Florianopolis, Brazil – “The Best Kept Secret” of South America

Most likely you’ve never heard of Florianopolis, and that’s because it’s the best kept secret of ALL of South America.

Florianopolis, otherwise known as “Floripa” is actually an island right off the coast of Brazil and it’s where all middle class Brazilians – and the best looking Brazilian girls – go to vacation in the summer.

I spent 6 weeks living in Floripa, and this is a review of it as a pickup/seduction destination.

Having travelled all over the Americas, Florianopolis is the single BEST place to meet beautiful women in all of South America.

The upper class and wealthy from all over Brazil visit the paradise island of Florianopolis for vacation, so all the most beautiful women stream into this single place.

How Attractive Are The Girls?

Generally more attractive than what you’ll find in the rest of Brazil, and I’ve been to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Curritiba.  The exception is if you like darker skinned girls, in which case you’re better off visiting the Northern territory of Brazil instead.

The population tends to be young, like 16 to 30.  Generally the body type is thin and tan.  Small breasts generally.  Not very many Swedish-looking blondes, mostly the girls have that olive-skin Latin look. Some black girls too.

I didn’t see many truly drop dead gorgeous “Perfect 10s” but there are a few around.  Most of the women are 7s, 8s, and 9s.

But you can’t just waltz in there expecting to easily get laid.  Most of the women are middle-class or well-off, so just being a foreigner alone won’t cut it.

You still need to have GAME and the confidence to APPROACH.  That’s why I created the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program, which I spent YEARS developing in my travels through South America, so that you can specifically target these Brazilian beauties. It’s 15 hours of my latest material, and will make getting a “9” girlfriend far easier, wherever you live.

Just click THIS link to download the program.

How Is The Day Game?

Large parts of the main city are cut off to cars and are open to pedestrians only, making it an ideal place to run daytime game. Most people take buses too, so it’s easy to meet women just going to and from places on the island.

And there’s little towns all over the island (it’s a big island) and lots of pedestrians and young ladies everywhere you go.  Brazil has a younger population than America or Europe, and the island attracts the young and beautiful – so there’s just lots of young women everywhere.

Then there’s the beaches and spectacular surfing – miles and miles of beautiful beaches free from cars and development and home only to thousands of Brazilian women wearing bikinis.

How Is The Nightlife?


Don’t forget the dozens of bars and clubs all over the island and throughout the different towns.

But actually, I wasn’t always impressed by the nightlife.  It didn’t seem like the hottest girls went to these places. For the more upscale venues, expect to pay at least $20 covers and taxis (another $20). The place really shines more for day game.

What Else Is Good About Florianopolis

Very little crime.  It’s safe and middle class.

Great beaches, great hiking, and outdoor activities. Pretty nature scenery.

I was able to get  an apartment for about $600 for the month in a prime location, with AC and with Internet — but book in advance!

People are friendly.

Not many foreigners know about the place, so you’ll have the place to yourself. A few Europeans go there, but almost NO Americans. The whole time I was there I only met one other American.

Any downsides to Florianopolis?

The women speak Portuguese and generally very little English.  If you don’t speak Portuguese, you’ll have a TOUGH time meeting women, particularly if you don’t already have your game dialed here in the U.S. or Europe. That’s why I highly suggest you develop great game here FIRST.  Download Pimpsleur for Portuguese and do all 90 lessons before coming here.

In winter Floripa is dead, but in summer (December, January, February) the island comes alive. So it’s not a place to live all year round.

The water can be COLD! Which makes the place fall a little short of reaching tropical paradise status.

Pretty nice scenery, but not truly tropical paradise.  You’d need to go to Costa Rica or Panama for example to get the warm water and super lush colors.  But it’s close.

It’s slow to get around unless you pay for Taxis, which are expensive.  Otherwise you have to take the buses, which are crowded and slow.  The upside is that the buses are full of hot young women.

More expensive than the rest of Brazil, but cheap compared to the U.S. or Europe.

It’s a plus to be a foreigner, but that alone won’t get you laid here.  You’ll still need to know how to approach, and attract women NON-VERBALLY.  That’s why I created Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control.  Click Here to get it!

