretty typical of successful men.

He watches television for good feelings.  Whatever negative things one may think about television, it delivers good feelings.  It’s comfortable.  It can be funny.  It can be exciting.  It can stimulating – TV can be a rollercoaster of positive emotions.  For free!  And no effort!

My buddy also moves toward pleasure by seeking approval from his boss, by seeking approval from his co-workers; by seeking acceptance, seeking good reactions and the pat on the back.  “Good work, Bob!  You did it again!”

He seeks good emotions by keeping up with the Joneses, to impress the neighbors, to impress his friends, to impress his parents.  Having the right car, having the right size television, having the right kitchen appliances.

At a party, he’s largely dependent on alcohol to loosten up and get out of his shell and become more free and open and sociable.  So alcohol plays a part in seeking pleasure.

What he’s done is, in effect, created a little ecosystem bubble, a type of lifestyle structure and habits, that feeds him good emotions and moves away from pain.

And every one of us, likewise, has created our own little ecosystems and sets of habits and routines, to feed ourselves positive emotions and move away from pain, although of course we all go about it in our unique ways.

The thing with Bob though, is that his lifestyle ecosystem that he’s built up over the years, is completely dependent on deriving his good emotions from outside approval, and outside stimulation.

So he’s not practiced being happy and feeling like a 10 out of a 10, just on his own.  He doesn’t know how to generate positive feelings from within, he looks for how he’s supposed to feel, completely from without himself.

If you stripped him bare of approval from his boss and bare of approval from his parents, and television, and you stripped him of alcohol, he’d be lost.  He’d be fucking lost.  His state would crash, and he’d feel lost.

Because he’s built a precarious ecosystem where his happiness is completely dependent on the whims of others.

For example, if Bob has problems with his boss, and he gets all moody and in the dumps.  He’s in a bad state.  If Bob lets down his parent’s expectations, he feels shitty and resentful.  When there’s nothing good on television, and his state falls and he gets bored.

That’s fine.  Most people’s ecosystems of positive emotions are built around external feedback, built around external approval from others, built around external stimulation from passive entertainment.  So Bob’s certainly not alone here.

Meeting The Girls

Now he was interested in learning how to meet women, because he had broken up with his girlfriend recently, and I told him I’d help him out in that department.

No problem, so the two of us went to a bar that he goes to sometimes, that he already felt comfortable in.

And we’re winging together.

And you know, a lot of the typical, common beginner problems rear their heads.

He’s super nervous to say hello and introduce himself to girls.  Why?  Well one reason is that he’s deeply wanting their approval of him.

He feels incredible pleasure when the girl talks to him, but he likewise feels incredible pain when the girl would blow him off or get bored talking to him.

When I did push him into talking with a girl, a lot of the conversation was about trying to impress her by having “the right thing to say”, and being try-hard to get good reactions.

Basically my friend was going up to the girls with an empty cup.  An empty cup where he doesn’t know how to generate his own good emotions from within, instead, he’s going up to each girl with an empty cup, asking the girls to fill his cup up with positive emotions.

“Please, please I don’t feel positive emotions, so please let me know I’m alright and fill up my cup with good reactions to make my feel okay about myself.”

He’s going up to each girl as a beggar basically, begging the to make him feel good.

And even worse, his empty cup has holes in the bottom.  So even when a girl is really nice to him, the positive emotions he’s leeching off of her just fall through the holes in the bottom of his empty cup, and it needs it to be continually refilled, and refilled, and refilled again with endless positive feedback.

So even in the case of having 30 minutes of leeching positive emotions off of one girl, Bob’s still desperate to have the next girl fill his empty cup with even more positive approval, more positive feedback and more positive emotions.

And when he doesn’t get it, his state crashes… when the girl doesn’t want to talk to him, he feels like shit.

You know, instead, you want to be generating good feelings and positive emotions from within yourself, so that you’re a never-ending factory, a bottomless well of good emotions, that you can freely give and project and extrovert to every and any girl you talk to… and use state transference (whatever you feel, the girl will feel), to attract the girl to you and make her feel excited and comfortable.

And that way, when the girl doesn’t instantly respond or she shit-tests you, you remain unphazed, you remain unreactive, because you don’t look to her for approval, you don’t need her validation, because you’re already feeling like a 10 out of 10.  And because you can generate the good feelings in yourself of feeling like a 10 out of 10, you have less approach anxiety, because you know you have a gift of positive emotions to GIVE to the girl, because you know you’ll always feel GOOD no matter what reactions you get, rather than trying to leech good feelings off of her.

An Analysis Of What Was Happening

But look, in the case of my buddy, the way he was and acted, made perfect sense, given that his entire ecosystem of getting positive emotions, back at home and at work, was completely based on *other* people giving him approval.

He was completely dependent on his boss giving him that gold star, that he did well at his job.  He was dependent on outside stimulation in the form of passive entertainment to make him feel good.  All positive emotions from external sources from outside himself.

He had NO PRACTICE generating his own positive emotions from within.  He had no practice self-generating good feelings.

It’s not that he didn’t know how, it’s that wasn’t even AWARE that he could generate his own positive emotions endlessly and in abundance.

The bubble ecosystem that he built over years, didn’t operate that way.  His ecosystem was built to feel good by seeking external approval from others, or feeling good from external stimulation, like TV.

So naturally, he carried that same method of moving towards pleasure and moving away from pain, through external stimulation and external approval, to the bar and to meeting girls.  I mean, that’s natural.

And thus he walks around the bar, and with life in general, with his empty cup, full of holes in the bottom, that can never be filled, completely dependent on others whether he will feel good or bad, moment to moment.  And that’s tiring, that’s stressful… a couple hours of that, and that’s exhausting.

Bob seeks validation from everyone at work and in his personal life to feel good, so why wouldn’t we carry that same trait into the bar and with girls as well?  That makes perfect sense that he would do that.

“I Want A Girlfriend” Syndrome

And what you see over and over and over again, with guys that have built up ecosystems for generating positive emotions, from external sources… is that, they want to have as little to do with meeting women and pickup as possible… they just want to “get a girlfriend”.

The “get a girlfriend” and get out of pickup syndrome.

They want to do as little as they have to do, because meeting women feels PAINFUL… why?  Because they’re walking around with an empty cup full of holes at the bottom, that can never be filled, and they’re subject to feeling terrible whenever a social interaction doesn’t go 100% completely well… and that’s PAINFUL.

And having a girlfriend, by your side, ALWAYS there to hug you and kiss you and sleep with you, and you can get approval from… a girlfriend to continually pour validation and approval and feminine warmth into that always empty cup full of holes… that’s what guys want.

A girlfriend becomes one more of many pillars of external sources to derive pleasure from, one more among many as the boss, and peers, and family, and friends, and passive entertainments, and drugs and alcohol, and porn, and so on.

And what you see over and over again, is guys dabbling in pickup, and the first or second guy they sleep with, they turn her into their girlfriend.  Even if she’s not particularly attractive and they could do much better for themselves if they hung in there longer.

Really, they want the girlfriend above all else, to fill that always empty cup every day with good feelings, because they can’t generate the good feelings on their own.

Results Of External Ecosystems

So very commonly, you’ll find that guys who have built up lifestyle ecosystems of moving toward pleasure through external elements all tend to have the following:

Number #1. Extreme, crippling approach anxiety and approval anxiety

Number #2. They’re concerned with impressing others, and winning over girls by being the provider

Number #3. They like the idea of pickup, but they find going out tiring and exhausting and emotionally draining

And number #4. They really just want a girlfriend to add to their ecosystem of external forces that they can leech off of for positive emotions.

Why External Ecosystems Fail In Pickup

Here’s the problem.  Here’s the problem.

Picking up women, attracting women, being an attractive guy… if you want to succeed at a higher level, like if you want the hotter girls, or multiple girls… it doesn’t work that way!

Picking up girls… is much easier and far more fun and far more rewarding and successful, when you can self-generate your own positive emotions sans of approval, sans external stimulation.

Picking up girls is far more successful when you build a lifestyle ecosystem of habits that allow you to self-generate your own positive emotions from WITHIN, so that you can generate them as much as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want, and freely share those positive emotions with others in abundance.

Picking up girls is far more successful when you build an ecosystem of habits that generates positive emotions from within you, from yourself.

Pickup works when it isn’t about talking to the girl and trying to derive positive emotions from her reactions to you… pickup works in the exact opposite scenario… when YOU generate the positive emotions and the girl reacts to YOU, and begins deriving positive emotions from YOU.

Pickup works best where if I stripped you from your job, I stripped you from your money, I stripped you from your nice clothes, I stripped you of your friends, from approval from your peers and boss, if I stripped you from passive entertainments and easy junk food – all of which most guys try to seek pleasure and good feelings from… if I stripped you from of all of that, and you could still walk up to the girl completely calm and relaxed, and naked in spirit, “so to speak”… and you can look at the hot girl directly in the eyes without flinching, without apology, and smile and tell her she’s cute, and take her hand… and not flinch, and not react, and not be seeking approval, but instead being the steady tree.

That cannot be faked.  That’s pickup works at its best.  That is being a master of your own happiness, a master of your own positive emotions, generating them at will from within, completely and utterly independent of your situation and surroundings.

What You’ve Got To Do

So here’s the thing.  Here’s the crux of the argument.

Every human being on planet earth is driven to move toward pleasure and move away from pain.  Every human being, over the years, builds their ecosystem of connections, and habits, and stimulants to move toward good feelings.

The question is, are your habits and what you depend on, based on an ecosystem of EXTERNAL sources to leech good feelings from, from outside yourself…

Or are your habits based on strengthening your ability to generate positive emotions, from within.

A quick example of the difference, is creating an ecosystem habit where you hit the gym and lift heavy weights, where you eat a clean healthy diet with lean meat and vegetables, all so that you have the sheer energy to go out and be social every day and kill it every day…

Whereas when you derive pleasure from external sources like the cheap pleasure of eating junk food and sitting on the couch, being comfortable, then your physical body *doesn’t* have the energy to go out and meet girls in a sustainable way.

Now my friend Bob had a build an ecosystem soley based on the *external* — he surrounded himself with an apparatus for deriving pleasure from external sources, external people, external circumstances… and thus, he naturally tried to fit picking up girls as one more EXTERNAL element for drawing happiness from, and using girls as one more EXTERNAL element for chasing after positive emotions from outside himself…

And thus, of course, the approach anxiety, wanting to impress, getting tired quickly, fantasizing about a girlfriend as an external source to leech good emotions off of.

So what you want to do, so that you’re not like Bob and get discouraged and give up so easily, is start building a robust ecosystem, a set of habits and mindsets and daily routines, that allow you to draw positive emotions and positive feelings from within, independently of the oustide environment.

You want to start cultivating a 360 degree lifestyle, that facilitates good emotions coming from within.

That means, for example, replacing drugs and stimulants and/or alcohol with eating CLEAN, healthy foods, that will allow your brain to work properly and give you the sustained energy it requires to generate positive emotions from with yourself… which takes energy, and have the sustained energy it requires to be sociable with women.

That means pro-actively doing positive self-talk inside your head, instead of grasping for praise from your co-workers or friends or family.

It means hitting the gym to pump up your muscles and get that adrenaline kick and testosterone kick and dopamine kick instead of “chilling out” on the couch looking for extra thumbs up of approval on say, Facebook.

It means listening to inspiring audio books from your favorite authors and mentors, instead of flipping through the channels on the TV, looking for your next passive entertainment fix.

It means going out to meet girls, instead of sitting on your butt in comfort and safety watching porn.

It means having the goal to go out and express yourself, express your emotions, express your good feelings, instead of the goal being to get a girlfriend to leech positive emotions from or trying to leech acceptance from every girl you talk to.

It means learning to enjoy the PROCESS of your job or work, enjoying the individual moments of it, instead of looking for external forces like your boss to use carrots or sticks of punishment to motivate you.

