Seductive Body Language
The next source of social value is your seductive body language. What the typical guy doesn’t realize is that a… more
Coffee Shop Pickup Lines
Ask, “Do you believe in ghosts?” For some reason, girls in coffee shops love to give their opinions on this!… more
5 Great Concert Pickup Lines
In a loud concert, stick up your hand and have her high-five you. Say, “You’re awesome!” and do this to… more
5 Great Bookstore Pickup Lines
Bookstore pickup line: Pull out a random book from the shelf and open it: “Wow… cool… this book is so… more
Grocery Store Pickup Lines
Grocery store pickup line: In the aisle tell a fit looking woman, “I’m trying to get on a new low-carb… more
Overcome Your Approach Anxiety By Beating Your Inner Caveman
Overcoming approach anxiety can feel tough.  Let me share with you a little secret about how all men’s brains, including… more
Some Inexpensive Cars That Surprisingly Turn On Hot Girls
Today I want to reveal a little secret about the “seduction industry” for attracting hot girls. A lot of guys… more
Seducing Strippers – 10 Things Exotic Dancers Taught Me About Getting Hot Women
Normally, we only think of men as studying advanced seduction psychology and techniques. Well, there’s a whole class of women… more
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