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Can You Smile Like Miss Universe? (video)
Getting Laid The Han Solo Way (Video)
First, watch the video below of Han Solo’s pickup. Okay, let’s break his seductive actions down… A big question I… more
Why Money and Good Looks Sabotage Your Success With Women
I got a letter here asking me, “Jesse, sometimes I think this would be so much easier if I was… more
Super Confidence With Women Is Like Swimming And Balls Beer
Having super confidence with women is much like swimming. Imagine you have never learned to swim and you jump into… more
How To Live In The Now And Become More Social
When being in a party or club or social situation its really important to live in the moment, in the… more
Why Money Doesn’t Work To Get The Girl
Most guys today believe that having a little more money would make them happier. But the research shows again and… more
How Elvis Gets The Girl (Video)
I was visiting Elvis Presley’s estate, Graceland in Memphis Tennessee, strolling through the gift shop when by pure chance on… more
Florianopolis, Brazil – “The Best Kept Secret” of South America
Most likely you’ve never heard of Florianopolis, and that’s because it’s the best kept secret of ALL of South America.… more
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