Seduction Science
Seduction Science
One of my favorite “hot looks” for a woman is the pin-up girl look. And there’s nothing hotter then romping a girl with those pinup legs and fashion style.… more
So which cities are the best for meeting, picking up, and bedding beautiful girls? Sometimes your sleepy home town won’t cut it; you’ve got to move to where the girls are.… more
Manicured fingernails look superbly sexy on a woman.  In the same way that women have often look at a man’s shoes to cue her to his genetic fitness, manicured nails really grab our attention.… more
Here’s an easy trick to have an otherwise good girl show up at your door, dressed in the sexiest lingerie imaginable – a too-short, hot pink, micro-mini dress, that barely covers her – and immediately bend her over and fuck her living brains out.… more
You could make the argument that Carol Seleme from Brazil is possibly the hottest babe ever to walk the Earth. Now before you contest my assessment, my argument is based on two observations.… more
Check out the video above, where I talk about one of my favorite subjects: The Universe! Full Transcript Hey guys! This is Jesse Charger here and in this video I want to talk about one of my favorite topics, which is ‘Outer space and the universe’.… more
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