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Wing with Jesse on his World Adventure!

coach-jesse2Wing with me on my Great Adventure World Tour and get personalized coaching, and… get laid!

I give you detailed feedback on your strengths and weak points. You’ll find a turbo-boost in your advancement at creating inferno attraction on super hotties FAST.

I’ll demonstrate what to do, and show you how to do it.  If you’re a beginner, learn to run game the right way up front, and if you’re more experienced, break out of the “intermediate purgatory” and pull way hotter girls than you’d normally pull.

This is the fastest, easiest, quickest way to get good at pulling and closing top-quality girls.


You can wing with me for 10 full days for the complete Immersion Experience for $7,000 U.S. dollars.

OR we do the 3 day weekend together for $2,900.

The price covers all  entrance fees, transportation between locations, and snacks. (By the way, I don’t drink, so paying for alcohol for yourself is up to you…)

P.S. If you’re on a tighter budget consider phone coaching (click here for Phone Coaching)

Now… let’s see if you’re right for joining me for a live-training boot camp on my world adventure.  Just fill out the questions in the form below, if you’re interested in joining me.

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What Others Say...

If you’re in this community and have not worked with Jesse yet, I’d highly recommend it. It’ll be worth it to save the time, energy, and money in the long run to have a master of this art to steer you in the right direction. I don’t even see the purpose of reading any more articles when I can spend my time internalizing a few principles that will lead to 90% of my results. It makes sense to work with Jesse if you want to get this taken care of effectively.

The Shark

Jesse is just a normal fucking guy. Seriously. There is nothing superhuman about him. Loud voice, yes. Confident, yes. But he's just a normal dude. The normality about who he is and what he does is shocking and fucking inspiring. The only difference between me and him is his mindset and the experiences he has had. I truly feel now that anyone can learn these principles… it's like picking up any other sport or performing art.


With so much pickup nonsense out there I could probably spend half my life reading it all and still not really understand game. I've found it all bogs game down, making learning a jumbled mess. But Jesse presented the principles to me verbally and pushed me into action. Game is simple. It's so easy when it's explained the right way. Jesse definitely has done that to game.


I've read all the free stuff and bought a few programs but it's not even on the same plain as working directly with Jesse. He gave me a new understanding of game unlike anything I've seen or heard before. His personal method is straightforward, its direct, and it's simple. And it's based on principles, laws that do not change because they are effective and they work.


I read and watch everything. But I still sucked balls after a year of going out on my own. I'd go out, approach a few girls, and still not get anywhere. I've only had two victories, and they felt more like chance than anything. I wasn't where I wanted to be. I'd probably gotten as good as I could by studying and going out on my own. Working with Jesse though I found out what I was doing wrong, what I needed to focus on, and what direction to go to get good. This month alone I hooked up with two new girls, and have been improving ever since.

Van S.

I want to share a few thoughts for anyone considering working with Jesse. Jesse's program is a bargain. A doctor charges $5,000 for spending a few hours giving a woman new breasts. A good lawyer can easily cost you $1,000 per day. A pickup boot camp can easily cost $3,000 for a weekend. With Jesse, he's giving you hours and hours of his professional time. This is absolutely nothing for someone with years of experience coach you personally. And you'll save money in the long run like money wasted buying drinks and paying cover charges where you don't get laid.

Peter G


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