Seduction Science
Seduction Science
I see a lot of guys pretending to be the “nice guy provider” to get into the girl’s pants, only later to reveal himself as the player that dumps her soon after.  … more
What kind of man do you have to be to able to build a harem of your own? What personal traits MUST be there to be able to enjoy this kind of lifestyle to it’s fullest?… more
Now, you need to begin thinking in terms of social value. Take for instance, the question of opening women “directly” or “indirectly”.… more
You can ignore a hot girl to get her attention!  Here’s how- When approaching a group of women, men do the mirror-opposite of what actually works.… more
Has this ever happened to you? You attempt to get a girl’s phone number and she’s evasive about it.  Or if she gives it to you, when you do call her she doesn’t pickup the phone. … more
Most of us take our voices for granted.  Yet the resonance, speed, and tone of your voice are some of the most important factors in creating sexual rapport with women. … more
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