72 thoughts on “Florianopolis, Brazil – “The Best Kept Secret” of South America”

  1. You forget to mention the reason why Florianopolis is safe and has the best-looking girls in Brazil. The reason is that most of these women have a European heritage (lots of German immigrants) and they did not mingle with blacks.

  2. Hey I’m thinking of going around March, towards the end of the month. What will the night life be like then, too dead as everyone is back at work/college?

    When did you go Jess (and everyone else for that matter 😀 )
    Will also welcome other suggestions, I will be spending a week or so in Curitiba too.

  3. i have read all your comments but let me tell you i have traveled this world especially Europe,far east,Africa and south America but dam mm Ugandan girls a dam hot they a naturally beautiful no make up & they don’t go to the gym

  4. Just wanted to say that after reading this site and many others about Florinopolis, I decided to come and visit.

    I have been living in Medellin Colombia for the last two years. The women are very beautiful, and 8 and 9’s are common. However the women I have met are only out for what they can get today, could care less about tomorrow.

    Therefore a change in place for me is needed. As I type this comment, I am on the roof of the Sofitel Hotel in Florinopolis by the pool relaxing. I walked most of the day along the water in the downtown area.

    Its very safe, and very beautiful here. I have not seen any 10’s, and most of the women so far are about average looking. I did see a few 6 or 7’s, but nothing more.

    I am however not by the beaches on the north or east side of the island, and it is the dead of winter here. The climate is nice as we had sun all day and a beautiful sunset. I will post more when I go for a drive tomorrow.

  5. thank you for this article, all this time , you have upgraded my knowledge concerning latinos and it would be a great aid to my writing skills.

  6. Idiots.. The trick is to stay in hostels then meet all the hots girls from Europe who needs some western comfort in a nice western hotel! Often times they have been traveling for a while. And 99% of them will be able to speak English and Spanish.

    Girls that live in hostels are 8-10, better looking than 90% of all brazlians. So bunker down and suck it up to a hostel for a day or two in each city that you visit then you’ll have no trouble scoring.

    Peace from Floripa!

  7. i scouted florianopolis, rio, including casting the modeling agencies there!!!! the only way to get laid is the stripper sex bars with milfs, and the st tropez town north of rio and got nada. i use to be a model, i am 6 foot 3 and muscle and 37 years old good looking guy who can score a model in new york clubs sometimes with my photography pickup gig or my moviestar gig or picking ups swedish tourists or russians… i produced some films too and shot the cover of cosmo. i did not even see one super hottie the entire time i was in brazil. i have had relationships- if you know what i mean with over 700 models, real models, including a 6 year old daughter with a cosmo covergirl, in russia and ukraine and i can tell you its the bomb. its not as good as it use to be but its still better than anywhere else. brazil sucks. dominican is much better, good pros too…cheap… and cuba sucks too all pros…a few ok. brazil is also black girls most of the time, which is fine with me but not as advertised

    1. Thanks for the info, but are you sure of this? Any chance looking back you may change your mind a little? I am going there in a few months, and you are making me reconsider….How about Scandinavian countries, any experience? I will be going there soon also…appreciate your input, thanks!!!

    2. The “10s” are pretty rare and difficult to meet in any country… just FINDING them is a problem. I’ve been to Sweden, and most of the girls are average-looking there, mostly 7s, just like Floripa. However, in Floripa the girls and population tends to be younger, there’s nice beaches. Swedish girls on the other hand are very sexually liberal and they speak English. It’s a tough choice- you’d almost have to see both and see which one you connect with more.

  8. :mrgreen: Hello everyone, is it true that Brazilian women are very direct meaning that they want men to directly approach them rather than indirect.

    I’ve never visited Brazil but I live here in San Diego and I approached some Brazilian women at a night club in Pacific Beach and they are way friendlier and open than American Women, however they spoke little english and that was a big problem.

    I’m former U.S. Navy so foreign women are my favorite.

