Seduction Science
Seduction Science
Don’t be afraid of women- 97% of women are friendly when you approach them. None of us, men or women, want to come across as jerks Women are from the same planet you’re from.… more
Stop talking yourself down like “She wouldn’t like me”- instead, talk positive- “I’m the sexiest guy she’s ever met” Stop the self-defeating thoughts, “She’s out of my league” and think the exact opposite, positive thought, “I’m out of HER league” Don’t think to yourself, “I’ve got to” or “I must”.… more
When you stimulate a woman’s key erogenous zones you tell her subconsciously that you’re an incredible, experienced lover When removing her clothes, alternate the touch sensations from lighter to harder touches and back again, building the sexual charge Notice skin areas that feel cool.… more
Cunnlingus Tips Even if you’re the biggest loser on Earth, women will go crazy if you’re able to give them explosive tongue thrashings You can easily compensate for having a small woody-woodpecker if she knows she’s found a rare treasure tongue Oral sex is not a natural skill that you’re born with.… more
Something that tends to happen with ALL men – and especially those who haven’t had as much success with women – is they get stuck on ONE woman.… more
Once you tell a story, don’t wait for the girl’s permission to go on to the next one- just launch into the next one and the next Drinking may give you “liquid courage” but it makes you sloppy- practice without the crutch of a beer and you practice true confidence Women’s attraction to you is largely determined by the attractiveness of the other women with you.… more
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