Seduction Science
Seduction Science
Most of us take our voices for granted.  Yet the resonance, speed, and tone of your voice are some of the most important factors in creating sexual rapport with women. … more
Attraction is not a choice. As an example of an experience that happened to me, I had just purchased a condominium and I was filling out some paperwork in the condominium’s main office.… more
Having two or three pretty, happy girls in your bed taking their turns on you is what Circles are all about.… more
This is the politically explosive guide to, #1. Meet Girls #2. Sleep With Girls #3. Mind Control Girls Into Your Cult of Girlfriends Okay, you’re thinking, “Jesse, ‘mind control’ and ‘cults’ are fucking EVIL!” ..Well, I’m talking about a completely different kind of mind control, LOVE… making girls feel happy and loved and part of a bigger family of love.… more
There’s something special about classic blondes – the tanned golden skin, the high cheek bones, the cupid-bow lips, and the long legs.… more
Hi, I’m Jesse Charger,  and Seduction Science is my website.  Let me tell you my story! I’ve been running Seduction Science since 2001, over 12 years now(!), and in the process taught thousands of guys how to meet women- over 200,000 visitors reach Seduction Science each month.… more
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And Yes, That's Over 10 Years Coaching Dating! :)

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