You want to build an ecosystem of habits and processes that facilitate the INTERNAL generation of positive emotions, where you can create an abundance of positive emotions from within, out of thin air, at your control… and THEN you’ll find meeting girls a lot easier, a lot more fun, and paradoxically, that’s when you’ll get far better reactions from them as well, and you’ll be far more successful at quickly generating hard, get-her-wet between-the-legs attraction.

Sign Up For My Free Program!

Now the next step, is that you’ll want to jump right into my free course on picking up cute girls, right this moment.  Don’t put it off another second — I’ll send you video presentations where I share my own story, my own struggles with women and how I overcame various barrieres, as well as some quick tricks for getting girls into bed far more easily and quickly than ever before.

Simply click on the link that you’ll see right on this video, or click on the link right below this video, where you’ll be taken to a page where you can quickly punch in your best email address.. and I’ll send you my free presentations right away.

I hope you enjoyed this video guys, until next time, Jesse out!

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Women Just Want To Be Bent Over And Have Their Hair Pulled! Mon, 19 May 2014 14:16:16 +0000 Remember the golden rule of pickup: women just want to be bent over and have her hair pulled.

When you’re at the nightclub and you see that stunning girl in the sparkling dress, remember… she just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled.…

Remember the golden rule of pickup: women just want to be bent over and have her hair pulled.

When you’re at the nightclub and you see that stunning girl in the sparkling dress, remember… she just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled.

When you’re talking to your friend’s Mom and she’s hot, remember… she just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled.

When you’re at the beach chatting to the girl in the bikini, remember… she just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled.

When you’re looking at a stripper who just came off the pole, remember… she just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled.

When you see that school girl nose deep in her books, remember… she just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled.

This should be a mantra in your head every time you see a woman that stirs your loins… “She just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled!”

Here is the difference between men and women…

Men produce millions of sperm every second and we can make babies with new women every day.  For that reason, we are down to fuck any girl, any day.  We are down to bend girls over pretty much without any argument.

Women want to be bent over and fucked hard.  BUT women can only carry one child a year more or less.  So, it’s a bigger investment for them.

They want a man’s sperm, just as much as we want to give it to them.

But because of their reproductive limitations, women have to be pickier about the men they sleep with, even though they want the act of good sex as much as we do.

And how do they choose that man?

They want the guy that takes action and doesn’t give a fuck.

So if you don’t take action, they don’t want you.  When you don’t action and just look at the girl and stall out, it’s proof right there to the girl that you’re not high value enough… that you see the girl as higher value… or you see yourself as being too low value.

But when you DO take action, you’re instantly attractive.

This means, that at the very least, girls want to meet a man that takes initiative and goes up to them, opens them, and is cool and calm and relaxed and makes good, piercing eye contact with a steady voice.

So remember, women want sex just as much as we do.  The catch is that they want sex from the guy who has the balls and cajones to go up to her and take her.  Women want to be bent over.  And they want to be taken by a guy who goes for what he wants.

Your challenge then is to go on the journey of tweaking your self-identity to be these kind of “take what’s mine” kind of guy.  And that’s the fundamental shift in self-reality you want, to start getting laid.

Even better you can also make the mantra, “women just want to be bent over and have her hair pulled” as a core belief that you TELL yourself, when you’re out in public.

So when you’re out on the street, or at the mall, or in a bar, you can just practice this thought on every girl you see.

Oh, that Mom there- “she just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled.”

You see the not-so-attractive girl- “Oh, she just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled.”

You see the pretty girl you want to meet- “Oh, she just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled.”

Taking that mindset can make it much easier to approach girls, you’ll be less nervous, because it’s a thought that will crowd out the negative self talk like, “What will she think of me?” and “Will this approach go well?”  Because your conscious mind can only hold 1 or 2 thoughts at a time… so if you practice over and over again thinking, “Oh, this girl just wants to be bent over and have her hair pulled,” it will tend to crowd out or push out negative self talk thoughts, and you’ll more likely take action.

Until next time guys, Jesse out!

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THE Secret To Meeting Every Hot Girl… Even When You Feel Nervous, Unsure, or Unworthy! Tue, 25 Mar 2014 22:01:24 +0000 I want to share with you a cool, little trick for actually taking the right course of action in life, and I call this the adventure identity.

Now, most guys don’t really have a problem necessarily with theory.…

I want to share with you a cool, little trick for actually taking the right course of action in life, and I call this the adventure identity.

Now, most guys don’t really have a problem necessarily with theory. It’s always easy to read a bunch of theory on the Internet pretty much for free, and actually, a lot of guys get so much theory, it builds up. They don’t really know what to do with it. They’re not going out and practicing.

The biggest problem guys have is actually not being motivated to go out and take the correct course of action or you know approaching that hot girl. When they see the hot girl, they just kind of freeze up. They don’t take action or they just find it easier to stay at home than going out to meet a girl.

The Temptation of Easy Comfort

So, taking on the adventure identity can be a big help in the shift of thinking. So, basically for example let’s say you have the option of – Let’s say in the morning, you wake up. It’s early afternoon, and you’re thinking, “Okay, Saturday night, I’m excited. I’m stoked to go out and meet girls. But as the day goes by, you get tired. Maybe a bunch of bullshit happens. You get stressed out, and then 8 o’clock, 8:00 PM rolls around. You’re thinking, “Okay. I should start thinking about where I’m going to go or what I’m going to do, but I’m f**king tired. Just be a lot easier to stay at home and play, say, video games, or watch television, or just surf the Internet.

Now, let’s say you’re going to play games. There’s some advantages to that, to be honest. For example, you’re going to get nice stimulation. You’re going to get some nice emotions. There’s no risk involved. You don’t have to output any energy. You can just sit your ass down on a chair for a couple of hours. You can kind of zone out. You know, you’re not putting yourself out on the line. You know exactly how the night is going to turn out, even if you f**king suck. You’re having an off night and turns to playing a game. You know, always play again later. There’s no consequences to losing or having a bad night. There’s a lot of advantages theoretically to that, at least in the short term.

Whereas, if you go out, that could be theoretically stressful, if you have like a specific goal in mind like, “I wanna get laid. I wanna find a girlfriend, and I’m living in Scare City.” You know, that can be a stressful outcome, pressure that you’re putting on yourself. It might cost you money in terms of gas or transportation. It’s going to take up time. You could be doing something else, you’re just zoning out. It’s going to take physical energy. You don’t know exactly how each girl is going to respond to you. So, there’s this element of chaos. If you’re going out to a club, and there’s loud, blaring music, and you’re not used to all the stimulation, it can feel stressful. It’s kind of you feel like a deer in the headlights.

Short term comfort vs. long term growth

So, in the very short term could be disadvantages to going out, but if you look at the long term, if you’ll just always taking the route of comfort, and that warm, comfortable blanket, sitting at home, and going the easy route, you’re not going to accomplish anything in life.

You’re not going to grow.

You’re not going to push yourself.

You’re not going to end up with hot girls.

Whereas if you push yourself on that adventure, even thought it takes more energy, it takes more output, you don’t know how it’s going to turn out, you know over the long term, you’re going to have a much more fulfilling life. You’re going to have a more interesting life of adventure. You’re going to have more beautiful women in your life.

So, the way to resolve this dilemma is if you’re at home, it’s getting later, you’re feeling f**king tired, or you just – There’s some excuse you have like, “I don’t know if I should go out. I don’t really feel like it.”

*Adventure* should be your criteria for making decisions

The only criteria that you should have for taking action is adventure. Adventure becomes your criteria for taking action. So, “Should I stay at home and play video games? Or should I go out tonight, even though I don’t feel like it?” Adventure! What does adventure demand? You go out on the adventure and meet girls and see what happens. “I feel like staying home because I didn’t take a shower, and I smell, and I have been working out, and my hair is f**ked up. So, maybe I should stay at home. Maybe I should go out.”

Adventure, adventure, adventure! What does adventure call for? That you go out. You are a man of adventure.

That’s your new identity, and when there’s any decision when you’re kind of weighing pros and cons, really the main driving force of your criteria for taking action is adventure, and that will lead you on the correct path when you use that as your main criteria for making decisions.

So, you got a lot of pros and cons, and all these rationalizations, but if you just kind of focus on the adventure, you’re going to come up with the right answer.

Approach the girl?  Adventure!

Let’s say that you are at a bookstore. You’re just reading through the books.

You know, you’re kind of out of state. Maybe you’re burnt out. You’re just reading books to kind of relax, and you see a hot girl over there. She is reading some magazine, and it’s like the perfect opportunity to go up and talk to her, but you’re feeling out of state, maybe you got like f**king coffee stain on your shirt. Your hair is f**ked up. You’re not feeling so great.

It will be so much easier just to keep reading that book, right?

There’s some benefits to just taking the comfortable easy route and just keep reading, doing your own thing and not go up and talk to her like immediate comfort and just conserving time and energy, for example, not putting your personality out on the line.

So, you’re going to be like, “Uh, uh…I’ll just talk to her later. I’ll read the book.” Right? That’s seeking comfort.

Whereas if you make your main criteria for taking action as adventure, it’s like, “I got a stain on my shirt.” Adventure, adventure!

“My hair is f**ked up.” Adventure, adventure! What does the adventure demand?

“I’m tired. I just want to read the book.” Adventure, adventure! What does the adventure demand? So, go up and talk to the girl.

If you’re a man of adventure, even if you got certain things going against you because very rarely are you going to have like a perfect opportunity where you’re perfectly in state. You look perfectly great. She’s in the perfect right moment. I mean it usually is never like a 100 percent perfect or even 50 percent perfect. So, for taking action, for taking action consistently, you want to make adventure your main criteria for approaching girls.

“Oh, she’s with a guy.” Adventure! Just go and say hi to her or meet both of them, you know.

So, that’s a great identity take on whether should I go out, should I stay at home. Adventure!

“There’s a girl there. Should I just keep doing what I’m doing or should I go talk to her?” Adventure!

It simplifies life’s decisions.

Making bigger life decisions – Adventure!

You can even use this adventure criteria for the bigger decisions in your life.

For example, let’s say you’re going to school and you’re thinking about dropping out of school to become an entrepreneur and start a web business and travel the world or should you stay in school? Okay. Both answers could be equally good or both answers, both options could be equally bad.

For example, if you decide I’m going to drop out of school.

I’m going to start my business, and you go start your business, but it was really more of an excuse just to be f**king lazy and you don’t want to execute. You want to sit on the sofa and you’re taking the path of comfort instead of adventure and pushing yourself and working like a mad dog to get your business off the ground, then dropping out of school is really a f**king dumb idea.

But if you drop out of school to start your business and it’s all about, you know taking the adventure, pushing yourself, really pouring your passion into that business, it could be a good decision whereas school could be a bad decision.

If school is all about your comfort blanket and staying in your comfort zone and just doing what you feel you’re comfortable with, and just doing the minimum and being lazy to get by, school could be a waste of time, a waste of your youth, a waste best years.

School could be an adventure like you use school as an opportunity for the adventure like, “I’m going to approach girls. I’m going to use the principle of adventure, the identity of adventure. So, I see a hot girl. I’m going to go up to her because that’s the adventure. I’m going to take classes that push me. I might read cool books at the school library after school and do extracurricular activities and network with people and always push myself every day. Sleep as little as possible. Get as much done. Make every moment, you know using adventure as my criteria for micro-decisions through school, adventure I mean school could be a great opportunity, a great learning experience.

You can get a lot out of school whereas – So, it really depends.

Any option you take if you are using pushing yourself, pushing your comfort zone, “I am the adventure. My main criteria for taking action is the adventure, either option could be a great route to go down, and either option can be terrible if it’s all about just conserving time and energy and being lazy and staying in your comfort zone.