    I’m thinking about making a trip to Floria or Rio. I’m not looking for just sex. I’m looking to meet a quality but sexy Brazilian woman and I am willing to put in the work to connect with one. (Of course any man wants sex duh…)

    Anyway I know I will have to learn Portuguese, but I also like Day Game more than club game. (any tips for me, I’m all ears) I’m not afraid to approach but I also want to know if Brazilian women like Direct more than Indirect….. 😛

  9. im live in ilha grande,florianopolis santa catarina and when u say little crime and middle class i bet u aint came to ilha grande lol

  10. Hi there guys, I was born in Sao Paulo, but I’m currently going to college in Floripa. There are all kinds of women here, but there are some things you should know:
    1: Florianópolis Island was settled by Portuguese from Azores and Madeiras, so most of the girls have that olive skin you talked about
    2: However, since in the last decades there was a heavy immigration from other parts of the state (which was mainly settled by germans), expect to find some north-european looking girls. Most of the students in my college( UFSC) came from the continent, especially from Blumenau and Joinville ( the biggest city in the state) and here in the university neighbourhood (Pantanal and Trindade), there are many blond, blue eyed chicks and even some redheads, so I strongly reccomend college parties if you like this kind of chicks. I’ve lived in Canada and I can easily affirm that Florinópolis is much whiter than canadian big cities, where there are more asians than canadians.
    3: If you like typical brazilian tanned skin girls, you will also find them in florianopolis, due to migration and miscigenation. There are many of them in the poor neighbourhoods and in the university city, since there are people from all over brazil there.
    4: If you prefer black girls, you’re not very likely to find them in Santa Catarina, but there are some of them in Floripa. I’ve seen more of them in the city centre… many of them came from other parts of Brazil and live in poor neighbourhoods in Floripa. There are some of them at UFSC and some 100% black girls from Haiti, but those speak bad portuguese… if you speak french to them you will be fine, I guess. If you prefer black girls over other girls, maybe Floripa is not for you. I’d recommend Salvador, then.
    5.If you’re going the beach on summer, you can ignore some of the things I said before. Florianópolis population doubles in the summer, and the beaches get crowded with people coming from the SC continent and from all over Brasil and from other south american countries too (especially Argentine). You will find every kinds of girls there, really.

    So, I think that’s all. I strongly reccomend university parties, even in the winter. There are girls for everyone’s taste there! So, Floripa rocks in the summer, but the other seasons can be awesome too, and you will be more likely to meet native people. I warn americans and europeans that Florianopolis is not a Tropical city! While in the brazilian Northeast it’s basically summer all year, brazilian southern states are located under the Tropic of Capricorn, and it might get cold in the winter. Even though Floripa is one of the warmest cities in the south, temperature can easily drop to 8 or even 5 degrees on winter, but it won’t ever drop below freezing point. It also rains a lot in the winter.
    Have fun here, and bring your female friends with you! Then we can have a good exchange hahaha. Ask me anything in the comments if you need help

      1. Lucas, you obviously know what you are talking about. I have visited Curitiba, Joinville, Blumenau and Florianopolis and can attest to the fact that many of the girls there are blonde, blue-eyed and some of them even speak German. That is, if their grandmothers bothered to teach them.
        But what tips do you have for us guys who are not of college age and cannot be seen at university parties?

  11. hi all,
    short question, it looks like that you are all expert 🙂 i am living in munich germany and i will go with some friends of mine to floripa for christmas and over the new year. i am native italian, therefore i can speak a fluent italian, german and a good english….but my portuguese is crap 🙁
    how much important it is to know well the language in order to comunicate with the people there ? they also speak english, or would it make sense to start a full immersion portuguese course ??
    thanks a lot
    apologize if i made (and certainly i did) some grammar mistake in my message 🙂

  12. it’s all good info. a place that i have thought of going to before. have been to other places in brasil like fortaleza,bahia ,recife,vitoria, rio,sao paulo. i do speak some portuguese,but for the most part the women that i have met most easily have been working girls- either pros or casuals at the clubs and bars. what is the real situation with working girls in floripa. it’s good to have game,but money and a williness to spend it is what often attracts most women to your bed, or allow you to get into theirs.

