Playfulness And The Secret To Get Any Girl You Want

One of the keys to getting into the right frame of mind is before you go out, you should get into a playful state.

Being playful is by nature outwardly focused and gets you outside of your head. It eliminates your false sense of seriousness about what’s ahead of you; it eliminates the false sense that you have to perform a task when every experience can be a fun interaction.

Jesse’s Giant List of Tips For Hot Body Language, Voice, Eye Contact, And A Sexy Smile – For Men

The woman’s limbic brain is responsible for lust, desire, and mating- light it and she’ll feel attraction no matter her reasons not to date you. Here’s my ultimate list of nonverbal attraction game tips to get cute girls.

Jesse’s Manly Voice Tips

Resonance, speed, and tone of voice are the most important nonverbal cues for creating sexual attraction with women