Caveat: Don’t do stupid shit

Now, of course, there is one caveat. Let’s say you’re f**king drunk, you’ve been drinking too much, and you’re like, “Should I call a cab or should I drive?” I mean driving seems like an adventure when you’re drunk.

You know, you got to use some common sense here. You don’t want to you know jump off a cliff without a bungee cord attached to your feet because you think that’s going to be the adventure. So, there’s a little common sense involved there.

What happens when you don’t take the path of adventure

And now, I just want to touch for a moment on the consequences of not taking the path of adventure, not basing your decisions, your micro-actions on adventure, adventure, adventure.

Well, then you’re only going to take action when you feel like you’re in your ideal state or when the stars align.

For example, you see a girl over there. And you’re only going to take action when she’s pretty enough, and she’s alone, and she’s in the right spot, and you happen to be feeling like you’re in a great state and you know you’re just dressed well, and you know it’s like the perfect moment to go up talk to her

You’re going to get a lot less done. You’re going to have less opportunity, so it’s going to be very inconsistent.

You might approach girls, but it would be very inconsistent.

You might go out to meet girls instead of playing games, but it’s very inconsistent.

You’re not staying on the correct path very often, or some guys just get f**king lazy. They want to stay in this comfort zone of relaxation and being chill and conserving time and energy, and they don’t approach girls. They don’t go out because there’s a lot of temptations, you know eating junk food, staying at home and getting very simple, free entertainment from the television or the Internet or video games that give you this kind of superficial positive emotions.

So if you are not in this mindset of adventure, adventure, adventure, it’s so easy to just kind of slip into this lifestyle of not taking action and of sloth and superficialism.

So, what happens is a couple of years of doing that, you just practice kind of being lazy, you practice taking the easy path, and you kind of get stuck in this rut of just you know kind of going with the flow, not pushing yourself, not pushing your comfort zone.

A year passes, and three years pass, and five years pass. Pretty soon, you’re wasting your youth away, and you’re becoming a middle-aged man, and you really don’t accomplish much in life, and you actually see that with a lot of middle-aged guys who are not – They’re just f**king lame.

Most guys by the time they hit 40 are f**king lame. They are not trying out new things. They’re more interested in, you know, they haven’t had much sexual success. They’re more interested in just chilling out and conserving time and energy and not trying out new things. They’re not really role models.

You see, most 40-year-old men, maybe they’re a little bit overweight, they’re out of shape, they’re not learning new things, and you’re like, “I don’t want to be like that guy when I hit 40.” But it’s like 99 percent of men, because they have not taken the path of adventure, so I highly encourage you to make this kind of like your new identity, the man of adventure.

Using that your criteria for taking action throughout your life, both on the smallest scales like, “Should I approach this girl? Should I stay home and go out?” and on larger decision-making skills like, “Should I stay in school? Should I start a business?” That kind of thing.

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How To Make Girls HAPPY To Meet You- A Little Positivity Trick That Works! Thu, 27 Feb 2014 22:02:00 +0000 In this video, I want to share a simple exercise that you can do to help increase, help spike up your positivity and stay positive throughout the day.

Now being in positive, vibe-positive mood, having positive energy that you’re giving off is very important in attraction because of the law of state transference.…

In this video, I want to share a simple exercise that you can do to help increase, help spike up your positivity and stay positive throughout the day.

Now being in positive, vibe-positive mood, having positive energy that you’re giving off is very important in attraction because of the law of state transference. State transference basically says that whatever you’re feeling, that’s what the girl will tend to feel.

So, if you’re feeling kind of blah, kind of down, and you go up and you start talking to a girl, she’s not going to really feel much off of you, and you’re not going to spike her emotions, so you’re not really going to spike attraction very easily. But if you are feeling up, upbeat, positive, very good about yourself, you feel entitled, you feel happy, you’re going to transfer those emotions on to the girl, and she’s going to be getting value from you. She’s going to enjoy being around because when she’s around you, she is going to feel good. So, it’s far more likely she’ll want to keep talking to you.

Now most guys are going around, maybe out of the 1 to 10 level of positivity, 1 being depressed and 10 being super happy and positive, most guys are like 5 or 6 or 7 throughout their day, just kind of average, but that’s generally not ideal for talking to women. You want to be as positive as possible, at least have that good energy feeling coming off of you for state transference.

In this exercise, which I’m going to share with you today is a simple way to just generate positive emotions. You can do this exercise multiple times throughout the day to boost up your positivity. So, when you do talk to girls, you’re going to be in a happy, good fun mood, and you’re going to state transference that mood on to the girls.

Okay, so the first step is just to loosen up your physiology. Maybe you’ve just woken up. It’s early in the morning. You really haven’t been moving. You’re feeling kind of stifled. Your voice, your mouth, your expressions haven’t been moving around much. You haven’t used them, so you got kind of loosen up to make yourself feel better.

This is a principle that your emotions will follow your physical emotions. So, for example if you just force yourself to smile and do jumping jacks, for example, even if you don’t feel like it, once you do those physical emotions, then your emotional state will catch up your physical emotions, and then, you’ll start feeling better and more positive. So, just you know loosen up your shoulders just a little bit, you know move around.

If you’re at home, you can do some jumping jacks, force yourself to smile, get that smile up, start talking, maybe sing your favorite song or just some nursery rhymes or something nice and loud to get that voice moving, and just physically pick yourself up. So say emotionally, your positive state right now is 4 or 5, you can just bring it up to a 6 or 7 automatically just by spending a couple of minutes to just loosen yourself up.

For this next part of the exercise, I want you to imagine something that would make you very happy and make you feel positive and make you feel excited. So, for example, you’re going to close your eyes and imagine a future projection or a story projection. I’m going to speak one to you right now.

Close your eyes. Imagine that the other day, you saw the most beautiful girl that you’ve ever seen. She had incredible legs, incredible breasts, beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, beautiful hair that went down to her waist, beautiful skin, beautiful skin color, perfect body shape, tight light waist, tall, slender, with nice curves, very positive energy coming off of her. She looked right at you, and she gave you a big smile, and you just thought to yourself, “There’s no way I can let this opportunity pass me by.”

So, you went up to here, and you introduced yourself, and she just happened to be single, and she was so impressed that you came up to her because she’s so beautiful that guys are too intimidated even to do it. You came up to her, and you asked for her phone number, and she actually the next day calls you back, and she invites you over to her place for dinner.

So, you’re going over to her place. You knock on the door, and she opens it up, and she gives you a big smile. She has this beautiful sexy accent when she speaks to you. She’s wearing a very sexy dress that shows off her curves and her cleavage. She has this beautiful white smile, beautiful eyes, beautiful hair. She actually did everything up for you, dolled herself up even more just to impress you, and you have a wonderful dinner. She’s a great cook. It’s one of the best meals you’ve ever eaten.

Then, she invites you up to her bedroom. You guys go up together. She pulls you in close. She takes you by the collar, and she starts kissing you gently and softly, and it’s very erotic. She tells you just a moment. She goes into the bathroom, and she comes back out of the bathroom wearing just a bathrobe, and then she removes the bathrobe, let it fall to the floor, revealing her stunning body in the most elegant, classic, the most sexy lingerie you could imagine.

Just imagine that you are on your way to a date and you’re super excited. This is your dream girl. This could be your soul mate. This is a girl you could have a wonderful connection with, and she’s madly in love with you. She is just inherently attracted to you, and you are super excited. You are giddy with excitement. You are feeling very positive, childlike. This could be your chance.

Now, let’s go on a second future projection of positivity. Imagine now, just closing your eyes that you have just won the lottery. You have won $100 million, and you are now super excited, super giddy about what you can do with this money, not necessarily to buy cars or houses or material possessions, although you could do that, but more just the adventure that you can go on.

You’re excited and giddy and happy about the adventure that you can go on to different countries, and meet exotic women and eat at the finest restaurants and stay at beautiful hotels and go to beautiful pools and spas. Go to beautiful beaches and experience life to the fullest and do see all the places that you’ve never seen before. Go travel to Rome. Go see the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Go to South America. Go see the Great Wall of China. Go to Japan. Sample all of the most beautiful women in the world.

Devote yourself to improving your body. Hire a personal trainer so you’ll look fit, feel great. Devote yourself to feeling positive and awesome every single day. Devote yourself to become a master of attraction where you can pretty much go up to any girl that you see and have her become intrigued or fascinated by you at least and just feel that giddiness and excitement of having just won the lottery and can’t wait–

You can quit your work. You can quit your job, or you can do the job of your dreams. You can’t wait to go tell all your friends and family about what has happened. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you are brimming with excitement over it.

Now for the next part of this exercise, I want you to take those positive feelings that you have, maybe you’re feeling like a 4, 5, or 6 out of 10 before the exercise, but this positive feeling about your dream girl, about winning the lottery, imagine that they are completely real for the moment. Hopefully, it has brought your state up by a point or two.

Now, imagine that positive giddy excitement feeling that you’ve created through those hallucinations of your mind, but imagine that they are truly real. Imagine that it’s a ball of fire. Imagine that it’s a ball of energy that is electric static coming off it, and it’s almost hard to control like it wants to expand on its own.

Imagine it has a color, maybe that color is red or orange or purple or yellow, or maybe it’s swirling with all kinds of different colors. Maybe it’s a white light like a small sun. Maybe feel that it has warmth, feel that it has heat, and it’s right in the center of your belly. It’s inside of you.

Now I want you to imagine doubling the size of the ball and feeling that positive giddy energy radiating through your body. I want you to triple the size of that ball, that beautiful ecstatic giddiness, what the future holds, that the future is full of possibilities, that this is going to be the best day of your life, that these upcoming weeks are going to be the most exciting days of your life having won the lottery, and what you can do with that money to go travel and go to exotic places and that you’re going on a state and going to have the most incredible sex with the most incredible woman you’ve ever meet. I want you to triple the size of that ball of energy.

Now I want you to move that ball of energy of positivity, of sheer positivity up, up, up your torso through your chest, out through both of your arms, and out onto your fingertips. I want you to feel that energy just radiating off your fingertips.

Now I want you to move that energy back up your arms, back up through your chest, up your neck. I want you to feel that energy pouring out. It wants to come out of your neck. It wants to explode. I want you to move it up to top of your head.

Now I want you to pull that energy back down. I want you to twirl it around. I want you to make it even more intense, even more hot than before. It just wants to explode out of your body.

Next, I want you to align your physiology with this ball of energy. So, you know I don’t want you to be slumping over. I want you to stand up straight like a superman champ. If you really were feeling this, how would you stand? Like Superman: stomach in, shoulders back a little bit. Imagine a string is pulling you up by your nose that you stand up straight.

I want you to be smiling, feeling that good energy, just smile it out, a big open wide smile. I want you to have loose shoulders if you are truly feeling this incredible positivity that you’re going to have, loose shoulders. You’re going to have ballistic shoulders that can move around and you’re not physically constrained. In fact, I want you to jump up and down a few times like you’re a little kid that wants to jump upside down, all around like when you were 3 years old at the excitement of what you are about to experience. Just un-stifle yourself physically and get that energy out of yourself.

For the next step, I want you to imagine that ball of swirling light that has color and energy and heat and happiness and positivity and giddiness and excitement for the coming days. I want you to feel that at your fingertips. I want you to extrovert that ball of energy out. Just imagine that you are in a bar or a club or a bookstore or your school or work or anywhere where there would be pretty girls. Imagine that the place is chock-full of pretty girls, and you are walking by and the beautiful girls are walking by you and you just extrovert that energy out to her. You just give her with new physiology standing up straight and feeling un-stifled and good and loose, and you just extrovert that ball of energy out. You just shoot it out of your fingertips.

It’s like electricity coming off your fingertips, electricity coming off your heart. You’re bathing the girl in your warm light. You are making it more intense, more hot where you are an abundance of this energy. You are not scarce. You are not looking to accumulate possessions or buy things to feel positive. You’re not looking for positive reactions or have the right girl to feel positive.