  13. Women outnumber men 7 to 1. It is a fact.  When I was married to a brazilian, brazilian women try to pik me up in brazil and in california. They are dying to have a boyfriend.  Brazilian give up hope on marriage if it happens then they are thrilled. Women are so desperate they will date married men. 

    1. Jesse, John is right the ratio is like 6 or 7-1. And in Manaus that goes up to 10-1. I’ve heard many reasons why their more women than men in Brazil, one friend that’s a Brazilian Attorney told me it’s because of the voilence, but who knows. I’ve traveled the world since the 1980’s chasing tail, and Brazil is by far the best place. You don’t need to know any seduction science. I could get an average looking dude laid in Brazil within 1 hour of landing on the plane. Brazilian women are just hungry for sex and love.

    2. Sounds like John and I have hit a nerve with this Jesse guy. 10-1 in Manaus is a typo, my apologies board. The sex ratio in Manaus is higher than 7-1, and everyone that’s been traveling to Brazil for much time knows this. They’re plenty of girls down there that will hook up with average or below average guys. It’s like John said, they just want a boyfriend. Good luck to you all!

  14. florianopolis girls are beautifull ,attractive and gorgeous and have huge vagina`s.Tall beautifull women are like the statue of liberty and they have big vagina`s.

  15. Great info. Originally I’m from Dallas, TX – in 2007 I married a Brasilian woman from Campinas, Sao Paulo (a very wealthy area where the rich live who work out of big SP). Wow she was a spoiled brat. rich but spoiled. whatever, she took me to SP and took care of me for 6 months till my visa ran out. It was quite the experience. SP has gorgeous women all over the place. I can only imagine Floripa. Since I lived there I now speak good Portugues, so I think I’ll have fabulous game… plus being from Dallas the game there is just to ‘grab’ them as they pass by and they love it. so I think things will be a hot time in paradise. No more wife talk… they are far too jealous. so i think this time its better to ‘catch and release’ and catch another one. … Cool Site.

  16. I’ve chased women all over this world; it’s my favorite thing to do. I have to say, Florianopolis is probably my favorite place in the world. Three reasons: 1) the quality of the women. Southern Brazil women are the hottest. I’m talking 8s and 9s everywhere! 2) Quantity. There are many more women than men in Brazil. Just chicks everywhere man, you will be amazed. If you’ve ever been in a bar where the ratio is 50/50, it feels like its 80% women! 3) The nightlife. Floripa has super nightlife. Bars & clubs, and many special event clubs/parties you get fliers for. For us guys, being aggressive is more important than your looks. You must be foreward, grab her hand & start talking to her. It works! And I consider myself an expert on the subject (I wrote a book about it: 101 Essential Wingman Tips by Billy Conroy)
    Anyway, if you love hot chicks, you must visit Florianopolis once in your life; I’m in the process of scheduling my fourth trip there now.

    1. Thanks Billy. From my experience, what you’re saying about the girls there in terms of quantity and quality is exaggerated, but there’s definitely many cute girls to be met on foot.

  17. i know very very much girls in Floripa. i was born in Floripa.
    girls gostosas, lindas.
    é isso aiiii!!!! broo….

  18. i like reading this post again i live guapiles costa rica for 5 yrs
    you can get hotel 8 to 10 dollar , eat the best lunch ever for 3.00
    and meet Girls all day long

  19. I plan on going there very soon and the information helped a bunch. You answered all the questions about the food, nightlife, and of course the women.

  20. Well, I’m Brazilian and just spent new years in Floripa. It really is an awesome city and the girls are definitely above average compared to the rest of the country. The water is really hot, where did you go to say that it was cold?

      1. The island is in an interesting location in regards to water currents. Depends which beach you go to, as different currents hit different beaches. The water at one beach can freeze your nuts off, and a few beaches over it can be just right. I’ll be back there soon.

  21. Hello my name is Amir.Iwas bornin Iran but moved to the US when I was 3.I left there when I was 25 and came to Brazil.I´ve been here for 8 years and have been to Floripa from Sao Paulo over 10 times.Florianapolis is my favorite spots in trhe world.Its also very cheap and the food is very good.The women are the best and nicest and the beaches are wonderful.Thats why I´ve dcided to move there next month.For who ever loves women and beaches Floripa is the spot..So if you do decide to come down to Floripa WE´ll be waitng to have a good time.

