Seduction Science
Seduction Science
Okay so I’m assuming you want a HOT girlfriend… Yes, she needs to be sweet and nice and yada, yada, yada.… more
With an opinion opener, you ask a woman her opinion on something rather than a compliment.  This way you can come across more casually and get her talking first before ever even expressing interest in her. … more
What kind of dating life do YOU want? MOST of the men in the world choose one of two paths: straight-up monogamous relationships, or a series of meaningless physical conquests.… more
There is nothing more exciting to a woman than a man in control.  In control of himself.  In control of the frame. … more
According to Taoism, sexual energy originates in the kidneys, bone marrow, the penis, prostate, and bladder.  Sexual energy bonds together the opposing male-female or yin-yang forces. … more
It is important to understand that the capacity for sexual arousal and orgasm is biologically programmed into the body for women, so if it isn’t happening, something must be in the way: pathological trances.… more
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