You are already an abundance of positive energy. You can share and give as much as you want to anybody you’d like and this feeling positive, radiating warmth because positive energy is healing to people, and it’s very scarce.

Most people can’t self-generate it, but you can generate as much as you want and bathe other people in this positive energy.

Imagine the girl walking by. She feels this positive energy coming off of you. She looks at you and she gives you a big, beautiful smile. Imagine walking past the next girl, and she gives you a big, beautiful smile. Imagine bathing the energy on the next girl, and the next girl, and the next, and the next. You can bathe the whole room. You can make this ball of positive energy huge and just encompass the entire room in this swirling ball of energy, and you can control everybody’s emotions with your never-ending well of positivity.

Now for the next step, I want you to lay down a blanket of relaxation over this energy because it’s very good to be very pumped up, but a pumped up state that is a super spike is hard to maintain. So, to have you know a nice, clean high of positivity that you can maintain throughout the day, I want you to lay a blanket of relaxation over this positive energy. That’s a little bit more chill, a little bit more sustainable, won’t burn you out like a bright light bulb, but I just want you to imagine this blanket of relaxation where you can slow down your heart, you can just relax, you can take a deep breath. You can take as many deep breaths as many as necessary, and you just lay this warm, relaxing, warm, blanket on top of you, on top of that burning bright ball of energy to cool it down to a nice little ember that you can project throughout the day.

It doesn’t need to be super hot. It doesn’t need to be super big, super intense, super energetic, but just keep it there as a nice relaxing ball of positive warmth that you can project onto to everybody else throughout the day and that you can maintain self-generate all day long.

So, that’s just a little exercise that you can do throughout your day to increase your positivity. Maybe if normally you’re 4, 5, or 6, with a little time, your baseline state of emotions of positivity can raise to a 6, 7, 8, and then eventually up to you can have spikes of 9’s and 10’s in terms of positivity.

Now, when you first start out, it’s a little bit difficult because you’re not used to self-generating positive emotions. You start feeling bad automatically, but as you do this exercise more and more, what you’re going to find is that it’s a lot easier to go into that positive state. You do it much quicker, and you’ll be able to hold it longer.

When you’re first starting out, because you’re not just used to it, you’re going to feel really positive, but you’re going to fall out of it easily. It will also take you a little bit of time just to get into a positive state, but the more you practice the exercise, the faster you’ll get there, the longer you’ll be able to hold it. This is a very useful skill because most people are looking to generate their positive emotions through external stimulus, maybe buying something, or achieving something, or maybe getting a good reaction from a girl or a good reaction from their peers.

It’s much better if you are not dependent on external circumstances for your positive emotions, but that you are a never-ending well of self-generating them and you can generate them anytime, so that when you do see that pretty girl, you are ready.

You are already in a positive state. You can go up to her. Talk to her, really project your emotions through state transference onto her, and get that positive reaction back, you know, where you’re just bathing her in your positivity, and she will feel that you are offering her value because most people really can’t do that. It’s a very unusual and rare skill that you have that you can use to attract women.

So, I hope you enjoyed this video. My name is Jesse, and I will see you next time.

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Vienna, Austria – How Hot Are The Girls? My Review! Sun, 12 Jan 2014 21:04:39 +0000 Hey guys, it is Jesse here, and in this video, I want to talk about my trip to Vienna, Austria, in Europe and give you just a quick review of what I thought of the city and the women there if it’s worth checking out, if it’s worth chasing the girls down there.…

Hey guys, it is Jesse here, and in this video, I want to talk about my trip to Vienna, Austria, in Europe and give you just a quick review of what I thought of the city and the women there if it’s worth checking out, if it’s worth chasing the girls down there. Now, I only spent about a week there, but it was enough time to get a general feel for the place, and I was there in April.

Even though it was late April, it was still super cold, so I was wearing my hat, heavy jacket. The girls were wearing heavy jackets, so I couldn’t really see a whole lot of skin, so to speak, and I was pushing myself so hard on my trip because I was hopping from city to city that by the time I actually got to Vienna, I was feeling a little bit under the weather with a slight cold. But nonetheless, because I was on a tight schedule, I just kind of pushed myself through it and still, you know, got to the museums, still got to the nightlife, still checked out day game potential and all that, so I could bring you this review.

Now, some of the pros about the city is that, first of all, the city is extremely beautiful. In fact, it’s so nice looking it kind of makes most cities in the United States look like fucking dumps, to be honest. The architecture is absolutely beautiful. It feels wealthy. There’s a lot of beautiful parks around. You can just walk kind of down any street, and it feels like you are walking through an open-air museum because it seems like a lot of the buildings are made up of white marble or some kind of material that feels like white marble. So, it has that museum feel to it. I kind of get the impression that the quality of life in Vienna is pretty high, and I don’t really remember seeing any poor people or any homeless people or anything like that.

Another good thing about the city is that it is a big city, but it is not absolutely so big that it feels overwhelming and the city is very easy to navigate. It’s also a very walkable city. You can kind of bicycle around the city, and they have a great public transportation system.

Another great thing is that on Friday and Saturday nights, the metro, the underground train system, runs 24/7 all night, so it’s very easy to get around to different nightlife spots. And a lot of the clubs and bar areas are located right in your metro station, so you almost never have to take a cab anywhere, and it’s very cheap and convenient to get around.

Another great thing is that no German is required. Most of the girls speak at least passable English, if not almost fluent English and they’re very happy to speak to you in English. They don’t care if you speak German or not, which is great.

Another great thing about the city is that it’s a very close hopping-off point to other cities in Central and Eastern Europe, so if you want to go to Zagreb in Croatia, no problem. It’s just a two-hour train ride. If you want to go to Budapest in Hungary, no problem. Just jump on a train. In a few yours, you’re going to be there. It’s close to Prague. It’s close to Slovenia. So, you know if you were living in Vienna, you could very easily take weekend or long weekend trips to other cities, which is very cool.

Some of the downsides is, of course, the city is rather expensive, more expensive that you find in Eastern Europe or the United States because we are talking about a Western European city here. Also, after you’ve had your fill of beautiful buildings, it could get, I could see in the future boring being there if you’re there for a long time because it’s very orderly. It kind of feels like a museum, and just like if you spend a week in a single museum, it could feel kind of dull after a while. I got the impression that if you spend a long time in Vienna, it could feel kind of stuffy and authoritarian and just too orderly for a lot of people including myself.

Okay now, onto the girls. Well, I found the girls to be very friendly. That’s a big plus. I think that the girls are just as hot as maybe a country that has a good reputation for women like the Ukraine. I think body-wise, it’s pretty similar. The problem with girls in Vienna is that they lack sexual polarity. They lack feminine polarity or just femininity. It almost seems like they’re not really trying to be that feminine, for example, in the way they dress. You don’t really see girls wearing high heels too much or sexy clothes. I generally think that the sexy girls in Vienna kind of have a very poor fashion sense, so they’ll wear like these funky clothing combinations that kind of look like they’re from a second-hand store or just weird, just weird combination, so just not stylish in general. I don’t really know how to describe it. Whereas if you went to the Ukraine or if you went to Florida, for example, you’re going to find women who have much better fashion sense. They’re more feminine. They really know how to dress a lot better.

Another problem with women in Vienna is I didn’t particularly get the impression that they have great posture. It seems like maybe they do a lot of office work or computer work, and they’re not really trying to work on their posture, go to gym. So, you know, they just don’t look super attractive in that sense either. Also if you like girls with breasts or hips or butts, a little waist and popping hips, that kind of thing, you’re not really going to find that in Vienna. Granted when I was there, it was extremely cold, and people wearing their jackets, but I didn’t get the impression that the girls are very particularly curvy, so if that’s your kind of thing, then Vienna is probably not for you either.

Compared to Eastern Europe, for example, Poland or Ukraine, the problem is that there’s not just so many targets in Vienna. So, if you were to go in the metro in Kiev, for example, there’s going to be a lot of young women because it’s just simply a younger population. Whereas if you go to Vienna, the population is just older, so there’s just not that many young women around in their 20s or early 30s who are taking care of themselves and dressing well. You’re going to get an older population more like late 30s or early 40s on average, and there’s just far less targets. So, in that way, I think there’s a lot of other better cities actually.

Okay, here’s the thing. I was there. It was really cold, and you would think, okay, it maybe better in the summer, during the summer months when maybe the clothes are coming off and women are showing more skin. But I’ve been told that during the summer months, the younger population kind of drains out of the city. A lot of the students are not actually from Vienna. They’re from other little cities in Austria or they’re from Eastern Europe, and during the summer, they’ll go on vacation, or they’ll go back to their hometown, or they’ll go back to their home country to work, so it can actually be worse in the summer and you’re more dealing with tourist girls than any local girls.

And I guess one of the things that I kind of concluded, this is just my pet theory, I don’t know if it’s true, is that Vienna is relatively wealthy, you will find some very hyper feminine women there because they have the money to do their hair. They have the money to do their nails. They have the money to workout. They have the money to eat properly, and the kind of take advantage of that to look very feminine. But also on the other hand because Vienna is a particularly wealthy city, more or less very high middle class, girls don’t really – The other 99 percent of the girls, because they have some money and they’re going to be taken care of no matter what, don’t really feel pressured to look feminine or be feminine. So, you’re going to find them kind of dressing dumpy. You know, whether they dress feminine or not, the state, the government is going to take care of that or there’s going to be a guy that will take care of them because there’s a lack of attractive women there, or you know, they don’t really need a guy to look feminine to. So that’s my theory that wealth means that some girls will take advantage of looking really hot, but most won’t. Whereas, if you go to the Ukraine, which is a poor country, you’re going to see a more – Not every girl is going to have the money to do her hair and nails and all the stuff and look super hot, but there’s more pressure on women in general to be feminine. That’s the problem with Vienna. That’s my pet theory about these countries, as they get richer.

Now, where to meet the girls? Where are the good venues? Well, let’s start off with the nightclubs. Generally in the clubs, I thought that the girls were kind of mediocre and looks again not really trying not dressing well. Same with the guys, though. I didn’t think the guys were particularly dressed well, either, and there were just more men than women. So, it was a little bit disappointing.

Now, as far as pubs and bars, it was kind of a cock farm generally in every place I went. There’s just a lot more guys than girls, sometimes like 9:1 ratio, 10:1 ratio, guys to girls, so not that great. The thing is that most of the guys are not approaching the girls, so even if there’s a couple of girls there, you can really take advantage of it. If you approach the girl, you’re not going to have that much competition because no other guy is approaching her, so it can still work out to your favor. It’s just that if you were expecting like a 50-50 mix or like really good numbers, don’t expect that in Vienna necessarily.

I would recommend the number one place to meet feminine women is actually in the underground metro train system where you’re going to have your best bet to find hot girls, particularly if it’s a Friday evening, Saturday evening, Friday night, Saturday night. But just any day, anytime that’s where you’re actually going to find the more attractive girls that are dressing in heels, and they’re taking care of their bodies and they’re eating right and they’re wearing makeup and all this other stuff. That’s your best bet is day game, or evening game, or night game, but in the train stations and on the train.

Personally, that’s what I observed. Again though I don’t want you to give the wrong impression that the train stations are overflowing with hot girls. That’s not true at all. It’s just girls here and there, and for every hot girl, there’s 200 regular average dudes that are of course would love to fuck her, but it’s not really a problem because no guys are really approaching these girls. So, if you approach the girl, you really don’t have much competition, so it’s still in your favor. I wouldn’t let the numbers throw you off too much.

