How Elvis Gets The Girl (Video)

I was visiting Elvis Presley’s estate, Graceland in Memphis Tennessee, strolling through the gift shop when by pure chance on a television screen overhead, something truly amazing caught my eye.

This is what a “Natural” in action looks like. Watch the video BELOW before reading on.

Now, how do most guys act when talking to a girl?

They are not so much acting as they are REACTING.

They look for any excuse to eject from the set– the girls aren’t enthusiastic about his opening line, so he leaves the set.

The girls start to look bored so he leaves the set.

The girl doesn’t want to kiss him so he leaves the set.

Or most likely he just doesn’t approach at all, afraid of how the woman might react.

At any sign of trouble his game falls like a house of cards in the wind.

This kind of guy is living in REACTION.

He is reacting to everything the girl says or does, rather than just ignoring it and plowing through.

Maybe Mr. Reactive opens many girls in a night, but he’s not in any set very long because he bails so quickly. Maybe he feels good about opening, but in reality he was nowhere close to getting laid because he didn’t stick with the set and plow through to the end.

If you break like this, the woman will notice instantly that she controls your feelings and she will lose attraction for you.

If you stick things out however, the woman will eventually “flip”, open up, and suddenly show massive interest in you, once you’ve demonstrated she can’t affect you.

Women like persistence and like a guy who doesn’t care about what others think.

Sometimes a video can say much more than words however.

Notice Elvis, Mr. Natural here, and take some notes.

1. The fire of lust is burning inside him. The woman’s token resistance doesn’t affect his state or determination one bit.

2. He touches the girl. Her resistance doesn’t stop him.

3. He persists, relentlessly, shamelessly. He’s like the caveman who hits the woman over the head with his club and drags her back to his cave. He’s not concerned about her reaction.

4. He even gets her name wrong, but it doesn’t affect his state. He’s not concerned about saying ‘the right thing’.

5. His unbending, laser eye contact and ‘I don’t give a ****’ relaxed body language.

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22 thoughts on “How Elvis Gets The Girl (Video)”

  1. Wow Jesse you are magnificent!I would like to know how long after the first interaction or contact should a man make the move to sleep with a woman?I really want an answer.Thank you so much for your helpfull contributions.

  2. I’m late to the party here but I have an urge to tell you this… as a woman that video turned me right the hell on. Notice she does not say NO? THAT’S when you stop, guys. She’ll make it crystal clear. Am I right, Jesse?

    What a cold shower when the parents come home.

  3. Im sure it works for some guys, but if you dont look like Elvis in a movie how do you avoid being arrested or having security called upon?

    1. Point is, most guys wuss out and slink away at the very FIRST sign of resistance from the girl. They assume that the girl wants him to go away IMMEDIATELY. This is not about molesting the girl, it’s about being unreactive and standing your ground. If the girl doesn’t walk away from you, it’s still on and you’re still in set.

  4. Got kicked down a stack of 100 Playboys, mint, started reading this site, and got laid 2x in one month no money down , once with a stripper, legitmately, and once with a stranger at a pizza parlor in the back parking lot, now, that’s about a 3.0; 4.0 would be shacking up with a Number 10 girl-of-your-dreams.

    1. haha, yeah but stalking is observing a girl from afar. Elvis is owning is attraction, he’s just cavemanning her. Yeah, if he followed her everywhere from a distance without saying anything, that would be different. that’s stalking

  5. If the girl was not attracted to Elvis then, sure, following her around would be creepy however Elvis knows she wants him. She keeps kissing him them drawing away. Her heart is say yes while her brain, for what ever reason, is saying no if you like. He knows that by persisting, her passion will overcome her fear and he will get his way.

    So, as long as you have interest, hang in there!

  6. Isnt it a little creepy that he just continues and continues ? wouldnt the girl feel very uncomfortable in real life ?

    Please help me out, cant figure this one out

  7. I don’t remember if it was Derek who mentioned this, but imagine the typical cat.  You meet someone and they invite you over.  they have a doesn’t know you.  Now dogs are not shy so a dog would start licking you like you were its owner.  Try to grab the cat and it runs away…..but sit there for a moment, meow at it even, but sit there…and out it comes and rubs on your leg…and then you gently pick it up and pet it.  The psychology behind this, well, sitting there doesn’t mean that you’re not being persistent, in fact the sole purpose of sitting there IS because you want the cat to come out so you can pet it.  You just can’t hound a woman like a beagle on a rabbit’s ass; you have to arouse her curiosity.  Make her WANT to KNOW why she should go on a date with you, Make her want you to want her…make any sense?  Just do the push and pull, warm, then cool, then warm again.  Soon you’ll be the center of her attention.  I did this at a party recently.  I started talking to this girl, then I asked to be excused, went over to a group of girls whom I have never met, and engaged them in convo.  the girl I was actually interested in was the first one I left to go speak to the others..  then while in the group, glanced over and winked at her, then left that group and went over to two other girls sitting on a couch.  Finally the first girl came over, got me and asked me to dance.  And umm..yeah she hogged me up the rest of the evening.  So I established that I’m a just a guy who likes women because ..well, they’re women, I can’t help what is natural.  I also established my social standing, and of course, I gave her a nice tease with the wink, and still not going back to her, instead, going to yet another group of girls.  See, she was the cat, and I just baited her…. an A+ 4.0 on my gaming GPA.  hehehe

  8. I agree that we gotta be shamelessly persistent if we want to be successful in this game.  It’s the power of state.  We can see in that movie sequence how Elvis sensed that he got the girl under his spell, so he kept on casting his spel on her to lower her bithc shields and make her surrender.  I mean sometimes we have to learn to use the power of our senses in order to capture our prey during the hunting session as usually do predators in the animal kingdom.

    It’s baout being ready for that kill…I like the fact about Elvis being care and stressfree…This sounds like something good to emulate…

  9. hello, thats preety cool and true, be persistent and be a cool man,. but in the video, how can we appply this in real life?. i mean, the whole time, he was singing to the girl, what can we do?. we cant sing?.  and it wont look cool for us, it will just look like we are forcing on the girl.. what should we do ?..

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