An Unorthodox Place To Meet 9’s and 10’s For Sex

If this were a marketing headline it would read something like this:

*** STOP Trying to “Get Women” and Instead Have Women Approach YOU for Dates, No Matter What Your Age or Looks ***

But seriously, this method does take a great deal of the approaching OUT of the equation.

And let’s face it- to someone just starting out, approaching women and facing rejection is by far the WORST part of meeting women.

First, here are the benefits that I can think of that Bliss Parties have over traditional cold-approaching methods:

Benefit number one:

You Build Momentum

In regular cold approaching, each pickup is a separate event; essentially you have to start from scratch with each new girl you meet.  With Blissnosis however, the first girl you meet builds momentum to making it easier to meet the NEXT girl.  So you’re not starting from zero, you’re not starting from scratch all over again, you’re not losing all the time you put in previously.

Eventually, you’ll be doing 10% of the work, and the other 90% of the attracting will be handled for you.  No more “1,000 approaches newbie missions” until your eyes bleed.  With Blissnosis you’re doing far less work and effort for more results.  It’s like exploding the party with a stick of dynamite rather than a firecracker.

Benefit number two:

You net far higher hotter women than you would otherwise with normal cold approaching.

We’re talking averages here, but on average, you hook up with hotter and more sexual and higher quality girls than you would ordinarily meet at a typical bar or club.  It’s because in a typical bar or club or social party situation, you’re starting again from scratch, walking in the door with no social value but with Blissnosis you walk into the party not from scratch, but with value already AND I’ll be showing you how to pinpoint the right parties where at least most of the attendees women, and the women have been pre-selected for their attractiveness and sexual expressiveness.

Benefit number three:

Better girlfriends.

In the process you’ll also create better girlfriends, for example girls that don’t nag and whine and instead are eager to please.

This also ties into no more cheating girlfriends.  I made a big deal out of this in my relationships program, but it’s true: 50% of all married women, married wives of husbands, admit to some form of cheating on their men, and the percent is even higher for girlfriends.  Chances are it’s happened to you too even if you don’t know it.  Through Blissnosis, in the process, you’ll also “cheat proof” your girls so that they don’t even think of other guys outside of your relationship.

Benefit four:

You have variety and flexibility.

You can use this method to meet new women every weekend reliably or just build two or three steady girlfriends, if steadiness with the same women is what counts for you.  Blissnosis is not about having a string of one night stands, I don’t teach that, in fact I believe it’s having the relationships that’s the most fulfilling and enjoyable, so that even if you’re meeting new women every weekend, I show you how to remain friends with all of them and do it in a way that you’re not juggling all the girls with trickery and trying to keep them from knowing about one another.  It’s the Love Circle model, and I’ll get into more details about that in upcoming videos.

Benefit five:

Making the girls you’re with your biggest fans, your biggest raving supporters

This is the most important.  You want lots of success, but you don’t want the women feeling hurt or used, you don’t want to be a jerk about it.  I put Love right into the title of the site because this is about spreading Love, Starlight, Expression, Tensation, and having the girls love you for it.  You want the women to Love you for this, not be pissed off.  You’re making the women you meet far better people and showing them the way to true inner happiness.  This is about making the girls you’re with your biggest fans, your biggest raving supporters, making them advocates and activists for you, and this is part of the secret of taking the cold approaching out of the equation and turning pickup upside down on its head.   More about that later.

Six, benefit six:

Your looks, age, height don’t matter…

because you’re building on past successes to the point where your social value far outweighs any other factors like looks or age.

Compare that to regular pickup formulas, to cold approaching, where you have to do a million nerve-wracking approaches to practice and it’s often based on trickery and where the girls are used for sex and thereafter dumped and left no better off for having met you.  Not cool.

Of course, in the wrong hands, twisted into something that it’s not, can be used to really hurt a girl too if you want to be a complete jerk about it, so I really implore you only to continue on if you’re truly serious about making the world a better place with Blissnosis and doing it with Love in your heart and compassion in your eyes.

Those are some of the benefits that come off the top of my head, but to be fair, I need to give you a few words of warning as well.

This is NOT some kind of get-laid-quick scheme.  This is about building an ongoing lifestyle of having new women in your life on a regular basis and being able to stay in touch with them without the drama of juggling girlfriends or the anxiety of doing a million approaches – BUT like any dramatic change in lifestyle, you WILL need to put some work into this and it will require some mindset and belief changes.

You cannot have three or five or ten women in your life and still expect to get this overnight or by sitting in front of your computer all day playing Worlds of Warcraft, it just cannot happen.  Just by the temporal limits of time, that there’s only 24 hours in a day, many of them you need to be sleeping, you will need to devote some time to this.  Again, this is not a get-laid-quick scheme.  Yes, it can happen quickly, amazingly quickly, but you will still need to make some lifestyle changes along the way and put time into this.

Number two, you need to LIKE using condoms.  Yes, be totally cool and utterly responsible and consistent with using condoms. I’m serious about this.  If you are the kind of guy who pulls that condom off on first night because you’re so hot for the girl, or over the span of a few weeks you just want to rip that condom off, you’re going to be putting too many other good, nice girls in a bad position.  And if that’s you, really I would stick with finding a single girl or girlfriend that you can forgo condoms with, and forget what I’m about to tell you in the upcoming videos.

Words of warning number three, you have to be comfortable with power. A guy who meets a drunk girl at a bar and has a one night stand with her is not “in power”, he’s playing a game.  This methlood requires a healthy does of “being in power” and therefore lots of responsibility not to hurt others and being highly responsible with this technology.  If you use this to go on a reckless power trip, there will be consequences.

26 thoughts on “An Unorthodox Place To Meet 9’s and 10’s For Sex”

  1. I want to know if I can pick up one of these women and keep her around and marry her, THEN have my way with her? I do not believe in contraceptives on either her end or my end and I can not change my mind on that issue. However, I will also not be like my natural father that has basically did all that he could do to stay out of my life. Is there an alternative approach that can be used here? Thank you.

  2. hey jesse, hey guys.. why did close? and is this website the same as i’m just wondering about that .. still i didn’t surf this website but if any one can answer me .. i’ll be so thanksfull .. 10x in advance 🙂

    1. Steve, I closed down the Academy and I explain why in the previous video. Blissnosis is more expansive than traditional “pick up” and I wanted to include it all. Seduction Science is still there though

  3. hi jesse, you said in the end of one of your videos next time we’ll talk about the importance of the body language which as far as i can see you never did, could you please talk about this subject.
    Thank you.
    Your friend Al..

    1. nice too .You are doing a very good thing here. Blissnosis – Love just *feels* RIGHT from the very start. It is very much unlike all the shysters I have seen out there.

  4. big fan here. i love that youre doing something new with your stuff. sad to say i never got to see your old blog so heres hoping that this will replace the old ways. you seem like a good guy, not one of the prick mpuas out there. (if youre an mpua ur already cool no need to over do it.) man jesse ur a natural

  5. Jesse,

    You are doing a very good thing here. Blissnosis – Love just *feels* RIGHT from the very start. It is very much unlike all the shysters I have seen out there. The ones that preach about gimmicks and techniques and cons in order to get laid. No, this right here… is golden!

    I wish you more power in this endeavor!


    Velle est posse

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