So, just in general conclusion, I would say that Austria is not like or Vienna, Austria, is not the best place to meet girls. I can think of like 20 other cities that are better off the top of my head. Countries I’d rather go to: the Ukraine or Poland or Florida in the United States or California or Sweden or any place in South America or Italy. I can think of a number of places that are better, but Vienna is by no means the worst either. You go to a small town, it’s going to be even worse. I mean, Vienna, at the end of the day, is a big city, and there are targets there. There are attractive women there. A little harder to find them, but they are there.

So, I wouldn’t go out of my way to go visit Vienna, but if it’s just for girls, but Vienna of course is a beautiful city. You just go see the city and the city will knock your socks off. It’s a gorgeous city, so it’s worth to spend three days at least to go walk around the city, go see the museums. You’re going to have a great time there, and then girls are kind of secondary.

So, if you enjoyed this video and if you enjoy my videos in general, then you’re going to see a link here, to click over to my free video course. In my free video course, I’m going to show you on video how to pick up girls from A to Z, how to develop arousal and attraction quickly with women and not beat around the bush but get girls into your bed, get a girlfriend relatively quickly like within the week. So, just click on that link that you’re going to see. That link is going to take you to another webpage where you can just punch in your email address, and then you’ll be getting the videos, a new one everyday or every two days, and it’s going to be a great course.

Also, leave me a comment. I read all the comments. I really like to hear from you, guys. Tell me how I can improve my videos. Tell me what you like or just give me a shout-out. That’s awesome, too. So, until next time, I will see you later.

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10 Tips To Spot Scam Pickup Programs And Keep Your Money Tue, 07 Jan 2014 16:47:05 +0000 Click on the video above to watch

I want to give you a few tips in order to not be bamboozled and lose your money to a fake or false or phony pickup product.

Click on the video above to watch

I want to give you a few tips in order to not be bamboozled and lose your money to a fake or false or phony pickup product.

Now, there are two kinds of pickup products out there.

There are real pickup products made by real guys that really go out and meet real girls, and then, there are Internet marketing products that have a thin veneer of pickup around them.

Real Pickup Guys vs. Internet Marketers

Basically, these Internet marketing products are made by guys that just sit in a chair, don’t actually go out and meet real women.

Maybe they have a passing theoretical armchair interest in girls, but they don’t really have any real experience. They’re just scraping the other free content off Internet, slapping it together in a quick product, and they spend all their time on Internet marketing to lure you in with a quick fix magic bullet and get you to pay them $79.95 and part with your money, and then they run off.

Now, a guy who is really into pickup, he’s going to actually go out there and meet girls, and of course Internet marketers are not going to do that.

The guy who is really into pickup, he’s going to base his product on his real experience and his love for the sport, and what he’s really doing as an outflow, as an outpouring of his energy, and what he’s really interested in.

Just like if there was a guy who just loves snowboarding and he’s spent the last 10 years of his life snowboarding every weekend, he might want to share his experiences. He might want to share his love, his passion for the sport, maybe help out new guys that are into it, whereas the Internet marketer has no love, no passion for that sport. It’s just that he only sees it as dollar signs, as a way to sucker people into giving him money.

The 90 / 10 Rule

Now, the guy who is really into pickup, he might put 70 percent to 90 percent of his effort into the pickup program, his creation. It’s his baby. It’s his expression of who he is, and maybe 10 percent into Internet marketing just to get his name out there so people can see it and discover him.

Whereas the Internet marketer, it’s flipped. He might spend 70 percent to 90 percent of his time solely doing the Internet marketing and only 10 percent of his time on the program because he’s not interested in the program. To him, the content of the program is a cost. It’s a cost that he has to shell out, maybe pay someone to write it for him.

So, he has every incentive to make it short and little and lame as possible. He doesn’t really care. Once he’s got your money, he can run off with the money. He doesn’t really care about the program.

The guy who is really into pickup, he might see marketing as necessary evil. It’s not a high priority to him because he’s actually going out. He’s a busy guy.

Whereas the Internet marketer, he sees the program as a necessary evil because he just wants to spend all his time doing marketing.

The guy who’s really into pickup, he loves the output, he loves creating value. He loves helping people out. He loves seeing people transform.

Whereas for the Internet marketer, that value creation, that content creation again is a burden. It’s a cost of his business that he’d rather not deal with.

The guy who’s really into pickup, he wants his students to succeed. He might have like a forum to help people out. He might give free coaching for people who purchase his programs. He might do phone coaching.

Whereas the Internet marketer once you purchase his program, he wants to have nothing to do with you. He never wants to see you again. You are simply a prospect, and after making that purchase, now you are a burden. You might be asking him for support, that’s a cost, so he never wants to deal with you again. That’s the big difference.

The guy who’s really into pickup, he’s going to make more realistic claims. He’s going to say something to the effect, “Yeah. I might have the fastest way to getting laid, but it’s going to take you some time and effort.” So, he’s going to be real with you.

Whereas the Internet marketer, he doesn’t care about reality. He just wants to sell people the quickest solution. He wants to button push them, hype things up saying,

“Learn this 5-minute where it’s like having a pussy magnet in your hands. You just point this pussy magnet to the girl, and she’ll just dump on your dick. Point it at the hot model, and she’ll jump on your dick. Point it at your ex-model, and she’ll jump on your dick. Point it at your friends’ wives, and they’ll jump on your dick.”

He’ll make like extremely ridiculous claims that don’t pan out in reality.

Just like the Internet marketer will say stuff like, “Oh, you want washboard abs? Well, just take this caffeine pill.” Of course, that’s not going to work.

Whereas the guy who’s really into pickup, he’s going to make more realistic claims about what you can achieve and not just sell some trash ideas to try to make you buy.

Niche Jumping

What these companies do is that they’ll just go from niche to niche to niche to niche.

So, the Internet marketer might start off with creating a business program, and he’ll work on that for six months. And then, he’s thinking to himself, “Okay. How am I gonna make money? I’m going to dating niche, so I’ll just slap together some crap real fast.” He’ll pitch that for six months until that burns on, and then, he might jump over to dog grooming, dog grooming product or whatever it is.

These guys have no investment in your success. They have no investment in pushing what can be done in pickup to the next level. They don’t care about that.

They’re just looking at the dollar signs, and these guys will self-rationalize their behavior to themselves because no guy wants to think, “Oh, yeah. I’m just an Internet marketer. You’re scamming people.” People want to see themselves as the good guys.

So, I’ve seen this happen where these Internet marketers will start making rationalizations to themselves.

One is that, “All people are just stupid. I’m the only smart guy because I outwitted all of them. I outboxed all of them. I made the money, they deserve to be fucked over.”

So, a lot of these guys generally knew their customers as being dumbasses, and in more general terms, they view humanity in a very dim light as well, or they will say to themselves like, “People pay for the experience of purchasing the solution, not the solution itself.”

Basically, they’ll tell themselves that people just want that feeling of parting with their money. They don’t really care about making progress or the solution, and they’ll tell themselves things like that, so they come out like a chimp.

Just like if someone is sending spam mail as their profession. They’re professional spammer. They might come up with reasons. “Oh, humanity is dumb. They deserve what they get. They deserve to get my spam. I’m really helping people.” They’ll make all these rationalizations as to why they are the good guy.

Is Internet Marketing Good or Bad

Now, where do I fall down on Internet marketing? Well, I am not against Internet marketing.

There are plenty of guys that you have never heard of that are great. They can really teach you a lot of things. They are natural. They can even be good teachers. You have never heard of them, and you will never hear of them simply because they don’t do any Internet marketing. They remain completely anonymous.

So, it’s a good thing to have a little bit of Internet marketing, put your name out there, so that people can find you.

I even view hype like a little bit of hype as a necessary evil that can actually be a good thing because a lot of guys are coming from a very low form of consciousness. They don’t want to put in any time or effort. They just want the magic pill solution where they’re going to get laid in five minutes. They don’t have to change anything about themselves.

So, from certain angles, you can kind of draw those people in like say, “Hey, I’m gonna get you laid in a couple of weeks.” You can draw them in, and then, once they get inside of your program, then you feed them the real medicine.

Then, you say, “Okay, it’s actually going to take you time and effort. I’m going to help you get there. I’m going to help make the changes, so it draws the person and transform yourself.” So, you can actually draw in people that are in a form of low consciousness state and actually pull them in, give them the real medicine, and then really transform them. You can transform people that normally would not have found you would not have been transformed otherwise.

So, a little bit of Internet marketing can be a very good thing.

The problem is when it becomes the all-encompassing thing when the Internet marketer doesn’t care about you, doesn’t care about the product. He doesn’t care about the program. He doesn’t care about transforming people. He just wants to take the money and run.

Now, how can you tell them apart?

Well, has the company been around for more than 10 years like Seduction Science, for instance, or is it a fly-by-night operation? That’s pretty obvious.

Does the guru show videos of himself?

Does he actually put up videos or is he just like there’s no picture, no videos, no nothing, or maybe it’s like a grainy single photo? That’s a way to tell if they are an Internet marketer and scamming.

Is the video sales letter made with cartoon animations?

That’s a very big giveaway. If you see cartoon animations making these incredible promises, you see these funny-looking guy that looks like Papa Smurf or something, he’s bowling and he looks like Average Joe and he points the pussy magnet at a cartoon girl, a fantasy girl with big boobs, big cartoon girl, and she jumps up on his cartoon dick? That’s a total giveaway that this is just Internet marketing.

Is the story too good to be true?

Are there big promises like promise is the marketing copy or is the video sales letter telling you things like, “I learned this trick in five minutes where I just point the pussy magnet at a girl, and she jumps on my dick.” If it sounds too good to be true, obviously, it’s too good to be true because there’s no trick that’s going to make a loser guy or just Average Joe fuck supermodels one after another with a five-minute trick. It simply doesn’t exist.

Do they give a hero’s story like a ridiculous hero story in the video sales letter?

Hero story is used a lot by Internet marketers. Basically, it starts off with, “I sucked with girls. I couldn’t even get a date. I couldn’t get girls to even pay attention to me.” And then, I went up on a mountain, and I discovered these little secrets. And after I discovered the secret, I came down from the mountain, and I was getting laid like crazy. I was fucking supermodels. I was fucking my ex-girlfriends. I was fucking my friends’ wives.” And all this other stuff like some ridiculous story. A hero story going from zero to hero. That’s a giveaway that it’s Internet marketing, and its’ completely fake, and it’s not a real person behind it. It’s written by an Internet marketer.

Is the guy actually interested in teaching students?

Is there a way to follow up with students or is it just a one-time shot deal? So, is it like you pay $79.95 and there’s no follow-up, there’s no additional coaching, there’s no forum, there’s no back and forth with the guru? Before you can actually communicate, you’re communicating, there’s a forum, there’s support, the guy is actually genuinely interested in you succeeding.

Usually if the guy has actually created his own content and he’s passionate about what he’s done, he gets excited when new people come in and are following him and trying out his content. That excites him because he must see people enjoy the same experience that he’s enjoying.

Just like if you are a professional snowboarder and someone comes down the hill and is interested n learning from you, you’ll get excited teaching that person whereas the Internet marketer doesn’t feel that excitement at all. You are just a problem to him after you make a purchase. He wants to have nothing to do with you because he’s not interested in the subject.

Is the course complete?

This is a big one. Do you pay – Are you paying for the course or is it like you pay in installments of $69.95 or whatever?

So, you’re going to pay for the secret tip, and then, they’re going to give you another secret tip every month for $70. They kind of artificially break up the course over 12 months of payments.

Basically, they want to extract $1,000 from you over the course of a year, but they don’t want you to feel the sting of $1,000 all at once. They kind of want to hope that you won’t notice that they’re taking the money. So, they’re going to break the course up into these artificially segmented modules instead of giving it to you all at once. It’s another giveaway that it’s pure Internet marketing.

And just generally, what is in their heart?

What is in their heart? Are they there to create value? Are they there to actually help students? Is the guy creating this program genuinely interested? Is it his passion? Does he love giving that outflow of energy in creating his videos or is their heart just in seeing people as prospects, taking their money and running?

