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Strawberry Field Test ??

Discussion in 'General' started by ForeverMan, Oct 16, 2005.

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    I think there are slightly different versions of it but this is the one I know (you can find it on the web). Basically you ask the girl a few questions about a strawberry field, and then interpret her answers - it's about sex and introduces the topic of sex into the conversation in a playful and interesting way (because you are talking about her :)) In other words it's a state transitioner.

    Credit goes to Maniac for the initial summary and interpretations. I've reworded it a bit.


    You are walking along the countryside all by yourself when suddenly you see a field full of strawberries, ripe to be eaten. You also notice that there is a fence around the strawberry field.

    Can you tell me how high this fence is?

    Interpretation: the height of the fence indicates how "easy" the girl is when it comes to sex.


    You make it into the field, you are surrounded by strawberries.

    How many strawberries do you take?

    Interpretation: relates to how many partners the girl wants (not necessarily at the same time).


    You eat the strawberries.

    What is your feeling or attitude towards the farmer/owner of the strawberry field now?

    Interpretation: After you've had sex with someone the way you will feel about that person.

    There are lots of games like this one involving a few quesitons. The cube is another. After you've asked her the questions you give her your interpretation of the answers.