    1. Hi Amir

      Could you possibly get in touch. I have similar background to yours, and came to Brazil 2 days ago. I need some info about Brazil & Brazilian women;)

      1. Hi Amir,
        Are you still in Floripa? my friend and I are visiting next month and want to make sure we are going to have fun! how is it down there? please contact me if you are still down there!

      2. Amirfarokhdad

        Amirfarokhdad @ yahoo.com
        Anyone need help while your in Brazil feel free to contact me

  22. Well I must say that Derek’s advices helped me to improve my relationships with women and I see him as The King. I belive that is a beautifull place because that girls are amazing. And guys please don’t say I CAN’T do this or that…. THAT is the FIRST MISTAKE with women. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING, even have biggest “NOSE”… let them see… and wonder… I am from Serbia and I can make money to go anywhere in the world so don’t whine that you in States can’t do anything to make money… please… have some sence of adventure…

  23. I agree, that you can get by cheaply in s. america, but I couch-surfed recently on my trip to Costa Rica, and while the living expenses didn’t compare to living in the states (let’s be real…for the price of a latte, you can pretty much feed yourself for a day), it still cost me about a grand as far as transportation, food, and basic necessities.

    Regardless, I enjoy reading your posts, and it’s giving me new ideas for another trip.  Keep them coming!

  24. It’s true, many Americans don’t realize how cheaply you can live for months in places like Latin America, especially if you live “close to the ground” (which is way more fun and you meet more local people) rather than expensive Western hotels. I spent 2 months backpacking in South East Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, etc), and had a fantastic time. It cost less per month than living in the US.

    1. The South of Brazil is the best, have more than 80% descendants of several european races(russian,italian,spanish,german,ucranian,portuguese,polish, scandinavian,austrian…), so each city that you visit in The South, the girls will be a bit different.
      The South of Brazil is secure, have the best quality of life of my country, the best girls, and is a “unknow area” to tourists because the Brazilian Government dont make marketing of the South States(Santa Catarina, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul) because theses States have a strong italian and german agriculture, so dont need get money from tourism compared to other areas of my country 😀
      The girls are easy naturaly, but come here in the Summer because is pretty cool.

      PS:I dont like Rio de Janeiro because in RJ the girls are ugly and has a lot of criminals…

  25. If you live cheaply while you’re here in the U.S. and you’re pulling $2,500/month, you can take a year off after saving and go down there.  I have a friend who gets by on $500/month, HERE in the U.S. Manuel didn’t have the cash to get a private table at Mangos for instance, but there are plenty of dirt cheap places to go.

    1. HOla – Graham From liverpool At present in Egypt Working

      Do you Mean MANGOS Tropical Cafe in Miami WOW now that is a Bar

      I was there in 2003 Some guy we met on the beach said don’t go you wil;l fall in Love – I DID
      WOW What girls -Great show I suppose the guy put on a good show for the girls as well

      Keep Safe

      Trying to get to Argentina In November B.A

      Which is the best place to stay Palermo or San Telmo

      Oh Me Just past 50 X North Sea Diver Now just telling that whayt to do

  26. You need money to do all of what you say you did.I feel you leave out the fact that if you don’t have the cash you really cannot zip around from place to place and meet women for a year without having lots of money to do so, you need to work at some point down there to pay for everything.Those girls down there can smell a full wallet of cash a mile away so Manuel can be as happy go lucky as he wants but if he has no cash to do anything I find it hard to believe he’s scoring with the type of women in your pics being broke.

    1. lawofattraction88@gmail.com

      If only you cheeky monkeys would put that much effort into your relationships that you put in chasing girls LOL. Jesse, I like how you teach the boys how to be men and women around the world are thanking you.

      Love your work Jesse and despite being a female, I love reading your articles and I’m even more fascinated by how much effort you and the guys you support put into getting us HB’s (well I think I am lol)

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