So, you know, you’re a pretty smart guy, probably. So, you’re probably know a lot of the stuff, but still it’s kind of good to remind yourself, that’s kind of why I’m putting out this video just to really solidify some of these ideas because you might know them vaguely, but it’s good to really get them solid.

Now myself, personally I really hate to do Internet marketing. I feel like it’s a waste of time. Maybe if I have a list of 10 priorities, it would be my tenth priority.

There’s a lot of other things I got to do. I’d rather, you know, go out and meet girls. I’d rather go on date to dates. I’d rather create a video for you guys. I’d rather write down some of the things I’m doing and develop a program out of that.

There’s a lot of things I’d rather be doing than Internet marketing, but again, I kind of forced myself to learn a little bit of it simply because I need to put myself out there a little bit and sometimes I want to draw in the people who are in that lower consciousness state of their looking for the magic pill, and I can actually get them through the door and then feed them the real medicine. I can actually reach people that I wouldn’t normally reach otherwise without the Internet marketing. So, it is an important tool, even though it’s not like the top thing that I’m looking forward to do.

Ideally, I kind of think that people should just come to my site, realize that it’s quality stuff when they see it, and avoid the crap, but I know that this is not an ideal world.

A lot of people are coming from that state of low consciousness, and a lot of people are busy. They don’t have time to evaluate all the programs, so to me, Internet marketing is a necessary evil, and I try to enjoy it when I can and learn it here and there.

Now, I do offer a free course. You’re going to see the link right here on this video. So I suggest that you click on that link and punch in your email address, and this free course is going to detail a lot of what I do and the game, complete plan from A to Z for you in the free videos.

I also have a YouTube channel where I put out additional videos and you want to subscribe to that as well because you’re going to get videos that are not in my free course. When I create them, you’ll be notified immediately by YouTube.

You also want to leave me a comment. I read all the comments. I love giving comments. You might just want to give me a shout out. You might want to give me some positive feedback or maybe where I can improve things. I’m always trying to improve my videos, and just say hello. I love to hear from you.

So, I hope you enjoyed this video. Hopefully, it will help you from being bamboozled or if you know someone, a friend, who’s new to the game, you can show them this video to help them, guide them, steer them from not stepping on a landmine, some of this Internet marketing bullshit that you’re going to find out there.

Jesse, out.

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Thailand Nightlife and Beaches Review – How Hot Are The Girls! Sat, 07 Dec 2013 17:50:36 +0000 Click the video above to watch!

Hey guys, this is Jesse Charger here, and in this video, I want to talk about Thailand.

Now, I spent about two weeks in Thailand in 2013, and I hit a bunch of different cities pretty quickly, and I want to give you my overall impression of the country, especially when it comes to women and dating or hooking up with girls.…

Click the video above to watch!

Hey guys, this is Jesse Charger here, and in this video, I want to talk about Thailand.

Now, I spent about two weeks in Thailand in 2013, and I hit a bunch of different cities pretty quickly, and I want to give you my overall impression of the country, especially when it comes to women and dating or hooking up with girls.

Now, I’m not going to go into specific details about particular places like bars and clubs because they tend to change from year to year, and I wasn’t there long enough to give like a definitive review of the country or cities, so I want to keep it to my general impressions.

The Costs

Now, one of the things that you will enjoy about Thailand is that it is extremely inexpensive. Taxis are super cheap. I think wages there are very low. So for example, you can get around in a taxi for a dollar or two. Depending on the city, prices vary as far as hostels and hotels, but it’s still very cheap. Bangkok is probably the most expensive, but you’re going to find it very affordable compared to Europe or even the United States.

Food is very inexpensive. If you’re coming from Europe, you’re going to find that the food is ridiculously inexpensive. If you’re coming from the United States where food is already very, very cheap in the US, you’ll find that food in Thailand is slightly cheaper than even the United States.

So, if you’re on a budget, you can certainly get by. For example if you’re outside of Bangkok, on a $5 a night hostel and a couple of dollars for food, so certainly $10 a day, you can manage and get by very inexpensively.

For example, I was staying at a hotel in the city of Chiang Mai during low season, $20 a night, huge room, full air-conditioning, breakfast included, very nice modern hotel. This gives you an idea of the prices. Of course, in high season, it’s going to be more expensive. When you’re in Bangkok, it’s going to be more expensive as well.

Ease and Convenience Report

The country is very convenient. It’s like built for tourists.

There are 7-11 convenience stores everywhere. You’ve got familiar chains like McDonald’s and Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken and Starbucks. There is ATM machines everywhere, so you don’t have to worry about getting your money out.

A lot of people speak English or at least enough. People can speak a little bit of English that you can get around, no problem in all the tourist areas. Anyone involved in the tourist industry is going to speak English. It’s almost kind of like a second language there, so it’s super easy to get around. It’s super easy to have access to money and your funds. There’s a lot of hotels and hostels and restaurants catering to foreigners and tourists. You don’t want to let the exoticness of it scare you off that it’s in Asia or something.

It’s a no-brainer to pull it off. Taxis are very inexpensive. It’s a very easy tourist city.

Now, some of the downsides of the economy is, well, it’s like a laissez-faire capitalist economy, so you can buy things very cheaply like clothes and electronics.

The Chaos

On the downside, everywhere you go in Thailand is kind of a chaotic mess. Like in Bangkok, it feels polluted. There’s just the buildings don’t match each other. A lot of the construction is ugly. The traffic is a snarly mess.

If you kind of like clean, orderly, maybe some of the cities in Europe for example Amsterdam or Stockholm, if you like that clean orderliness or even Tokyo, Japan, which has a very clean orderliness feeling to it, you’re not really going to find that in Bangkok.

Some people, that’s going to turn them off. Some people are going to love that. For me, it’s not exactly my thing. I like to see order in a city. I like to see cleanliness. I like to feel like it’s not polluted. I like to see a lot of green spaces, so I like that modernity in cities. So, it’s not particularly my thing. Even Chiang Mai, which is a smaller city, you’re out in the country, you don’t see all like these massive buildings, it still feels just a mishmash of construction and craziness and the sidewalks are like broken.

It feels like it’s kind of a barely functioning mess, chaos, but it’s cool in its own way. So, you should just be aware of that.

The Islands

Now, one of the things where I think that kind of laissez-faire capitalism really has screwed up the country is in the islands.

For example, the area around Krabi, the islands off Ao Nang like Ko Phi Phi. I was there in low season again, and when you get to an island, it’s tropical beach. There are dozens and dozens and dozens of little motor boats bringing tourists over and just like anchoring off the beach, and the beaches that were these pristine paradises are now noisy. You can smell like diesel fuel. You can even see like diesel fuel in the water in some cases. It feels noisy, crowded, and polluted just because of the crush of tourists that are going to some of these more popular islands. I was told that it is nothing, that in high season, it’s ten times worse.

So, if you’re looking for a pristine tropical paradise, those days might be coming to an end or are already over.

From my understanding, ten years ago, you can still get away from it all on some of the main islands, but now, there’s no like environmental regulations. So, it’s like every man for himself, every little businessman who drives a boat can get in there, and it’s kind of a mess now. In fact, if you want beautiful islands and you’re an American, I would actually recommend you go to Panama or Costa Rica. Much closer, much more unspoiled, more environmentally regulated, so it’s a tiny bit more expensive, but you’re going to have a better experience.

The Partying

Okay, now I want to talk about the party vibe. Is it good for partying?

Thailand what’s cool about it is it does have a very laidback party vibe to it. Girls are on vacation. They tend to be more uninhibited. They’re not near their parents. They’re not near their normal social anchors.

So, it’s almost like being in Las Vegas and what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas kind of attitude where the girls are just a little bit more wild, a little bit more carefree, a little bit more adventurous, and so, it kind of has this atmosphere of possibility in the air, which is pretty cool. A lot of the girls are using it as an excuse to drink a lot of alcohol, which they use a lot of excuse to have sex. If she’s somewhat drunk, she can have sex without feeling ashamed because it’s the fault of the alcohol, and a lot of the girls are looking to hook up, have a little romantic adventure. Maybe even if that’s not in their mind at the moment or when they go, they’re just more prone to fall into that role of having the romantic adventure if they meet a cool guy.

There’s lots of nightlife around, even on the small islands. Bangkok has good nightlife. Chiang Mai has good nightlife. Even in the low season when there’s not too many people around there, frankly in any of those places, I did find okay nightlife, and from my understanding, it’s much more busier in high season.

How Hot Are The Girls?

Now as far as the girls, personally I don’t find Thai girls particularly attractive. My take on them is that they are very tiny. They are very short. They don’t have breasts. They don’t have ass. They don’t have thighs. Their faces are not that great. I think if you’re into Asian girls, Japanese girls are maybe a little prettier.

Full disclosure, I’m not really into Asian girls, so it doesn’t help, but I didn’t find the Thai girls particularly attractive. Maybe if you have an Asian girl fetish, I don’t see why you wouldn’t like Thai girls, but if you’re not really into Asian girls, they’re not a super turn on. I think the tourist girls, the European or Australian girls are a lot hotter frankly.

Another problem with Thai girls is that I think the Thai language sounds very whiny and strange and kind of harsh on the ears. So, when a girl starts speaking in Thai, it’s a little bit of a turnoff compared to say Japanese, which to my ear sounds like a very elegant, pretty language to listen to. Thai sounds kind of like scratching your fingernails on a chalkboard a little bit. So, it’s kind of a turnoff.

I’d say it’s like the top like a really hot Thai girl to me, I would rate her at about 8 out of 10. That will be like the super ultimate Thai girl. I would say most Thai girls are like 5, 6 like completely forgettable and average.

Funny thing is that whenever you see an advertisement like on the television for a beauty product or for some food products, the Thai girl always looks like she’s half-Caucasian and half-Thai or almost like half-Japanese and half-Caucasian. So, they don’t even use the look of their own people in their advertisements, and the prettiest girls you’re going to see in Thailand are those girls in the advertisements that look half-Caucasian in my opinion.

As far as the European girls and the tourist girls and the Australian girls, it’s like everywhere else, most girls it’s on a bell curve. Most girls are going to be 6’s, 7’s, and 8’s.

There’s going to be that occasional 9 that you can find, possibly a 10. I did see a couple and talked to a couple there when I was there.

Now, you might rate them actually higher because for example if you’re at the islands, they’re going to be in bikinis. If you’re not used to seeing girls in bikinis, you’ll probably going to rate the girls even higher. A lot of the girls are pretty friendly because they’re on vacation. They’re open to meeting people. So, that’s kind of feed into your ego, and you might rate them higher for that because they’re just kind of more fun and more open than maybe back home. So, instead of a girl who you would normally rate as a 6 in normal clothes being at home, you might rate her as 7 or 7-1/2 if she’s in a bikini and being friendly to you and drunk. So, it’s kind of play tricks on your mind a little bit in the rating system, but I would just rate them as normal and average with the occasional super hottie thrown in.

But just to dispel any idea that it’s full of 9’s and 10’s and perfectly hot girls, it’s not. They’re normal girls.

9′s and 10′s

I would say if you are really after super hottie 9’s and 10’s, it can almost be more fishing to go to just anyone Caucasian girls, to go to Europe. This is particularly advice for Americans.

Just go to Europe, and you’re going to be surrounded with a lot more Caucasian, European girls trying to get into some exclusive clubs dressed really nice, and that’s maybe like in some ways a more efficient way to meet the 9’s and 10’s than trying to go to Thailand and trying to meet the 9’s and 10’s. Thailand is more just about having fun, go with the flow. Don’t be super picky about the girls. Just go whatever is happening.

