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10 Tips To Spot Scam Pickup Programs And Keep Your Money
Thailand Nightlife and Beaches Review – How Hot Are The Girls!
Click the video above to watch! Hey guys, this is Jesse Charger here, and in this video, I want to… more
Date Models, Celebrities – Learn How to Pick Up ANY Girl
In this post I’m going to show you a trick to pickup ANY girl – even models and semi-celebrities. What… more
Kiev Ukraine: How Hot The Girls Really Are, Without Hype!
I spent about a week in Kiev, Ukraine in early springtime.  The big question is, how hot are the girls…… more
7 Tools To Give Girls Bed-Breaking Orgasms (including my $1 Orgasm Trick)
Here’s 7 tools I like to use to make women have hard, wet, bed-breaking orgasm. Grab a couple of these… more
Eastern European Girls Vs. American Girls – 7 Differences
In my travels across Eastern Europe, I noticed at least 7 differences between American girls, and Eastern European girls.  Specifically,… more
40 Great Workout Songs For Lifting Weights
I’ve put together here a large collection of songs that are great listening for pumping weights at the gym. These… more
Quit Porn For Good! My Easy 4 Step Formula
First, click on the above video to watch! Hey girls and boys it’s Jesse charger here coming to you from… more
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