Sexual Competition In Thailand

Okay, so one thing that I actually forgot to mention about the party atmosphere is that I think one reason that the girls are more uninhibited and fun is because they have competition from the Thai girls. There’s actually a lot of Thai girl prostitution in Thailand, and you can have a girl for like as little as $20 or $30 and even a top-end girl for about $100, and that in effect sort of lowers the price of pussy, lowers the price of pussy where a guy can feel like there’s always options around.

For girls who want to be kind of prudish, the tourist Caucasian girls are going to be kind of prudish, guys can always turn to Thai girls. Basically, the Thai girls are bringing down the price of sex and creating more competition from the girls. It kind of creates a virtuous cycle where if there’s enough slutty girls, all the girls will try to compete to be slutty and sluttier, whereas normally back home, girls will not put out or be more resistant to putting out because that keeps the price of pussy high for all girls, and they can get more.

A girl can actually theoretically get more like a higher value guy if guys think that pussy is scarce, but in Thailand, sex seems more available because of all the open prostitution, very cheap prostitution there. Even if say most guys are not even partaking in it, it still brings down the price of pussy by putting more competitive pressure on the tourist girls.

So, you kind of have this vibe that sex is easily available, and I think that also feeds into the guys’ egos. Guys are going to feel that vibe, and the more alpha bold side of their personality can come out a little bit, so the guys become cooler because they feel like sex is easy. So, they become cooler dudes than when they were back home, which makes the guys more desirable in fact and just creates this virtuous cycle of easier sex than where you would find in your home country.

Guy-Girl Ratios

Now, as far as ratios, I was there in low season, the nightlife wasn’t that hopping at all. There was a little bit, but I would say that was 50-50 guy-girl ratio, not bad. I have been told that in high season, in some places, it can kind of become a cock farm where just groups of guys are going to descend on a place and there’s it could be even as bad as five guys to every girl in some places.

I think what happens is what when a place becomes popular and it becomes known for being cheap and a place to hook up, with how things spread on the Internet, how word gets around on the Internet, groups of guys will suddenly descend on a place in groups.

The thing is most guys will not cold approach. Most guys hate cold approaching. Most guys hate going to a place by themselves. Likewise, if they’re going to travel, they want to be surrounded by their friends. They want to have that safety net. So, when word gets around that there’s a paradise with girls and it’s cheap and it’s easy and convenient, then, you’re going to get the masses, the hordes of guys coming over. Once it’s okay. Once it’s socially permissible for them to go, and they’re going to go in their group, and what they’re going to do then when they get there is not to approach girls. They’re just going to drink like crazy because they would never approach a girl.

So, you get all these like pussy boys coming over. A lot of them are kind of jacked alpha guys, but they don’t know anything about pickup or the game, and they’re basically pussy boys underneath, and then, they kind of flood the venue with dudes, with this stag party kind of feels, and then, that kind of scares off the girls.

In some cases during high season, you actually have to get away from some of the main islands. You can actually do pretty well going on to some of the more secondary, less well-known islands that are more for the adventurous type that are quite not as well developed, if you want to escape the crowds that are moving in.

Where To Meet Girls

Now, where to meet girls?

For example, in the city of Bangkok, the city of ugly chaos in my opinion, but there’s some excellent malls like the CM Mall and the MBK Mall where you can walk around. These are very upscale malls, not MBK. MBK is not so much upscale, but these can be very good places to meet Thai girls. The Skytrain, which is like this public transit system on these big ugly concrete supported by ugly concrete pillars that rides above the highway, you can meet girls there.

Again, Thai girls didn’t really turn me on, so I did a little bit of experimenting, talking to Thai girls, but I wasn’t particularly motivated, and also hopping from city to city so quickly, I didn’t have so much time.

Chiang Mai is a very laidback and relaxed city where you can like ride elephants and pet tigers and do zip lining from tree to tree and go on bicycling through the rainforest sort of thing. You can meet Thai girls just kind of walking around. There’s a nice pretty mall in Chiang Mai as well, upscale mall where you can meet girls as well. It’s not a problem to meet girls in other words, no matter where you are. Not too many people are using cars. A lot of people walk around, and even if it’s hot and sweaty, there’s always kind of like a really nice mall that you can find to walk around in air-conditioning.

Who Should Go To Thailand

So, who should go?

I would say for Americans, Thailand is almost completely on the opposite side of the Earth. It can be a long tiring flight to get over there. I would say if you’re from the U.S.A, I would actually recommend Central or South America over Thailand. I think the girls are hotter. You have more girls with curves, and I think South American and Central American women are just prettier in general.

If you want adventure, if you want easy adventure where everything is handled for you and there’s ATMs and everyone speaks English, go to Costa Rica, go to Panama. It’s right next door. If you want wilder adventure, go to Brazil or Peru if you’re feeling a little more adventurous.

If you want rainforests, again Costa Rica is great, if you want to do like zip lining from tree to tree that sort of thing.

If you want European girls, you might as well go to Europe. I wouldn’t travel all the way to Thailand just for European girls. I think it’s just better to go to the source. That way you could hop over to Eastern Europe. You could hop over to Western Europe. The downside is it could be more expensive because Europe can be quite expensive, and even Eastern Europe is more expensive than Thailand.

So, I guess if budget is a really big thing for you and you can get a cheap flight over to Thailand, Thailand is not bad if you’re on a tight budget. If you have a little more money to spend, I would actually recommend Europe, and if you don’t want to travel so far, I would recommend go to South or Central America.

European guys, you’re closer to Thailand. You’re far from South America. You’re about same equal distance. Then, it’s up just to you, kind of depends on if you’re really more into Asian girls, go to Thailand. If you’re more interested in South American or Latin girls, go to South America or Central America.

Thailand again is very cheap, even more cheap than most places in South America, so that could be a factor in determining your budget. So, it’s kind of up in the air for European guys.

I would say too, I haven’t really traveled Asia that extensively, just because Asian girls are not particularly my thing, but I have been to Japan. For me personally, I would recommend Japan over Thailand, but it will completely come down to personal taste. Thailand has nice beaches. It’s more tropical. You’re going to find more girls in bikinis.

On the other hand, Japan feels more modern. It feels more organized. It feels cleaner. It feels much less polluted, which is much more attractive for me. I like that they have bullet trains, so you can get around very pretty Japanese gardens. I think the girls are cuter. I think the culture is more interesting in Japan, with the whole manga and anime and video game culture.

Basically, I kind of think that you get what you pay for whereas Japan is far more expensive than Thailand of course, it’s a better overall experience if you can afford it. If you can’t afford it, go to Thailand. Thailand is a perfectly fine second choice backup. It’s much more affordable.

So let me know what you think of the video. Leave me a comment below, and I will catch you in the next installment. I will catch you later.

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Date Models, Celebrities – Learn How to Pick Up ANY Girl Tue, 03 Dec 2013 21:29:48 +0000 In this post I’m going to show you a trick to pickup ANY girl – even models and semi-celebrities.

What kinds of men get into Pick Up? In 99% of the cases, they’re lonely men in their early to late twenties who’ve decided they want to change their life.…

In this post I’m going to show you a trick to pickup ANY girl – even models and semi-celebrities.

What kinds of men get into Pick Up? In 99% of the cases, they’re lonely men in their early to late twenties who’ve decided they want to change their life. Who are the guys who’ve never heard of Pick Up, and will never hear of Pick Up? They’re the men who have established themselves in powerful social circles, and most likely made a lot of money.

What’s the common thread? Both groups of men have 0 game, but the social status guys still get the girls. The aspiring PUA’s will eventually get girls, but starting out as a pick up artist is always an extremely bumpy road. What happens though is that as beginner PUAs start to see results, they begin to revolt against society as a whole, and view social circles as a bunch of nonsense. This is a byproduct of the years of isolation they endured, watching the “popular” jocks get all the girls. It’s completely understandable, but at some point all egos must be dropped.

End Rejection and Get Any Girl You Want

Imagine if you could create a force so powerful, that it could pull every single girl in the world. Single, dating, married – it wouldn’t matter. Models, celebrities – all fair game. This force would be able to pull anything and everything. Well guys, it’s 100 percent possible.

But first, you have to let go of the fact that you got into Pick Up because you couldn’t get girls. View Pick Up as a way of honing your social skills. It’s practice; every approach you do teaches your brain something new, and these subconscious lessons add up over time.

Now comes the part no PUA wants to hear. If you develop amazing game through Pick Up, and also attain high social status by climbing the social ladder, you’ll be able to pull models, actresses, celebrities, ANYONE. I know it’s counterintuitive, and many PUAs rebel against society, but just trust me on this. I experienced the journey first hand, and can vouch for the fact that social status means a LOT to women. I’m going to teach you exactly how to pick up girls of HIGH social status – the real dimes of our world.

Part 1: Your Pick Up and How to Keep it Undiscovered

It’s no secret why the most famous Pick Up Artists all use clever aliases. Mystery, Style, Matador, and Juggler are all hardly your every day name. These guys were smart, and realized that at any given point in life things can go viral. What if all our Pick Up secrets get exposed in a Hollywood movie and girls find out that Day Game is in fact a strategy?

Well the truth is, you shouldn’t care. All the PUAs who preach utter indifference are in theory right. You shouldn’t care about what anyone thinks because we’re all going to die and it really doesn’t matter. They’re teaching you how to pick up girls of through sheer numbers – approach a million, sleep with a thousand. The problem isn’t in our thinking; it’s in the rest of the worlds thinking. Just because we’ve been exposed to the truths of Pick Up, doesn’t mean the rest of the world will buy into it.

You’re Already More Ballsy Than Most of the World

Most of the world would make a mockery out of Pick Up if they found out the details – not because it’s lame, but because they’re too scared. People in general don’t have the balls to rebel against the “norm” and create something new. So that’s why to an extent we have to cover our tracks and be careful. That is, if you want to get the most out of your journey. If you’re comfortable being the known PUA who only hangs out with other PUAs and has no real social status, then that’s completely okay too.

Plenty of people do it – I have friends who approach in the weirdest situations ever. A waitress will be serving a table at a fancy restaurant and the PUA will yell “HEY YOU. You’re cute.” And the whole place is looking thinking, “Wtf is going on, is this scripted?” I’ve even seen a guy approach a married couple, only to find out the guy was a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. There’s a burned connection.

But yeah, you can do that if you want. Or you can get GOOD at Pick Up, while covering your tracks and building a powerful Social Circle. The end goal is to be able to pick up your fair share through cold approach but also to game the hell out of these chicks in your social circle and their friends.

So first, you have to figure out your Pick Up name. Make it completely different than what your real name is, and never share your real name unless it’s absolutely necessary. I’ve approached girls from my town, I’ve approached girls who were best friends with my best friends – it’s pretty crazy how small of a world it is, and it would be social suicide if any high status girl found out you’re learning how to pick up girls of their caliber. If you want, you can use a name that’s similar to your first name, so if you end up getting the date you can tell her she spelled your name wrong. Treat Pick Up like Fight Club – first rule of Fight Club is you never speak about Fight Club.

Two Types of Approaches to Practice

Once you have your name, it’s time to get good. Approaching is the only way to get good at Pick Up. I’m not going to go into detail as I’m sure you’ve read your share, but I personally break approaching down into two categories. The categories are “Inner Game Approaches” and “Serious Approaches”. Inner game approaches are the crazy ones I spoke about earlier – yelling at a waitress across the restaurant.

These approaches build your indifference and make your frame strong as a rock. But the guys who only do indifferent approaches become known as clowns, and ruin their social status. Only do indifferent approaches when you’re with other PUAs, do not do them with your normal friends and DEFINITELY don’t do them around girls who you’re friends with.

The second category is what you want to focus on. They are the serious approaches that will really teach you how to pick up beautiful girls, rather than just playing a numbers game. Pick Up is an art – it has nuances and expression that you can only master through practice. So learn to hone the subtlety of the art. The reason Pick Up works is because it demonstrates confidence. That’s literally it. So use your serious approaches to develop inner confidence that you can carry on into your regular life.

Part 2: Building a Strong Social Circle

Now the second part of your gaming dual lifestyle is the social circle. This is the “Bruce Wayne” aspect while your PUA persona is Batman. Building a strong social circle can take you further than any degree, amount of practice, or luck. It’s sad but true – the world we live in is all about networking. You have plenty of studious Harvard grads who can’t find a job, while guys who happened to know Steve Jobs growing up making a fortune. For those of you who grew up without a social circle, building one up may seem like an extremely daunting task. Don’t worry; I’m going to break it down for you in some simple steps.

The key to building a social circle is to understand why people network and who they network with. People network with other people who can offer them value in life. It’s why everyone sucks up to rich people, or the popular kids in school. I’ve outlined for you exactly how to get people to see you as a valuable person in their lives.

3 Steps to an Unstoppable Social Circle

Step #1 for you is to find your career path. Exploit whatever you’re GREAT at, whether it’s music or math, and make a man of yourself. If you can make it to six figures in your lifetime, you’ll never need to network again. Everyone will be kissing up to you and your social circle will be taken care of. Money isn’t necessary, but I’m going to be real with you: It certainly helps.

Step two is to never talk badly about anyone. People love to gossip, and are extremely jealous in general. De Niro’s line in Goodfellas sums this point up pretty well: “Always keep your mouth shut and never rat on your friends.” Fair enough?

The third key to building up high social value is to always “market” your friends a little bit. Take them out to a sporting event, treat them to dinner, remember to wish them Happy Birthday. It’s the little things that go a long way in life.

Pretty much all I’m describing to you is how to please people. That is in essence what a social circle is. People enjoying each others company. It’s simple, but the benefits are endless, especially with meeting women. Imagine that you create a social circle that includes girls from a gorgeous college sorority. You throw a party and all their hot blonde sorority sisters come. ON TOP of this, you’re a skilled PUA who knows how to pick up girls off the street. You’re looking at some crazy, crazy experiences my friend. You’ll land yourself models, celebrities – you name it. You can take it as far as your social circle goes, because everyone will know that you’re a pimp.

And best of all, no one will know that you put yourself through the PUA journey to get where you are. I constantly have friends that ask me, “How’d you become so smooth? You were always the shy guy back in school.” I just respond by saying, “I guess I matured! People change with age.” It’s a great feeling to be at the top of the social world, and I advise you make it one of your primary goals.

By Tom Attaway of

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Kiev Ukraine: How Hot The Girls Really Are, Without Hype! Wed, 06 Nov 2013 20:26:22 +0000 I spent about a week in Kiev, Ukraine in early springtime.  The big question is, how hot are the girls… without hype and for REAL? 

And how easy is it to get laid there?…

I spent about a week in Kiev, Ukraine in early springtime.  The big question is, how hot are the girls… without hype and for REAL? 

And how easy is it to get laid there?

Most reviews I’ve read about Kiev where very polarized.  Either it was “paradise” or it was “WAY overrated”.  I wanted to find out for myself.

First, What The City of Kiev Is Like

First I want to give you some of my impressions of the city itself.

Kiev felt very safe to me, so don’t let safety hold you back.  The downtown areas feel enough like a modern city.

Ukraine recently dropped their Visa requirements to Americans, so now it’s super easy to travel there – all you need is a passport!

The drive from the Boryspil airport into Kiev is a tour in gray Soviet Union monolithic apartment architecture, splashed up with color of flashy bright McDonalds along the highway.  It’s a bizarre visual contrast between old and new.

The escalator out of the Metro can be a cool ride- imagine taking a single escalator that rises 20 stories high!

McDonald’s is quite popular there.  I counted at least 8 of them, and you can typically find one without too much trouble.  Stepping inside will make you feel at home if nothing else, and the workers speak English.

English American music is typically played in restaurants, malls, and fast food joints.

Kiev is cold.  Don’t expect nice weather until at least April or later!

Price wise, it’s cheap but not dirt cheap.  Grocery stores are tiny with very poor selection.  Expect to pay slightly higher prices than you would in the USA for food.  And clothing is expensive compared to the USA.  Something you’d buy at the Gap for $20 in Florida costs about $100 at the Gap there- and the clothing quality is cheap and lousy for the prices quoted.  Expect relatively poor selection for all consumer goods in general.

Getting around

Getting around Kiev is relatively cheap and easy.  The Metro system is rather simple, so getting around isn’t a problem.  And many younger people speak a little English, so if you get lost you can ask.

Some street signs however are only in the Cyrillic alphabet, which can make it hard to match what’s on your map.  I’ve also gotten mixed up coming off the metro in spots, as some stations will have many exist that go out onto different streets.  But with a little time and exploration, you figure it out.

And Taxis are relatively cheap for getting around- many speak English.

The Girls

In Kiev, *lots* of girls wear high heels.


Even when it’s bitter cold and icy out, a full 10% of the girls will be braving the ice in heels.  And that number rises dramatically as the weather warms up.


I’ve traveled all over Europe and Eastern Europe, and never seen anything close to such a high percentage of girls wearing high heels – not even close!  The end result: lots of sexy eye candy walking around.


In addition, the girls put in more effort to “dress to impress” on average than in any other country in Europe, Eastern Europe, or the USA.

Some of the girls have very amazingly pretty hair.

It’s very easy to stand out as a foreigner, if you want to.  Black clothing is very popular among Ukraine men.  Wear another color than black, and you’ll stand out from 95% of the other guys.

There’s an excellent Metro system, which allows you to get around for very little money, and where you can also meet girls.

The Cons

Okay… now it’s time to burst the hype!

Here’s the downside.

The girls are all super thin, some almost to the point of looking malnourished.  If you like boobs, hips, or butt, the girls will severely disappoint you.


The majority of girls are pale white with brown eyes and brown hair and stick skinny.  There’s not much visual diversity or variety.

If you like girls with butt, breasts, hips, or exotic looking tanned-skinned girls or ebony girls, you’ll find Kiev pretty disappointing.  Kiev women largely conform to a specific visual archetype- pale, skinny, and brown hair and brown eyes.

Most of the girls are 6s, 7s, and 8s.  If you have a thing for “9s and 10s”, I actually saw more in places like Florida, Southern California, Medellin Colombia, Budapest Hungary, and Stockholm Sweden.  Granted, it was early spring and still somewhat cold- perhaps in the summer heat more “9s and 10s” will be out and about, so I can’t say for sure.

In addition, the city is rather of gray, dull, and fugly.  It doesn’t exactly lift your spirits.  There’s not much reason to be there outside of girls.

Why do Kiev girls have a reputation for being so hot?

Mostly, the perceived beauty is a clever illusion.

First off, so many of girls wear high heels.  This makes these otherwise short girls look very tall and leggy – but it’s largely an illusion.  Kiev girls are not taller or leggier than girls anywhere else.  Still, if you’re not used to seeing girls wearing heels, it will easily fool you’re eyes.

Lots of girls put great effort into their makeup- some look professionally made up.

A sizable minority of girls do extensive hair coloring and hair straightening.

The girls aren’t intrinsically hotter as anywhere else… in fact, if you were take a group of young Swedish girls, Italian girls, or Norwegian girls and put them in tall high heels, makeup, and tight dresses, they’d be hotter than Urkainian women.

But many Western girls are quite lazy and sloppy.  For example, I met a Canadian girl at a hostel there.  She was tanned, blonde, and cute – I’d say having the potential to be hotter than 99% of the sickly pale Kiev girls.  But she had a bad posture from playing games on her phone, and had a tummy from eating shitty food.  I watched as she ate 6 pickles, chocolate, half a loaf of bread, and a beer before going to bed.  If she simply exercised, lost 10 kilos, and wore high heels and a tight dress, she would have blown away most of the Kiev girls – but as it was, she failed miserably.

So what Ukraine girls have is more *feminine polarity*.  They girls look more feminine because they simply try harder at the illusion.

There’s other factors that make the girls APPEAR hotter as well.

The country is quite poor and the girls have to walk everywhere- that keeps them quite thin.

But also, the population is young.  There is simply an inordinate number of younger women walking around, compared to Western Europe or the USA which has much older populations.

When you speak English, girls take notice of you.  I think this feeds into many guy’s egos – guys who aren’t normally used to getting attention from girls otherwise – and then the guy hypes the quality of the women in their stories and field reports, because their ego has been stroked.

Keep in mind too that hotness is all relative.  If you are coming from a small, cold, older and overweight populated city like Strasbourg in Austria, or Pittsburg in Pennsylvania, you will most likely be blown away by the eye candy walking around the streets.

However, if you are coming from a warm, younger city like Miami Florida, where girls already show skin and paleness is a sign of sickliness, you’ll find the girls in Kiev more average looking.

Night Game

Night game potential is average.  I was repeatedly told that Kiev wasn’t the place to go for night life.  That most girls can’t afford to go, and that mingling is not part of the culture really.

In addition, many of the girls in clubs are not “the girls next door” but are hookers.  Other women found at clubs are middle-aged gold diggers looking for a foreigner to marry.  Your best bet is to skip the big-name clubs and bars, find out where the University students are going.

Day Game

Kiev presents many day game opportunities.  Most girls are too poor to drive, so they walk everywhere and there’s an excellent Metro system for getting around.

The standard advice you’ll hear for day game is visit Khreshchatyk street – that’s where you find the most pedestrians.  Here’s a video:

YouTube Video

But I actually much preferred the upscale areas around the Metro stations Tolstoho Square and Olimpiiska – I found the girls slightly prettier, higher class, and better dressed there.

How easy are the girls?

From what I understand, it used to be you could walk in, speak English, and as a dirty scruffy backpacker you could get laid like picking up candy.  But those days are long over.

If you can’t approach girls AT ALL back home, then you won’t find Kiev any easier.  The girls will NOT approach you.  It’s still up to you to make everything happen.  If you can’t get laid back home, you might get 6s and 7s at best in Kiev.

If you are looking for a “quick fix” where you don’t have to do any game whatsoever, you are grasping at straws thinking that Kiev will fix your problems, and your results will be severely hampered.

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The guys who will find it easier will be intermediates or guys already getting a little success back home.  If you can approach girls, but your game is sloppy and you get blown out a lot- THIS is the guy who will find Kiev easier.  Because you speak English and dress differently, you’ll stand out from the other guys and girls will take notice of you.  The girl that would brush you off back home may suddenly take interest in you in Kiev.

But keep in mind that the top hottie outliers make up a very small percentage of the girls.  Don’t imagine you can waltz up to the “Perfect 10” and have her fall all over you just because you speak English.  At best you’ll get more IOIs and maybe more up front attention from girls – but if your game back home is weak, you’ll still be limited to pulling the 7s for the most part.

In addition, many of the girls come from traditional families and live with their parents.  So hooking up for quick one night stands can actually be easier in more liberal “mingling cultures” like the USA.

For advanced guys, you’ll appreciate the extra attention you get from girls, but ultimately you should be pulling quality girls from anywhere you go – and you may find Kiev somewhat hyped given the downsides of the city.

The Future

Since the Ukraine has loosened its entry requirements, foreign tourists are beginning to pour in in far greater numbers.  You will still stand out as a foreigner.  However, that window is rapidly closing and with each year it will count for less.  Of course, if you have good game though, it doesn’t matter!

There’s one McDonald’s the size of a small mall there.  It was a madhouse inside- very popular.  As the country grows richer, it will also grow fatter.  People will drive more, people will eat more fast food, and he girls will drive less.  It will still take a good 50 years though to catch up with level of obesity you find in small-town America.   So for now, it’s nothing to worry about.

Jesse, so you recommend going?

Yes I do!  Personally I generally prefer the more classical look of Western European girls (and the ethnic variety) – but everyone has different tastes.  The only way to know for sure is if you visit and see for yourself… and I encourage you to do so!

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